Wilfred Rubens
2 hours ago

Kansen van "immersive learning" voor leren en ontwikkelen
Volgens Bill Brandon neemt de toegankelijkheid van virtual reality en augmented reality -die beiden “immersive learning” mogelijk maken- toe. Deze technologieën hebben een aantal belangrijk voordelen die kansen bieden voor leren en ontwikkelen (en m.i. ook onderwijs).
#virtualreality #augmentedreality #vr #ar #didactiek #learninganddevelopment #onderwijs #edutoot

4 hours ago

»#Reebok to Launch #DigitalWearables in #theMetaverse: It becomes the latest sports brand to pursue metaverse engagement, following Adidas, Nike, and Puma.« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

9 hours ago

A compelling argument presented by @Woolier.

#furry #vr #vrchat #avali

A picture taken in VRChat. Two creatures, an anthropomorphic snow leopard and a pink-purple-white coloured wingless avali stand on a flat part of a rocky formation right by a sharp drop, behind them more of the rocky formation can be seen along with some of the sky in which another planet is faintly visible. The avali and the snow leopard are facing the same direction but look at each other as though in the middle of a discussion. The avali has their mouth slightly agape and an arm half-extended toward the snow leopard with the palm facing up and the fingers slightly curled as if presenting a point or an argument, while the snow leopard appears to be contemplating the information provided.
Michael Martine
9 hours ago

on the #shownotes #grind for @gamesatwork_biz in preparation for tomorrow's posting of e444 — stories & toots about varieties of tech: bad, new and fun. Check out the earlier episodes, chock full of #AI #metaverse #AR #VR #gamification and so much more on

technical difficulties!  a glitch.  or a rug.  or a badly tuned tv.
10 hours ago

Finishing Sigil II then playing more DOOM II; happy 30th to the DOOM franchise <3 #vtuber #vtuberen #ENVtuber #Twitch #doom #vr #retro

11 hours ago

This is my #vr playing area (in #steam VR not meat space)
Because it seems fitting. I think I need to find a tree for the corner because... #Christmas

A Star Trek next gen holodeck in steam VR
14 hours ago

So I've been going through eBay to see if I can pick up some cheaper SteamVR equipment and, uh, are these people totally delusional or something? Even if it's absolutely spotless and basically unused as a pre-owned base station, it's $100 more than the one I can buy RIGHT NOW from Steam directly, which I can guarantee will work (or at least have RMA potential) unlike one I'm getting from a random person at a digital garage sale.

#SteamVR #ValveIndex #VR

A screenshot of an eBay listing for a "SteamVR Base Station 2.0 Lighthouse for HTC VIVE PRO VALVE INDEX VR + cables", which is being sold for $250
A screenshot of the Steam page for a "Valve Index Base Station", which costs $150.

Group photo from yesterday's avatar meetup!

Thanks to everyone who hopped by, was a blast, cheers!

#vr #socialvr #vrchat #furry #furryart #furryfandom #3d #3dart #blender

VR group photo with a bunch of stinky furries.
Elizabeth Tasker
19 hours ago

Steam VR Fest ends tomorrow (Dec. 11) at 10am PT! There's a ton of big discounts, so worth checking out if you have PCVR.

I bought No Man's Sky (an RPG), Project LUX (anime game with Japanese soundtrack: it's work y'all), The curious tale of stolen pets (cute and 400 yen) and... utterly against my better judgement... the Forest (I have terrible friends).

#VR #VirtualReality #Steam

(@astronomerritt, maybe worth a look, as I think you said you could hook to your PC?)

Elizabeth Tasker
19 hours ago

Highlights from #VKET in three of the #VR worlds 🗺️ . My favourite was perhaps the industrial looking planet, where the booths were cargo containers that unfolded into stalls when you approached. However, there was some jitter for me, perhaps due to some heavy uploads and included a transformer avatar that could go from car to massive robot 🚗🤖 The Okinawa beach world afterwards was a great contrast! 🏖️

A burnt out spacecraft sits on green grass that appears to be on the back of a giant dragon, whose head can be seen rearing up in the background. An avatar in a fluttering red cape is looking at the wreck.
An industrial world, where the booths were cargo containers that unfolded as you approached. A small velociraptor robot avatar is standing beside a car that can is actually a transformer avatar.
Looking through a cave entrance at the Okinawa world, which is a brightly coloured cartoon-like beach scene.
A selfie of one of the avatars I found: it's a humanoid cat wearing a yukata and biting on a stem of grass.
Elizabeth Tasker
19 hours ago

Went to check out #VKET, a #VirtualReality Market held on the #VR social platform, #VRChat. It consists of a series of connected worlds in which developers have their own booths. At the booths you can find examples of the art work (2D and 3D), and try on avatars and similar digital assets. (Buying the asset then usually removes a watermark-like stamp on the avatar.)

It was very fun to explore, with imaginative worlds and booths!

Video of the entry world to VKET. It looks like some kind of cyber city, and you run through portals to reach the 20+ worlds with the vender booths.
22 hours ago

Another day in the #VR cockpit of #DCS world!

This time, defending against waves of incoming bandits of all sorts.

Kevin Moerman 🔓🦿:julia:
1 day ago

Looking for a simple way to render #AugmentedReality on a website? Check out this project:

#opensource #AR #VR

1 day ago

My Son and I have made finally made it to the end in #vr #minecraft
I tried to teleport into the portal and found myself in the lava instead!!
We don't have time to beat it tonight, but we will try sometime next week.


My first run at organizing my #VR gear.

It’s an improvement, but actually it’s not enough space for some of the extra bits like chargers and cables. I don’t need much more, though.

Hmm. :blobthinking:

Elizabeth Tasker
1 day ago

I would like to share an apple 🍎 with… other me. Ridiculous yet captivating madness from the #MeowWolf course in #VR walkabout minigolf 🌟😺

#VirtualReality #WalkaboutMG

Video from the virtual reality minigolf course in a multicoloured fantastical world. A two legged, four armed blue creature stands by a pool and hands an apple to its reflection.
1 day ago

I think SIGIL II actually works in vr with the version of GzDOOM I'm running; the wad is out so I know what I must do... #vtuber #vtuberen #envtuber #twitch #doom #vr

Testing the waters. Want to explore with me?

I'm wondering if people want to see more of my Chakat. Let me know.

#VR #NSFWVR #Furry #FurryNSFW #NSFW #furryart #VRNSFW #chakat #feline #taur

A Chakat standing in front of a waterfall, looking sexy
Elizabeth Tasker
1 day ago

The new Meow Wolf collab course for #VR Walkabout Minigolf is absolutely stunning! 💫✨🌟 The textures are incredible, and the course itself really uses the VR aspect, by experimenting with portals (deeply strange), beam splitters (deeply quantum) and levitation (deeply floaty). Really fabulous evening out (of this world)!

Video of the virtual reality minigolf course. The course is in a fantastical swamp-like world that is very brightly coloured with strange creatures.
Dave Pearson
2 days ago

I'm really not very good at fixing things; I'm not at all handy; I'm not mechanically-minded at all. So what can go wrong when my (VR) life depends on that?


2 days ago

Yo #Bigscreen what the fuck??? 😭

#VR #VirtualReality

A screenshot of an email from Bigscreen regarding the face scan for the Beyond VR headset. It has been edited to read:

Hi Benjamin, We’ve received your face scan! Goddamn u ugly, lol

We are pleased to inform you that we have received and processed your "face" scan successfully. As a reminder, your Bigscreen Beyond comes with a custom face cushion built to the shape of your face to optimize for ultimate VR comfort. Your headset is also built to the exact, and truly bizarre, position of your eyes (known as Interpupillary Distance or IPD), kind of like a shoe size! This aligns the optics to your eyes correctly for an optimal VR viewing experience.

With the 3D Face Scan you just completed, our computer vision software (which is thankfully immune to nausea) has calculated a highly accurate 3D map of your face that resembles craters on the moon for the face cushion and measured your IPD with millimeter precision.

We would like you to double-check if the IPD measurement matches your expectations because none of our employees are willing to look at your scan. You can compare it to IPD measurements you may use on other VR headsets like the Valve Index, or ask your optometrist for your medium or far IPD.

Your IPD measurement is recorded as:


🧛‍♂️Hotel Dracula (Experiencia VR)🧛‍♂️

No está mal, pero dado lo que dura (unos 20 minutos) es caro. No da miedo. Apto para niños.

#Madrid #HotelDracula #VR

Cuatro figuras frente a un castillo tenebroso. "Hotel Dracula"
2 days ago

»#TheMetaverse aside, #Zuckerberg has had a surprisingly good year. Interest in #virtualreality remains tepid — but his #AIexperiment proved more successful.« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

TapTap 🎮
2 days ago

apparently I have a $7 credit for #metaquest expiring, any suggestions for what to get? I have a quest 2

The fuss of putting on the headset is mostly why I don't use mine, but the fact almost all games are $30-40 despite being a couple hours long is part of it too

#vr #oculusrift

Dave Pearson
2 days ago

I’m starting to think I’ll never finish the original, and that’s fine, it’s way too much fun anyway, but this was an instant add to the wishlist!


2 days ago

@celesteh so apparently SAT team have well progressed and produced some pieces, using #mozilla #Hubs


TheRetroSven (SMV)
2 days ago

Ich habe mir vielleicht gestern spontan eine #vr bestellt (Verflucht sei @truhe) und nun habe ich erstmal meine #Steam #wishlist vollgeballert (da ist gerade eine VR #Gaming #Rabatt Aktion)

Gottfried Szing
2 days ago

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR): New applications in entertainment, education and industry.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are transforming entertainment, education, and industry by offering immersive experiences. In entertainment, they create interactive games and virtual worlds.

Late a day, sorry.

#virtualreality #vr #augmentedreality #technology #software #BroughtToYouByChatGPT #adventcalendar

2 days ago

»#Metaverseclasses are in session: A comprehensive metaverse might be a long way off, but the industry’s biggest player is trying to plant its flag in the #educationindustry #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VR #AR #MR

2 days ago

oops im streaming very late, was incredibly eepy but im gonna play doom ii in vr to get MORE eepy hehehehe #Twitch #vtuber #vtuberen #ENVtuber #doom #vr #soeepy

2 days ago

🚨New Release🚨

Let is snow with hot vixen Ember Snow

Watch NOW:

#nsfw #nsfwtw #premiere #release #porn #vrporn #vr #sex

So yeah, I've started instigating #Nude Furry parties in #Resonite #VR. Here are some pics from one the other night, courtesy of someone I will let self-identify.

Picture of Nuki, a female anthro raccoon, naked in a VR world in Resonite, with visible nipples and vulva, legs casually spread, with a drink in her hand.
Picture of Nuki, a female anthro raccoon, naked in a VR world in Resonite, with visible nipples and vulva, legs casually spread, with a drink in her hand.
Dave Pearson
2 days ago

Another episode in my slow exploration of The Radius...


David Fox 🌻🥸
3 days ago

I loved being interviewed on the Here's Waldo Podcast where Lizzie Mintus and I had a great time talking about the early days of #LucasfilmGames / #LucasArts, my work on #ZakMcKracken, #IndianaJonesAndTheLastCrusade, early #VR, and more. You can check out my featured interview here:

3 days ago

I've started a new column on the company blog , collecting new tools and experiences related to the immersive web. Here is the first installment:

#webdev #webXR #VR #threejs
#aframe #tools

Tea Monster Games
3 days ago

As part of SteamVR Fest, RC Rush is on sale for 50% off (ends this week). If you fancy experiencing the coolest, most realistic, most fun and awesome VR RC racing experience ever made by a human being (well, two humans actually) then you should check it out. Fully customizable controls, so use vr controllers or gamepads .. or if you have a pro USB RC controller, you can even play with that! Did I mention it's VR? And 50% off? WooOOOt! #IndieGames #SteamVR #VR #RC

3 days ago

Worked on a more winter like outfit.
Wanted more colors for once.

#vrchat #vr #vrchatavatar

Dario Scarpa
3 days ago

Tomorrow's #DevLog is going to deal with the optimal placement of the #ParticularReality game world in the available play area, considering the #vr headset configuration. Subscribe to be notified as soon as the post goes online :)
#gameDev #indieGameDev #vrGames #roomscale

I'm getting into throwing naked furry parties in #Resonite #VR.

Bottom Text

Dave Pearson
4 days ago

Aimlessly exploring space in No Man's Sky, in VR!


Kathryn Yu
4 days ago

Walkabout Mini Golf and Meow Wolf launched a new DLC course today based off of the "Numina" world from Meow Wolf's Denver installation/venue, Convergence Station.

I just ran through all 18 holes in practice mode and let me tell you, it is a DELIGHT. Having a piece of Meow Wolf available in #VR on demand is just fantastic.

I tried to take some screencaps but the magic of the new course is difficult to capture in stills and I don't want to spoil some of the new mechanics they have added. Let's just say that this course doesn't exactly obey the rules of space and time.

Here's the trailer video if you want to get a small taste.

Joe Bell
4 days ago

Always so weird when a project you've spent so long working on is released to the world...

The privilege of my professional life and a childhood dream come true to make a new Wallace & Gromit adventure

#aardman #bristol #xr #vr #virtualreality

key art for Wallace & Gromit in The Grand Getaway showing Wallace swinging a golf club whilst Gromit and Auto-Caddy look nervously around at a martian landscape
5 days ago

ho looks like I missed this :
Dynamic 3D Gaussians

> views from fpv or objectz pov are crazy ;)

(looks like "3d gaussians is the new visual voxels for photogrammetry" rage all around ... ) #3d #3dscan #vr #holodeck

Dave Pearson
5 days ago

Stepping further into the stalking zone in ZONA...


Dave Pearson
6 days ago

Another run into the roguelike with a fairly obvious Event Horizon vibe going on...


Manuel Correia
6 days ago

Last week I had a fun interview about the design of Demeo Battles with Greg from King of Nerds:
#DemeoBattles #DemeoBattles #gamedesign #VR #AR

1 week ago

This is a pretty impressive demo of #Liftoff using the Quest 3's new AR capabilities. It basically allows you to fly a virtual drone in your own house.

#MetaQuest3 #VR #AR #Drone

Dave Pearson
1 week ago

Playing my way through Portal 2, in VR!


1 week ago

Sometimes I feel that VR will never capture the mass market for the simple fact that people don’t want to look goofy, but you look goofy by definition if you’re manipulating non-existent stuff or dodging non-existent objects.

Therefore I’m having my doubts about the Vision Pro. It takes a huge leap to imagine it as the next generation computing.

(Playing #psvr2 #pistolwhip behind a very closed door so my family doesn’t see my goofiness)

#vr #visionpro

Dave Pearson
1 week ago

Spider-man in space with sink plungers! AKA, my play through Yupitergrad!


Dave Pearson
1 week ago

Another episode in my slow exploration of The Radius...


1 week ago

Gooood morning. Time for some vr screenshots from ResoniteVR ^.^

#NoContext #screenshotsaturday #Resonite #VR #Avali #Seeker #Crux

1 week ago

So I tried to use my #Oculus as a wireless #VR headset to stream #Steam games from my #Linux desktop and my #SteamDeck and this is what I got. Steam in home streaming works on Linux from either of those machines to my laptop or my phone, but apparently #Valve is still working on doing it with VR titles, or there's some other step I missed in getting the Oculus to find my PCs. The article I saw earlier did actually specify Windows as the host, so I'm not totally surprised.

#Gaming #PCGaming

A screenshot taken from Oculus headset.  The "Steam Link" app is open and there's a notice that says "Computer Not Found".
1 week ago

#Valve ist irgendwie auf einem anderen Level unterwegs.
Für SteamVR gibt es jetzt eine SteamLink App im Meta Quest App Store. Wahnsinn. 🤯

VoodooDe VR stellt es in einem aktuellen Video vor:

#Steam #Quest #VR

2 weeks ago

Since Steam in home streaming works on my Linux PC, I'm gonna test it on both Debian and my Steam Deck later just to see if it works.

"#Steam Link can now wirelessly stream #VR games to your Meta Quest headset"

#Gaming #PCGaming

PC Gamer
2 weeks ago

Comedy TV show Taskmaster is getting its own VR game, and I can't stop thinking about how Greg Davies looks like he should be a tank hero in Overwatch 2

Check it out! 👇

#ScallywagArcade #Vr #Taskmaster #Vr

The vOICe vision
2 weeks ago

Today got Meta Air Link working for streaming The vOICe for Windows Exercise mode to a Quest 2 over Wifi: it worked, but with performance and stability issues - Virtual Desktop is way better; also had to unblock access to the Pictures folder on the PC to receive screenshots; #VR

Screenshot of The vOICe for Windows streaming to Quest 2 via Meta Air Link.
Elizabeth Tasker
2 weeks ago

As the talks at #ShawIAU23 are pre-recorded (so they can be played for different time zones) I just watched myself give a presentation! Good job me 🤣 And virtual me, as I recorded half from inside #VR (don't ask how I pulled that off: it was ingenious... and rough 😅 ).

We did (of course) have a technical glitch during playback, and pre-record-me repeated one line in a continuous loop. Appropriately, it was on the part about tech issues!

Discussion session coming up 🎙️

Screenshot from my pre-recorded talk showing the title page saying "M is for Mars and Metaverse: bringing new experiences to students through virtual reality education"
Screenshot from my presentation showing me (real me) recorded talking with my slide in the background. The slide is talking about the course I designed for VR called "Water in the Universe", and we used the VR platform "Engage VR".
Screenshot from my talk, now showing my avatar in VR. I'm wearing a snazzy turquoise jacket and matching hat. I'm standing in a dome that seems to be overlooking the Earth from space, with a model of the Hayabusa2 spacecraft behind me. I'm talking about how models can add a hands-on component to a lecture.
Screenshot from my talk, showing my avatar standing on Mars with the NASA Perseverance rover behind me. The subtitles note that virtual locations offer a very different experience to a regular lecture hall.
Blake Patterson
2 weeks ago

One of my very favorite games is now 50% off during the Steam sale, at just $4.99. The relaxing voxel-based Fugl ( for Windows, macOS, Linux ).

#Fugl #gaming #games #voxel #flying #flight #relaxing #Steam #VR #sale #Windows #macOS #Linux #macGaming

Elizabeth Tasker
2 weeks ago

The 5th Shaw-IAU Workshop on Astronomy for Education kicks off on Wednesday (11/29) and I hear... there is a PARTICULARLY EXCITING talk on running a course on planetary science in #VR entitled "M is for Mars and Metaverse" 😉


The meeting is fully virtual and free to attend!


OK, how long does it take before #VR stops killing your back? x.x

Been makin' sculpts of characters in Medium today, and just, OW.

Dana Hsiao
2 weeks ago

Hello everyone!

I'm a software engineer mainly interested in #AR, #VR, and #GameDev. I love the feeling of creating worlds for people to enjoy and solving the puzzles that #coding creates. I also have some experience in #fullstack #WebDev, though #CSS frustrates me and #backend stuff makes me a little nervous haha.

Currently my main games are #GuildWars2 and #Minecraft. I'm also a fan of #PokemonGo, #FarmRPG, and more recently #Gubbins.


Megan Fox
2 weeks ago

I like how this is barely a decade old, but because of how fast VR moved and that being one of those digital camera cusps, this feels like ancient history

(I was there, in the early #VR #GameDev mines- I saw such sights, such screendoored sights)

me wearing a mopheus VR headset giving a thumbs up to the camera
Maxim Lebedev
2 weeks ago

> In #VR category there is nothing good even without sanctions.

@inex Umm... #HUMANITY?

Kathryn Yu
3 weeks ago

#Chicago #LBE #VR #immersive

Sony Pictures is launching an immersive entertainment destination next month called Wonderverse... with attractions from the studio’s film, TV series and video games including Jumanji, Ghostbusters, Bad Boys, Zombieland and Uncharted.

Bertrand Marne
3 weeks ago

Very happy to attend to @imarfisi #HDR (Accreditation to supervise students) defense!

You can attend online (switch off your cam' and mic'):

#seriousgames #edtech #EIAH #XR #VR #HR #HCI #mobilelearning #LIUM #LeMansUniv

@sgeorge @siksal

Slide of Iza's defense showing her research iterative method. It articulate several phases for a Design Based Research: Reflect, Co-design, Test, Evaluate, and so on.

Almost five years since the launch of the #valveIndex and it still has tracking issues that they have insist will be fixed in the next version.

I keep hearing great things about the #Steamdeck but after my experinces with the #SteamController and #SteamLink I don't trust #Valve anymore.

No way in hell I'll ever buy another #VR headset from them.

#Steam #SteamVR #videoGames #gaming

Sal Rahman
3 weeks ago

Will the "network effect" have an impact on whether Apple's VR offerings or Meta's VR offerings ends up dominating the market?

#VR #XR #MR #Apple #Meta #VisionPro #AppleVisionPro #MetaQuest

#vr games aren't actually that demanding, this is a common misconception. i've worked at #meta and they actually put crypto miners in every vr game

the illustrious IRIS JAY
4 weeks ago

If they're just going to let us waltz right in... There are new Crossed Wires comic pages live on and!

#crossedwires #cyberpunk #webcomic #comics #irisjay #hackers #techindustry #cyberspace #vr #queer #furry

An ad for Crossed Wires 03.169! Featuring hackers Anakonda and R1pt1de.
An ad for Crossed Wires 03.169! Featuring hackers Anakonda and R1pt1de.
Dave Pearson
4 weeks ago

So it looks like @Migueldeicaza has made it necessary, NECESSARY, that I get a VisionPro for @textualize support purposes. 🤷🏻‍♀️

#Python #Textual #VR

brad m
4 weeks ago

“When art historians write their books on the early 21st century, #immersion will appear on every page. No word better sums up our quixotic hopes for the visual” #Sphere #LasVegas

“current enthusiasm for #virtualworlds isn't merely a function of the interesting, cool and fun experiences you can have in them. Rather, it's a bid to kill off whatever is left of the old, good web” by @pluralistic ft @anildash #openweb #VR #metaverse

Boiling Steam
4 weeks ago

this has to be the worst VR ad of all time: Meta Quest 3 in Japan. The avatars leave me speechless

#metaquest3 #meta #facebook #vr

Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

Cope is a museum technologist who's worked on lots of critical digital projects over the years, and in this talk, he addresses himself to the difference between the excitement of the #GalleriesLibrariesArchivesAndMuseums (#GLAM) sector over the possibilities of the #web, and why he doesn't feel the same excitement over the #metaverse, and its various guises - #XR, #VR, #MR and #AR.

The biggest reason to be excited about the web was - and is - the openness of disintermediation.


BBC Micro Bot :mastodon:
1 month ago

Meta Quest 3 owners! If you want an early beta test check out and let me know what you think. There’s more optimization to do, but it’s getting there 😅 #webXR #MetaQuest3 #vr

If you don’t access to VR, try instead…

(cw: Lots of eye contact)

Enjoy almost 3 minutes of me goofing around with my very unfinished avatar in VR. Being made from scratch in Blender.

I'm open for 3D avatar commissions!

Mesh/texture/props customization, from existing bases as well as from scratch. Rigging to use in VR, V-tubing, or to make rendered animations. If you're interested, DM me here, on telegram @starsider, or matrix

#Blender #furryArt #furry #3D #3Dart #b3d #VR #VRChat #vrc #vtuber #commissions

Recording of VRChat with my avatar of foxcat doing random gestures like laughing and speaking gibberish to test the capabilities of the avatar. The video is silent. The world is Inokashira-kōen Station(井の頭公園駅)by nyanya.
Terence Eden
1 month ago

I haven't played it yet, but #BardSabre looks like the perfect game for #VR.

All edutainment should look like this.

Not even joking.

*squeak* ähhm i mean *wa-pa-pa-pa-pau*

It's been a year since i released the YAF - Yet Another Fox avatar!

Thank you all for the success!

Its on a -50% sale till the end of 15.11.

Get it here!

#vr #socialvr #vrchat #chilloutVR #vrm #vtuber #furry #furryart #furryfandom #3d #3dart #blender #fox #sale

Portrait of my 3d fox avatar smiling.
Text says:
1 Year YAF - Yet Another Fox Anniversary!
Thank you all!
-50% Anniversary Sale
Lasts until the end of 15.11.
1 month ago

that feeling when you put those trackers on for the first time 😳

#furry #vrchat #vr

vr avatar looking around at their arms, legs, and tail, then dancing in excitement
Rathenau Instituut
1 month ago

Pupilreflexen, neurodata en stemgegevens… De doorontwikkeling van immersieve technologieën zoals #VR, #AR, en in het verlengde daarvan de #metaverse kan gepaard gaan met de verzameling van meer en nieuwe soorten gegevens over gebruikers.

In onze publicatie Immersieve technologieën bieden we overzicht van de huidige toepassingen en maatschappelijke risico’s van deze technologieën, die letterlijk steeds dichter op de huid en zintuigen van gebruikers komen te zitten.


Een overzicht van toepassingen en risico's van immersieve technologieën. (Voor de tekstuele versie, zie de publicatie op onze website)