David Megginson
2 hours ago

@ottaross Exactly. Getting vaccinated is a 3-for-1 deal:

  1. You protect the people around you (the more people are vaxxed, the less likely the virus will even reach someone).

  2. You're less likely to become infected if the virus does reach you.

  3. You're likely to have much milder symptoms if you do still become infected (as happened with me).

#COVID #flu #vaccination

Giuseppe Michieli
2 hours ago

#Clinical and #immunological #benefits of full primary #COVID19 #vaccination in individuals with #SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections: a prospective cohort study in non-hospitalized adults

Eric's Risk Assessment
2 days ago

As I return from my local downtown Toronto car dealership, where there was not a single mask visible anywhere, I present to you the #CovidIsNotOver Memes of the Day.

With an #ontario average of 1 in 18 infected, the odds were excellent of interacting with someone infected today.

#Toronto population uptake of the #COVID19 booster stands at a stunning low 11.4% especially since we know immunity rolls off & #variant evolution is furious.

The antigenic distance from today to Omicron is now as far as the original wild type to Omicron.

Thus, Torontonians are willfully engaged in a natural experiment to see how #SARS2 gets on with a population defended solely by an aging original strain #SARSCOV2 #vaccination primary series.

in other words, a old #VaxxedAndRelaxed single point of failure defensive strategy.

#LetItRip indeed.

I stay up to date on vaccinations & wear a #P100 #elastomeric when indoors with other unmasked people because #defenseInDepth from #CovidIsAirborne


An astronaut looking at Earth says "Wait... There is still a pandemic?"

Another astronaut aiming a gun at the first replies "It never ended..."
An astronaut looking at Earth says "Wait... it's all COVID?"

Another astronaut aiming a gun at the first replies "Always has been..."
Percent of Toronto completing COVID primary  series: 85%
Percent of Toronto COVID Boosted: 11.4%
A chart showing only 17% of 50-69% and 28% of 70+ is boosted in Toronto.
Bianca Nogrady
2 days ago

This is just mind-blowing: despite everything we've been through with the pandemic, less than 40% of aged-care residents in Australia are up-to-date with their Covid boosters.
FFS ... they're a stationary target! How hard can it be to give them the bare minimum of protection?
#pandemic #Covid19 #vaccination #vaccines

New campaign from @DoNoHarmBC:

"B.C. funding for #COVID-related initiatives ends after 2023. This means losing capacity for economic recovery, supporting vulnerable British Columbians, and vital health management like #vaccination, testing, and protective equipment for #healthcare workers. As we head into 2024, we call on the B.C. government to recommit to funding these essential programs - and to harness lessons learned so far from COVID-19 and climate emergencies, and make forward-thinking investments in #PublicHealth Please send this email to your MLA:

you're all idiots
3 days ago

American politicians are the dumbest people.

#Texas bans #COVID #vaccination and mask requirements that hospitals use to keep their patients safe.

The text of the law spells it out: the organization may not require it (but doctors may still choose to be vaccinated)

4 days ago

Finally got an appointment for a Covid booster... let's hope they won't cancel it again for some silly "it's not really useful for you yet" reason.

I'll certainly not tell them I already had Covid some months ago, they can't be sure I already had the newest variant! 😭

I DO assume I'll have to pay for it myself, thought, we shall see.

#Covid #vaccination #vaccine

4 days ago

I have some questions regarding #Covid #vaccination for the #virology community.

Does contacting Covid have broadly the same effect on the immune system as vaccination? If so, would it therefore be sensible to schedule a winter booster vaccination as long after infection as is possible within your country's booster programme window?

#immunology #virologist #vaccine #CovidVaccine #Covid19

Eric's Risk Assessment
6 days ago

A friendly reminder.

#SARS2 #Reinfection is not benign, every reinfection carries additional, compounding risk.

#Vaccination reduces mortality risk, but *it does not eliminate it*, and for some outcomes, does not change the hazard ratio.

These are the statistics that justify why you should continue to #WearARespirator in the face of our current lassez-faire repeating #massInfection policy.

Al-Aly et al, "Acute and postacute sequelae associated with #SARSCoV2 reinfection", Nov/22


Risk and 6-month excess burden of all-cause mortality, hospitalization, at least one sequela and sequelae by organ system are plotted. Incident outcomes were assessed from reinfection to the end of the follow-up. Results from SARS-CoV-2 reinfection (n = 40,947) and no SARS-CoV-2 reinfection (n = 443,588) are compared. Adjusted HRs (dots) and 95% CIs (error bars) are presented, as are the estimated excess burden (bars) and 95% CIs (error bars). Burdens are presented per 1,000 persons at 6 months of follow-up from the time of reinfection.

Note the log hazard ratio scale.
Risk of all-cause mortality, hospitalization, at least one sequela and sequelae by organ system are plotted. Incident outcomes were assessed from reinfection to the end of the follow-up. Results from SARS-CoV-2 reinfection (n = 40,947) versus no SARS-CoV-2 reinfection (n = 443,588) are compared. At the time of comparison, there were 51.3%, 12.6% and 36.2% with no, one and two or more vaccinations, respectively, among those who had reinfection. At the time of comparison, there were 41.1%, 11.7% and 47.2% with no, one and two or more vaccinations, respectively, among the no reinfection group. Adjusted HRs (dots) and 95% CIs (error bars) are presented.

Note the log hazard ratio scale.
6 days ago

🚨 New #OpenData - Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine coverage in #Ethiopia 2016

#Vaccination #DTPVaccine

Proportion of children aged 12 to 23 months who received the first does of the DTP vaccine in Ethiopia

#COVID19 #vaccination 💉
#unitedstates 🇺🇸

Covid-19 vaccination rate is ‘lower than we’d like to see,’ CDC says

1 week ago

#Measles deaths jumped over 40% from 2021 to 2022, CDC reports. Declines in measles #vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic have been tied to an uptick in measles cases, deaths, and major outbreaks worldwide. #disease #PublicHealth

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
1 week ago

Doctor Hilary Jones shares measles signs to spot after UK cases rise | News | Independent TV


"We and others hypothesize that the immune system is responsible for causing brain cell dysfunction in Alzheimer's.

The findings suggest to us that vaccination is having a more general effect on the immune system that is reducing the risk for developing Alzheimer's."

#vaccination #Alzheimers

1 week ago

my features published in #CurrentBiology this year, issue 22: The goal to eradicate #polio by the end of this year is not going to be accomplished - so can we still eradicate diseases or was #smallpox an odd exception? Blog entry contains magic link for free access: #science #medicine #vaccines #PublicHealth #vaccination #poliomyelitis

computer graphics simulation showing the spherical capsid of poliovirus tainted purple and cut open in two halves with the insides facing the viewer. In the middle in front of the half-shells, the RNA genome is laid out as a yellow thread loosely wound in four loops.
1 week ago

I received the latest #COVID19 shot yesterday at a local pharmacy. 🦠

This cartoon seems a little dated, I suppose, since this was probably my sixth or seventh shot during the pandemic, but the point holds. I find it baffling how so many are drawn to denialism or simply don’t care. I’m still battling long COVID symptoms from catching the virus in July 2022. #health #vaccination

Covid cartoon
Giuseppe Michieli
1 week ago
Gabriele Pollara
1 week ago

Measles warning amid 'devastating resurgence' of life-threatening diseases as vaccination rates miss targets
#IDMastodon #medicine #InfectiousDiseases #vaccine #vaccination #measles

> The Royal College Of Paediatrics And Child Health said many doctors would not have previously seen symptoms associated with measles in their careers.

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
1 week ago

@Lazarou @novid I’m glad you got yours - thx for doing your part ❤️

& of course! & who has the knowledge or energy to figure out workarounds? ☹️

makes me think of the first N. American #covid #vaccination rollouts - even when it was technically available to all, often securing a vax appt and physically getting to an appt was no mean feat - so things played out along classed lines, just as this is now

#Measles rises globally amid #vaccination crash; #WHO and #CDC sound the alarm
Between 2000 and 2019, estimated worldwide coverage of the first dose of a measles-containing #vaccine rose from 72% to 86%. But amid the global #publichealth crisis in 2020, the vaccination rate fell to 83%, and then to 81% in 2021—the lowest since 2008. From 2021 to 2022, measles deaths increased 43%.

1 week ago

@bacchus1234 same here, I've had all my adult vaccines (except RSV) and no adverse reactions. #vaccination

#COVID19 📻 #vaccination 💉
#canada 🇨🇦

Entrevue avec le Dr Luc Boileau : Les Québécois appelés à se faire vacciner, et c'est toujours inutile pour moi de le faire. 🤣

Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

Sub-Saharan #Africa: The 1st #vaccine approved to fight #malaria cut deaths among young #children by 13% over 4 years. The #mortality decline could translate to tens of thousands of lives saved if #vaccination is more broadly deployed: #health

#COVID19 #vaccination 💉 🤣
#grippe #canada 🇨🇦

COVID-19 et influenza : pourquoi fait-on un nouvel appel à la vaccination?

NOVA | The Battle to Beat Malaria | Season 50 | Episode 17 | PBS

A must watch from PBS Nova tonight on Malaria and the importance of vaccines.
#Malaria #Vaccines #Vaccination

Still COVIDing Canada
2 weeks ago

Study finds prenatal vaccination protects infants from COVID

November 10, 2023
By Stephanie Soucheray

“Infants as old as 6 months were protected from COVID‑19 infections only when mothers were vaccinated prenatally, and not before pregnancy, according to a new study in JAMA Network Open.”

#COVID #COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #infants #pregnancy #research #SARSCoV2 #vaccination #vaccines

Just got my seventh #COVID #vaccination since the world broke in March 2020. This one was the Pfizer XBB version. Pale in colour, pleasant bouquet, hints of cherries. Highly recommended. 10/10

#COVID19 #influenza #vaccination 💉 🤣 #canada 🇨🇦

Nouvel appel à la vaccination contre la COVID-19 et l’influenza

Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

US: Supreme Court delivers blow to vaccine skeptics. It rejected to hear an appeal relating to #COVID19 vaccine requirements in the workplace. A lower court had ruled that the #vaccine mandate did not violate Constitutional freedoms: #vaccination #health

Nonya Bidniss
2 weeks ago

People are steadily getting dumber and people will die because of it. "10 states now have exemption rates above 5 percent, meaning that even if they are able to vaccinate all other non-exempt kindergartners in the state, they will not be able to achieve the 95 percent threshold to protect from the spread of dangerous, vaccine-preventable infectious diseases." More than double the previous year and 5x the year before that. #vaccine #vaccination

Howard Smith MD, AM
2 weeks ago

Politics Blunts Cancer Patients’ Trust In Medical Science

Those with conservative political beliefs were 31% less likely than political moderates and 74% less likely than progressives to believe and follow cancer research and therapeutic strategies authenticated by federal health agencies including the CDC and the FDA.

#misinformation #cancer #publichealth #government #fda #cdc #vaccination #masking #quarantines

Gabriele Pollara
2 weeks ago

Chickenpox vaccine should be given to children on NHS, JCVI says

#vaccine #vaccination #infectiousdiseases #IDMastodon #medicine #chickenpox #varicella #VZV

> Until now, UK has said that jab could increase risk of chickenpox and shingles in adults

Jennifer Hamilton, MD PhD
3 weeks ago

So glad to see someone making use of 4CMenB to give limited protection against gonorrhea. I have access to two meningitis B vaccines, Trumenba and Bexsero. Since only Bexero has been shown to give this extra protection, it's the one I recommend.

[ @gpollara tooted:

Interesting move by JCVI. Roll out of targeted #vaccination against #mpox and #gonorrhea (the latter actually making use of cross protection by #meningococcal #vaccine) #IDMastodon #infectiousdiseases ]

Dengang jeg bestilte tid til COVID-19-vaccination på Allinge Apotek gjorde jeg flere gange opmærksom på at det var til egenbetaling.

> “Jaja, men vi har først tid i november.”

For ikke at spilde tid på offentlig transport, ringede jeg til apoteket et par timer før jeg skulle vaccineres i torsdags. Har jeg en tid? Har I en vaccine?

> “Øjeblik, jeg finder lige vores liste. […] Jaja, du kan bare komme.”

Ved fremmøde oppe på Allinge Aportek var situationen dog en anden:

> “Du kan ikke få vaccinen. Vi kan kun bestille vacciner til folk i risikogrupperne. Jeg kan godt se at der står ‘egenbetaling’ her på kortet, men der må være sket en fejl. Farvellertak.”

Nåmm, så fik jeg da kørt i bus et par timer og fik set noget af den skønne ø.

Til gengæld har Danske Lægers Vaccinations Service sendt mig en email om at de tilbyder COVID-19-vaccination fra 1. december:

> Vaccination er selvbetalt og henvender sig til personer mellem 12 og 65 år. Husk at Sygeforsikring ‘danmark’ giver mellem 50%-75% i tilskud til vaccinationen.

Vaccinationen tilbydes dog kun i deres klinikker i Frederiksberg (Kbh), Hillerød, Kolding, Odense, Roskilde, Ålborg og Århus. Deres hjemmeside har en gul bjælke foroven, hvor man kan vælge klinik:


Rønne er ikke med på listen, men nu gør det ikke noget længere: i går viste en hjemmetest at jeg har raget en omgang corona til mig, så denne gang klarer jeg det hos Naturens Vaccinationsservice.


Gabriele Pollara
3 weeks ago

Interesting move by JCVI. Roll out of targeted #vaccination against #mpox and #gonorrhea (the latter actually making use of cross protection by #meningococcal #vaccine) #IDMastodon #infectiousdiseases #microbiology #medicine

COVID-19: Officials say Canada has necessary vaccine supply | CTV News #COVIDCanada #Vaccination #COVID19 #VaccineSupply #Coronavirus #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Vivienne Dunstan
3 weeks ago

Latest #Covid (my 8th) and #flu (umpteenth) #vaccines acquired. Huge thanks to the friendly and efficient #NHSTayside staff and volunteers at #Dundee city centre #vaccination centre. Immensely grateful to get this, as someone who is severely #immunosuppressed. And is now thankfully generating antibodies. #NHS #NHSScotland

Billy Bryant
3 weeks ago

Real question and answer I overheard while giving #blood at the local ILWU...

Donor: Is the Flu shot a #vaccination?
Volunteer: No, it's just a shot.

Have we really devolved so far?

Eric's Risk Assessment
3 weeks ago

Nice to see Toronto Public Health downtown clinic full.

Disappointing to hear the screener lead with flu, but everyone seems to be asking for COVID shots.

Lots of good masks too. Except the nurses who just wear baggy blues.

#covid19 #sars2 #TPH #vaccination #weararespirator #xbb

Matt Pritchett 📷♿️
3 weeks ago

Rat fuckery, antivax conspiracy, and quackery by the GQP

How lawmakers in #Texas and #Florida undermine #Covid #vaccination efforts - NBC News

Just got covid shot no. 5. Let’s see how this one hits.

#covid #vaccination

Five years ago, when I moved to #Lethbridge, #Alberta, my #sense of #smell became more sensitive than it had been before. I could smell the sprinkle of cinnamon on a cappuccino before it was on the table. After 4 #vaccination shots & masking at the mall, I nevertheless caught #covid. I'm currently self-isolating & experiencing the diminishment of my sense of smell. I can still smell things, but only if I put my nose right next to it!

What can we do to restore our #olfactory senses?


Felicity Nelson
4 weeks ago

What would happen if everyone stopped vaccinating their kids? 😱

I'm a medical and science journalist. This is my prediction...

#darkages #science #health #vaccines #polio #rubella #measles #death #infantdeath #vaccination #paralysis #tetanus #disability #publichealth #epidemiology

IT News
4 weeks ago

Tenn. vaccine chief, fired after promoting COVID shots, gets $150K settlement - Enlarge / Dr. Michelle Fiscus poses for a portrait in her home. Fiscus ... - #healthdepartment #anti-vaccine #vaccination #tennessee #covid-19 #science #vaccine #health #fiscus

Tech news from Canada
4 weeks ago

Ars Technica: Tenn. vaccine chief, fired after promoting COVID shots, gets $150K settlement #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #healthdepartment #anti-vaccine #vaccination #tennessee #COVID-19 #Science #vaccine #Health #fiscus

1 month ago

That was FUN. /sarc

The doctor/GP who just came to vaccinate us grinned at me: "Oops, I don't have a mask."


Doing house calls.

Not even a surgical mask.

We live by his fucking GRACE that he AT LEAST wore the ffp2 I then gave him. And he's our only option, no other does house calls anymore and their offices are all behind stairs. And lots of doctors don't vaccinate anymore either. So we have to be grateful for. This.

#Covid #Covid19 #Vaccination #HealthCareSystem

Vicki :rainbow_flag:
1 month ago

The city of #Boston is now running free #covid #vaccine clinics, for the 2023-24 (monovalent) vaccine. Right now there are locations so far: Thursday-Saturday afternoons in Nubian Square, and Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoobs at City Hall:

It's free, but they're asking people to register ahead of time.

#vaccination #CovidIsNotOver

An interesting paper shown at todays talk by Dr Tim Caulfield. This figure in particular says it all about the need to get the facts about vaccines and #vaccination from trusted sources.

#FactsMatter #Disinformation #SocialMedia #Vaccines

News sites for Antivaxx and Provaxx information
1 month ago

The most remote rural counties had Wave 4 COVID-19 mortality rates 52% higher than the most urban counties. Older age composition, worse pre-pandemic population health, lower vaccination rates, higher share of votes cast for Trump in the 2020 Presidential election, and lower socioeconomic composition completely explained the rural disadvantage in reported case rates.

#Pandemic #COVID #Rural #Urban #Aging #Health #PublicHealth #Vaccination

Free Flu Shot and New COVID-19 Vaccines Available for All Ontarians Six Months of Age and Older | Ontario Newsroom #COVIDOntario #FluShot #COVID19 #Vaccination #Influenza #Cornavirus #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

1 month ago

Terveisiä korona- ja influenssa-rokotuksesta Turussa. Jonotettiin 3 ½ tuntia enimmäkseen ulkona. Oli tarvitsevaa porukkaa liikkeellä runsain määrin aamusta lähtien, ja vielä puolilta päivin tuli taaksemme jatkuvasti lisää. Onneksi keli ei ollut kovin kylmä, ja aurinkokin paistoi. Jopa juttu luisti.

Seisominen alkoi lopulta käydä itselläni pahemman kerran alaselkään ja lonkkaan, ja monella tuppasi jo pinnakin kiristymään. Ei oltu osattu varautua oikein mitenkään, kun Varha oli ilmoittanut vain paikat ja kellonajat. Tänään, ja sitten ensi viikonloppuna kahtena päivänä. Kuului kummastelua sieltä sun täältä, kun ainoat hajanaiset tilannetiedot paikan päällä tulivat satunnaisesti ulkona piipahdelleen vartijan kautta. Hyvin kuitenkin jono säilyi, ja lopulta mekin ylsimme sisään ala-aulaan pois hytisemästä.

Loppu hyvin, kaikki hyvin? No ei aivan. Nimittäin EI SAATU PIIKKEJÄ, kuten ei arviolta sata jälkeemme jonoon ehtinyttäkään. Jono oli jo nousemassa portaita ylös kohti toisen kerroksen aulaa, jonka jälkeen rokotus-numeroita olisi jaettu, mutta aika loppui kesken. Näin meille kerrottiin ensin huhuna ja sitten kai hieman virallisemmin. 'Tiedotus' olisi kuitenkin tässä väärä termi.

Ilmeisesti oli saatu lennossa lisää rokotteita kaikesta päättäen yllättävän suuren suosion kattamiseksi - välillä kiersi huhu, että nekin loppuvat kesken - , mutta henkilökuntaa ei kai noin vain lisää tempaista sunnuntaina, ja paikalla olleilla on työajat. Näin meille edelleen vähemmän virallisen oloisesti kerrottiin tai pikemmin annettiin ymmärtää. Jopa neljä tuntia jonottaneet vanhukset saattoivat jäädä ilman kaipaamaansa suojaa, jota THL oli vakavasti suositellut ja Varha muiden alueiden muassa ainakin luvannut tarjota,

En tiedä, mitä tästä kaaoksesta on kenties jo uutisoitu. Etukäteen valtakunnan uutisoinnilla nostatettiin ansiokkaasti jopa paniikin-oloinen tarve, jonka lukeminen ja siihen vastaaminen näyttävät jääneen ainakin täällä Turun päässä kokonaan tekemättä. Ehkä joku päättäjä tai strategi oli lomalla tai laittamassa saaristo-mökkiään talviteloille? Olen kuullut muulta taholta, että Varhassa ei ole kaikki kunnossa ja johtaminen kadoksissa. Äskeisen kokemuksen perusteella
huhuun on helppo uskoa.

En jaksa naputella pitempään ja kertoa niitä tarinoita, joita jonossa kuulimme siihen pääsyyn vaadituista järjestelyistä, saati pettymyksestä ja silkasta murheesta, jota tapahtuma aiheutti aivan liian monelle. Ihmisillä on aiheellisesti huoli ja pelko siitä, että "jos minä (taas) sairastun". Tässä jos missä olisi ollut Turun terveydenhoidolla näyttämisen paikka, ja ironisesti se kyllä käytettiin, kiitos kysymästä!

#korona #rokotus #influenssa #varha #moka #covid19 #vaccination

TrangAston :verified:
1 month ago

those who are #COVID19 positive should, where possible, continue #clozapine therapy following a discussion with their treating #psychiatrist and #COVID19 #vaccination should be encouraged.

Andreas Krennmair
1 month ago

COVID jab: ✅
Flu jab: ✅

#vaccination #covid #influenza

Well, this sucks.
I was strongly discouraged from getting a booster this year. By a doctor, no less. I got it in Feb anyway. Glad I did.

#covid19 #covid #vaccination

Positive covid 19 test

Study shows the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in Japan in 2021, finding they reduced mortality by more than 97% | Scientific Reports

#Science #News #Covid #Covid19 #vaccines #vaccination

Daniil Baturin
1 month ago

Getting ready for the season of viruses.
#MastoDaoine #flu #vaccination

Flu vaccination card

COVID-19 hospitalizations reach numbers not seen since last winter

Time for the vulnerable to get their updated vaccines
#COVID19 #Canada #Vaccination

2 months ago #Covid #Vaccination #CADigitalVaccinationRecord

My Covid vaccination record is up-to-date and shows all 6 of the shots that I've received but I recall being told that the CA Digital Vaccination Record will only show a max of 6 shots.

I'm getting my 7th Covid shot tomorrow. Not sure how it will affect the record but my guess is that it will show the most recent 6 shots and that the oldest shot will drop off the record.

However, I've been carrying a wallet copy of my Covid vaccination record with 2 CDC Covid vax cards (back to back) which will allows me to show proof of a total of up 8 shots.

But I'm not sure if this matters anymore, since no one seems to require or ask for proof of Covid vaccination anymore anyway. 🤷‍♂️

Christine Schuhmann
2 months ago


After my #COVID vaccinations so far I've been completely knocked out for nearly two weeks. I'm actually willing to try anything to make it a bit more worthwhile.
Since the article is behind an adblock-blocker wall, can anyone tell me what exactly 'after the #vaccination' means? Like, right after the shot or...?

2 months ago

If you ever think #vaccination is a bad thing, consider the family that lived in this cosy house; out of their 13 children, 6 died. And think about the mammy's, Rosanna's, experience in the first week of May 1902, when her little girl died of TB aged 10 on the 3rd, and her little boy died of TB aged 8 on the 8th. "Mother present at death" in both cases. The BCG tuberculosis vaccine wiped out this horror. Of course, there were many opposed to it, including Church and State #AntiVax

2 months ago

@lydiaconwell Given that the UK governments have not (yet) seen fit to allow many of us to keep our Covid vaccinations up-to-date, it is prudent for us to continue using cars for all journeys as public transport (or any crowded enclosed space) is best avoided.

Being on a bus/train/plane for hours where virtually nobody is masked seems utterly bonkers.

#Covid #LongCovid #vaccination #mask #rail #transport #PublicTransport

2 months ago

@w7voa I really wonder what’s going to happen when the first big outbreak hit’s the US after all the #vaccine deniers have put their children squarely in the cross-hairs of this terrible and preventable disease. I really feel sorry for them. #publichealth #vaccination

On est en plein dans un pic de contamination covid assez énervé: «Le nombre de passages aux urgences hospitalières a progressé de 57 % durant la première semaine de septembre.»

  • La vaccination réduit les risques, mais chaque réinfection abime le système immunitaire et augmente les risques de covid long
  • Tout le monde ne peut pas se faire vacciner, et beaucoup de personnes handis paient le prix de l’isolement ou du risque élevé pour leur santé.
  • Il y a des cas asymptomatiques, on peut donc contaminer si on n’a pas de symptômes.
  • Le covid est aéroporté, c’est-à-dire qu’il est transporté dans l’air qu’on respire, et qu’il remplit une pièce fermée et reste en suspension, tel de la fumée de cigarette.

Un des gestes les plus simple est de faire un rappel de vaccin. Des vaccins prévus pour faire face aux nouveaux variants seront disponibles en pharmacie à partir du 2 octobre en France. Mais ce n’est pas suffisant.

Il est aussi important de privilégier l’extérieur ou les terrasses pour les sorties, d’aérer nos espaces de vie et de rencontre, etc.

Enfin, probablement le geste le plus efficace, est de porter un masque, dans les lieux publics clos en particuliers (transports en commun, supermarchés, boutiques, administrations, etc.). Le masque chirurgical est une bonne solution si vous n’avez pas mieux, mais portez de préférence un masque FFP2 qui est beaucoup plus efficace, et de façon plus prononcée pour se protéger soi-même.

Vous trouverez ici des tests de masque FFP2:

#covid #vaccination #masque #ffp2 #covidLong

2 months ago

💉😷Why yes! Yes, I did just get my #COVID #vaccination, now that you mention it.

Now I’ve had all 3 vaxxes: COVID, flu, RSV. 👏🏻💪🏼

Your turn!🫵🏼

Q. is the #Pirola variant of #Coronavirus likely to offer the #Tories another chance to mishandle a #pandemic?

The Pirola variant is spreading, covid monitoring & data gathering has been stripped back, #vaccination *is* getting under way but is limited by capacity & demographic(s)... no social measures (#masking, #socialdistancing) are as yet being publicised.

Could this be about to be a very difficult #winter? The trouble is as yet we have no good way of knowing until well down that road!

3 months ago

Study: Nearly Half of Dog Owners Are Hesitant to Vaccinate Their Pets "Published in the journal Vaccine, the study analyzed a nationally representative sample of adults in the United States and found that more than half of people who own dogs expressed some level of canine vaccine hesitancy—i.e. skepticism about vaccinating their pets against rabies and other diseases. " #rabies #vaccination #pets

Robson Fletcher
3 months ago

“Health Canada has approved Moderna's updated COVID-19 vaccine for all Canadians who are six months of age and older.”

#covid #covid19 #canada #cdnpoli #vaccines #vaccine #vaccination

Richard Rathe
3 months ago

This is a good summary of where we are with the new #COVID #BoosterVaccine...

>> Anyone at High Risk should get it if they can! <<

(The age criteria for "high risk" is 75+ BTW.)

This is based on the important (but limited) criteria of preventing severe disease, #hospitalization, & #death.

The reasons for others to get the new vax are softer due to lack good research data. But there is some evidence that #vaccination in general may help *prevent* infection and #LongCovid. Non-trivial that!!

It is also important to point out that #vaccines are a tertiary intervention after common sense measures like staying home when you are sick, #testing & #isolation, and wearing a good quality #mask around strangers.

I will gladly get the new vaccine if/when it is offered!

The younger and healthier you are the less you need it, but don't forget the basics!

The Swiss Cheese Respiratory Pandemic Defense (COVID)
Bianca Nogrady
3 months ago

As Covid-19 variants continue to outpace vaccines, and the risks of long Covid remain, the government needs to be prepared to act rapidly and at scale.
I wrote about it for @satpaper
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Vaccine hesitancy and misinformation are also amongst pet owners. This paper examines Canine Vaccine Hesitancy. This can be lethal to pets and humans (e.g. Rabies). Disinformation like this spilling into the dog world too:
“About 37 percent of dog owners also believe that canine vaccination could cause their dogs to develop autism, even though there is no scientific data that validates this risk for animals or humans.”
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Thanks to very high vaccination rates, Sweden had very low "excess mortality" from covid-19

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The anti-vaxxers have a new Bible: an anonymously published (and RFK Jr.-connected) 500+ page tome, Turtles All the Way Down. Julian talks with pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Frank Han of, who is in the midst of a 10-part “grand debunk” of this 2022 compendium of pseudoscience scare-mongering.
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I'm happily surprised that there are any universities still requiring #vaccination and handful with mask mandates. If I was going to college now this is what I would be looking for.

Rutgers will still require COVID vaccine, mask mandate

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Raymond Scott Pert
3 months ago

Biden administration to urge Americans get new COVID-19 boosters | Reuters

>The Biden administration plans to urge all Americans to get a booster shot for the coronavirus this autumn to counter a new wave of infections, a White House official said on Sunday

>The official said that while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are reporting an increase in infections and hospital admissions from the virus, overall levels remain low #covid #covid19 #vaccination #US

A 50-year-old and immunocompromised resident receives a second booster shot of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine in Waterford, Michigan, U.S., April 8, 2022. REUTERS/Emily Elconin/File Photo Acquire Licensing Rights Read less

Inability to work following COVID-19 #vaccination-a relevant aspect for future booster vaccinations

👉 "In the light of further #COVID19 infection waves and booster vaccinations, there is a risk of additional staff shortages due to postvaccination inability to work, which could negatively impact the already strained #healthcare system and jeopardise patient care. These findings will aid further vaccination campaigns to minimise the impact of staff absences [...]"

#COVID #Pandemic deaths in #Ohio and #Florida show partisan divide after #vaccine rollout
After April 1, when all adults in both states were eligible for #vaccination, a gap emerged in the rate of #excessdeaths between #Republican and #Democratic voters. Republicans had an excess death rate 7.7 percentage points higher than their blue counterparts, amounting to a 43 percent difference in the #excessdeath rates.