Day 10 of #RunAmanda was the sloppiest weather day yet - mixed rain, ice, snow, and microclimates oh my.

If I stick with this for another week, I'm getting a second pair of winter trail shoes.

My hips and psoas reminded me in the last few days why I've taken such a long break from distance running, so I'm trying new post run routines.

#running #vermont

My face making a very unserious expression, wearing both a billed cap and a high vis beanie on top. Snowy, slushy woods behind me.
Brendan Kinney
5 hours ago

We just added our “Music For The Season” stream to the #VermontPublic app.

Another great reason to install it now (free of course!) 👇



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john lehet
6 hours ago

I predict this storm in eastern #Vermont will overperform, as they say, at moderate altitudes. It's snowing much earlier than they say, pretty hard, big wet flakes, stickig to everything. We will have power outages. I have no doubt.

7 hours ago

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20. Fog & rain have shape-shifted December into November. Good day for reading.

To prepare for my final revision of #HiramFalls I am reading several authors to see how they handle omniscient POV while diving deep into their characters: 'Music in the Dark' by Sally Magnusson (Scottish author; check her out), 'This is Happiness' by Niall Williams (Irish) and 'Parker's Back' by Flannery O'Connor.

Illuminating. And helpful.

Gray, foggy woods, almost blackand white shot, tangle of small saplings and larger tree trunks.
ManyRoads :coffeecup:
9 hours ago

When will the "hate fatigue" set in?

"1 of the 3 Palestinian students shot in Vermont is paralyzed from the shooting, his mother says "

#EU #Pentagon #Military #War #NATO #Weapons #US #NAFO #Hamas #Palestine #Israel #Syria #Iran #Russia #Lebanon #News #Gaza #Putin #Hezbollah #IDF #Vermont

Dan York
12 hours ago

@amcasari Wow! Which part of #Vermont are you in that already has that much snow?? I’m up in Chittenden County and we still see our grass. (That may change tonight if the forecast is accurate.)

john lehet
12 hours ago

Cold fog and rain, with heavy wet snow on the way in #Vermont. Clearing out bookshelves this weekend, so boxes all around. And yes, I have resolved to move the on-deck firewood from right next to the #woodstove. That is crazy and I will stop.

Two cats on a box in front of a wood stove

Me: Let's go outside!

#dogsofmastodon #vermont

Classic corgi side eye from a defensive potato position (on her back, belly up)

Day 9 of #RunAmanda - mud run in stick season.

Warmer temps made the roads soft and brought in very cold fog. Added in a longer run for the weekend ✨

#running #vermont

Partial selfie of me running with a misty, snowy, soft mud road behind me
mike mahaffie
22 hours ago

Turned around at the start of the #RiverOfLight parade in #Waterbury #Vermont this evening and found this floppy-eared dog lantern following us.

A large paper lantern in the shape of a dog is seen against a black sky at night.
Inside the Red Head's Head
1 day ago

Tomorrow afternoon my step son and I are going to a hockey game. It’s my first hockey game in person since… 2016? 2018? I can’t remember. It’s my first NCAA hockey game since 2004.

I graduated from UMass Lowell. My step son currently attends the University of Vermont. Both teams are in the Hockey East conference and… well… both teams kinda suck. UVM is in 8th place (out of 11 teams) with a 3-3-1 record in conference and a 4-5-1 record overall. UML is in 10th place with a 2-6-1 record in conference and a 5-9-1 record overall.

I expect the game is going to be evenly-ish matched but also kinda crappy. I don’t care. I’m looking forward to spending an afternoon with Harry, probably trash talking each other into oblivion. I tried to get myself a UML hockey t-shirt to wear but I failed. Oh well. The Vermont fans in the building will know that they have a foreigner in their rink by me being obnoxious. I used to be a pretty obnoxious fan back in my minor league season ticket days.

It’s going to be fun.

#collegeHockey #collegeKids #Family #harry #Hockey #hockeyEast #Kids #ncaa #roadTrip #stepSon #umassLowell #uml #universityOfMassachusettsLowell #universityOfVermont #UVM #vermont

1 day ago

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19. It's a fitting day for the memorial of my friend's Dad. To the community he was a 'pillar,' willing to take on any task for his church or clubs. To his son he was unforgiving, demanding much but seeing little of his son's gifts.

Coming back from the mail, he was dead before he hit the ground undiscovered for 8 hours, his addled wife forgetting he had left. Later, my friend lay where he fell and was overcome w. regret.

Lichen covered bare branches go from left to right in a gray misty day with the trunks of young trees going straight up in the foggy distance.
1 day ago

3 étudiants américains d'origine palestinienne ont été victimes d'un crime de haine dans le Vermont.
À la vue de leur keffieh, un voisin leur a tiré dessus à 5 reprises.

"Je ne m'attendais pas à ce que l'histoire d'un Palestinien blessé par balle fasse le tour du monde. Je suis extrêmement reconnaissant. Mais j'ai toujours cette peur sous-jacente à cause de cette expérience", a-t-il déclaré.

Le tour du monde ?
Pas vraiment, l'info elle a du faire comme le nuage de Tchernobyl, elle s'est arrêtée aux frontières de la France.

#Terrorisme #Racisme #Vermont #HateCrime

2 days ago

#dailystory #writingcommunity #WritersCoffeeClub #photography #Vermont
18. All day today I thought of my friend Pete Sutherland who died a year ago yesterday. Extraordinary person & musician. Played with each of my children; mentored my oldest.

Pete & I used to go into schools & help kids write & perform ballads. We'd bring in community elders to tell stories which became the root of the kids' songs. One experience stood out for both of us. Story w. vid & audio here:

The picture of fiddler Pete Sutherland, eyes closed, skull cap hat, wire rimmed glasses, white, faint goatee, wearing a blue and turquoise shirt, sleeve rolled up on his right bowing hand, his fiddle tucked under his left cheek, the side of an old red barn behind him and to his left the edge of another fiddler. 

Pete, with the aid of a physician, took his own life. He was wracked with pain and had no chance of recovery from his latest  bout with cancer.

Day 8 of #RunAmanda was the shortest yet because I am using my nine years of military operational training and experience to expertly plan and execute birthday parties 💛😂🪩💖

Warmer temps melted the road, but still plenty of base for future snowpack. Need some gaiters.

#running #Vermont

Up close with my face and a goofy smile, wearing a high vis hat
Muddy road with two muddy feet taken from a person looking down at their toes
Brendan Kinney
2 days ago

Can’t get enough holiday music?

Check out "Music for the Season," a service of #VermontPublic. This new streaming station is dedicated exclusively to holiday music.

Curated by our local Vermont Public Classical hosts, tune in any time of day or night during the month of December to make your holiday activities even more joyful!

#Vermont #VT #holidays #music

Yusuf Toropov
3 days ago

According to #Spotify, my "sound town" is Ben & Jerry's country -- #Burlington, #Vermont -- on account of my love of the #GratefulDead, #JerryGarcia, and #Waxahatchee. I'll take that. Shout-out from central Ireland to all the #Deadheads in #VT!

My Sound Town 

Burlington, USA 

For fans of Grateful Dead, Waxahatchee and Jerry Garcia.
3 days ago

#dailystory #writingcommunity #WritersCoffeeClub #photography #Vermont

17. A friend from long ago sent me this Eli Helman drawing, a gift uncanny in its timing. Years ago, when we visited my aunt I borrowed her typewriter which looks Iike this. My friend loved my story. The first one I published. She remembered this still after 49 years.

She's been following my progress on #HiramFalls. Somehow she knew I needed a reminder to just write. To have faith in the audience. It will come out OK.

... I do not know how she knew that I needed a lift, that this book has me discouraged, has me feeling like I really can't get the quality, the depth

Day 7 of #RunAmanda

Another icy day, and short run after late night of #RollerDerby practice. Less wind, bit bitter, beautiful skies.

Rain might be rolling in for the next few days to wash all of this away, so enjoying the brightness while it's here.

#running #Vermont

Closeup of my face with red and blaze yellow running gear in front of a snowy forest
Rick Berk
3 days ago

It’s starting to feel like winter here in New England but here on Maine’s midcoast I’m still waiting for our first snow. I guess I’ll just look longingly at photos like this one of Sleepy Hollow Farm in Vermont.

#mastoart #mastodonart #vermont #farmlife #farm #winter #firstsnow #snow #landscape #phototography #BuyIntoArt #christmas #newengland #landscapephotography #homedecor

3 days ago

I almost missed this gorgeous stick-season sunset... #vermont #Sunset

Landscape photo of leafless trees in black silhouette against stripes of deep rose-color sunset clouds
john lehet
3 days ago

Autumn Maple Leaf on Lotus Leaf after Rain

Just trying out an old image from the old DSLR days, exposed through the one decent vintage lens I used on that Nikon.

As for lotuses, I have wasted a lot of money trying to grow them in #Vermont. In natural ponds, in artificial ponds, in pots full of water. I enjoy the leaves, get very few flowers, and hard to keep them through winter.

#johnlehetphoto #autumn #fall #mapleleaf #photograph #garden #vintagelens

a yellow maple leaf fell on a lotus leaf that had raindrops pooled on it

#Volunteering at the food shelf in Burlington #Vermont I acquired some faulty cucumbers that couldn't be distributed, so I improvised some fridge pickles that turned out yummy. Cider vinegar, maple syrup, dry minced garlic, and smoked sea salt. You will not be disappointed. #Cooking

Maple syrup, smoked sea salt, dry minced garlic, cider vinegar, and a quart jar of pickles
Three broken English cucumbers
4 days ago

But also, like, LOL #Vermont where you at? Apparently I listen to your kind of #folk music?

Screenshot from my Spotify Wrapped. Image shows a world map with a pin in the Northeast US. Text reads: Burlington, USA. People there are far more likely to be fans of Phoebe Bridgers, Caamp, and Gregory Alan Isakov
john lehet
4 days ago

Same patch of Siberian Iris as last post, same morning, different lens, light changed, normal crop

#johnlehetphoto #bloomscrolling #garden #vermont #flowers #bokeh

Siberian Iris in sunlight, shallow depth of field
4 days ago

#dailystory #writingcommunity #WritersCoffeeClub #photography #Vermont

16. I'm not sure when I started paying attention to the names of moons, but this one is the Beaver Moon, in honor of the time when beavers finally get their houses in order for winter.

I wonder whether beavers ever decide to rest and leave that last bit of poplar for the next day, much as we humans do: "I'll get to it tomorrow."

Hmm. I didn't get all my sugaring wood in. The logs are covered with snow. A cold task ahead.

The full moon, dazzling in a slight mist, rises above the trees on the left reflecting off a white farmhouse on the right with blue snow all around.
john lehet
4 days ago

@AnneENConnor @erictopol Weird, right? All your Vermont friends are probably masking, right? All my #Vermont friends are…. NOT masking. Like none of them. It’s like they’ve all gone crazy.

Day 6 of #RunAmanda

Short + early run today - wanted to space as far out from #RollerDerby practice tonight as possible.

A scant inch or two of fresh snow iced the cake, and gave better traction on the road. First tracks!

#running #vermont

Closeup of my face. I'm dressed in red and highlighter yellow winter running gear. The snowy forest behind me looks magical and a bit fake, but it's real!
Running show foot prints on fresh snow
5 days ago

Bunch of people making fun of this on the Vermont subreddit thought the fediverse #Vermont community might get a kick out of it. Out of all the States to pick, Vermont, which has had a ban on billboards since 1968, one of only 4 states in the country with a billboard ban.

Flatlanders I tell yah bud, jeezum crow.

An Instagram post of a twitter post. The twitter post says "WhitePeopleHumor @whitememejesus 
I had someone message me saying they were "sick of seeing my face everywhere." So I found out where he works in Montpelier Vermont and bought the billboard right outside his office. Now he has to see my face at least twice more on days he works."

Below the text is a picture of a billboard with the users profile picture and text that says "assholes live forever"
Poetry News
5 days ago

In Burlington, Vermont, gunshots were heard
Three college students of Palestinian descent
Their lives taken away, so untimely and cruel
Police worked hard and caught the suspect, something they'd dole
An act of gun violence- so senseless and absurd

#burlington #vermont #palestinian #gunviolence #poetry

5 days ago

#dailystory #writingcommunity #WritersCoffeeClub #photography #Vermont

15. It snowed styrofoam today. Little soft pellets (dippin' dots?) that floated down and bounced off the ice and hard snow. Looking up, it tickled. It's called graupel.

The animals have been out: Squirrels checking their caches of acorns with a wary eye to the sky where an eagle has been spotted. Also rabbits, a fox and coyotes. Their tracks look monstrous, an effect of the warm-cold-warm-cold days expanding their marks.

A curious snow today that looks like tiny bright white balls of styrofoam that bounce when they land on the hard snow and ice.
Brendan Kinney
5 days ago

We have surpassed the 1,000 gift mark in our #GivingTuesday campaign!

For every gift #VermontPublic receives before midnight, 18 meals are donated to the Vermont Foodbank, thanks to the generous fundholders at the Vermont Community Foundation.

For a gift of $60, we'll also send you this limited edition tote bag!

Give now --> #VT #Vermont

Shawn in Montreal
5 days ago

How comforting it is that certifiably crazy people in the US will always have access to handguns

#guncontrol #islamophobia #palestine #USpoli #Vermont

Anna Anthro
6 days ago

Suspect pleads not guilty in shooting of 3 #Palestinian American college students in #Burlington #vermont | AJ - YouTube

David Ano
6 days ago

Authorities in #Vermont are investigating the shootings of three men of #Palestinian descent. The incident happened on Saturday as the trio of college students was walking in #Burlington.

#news #PalestinianLivesMatter #Islamophobia #HateCrime

Stop That
1 week ago

A dude really just walked up to them and started shooting. FFS. #Islamophobia

#Burlington, #Vermont, shooting live updates: 3 #Palestinian U.S. college students shot on their way to dinner

3 men of Palestinian descent attending holiday gathering shot, injured near University of Vermont

Three young men of Palestinian descent who were in Burlington for a Thanksgiving holiday gathering were shot and injured — one seriously — near the University of Vermont, police said Sunday.
#USnews #Vermont #Burlington #shooting #Palestine

not ch1c
1 week ago

For people following the shooting of three Palestinian-American college students in Burlington, Vermont last night, VTDigger is a reliable independent local news source and it looks like they’re updating this story

#Burlington #Vermont #VT #BTV #UVM #VTpoli #HateCrimes #shooting #islamophobia #Palestine #Palestinian #Palestinians

1 week ago

The Guardian is reporting that,
"The head of the #Palestinian mission to the UK, Husam Zomlot, identified the victims as Hisham Awartani, Tahseen Ahmed and Kinnan Abdalhamid, undergraduate students at Brown, Haverford and Trinity. Zomlot said on X – formerly known as Twitter – that each of the victims was wearing the Palestinian #keffiyeh when they were attacked, though authorities have stopped short of publicly discussing a possible motive for the triple shooting."

#Vermont #HateCrime

1 week ago

3 people shot in #Vermont identified as #Palestinian college students

By Celina Tebor, CNN
2 minute read
Updated 12:53 PM EST, Sun November 26, 2023

"Three college students from the Palestinian territories were shot in #BurlingtonVermont, on Saturday evening, according to their former school in the occupied West Bank.

"Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad said in a news release that officers responded to a call and found two shooting victims, with the third a short distance away, all close to the #UniversityOfVermont campus.

"The victims were transported to the University of Vermont Medical Center, the news release said.

"The shooter or shooters have not been identified or apprehended, Murad said, and the police department is 'at the earliest stages of investigating this crime.'

"The three students had graduated from Ramallah Friends School, a #Quaker-run private nonprofit school in Ramallah, according to the school.

"The school identified the students in a Facebook post as Hisham Awartani, Kinnan Abdelhamid and Tahseen Ahmed.

"According to Ramallah Friends School, all three are students at American colleges. Haverford College in Pennsylvania confirmed in a statement that Abdelhamid, a junior at the college, is recovering from gunshot wounds at a hospital.

"Husam Zomlot, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Kingdom, posted on X about the incident, naming the students and identifying them as 'three young Palestinian men.'

"'The #HateCrimes against Palestinians must stop. Palestinians everywhere need protection,' Zomlot wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Burlington police did not specify the ethnicity of the three and whether they were targeted for that reason.

"The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee said in a news release that they 'have reason to believe this shooting occurred because the victims are Arab.' The #CivilRights organization added that two of the students are still in intensive care and one has 'very critical and serious injuries.'

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations announced it was offering a $10,000 reward for 'information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators' of the shooting.

"The shooting comes amid heightened tensions and hate crimes in the US in the weeks since October 7, when Hamas launched a deadly attack in Israel and Israel responded with devastating airstrikes across Gaza. In October, a 6-year-old Palestinian American boy was stabbed to death by his family’s landlord in a case authorities are calling a hate crime.

"CNN has reached out to the University of Vermont, the University of Vermont Medical Center, the students’ universities, Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger and Gov. Phil Scott for comment.

"This is a developing story and will be updated."

Matthew Hall
1 week ago

@mbonsma so true! Springtime in #Vermont bike riding is always nice as I ride and smell the blooming lilacs. Enjoy!

that one JNL
2 weeks ago

[edit: this, uh, might have been an April Fool's joke. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ]

NOT TO BE OUTDONE, #Vermont is now looking to get in on the action, moving earlier this year to establish a US-side syrup reserve. They're trying to figure out the best (dare we say strategic?) place to warehouse the goods

john lehet
2 weeks ago

Pine Branches in Snow (not this year)

#johnlehetphoto #snow #vermont #photography #bokeh

Photograph of tufts of pine needles, in focus in foreground, along with snow dumping down, while trees and snow in the background are behind the plane of focus and are blurred.
john lehet
2 weeks ago

Looks like the storm overperformed by a little, got over 4 inches of snow in my corner of #vermont.

Now the question is whether to snowblow, or tractor-plow. Or let it be. Whatever is still here by Friday is going to be here for a while, as it gets cold again.

Thing is that first snow, when the driveway isn't frozen, means gravel in the snowblower, or the tractor bucket digging into soft driveway.

And do I do it before or after the rain?

Many years of this, but still just as tricky.


Dan York
2 weeks ago

When you are a #RemoteWorker, and you lose #InternetAccess, there’s not much you can do. Comcast #Xfinity seems to be having an outage in my little corner of northwest #Vermont … so.. might as well take the weekend’s yard waste up to the biomass generator plant. 😃 Hopefully it will be back on by the time I get back… or else I will be off to our local library……..

(Posting from my mobile while away from home. I unfortunately have almost zero mobile coverage at my house.)

Photo of the back of a pickup truck with some yard waste bags with sticks sticking out. In the background is a pile of wood and a large building with a smokestack.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
2 weeks ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday #Vermont

August 2015, Village of Newfane, Vermont. These sturdy old trees have been growing on the property of a friend for generations.

Two stately trees with full crown of dark green leaves and thick trunks grow side-by-side within a low fieldstone wall that separates a  yard from a field beyond the wall. It is a misty morning where you can barely see the line of woods beyond the field.
Dan York
2 weeks ago

❄️ is falling out of the sky. Very good thing that I got all the yard work done yesterday!

Every time I tell people that I live in #Vermont, they always ask me how it is.

I usually give something quick, liked "It's lovely!"

The truth is that deciding to move to Vermont over a decade ago was one of those choices that cascade into other life changing events, where you find more and more of yourself that you never knew.

When you wonder whether to take a step towards something for no evident reason, I hope you do.

Jeremy Osborn
3 weeks ago

Watercolor en plein aire - 11/13/2023

Painted on-site at Harriman Reservoir, Whitingham, VT on October 27, during a few days of rare 68+ degree weather.

Probably the last of my 2023 paintings at this location. Will summarize my thinking on plein-air painting later, but lets just say I'm looking back to returning here in Spring 2024!

(9.1 x 6.2 in, 23 x 15.7 cm)

#Watercolor #Watercolour #pleinair #landscape #vermont

In the foreground is an open stretch of water colored primarily light blue-gray with light waves caused by wind. In the foreground are three distinct mountain ranges, the foremost is colored brown and orange, the middle range is the tallest and colored blue-green with splotches of orange and reddish-brown. The furthest mountain range is seen on the left and has five wind turbines visible on the top.
Dan York
3 weeks ago

Also in #Vermont today:

the *human* distributed denial-of-service attack caused by people waking up and thinking ..."IT'S SNOWING! I BETTER CALL AND GET AN APPOINTMENT TO GET THE SNOW TIRES PUT ON!"

... and inundating the phone lines of every tire shop, mechanic and garage in the state!

(At which point they will find that most places are booking out into December or beyond. 🤦‍♂️)

Dan York
3 weeks ago

That moment in #Vermont when everyone asks themselves “Hmmm… where are the snow shovels? Did we take them out (of the shed | garage | storage) yet?”

Dan York
1 month ago

Tomorrow is Election Day here in the USA and it is a BigDay across the nation with all sorts of state and local elections, big ballot measures in some states. Lots of very important decisions! PLEASE VOTE!

Except… here in #Vermont ! We have *no* elections happening except, I think, in one city.

All our state elections are every two years, and our local elections are at “Town Meeting Day” in March.

So tomorrow we will just watch.

From: @evacide

Prof Kemi FG
1 month ago

Earlier this year, a white teen deliberately (allegedly) shot a woman. That teen was charged as a juvenile. Last week, a POC teen accidentally (allegedly) shot his friend. This teen is charged as an adult. Very curious about State's Atty. Vekos's reasoning in this case.

#Vermont #Middlebury #policing #law #lawfedi

Dan York
1 month ago

It's now *snowing* in northwest #Vermont.

It won't last... it will melt in the next couple of days... but it's a sign that winter is on its way!

Matthew Hall
1 month ago

Artificial Intelligence-generated art will never beat the amazing art created by this falcon in #Vermont.

that one JNL
1 month ago

And now for something completely different.

Rutland #Vermont Halloween parade. Small town adorable under a full moon.

(I am not there; receiving the live feed from the spouse.)

A band color guard dressed up as a skeleton crew from Pirates of the Caribbean, dancing through a street lined with parade watchers. It's just past twilight.
john lehet
1 month ago

Also from my stroll in the fog on Tuesday. I got a tick on that walk, first one I've had in some months.
Unedited and probably showing sensor dust, just converted to B&W.

#vermont #infrared #BlackandWhite #LandscapePhotography #johnlehetphoto

foggy Vermont dirt road in late October, infrared black and white photo
Dan York
1 month ago

The fun of a dry-erase globe is that you can draw out your flight plan, something I have been doing ever since our girls were young. Today’s travel is from #BTV (in #Vermont ) to Nashville, Tennessee, by way of Newark, NJ.


A photo of a blue and green globe on a table. There are lines drawn with a black marker that show travel from BTV (in Vermont) to Newark and then to Nashville, Tennessee.
Chris Rowan
1 month ago

Here’s how citizen scientists can help during the 2024 solar #eclipse: some cool projects here.

Not sure about the likelihood of clear skies in #Vermont in early April, but can’t be worse odds than Ohio…

Nate Gaylinn
1 month ago

There are parts of Ethan Allen Park that really remind me of a Myst style adventure game.

#vermont #hiking #landscape

A series of steps wraps around an enormous mossy rock, which is covered with yellow-leaved trees. The ground is blanketed with fallen leaves, and the sun peaks through the ones still on their trees.
A wood plank walkway meanders through a copse of trees approaching an obscured tower in the distance.