My late father's baby brother took up acting in his retirement. He just shared a link to the latest thing he's in, an indie film that's coming out later this year apparently.

He's the older guy in this clip (a Vietnam vet with PTSD). The woman playing his wife is his actual wife.

Film maker's website:

#HenryTisdale #movies #IndieFilm #Veterans #PTSD

Jon Kirkendall
2 days ago

When you're teaching meditation to a group of veterans and one of their service dogs decides he needs some attention. 🐶 ❤️


A group of seven meditators with their backs to the camera sit on meditation cushions on the floor of a large metal barn with a cement floor. In front, a white man with glasses sits on a meditation cushion facing the group. In the background we see a table against a wall, some lamps on the floor, an American flag, and a sign which reads Young County Warrior Ranch.
A white man with grey hair and glasses in a plaid shirt and short sits on a meditation cushion. His mouth is open as he talks, and his hands are making a gesture as if to emphasize a point.
A white man with grey hair and glasses sitting on a meditation cushion is petting a large golden lab who is standing and looking at him.
3 days ago

#Pennsylvania #veterans #jobs #JobTraining

'The Welcome Home PA site includes information on employment opportunities with the Commonwealth and in the private sector, furthering military careers with the Pennsylvania National Guard, guidance on how to use GI Bill benefits to attend post-secondary schooling or begin in an apprenticeship, and more. '

Jason M. Kelly
4 days ago

Ray Haberski and I have a new podcast: Justice and War in American History. Join us as we talk to #veterans about the relationship between war, justice, & the American experience.

#history #histodons #humanities #ushistory #unitedstates

text: "Justice & War in American History." Image: A brick wall, broken at the top, on which is painted an American flag.
Giuseppe Michieli
5 days ago

Effectiveness of #COVID-19 #Treatment With #Nirmatrelvir–Ritonavir or #Molnupiravir Among #US #Veterans: Target #Trial #Emulation Studies With One-Month and Six-Month Outcomes, Ann Intern Med.,

Fiona Grahame Orkney News Ltd
5 days ago

#Orkney Armed Forces’ and #veterans Breakfast Club
"The venue for our next breakfast get together has now been confirmed as, “The Neuk”, at the Albert Hotel, Kirkwall, at 0930 on Saturday 24th June."

~t Orkney, e Beg-xumm Armed Forces’ & Veterans! X Il ” Breakfast Club oo Military Veteran? n 5 Join us for Breakfast! Veterans from all three services come together for breakfast on the last Saturday of each month, to enjoy each other’s company and maintain the camaraderie and esprit de corps we shared whilst serving. There’s no admin fees or paperwork; you only pay for your food. Just turn up on the day and meet new friends. Our breakfasts run from 0930 - 1100 (ish) and happen at various locations around Orkney. More details are available on our Facebook page, or you can email or call Simon on the e ber below. L number below. f -.‘%%h =j'!-§§-_:a 07909 640884 orkneyveteransbreakfastclub@outlook-com
Jon Kirkendall
6 days ago

Finally arrived at the retreat early this afternoon after a grueling 12 hours on an airplane from DC to Dallas (check out my earlier posts for dets!).

We have five veterans, and three facilitators - a military spouse, a combat vet, and this queer leftwing Buddhist civilian. It's a delightful mix!

Today was a "landing day" for everyone who arrived last night - a day to think about what needs to left behind, and what our intentions are, and ended with a rainbow. Perfect.


A low scrubby tree with bunches of mistletoe attached to the branches grows in a large field. To the right of the tree, a rainbow appears in the sky.
Jon Kirkendall
1 week ago

From 2005 to 2017 I had the honor of working with military families after the death of the military member.

I now work with veterans who may have brought the war home with them and am leaving today to fly to Texas to facilitate a weeklong mindfulness retreat for male veterans with PTSD.

It is potent healing, and I am both excited and trepidatious.


1 week ago

@Yoshi Thanks, but it was all you - your standing up for yourself in a very public way in a town that doesn't take kindly to Democrats voicing their opinions - so much so the cops thought they needed to "give you an education." It was that which prompted Dave Biscobing at PHX ABC-15 to call & do the interview. I just gave an assist. More than glad to be able to help out. #journalism #journalists #veterans #asianAmerican #democracy (& many other hashtags that escape me at the moment).

1 week ago


Wow. Military trained Russian linguist and communications specialist. Likely sitting in the brig for 3 years now. Good 👍

"As described in court documents, the defendants allegedly conspired “to attack the power grid both for the purpose of creating general chaos and to provide cover and ease of escape” while undertaking a campaign of assassinations against Black Lives Matter founders and Democratic politicians."


ES Michelson
1 week ago

Dear friends,

Our local #MemorialDay #parade was a quick affair. It was mostly #FireDepartment vehicles, a few school #MarchingBands and #ColorGuards. A couple of Cub Scout troops came through (the younger boys and don't recall older Boy Scouts or any Girl Scouts) and, surprisingly, very few #veterans, maybe ten or 15 marching at the head of the parade. Some may have been in cars but not easily seen.


#DocumentaryPhotography #PhotoResearcher

Fire engines and official S-U-V's proceed down Main Street towards a very large American Flag suspended over the street by a ladder truck.
Two men pack the large American Flag that was hanging above Main Street back into its storage box from the lowering boom of a fire department ladder truck on the still-closed street.
Cleo of Topless Topics
1 week ago

Today's #shortVideo : If #republicans actually cared about #veterans (instead of just squealing "why do we have a whole #PrideMonth but only ONE DAY for veterans?!", they wouldn't keep stripping veterans of actual benefits and rights.


2 weeks ago

…anti-#extremism measures were responsibly taken after it was revealed that dozens of #veterans & at least a handful of active-duty service members took part in the #Jan6, 2021, #insurrection….

Because of a #Pentagon policy offering travel funds & support to female #troops or #MilitaryDependents seeking… #access to #abortion services still available to millions of American women, #Tuberville has single-handedly put a hold on every #military nomination & promotion requiring #Senate approval.

Fiona Grahame Orkney News Ltd
2 weeks ago

“Apart from a good breakfast, once a month, it’s good opportunity to meet other ex-servicemen” Image by Adrian Hughes
#veterans #Orkney

The Orkney veterans and some of their partners sitting round a T shaped table with a huge breakfast in front of them in the Stromness Hotel Orkney. Photo by Adrian Hughes
Ivan Rodriguez ♠
2 weeks ago

I am sorry that I haven't given thanks to our #veterans who lost their lives until now. Although I dishonor those who joined the military, I am sorry for the families who were affected by #war. I feel that veterans who survived and #military families should be treated like royalty as repayment for what our leaders did to them; veterans and their families should be treated better than they are today, they should have mansions instead of being impoverished or homeless, and today should be a day of mourning instead of celebration.


Easelbitch™️ 🚫2A
2 weeks ago

Upsetting story. Three sisters went to Iraq. Only two came home.

The Whitmers in Wisconsin.

🇺🇸 All gave some, some gave all. #sisters #veterans #Iraq

🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coffefied:
2 weeks ago

Amen. It appears Biden came through for #veterans in the MAGA manufactured debt ceiling dealings. Veterans fought hard for the country and then compare that to these Republican clowns that want to default the #economy. #domesticterrorist #conservativetaliban #MemorialDay

2 weeks ago

This Memorial Day, my
veteran spouse is napping, and I'm glad for that. Naps, good.

Hope you're all having a good #MemorialDay, too.

#veterans #vets

Andy Nortrup :cascadia: 🌳
2 weeks ago

This memorial day I'll be thinking of these friends and brothers in arms.

1LT Naqvi, Mohsin A. - 9-17-2008
SGT Mena, Ralph - 5-04-2010
SGT Ristau, Michael E. - 7-13-2012
SGT Nena, Sapuro B. - 9-16-2012
SPC Nelson, Joshua N. - 9-16-2012
PFC Bedoy, Genaro - 9-16-2012
PFC Townsend, Jon R. - 9-16-2012
SGT Smith, Matthew 11-14-2016

#memorialday #veterans

2 weeks ago

Please share on this day of rememberance.


Pamela Williams Fine Art
2 weeks ago

Celebrating our heros here in the USA & the freedom we have because of their sacrifice
The WW1 MUSEUM located in Kansas City opened to the public as the Liberty Memorial Museum in 1926 & was designated in 2004 by the US Congress as America's official museum dedicated to World War 1.

Collect it Here:

#MemorialDay #Ww1 #museum #potd #photography #freedom #memorial #KansasCity #Missouri #AYearForArt #TheArtDistrict #SharePamsArt #honor #veterans

The National World War I Museum tells the story of the Great War and related global events from their origins before 1914 through the 1918 Armistice and 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Visitors enter the 32,000-square-foot facility across a glass bridge above a field of 9,000 red poppies, each one representing 1,000 combatant deaths.
Seaside Park
2 weeks ago

To all who served to defend our freedom and liberty, we thank you!

#memorialday #veterans #usa #cartoon #cartoondog #dog

ShawnT 🐀
2 weeks ago

With #MemorialDay coming up tomorrow in the #UnitedStates, the military #veterans of this country would like to remind you that this really isn't the day to #thank them for their service. They would very much like to be alive and well and not in memorium. 😅 Save your thanks for #VeteransDay!

2 weeks ago

#Veterans have lost another #friend

I’ve never heard of #DocTodd and I’m not a particularly big fan of the music genre itself, but we #vets have such few real, sincere, and active friends that I feel each loss

⎧ᴿᴵᴾ⎫◟◟◟◟◟◟◟◟ ❀◟(ó ̯ ò, )

Doc Todd has died — the hip-hop artist helped other veterans feel 'Not Alone' : NPR

Bicycling Monterey
2 weeks ago

We remember.

US Army Specialist Vilmar Galarza Hernandez

US Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Edward Balli

US Army Specialist Ricardo Cerros, Jr.

US Army Sgt. Javier Sanchez

US Army Private First Class Conrado D. Javier

Among more than one million who gave their lives in United States military service are these and other Monterey County residents.

#MemorialDay2023 #Veterans #MontereyCounty #Greenfield #Marina #Salinas #HighwaySigns

Poetry News
2 weeks ago

We owe a debt, a massive debt,
A number we can’t easily forget.
Our leaders have now made a deal
To raise our ceiling, squash the squeal.
We’ll cap spending unless it’s for the military and veterans
To ensure our country’s finances will get better, not worsen.

#usdebtceiling #biden #mccarthy #military #veterans #ode #poetry

Martin Rundkvist
2 weeks ago

You know why a state cultivates an ideology of respect for war #veterans? To motivate young people to keep enlisting as soldiers. To motivate families to keep sending their kids to possibly be killed or maimed for the state's questionable purposes.

2 weeks ago

Campaigners fury at 'delay' to #LGBT #veterans report that's 'a shame upon the UK'

Plenty more shame to add after thirteen years of the #Tories in power.

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend (a time to remember fallen veterans) and 99% of the US population thinks vets like to hear, “Thank you for your service.” Pro tip: We don’t and here’s why (also Congress is cutting VA budget): #MemorialDay #Veterans

2 weeks ago

With their #DebtCeiling shenanigans, Republicans are sending a terribly cynical message to our #Veterans this Memorial Day weekend: "We don't give a damn if you join your fallen brothers and sisters." #DebtCeilingCrisis #VoteBlue

Dan Bowman
2 weeks ago

Started our #Memorial #Day #remembrances a few days early. #Iowa #today #beauty #veterans

white swan swimming in a pond at a cemetery
the stars and stripes flying over a cemetery in honor of veterans.
yellow iris in foreground of headstones in a cemetery.
Cemetery with American flag over a veteran's grave
2 weeks ago

#happyfriday #fediverse
Thinking of all our lost soldiers. We thank you 🙏🏾. What's everyone's weekend plans?
#blackfriday #memorialday #memorialdayweekend #weekend #holiday #holidayweekend #veterans

2 weeks ago

#debtceiling #DebtLimit: #McCarthy,
#Republicans provided $1.7 Trillion in #taxcuts for the extremely wealthy; but, now want to slash funding for #socialservices, meals for underprivileged #children, and #healthcare for #veterans. 👉Ask your #Billionaires & #Millionaires to pay their #FairShare!

2 weeks ago

#Spending on the #military would grow next year, as would spending on some #veterans’ care that falls under nondefense #discretionary spending. The rest of nondefense #DiscretionarySpending would fall slightly — or roughly stay flat from — this year’s levels.

It would also roll back $10B of the $80B #Congress approved last year for an #IRS crackdown on high earners (#wealthy) & #corporations that evade #taxes

Tracy Rosenberg
2 weeks ago

Toney-Finch rounded them up in the parking lot and told them they were going to meet with the chamber of commerce, with instructions that they were to say they were #veterans and they were being #displaced to make room for #asylum seekers".

3 weeks ago

When Republicans speak about how much they love Veterans, just remind them how they treated John McCain and Bob Mueller.


3 weeks ago

#Oklahoma #veterans #VeteranServices #CommunityEvents

`The non-profit based in Owasso started a new website called '' to help veterans find events or programs to support them in Oklahoma. Any organization or person can submit an event that is taking place near their area for free.`

Blake is a transgender USMC Vet who is living with 2 other trans women and is trying to get a third out of Florida. They are struggling to make things work financially. They are dumpster diving for food and she is forgoing all her own medications to try to keep it together. Without help, they will run out of funds in July.


#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund #veterans #USMC #trans #transgender #gtfomystate

Blake is a transgender USMC Vet who is living with 2 other trans women and is trying to get a third out of Florida. They are struggling to make things work financially. They are dumpster diving for food and they are forgoing all their own medications to try to keep it together. Without help, they will run out of funds in July.


#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund #veterans #USMC #trans #transgender #gtfomystate

CW: food

Reveille! Reveille! Reveille!

Good morning everyone.
So how many of my #veterans out there secretly loved shit-on-a-shingle?

Looks kinda gross but it is yummy comfort food to me.

Potato hashbrowns covered in cream gravy with bits of turkey sausage.
1 month ago

#JoeBiden tweets:

I hear House #Republicans out on TV saying they would never vote to cut #veterans’ benefits.

In case there’s any confusion, I made a little chart that could help them out.

A sheet of White House letterhead sits on a desk near an official White House binder.

The sheet has the following conveyed with arrows:

"Did you vote for a bill that cuts domestic spending by 22%?"

No - "You voted to PROTECT Veterans' benefits" (end)

Yes - "Did the bill say:  'This does not apply to Veterans benefits"

Yes - "You voted to PROTECT veterans' benefits" (end)

No - "You voted to CUT veterans' benefits"
🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coffefied:
1 month ago

Veteran health benefits to be cut by 22%. Stand Up against the Fascist Right.

#SocialFabric #Veterans #veteranissues

Georgiann Baldino
1 month ago

#GOP tries to cut safety nets for #Veterans and lower or middle class citizens.

They didn’t call the trillion-dollar Wall St. bailouts “socialism”

They don’t cal Trillion in oil & gas subsidies “socialism”

They don’t call the billions in farmer bailouts “socialism” 

But health care, wages, food for poor people? “SOCIALISM.”

"House Republicans voted Wednesday to cut veterans’ services significantly and limit their health care. ...
The cuts would hurt rural veterans in particular, cutting necessary technology infrastructure and support for telehealth programs for vets who live far from the VA facilities they rely upon. The cuts would also limit the availability of medical equipment and technology provided to vets so they can have telehealth appointments from home."

~ Joan Mccarter


🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coolified:
1 month ago

Veteran health benefits to be cut by 22%. Stand Up against the Fascist Right.

#SocialFabric #Veterans

2 months ago

#Republicans have always been eager to send other people's kids to #war and then pretend not to notice when they return with severe #disabilities or in coffins. The most steadfast defender of #veterans was Senator Paul #Wellstone, a liberal Democrat. He was also the loudest voice against sending troops to #Iraq after 9/11. His voice was silenced in 2002 when he and his wife died in a plane crash.

🎬 Screening now @ #TCM, Bogie and Bacall in #JohnHuston's "Key Largo" (1948). #EdwardGRobinson, #LionelBarrymore and #ClaireTrevor round out the cast. Trevor won "Best Supporting Actress" for her portrayal of Robinson's mob moll, "Gaye Dawn!"

#classic #movies #TCMParty #40s #Florida #gangster #veterans #hurricanes

@noondlyt 😘

Democracy Labs
2 months ago

How do Republicans ask Americans to die for the country, but deny veterans their freedom to vote? Map of disabled vets being disenfranchised.
#veterans #disabled #voteblue

How do Republicans ask Americans to die for the country, but deny veterans their freedom to vote? Map of disabled vets being disenfranchised.
Liz Ellis She/Her🌳
2 months ago

A bit of self promotion if you all don't mind?

Really excited #Community #Activists #Researchers from #Arts #Veterans #LGBTIQ+ & #MentalHealth organisations Garelochhead Station Trust, Centred Scot, Discovery College @artist_hart, Green Tree Arts & LEAP Sports will be at #CoProSS23 sharing their expertise from @TheIdeasFund projects & beyond.

#Research #Coproduction #Conference #Academic #PAR #SummerSchool @academicchatter

EarlyBird rates end 14/04/23
Info HERE👇

3 months ago

@npr I imagine that #teachers may not have appreciated being offered up as a blood sacrifice on the altar of #COVID19 for low pay and no respect.

I think that's why so many places lean on #veterans who are not afraid to have their lives wasted on the stupidest veneer of a pretext.

3 months ago

@suse thanks for code contributions and big thx for renewing contract with #Bareos #backup. We're proud to serve multiple renowned OS vendors and #opensource #veterans.

In 1724, an #English author described how gangs of Atlantic #veterans, socially displaced after demobilization; using military tactics, organization, and culture for organized crime, had become so successful as to threaten the #BritishEmpire itself, and this keeps happening.

#Pirates #OathKeepers #ProudBoys #HellsAngels #Outlaws #RussianMafia #ItalianMafia #MS13

Daniel Dvorkin
4 months ago

I spend a lot of time talking about how dismayed I am at how many of my fellow #veterans have fallen for the #propaganda of the enemies of the #Constitution we swore to defend. No doubt I'll continue to whine. This guy is doing something about it.

We need more of this. Lots, lots more.

Our #oath has no expiration date.

4 months ago

Senators Demand Answers About “Alarming” Reports of Excessive and Risky Artery Procedures on Veterans
Hours after ProPublica and The Wichita Eagle published allegations of kickbacks for the “egregious” use of medical devices at a veterans hospital, Kansas’ Republican senators have questions for VA Secretary Denis McDonough.

#Health #Hospitals #Doctors #Medtronic #Kansas #Wichita #VA #Veterans #Kickbacks

4 months ago

Steak Dinners, Sales Reps and Risky Procedures: Inside the Big Business of Clogged Arteries
Text messages, a whistleblower lawsuit and an internal investigation reveal the lengths to which Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device company, allegedly “groomed” doctors to overuse its vascular products in patients at a veterans’ hospital.

#Health #HealthCare #Surgery #MedicalDevices #Medtronic #Whistleblower #Doctors #Veterans

James Hillier
4 months ago

Julie-Ann Finney is the public face & voice of many silent #veterans & Defence personnel, their families, loved ones & friends who have lost so much & are denied the care they need.

This piece was privately commissioned by a veteran who values and support's Julie-Ann's advocacy 💛 Sharing it on their behalf. #DontEnlistUntilItsFixed

Pop art portrait of Julie-Anne holding a portrait of her late son in a picture frame that has a yellow ribbon on it. She is surrounded by wattle. The words "Don't enlist until it's fixed" are on a banner at the bottom.
Tim Apple
4 months ago

I still haven’t found a lot of accounts of interest to follow. Looking for #nutrition #carnivore #fitness #rucking #bitcoin #ranching #running #barefoot #texas #veterans #military #linux #mac #privacy #security


Alan Kotok
5 months ago

Psychedelic Drug Shown to Relieve PTSD Brain Signals

A small clinical trial shows #psychotherapy with the #psychedelic drug #MDMA generates #brain signals that help relieve symptoms in people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

#News #Science #Business #PTSD #Ecstacy #fMRI #ClinicalTrial #BrainScan #Psychiatry #Trauma #Veterans

Illustration of brain sections and blood vessels
5 months ago

Beginning Tuesday, U.S. military #veterans who find themselves in suicidal crisis will be eligible for free emergency medical care at any Department of Veterans Affairs facility or any private facility.

Unlike for most other medical benefits, veterans do not have to be enrolled in the #VA system to be eligible. More than 18 million veterans in the U.S. could be eligible. #health #news #MentalHealth

5 months ago

Starting Tuesday, all U.S. military #veterans in suicidal crisis will be eligible for free care at any #VA or private facility

Unlike for most other medical benefits, veterans do not have to be enrolled in the VA system to be eligible for the free emergency #MentalHealth care.

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
5 months ago


Hopefully there will be a lot more #Veterans and their families enjoying the National Parks #NP this year and beyond.

I know that they could use some ✌️

5 months ago

@VAC how are you going to come to the #fediverse and direct us back to a centralized system- one that so many of us are trying to avoid?

Can you think of any other options on this free and open system?

#Vets need some of those services.

For some #veterans the #toxicity on #Facebook can be #triggering.

I’m sure that there’s a good solution, but I’m not educated on the solutions that are needed

Perhaps @feditips- an #expert on the fediverse- can offer some help 🙏🏼

stark@ubuntu:~$ █
5 months ago

@QasimRashid the best thing remains. These #progun but anti #guncontrol and #prolife #republicans coting against #veterans and not wanting to allow for #healthcare. But they are so #patriotic and will die for #america until they actually have to.

Josiah Mannion
5 months ago

@OhNoSheTwitnt And teams up with a whole mess of #PTSD #Veterans and other random PTSD folks.

6 months ago

@RedTRaccoon You might want to repost this with the #s #News and #USPol and #Veterans

Kriszta Satori
6 months ago

According to #Putin orders issue of #land plots in #Crimea, #Sevastopol, (#Ukraine), the #Moscow region to “distinguished” #Russian #war #veterans (for free)

Texas Observer Lives!
6 months ago

Steven: Here's a patch worn by a military veteran with #Veterans for Equality, who decided he wanted to show up for #LGBTQ+ rights today in opposition to the extremist militia protesting the #drag show here in #SanAntonio, Texas.

(Sensitive Media: firearms)

#Texas #news #Extremism

A "FCKNZS" patch on the back of a camouflage US militaary outfit.
A smiling person with a red beard, holding a rifle. He has multiple rainbow patches and a rainbow flag in his camouflage plate-carrier vest.
Jeffrey K. Walker
6 months ago

Already followed you, Red. Great to find you here as opposed to The Other Place.
That would be me, Lt Col (ret) Walker, USAF, at the Sarajevo Airport c. Nov ‘94.
#VetsConnect #Intros #Veterans

Me in Sarajevo 1994
6 months ago

Google’s Quest to Digitize Troops’ Tissue Samples
#Google had a confidential plan to turn the collection—slivers of skin, #tumor biopsies & slices of organs from #veterans—into an immense archive that could help create tools to aid the diagnosis & treatment of #cancer & other #diseases. And it would seek first, exclusive dibs to do so.

“The chief concern,” Google’s liaison in the #military warned, “is keeping this out of the press.”

#privacy #ethics #DOD #Health

Mark Hughes
7 months ago

I published this Forbes interview w/Nate Boyer a/b his new film “MVP,” released for Veterans Day. It’s a dramatization of the real events leading to the creation of Merging Veterans & Players, which helps struggling vets & former athletes.

(Boyer is a veteran & former NFL player who suggested to Colin Kaepernick that he should kneel during the National Anthem instead of sitting on the bench.)
#VeteransDay #Veterans #Movies #Films

Robert Iger
2 years ago

On this #Veterans Day2021 we thank and honor all men and women for their service to our nation, and I remember my Father, Arthur Iger. USN 1944-1945.