Lu 🇦🇲
1 day ago

Je sais pas si c'est la bonne méthode mais j'ai l'impression que pour livrer un montage à un·e client·e, je passe par deux étapes principales :
1 - J'essaie de coller au mieux à la première idée définie avec elleux, et iels sont très déçus de mon montage
2 - Je propose une direction complètement différente, trouvée parfois un peu par hasard, et ça marche 10x mieux.

Et vous ?

#Montage #Monteur #Monteuse #Editing #VideoEditing #VideoEditor #Videomaking #Videomaker #Filmmaker


You know.

Factually I deckyrecorder can record forever hehe.

So *technically* I could do something like that.

The only question is:
What game is niche enough not to have been played *1000 times already :alceathink: ?

(I do know nothing about actual #videoediting tho. Thats a problem 🙀)

4 days ago

Tired of transcription headaches? 🤕

Trint’s AI turns audio & video files to text in 40+ languages 🤩

Tell stories faster by transcribing, translating, editing and collaborating in a single workflow.

And their Black Friday sale is live 🥳

So grab this offer by using "BLKFRI23" coupon code and get 50% off on all Premium plans:-

#ai #translation #translator #translators #translating #videoediting #videoeditor #VideoEditingMagic #VideoEditorAI #contentcreator #youtuber

Trint AI Video Translation tool Black Friday sale is live
Best AI Tools
4 days ago

Unscreen - Remove Video Background

Category : #VideoEditing

Explore Unscreen AI Tool User Reviews, Tutorials, Pricing and Best Alternatives in 2023

5 days ago

If you're content creator, then submagic AI tool is for you.

The best part is their Black Friday is LIVE 🤩

Enjoy 40% OFF on all Annual Plans for 48 Hours Only 😱

This is the only time they'll have an offer like this in the year, so don't miss it!

Grab this offer now:-

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Black Friday sale Submagic AI tool review
jaymerryfield :mstdnca:
6 days ago

If anyone can recommend a good non-POS video editor on iOS (that isn't CapCut, I don't enjoy working in that app) I would be very much in your debt.

#videoediting #capcut #AdobePremiereRush #adobe #tiktok #videoeditor

Tech news from Canada
1 week ago
1 week ago

Realized i'll need to make a game trailer eventually, so i started recording the levels i test. I'm now cutting up the footage into tiny clips for later use 🎞️ ✂️

#indiedev #solodev #videoediting

Video editing software Shotcut with cut up footage at the bottom and a large preview frame in the middle showing my hectic little videogame
1 week ago

#postproduction note-

"There is no B camera footage" is always a valid excuse to not use the B cam footage, especially AFTER the director of the shoot is forced to admit that he ALSO doesn't have it.

#postchat #postproduction #edit #editing #filmediting #TVediting #videoediting #documentary #documentaries

Amy M. Young
1 week ago

My morning - giving side eye to Vegas Pro, cursing that I've used it since the Sonic Foundry days and when did it decide to get THIS persnickety. #VideoEditing #NotEnoughMiddleFingers

Drew Naylor
1 week ago

I know I said this a few months ago, but it's so annoying when I record a video and have to edit around a dropped "k" or "t" at the end of a word.


Dru Stevenson
1 week ago

#video #videoediting #youtube #howto I'm a law prof novice at video editing. I want to incorporate into a video lecture a rapid montage of short clips (a few sec each) from local evening news videos on YouTube. How can I easily pull video clips for this? Noncomercial higher ed use.

1 week ago

This is a fun reaction - Jordan reacting to God of Music with the Directors. Such a nerdy lovefest, and highlighted some extra delightful details I'd missd.

Seventeen MV Directors Break Down ‘God of Music’

#Seventeen #GodOfMusic #VideoEditing #KPop

Poetry News
2 weeks ago

A new AI tool from Meta
Made editing clips quite a feat
It boosts video clarity
Helps to post promptly
Making Instagram posts quite sweet

#meta #ai #videoediting #instagram #limerick #poetry

2 weeks ago

It would mean the world to me if you could watch this short video promoting my special Black Friday deals.

The first few months of this year were an absolute stinker business-wise and I know many other freelancers were in the same boat.

So Black Friday sales like this are a great way to entice more clients and ensure the end of 2023 is more lucrative.

Thank you for watching.

#BlackFriday #BlackFriday2023 #Freelance #MotionGraphics #Animation #PostProduction #VideoEditing

A video promoting my special Black Friday deals. Spoiler: there are none

Via @omgubuntu

Handbrake 1.7 has been released, with AV1 encoders for both AMD & Nvidia and a lot more

Click through to get a run-down of all the bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features.

#Handbrake #FOSS #OpenSource #VideoEditing

2 weeks ago

I'm really pleased with the cut in this clip. The original is "Remember! Winners don't do drugs!" and I think I've managed to cut the "don't" out almost flawlessly.


Fantastic news! 🌟 The BC Review just wrapped up the final edit of our video segment. Dive into the world of "Life or Death Typography" with me in this revised version. 🎬🔗 #BCReview #Typography #VideoEditing

Soz for my quiet in terms of Content Talk, I've actually been quite busy behind the scenes!

I'm actually setting up and getting into offering Shorts Editing Commissions for fellow VTubers! :blobcatheart:

I've picked up my first Client already and we've begun working together creating a few shorts for their channel out of their clips, turning them into more flashy and comical videos and I've had a lovely response from them so far!

Someday I may offer them to the public if anyone would be interested? I charge a flat rate on a Per Video basis at the moment depending on the overall length of the short, I'm not planning on doing full length for a good bit.

Should I open up Editing Commissions? Would anyone be interested as once their content goes live, I have more examples then to show for my portfolio :Blobhaj_Thanks_Love:

#vtuber #vtubing #envtuber #commissions #videoediting #freelance

2 weeks ago

We just held our 2023 sprint and worked hard on improving KDE's video editor Kdenlive for three days straight.

We tackled bugs affecting grouped clips, the #effects workflow, the organization of menu items, and much more.

Read the full report at:



The team during the sprint in Zurich. From left to right: Camille, Jean Baptiste, Eugene, Massimo, and Julius.
Bob Dendry :gamepad:
2 weeks ago

After being generally unhappy with the #DavinciResolve output quality, I've decided to experiment outputting as a ludicrously oversized DNxHR file and transcoding with Handbrake, and comparing to the quality of a default H264 file output (looks like Handbrake doesn't do AV1 (yet?)

#DavinciResolveStudio #VideoEditing

Cagri Sarigoz
2 weeks ago

InVideo is a powerful video editor software designed for business teams and filmmakers alike – making it a great way for you to produce the professional-looking videos your business needs.

Read more 👉

#VideoEditing #VideoEditingSoftware

Clinton Anderson SwordForHire
3 weeks ago

Ok folks... I need me a simple video editor... I'm sort of familiar with the basics of Audio editing using Audacity.... Is there a program like that but for video???



Drew Naylor
3 weeks ago

There's this "Ask AI" app ad on #YouTube and the beginning has an image that's supposed to be masked onto a phone but the tracking is so bad you can tell it's not really the phone showing it on the screen. I know ads and stuff usually mask out and track images like that, it's just so poorly done it makes it painfully obvious. They couldn't even take the time to learn a bit of #AfterEffects to make it look convincing.

#VideoEditing #AI

Richard Darst
3 weeks ago

I added subtitle support to ffmpeg-editlist, so now the "making the YAML of video cut points" can happen concurrently with "fixing up #Whisper-generated subtitles of the raw recording". It's really made the video production much faster (and less late nights spent on it).

Goal: all videos are done by midnight the day they are recorded. Worked well so far.
#teaching #CodeRefinery #VideoEditing #ffmeg

3 weeks ago

Learning resources Reccs please!

- I want to make a fanvid.
- I have Kdenlive editor and a copy of a film I want to fanvid from.
- a PC running Linux (KDE with Plasma to be specific)

I know nothing about video editing.

- help ?

#fanvid #fanvids #kde #kdenlive #videoediting

David Chartier
3 weeks ago

Anyone using #FinalCutPro on iPad, specifically? Does it have any sort of asset management features? Stuff like bulk/naming a library of files, tagging or other organization, etc?

I'd really like to edit more videos on my #iPadPro but I need _something_ to organize them all besides Files/Finder. #Apple #iPad #VideoEditing

3 weeks ago

For the designers and video editors on here, there's a new humble bundle with a TON of assets in it including LUTs, overlays, fonts, ink splots, textures, etc

#videoediting #design

If you missed the stream, then here a little something for you:
"It doesn't matter" but I changed the lyrics to sound like I gave up on life...

#ENVtuber #Twitch #VTuber #TheRMan #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE #TheBearsDen #HelloCharlotte #VideoEditing

Note for the pros out there: I know this is only useful for syncing dailies, but I'm designing a workflow to automate re-conforming automatically, even without an EDL! Stay tuned (FOSS and multi platform, as a goal: Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, Ardour, etc...)

#NLE #videoEditing #audioEditing #audioSyncing #timecode #filmMaking #audioRecording

📼💻 Nada como disfrutar de esa alta definición de 240p y edición de videos en pleno siglo XXI 😄🕰️ #vhs #laptop #videoediting

Una laptop con reproductor de VHS incorporado
Solarpunk Presents Podcast
1 month ago

Just tried my hand at video editing in ClipChamp, which is a free software for Windows to make little video clips.

Flashbacks to when I used to edit audio and video clips together for my day job way back in 2012 - nothing exciting, but if you took online courses or had digital course components for like, engineering or science or whatever, you might have been subjected to a powerpoint mp3 with my voice over it. I truly cannot remember the materials, but I did really like doing the voiceovers. If only there were some way to make money from that...

Anyway, my little video edit is scheduled on our Patreon for tomorrow. If you're subscribed to either the "Friend" or "Sponsor" tiers, keep an eye out for my completely underwhelming skillz on display.

PS here's the link to our Patreon if you wanna support us and get access to more content like this!


#Patreon #support #solarpunk #SolarpunkPresentsPodcast #video #VideoEditing #ClipChamp #voiceover #PowerPoint #podcast

1 month ago

#apple #videoediting
Setting up my new home office I was about to buy a 2x27” display-setup with a #Mac Studio M2 for video editing (broadcast) with an additional MacBook Pro (M2) for mobile editing.

Now I’m thinking of ditching both in favor of the new #MacBookPro #M3 Pro (I don’t edit 8k, so I assume the Max would be overkill).

All in one - a no brainer?

Erika Autumn
1 month ago

I've done my first #unboxing & #review

Glarry "GV102 4/4 Acoustic EQ Electric Solid Wood Violin Matte"

(Disclaimer: This product was received free from the company for review)

#violin #Glarry #YouTube #video #VideoEditing #musician #producer

Chuck Copeland - Creator
1 month ago

The fall colors have arrived in Eastern North Carolina! 🍂
I captured this in Bertie County, using the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

If you are looking for a video editor, locally in NC or remote, be sure to check out my website at and follow me on most social media platforms -

#autumn #fall #enc #northcarolina #autumncolors #autumnleaves #drone #davinciresolve #videoediting #colorcorrection #enc #encwx

Chuck Copeland - Creator
1 month ago

I had fun with this one. While visiting my family in NE NC, I took my #Mini3Pro out for a (recreational) spin while my brother harvested cotton.

Edited with #DavinciResolve Studio.
You can visit to see more.

#videoediting #motiongraphics #dronevideo #portfolio #lookingforwork

Dr H
1 month ago

Yes, editing is still ongoing for the next "How I build in Fallout 4" video.

I'm now adding my comments to the video. There are over 300, so it will take some time for a dyslexic.

Progress screenshot below for Part 4.

Coming not too soon.

#VideoEditing #Fallout4

1 month ago

tintwotin is at it again, adding incredible features to the Blender Video Editor - This time it's audio syncing in #Blender

EDIT: Looks like it's been deleted, not sure why!

#b3d #videoediting #filmmaking #vse

Ant :twit:
1 month ago

10% off this portable SSD. Should be fine for video editing on the go. (affiliate) #photography #videoediting

Drew Naylor
1 month ago

Need to edit, but just don't have the #motivation to get on my desktop and work.


1 month ago

It continues to be mind-boggling to me that a program like DaVinci Resolve is free.

If you edit videos here and there but can't justify purchasing one of the industry standards and need something more than iMovie, this is a fantastic option.

#design #video #videoediting

S★m V★rm★
1 month ago

Welp. It's about half an hour later, no sign of any progress.

I guess I'll just unplug the drive and hope nothing gets corrupted?

Seriously, does anyone think this is "pro"?

#iphone #postchat #VideoEditing #VideoProduction

Erika Autumn
1 month ago

Got an unusual one around the corner... I'm editing my first product review video.

I have the unboxing edited and I'll be filming my "spent some time with it" follow-up soon so I can finish the video.

The product is a #violin (Disclaimer: it was sent to me by the company)

I've never played violin before, so I'm trying to take a creative angle with it and practice my #VideoEditing skills to make it more entertaining.

#musician #producer

Am I forever doomed with this issue? Proxies RANDOMLY unlink. I can always relink them. They sometimes work, sometimes remain Offline, sometimes appear after restarting FCPX.

#FCPX #videoediting #postchat

Harry T. Tuttle
1 month ago

Looking for some help with GoPro videos I'm trying to stitch back together - I have about an hour that is broken into 9 pieces. What app are people using Mac/IOS? Any tips?

#GoPro #VideoEditing

God damn I forget just how taxing Lumetri Colour in Premiere can be, just pushed this project to the Hour Export Mark.

#Premiere #videoediting

1 month ago

#Kdenlive 23.08.2 is out with a galore of fixes. This version continues the performance optimizations introduced in last release.


Kdenlive logo with the version number (23.08.2) under it.
Kahia | Virtual Creator
1 month ago

Salut le Fediverse. Tu connais des logiciels/site pour générer un .srt à partir d'un audio (en français) ?

Tout ce que je trouve jusqu'ici est payant, et je veux savoir si il existe une solution gratuite avant de tester une solution payante.

Boost appréciés !

#help #tech #videoediting

2 months ago

Made a reel. I guess I'm up for working on video now, too

Warning a little bit of blood in the video but not in the thumbnail

#wrestling #FediHire #videoediting

2 months ago

Latest Olive Video Editor release is rock solid for me! Also tons of bugs are gone!

If you want to edit video on Linux or using free and open-source software - try Olive. It has an excellent suite of editing tools that beat everything else I have tried including the big names. Also multiple audio tracks. This rocks.

It is the only(!) FOSS NLE that uses GPU for all image processing!

#VideoEditing #Kdenlive #DavinciResolve #Video #VideoProduction #FOSS #OpenSource #GNU

Ant :twit:
2 months ago

Leeming LUTs. I forgot about the "quickies" package. These LUTs work great in your video with their "Pro" LUTs for creative looks in your video's color grading. #filmakers #creators #videoediting #colorgrading #LUTs

defaultvlan :verified:
2 months ago

Can someone recommend a #videoediting software for #macos that has more options than iMovie but isn’t convoluted with pro options? (Or where pro options can be hidden) For a novice user.

So I’m working on edits for a video I shot where I’m trying to use the original audio from the recording because there wasn’t music in the background for once.

But the audio needs some cleanup because of static/hiss type stuff and I’m realizing I don’t actually know how to do that. I started playing around with the audio filters in Final Cut and I don’t know what most of the terminology means 😭

So I guess, does anyone have recommendations on cleaning up audio in final cut? Or like basic resources for learning about what the terms mean on all these Logic filters because I’m lost and I don’t want to watch 1000 hours of YouTube dudebros rambling about tech.

#askFedi #boostPlz #videoEditing

3 months ago

I have been recording snippets on my gopro as I am working on the kitchen island. today I managed to stich some of them into a slightly coherent video. I still have a lot to learn in editing video to tell a story. Let me know what you folks think.

#woodworking #gopro #videoediting

Brian Jackson
3 months ago

This video was also my excuse to try out DaVinci Resolve for the first time tonight, basically just to crop the video vertically for TikTok/Reels/Shorts. I'm definitely digging it, and it's wild that it has such a powerful freemium model. #davinci #resolve #videoediting

TapTap 🎮
3 months ago

Is there a Davinchi Resolve plugin or something to mimic the style of YouTube Shorts' text?

We're working on Shorts, but my editor uses davinchi. Obvious backup is make the video, put in shorts editor, then put text, but it's a bit cumbersome.

Mobile is still a pretty bad way to create almost anything that is not a photo or unedited video recording

#davinciresolve #videoediting #video #shorts #editing #youtube #youtubeshorts

Kydia Music
3 months ago

Well I finally wound up editing a video clip as best I could just from the photos app, since iMovie can’t keep things in 9:16 ratio. So behold my
Spotify canvas
and laugh.
#Spotify #SpotifyCanvas #MusicianProblems #VideoEditing #iMovie #AppleGetYourShitTogether
#NewMusic #MusicVideo

3 months ago

#Kdenlive 23.08.0 is released packed with an array of fixes, enhancements, and optimizations.

#videoediting #floss

Kdenlive interface showing a bunch of tracks with different heights. The mouse pointer opens a menu and selects the option: Fit all tracks in view.
Uli Kusterer
3 months ago

I have some MP4s (also maybe some MKVs containing MP4) that I need to reduce in size from 1080p to 720p. Anyone know a good Windows app for that?

The Photos app refers me to ClipChamp these days, and that is a hellish concoction of tracking, unnecessary online logins and clunky "project" UI when all I want is a smaller copy of a file.

#windows #windowsSoftware #software #videoConversion #videoEditing

As artificial intelligence gets better at performing cognitive tasks, many wonder whether AI will ultimately make our human labor obsolete. And what would th...
Can AI do your job better than you? | Digital Dilemma
Topless Topics
3 months ago

-- #reptile #snake #lizard #frog
-- all types of #cat from #housecat to #cougar to #mountainLion
-- #parenting in this late-stage-capitalism hellscape, trying to raise my kids to be #queer and multiracial friendly and kind
-- #videoEditing and #digitalIllustration , lately I've been slowly teaching myself #Blender though my kids don't leave me with a lot of spoons;

3 months ago

I've been noticing devices with colorful big square buttons lately, which are new to me. I'm not buying Anything, but I want to research them a bit in case I want to add them to an illustration. So I ask for your help:

- Do those buttons have a name more technical than "pad"? (so I can look for more info)
- in which devices are they used?
- are there DIY versions?

Attaching 2 devices showing what I mean

Thank you!

#askFedi #electronicMusic #maker #streamers #videoediting

Nektar's Aruba drum machine-style sequencer and pad controller.

Grey box with a knobs and the big rectangular colorful buttons I was talking about
A video dock with a piece on the lower part featuring the buttons:

RDE X Streamer X Professional Integrated Audio Interface and 4K Video Capture Card with XLR, HDMI and TRRS Connectivity for Streaming, Gaming and Content Creation
4 months ago

🎥 Showcase 🎬

TROM II: A Message to the Aliens is a 4 parts (5 hours) documentary edited with #kdenlive by @tio


Check it out!

#floss #videoediting #videomaking

Sage Sharp
4 months ago

Are there any open source Android video editor apps? I specifically want to join multiple videos together, and add text captions.

I've been seeing what the hype is about TikTok, and let me tell you their video editing tool is really simple to use. I want open source tools that are as easy and let me own my video content.

I know desktop apps like KDEnlive are great and fully-featured. But I want to quickly edit videos on my phone, rather than having it feel like "work" by being in front of my laptop.


4 months ago

🎥 Showcase 🎬

The Lost Color by Kris Limbach is an experimental feature film shot only with available light mostly in dark nights and edited with #kdenlive.

Check it out!

#floss #videoediting #videomaking

4 months ago

Video editing is fun. But it occupies both my visual and auditory attention. To add a little extra, I sometimes grab a drink. Doesn't need to be alcoholic, just something sip-able. In this case it is alcoholic, a Coffee Stout with coca nibs.

#wmm #videoediting #adobepremiere

A short pour (10oz) beer glass with a dark liquid in it, coffee stout.
4 months ago

Why Adobe Premiere WHY?!? All I did was scrub back on my multicam track, where did my multicam view go??

Pro-Trip: seems hitting a camera number brings it back but at a highly lagged state. Pausing and resuming fixes it.

Side-Note: This band Neon Vanadium is actually quite good. Keep an eye out!

#adobe #adobepremiere #videoediting #wmm #neonvanadium

Adobe Premiere WITH the multi-cam view.
Adobe Premiere with the multi-cam view missing, but the expanded box where the multi-track would be with the selected view is still there.
4 months ago

#Kdenlive 23.08 Beta available for testing! This version fixes many regressions introduced in the last release and aims to bring a cycle of stability by fixing bugs and improving our code test suite. That means no new features.

#videoediting #floss

Christian Alder
4 months ago

Clicking around the MotionVFX website again seeing if there are any plugins I should get. 🛒

I'd love to make my own one day but I really just don't have the capacity to learn that at the moment.

#FinalCutProX #FCPX #VideoEditing #YouTube

4 months ago

Anyone using #shotcut for video editing? I'm looking for a way to export the rendering job to a remote worker. The MLT framework seems to be able to read the shotcut .mlt, but how is the export profile created? #videoediting #mlt

Mignon Fogarty
4 months ago

We've been having a problem with the subtitles on our YouTube videos for a few weeks now. Is anyone else having this problem where they all show up covering the first few seconds?

We aren't doing anything different we can think of, and everything looks fine with all the timestamp settings in the system. I'm at a loss for how to fix it.

#YouTube #VideoEditing

A screenshot of a YouTube video with the entire screen at the one-second point covered by captions.
Ant :twit:
4 months ago

How to Create Smooth Speed Ramps In Premiere Pro #videoediting

Ant :twit:
4 months ago

How To Edit MULTI-CAM Video in PREMIERE PRO #videoediting

Mike Boo-na 🌙🦇👻
4 months ago

and continuing on...

8. #VideoEditing and learning #DaVinciResolve
9. #Streaming more often for funsies
10. #Recording videos for my gaming channel again
11. #Gaming and attacking my MASSIVE backlog
12. #Cooking and learning a wider variety of dishes
13. #AutoRepair that goes a bit deeper than oil changes and brakes
14. #InteriorDesign because I want to redecorate... Ok, actually decorate for the 1st time
15. #French because I did 3 years in high school then stopped

#20Things #MakeAList

angelolz 😎
5 months ago

⚠️ cw: mild flashing

over the weekend, I did some typography lyrics for fun
🎶 ericdoa - thingsudo2me (feat. brakence)

#typography #videoediting #lyricvideo

Hey newcomers! It's your cute bite-size bear girl here, and I'm looking for new #vtuber #vstreamer creators and fans to make friends with!

If you like some (or all) of the following stuff, we'll probably get along nicely and should be friends here:

#art, #music, #skateboarding, #videogames, #prowrestling, #anime, #manga, #collecting, #gamedev, #modding, #guitar, #metalcore, #punkrock, #posthardcore, #pcbuilding, #technology, #soldering, #songwriting, #videoediting

5 months ago

#Kdenlive 23.04.2 is out with many bug fixes and enhancements to #Whisper and #Vosk subtitling engines. Also resolves various issues related to timeline sequences, project archiving, subtitle display, motion tracker, color wheel effect, and rendering.

#videoediting #artWithOpenSource WithOpenSource

Kdenlive logo with the version number "23.04.2" over a white background.

I am looking for a good video editing program. I am trying to get away from using Adobe products. For my photography I use Affinity photo. But they don't have a video software. Does anyone have a video editing software they enjoy and which does not require monthly subscriptions?

#ArtistLife #Video #Software #Art #VideoEditing

Martin Holland
7 months ago

The #GOP’s AI-Generated #Biden Attack #Ad Really Is a Warning About the Future

"I will let others muse at length about the corroding impact of #AI on elections and #democracy at large. But let this summary act as a simple guide for the coming deluge. Study the images more closely: The magic tricks of #videoediting will obscure the most commonplace AI signatures, at least for now. And videos won’t always come with watermarks declaring themselves as robot-generated."

Tab Combs
7 months ago

TL;DR: best simple video editing software for windows?

Microsoft is breaking [me]. Any #recommendations for simple #VideoEditing #software for windows? Emphasis on simple. I'll happily pay for something that works well and doesn't presume I know what I'm doing.

Thanks in advance!


8 months ago

WOOHOO!!! LumaFusion on Android now supports external monitors even if your phone doesn't have a desktop mode! This is so darn handy!

#tech #android #mojo #contentcreation #contentcreator #technology #android #video #editing #mobile #geek #production #videoediting

8 months ago

Could you give me some suggestions for open source video editors?

#VideoEditing #Video #OpenSource

Tim Swann
8 months ago

Any #Belfast or #NorthernIreland video production houses looking a Junior Film Editor?

Checkout this showreel,
Caitlin is recently qualified & looking for her first full time industry #job.

keep VOL Up. for best effect.

#film #editing #niscreen #tv #cinema #videoediting #filmproduction #cinematography #davinci #postproduction #colourist #audio #womeninfilm

Rodion Borisov
8 months ago

Here's my favorite talk on #CreativeFreedomSummit - "Freelancing with Free Software" by @ryangorley!

It's about doing #freelance works as a #FOSS agency and why they, and you as well, don't need proprietary packages when there are #libre alternatives without imposing a risk of development and support lock-in. Answering top audience questions.

📺 Watch on #CFS:
📺 Watch on #FedoraProject: @mairin #Krita #Blender #GIMP #Inkscape #Penpot #Kdenlive #DarkTable #NextCloud #Freehive #Scribus #Syncthing #FLOSS #VideoEditing

8 months ago

Dear video editing people,

I speak with a lisp. What are the best practice to correct the audio in post production to make the audio bearable?

Searching online brings the LISP programming language up for me 🫤

I'm going to record some videos for a (paid) online course in April.
(Sadly with DRM 😒)

#VideoEditing #PostProduction #TalikingWithALisp

Mariya Delano
9 months ago

Anybody know a good explainer on what “render” actually means when it comes to 3d modeling, games, or digital video?

Like what actually happens when you press “render”? What is that process? What is the computer doing? Why does it take so much computing power?

#3DArt #videoediting #videogames

Mignon Fogarty
10 months ago

Stock photos are making me believe nobody in the history of the world has ever worn a silk scarf with a wool sweater.


Paolo Amoroso
10 months ago

I'm looking for a simple video editor or tool that does just trimming and not much else, but it must both load and save files in WebM format. The editor may be a web app, a Linux program, or an Android app.

Any recommendations?

The YouTube Studio editor does most of what I want.

#VideoEditor #VideoEditing