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At Detroit NAACP, Whitmer signs voting rights bills

"...The signing builds on months of Democratic lawmakers taking action to implement Proposal 2 of 2022, which enshrined voting rights in the state constitution, and deliver on democracy protection policies. ..."

"... One of the bills, House Bill 4983, was sponsored by Tsernoglou. It will automatically register people to vote upon exiting prison. ..."
#Michigan #votingrights #vote

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#VOTE blue.

Via Rep Bill Pascrell:

Just now a top House republican said again from the House floor that republicans can't name a single meaningful thing they've done in power. No one can!

Rep Chip Roy: That's my message to my Republican colleagues who frankly are getting a little too wound up at that question I asked, what have we done? The simplest solution about your frustration to that question being asked is to have an answer.

More Neighbours Toronto
19 hours ago

Friendly reminder of two important things happening today:

It's #election day in Ward 20 #ScarboroughSouthwest. Make sure you get out and #vote for a candidate who supports #AffordableHousing and more housing for more neighbours.

Today is the last day to fill out the #BudgetTO survey and make your voice heard for how the city of #Toronto should spend it's money. More info at


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I'm seeing a lot of people celebrating Kissinger's passing, and, y'know, good on y'all.

But as bad as Kissinger was (and he absolutely was; if there is such a place as Hell, Kissinger's soul deserves to rot there until the last star grows dim), he's a choir boy compared to the ghouls driving the modern republican party.

Kissinger was a bastard, but there are thousands more like him and worse waiting in the wings. Luckily, there's something YOU can do to prevent another Henry Kissinger:


Forget about our health care system if Mr. #Trump is re-elected!

“Trump shook up Republicans on Capitol Hill over the weekend by declaring that if elected president he would make another run at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.”

""I don't want to terminate Obamacare, I want to REPLACE IT with MUCH BETTER HEALTHCARE. Obamacare Sucks!!!!"

Mr. Trump did not provide details on replacement legislation!

Voter Beware!
#vote #election #obamacare #biden #health #healthcare

a.d. 
23 hours ago

That orangutan 🦧 the #trump has been saying that he plans to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, something he failed to do when he was the president. So now the battle cry won’t be #Bidenomics but #Obamacare. #vote #elections #Elections2024 #Biden

FierceAxolotl :twitch:
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I'm nominated for the "Best Indie Games Streams" in the #FriendoYearEndo Awards 🥺💖

➡️If you think my streams fit such category, consider voting for me:

For context: I've showcased over 100 indie games in my channel thanks to the #IndieDev community 💗My channel:

You'll be asked to vote for one other streamer! Check all amazing nominees:

#IndieGame #IndieGames #Gaming #VideoGames #Games #Twitch #Awards #Vote #Indies

Promo banner of the Friendo Year Endo awards. It's a drawing of the co-hosts: PrezOfTheCastle, HydroxideAnt, and The3rdKnight. It also includes some Pokemons (most noticeably Gengar), and tons of balloons and bubbles.
Jeden Tag eine Volksinitiative
1 day ago

Initiative für mehr Emoji in der Bundes-verfassung #vote
1 day ago

It’s true! US citizens living abroad have the right to vote in ALL federal elections! Don’t miss your chance to #MakeYourVoiceHeard in 2024. Go here to #Register to #VoteFromAbroad on #InternationalVoterRegistrationDay 15 Jan 2024. #Vote #Expat #Abroad #Elections2024

A word graphic saying, "Did you know? in 2024 we will elect, 1 U.S. President, 1 U.S. Vice President, 33 U.S. Senators, 435 U.S. Representatives." A line graphic is in the lower right of the dome of the capital building, and a logo is in the lower left corner.
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I didn’t realize there is no legal authority for the courts to stop President #Trump 2.0 from using the Insurrection Act to halt all protests against him. He can do so unilaterally with no check on his power. Leaks from those closest to him said he plans to do so to stop protests.

Half of this country has gone insane. We’re in a true to life version of a zombie apocalypse.

It’s going to take every fucking vote from the sane half to keep him from seizing total control.

Please #vote. #elections

Guy Dudeman
2 days ago

Not sure how far this will reach on Mastodon, but just thought I would put it out there...

There's an important Los Angeles City Council election happening in March, and an actual Socialist is finally on the Ballot!

Not only that, but Lalo Vargas is running against Kevin de León, who has refused to resign following his involvement in the racist city council scandal of 2022.

Lalo Vargas:

"Born in Los Angeles and raised in an immigrant, working-class family, I’m excited to run for L.A. City Council as a proud Mexican-American.

My mother had me as a teenager, and my father worked long hours of manual labor to support our family. I owe everything to the sacrifices my parents have made for myself and my siblings as they worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for us.

Growing up in LA, I saw how immense wealth and extreme poverty existed side by side, just blocks away from each other. It is clear that impoverished communities suffer from deliberate choices made by a government that does not exist to serve them. "

#losangeles #socialism #lalovargas #citycouncil #election #politics #socialist #PSL #vote #democracy #district14 #d14 #kevindeleon #KevindeLeón #endcorruption #racism #endracism #lacitycouncil #la #lacouncil #elections #voting #voting2024 #dsa

LA Legault ✌🏻
2 days ago

Today is the final day of the extended #ceasefire and the world has no appetite for a resumed conflict. If the genocide resumes, #vote 🗳️ every single Western leader out of office, every single one.

DAME Magazine
2 days ago

In this week's Truth About newsletter, Max Burns digs into the all-out assault on #voting #rights

"In red states, the situation has grown dire. #Republican #lawmakers last year crafted a record number of laws designed to strip away the #vote from millions of Americans ahead of the 2024 general #election"

2 days ago
Sean Boyer
2 days ago

With any luck, every single one of those blood-thirsty mines will be filled in and rewilded!

#canadian #mining companies belong in #prison.

Do yourself a favour and read up on some of #canada's worst offenders - like #Barrick and #firstQuantum.

#noBillionairs #noOligarchs #noMines #noOil #noGas #noColonialism #resist #vote

2 days ago

I always feed the UPS delivery person one of these candy bars when they pick up a package here.

The FedEx person might get one.

The US Postal Employee never will.

#Vote with your #Candy

Payday candy bar with 7g of peanut protein to give you a nice little not entirely terrible boost
David August
3 days ago
David August
3 days ago

So Colleen Basis has shared some clear thoughts on how to evaluate and plan for what is needed if the tentative agreement is not ratified.

A plan for what comes next matters:

#ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #UnionStrong #vote #contract

3 days ago

Matthew Dowd: I have said this many times over the last few years: the goal of any news organization should not be “balance”. The goal should be truth. Balance should not be the pursuit. Truth must be the North Star.

#yes #journalism #journalists #MSM #news #Politics #vote #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy #newsjunkie

sounds interesting
3 days ago,329914

Sickeningly, everything the right and its dis/misinformation machine did for decades to destabilize #US #education #media #judiciary #elections #politics (too long unchallenged as the threat seemed so unbelievably stupid), has worked—as evidenced by our now fatally anemic #voterturnout.

A minority of voters (especially if splintered by #thirdparty options) simply CANNOT save this #democracy.

So even if disheartened/#disillusioned, please #RegisterToVote 🗳️ and #VOTE

3 days ago

Doesn't someone have an ornery mule that can kick this #goober in the head? If I were a citizen of #Alabama, I would be dying for an opportunity to #vote this disgraceful #schmuck out of office. The people of Alabama should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this discount Foghorn Leghorn to be #elected in the first place. Get your shit together, Alabama.

Sean Boyer
3 days ago

Such great news for the planet and people of #panama, and a nice little fuck you to #canadianMining #oligarchs.

Shut it down. Shut 'em all down!

#noBillionaires #noOligarchs #noOil #noGas #noMines #resist #vote

Joe Sabín
3 days ago

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, is wrong with people? I swear my head is going to explode. Yes, we've had some economic stress these past several years. Probably the entire adult life for a lot of young folks, but HOLY CATS, WAKE UP! #Biden is the best thing that happened to the USA in the aftermath of #Trump.

Don't, just DON'T be so stupid that you vote or don't #Vote in the 2024 election that that felonious traitor Trump gets elected. Just wow.

No paywall access:

J Davis 🫂🕊️
4 days ago

#Vote #VoteBlue #GOPisDead
#ThereIsnoWarOnChristmas #HateBrandChristianity #JesusIsDead

Some Christians are getting a pass for being monumentally stupid and I'm sick of it.

Some Christians are enthusiastically behind a person who embodies cruelty, says author

According to #Bloomberg, US #Economy looking much better than expected, especially compared to the rest of the world

#recession #inflation #bidenomics #biden #vote #election

5 days ago

@hs0ucy Mon ado qui travaille, a bientôt son permis de conduire et qui n'est pas en reste quand il s'agit d'émettre son opinion a eu exactement le même raisonnement et quasi les mêmes mots 😜 ! Par contre le #vote est vraiment impossible alors que boire de l'alcool (ET FUMER!) lui reste accessible malgré tout! Nous n'interdisons pas à la maison mais c'est sa propension naturelle à être raisonnable et à respecter les lois qui le limite vraiment (alcool à peine une gorgée/mois, cigarette 0 absolu)

5 days ago

@redbassett @marcelias LOL pointing out the realities of voting math, isn’t “strong arming” Its just facts. Facts don’t have a bias. They aren’t trying to convince you, they just are. Ice is cold, water is wet, Republicans are fascists, 3rd party & non votes mathematically support the other party. Just facts. #farL #USPol #Vote #VoteBlue

How #Black People’s #Right to Vote Has Been Suppressed in #USA | FRONTLINE Short Docs

> Are you heading to the #polls this fall for the first time – and worried about whether your #vote will count? Here’s a brief #history of #voting #rights in...

5 days ago


Of Trump’s remaining rivals, Haley has done the most to use electability as a point of contrast. She cites polls that show her running stronger than Trump in swing states, and she distances herself from any Trump stance that sounds divisive. Asked at a Marshalltown stop about Trump referring to political enemies as “vermin,” a comment that flared into days of mainstream media coverage, Haley characterized it as the sort of gaffe he makes and she doesn’t.

“I think he means well,” she said, “but the chaos has got to stop.”

Is she kidding? The use of the word "vermin" was NOT a gaffe. Donald Trump does NOT mean well. Is Haley a Susan Collins wannabe? What planet is she on?

#newsjunkie #gop2024 #vote #VoteBlue2024 #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy #NaziRhetoric #nazi

#meme culture #stereotypes being an #election2023 s working PR strategy amidst hero worship environment, just indicates the point to which the masses are blind
also #regan was a visionary
#neolibralism #vote

6 days ago

#newsjunkie: Freedom Caucus member U.S. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said this on the House floor:

"One thing: I want my Republican colleagues to give me one thing—one—that I can go campaign on and say we did. One!” Then he dared any Republicans in the room to come to the floor and “explain to me one material, meaningful, significant thing the Republican majority has done.”

#donothinggop #freedomcaucus #HouseGOP #Politics #votethemout #vote #voteblue #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy

6 days ago

"The wife of Jeremy Taylor (R), who ran for a U.S. House seat in Iowa in 2020, was found guilty of 52 counts of voter fraud Tuesday, Iowa Public Radio reports.

Kim Phuong Taylor faces up to five years in prison on each count."

#newsjunkie #blesstheirlittlehearts #HouseGOP #fraud
#vote #VoteBlue2024 #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy

“Playing the chess board in front of us.”

“As I wrote several weeks ago, “Voting is a chess move, not a Valentine’s Day card.” Looking at the chess board in front of us, there is only one winning strategy: ensure the re-election of Joe Biden by increasing turn-out!”

#trump #biden #vote #election #fascism #republican #democrat #democracy

Text Shot: Politics is complicated and requires the balancing of competing and (sometimes) inconsistent interests. For those upset with Biden’s reluctance to make a public call for a cease-fire, look to the results of his strategy. It is understandable that some people are upset or angry with Biden. I won’t try to talk anyone out of their feelings (or, as my Managing Editor wisely counsels, “Don’t tell me how I should feel.”)

“Voting is a chess move, not a Valentine”

“Joe Biden is not perfect. But he is good. We cannot let perfection be the enemy of the good.”

#Vote #election #Biden #Trump #roberthubbell

Text Shot: the act of voting should be a strategic choice, not a teenage crush. Do telegenic charisma and good looks matter in politics? Sadly, yes. But they are poor indicators of character, intelligence, and integrity. And it is unrealistic to expect that any candidate will be “perfect” on every issue that is important to us. “Single-issue” voting is responsible for the blight of extremism threatening our democracy.
Sean Boyer
6 days ago

#BlaineHiggs is just so horrible.

He may as well just get a little gun and pick off every small business owner and their families and be done with it.

Really though, #newBrunswick... do you really want the guy who **ONLY** supports the #megaCorp, or would you like to live a little, too?


#noBillionaires #noOligarchs #noOil #resist #vote

Pathetic & Reprehensible

A Very Trump Thanksgiving 👎🤬

Now is not the moment to ignore #Trump’s rants and threats. He has a history of saying the quiet part out loud, of letting us know just how bad his intentions are. It’s incumbent upon us to listen. I understand the folks who think we shouldn’t share his hate-filled diatribes, but if we do not, it’s easy for people to push him aside as a crazy uncle, not as the serious threat he is to the future of our country

#vote #election

Text Shot: Now it’s time to get to work and make sure Trump never holds public office again. Even though we’re heading into the holidays, there are simple steps you can take now to make sure you’re ready come the new year:

Make sure you’re registered to vote
Sign up to work the polls
Pick a campaign to support or work on
Join the League of Women Voters or another pro-voting group
Don’t miss any opportunity, even if it’s inconvenient, to encourage others to take where we are seriously
A friend who is well-educated and well-meaning said to me this week that she didn't see any chance Trump had of winning next November. "Am I being naïve?" she asked. “Yes,” I told her.

This coming election is going to be an all hands on deck event.
1 week ago

@Socratease @PDFlynn

And if you think that this Oracle social media analysis is only looking for supporters, you are not seeing what these monsters have in mind. They're going to ruin their detractor's lives and are building those plans too. Everyone who may be on the detractors list better move heaven and earth to stop them in this election. #fascism #Trump #democracy #election #vote

1 week ago


This very important information. Everyone who values freedom and democracy needs to understand what is going on. Trump is attempting to become the next Hitler and he's dangerously close to pulling it off.

"Why it matters: Hundreds of people are spending tens of millions of dollars to install a pre-vetted, pro-Trump army of up to 54,000 loyalists across government to rip off the restraints imposed on the previous 46 presidents.

The screening for ready-to-serve loyalists has already begun, driven in part by artificial intelligence from tech giant Oracle, contracted for the project.
Social media histories are already being plumbed."

#fascism #trump #democracy #election #vote

Sean Boyer
1 week ago

I wasn't expecting good news today but here it is none the less!

#canada has a long history of exploiting remote countries for their natural resources, even murdering entire villages that stood in their way - in the 2000's!

Many of our "leaders" have profited significantly.

These laws won't bring back the slaughtered people of #Tanzania, but it might find some future justice.

#noBillionaires #noOligarchs #noOil #noMining #resist #vote #justice

Sean Boyer
1 week ago

#BlaineHiggs thinks #NewBrunswick is a game he plays where the object is to do as many favours for his former employer & #oligarch pals while making life as impossible and dangerous for everyone else.

This man thinks he is legitimately doing great things because of some numbers on some pages he looks at instead of opening a window or stepping into the real New Brunswick that he has decimated.

Retire this absolute scum.

#vote #resist #noCPC #noBillionaires #noOligarchs #noOil #noUPC

A aging Blaine Higgs standing at a lecturn during a presser, wearing a red t-shirt that reads: "#thankATrucker". 

A pull quote on the left reads: "There are housing challenges. There are homeless challenges. These are good problems to have. - Blaine Higgs, Nov 21 2023"
Sean Boyer
1 week ago

#BlaineHiggs heard through the grapevine that "Growth is good" and decided to spend tax $ on #ads begging people to move to #nb.

It worked. We added ~44,000 new people since 2021.

Oops! He forgot that there was nowhere for them to live, no vehicles to buy, no doctors to see, "we'd better raise foreign tuitions", and rent has more than doubled.

We also more than doubled our homeless population, which Higgs says is a good thing.

#housingCrisis #resist #vote

David Boles
1 week ago

If you vote for Donald Trump; you'll never get your vote back again.

#Vote #Democrat #Liberty #Democracy #Freedom

The real stolent votes.
No vote.
Burning vote.
Invisible vote.

Not many in the media will say it, so let me: Polls don’t #vote. People do. Like 2020, 2022, & 2023, #GenZ will turn out, prove the #polls wrong, & re-elect Joe Biden, who has done so much good for all of us.

We are in a world where news consumers need to stop thinking of political polling as the science of survey sampling, as random draws of marbles from a bag, and more as complex models of statistical inference that rely on lots of assumptions and are prone to many types of error.

Pollsters are defending their current numbers by arguing (a) their sampling designs & weighting make data “representative” of the pop today; and (b) that polls aren’t “predictive” of 2024. fair! But most don’t even try to adjust for partisan nonresponse within demographic groups.

Every reporter on a poll-heavy beat should have to spend six months embedded inside a polling organization.

#PeopleVote #VoteBlue
#VoteDemocrat #VoteDems

1 week ago

Sadly, in the U.S. of A., the term "deadly Walmart shooting" has been a foregone conclusion for many years.
It was simply a matter of time.
Tell me again how it's not the guns...?
#vote #gunsense #GunSafety

U S flag flying at half mast with sunset in background
Sean Boyer
1 week ago

#BlaineHiggs the right-wing murderer refuses doing more than the barest minimum saying we don't have the money.

There is always money - higgs just keeps it in the bank so he can see those #irving-sized numbers in the bank accounts.

#noBillionaires #noOligarchs #noOil #resist #vote

1 week ago

@knapjack seriously... #vote

1 week ago

#VOTE for Biden. Why? Watch:

'This is what they do': U.S. sees familiar pattern of authoritarian attack on the media #fascism #Maddow

AmiW Streetart 🍂
1 week ago

🤍 Artist: #AxelVoid in City: #Manchester M3 3ER, People's History Museum, Left Bank, UK 🇬🇧 2023 - Title: "PETERLOO" - (📷 by Hannah Judah) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork #Peterloo #Vote

Streetartwall. The beautiful mural of a black woman with a child was sprayed/painted on an exterior wall of the Peoples Museum in Manchester facing the water. The background is a dark brown color. A young black woman with short hair and a white blouse can be seen holding a small black boy in a white T-shirt in her arms. The word "Peterloo" is written above it in white letters.
Info: The word "Peterloo" refers to a march in 1819 where around 60,000 people from towns and villages in and around Manchester came to a meeting about the need for suffrage reform. Only around 2% of people were eligible to vote and were struggling with hardship and rising food prices. The meeting was violently broken up and around 700 people were injured. 18 people were killed.
2 weeks ago

#Trump’s Dire Words Raise New Fears About His #Authoritarian Bent

The fmr president is focusing his most vicious #attacks on domestic political opponents, setting off fresh worries among #autocracy experts.

#democracy #Vote

millions and millions of students and professionals of India have been forced to observe ( and just observe) , interpret the policies of system, trends of market/law/culture ( driven/polarized by those policies), irrespective of their relevance the challenges to have with their intellectual/workplace/real life challenges or whether the former even considers the latter ( it doesn't) , while the latter reduces to becoming insufficient to become a livelihood
No wonder, India is a service #economy no kind of #vote can change it
there s a very simple way to verify this nonsense -
ask youself
what are my challenges today?
what am i learning today?
Does the latter addresses the former?
notable issue- the huge difference between the perceived challange and real challange
oh and only unauthorized way to acess any power ( legit or not) is by being open to blackmail and exploitation ( both ways) and finally submit to the people with authorized power to let them have the last laugh and thats why people like #bhagatsingh matter

TapTap 🎮
2 weeks ago

I'm high, I'm in drag, enjoying time away from work, playing a video game, my mental health is improving with medication, and I'm using a non-censored social media site.

I've everything the right hates and I love it.


Sean Boyer
2 weeks ago

#NewBrunswick has the 3rd lowest percentage of #union jobs of all provinces at 26%. #alberta is lowest at 23%.

Here's something that #citizens have the power to change:

No matter where you work, you can #organize with your fellow employees and reach out to a union to represent you.

It will not be easy. It will not be welcomed by management. It is what you as a worker deserve.

Let's close the 1000% gap between CEO and worker pay.

#unionStrong #unionize #resist #vote #AllPowerToThePeople

Sean Boyer
2 weeks ago

Ol' #BlaineHiggs keeping taxes ultra-low on our filthy #pollution spewing #oilRefinery and #heavyIndustry, forcing tax hikes on the residential properties of a people already stretched to the limit.

The #Irving refinery is taxed $5M a year. Irving makes #billions.

This is why societies are collapsing.

#noBillionaires #noOligarchs #noOil #noTheft #resist #vote #canada #newBrunswick #cpc

Volksinitiative für weniger Volks-initiativen #vote

“If Citizens, Not Politicians, draws enough voter signatures, and then wins voter approval statewide next November, the measure would, at long last, let Ohioans pick their legislators rather than, as now, let legislators pick their Ohioans."

#ohioans #Ohio #vote

ManyRoads :coffeecup:
2 weeks ago

"‘Every move I make, I second guess’: These Muslim and Arab Americans say the surge in hate has made them more vigilant"

#Elections #Vote #News #US #Unfit #GOP #Republican #Democrats #Hate #Racism #AntiSemitism #Muslim

2 weeks ago

@TucsonSentinel If Democrats don’t get out to vote, we’re doomed. #Vote #GetOutTheVote

Sean Boyer
2 weeks ago

#NewBrunswick in full #covidDenial...

Two weeks without their already sparse once-a-week update. Last update Nov 4.

Public health has given up.

#covidIsNotOver #covidIsAirborne #wearAMask #saveALife #wakeUpNB #popNB #vote

2 weeks ago

The Economist argues that Trump's #ForeignPolicy & #macroeconomic policies would have a significant negative impact on the #world as a whole. #Trump would almost certainly make moves to gut #NATO. And he may very well pursue another package of tax cuts for the wealthy as he did in 2017, which would spike #inflation & drag down #global #economic #markets.

However, the Economist warns that the greatest danger Trump presents is in "his own country."

#authoritarianism #MafiaState #extremism #Vote

2 weeks ago

2020: How #NativeAmericans#RightToVote has been systematically violated for generations

In the new book Voting in Indian Country, Jean Reith Schroedel weaves together historical and contemporary voting rights conflicts as the election nears

by Nina Lakhani in New York
Fri 16 Oct 2020

"#VoterSuppression has taken centre stage in the race to elect potentially the 46th president of the United States. But we’ve heard little about the 5.2 million #Native Americans whose ancestors have called this land home before there was a US president.

"The rights of indigenous communities – including the right to vote – have been systematically violated for generations with devastating consequences for access to #CleaAir and #water, #health, #education, economic opportunities, #housing and #sovereignty. Voter turnout for Native Americans and Alaskan Natives is the lowest in the country, and about one in three eligible voters (1.2 million people) are not registered to vote, according to the National Congress of American Indians.

"In a new book, Voting in Indian County: The View from the Trenches, Jean Reith Schroedel, professor emerita of political science at Claremont Graduate University, weaves together historical and contemporary voting rights conflicts.

"Is the right to vote struggle for Native Americans distinct from the wider struggle faced by marginalized groups in the US?

"One thing few Americans understand is that American Indians and #NativeAlaskans were the last group in the #UnitedStates to get #citizenship and to get the #vote. Even after the civil war and the Reconstruction (13th, 14th and 15th) amendments there was a supreme court decision that said #IndigenousPeople could never become US citizens, and some laws used to disenfranchise them were still in place in 1975. In fact first-generation violations used to deny – not just dilute voting rights – were in place for much longer for Native Americans than any other group. It’s impossible to understand contemporary voter suppression in Indian Country without understanding this historical context.

"Why didn’t the #AmericanIndianCitizenshipAct 1924 nor the #VotingRightsAct (#VRA) 1965 guarantee Native Americans equal access to the ballot box?

"The motivation for the VRA was the egregious treatment of #black people in the south, and for the first 10 years there was a question over whether it even applied to #AmericanIndian and Native Alaskan populations. It wasn’t really discussed until a #CivilRights commission report in 1975 which included cases from #SouthDakota and #Arizona that showed equally egregious #discrimination and absolute denial of right to vote towards Native Americans – and also #Latinos.

"When voter suppression is discussed by politicians, advocates and journalists, it’s mostly about African American voters, and to a lesser degree Latinos. Why are Native Americans still excluded from the conversation?

"Firstly they are a small population and secondly most of the most egregious abuses routinely occur in rural isolated parts of #IndianCountry where there is little media focus. But it’s happening – take Jackson county in South Dakota, a state where the governor has done little to protect people from #Covid. The county council has just decided to close the legally mandated early voting centre on the #PineRidgeReservation, citing concerns about Covid, but not in the voting site in #Kadoka, where the white people go. Regardless of the intent, this will absolutely have a detrimental effect on Native people’s ability to vote. And South Dakota, like many other states, is also a very hard place for Native people to vote by mail. In the primary, the number of people who registered to #VoteByMail increased by 1,000% overall but there was no increase among reservation communities. In #Oglala county, which includes the eastern part of Pine Ridge, turnout was about 10%.

"The right to vote by mail is a hot political and civil rights issue in the 2020 election – could it help increase turnout in Indian Country?

"No, voting by mail is very challenging for Native Americans for multiple reasons. First and foremost, most reservations do not have home mail delivery. Instead, people need to travel to post offices or postal provide sites – little places that offer minimal mail services and are located in places like gas stations and mini-marts. Take the Navajo Nation that encompasses 27,425 square miles – it’s larger than West Virginia, yet there are only 40 places where people can send and receive mail. In West Virginia, there are 725. Not a single PO box on the Navajo Nation has 24-hour access."

Read more:

#NativeAmerican #VoterSuppression

Sean Boyer
2 weeks ago

To #JustinTrudeau and #JoeBiden, #money, #oil, and the #statusQuo are more important than #human #people.

The need to keep the #gas flowing and the #colonial dream alive outweigh the immediate need to #decarbonize and #decolonize our planet and work together to survive the mess we've made.

Make no mistake:
- They are destroying the #climate.
- They are destroying the humans of #gaza.
- They are supporting #colonizers and #dictators.

Sign #petitions, go to #marches & #protest. Yell. #VOTE

🦃Welcome Back 🔥
2 weeks ago

On the wrong side of history, you can:

--Look the other way
--Sensor yourself
--Join in on the scapegoating
--Condone the violence
--Justify your inactivity
--Profit from sales
--Give comfort to the enemy --Operate the gas chambers
--Not vote/block other voters
--#vote for the enemy


🦃Welcome Back 🔥
2 weeks ago

On the right side of history, you can:

--Inform your community
--Teach your children history
--Help disadvantaged neighbors, scapegoats
--Call out propaganda
--Boycott industries who supply and fund
--#Vote like it's your life


3 weeks ago

@GottaLaff Don't just #VOTE; follow through. Stay in touch with elected officials - whether you like them or not. We need people in office to do the work. Pass #electionreform #termlimits #abortionrights #gunlegislation

3 weeks ago

YeahNO, Trump…

VOTE. #VOTE!!! Okay? Thanks.

Via Brian Tyler Cohen:

#Trump is saying here that if he were president, he would run again for an unconstitutional THIRD term and arrest anyone who challenges him.

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 weeks ago

@marcelias Right! Democracy's about everyone's voice, vote & life.
It's everyone's business & responsibility to preserve it.

"For in a democracy, every citizen, regardless of his interest in politics, 'hold office'; everyone of us is in a position of responsibility; and, in the final analysis, the kind of government we get depends upon how we fulfill those responsibilities. We, the people, are the boss, and we will get the kind of political leadership, be it good or bad, that we demand and deserve."
— JFK —

#DefendDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #YourVoiceMatters #YouMatter #RaiseYourVoice #UnitedInDiversity #StrongerTogether #VOTE #Democracy

In Response to #trumpStooge #maga_cult Charlie Kirk claiming #Taylor #Swift will lead to a spike in young women voting, #Swifties are now planning to make friendships bracelets (as Taylor’s fandom does for her concerts) for #polling locations and #voter registration.

I love this 💙🗳️

#vote #voteblue


Last night Ohio became the 7th state to put abortion rights into their constitution. They flipped a permanent bird to republicans and religious extremists.

The battle for body autonomy isn’t over by a long shot, but celebrating the wins is important.

#Abortion #BodyAutonomy #America #Vote #Ohio #VotingMatters

3 weeks ago

Blue Wave
You make America Great

3 weeks ago

@MattHodges What a shock. The poorest state in the union (and constantly voting for republicans) has run out of ballots. I guess the republican plan to deny voting rights has failed completely.

#vote #uspol #uspolitics #voteblue #democrat #Democracy

Brad Koehn
3 weeks ago

Took the 18yo to #vote in his first election. I’m so glad #Minnesota makes it easy to register and vote on the same day. Surprisingly good turnout in our little precinct.

🇺🇸 🗳️ 🇺🇸 Slapped this bad boy on my backpack. 😎

If you haven’t gotten yours, and there’s an election in your state, GO VOTE AND GET YOUR STICKER, NERDZ!

#Vote #Election #USA #democracy #politics

Photo of a blue oval shaped sticker with an American flag that says “I voted” that I received after I cast my vote today, I put it on my brown backpack that has floral embossed patterns on it.
Keith D Johnson
3 weeks ago

Have your had THE TALK with your teens? (PSA)
#SharonAstyk wrote:
"Home civics lessons with teens.
Me: OK, 4 out of every 10 eligible American voters don't vote - period. They don't even show up every 4 yrs for President. 6 out of 10 don't show up for midterms (House, 1/3 senate) or for Presidential primaries. 8 of 10 don't #vote in off-year #elections. 9 to 9½ of 10 don't vote for #school board, or school budgets, or special elections.
Me: But you know who does vote in all those elections? Older people. If you are too busy, they aren't. They will make choices for you. Maybe good ones or maybe not, but they'll be making choices for you. Their impact is disproportionate, because they vote EVERY TIME.
Son: "I don't think I ever thought about how important the school board elections are before."
Me: "I think a lot of people haven't. I don't think I knew it, really either, until your Grandfather spelled it out for me."
(Edited for character limits.)

3 weeks ago

I took my daughter, Alice, to #vote today. She has #DownSyndrome and as such doesn't really understand what's going on. How do we do this? We print out a sample ballot and put it in front of her. Then we find video statements from all the candidates. Today I sat down with her and showed her each video and then summed them up in simpler words applying absolutely no judgement. After that, I helped her understand the ballot instructions and let her make her choices and fill in the circles. Then we went to the polls and she checked in and copied all her choices over. Does she fully understand everything? No. But I can guarantee that she did more background research than most people and she showed up.
What's your excuse?

3 weeks ago

Getting things done this week. Today is “fix the car” day, so I can drive to the polling place to vote later. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my driver’s license photo taken, so my previous hot mugshot will be replaced with the old greying fivehead current edition. #gtd #aging #vote

Jessica Canady
3 weeks ago

I Ohio Voting, and you can too!

#ohio #ohpol #voting #vote

Elle 💗
3 weeks ago

Today is #election day in the US. Ballot measures, local and state representatives, judges and more all being decided.

It took me a half dozen different forms, hundreds of pages of documents, multiple out of city trips, 3 interviews, thousands of dollars, all over 7 years to gain the right to #vote in the US.

If all you have to do is show up, then do it. We're all counting on you.

Todd Battistelli
3 weeks ago

The only thing I don't like about vote-by-mail in Colorado is that I don't get to see everyone wearing their I Voted stickers on the same day.

A small price I gladly pay for a state-of-the-art voting system.

My favorite sticker this year featured Bigfoot.

And my favorite of all time is the one honoring Tiny the Torosaurus whose fossil was discovered a few miles from where I live.

#GOTV #vote #IVoted #Colorado #AdamsCountyCO

A photo of a round sticker. A brown-furred bigfoot walks in front of the Rocky Mountains. Bigfoot raises an arm and holds fingers in a v-shape that create the letter v in the phrase "yo voté" that appears above the mountains.
A photo of a round sticker. The sticker shows a stylized image of a horned and frilled dinosaur skull. Text on the sticker reads "I Voted" at top and "Adams County" at bottom.
Kit Arvizu
3 weeks ago

Another year, another "I voted" selfie.

It took me like fifteen minutes over lunch. Get to it!

#vote #HoosierMast