2 days ago

@friedi Ab auf die #Voyager husch husch

Cristiano Panazio
2 days ago

Que bacana todo o sistema de comunicação com a #Voyager2 ! Em particular, a compensação do Doppler me chamou a atenção, tanto pela precisão, como pela engenhosidade para compensar os problemas na sonda. A separação dos sinais das bandas S e X também me lembra da magia envolvida em guias de onda.

#NASAVoyager #Voyager #Voyager2 #Telecommunications

Aziz Poonawalla
2 days ago

Fellow #starTrek fans - are you watching #YoungRock? We got the #BTS of #TheRock playing an alien wrestler on the #Voyager episode "Tsunkatse" - meeting @JeriLRyan and talking about preparation and dedication to a role


3 days ago

I can't stop my brain from envisioning a #StarTrek #Voyager movie reboot... I keep thinking Scarlett Johansson would make an excellent Janeway.

Hmm... But who else would I #fancast? 🤔

- Gabriel Luna as Chakotay
- Daniel Kaluuya as Tuvok
- Jenna Ortega as B'ellana Torres
- Dacre Montgomery as Tom Paris
- Ben Wang as Harry Kim
- Brandon Perea as Neelix
- Anya Taylor-Joy as Kes
- Zendaya as 7 of 9
- Justice Smith as the Doctor

Here's an interesting article about how project scientists are extending the life of the Voyager 2 space probe.

The headline is clickbait, because there is no power "boost" but rather power management to extend the life of the most important instruments.

#Voyager #Space

4 days ago

It must be bonkers to write cosmology textbooks in the #StarTrek universe.

"The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is nearly uniform but exhibits some variation due to quantum fluctuations and the presence of the starship #Voyager in the earliest moments of the cosmos."

4 days ago

Shortly before they had to shutdown the stage for lightning risk, we got to see Australia's Eurovision entry, local band Voyager, live at the WA Day event. #Voyager #WADay #BigStorm

Stood off to the right of quite a large outdoor stage we are looking at Voyager perform. Seem like really nice guys. People are stood enjoying the loud show and there's lights etc from the stage
Jennifer Morency :bc:
4 days ago

#Voyager 2 Gets a Life-Extending Power Boost in Deep #Space 'Now 45 years old, the Voyagers spent their first two decades flying through the solar system, snapping photos of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune as they zoomed by. Voyager 1 also captured the iconic “pale blue dot” photograph of a tiny, distant Earth.' #spacecraft

Kinetic Fox
5 days ago

New nails! I’m calling them, “There’s Coffee In That Nebula.” Started with a purple to pink gradient base with traditional polishes, then a thin coat of purple/blue magnetic cat-eye gel on top, and finally a gel top coat to give it that glossy shine. 💅✨ Set phasers to stunning~ #Nails #StarTrek #Voyager #Nebula
5 days ago
Pedro León 🚀
6 days ago

🚨 Estado de las sondas #Voyager 1 y #Voyager 2
📅 Junio de 2023
ℹ️ Ambas sondas se encuentran en perfecto estado. V2 mantiene 5 de sus instrumentos encendidos (CRS, LECP, MAG, PWS y PLS), mientras que V1 mantiene solo 4 de ellos (CRS, LECP, MAG y PWS).👇

Wow, this #Voyager bot is incredible! It's amazing to see how much more efficient and productive it is compared to other AI bots. I'm sure this #GPT4 technology will revolutionize the way we do business in the future, by automating mundane tasks and freeing us up to focus on more complex, creative endeavors. #Nvidia #Minecraft #ChatGPT #AI

6 days ago

⛰️🏖️ 🏕️ Journée Mondiale pour un #Tourisme Responsable : mais en fait, comment "voyager autrement" ?

ritimo vous propose un petit détour et plein de sources pour mieux s'informer, et mieux #voyager !

C'est par ici :

BD : deux femmes africaines avec leurs bébés préparent [à manger] à côté d'un arbre. L'une d'entre elle dit à l'autre : "Tu te rends compte, autrefois on mettait des africains dans des zoos à Paris pour pouvoir les regarder !!" Et l'autre : "C'est horrible".

Entretemps, des touristes blanc.he.s les prennent en photo avec des smartphones et caméras.

BD par Claire Robert
1 week ago

Decided to rewatch Voyager from the beginning - pretty sure there’s a significant number of episodes I missed when it aired.

I had forgotten the “Neelix in the bath” scene from S01E02.

#startrek #voyager

I cannot believe -- except that i completely can intellectually -- professionals exist who have been alive the last 25 to 55 years who are self deluded about:
• Just World Presuppositions
• Benevolence in Capitalism

& think internet language compiling "AI" will be used in any other way than to suppress Labor costs and replace prof'ls at Lower Castes so they can consolidate their focus on the Plutocratic Caste.

Its like nobody has seen #Voyager episode Critical Care.

This show would be different if they had gone with Turok instead of Tuvok.

#AllStarTrek #Voyager

1 week ago

So I'm a couple of decades late to the #StarTrek #Voyager discourse, but...

Couldn't Janeway have docked Voyager at some M-Class planet rich in whatever resources they needed, used 7 of 9's knowledge of Borg technology to beef up the ship's transwarp capabilities, and get home much faster?

Granted, 7 didn't come along until season 4, and I guess they did end up getting home a lot sooner than the 70 years they estimated...

TBH, I think this is one series that could benefit from a reboot.

Star Trek Battles
1 week ago

🚨 Security Chief Round 14🚨

Round 15 has Enterprise’s Reed going against Voyager’s Tuvok…

Vote for “your” favorite and follow along for more battles 🖖

Current bracket and other battles:

#StarTrek #Voyager #Enterprise #AllStarTrek #StarTrekBattle

1 week ago

Husch husch @friedi ab in den Weltraum die #Voyager startet

1 week ago
GNU/Matt :fedora: :kde:
1 week ago

When you think about it, #startrek #voyager #Threshold could have effectively ended Voyager early. They had a ship that could go anywhere, but it causes mutations, that the holographic doctor can reverse in a few hours.

Go home and then treat your mutations! Series over

Apuntes de ciencia
2 weeks ago

La revista #Astronomía ha tenido a bien publicar en su número de junio esta pequeña reseña sobre el modelo de la sonda #Voyager 1 que desde #Astróbriga hemos instalado en #Salamanca correspondiente al Sistema Solar a escala de #CiudadRodrigo

Mikko Tuomi
2 weeks ago

Gliding through the outer Solar System, in 1989 the #Voyager 2 spacecraft looked toward the Sun to find this view of most distant #planet #Neptune and its moon #Triton together in a crescent phase.

The elegant image of ice-giant planet and largest moon was taken from behind just after Voyager's closest approach. It could not have been taken from Earth because the most distant planet never shows a crescent phase to sunward eyes.

#astronomy #astrophotography

Crescent Neptune and Triton.

VLA ziet cycloon aan pool van Uranus

Astronomen hebben met behulp van de Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in New Mexico op verschillende golflengtes een heldere, compacte plek, gecentreerd rond de noordpool van Uranus, waargenomen. Dit kenmerk duidt waarschijnlijk op de aanwezigheid van een polaire cycloon en vertoont overeenkomsten met polaire kenmerken die zijn waargenom

#cycloon #noordpool #uranus #VeryLargeArray #voyager

Paul Douglas
2 weeks ago

You could have written around this, to make it work, by adjusting aspects of how the Ocampa live to accommodate these details. The problem is they didn’t.

In most respects, Kes acts pretty much the same as any other adult in the show. If anything, more mature than most.

And there are other aliens with far more discernible differences from humans culturally despite being biologically far more similar and with differences that would have less cultural impact

#StarTrekVoyager #Voyager #StarTrek

Taylor Swift shrugging then smiling wryly
Paul Douglas
2 weeks ago

The Ocampa in general were kind of a narrative mistake. They don’t make much sense as a species, a culture or even as characters (as a result of the issues with them as a species and culture).

For example, Kes reminisces nostalgically and distantly about her father, how close they were and how she misses him.

Kes is less than 2 years old. At most, she knew her father for roughly a year, last seeing him mere months earlier

#StarTrekVoyager #Voyager #StarTrek

Paul Douglas
2 weeks ago

I’m doing a #StarTrekVoyager rewatch. I just got to the episode where Kes’s reproductive process kicks off early.

She explains the process to Neelix and it involves, among other things, holding hands for like 6 days. It’s also a process that can literally only happen once in the ~8 year lifespan of an Ocampa.

My reaction?

“Kes, are you sure mother nature didn’t just WANT the Ocampa to go extinct..?” #StarTrek #Voyager

2 weeks ago

Spätestens jetzt sind #Voyager in der #eclipsed angekommen und haben damit den Durchbruch geschafft

Foto: die eclipsed meldet, dass Voyagers neues Album am 14. Juli rauskommt
Michael Hanscom
2 weeks ago

A couple weeks ago, I went out dancing at the local goth club with a few of my friends to celebrate my birthday. Towards the end of the night as I was getting ready to leave, one said, "Hey, I've got a present for you in my car." So we go to her car, she opens the trunk…

…and there's a cardboard box full of 38 #StarTrek #Voyager novels. (Plus two #Supernatural novels that apparently snuck their way in.)

My friends know me. :)

And since I've been concentrating my book collecting on #TOS and #TNG, and have only lately started picking up books tied to the other shows, nearly all of these are books I didn't have on my shelves already!

A view from above into a cardboard box wit a number of Star Trek Voyager novels dumped into it.
The 40 books from the box arranged into four stacks on a desktop. Behind the books is various desktop paraphernalia, including two computer monitors showing desktop wallpaper images of the refit TOS 1701 Enterprise.
The It's Got Star Trek Podcast
2 weeks ago

New episode posted! We do our best to keep things lighthearted during our discussion of the emotionally intense, surprisingly-Borg-free "Resistance" from #StarTrekVoyager's second season. Available now wherever you pod your casts or at! 🖖

#StarTrek #Voyager #Podcast #Tuvok #Neelix #CaptainJaneway

The text reads "Episode #185 of the It's Got Star Trek podcast: Resistance" superimposed over three images from that episode of Star Trek: Voyager: B'Elanna Torres in am alien prison cell; Captain Janeway speaking with Caylem, who has a melon rind on his head; and Janeway out of uniform firing an alien energy hand weapon.
Grrrr, Darth Moose Shark
2 weeks ago

So I got my ticket in the mail to see #Voyager in October XD

Europe, what have you done to me? #Eurovision

Peter C :calckey:
3 weeks ago
Answering a bit more in general rather than answering each of your questions individually, I generally "discover" artists on Youtube after which I check whether they have presence on (primarily) Spotify. Most of them I either discovered because they were somehow connected to those I already listened to or through the looking for cover versions of songs I know. The Eurovision Song Contest also might lead to me looking up artists, if their "regular" content (not for the contest) is any good.

Artists to check are including, but not limited to, Patty Gurdy, Alina Lesnik, Alina Gingertail, Luxid, Clamavi de Profundis, ALIKA, Voyager, Scardust.

#PattyGurdy #AlinaLesnik #AlinaGingertail #Luxid #ClamaviDeProfundis #ALIKA #Voyager #Scardust

3 weeks ago

Und hier noch ein Song von #Voyager aus "Colours in the Sun" :

Star Trek Battles
4 weeks ago

🚨 Security Chief Round 9🚨

This round sees La’an Noonien-Singh from Strange New Worlds and Tuvox featured in Voyager.

Vote for “your” favorite and follow along for more battles 🖖

Current bracket and other battles:

#StarTrek #Voyager #StrangeNewWorlds #AllStarTrek #StarTrekBattle

4 weeks ago

Ich hab jetzt extra für einen "I liked it beore it was cool"-Moment in alten Fotos gewühlt nach den Konzerten von Voyager, auf denen ich 2017 und 2019 war, aber nix gefunden. Bitte glaubt mir einfach, dass ich extrem cool bin #ESC #Eurovision #Euroblast #voyager

4 weeks ago

@2ndStar @esc @escat3r Hab #Voyager entdeckt dieses Jahr. Ist doch auch was.

Petra Elliott
4 weeks ago

I am epically happy with everything #Voyager just left on that stage. They had all the elements. Kitsch. Powerful vocals. Catchy riffs. Fabulous costumes. Even a wind machine for his luxurious locks. On ya #Australia.

#5amEurovision #SBSeurovision #ESC #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #ESC2023

Roni Laukkarinen
4 weeks ago

I will forever love #Australia and #Voyager. They will get my vote. :80sguitar: #Eurovision :eurovision: #Metal #Music

Roni Laukkarinen
4 weeks ago

#Voyager and #Australia :blobcathearteyes: 🇦🇺 #Eurovision :eurovision:

86°F and not running the A/C. Just migrated to tge basement seasonally and have a solar plant bay and everything.

Just call me Kes.

Molerat underground morlocks unite!

#basementliving #unionunderground #StarTrek #Voyager

Gareth Williams
1 month ago
Screen shot of Perth prog metal band Voyager celebrating after making it to the Eurovision final
Roni Laukkarinen
1 month ago

@Setok They have lots of perfect songs. Check out Hyperventilating, Misery Is Only Company, Seize the day, Breaking down... to name a few of my favourites. They just don't know how to make a bad song. #Voyager #Metal

Andrew Canion
1 month ago

@Verso My nephew Alex was on bass guitar and nailed the deep vocal! Vote 16 #voyager

1 month ago

Der Drummer!!! Animal vibes!!! #Voyager #Eurovision #ESC

Roni Laukkarinen
1 month ago

AUSTRALIA ❤️ #Voyager #Eurovision

@jwildeboer gotta root for AUS today #Voyager

Ged Maheux
1 month ago

Another great ep of #StarTrek #Voyager and a personal favorite - S5 E12 ‘Bride of Chaotica!’ Tom and Harry’s Buck Rogers holodeck program accidentally sparks a photonic war with aliens from the 5th dimension.

Mulgrew gets to chew the scenery as Arachnia while Picardo relishes his role as President of Earth “My performance was unimpeachable.” A heartfelt love letter to 1930’s movie serials and a true delight. 🕸️🖖

Queen Arachnia  gazes with fiendish cleverness at Chaotica from his Fortress of Doom
Robert Picardo dressed in a 1930’s suit and hat with a large patch over his breast reading “President of Earth”
Tom Paris and Harry Kim talk to Arachnia using a giant 30’s style microphone from Proton’s spaceship.
Flipboard Science Desk
1 month ago

Voyager 1 and 2 are turning 46. Here's where they rank among the oldest space probes.

Salon reports:

#Space #Voyager #Science

Ged Maheux
1 month ago

Janeway: He’s not real.

The Doctor: He’s as real as I am.

Photons and force fields — flesh and blood… it’s all the same, as long as your *feelings* are real.

He makes a joke, you laugh. Is that an illusion? He says something that makes you think. Does it matter how his molecules are aligned?

All I know is Michael Sullivan was up in that tree shouting your name.

Perhaps next time you should just… let him snore.

#StarTrek #Voyager #FairHaven

The doctor, dressed in priest’s robes, speaks with Captain Kathryn Janeway with a concerned look on his face
1 month ago

Gibt es eigentlich Fans der Kazon?
#startrek #voyager

Star Trek Battles
1 month ago

🚨Captain Battles Round 17🚨

This round has some more “losers” fighting for their place, Kirk from the Kelvin Timeline and Ransom from Voyager featured in Equinox!

Vote below for your favorite, and don't forget to follow along for future battles 🖖

#StarTrek #KelvinKirk #Ransom #Voyager #AllStarTrek #StarTrekBattle

Bracket and previous rounds:

El Dado Inquieto
1 month ago


Who knows? Perhaps #Voyager #probes would be the only trace of our existence that any alien civilization will know (as well as our radio transmissions)...

Thomas :damnified:
1 month ago

Voyager have announced a new album!

Fearless in Love from Voyager

#progressive #metal #voyager

Ged Maheux
1 month ago

😂😂😂🖖 #StarTrek #voyager

Future Admiral Janeway having a conversation with our Captain Janeway:

Future Janeway: whatever you do,  don’t promote Harry Kim

Janeway: Why? Does something terrible happen if I do?

Future Janeway: No, it’s just hilarious!
Anthony Michael Morena
1 month ago

It's been seven years today since this weird little book came out (this year will also be ten years since it was accepted). It feels good to know it's still puttering away out there, like Voyager itself, and maybe bringing people joy.

#Bookstodon #Voyager #VoyagerRecord

The cover of THE VOYAGER RECORD: A TRANSMISSION. The book title in gold san serif font appears above the author's name (Anthony Michael Morena) curving around the semi-circle shape of a gold record that fills the lower half of the cover. The background is a starfield with the planet Earth in the not-so distance.
1 month ago

I watched #Voyager when I was younger and I think I found Tom Paris cute, but now I just find him insufferable.

Shut the fuck up, you whiny jackass of a failson.

(S5:E25, Warhead)

1 month ago

First of the month! Not long to go until Eurovision now!
#Eurovision #Voyager

It's a woman in a lacy red dress, long wavy blonde hair. The background seems to be a multi-colour TV studio set. I don't know who the woman is. She's quite sassily looking at us and holds up a sign that says "12 Points" and points at it.
Obvs Ukraine is a shoe-in again this year but I'll be watching Eurovision and scoring it. Does mean I have to "go dark" for 24 hours as I can't stay up late to watch it live.
For anyone not aware, this is the only place to get your scorecards
heise online
1 month ago


Voyager 2: Reservestrom angezapft, Mission um Jahre verlängert

Als die Voyager-Sonden vor 45 Jahren gestartet wurden, sollten sie vier Jahre funktionieren. Ein Kniff soll das Missionsende nun noch einmal weiter aufschieben.

#JPL #NASA #Raumfahrt #Voyager #Voyager2

1 month ago

@Brian_Mahoney i discovered a boom mic in #startrek #Voyager that no one, afaik, has ever noticed before. it gave me a good giggle (at 0:01-0:02)

A scene from Star Trek Voyager in which Neelix's head is obscured by a boom microphone for half a second.
1 month ago

I always defer to better minds on things like data retention and backup policies, but imho it seems wildly irresponsible that, rather than copying it, #Voyager moves the EMH out of the ship’s computer and onto the mobile transmitter.

AkaSci 🛰️
1 month ago

Both Voyager probes are powered by radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs), which convert heat from decaying plutonium Pu-238 into electricity using thermocouples. Solar energy cannot be used in probes that go much beyond the orbit of Jupiter.
#Voyager #Space

AkaSci 🛰️
1 month ago

Power management on the Voyager spacecraft!
Over the 45.6 years since launch, instruments have gradually been shut off as power from the RTG has reduced.
It is almost time for Voyager 2 to shut off another instrument, but NASA engineers have found a way to keep it going for another 2-3 years. A voltage regulator circuit, that keeps the voltage within limits, will be shut off instead.
#Voyager #Space

2 months ago

I love that Tom Morello—noted ST fan—made a cameo in *engineering* of all places on #Voyager s6e20 “Good Shepherd.”

Doubly so considering this episode is about military management. 😂

2 months ago

#Voyager s6e16, “Collective.”

Losing it at how ready Tuvok is to murder Borg children. Practically begging.

Today On Screen
2 months ago

Today, April 22, is Ancestor’s Eve, an evening of reflection in honor of those who came before. The holiday was established by Neelix in 2375 and celebrated on board USS Voyager, NCC-74656 (Star Trek: Voyager, s05e23 “11:59”, 1995)

#StarTrek #Voyager #StarTrekVoyager #AncestorsEve #TV #Television

An alien with light skin with purple patterns on it, wearing a very colorful suit, is standing with a group of Starfleet officers. He's saying, “It's April 22, Ancestor's Eve. It's a holiday first established, er, well, er, today, actually. With the Captain's permission.”
A mixed group of humans and aliens, mostly in Starfleet military uniforms, are posing for a photograph, raising their glasses of champagne and smiling. The caption reads, “(All) To family!”
2 months ago

#Voyager s5e18, "Course: Oblivion."

did not expect a Star Trek episode to leave me so shook, but here we are.

2 months ago

I already like that #Voyager has its own version of TNG’s “Darmok” but Lori Petty as the alien guest star? *chefs kiss* incredible 1999 aesthetíque.

miriam heddy
2 months ago

Why is it so much easier for #MakeupArtists to create very lifelike aliens than it is for them to convincingly age-up humans?
#StarTrek #Voyager #Endgame
#Stargate #Unending

3 months ago

We just watched S5E7 „Infinite Regress“ of #StarTrek #Voyager.
How good is this episode? @JeriLRyan is just amazing in displaying all these personalities! 🥰

3 months ago

#Voyager s4e7, we learn that, while the prime directive is paramount, the secondary directive is also important:

"when held in an unwinnable hostage situation, a star fleet officer should load up on dopamine and cut their own brake lines."

Rodrigo Escobar
3 months ago

Trekkies, I need some guidance. I am about to finish #TNG. When I finish it, should I follow it up with #DS9 or #Voyager ?

If only VOY Barclay was more confident about his receding hairline. Own that skull, buddy! Don't hide with that ridiculous Pomp-Over!

#barclay #startrek #voyager #tng

3 months ago

Great Star Trek Voyager panel yesterday on with Garrett Wang, Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips cracking each other and the audience up with funny behind-the-scenes stories. #StarTrek #StarTrekCruise #Voyager

Garrett Wang, Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips, and Garrett has his head back in laughter
3 months ago

Ich lasse das sonst nicht so raushängen, aber ich bin ein ziemlich eingefleischter #Trekkie. Allerdings fremdele ich mit dem ganzen neumodischen Kram etwas (außer #LowerDecks! Und die ganz frischen Sachen kenne ich zugegeben noch nicht. Eigentlich fremdele ich v.a. mit den aktuelleren Kinofilmen und #Discovery.)
Also jedenfalls kam bei mir bisher nix über #StarTrek #TNG, #DS9 und natürlich #Voyager.
Aber jetzt habe ich endlich die dritte Staffel von #TheOrville gesehen (das Finale noch nicht, also bitte nicht spoilern!) und bin echt geflashed. Diese Serie hat sich von "StarTrek Hommage" zu "besser als StarTrek" entwickelt. Und das innerhalb von weniger als drei Staffeln. Ich hoffe so sehr, dass es weiter geht. Also falls ihr es noch nicht kennt: Dringende Empfehlung. *ThemeSongSummendAb*

Hirogen did it first, but they got it backwards.

#startrek #riker #voyager

4 months ago

@MicroSFF Took me a moment. At first, the punch line didn't make any sense to me, as I was thinking of #StarTrek's "#Voyager" rather than one of #NASA's. 🤦🙈

(Maybe because the ambassador used the name in singular and without "1" or "2". I dunno.) #USSVoyager #misunderstanding

James Dreben :mw:
5 months ago

oh I forgot to say I love #StarTrek. I’ve seen every episode of #TNG, #DeepSpaceNine, and #Voyager. Also love #LowerDecks and #Orville.

I watched every night with my parents before bed. Great education. #ImagineTheEndOfCapitalism #SciFi #TV


Brian Tatosky
5 months ago

Just sayin' #StarTrekPicard S3 is *not* a sequel to #DS9 #Voyager *and* #TNG with every character you've ever wanted (or that *we* wanted) and every favorite ship with a hero feature. That's more than a 10 episode job.

That said, we think it's a great ride with actual cool things to do for our favorites, and this story couldn't happen without the three series leading up to it.

Some websites are really, um, "expanding" on what's been said. Just know we honor what came before.


5 months ago

Doh, I totally forgot I had this #AMA question that I was going to research before posting. (I don’t know if I can just pick 5 eps out of the air.)

Anyone want to share their favorite and/or most hated #StarTrek episodes?

#TNG #DS9 #Voyager #StrangeNewWorlds #TOS #Picard #Discovery #Enterprise

AMA question. “What are your top/bottom 5 Star Trek Episodes?”