I published `vite-plugin-vue-hsml@0.1.0` just some seconds ago 🚀

It's 100% unstable 😆, but uses #Rust via #wasm 🦀

I didn't even test what would happen if it would throw an error 😜

A next step is to create a #vscode extension to build syntax highlighting and I never did something like that

Erik C. Thauvin
1 day ago

Visual Studio Code: Java Extension Pack JDK Auto eliminates the need for manual JDK installation and configuration

#java #jdk #vscode

3 days ago

> whats that got to do with my reply?

#emacs might not be that difficult to learn by starting off small, but #vscode is a lot simpler for most people out of the box. And when it's working as good as it is, it's difficult to get people over to #emacs.

3 days ago

@dekkzz76 @sergio_101 I find it more difficult to get people to even squint at at #emacs these days when #vscode is so approachable and is working so well for many people. Prior to this, people on #windows were using Notepad++ (or even just notepad.exe!)

3 days ago

12 VSCode Tips and Tricks for Python Development. Simple tips on doing less and achieving more from VSCode.

#python #vscode #tips

3 days ago

Just Installed #Copilot Chat and Copilot Labs for #VSCode - on a screenshot there are: explanaiton of the selected method, translation of this method from Python to Go and also asked Copilot Chat to write test for this method

What's the difference between and #msbuild

⏳ We're live in 10 minutes! @Jaqster is here to give us a tour around the @MSMakeCode extension for #vscode 🎮 Join us to learn how anyone can build games, code devices, and mod #Minecraft! ▶️ #beginner #learningtocode


Media source:
3 days ago - #VSCode extension to change bracket types: [, {, (, < or ", ', `

4 days ago

Dear #lazyverse,

if I need $people to edit #orgmode with either #gedit, #vim or #vscode, what would be the best plugin for the task?

Simple tables must be supported.

Extra points, if it is packaged in #Debian.

"While any text editor can save your files, only #Emacs can save your soul."

Astra Kernel :verified:
4 days ago

You can change your editor

You can change your theme

You can change your keybindings

That's just the way it goes

You can say goodbye and you can say hello world

But you'll always find your way back home - to vscode

#vscode #vim #programming #neovim

You will always find your way back home text with a photo of Miley Cyrus singing
4 days ago

Estoy dale y jode.

Aún no encuentro un buen editor de #Markdown para windows. Uno decente y funcional para mi.
Si hubiera cliente de #Ulysses, con soporte de archivos, no lo pensaría mucho y lo adquiriría.

Me las apaño con #VSCode, pero se me complica copiar con formato y pegarlo en otra aplicación.

Bajé unos 10 editores, estoy probando #Obsidian y #Zettlr y no me convencen.

4 days ago - #VSCode extension to wrap the selected code in loop, try/catch, etc.

4 days ago

Updated "“Edit This Page” With vscode:// URIs (featuring a Hugo partial)" so it now uses hugo.WorkingDir, which is available in the recently released Hugo v0.112.0

#InfiniteInk #GoHugo #Hugo #Tech #URLs #URL #URIScheme #VisualStudioCode #VSCode #VSC #WebDev #Byℵ #ByNM

Came across a bulls*hit article on the official #Google blog, about their plans to release free alternative to #githubCopilot.

It's gonna be focused at first on #python, and made available for the #usa market.

Good luck caching #Microsoft with that lame strategy.

Anyway, there are a number of #openSource alternatives for coding assistant. I've already mentioned one (#codeGeeX), but somebody mentioned another:

I'll report when I install it and test in #vscode editor.

4 days ago - #VSCode plugin fot #JSON to class definition. Supports TypeScript, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, Java, Swift, Rust, Kotlin, C++, Flow, Objective-C, JavaScript, Elm, and JSON Schema.

Open VSX
5 days ago

VSCode Stryker Mutator is a powerful tool for finding weaknesses in your test suite. It introduces faults into your code and checks if your tests catch them. If not, you have a surviving mutant that needs to be fixed. #OpenVSX #VSCode #StrykerMutator

VSCode Stryker Mutator logo
Taras Novak 🇺🇦
5 days ago

This is kinda exciting ... We just crossed 1,800+ of our #DuckDBSqlTools in #VSCode installs. We'll update that ext. to support the latest "stable" #DuckDB v0.7.1 storage format once we hit 2k installs there. Cheers!
#DataTools 💎💎💎...

5 days ago
Christophe Porteneuve
5 days ago

ZOMG #vscode Terminal Editors, WHY WASN'T I INFORMED OF THIS?!

Forrest Tanaka
5 days ago

I’m shedding a tear for cancelling #Github #Copilot today. It did its job very well, but its performance with #VSCode has made it look far slower than a 300-baud modem the past couple months. I’ll keep track of it to see if it gets better later.

Cyril I. 🧮📐👨‍💻
6 days ago

Un nouveau billet ! 📰

#Markdown pour l’#enseignant 🧑‍🏫 : présentation d’outils pour exploiter Markdown dans ses #supports #enseignements 🏫

#VSCode #VSCodium


Ce billet sera mis à jour au cours de la journée en mettant à disposition mes ressources personnelles dediées/issues de ces différents outils.

Capture d'écran d'une partie du billet, en particulier celle qui concerne "Vite Un Diapo".
Mark Downie
6 days ago

Our VP will be covering what’s new for onboarding new developers faster and equipping them with everything they need to start coding and get (and stay) in the flow. #VisualStudio #VScode #GitHubCopilot #Azure

Miguel Afonso Caetano
6 days ago

#Cybersecurity #VSCode #Microsoft #Programming #SoftwareDevelopment: "As part of our analysis, we found and disclosed a few malicious extensions to the VSCode team with a total count of more than 45K installs. We’ve also found extensions with suspicious code patterns but no clear malicious indicators. Once detected, we disclosed our findings to the VSCode team, and the extensions were removed.
These continued findings highlight the need to verify every open-source component, not just assume it will be ok. We have included details regarding our specific findings below."

Open VSX
1 week ago

If you’re a Salesforce developer, you need SOQL Builder for Visual Studio Code. It’s the ultimate tool for building and running SOQL queries in a visual way. You’ll never go back to writing SOQL by hand. #OpenVSX #SOQLBuilder #Salesforce #VSCode

Clément CG
1 week ago

I've just lost 30 min of my time trying to understand why my Vue component was not imported properly.... Because of a stupid typo

  component**s**: {

I forgot to put "components" to its plural form.
What a load of BS 💩 I can't believe it: How comes this kind of crap is not corrected automatically in 2023 ? If anyone could recommend a good extension for VSCode for Vue projects, for correcting this kind of stupid typo, it would be helpful.
#vue #vscode #webdev #typo

#vscode told me to open parent folder's repository and gave me two exact similar paths to select
I have zero chance (no tooltip, no preview) to determine which one is which as they are trimmed and only shows the exact same letters

bad #ux 🙁

Brad Wilson
1 week ago

Anybody else noticing that wslServer keeps running in the background even long after you've shut down VS Code? This feels recent-ish to me, though I don't use WSL nearly as much as I used to.

These processes being active is stopping the WSL distro from shutting down. I have to re-open a shell to it, kill the wslServer process, and then WSL will properly shut down. #wsl #wsl2 #vscode #linux

WSL 2 Linux process list showing (and a bunch of child processes) are still running even after VS Code has been exited.
1 week ago

#Shaarli: VSCode config to disable popular extensions' annoyances (telemetry, notifications, welcome pages, etc.) #vscode #privacy

📢 On this Thursday's livestream @Jaqster is here to give us a tour around the #MakeCode Arcade 👾 extension for #vscode. Mark your calendar 📆 and join us 🎬
8 am Seattle / 11 am New York / 4 pm London #learningtocode


Media source:
The Cybersecurity Librarian :donor:
1 week ago

This weekend PyPi, the python software repository, suspended new accounts: the level of malicious activity has become unmanageable.

But this story is not just about Python: the level of risk from software dependencies has risen unimaginably: not a little, not a lot, this is big enough that it is hard to communicate and comprehend.

Python (pypi), Javascript (npm), Java (maven), Ruby, and even VS Code extensions are all under constant unrelenting attack. When a single package is trojanized, that threat is inherited by every application that include the compromised package.

The number of methods being used for these attacks is growing, and developers are now a "target of choice" for many criminal groups.

For example, in 2022 there was a sudden increase in the number of an effectiveness of "Phishing as a Service" (PhaaS) offerings in criminal markets. These services are effective at bypassing MFA. However, you may not know that these services are being used to target developer accounts, including repositories of private and open-source software. They want to trojanize the code and create the next big software-supply-chain compromise.

PhaaS is just one method. This weekend's announcement from PyPi was the result of criminals creating a large number of developer accounts so that they can publish malicious clones of existing packages. Typosquatting of packages is not a new phenomena, the constant stream of attacks is new.

You might assume that the repository hosts or managers must have a solution. They do not. The problems are diverse and many: from the management of repository hosting, to the security/trust verification features of packaging systems, to the security of repositories and the developers themselves.

There is no one solution, but solutions are needed.

My action item for you is this. Do not read cybesecurity about software repository compromises in isolation. Look at the forest and not the trees. Big risks are harder to understand that little ones but need the most urgent action.

Below are a small selection of stories in the comments to get you started. This is just a tiny fraction of the stories I have read and analyzed in the past year. The "hits just keep on coming".

#SoftwareDeveloper #GitHub #PyPi #NPM #Java #Python #CyberSecurity #PhishingAsAService #ThreatIntelligence #CTI #PhaaS #TypoSquatting #VSCode #Malware #SoftwareSupplyChain

Screenshot of an announcement from the PyPI python repository that they are suspending registration of new accounts due to malicious activity.
Thomas Krause
1 week ago

installed #markdown table #vscode extension yesterday, and working with tables is fun and productive again.

Simone Margio
1 week ago

Apparently, there have been some malicious extensions for VSCode:

- Dark Darcula theme
- Python-vscode
- Prettiest java

Extensions have already been removed from the marketplace but some like Dark Dracula have been downloaded 45,000 times. 🤯

Better take a look at your computer.

#VSCode #Programming

DevPod - Codespaces but #OpenSource

"Developers can write code in any language, and run it anywhere. For example, they can test on virtual machines, or code in #Python with #VSCode running on #Docker Desktop, or in Go running in EKS. If the provider they need doesn’t exist, they can build it."

#foss #codespaces #containers #kubernets #devstandard #jetbrains #googlecloud

Devpod screenshot

I installed a few #VSCode plugins into a separate profile for #p5js and #processing, and they make this much more fun:

- intent-rainbow (mentioned on the livestream)
- Live Preview (mentioned)
- JavaScript code snippets
- Prettier fixes code formatting nits
- p5.vscode creates new sketches and can download and link community libraries, and has pop-up function descriptions while writing (from the p5.js reference)
- Processing Language support
- I also enabled VSCode's built-in rainbow brackets

screenshot of VSCode running a simple sketch, and showing installed plugins. Also note the CSS to set the preview window background to black, matching the VSCode theme.
amy "fembot" bones
1 week ago you should see the huge media management (plex-like) thing I built as a #vscode extension then 😜

#ICYMI 🚂 @thecodingtrain 🚂 joined @OliviaGuzzardo on this week's livestream and it was a blast! Check it out for an intro into the world of creative coding with p5.js in #vscode! ▶️ @shiffman


Media source:
CK's Technology News
1 week ago

#GPT-4/3.5 #VSCode extension that implements features by querying code, running commands and editing files

1 week ago

Soft launched "“Edit This Page” With vscode:// URIs (featuring a Hugo partial)"
#InfiniteInk #GoHugo #Hugo #Tech #VisualStudioCode #VSCode #VSC #WebDev #Byℵ #ByNM

⏳ We're going live in 10 minutes with @shiffman to talk all about the world of creative coding with pf.js in #vscode! Join us 🎬
@thecodingtrain #natureofcode


Media source:
Taras Novak 🇺🇦
1 week ago

yeah, we like how Twitter percolates our premium #DuckDB #VSCode #DataTools content with their latest algo 🤗

Dimitri Oboleri
2 weeks ago

# How to: Enable automatic import sorting in VS Code


Astra Kernel :verified:
2 weeks ago

🦠 Malicious #VSCode extensions steal passwords, open remote shells

👉 Theme Darcula dark: gathers sysnfo

👉 python-vscode: C# shell injector executes malicious code

👉 prettiest java: stole credentials from Discord and browsers

#infosec #programming

Vscode logo
Chris Ayers
2 weeks ago

🚀 Fed up with slow #VSCode startup times due to extension overload? Optimize your experience with the 'Profiles' feature! My latest blog post explores how to tailor your coding environment for different tasks and projects. Check it out: #CodingTools #tools

Taras Novak 🇺🇦
2 weeks ago

#DuckDBSqlTools vs #DuckDBProTools features side by side to help you decide if supporting #ProDataTools on github is worth the 2 ☕️ for you to try what Pros use in #VSCode exploring #DuckDB ...

2 weeks ago

@lalau claro claro, el trabajo pasa antes que lo hobbies. Pues nada, sin presión. ¡Lo importante es disfrutarlo! :D Te recomiendo #vscode que es multiplataforma y tiene un excellente intelisense para python. Y es muy ligero y sencillo.

Manfred Lange (he/him)
2 weeks ago

Having a simple, standardized dev environment allows developers focusing on delivering value. Regularly reviewing the dev environment helps keeping it up to date. In "TypeScript Dev Container Revisited" I show how.

#SoftwareEngineering #Docker #TypeScript #VSCode

Image shows logo of Docker
Jan Andrle
2 weeks ago

Interesting #TypeScript #tip. You can “expand” type description in the editor pop-up info box for types extending other ones.

type Reveal<T> = { [K in keyof T]: T[K] } & unknown;
#webdev #vscode

Reveal type (TypeScript, see examples):
type Reveal<T> = {
	[K in keyof T]: T[K]
} & unknown;
In code: `const user: UserWithMiddleNameAndEmail`
VSCode hover popup shows (only relevant part):
const user: UserWithMiddleNameAndEmail
…no detail info
const user: Reveal<UserWithMiddleNameAndEmail>
VSCode hover popup shows (only relevant part):
const user:  {
  middleName: string;
  email: string;
Alvin Ashcraft 🐿️
2 weeks ago

Dew Drop – May 16, 2023 (#3944)

Top links today:
- Xamarin.Forms & Essentials now target Android 13
- How GPT models work: for data scientists & ML engineers
- Join MS Build 2023 community-led parties
- Data Visualization w/ a heat map using .NET MAUI Scheduler
- TechBash Dev Conference 2023 (Nov 7-10) - Early bird tix on sale May 22nd
- Get ready for Visual Studio at Build 2023

#dotnet #ai #webdev #cloud #windowsdev #mobiledev #csharp #visualstudio #vscode #dewdrop

gus fring meme:

your text editor runs inside a web browser

my web browser runs inside a text editor

we are not the same

reddit post #vscode #emacs

My notes are #PlainText first, #Markdown second. They're highly portable between platforms, apps, and devices. #macos and #ios are my weapons of choice, but they'd look and work the same on #android and #Windows.

They aren't #Obsidian notes, or #Logseq / #iaWriter / #tangent / #TextEdit / #Nota / #AnyType / #Taio / #TaskPaper / #vsCode notes, though I can use any of those apps as a lens to view and work with them.

They're wild, and free. This is their theme song:

#ICYMI Check out the latest 🐍 Python Pulse 🐍 with @BajoranEngineer and Jeffrey Mew! They're talking all about how the new Data Wrangler ext for #vscode will revolutionize how you clean your #data ▶️ @pythonvscode


Media source:

VSCodium: Open source build of VS.Code that removes telemetry
#development #opensource #software #privacy #vscode #coding #+

David Bisset
2 weeks ago

#VSCode config to disable popular extensions' annoyances (telemetry, notifications, welcome pages, etc.)

Astra Kernel :verified:
2 weeks ago

Hello developers, here is the cursed image for you 🤣


I did this for fun(for meme) but the idea seems to be growing like a virus inside 😲🫨 it looks seamless integration. Oh no, i think i invoked some daemon

#vscode #neovim #lazyvim #vim #programming #astronvim

Neovim inside vscode terminal

📢 On this Thursday's livestream Daniel Shiffman joins us to introduce the world of creative #coding with p5.js in #vscode! Mark your calendar 📆 and join us ▶️ @shiffman @thecodingtrain #natureofcode


Media source:

RT Ben Wilkinson
I discovered #vscode 'tasks' can be used for startup tasks ... Nice implementation for setup & welcome page Etc.
Easy to invoke anytime via command palette, plus work nicely in #devcontainers
e.g. example "runOn": "folderOpen"


Media source:

@moliver There is a balance to be struck. I call this 'second system syndrome' and see it a lot. You learn one system ( eg VI or bird place) well, and then the second system (eg #VSCode and #Mastodon) are all 'wrong'. The trick is to find the strengths and values of the new system -for you. And, just maybe, some of the differences do not need to continue. Mastodon can be improved. Embrace and extend.

RT C# Corner
Elevate your deployment workflow with Azure App Service and VS Code! Deploy your Node.js app seamlessly from local development to the cloud. Unlock scalability and reliability.
Read more:
#NodeJS #AzureApp #AzureAppService #VSCode #Azure #Cloud


Media source:

#ICYMI check out the latest 🥳 Release Party 🥳 featuring cool highlights from the April #vscode release! @OliviaGuzzardo is joined by members of the team to talk about #copilotchat #pylance #devcontainers and more! 🎥


Media source:
Alex White
2 weeks ago

Today's development frustration. It appears that over time VS Code Omnisharp on MacOS 'forgets' where the dotnet sdk is.

Trying to debug something when whatever I try has omnisharp say 'NO' is damn hard.

#VSCode #MacOS

⌛ We're going live in 10 minutes with another 🎉 VS Code Release Party 🎉 Join us for demos on the newest features in #vscode and chat with the team! 🎬
#Jupyter #copilot #pylance


Media source:

I have been a #textmate user since I don't know. Never had a reason to change. But the entire world seems to have switched to something else, and a company I'm working for invited me to join their CoPilot evaluation... so #vscode it was. After making it less black and improve contrast here and there it is okish, but I still miss copy pasting code not ending up with the right indents; HTML mode stuff within erb (ruby) templates... (close tags). And in general it is just a mess with all these extensions...

Matt Lehrer
3 weeks ago

Console Ninja is such a nice quality of life improvement in VS Code. It inlines console log output the way you probably see errors from eslint, for example.

I have gone from being a little annoyed that they are treating an extension like a business with a real marketing push before launch to thinking they are geniuses that improved my life. I probably will pay them if they settle on a reasonable price for pro features. Check it out.
#vscode #programming

3 weeks ago

WOAH, #JetBrains not only shows which methods in a class have been modified and added since the last #GIT checkin, but also shows the author of the function?!? When did they add that, and what other amazing feature am I missing since suffering through #VSCode because [Large Corp] is horribly obstinate to spend money on quality tools for their developers?

Editor window showing javascript code and an outline of the code with colors denoting methods that have been added, modified, and by whom
3 weeks ago

Anyone use an #email client that is more modern than say #Gmail?

I feel like a browser-based email client that "feels" a bit like #vscode, with good keyboard shortcuts, compose emails with markdown, has a community plug-in ecosystem and supports scripting, and is maybe free or #FOSS?

Midnight City is by far the most usable synthwave theme for VSCode #synthwave #vscode

RT Alvin Ashcraft 🐿
PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code Spring 2023 Update by Steve Lee and Sydney Smith.
#powershell #vscode #scripting


RT Anthony Bartolo
🚀 The May 2023 release of Python for Visual Studio @code includes new features like Microvenv support for Create Environment command and Automatic conversion of f-strings with Pylance! 🐍 Learn more here: #Python #VSCode


Media source:
David Anson
3 weeks ago

Updated: markdownlint #VSCode #Markdown #linting extension to v0.50.0

- Update markdownlint version (markdownlint-cli2 v0.7.1, markdownlint v0.28.2)
- New “fix all violations of this rule in the document” code action

3 weeks ago

I'm gonna treat #VSCode as dead in the next year if they don't move their syntax highlighting system to tree-sitter 😞

VSCode (TextMate) syntax highlighter sure is slow but that's not the main problem. My problem is it allocate a lot of memory.

Andre Polykanine
3 weeks ago

The #VSCode bug with first-letter navigation in Explorer was fixed in the latest Insider build.

Michal Bryxí 🌱
3 weeks ago

#TIL that when you have some hidden (unicode - characters in text, then many places (including terminals) don't show them. Which might make hunting for WTF is wrong quite tricky.
Luckily when you copy said string to #VsCode, it shows invisible characters and marks them in an easy to recognise way 🙇🏻

irb(main):008:0> tmp = Account.find(87).phone_number
  Account Load (2.3ms)  SELECT "accounts".* FROM "accounts" WHERE "accounts"."id" = $1 LIMIT $2  [["id", 87], ["LIMIT", 1]]
=> "420‭778494979‬"
irb(main):009:0> tmp == '420778494979'
=> false
3 weeks ago

@devinprater True, but *only* on Windows. The same web-based UI guarantees #VSCode #Accessibility is total shit on everything else.

Devin Prater :blind:
3 weeks ago

Okay so I know like, I'm not the biggest fan of VS Code's way of doing things, being a big ol' Electron app and such, but goodness they definitely work with what they've got.

Screen reader users can exclude hints from a feature's aria-label to decrease redundancy via the "accessibility.verbosity.diff-editor" and "accessibility.verbosity.terminal" settings.

#accessibility #vscode

#ICYMI Check out this week's livstream with. Jeffrey Mew gives an indepth overview and demo of #DataWrangler in #vscode and bonus we get some Titanic trivia!
#DataScience @pythonvscode


Media source:
Michal Bryxí 🌱
3 weeks ago

How do you know it's #TGIF?
- My #Obsidian vault started failing to load any and all the tasks.
- Bisected the git backup of the vault and found offending commit. Which made #Fork to fail to display said diff.
- Exported the diff and opened it in #vscode. Tried to search for a sus patterns which made the IDE to ... [drum roll] ... fail.
*le sigh*

Andre Polykanine
3 weeks ago

In the last Insider builds of #VSCode they broke first-letter navigation in the Explorer tab. If it is as important for you as it is for me, please go to the issue and put a thumbs-up reaction. Thanks! #Accessibility

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
3 weeks ago

@randomgeek $work has me using #VScode instead of my favored #BBEdit, and it’s okay. The remote dev stuff is pretty slick, and of course since it’s so damn popular the plugins automate what would ordinarily be more manual customizations elsewhere.

Kinda wish now that @bbedit would embrace a similar plug-in model with an in-app directory instead of requiring manual dropping of custom scripts and configs in various places.

Random Geek
3 weeks ago

I assume most chatty folks I know are more interested in Neovim, Emacs, Nano, and Helix — I know I am — but #VSCode 1.78 includes profile templates so you can specify which extensions to load for what you're doing.

I like that.

⏳ We're going live in 10 minutes with a demo on effortless #data analysis and cleaning with #datawrangler in #vscode! Join us and bring your questions for the team!
#jupyter #python @pythonvscode


Media source:

I'm really digging the new Profiles feature in #vscode

With it, I can disable extensions and only have the ones that I want for a specific kind of task. For example,I only see Vale guidance for documentation tasks for work.

Pro Tip: name your profiles beginning with an emoji, and you can easily tell at a glance which profile is active by looking at the Settings icon

screenshot of VSCode settings icon on the Activity Bar, showing an active profile with a book emoji (for documentation)
screenshot of VSCode settings icon on the Activity Bar, showing an active profile with a lambda emoji (for clojure coding)

📢 On this Thursday's livestream, Jeffrey Mew is here to demo effortless #data analysis and cleaning with #datawrangler in #vscode! Add to calendar 📆 and join us ▶️
8 am Seattle / 11 am New York / 4 pm London


Media source:
Emelia 👸🏻
1 month ago

A little VS Code / git protip: in your global git configuration, you can setup files that are globally ignored, e.g.,

git config --global --add core.excludesfile "/<full path to your homedir>/.config/git/ignore"

Then you edit "~/.config/git/ignore" and add in the line .vscode/settings.json and your workspace setting overrides will no longer make your repository dirty.

#vscode #git