2 weeks ago

It would sure be inspirational to write a book here.. it's pricey, I'm told. I can drive here in 20 minutes, so I'll never stay at the Liscombe Lodge or their cabins but they are situated in a great place.

There's #Trails (LIscomb Trail ) #Waterfalls #Cabins #Boating We went up under the bridge in our boat. NO one else does that. #WAYCTV

#LISCOMB, Little Liscomb & Liscomb Mills, no E ending, except on the Tourist Lodge spelling #NovaScotia

Listening to Brown Eyed Girl while floating away from the waterfalls at the riverside resort Liscombe Lodge. The falls are right in front, then we turn and head under the new bridge, music still playing along in the boat. 

There's  trees and mowed lawns on the shore of the cabin section of the Lodge
3 weeks ago

@PricklyPam I use a hashtag when showing Nova Scotia, so others can visit virtually through me, and they can plan their vacations to see things that Nova Scotia tourism doesn't talk about. We've made several detailed trips around the coast of Nova Scotia, taking photos and writing travel blogs of each place. From my home computer I have thousands of photos, previously posted in Google Plus, Instagram, and the former Twitter. Google may bring them up elsewhere #WAYCTV when are you coming to visit

3 weeks ago

#BayOfFundy #NovaScotia #Ocean #Camping

Have you ever walked on the ocean floor? #TimeLapse shows the rising tide, highest in the world, with notes on the video.

#WAYCTV Many wondered exist in Nova Scotia, this is one of the nicest areas to visit, you should pin it on your map?

Five Islands is a rural community in Colchester County Nova Scotia with a population of 316 located on the north shore of Minas Basin,-64.1316528,57524m/data=!3m1!1e3

Sand-rock ocean floor, increasingly filled by incoming tide. Each change has new text over, explaining the Bay Of Fundy, World's Highest tides. - Briefly
Tidal range - 13 m  (43 ft); Worldwide tides are only 1 m (3.3 ft) 
Some are higher due to moon, sun, and atmospheric conditions
Due to resonance and shape of the bay it produces the world's highest tides by a rocking process known as seiche
NOTES added, twice a day it does this, heating the sand and then the incoming water, and you can walk on the ocean floor between tides
3 weeks ago

I've a busy day planned. This is all I have time for. But when you plan your trip Eve.. let me know, I can pick you up at the airport to start you on your trip ;P
/END /FIN Stick a fork in me, I'm done

@evelynefoerster #WAYCTV #NovaScotia #Hiking #Adventure

Sunset over the mountains. A successful hiking day complete
Shameless selfie at the top overlooking the Bras D'Or lakes, far below. 
I'm wearing my OCEANS OF MYSTERY hat (Worked with those people in the Navy) and my Q104 (radio) TeeShirt that says INCREDIBLY LOUD SUMMER. I've a long wide white moustache, formerly waxed tipped (military style) but relaxed in retirement to a semi-curl and I wear glasses.
Jasper moved while we were out hiking. Here's where we found him when we returned. The door of the RV Camper van, with him laying across the step, a water jug and shoes around him
3 weeks ago

I like trees. I never knew how much, when I lived in a Tin Can (Ship) at sea. Now I can't get enough trees in my life. Covered in Polypores, supporting Mushrooms and providing necessary CO2 sink and air filtering. #ClimateChange strategy should always include planting more trees, I'm expected to plant 20 this year myself, most are grown from seed.

Back to the Adventure.
#Breathtaking #Views

@evelynefoerster #WAYCTV #NovaScotia #Trees
Just a few more photos for Eve, to complete my teasing

Trees, nice trees. Providing an enchanted forests look, mostly trees with leaves, providing more light on the mountain face than the Spruce or Pine trees do
Top of the mountain views over the Bras D'Or lakes. I can almost see Marble Mountain over there, where my aunts and uncle lived once.
the view from the mountain (zoomed) of the village of Whycocomagh below. A church steeple, and some homes and a garage and some commercial buildings. The highway goes through at the base of this mountain, and to the right in this photo
Looking down at other smaller mountain ranges, and over the top at unusual Curled tops and shapes of the surrounding mountain ranges. These are far from the biggest mountains in Cape Breton ,but you'll get to the top on these onese
3 weeks ago

There's no real way to communicate what I saw, what you are missing, and why you aren't planning your trip already? #WAYCTV โ—„ The scenic side of #NovaScotia . You should come?

The view at the top, over the Bras D'Or lakes.. We were just in Cape Breton two weeks ago, but I'd go right back for a few more days here. #Whycocomagh #CapeBreton #Mountains #Trails #Hiking #Swimming
This isn't a helicopter ride, save your money and your strength, we're *legging* this adventure

Through the trees, at one point on the mountain trail, a log blocks part of the view, but there's water, and islands seen beyond
An info map of the mountains, the location and park of Whycocomagh Provincial Park
Looking over a ledge down to the ocean (lake) below
A nice steep view, of miles of trees on the way to the ocean (lake) below.
3 weeks ago

Have you ever been to Cape Breton?

You should go! #WAYCTV

#CapeBreton #Sunrise #Dawn #Ocean #Sydney #AltText

A beautiful dark morning over the ocean. The soon-coming daylight, has filtered through the clouds to produce purple pink black silhouettes, very early morning
1 month ago

More big rocks. I lost all my curated text. We're located now near Monk's Head, the point of where our last visit ran out. All the trails to the West have been covered. We return to finish the easterly route through Pomquet.

Now I'm just sampling the rocks
You probably won't see mention of these rocks and any other maps or directions. Just remember where I showed you.
#hiking #Beachcombing #exploring #Rock #Geology #beach #WAYCTV

Huge Rock looks like a house with a chimney on the side. Down at the high tide mark
A large near-round Boulder it looks like it melted on reentry a little melted portion keeps out of round
It looks like something you'd see near the pyramids a massive Rock carb like a square building with a head like the movie the alien
A map showing from monks head to Pomquet. At this point we're at the top center of  the beach. The small yellow line was the trail we were finishing, and we had finished and gone beyond
1 month ago

If you follow #tourist guides, you won't find this. If you Google, or trust #TourismNS, you won't find this. Rocks don't pay for listings.
There's no crowds, for that reason.
#Rocks #Beach #Hiking #Exploring #Beachcombing

I have more photos, and I'll never run out of places to show off. I don't #TravelBlog dining experiences. We personally evaluated every beach, shore, wild islands, trails, and wilderness of #NovaScotia. That's the real experience.

Common on many shores, coastal erosion is exacerbated by climate change. A large mud rock side has collapsed and slid into the beach. Tides and waves reach shoreline banks and either tear sections off, or wash out the base and the banks collapse
My wife is picking slabs off this unusual soft rock. Feels like limestone, sandstone, or shale in weight and consistency. Mother nature has carved and patterned the rock surface
It's as if a massive rock split, we can walk under and between, on low tide. You can't return this way if the tide is high
Close up on a massive rock face. Like the scales of a giant sea creature. Just sitting there on the sand, in an area you would never find, unless you are taking notes?
1 month ago

#Pomquet Nova Scotia

During one of our exploring trips around the coast, we never finished the continuous trails on the south side of Antigonish. That's why we went back. You can't brag about places you've never been.

Piping Plovers #SpeciesAtRisk,the%20four%2Dweek%20incubation%20period.
Several sandy beaches, any with dunes or sand bars, should be considered nesting areas. Stay on wet sand, dogs on a leash. #Beach

We've spent 3 days exploring this region of #NovaScotia
You should come? #WAYCTV

Boardwalk and vault toilet at the edge of the parking lot, at Pomquet Beach
Piping Plovers
Live here
(Outline map showing protected nesting areas on dry sand and thin beach grasses. Dogs, and feet must stay away from those areas
Sign (local) French speaking region, 
S.V.P. garder vos chiens sur une laisse.
(a painted picture of a Piping Plovers)
En anglais, ca veut dire,
Please keep your dogs on a leash.
Please walk on the wet sand
1 month ago

The hardest video to capture was Hermit Crabs. Easy to see, darting around in shallow warm water, but after you overcome screen glare in the bright sun, surface glare, and ripples, the little bugger won't move! #Shazbot!!
#Crabs #HermitCrabs #Beach #Sand #Video

I've got a storm to outrun, in a house on wheels, that'll all for now. When home, digicam will be downloaded & added later. Surf the hashtag while you wait. #WAYCTV
If you are a #Photographer posting NS photos, please tag them too.

A video of a hermit crab moving on the sand
1 month ago

There's too many Beaches and photos to do at once. Wait until I sit at a PC again, and check my digital camera.
#PortHood boasts 5 Beaches. On a previous visit, we thought there were only two, because that's the only break in the shore.
Shallow sandy beach heats in the sun, and keeps the incoming tide warm, from the bottom up.
It's the only time I go deeper than my knees. You see people wading 100 feet out.
#WARNING Sand gets in your shoes. Deal with it! #WAYCTV

You can't tell, but I know that's my wife wading along with her cane. She's 40 feet away, still up to her ankles. There's supervised beaches with more depth, the wading a mile is the awesome part. Little hermit crabs all around you scurrying
Just a lot of sand. So much sand, so warm, caressing your feet as you sift with your toes. 
Oh, and there's an ocean! Warmest in the province. 
There are groups of people sparsely dotted on blankets. Sometimes you see no one.
Our chosen RV Campground was right on the beach road. It's the only RV park, not the best. Location is everything. Smaller beach, but closer. My wife walks with her cane down the gravel pathway from the RV Campground to the beach below. Above her dotted people on the beach, the ocean, and a bit of Port Hood Island
Sand and more sand. At the edge, delicate protected grasses grow, nesting for birds, and a vibrant ecosystem. Look past the sand. But stay on boardwalks
1 month ago

#Tourism You'll find some bias and payola in #NovaScotia : #CapeBreton, Halifax, Peggys Cove and Yarmouth are over-covered.

I've driven every turn along the coast, to show you what the whole province is actually like, the 100s of quaint private #beaches, 100 wild islands, Liscomb Trails, Pictou.. etc.
And I tag those posts, #WAYCTV
(When Are You Coming To Visit), on platforms.
We've been before, that's why we returned. It's all #beach, warmer than the rest of our ocean. #PortHood #Banners

Banner on street post, Port Hood, Cape Breton Island , Nova Scotia
Banner on street post, Port Hood, Cape Breton Island , Nova Scotia
Banner on street post, Port Hood, Cape Breton Island , Nova Scotia
The ripped pattern on an endless sandy beach. A hashtag drawn in, #WAYCTV
2 months ago

If you visit city of #Dartmouth, you'll find some waterfront boardwalks that reveal a former canalway, once closed and reopened. #NovaScotia #WAYCTV

History of the Marine Railway, Flume House, Cradle and Sullivans Pond

Part of the Shubenacadie Canal District, with a history to reveal.
Parks and trails along the Canal run outside the city also, for a continuous hiking, biking or sightseeing opportunity.

#History #ShubenacadieCanal #Walking #Biking #Hiking #Scenic

a building, used to control locks for a canal, from Halifax harbour . City buildings, water showing in the start of the canal with wooden bridges and crossings
2 months ago

#MeatCove isn't accessible right now. We've been there before @capnthommo and I recommend visiting it once, there's nice trails above there, I've videoed our trip down the Washboard gravel road, now mostly washed out with flash floods.
We prefer staying in Whycogomah Provincial Park, it's great hiking the mountain trails, a nice view spot, and close to all central beaches along Lake Ainsle? and Port Hood.
#NovaScotia #WAYCTV #Video #CapeBreton
Music by McGinty

2 months ago

Things are a tad foggy down Peggy's way

Take a look?

I've carefully inserted a clearer video for you to enjoy and share.
Sure, it's famous. Because, it's all anyone talks about #PeggysCove , and there's a gazillion other amazing places in #NovaScotia. You should come visit? When? #WAYCTV
#Video #Ocean #Lighthouse #Famous #StMargaretsBay

A lighthouse on the right, the famous one, with worn smooth rocks under it, cracked in sections, waves crashing the shore towards the rocks, a rather normal day. The light is spinning and every few second faces you and flashes
2 months ago

#BayOfFundy #FiveIslands #Ocean

I just happened to create a little #Travel adventure here to show you how I travel and describe things afterwards so you and others can plan decent adventures in Nova Scotia, without touristy pushed crowded destinations There's #Beaches everywhere.

#NovaScotia #WAYCTV #Camping
Nearby, the Provincial Park is booked years in advance. But, other RV parks are nearby. We walked the ocean floor

My wife and I walking on the ocean floor. Bay of Fundy (Highest Tides in the World) Rise above all this twice daily, and when it drains, you can walk across the bottom of the ocean floor. We're just walking, no talking, some wind as we see what looks like sand dunes running off in the distance between islands
2 months ago


And of course, on any trip, there's a final destination. We've been to #CapeBreton many times, blogged every route already (lost it with weak Social Media platform G+) But we will see #PortHood again.
The sand burned our feet last time we visited. So, you know we have to go back?
There's a concert week, good to be sure there's a place to stay.
I'll blog Sunset Sands after a test trip.
@MaJ1 #NovaScotia #Travel #Beaches #WAYCTV #Camping

Sand bars that create pools along a sandy beach with people swimming or wading in the ocean of Port Hood beach
A wooden boardwalk over protected marsh grasses.  Rail on one side, other side goes to the beach. The beach wraps around the marshes and connects with other beaches to form miles of wading in sandy beach water, to keep your feet cool. Each beach is considered a hiking adventure in many cases
The sun is reflecting off the ocean. Some land mass in the distance, probably an island, boat and buoy in the middle and some shallow salt water  pools between sand bars of the beach
A group of about 5-6 people (Family) on their own section of beach, in the ocean, with sand all around them
2 months ago

We did all those places in one of our *CIRCLE THE PROVINCE* trips in our RV Camper over a few years. Even repeated trips, do not allow enough time to explore. You can physically travel across #NovaScotia in a single day. Why bother?
You'll see nothing, & it will rain the whole way. Find a place to explore, & make it detailed. We've walked every #trail & beach, but were unable to finish #Pomquet trails.
So we will return to complete that mission.

@MaJ1 #Travel #Beaches #WAYCTV #Camping

Mahoney's Beach, above Antigonish. Long sandy beach, the protected marshlands have Poison Ivy signs warning you to stay off the marsh and avoid contact. On our day, it was not as warm here as expected. But we owned the beach, as we always do, being the only ones there during work days
My wife walking in the ocean surf along the sandy beach. She is disabled but has made progress walking with a cane, and we  hike each beach, for as long as she can endure. When she runs out of energy, we start again another day. This beach took about 5 hours to completely explore.  It's unmarked, known to locals, at the end of a dirt road you would only find with a map and interest to see where the road went. That's how to see Nova Scotia
My wife has gone deeper, up to her knees wading across the water. 
Unbelievably warm water. I have been to Bermuda and Puerto Rico too many times to enjoy cold Atlantic temperatures in N.S., but this was like a hot tub. It took an hour to find this hidden cove around the back. There's many more like this, only the locals can find.
Many beaches, those with sand dunes and marshes, have protected areas, for dune grasses and prevention of damage, and for wildlife. PIPING PLOVER BREEDING AREA. DO NOT DISTURB sign.
2 months ago

On G+, every day trip, #adventure, or #vacation was documented. Every beach/attraction that we saw, was detailed so others could benefit from our legwork.
#Google & #TourismNS omit any place not paying to be mentioned. This is how I describe my next beach trip @MaJ1 :

#Antigonish to #HavreBouche #Travel #NovaScotia #Beaches #WAYCTV

Mahoneys; MacDonalds; Cribbons; Dunns; Pomquet; Bayfield; West Arm; Barrios; Cape Jack

#Camping 902-232-3117
Hyclass Ocean Campground

A screen capture of Google Maps, showing the North East area of mainland Nova Scotia. Antigonish to Havre Bouche beaches are highlighted. There's more than 9 on this 52 km trip. We need to take our RV Camper, and I mention HyClass Ocean Campground location where we would stay. On the way, we'll visit Pomquet Beach, with 8-10 kms of trails we were unable to finish last trip. Each beach will take hours. At the end of Day one, we stay at the campground, finishing the remaining beaches on our way to Cape Breton North West Beaches.
3 months ago

Blinded by the light
Revved up like a deuce
Another runner in the night ๐ŸŽถ

The sun had my attention. I'm starting to like the bright late-riser.

The work day may be short lived, so I'm heading out to work soon. It's becoming a red haze at 0600h.
Here's what you missed so far..
#Sunrise #Coffee #MyBackYard #Deck I wonder what the girls in Finland are doing today?
Hello from #HalifaxNS , looking over Necum Teuch, soft sandy harbour.
#NovaScotia #WAYCTV

Sunrise. The sun filters through a single spruce tree. 
The lawn is green, to the edge of the harbour, the ocean surface sparkles in a light orange hue, reflecting the clouds overhead.
Across the harbour, the horizon is a silhouette of dark treeline below the sun. 
Through the tree, a dot of sun, its reflection larger on the water
A bright red balloon floats effortlessly above the dark horizon. The ocean below, mirrors its colours. Wait, it's not a balloon, it's the sun!
A weathered wooden patio deck. Part of the chair legs and BBQ showing. A good place to have a coffee and watch the sunrise
3 months ago

"Why the hell would someone want to?" @glen_malley (Live here in #NovaScotia ? ) #WAYCTV

It's not always foggy, and the best spots don't get #Google or #TourismNS recognition. ( If you don't pay your tiny village listing fees, you cease to exist. Drive along the coast of #Halifax until you run out of #Cellular and #Healthcare, and that's where the good stuff starts. Before you reach the end of #Halifax , if you've never driven the coastal #HRM #7 highway, ask for the hot spots? #TaylorHead

Bright green leaves canopied over a shallow River, with visible rocks and a trickle of water
A striking orange hue over the morning ocean, reflecting the colors of the cloud and Dawn in the sky. Trees line the foreground, and across the harbor a dark silhouette of trees below where the sun should burst through soon
A cluster of mushrooms against the base of a tree, around them are green ferns some dark leaves and a normal Forest base
Sunrise over the ocean, in my backyard, The Horizon is black silhouette of trees, with bright yellow streaks leading to red and orange clouds. The mirror images reflected back from the smooth ocean surface to intensify the effect
3 months ago

As a former DJ, I played a FIESTA night on #TancookIsland. The logistics were challenging, a fully loaded long DJ Van, was emptied into a container, hoisted on the ferry and dropped on the island, where a local with a van took me to the hall. They had to keep me overnight, the Ferry stops, no Public Accommodation was available. The whole island population (under 200 at largest) came to the event. Met former Sailors living there
#NovaScotia #Webcams #WAYCTV

Nova Scotia Webcam view of Tancook Island wharf. An L shaped dock full of fishing boats and one larger Ferry that goes to Chester daily. There's nothing much more to see, it's an overcast morning, rather gloomy as the weather predicted.
3 months ago

@canusfeminacanis It's a whole platform, and a webcam for you to visit and see it anytime, mark the cameras, there's something to see everywhere.
#PeggysCove #NovaScotia #Webcams #WAYCTV LIVE

3 months ago

The cat and I watched sunset from my RV but I like to look around and see what the sunset looks like in other parts of the province. You can too, if you follow this link.. Two images from Nova Scotia Webcams
#Sunset #NovaScotia #WAYCTV

#HallsHarbour is on the Bay of Fundy, the highest tides in the world. Picture one, notice the boats are sitting on the ocean floor, you can walk across it between tides.
#TancookIsland, the ferry wharf, right as the sun was going down

Boats high and dry on the floor of the ocean. Tide is out. A tiny community on the bay of fundy, a few buildings and the wharf shown
A wharf with small boats, on Tancook Island, off the coast of Chester Nova Scotia. Check the camera at night, the sunsets are nice
4 months ago

Bridgetown, nestled in the beautiful #AnnapolisValley of #NovaScotia. #WAYCTV
A #TimeCapsule in Jubilee Park (Queen Elizabeth II), beneath a rock.
232 Granville St: May 15 - Oct 15

A Natural Playground using elements found in nature โ€“ logs, boulders, hills, sand, stumps โ€“ put together to create a unique play area for children. Also a bandstand, full washrooms, kayak rentals, and the #Bridgetown Visitor Information Center.

#GoodMorning #Bonjour #GutenMorgen #WAZZUP!

A rock, in Jubilee Park, which hides the time capsule. It reads...

Each generation plays 
its best upon this stage;
This stage remains. 
The actors change; 
it was theirs
and now is thine

Sealed in 2000. To be opened in 2022 & 2097. 
Margaret-Jane Ogden

(Senior English/History Teacher (retired) at Annapolis Valley School Board, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada)
4 months ago

The rain may be running out!
Fires are still burn.
Are they lifting open fire ban too soon?. #NovaScotia

The high winds & heavy rain did some tree damage too. I've lost blossoms, leaves & some broken tops.

I wonder how the grape vines are doing? There's only buds on grape vines in one end of Halifax, and full leaves ripped off at the other end.

Maybe you recognize the #Vineyard?
There's some fine #wines in the Valley.. Like #Luckett , Lots of Wine Tasting Tours #WAYCTV

A phone booth, the British kind, red, tall, with a crest at the top and the name LUCKETT across the talley plate. 

It's in the middle of a vineyard owned by well known Pete Luckett, and there is a phone in there.. to call the main  building from the field. Nova Scotia doesn't have the cellular service that Bell lies about.
4 months ago

Hank gave back, to children, and community. His story is available in the museum. Go have a look?

We'll probably have to go back too, it's an attractive historical coastline.

#Liverpool #POI #travel #WAYCTV #CountryMusic #Legend #NovaScotia #Thread #AltText

Hank Snow International Foundation for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect of Children INC. 
Photos and cards on a board
Gold decorated ADMIRAL -like uniform, his stage suit. With pictures behind it of many friends and performances
The Hank Snow Play Ground
This playground was built on the birth site on Hank Snow. He returned to Brooklyn in 1979 to dedicate money to build this park.
Google Map, pointing out the location along the Highway 3, Lighthouse Route. 

Avoid any 100 series highways, in this case, the 103. They are designed for speed to avoid sights and communities. Not where tourists should be.
4 months ago

HEY! Hank's playing on 30th MAY!
There's much to see inside the museum. I took pictures of everything but I don't want to spoil your visit. When are you going? I think they open in July, don't quote me. I recommend you stay on the # 3 highway. Because, every coastal town is a treasure, all the way to the city of Halifax.

"The Legendary HANK SNOW, direct from Nashville USA, THUR 30 MAY FESTIVAL HALL"

#Liverpool #POI #travel #WAYCTV #CountryMusic #Legend #NovaScotia #Thread #AltText

Posters by IRVING (oil company)
for COUNTRY DAYS, his shows, over decades
The Rainbow Ranch Boys costumes. >They dress terrible and glitzy on stage in Nashville. A little too flamboyant for my tastes, and I'm pretty weird. Shirts in styles and colours I would not wear, on display
The Legendary HANK SNOW, direct from Nashville USA, THUR 30 MAY FESTIVAL HALL
4 months ago

Those #ClassicCars !!โ—„ Worth the visit, excluding this musical ride.

The Best Of Hank Snow โ™ซ 122 min #Music #NowPlaying #NSR

#HankSnow made 840 commercial recordings between 1936 & 1984.
He sang few #Railroad songs, but due to his career-making 1950 hits, "Iโ€™m Moving On" & "The Golden Rocket", the N.S-born #country singer will always be associated with #railroads & #traveling songs.

#Liverpool #POI #Travel #WAYCTV #CountryMusic #Legend #NovaScotia #Thread #AltText

Hank Snow's First Cadillac a 1947 convertible, placed inside with displays of painted scenes of people and a building
I think it's a cadillac but it's dark and I'm not a car  buff .. records are lined across the wall in rows behind this car. This man had nearly a 1000 songs out there.
4 months ago

The museum is just down the South Shore in #Liverpool, N.S. A nice overnight parking is available for RV/Stays nearby.. Shopping in view.

"Located on Nova Scotiaโ€™s beautiful Lighthouse Route, just 1 minute off Hwy. 103, exit 19, in Liverpool, halfway between Yarmouth and Halifax."

Inside are displays of Grand Old Opry, famous friends and two of his classic cars!

#Country #Billboard #POI #Travel #Brooklyn #WAYCTV #CountryMusic #Legend #NovaScotia #Nashville #Folk #Thread #HankSnow #AltText

A statue of Hank Snow at the entrance to the museum in Liverpool Nova Scotia. He's holding a guitar, sitting on a stool.
4 months ago

"All Things Hank"
Whatta ya know about Hank Snow?

Clarence Eugene "Hank" Snow
๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ/โ€‹๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโ€‹ #Country music singer & songwriter. Most popular in the 1950s, his career spanned more than 50 years. He recorded 140 albums & charted more than 85 singles on the #Billboard country charts from 1950 until 1980.

#POI if you #Travel Nova Scotia

#Brooklyn #WAYCTV #Country #CountryMusic #Legend #NovaScotia #Nashville #Folk #Thread #HankSnow #AltText @Papablue

A painting of Hank Snow, holding a Pipe in his right hand and a ring on  his finger showing HS initials. He's wearing a bowtie and gaudy Nashville glamour jacket
4 months ago

@msquebanh You're milder out there. I notice a big difference in less than 160kms. our Eastern Shore (Beautiful, you should begin saving now for your vacations here #WAYCTV ๐Ÿ˜Žโ€‹) We are 2 weeks behind, have different weeds, pests, and produce success. Can't grow root veggies east, the pheasants dig them up. Also, I'm always looking for pots, because my gardening THANG is trees. Need to keep them in buckets up to 4 years or more. I snagged a few hundred, food grade, FREE. Container gardening is EZ

4 months ago

Good morning from Nova Scotia. #WAYCTV Friday, good day to plan a beach trip..

Selfie on the beach. Breakers and sand behind me
5 months ago

#StoryTime #Thread

There's never been #cellular service, but in 1980s there were payphones at each community, if your car broke down, you could walk to a phone. Today, tourists are stranded. No services in the most scenic areas. #HRMPoli #NSPoli #Tourism

#EcumSecum (Google it) spans the next County, but #Halifax begins at the bridge.
You get radio signals, the morning news & amazing #Sunrise down on South Side Rd.

Isn't it pretty?

#Ocean #EasternShore #Video #FollowTheCoast #WAYCTV

From the window of my vehicle, listening to the morning weather, where radio signal is strongest, down on the south side. The sunrise is coming, and the sky is red-orange, with reflections off the ocean. The radio is CBC morning news station, usually rebroadcast this far out.
5 months ago

#StoryTime #Thread

Back in the 1960 & 1970s, I'd be at my father's place in Necum Teuch, but in 1980, I bought a home down the road from him.

I'd already owned 2 other properties, hoping to build, but this rare spot came up for sale.
It had apple trees, lilacs, surrounded by ocean, every sea creature came into the yard, seals, otters, geese, ducks.
Cool #ocean breeze in hottest of summers. A dream location.

Even in fog, you should see the views?

#EasternShore #FollowTheCoast #WAYCTV

A foggy dawn, the ocean is out there, at the end of my back yard, where river otters have come down into the harbour to play on my shore. Watch for little bumps on the bottom right
5 months ago

#StoryTime #Thread

There was a garage next door to the store. I think the same owner once?

But the garage mechanic was a person you'd never forget. S L O W talking, slow walking, a simple mechanic, that did things precision shops don't do today.
Fixed everything. Welded the leg on my ironing board in 1981. The weld still holds today.

"How much, Les?"
"Couple of bucks?"

He always posed it as a question, 'like is $2 too much?'

#EasternShore #MoserRiver #Halifax #FollowTheCoast #WAYCTV

A former central point in the community, *Les' Garage* Les is also gone now, but his garage is a private one now, there's no gas for 50 miles along this stretch of highway now.
5 months ago

#StoryTime #Thread

Like everything else along the #EasternShore most is gone today.

We'd walk, or hitchhike, up the road to the store. Sometimes an Aunt would need something and send us. We didn't need money. All store employees knew every child, and every adult that sent them for cigarettes to add to their monthly bill.

The store had hours, but if a light was on, just knock. We'd go see Parades at the store in the 80s. All villages came too.

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A tractor drags a trailer, decorated and filled with kids, a rural parade, that everyone from several communities come to participate.
5 months ago

#StoryTime #Thread
Besides weekend dances, churches were often focal points for a community.

The United Church in Moser River, had a basement hall, the kind that has craft sales, community dinners, public dances and in our case, a wedding. Our wedding reception was held here.

Just before they tore it down, a few years ago, I thought to take one more photo, from sea, as we passed by in the harbour. Memories lost now.

Alpha & Omega?

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A church, on a bit of a hill, it has a steeple at the front, and a long larger portion of multiple levels. There was a basement hall, and more at one time. The church was completely removed a few years ago, even with this photo, you could not find the spot
Front entrance of the church, a side-road, once the main highway, this was the United Church in Moser River (Halifax) Nova Scotia (Now completely gone)
A black and White photo from 1950s, when the road was gravel and the church was new. Tall steeple in front, a few trees and unfinished gravel hillside.
You can't find this spot now. Former Church -  Photo taken in 2009 (date stamp in bottom right corner), I thought this was a later photo, this was not taken from my boat, there's snow up there on the hill!
5 months ago

#StoryTime #Thread (continued)

My parents owned a cottage in #NecumTeuch, and my father and I were SCUBA divers, licensed to dive for Scallops, and we paid for our diving gear selling our fresh catch to #Halifax restaurants.
We knew the waters very well.

Just up (or down) the road (depending who you ask) is a town called Moser River.

That's where all the nightlife was. ๐Ÿ˜‚โ€‹
We went to dances in the church basement as kids. Lots of memories.

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Two friends at the door of the church hall, smoking on the stairway, a boy and a girl, barely teenagers.
5 months ago

#StoryTime #Thread

#HALIFAX (as it is rebranded now) is a Municipality, from west of the City, to 100 mi / 160 kms, along the #EasternShore.
At one time, each village circled in GREEN, was a central point, a store, a gas station, a bus pickup, PayPhone or a #tourism destination.

In 60s, cousins & I sold fresh cooked clams to tourists on the #7 Highway, along the coastline.

#NovaScotia has 13,000 km of #coastline! That's what people come to see? #FollowTheCoast!

#WAYCTV #Retirement

A zoomed portion of Halifax, showing circled towns or villages of interest, for a store, a gas station, pay phone, or place to see.
6 months ago

#Introduction #TwitterMigration 2022

ex-sailor, tried #Navy, didn't like it, quit after 33 years.

Ran a Mobile #DJ Biz; Taxman took the fun away.

"I"ve been to both ends of #Halifax, have you?"

#Military Brat: attended more schools than years, incl.Germany.

3 #Cats, Feral, Rescue & Stray.
You'll notice that I have #ADHD.

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Background: Management, Safety, Quality, Engineering, Computers, PERL, HTML

A small warship passes under a bridge over a canal.
(former) Canadian DDH 265, HMCS Annapolis bow (pointy end) to the right. You could only see it if you knew to look but there is a flight deck at the stern with a helicopter on it Photo Black and White 1974, transiting the Kiel Canal, Germany
Ellie Kennard ๐ŸŒฑ
6 months ago

Have a lovely Sunday everyone. I hope you all stay warm and dry. It's pretty miserably outside today, so we're staying indoors.
This was taken a few years ago, but could be today, from the look of it.
Look for the light, there is always some if you look hard enough.

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A windswept field with thick fog drifting across it and a light covering of snow has two small bare trees. One is in the foreground, to the left, the other is middle of the middle ground. In the distance are darker hills, partly obscured by the fog. The parts of bare ground we see are brown with dried grasses. The sky has heavy clouds with one patch of light just managing to break through.
Ellie Kennard ๐ŸŒฑ
6 months ago

And finally for today:

Not for the faint of heart.

We like to live dangerously in Nova Scotia.
"ExTreme NudiTy, Keep Blowing Horn"

#WAYCTV (When Are You Coming To Visit) Only for the brave. #OnlyForTheBrave
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A snow covered road leads through a forest of young trees that are also covered in snow. The sign that is visible on a tree to the left of the road reads "Extreme Nudity Keep Blowing Horn".
Ellie Kennard ๐ŸŒฑ
6 months ago

Kingsport Beach and Bi-Plane
Longing for summer beach days like this one.This was taken in 2014, on one of our beach walks.We have wonderful beaches in Nova Scotia, something for everyone -some with sand or stone, pebble or rocks. This is on the Bay of Fundy near Canning.Have a lovely day,friends,dream of sunny summer days.
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A sandy beach is in the foreground, with a couple of golden dogs and a white one playing at the water's edge. There is a person standing on the beach near the water probably taking a photo of the sky where there is a biplane flying by. Three other people stand near watching the plane. A spit of dark stone slipway for boats leads down into the water from the left of the frame, with a few people standing on it, and a few vehicles. The whole scene is slightly soft.
Rastaโ„ข OLD
7 months ago

We've never met another person on this beach. Locals come, but you always have the beach to yourself.

Sometimes a seal come up a few feet off shore, and stares back at you. Summer isn't long enough to see this one area.

I have a backup to start, going to shut down.

Good Night, CYA in the AM?

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A large stone beach, a lady sitting alone. Nothing but ocean out there, and the sound of the surf,
Rastaโ„ข OLD
7 months ago

You may notice I use the #WAYCTV hashtag? That's an acronym for When Are You Coming To Visit? WAYCTV
That's showing you the beauty of #NovaScotia.
Go ahead, take a minute to chase the hashtag and plan your future vacations

#Video #Collection #Morning #Dawn #Ocean #Twilight #Clouds #Thread #GIF
#Sunrise #Rural #Halifax ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

#AltText = All the same location and image, colours may vary. Taken in Harbour, with light in the east over the dark horizon, ocean below

A video panning across the horizion just before the sun pokes through, mostly a bar of read clouds, everything below is dark, the treeline and the ocean below. Hashtag #WAYCTV in the corner to remind you, but even if you visit, there's no way you'll get up this early to see our Sunrises. I do this, so you can sleep in. You're welcome  ;P
Rastaโ„ข OLD
8 months ago

You know I've more #photos ?

If I show you everything, why bother going? It's 280kms to Halifax, I'm showing you that it's worth the drive.
100 series highways are for speed, not sightseeing.
They pass none of this.

1/2 way back, there's a shelter, then another crescent beach. There's more I can't tell you about..๐Ÿ˜Ž It's a secret.
And don't pick my cranberries
/End #TravelBlog

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Info sign, Tor Bay, our natural history.. an dmap of the Canso Barrens and beaches
Google Map with descriptions added for entry to the road, parking, trail to the beach and enlarged inlay of the beach
A large shelter with open sides and large roof, inside full of information boards and picnic tables. Boardwalk runs to it, with beach behind
Cranberries. Pure natural cranberries on the bush, right along the boardwalk.. You'll have to revisit in the Fall to pick them. Still pretty warm there in Fall.
Rastaโ„ข OLD
8 months ago

Big Bird's smaller friend, Little Bird, shares the beach with us.
Someone wrote 'Rasta' in the sand? That's not going to last 6 hours! #Tide
The long boardwalk was worth it. If you don't do your research before you go visiting, you'll miss the best stuff.
See this?,+NS+B0H+1T0/@45.2083178,-61.3767485,6300m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4b5cba6256fdbf7d:0x26c818b30473bea8!8m2!3d45.198824!4d-61.3664059
See the long Boardwalk on the map? #WorthIt

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SAND, and some ocean, but mostly SAND. A long curved beach that is all sand to the treeline (next photos the same)
BIG ROUND ROCK, a small island actually, just off the shore. Probably wade out on low tide from the beach
A bird with a long bill, a Sandpiper, I believe, walks along the sand, just at the edge of the wet area that the waves touch and fall back from. It's just 'Da Boid', and US on the beach
The edge of the beach, where large rocks begin, the last of the sandy beach, someone wrote Rasta in the sand.
9 months ago

"There's beauty everywhere. There are amazing things happening everywhere, you just have to be able to open your eyes and witness it. Some days, that's harder than others."

~ Sarah McLachlan

#Quote #Sunset #NovaScotia #WAYCTV #Ocean #Scenic

Time-lapsed sunset, the clouds are scrolling right, from blue-grey to orange pink in the center. it reflects off an ocean pond, producing spectacular reflections
9 months ago

@redhairedphotographer All of #NovaScotia is like this. #CapeBreton, of course, but also, many places go unmentioned, along the 7500kms of coastline.. Including Cape Breton, I regularly post with the NS Hashtag, #WAYCTV
Marble Mountain, and North Sydney, #CapeBreton NS.

10 months ago

#Introduction: from Twitter:

ex-sailor, tried Navy a bit, didn't like it, quit after 33 years.

Ran a Mobile DJ Biz, b4 the Taxman took the fun away.

๐“˜'๐“ฟ๐“ฎ ๐“ผ๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐“ท ๐“ฝ๐“ฑ๐“ฎ ๐“ฎ๐“ท๐“ญ๐“ผ ๐“ธ๐“ฏ ๐“—๐“ช๐“ต๐“ฒ๐“ฏ๐“ช๐”, ๐“ฑ๐“ช๐“ฟ๐“ฎ ๐”‚๐“ธ๐“พ?

Military Brat: attended more schools than years, incl.Germany.

3 Cats, Feral, Rescue & Stray.
You'll notice that I have ADHD.

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Backgrounds, Management, Safety, Quality, Engineering, Computer networks, PERL, HTML

Guy (Me) with glasses, white moustache, clean-shaven otherwise (in this instance) with a black t-shirt, holding a white cat.