Mc Chaos
4 days ago

Im #Backup #Server ist eine #WD #Red Platte mit 54604 Betriebsstunden, bei nur 6 Lesefehlern... Da kann #ST nicht mithalten, die schmieren mir meist nach 3..4 Jahren ab... Die letzte mit Motorausfall.

2 weeks ago

WD_BLACK SN770M_NVMe to dysk specjalnie dla Steam Decka i ROG Ally

#AsusRogAlly #WD #WD_BLACKSN770M_NVMe #WesternDigital

2 weeks ago

Capacidad: Ambos discos duros ofrecen una varias capacidades, desde 1 TB hasta 5 TB.

Leer el artículo completo: WD Elements Portable vs Seagate Portable Drive: comparativa de discos duros portátiles externos

#Seagate #WD #SeagatePortableDrive #AccesoriosElectronica #MétodoBackup321 #DiscosExternosPortátiles

aaa i regret choosing the #MSI spatium M2 #SSD over a #WD black... turns out the latter has a higher TBW for the same price. well, here's to hoping that the one i already bought will last me a long while...

💧Artist: #WDwilddrawing / #WD in City: #Chios Island Greece 🇬🇷 2023 - Title: "🐍🦅" - #Streetart #Art #Mural #Mastoart #Urbanart #3DArt #Anamorphic

Streetartwall. A mural of a bird of prey pouncing on a snake is sprayed/painted on a side wall and the ceiling under a bridge. The green and yellow head of the bird and the brown snake are sprayed on the side wall. The ceiling is filled with the bird's purple wings. A simple but impressively well done mural with 3D effect over 2 walls.
1 month ago

Fuuuuuuuuck #sandisk Extreem #SSD. Just pluggin in my drive and it is completely wiped.

Anyone preform root cause analysis on the drive loss?

Is it as simple as a corrupt $MFT and the remaining sectors are fine, or is the entire drive contents gone due to hardware issue?

This weekend ill try and carve out the data to see if I can find anything, but I am not hopeful.

Luckely it was only a backup and I did not lose any data, but still sucks! #WD #forensics

ricardo :mastodon:
1 month ago

💧Artist: #WDwilddrawing / #WD in City: #Wiesbaden Germany 🇩🇪 2023 - Title: "Sirona" - #Streetart #Art #Mural #Mastoart #Urbanart #3DArt #Artwork

Streetartwall. On a total of 6 walls is sprayed / painted a mural, which seen together, shows a Celtic goddess of healing springs. The modern building is provided with a concrete staircase, which was beautifully painted here. The goddess is a young woman in a long orange dress, a beautiful fine face and brown hair tied into braids with a gold headband. A snake is coiled on her arm towards a clay vessel. This vessel is open and shows a forest with some rocks from which springs a spring. Held by the goddess, the water pours into her orange dress. Behind the staircase is a real tree whose trunk is found and continued in the clay vessel. Simply magnificent.
Poetry News
1 month ago

Hear me praise those technological gifts
We do hail SanDisk’s finest drifts
But alas, for those in suits
These SSDs leave a crude
Indeed, for its performance it lifts

#sandisk #wd #ssd #litigation #ode #poetry

SanDisk portable storage devices are failing so frequently, they are no longer recommended – Downshift

#petapixelpodcast #petapixel #sandisk #wd #tech #ssd

Marco Ivaldi
2 months ago

Extra points to @Claroty for the title! 😂

A Pain in the #NAS: #Exploiting Cloud Connectivity to PWN your NAS: #WD PR4100 Edition

2 months ago

haven't #shucked #WD HDDs in a while, what do I need to keep an eye on? #nas

2 months ago

Seguro que cada cierto tiempo tienes que comprar discos duros externos para hacer copias de seguridad de tus fotos u ordenador.

Leer más 👉

#Seagate #WD #SeagatePortableDrive #AccesoriosElectronica #MétodoBackup321 #DiscosExternosPortátiles

3 months ago

bought on backorder from #Adorama. better worker treatment than B&H people say. not to mention Amazon! Best Buy is sold out with no backorder option.

killer deal on high-end #4TB PCIe 4.0 #SSD! #WD BLACK #SN850X 4TB for $230 on sale until Thursday. way overkill for #Thunderbolt 3, but one of the best SSDs available so hopefully pretty future proof. half of what it cost just a couple months ago. 🔥

adlerweb // BitBastelei
3 months ago

Das hatte ich auch noch nicht. Laptop mit #NVME. Factory Windows 10 funktioniert, kein Secureboot o.Ä. Aber unter #Linux? NVME in lsblk nicht zu sehen. In lspci schon. Dmesg faselt was von Initialisierungsfehlern.

Die Lösung: Ein Firmware-Bug des Herstellers #WD #WesternDigital. Spricht man sie mit aktuellem NVME-Commandset an, beginnt die #SSD zu kotzen. Lösung: älterer Kernel oder Firmware aktualisieren (there is a bootable version…). Andere Hersteller hatten wohl auch schon mal sowas.

Vida Informática
3 months ago

Disco SSD WD green de 240gb con soporte para disco en 3D. Nueva vida para esta viejita i3 con 4gb de ram

#Informatica #VidaInformatica #sistemas #reparacionPC #tecnicopc #tecnicos #tecnologia #ssd #hdd #disco #wd #westerndigital #pc #velocidad #windows

Alex Neihaus
3 months ago

Say, #fediverse: does #SSD storage make sense in a #NAS?

I have a #Synology NAS (which is really spectacular) -- but the #Seagate #IronWolf Pro drives are noisy.

Today, noise doesn't matter: the NAS is in my "data center" (the basement). But we're moving to a small place. It's amazing how many things the NAS does that keep it going 24x7x365.

SSDs are quiet -- but I worry about longevity and, of course, cost.

Is anyone using #WD Red 2TB SSDs? Any other pointers or suggestions?

3 months ago

if you want an external storage for backup or just for general uses, many 4TB and 2TB external portable SSD models from multiple manufacturers like Samsung, Crucial, WD, and more, are on discount. #WD #Samsung #Amazon #PrimeDay

3 months ago

OK Geeks help me out. Who do you like for NAS drives these days? Want to expand mine... It's for backups so reliability is my priority. Currently have 4 HGST Deskstars which have been running solid since 2016; I'd get another but HGST/Hitachi doesn't exist anymore.
WD? Seagate?

#hardDrive #hardDisk #NAS #Storage #NetworkStorage #Seagate #WD #Deskstar

4 months ago

If you want an NVMe SSD or an external SSD, Amazon and Newegg have got you covered. That's because some of the most popular 2TB drivers from WD and Crucial are selling at amazing prices. #Crucial #WD #NVMe #Deals

4 months ago

WD Elements Portable vs Seagate Portable Drive: comparativa de discos duros portátiles externos #Seagate #WD #DiscosDuros

Owen 🇦🇺 
4 months ago

@arstechnica I have the 2TB version of this #SanDisk SSD and macOS is constantly showing the “Disk Not Ejected Properly” error multiple times per day. The disk immediately remounts afterwards, but I am concerned that this may be causing data corruption. I’m currently using the SSD as a Time Machine Backup drive, but starting to think that's not a good use for this SSD if it's proving to be unreliable in general use. I hope #WD makes good with a firmware fix for 2TB and 4TB models!

4 months ago

If your #baofeng gets a noise and cracks while turning a volume thumb, just disassemble it and spray a little bit of #WD into a resistor.
Do not rip off speaker wires, as I did.

5 months ago

Western Digital Data Breach – 10 TB of Customer Data was Stolen -

WD Data Breach – Attackers asked for a Huge “8-Figure” Ransomware

#WesternDigital #WD #CyberAttack #DataBreach

5 months ago

Für mache(n) wahrscheinlich eine alte Info, aber für mich war das neu.

Western Digital wurde gehackt.

#WD #WesternDigital #Cyberangriff

Brett Callow
5 months ago

#Alphv has listed Western Digital. #ransomware #WD.

6 months ago
Miguel Afonso Caetano
6 months ago

#Cybersecurity #Hacking #WD #Ransomware: "The hackers who breached data storage giant Western Digital claim to have stolen around 10 terabytes of data from the company, including reams of customer information. The extortionists are pushing the company to negotiate a ransom — of “minimum 8 figures” — in exchange for not publishing the stolen data.

On April 3, Western Digital disclosed “a network security incident” saying hackers had exfiltrated data after hacking into “a number of the Company’s systems.” At the time, Western Digital provided few details about exactly what data the hackers stole, saying in a statement that the hackers “obtained certain data from its systems and [Western Digital] is working to understand the nature and scope of that data.”"

6 months ago

Hackers claim vast access to Western Digital systems
"The hacker shared a file that was digitally signed with Western Digital’s code-signing certificate, showing they could now digitally sign files to impersonate Western Digital."
#westerndigital #hack #wd

6 months ago
Brett Callow
6 months ago

Hackers claim to have exfilled >10TB from #WD and claim the data - which includes customer' data - will be leaked on #Alphv's site unless a "minim 8 figures" ransom is paid. <- Via @lorenzofb

6 months ago

@CKsTechNews and Western Digital’s #MyCloud down since approx beginning of April smells like #ransomware attack as well. #wd

6 months ago

"I asked #chatGPT to summarize this like I was a child:
> Imagine you have a toy that you're not sure will work perfectly or not. The people who made the toy say that they're not sure either and that you have to take the risk of using it. They also say that if the toy doesn't work well or isn't accurate, it's not their fault, and they won't promise to fix it or make it better. They also can't promise that the results you get from using the toy will be correct."

#WD #WesternDigital

6 months ago

🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
🌹Artist: #WDwilddrawing / #WD in City: #Athens University of West Attica, Greece 🇬🇷 2023 - Title: "Fiery and free" - (Feurig und frei) 🔥- #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Solidarity #3dArt
#GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟

Streetartwall. On the outer wall of a three-story modern building of a university, an impressive mural of a woman with a burning rose is sprayed / painted.
The mural is painted in blue and yellow. Next to an outdoor staircase, the mural features light blue geometric waves and 3D effect. In the center stands a woman, veiled with a headscarf and veil and goggles on her forehead. Over her shoulder hangs a yellow scarf. She holds a red, burning rose in her hand. On her right side is an almost transparent yellow wing that reaches to the top corner.
The Artist: "Solidarity is our weapon, let's keep its spirit fiery and free."
Roland Häder
7 months ago
@tuxedocomputers Does your installer support having a #GPG key on an USB stick and then being password-protected to unlock the hard-drive? I have this setup here:

2x HDD #WD #VelocyCaptor

Linux RAID1 over both (or more)

LUKS encryption on /dev/md/home with GPG key on USB stick (see script below)

#EXT4 on /dev/mapper/home

My script which does the heavy work:

#!/bin/sh MAPPED_DEVICE_NAME="home" TARGET_FILE_SYSTEM="ext4" TARGET_MOUNT_PATH="/home" RAID_DEVICE="/dev/md/${MAPPED_DEVICE_NAME}" USB_STICK_DEVICE="/dev/sdd3" TARGET_MAPPER_DEVICE="/dev/mapper/${MAPPED_DEVICE_NAME}" USB_STICK_MOUNT_PATH="/stick" GNUPG_KEY_FILE="${USB_STICK_MOUNT_PATH}/home.gpg" MOUNT_OPTIONS="-o journal_checksum" FSCK_OPTIONS="-yv" CRYPTSETUP_BIN=$(which cryptsetup) FSCK_BIN=$(which fsck) GPG_BIN=$(which gpg) if [ -z "${CRYPTSETUP_BIN}" ] then echo "$0: Cannot detect 'cryptsetup' binary." exit 255 elif [ -z "${FSCK_BIN}" ] then echo "$0: Cannot detect 'fsck' binary." exit 255 elif [ -z "${GPG_BIN}" ] then echo "$0: Cannot detect 'gpg' binary." exit 255 elif [ ! -d "${TARGET_MOUNT_PATH}" ] then echo "$0: Cannot find path '${TARGET_MOUNT_PATH}'." exit 255 elif [ ! -e "${USB_STICK_MOUNT_PATH}" ] then echo "$0: USB_STICK_MOUNT_PATH='${USB_STICK_MOUNT_PATH}' does not exist." exit 255 elif [ ! -e "${USB_STICK_DEVICE}" ] then echo "$0: USB_STICK_DEVICE='${USB_STICK_DEVICE}' does not exist." exit 255 elif [ ! -e "${RAID_DEVICE}" ] then echo "$0: RAID_DEVICE='${RAID_DEVICE}' does not exist." exit 255 fi echo "$0: Step 0 - Killing any gpg-agent ..." killall -KILL gpg-agent 2>/dev/null echo "$0: Step 1 - Setting chmod on psaux ..." chmod a+rw /dev/psaux echo "$0: Step 2 - (Re)mounting USB stick and removing any LUKS device ..." umount "${USB_STICK_MOUNT_PATH}" 2>/dev/null mount "${USB_STICK_DEVICE}" "${USB_STICK_MOUNT_PATH}" || exit 255 ${CRYPTSETUP_BIN} luksClose "${MAPPED_DEVICE_NAME}" 2>/dev/null echo "$0: Step 3 - Decrypting home RAID device ... (passphrase required)" ${GPG_BIN} -d "${GNUPG_KEY_FILE}" | "${CRYPTSETUP_BIN}" luksOpen "${RAID_DEVICE}" "${MAPPED_DEVICE_NAME}" || exit 255 # Reset screen for any trouble coming from SystemD, GnuPG and beyond reset echo -n "$0: Step 4 - Waiting for '${TARGET_MAPPER_DEVICE}' to become active " for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10; do echo -n "." if [ -e "${TARGET_MAPPER_DEVICE}" ] then break fi sleep 1 done if [ ! -e "${TARGET_MAPPER_DEVICE}" ] then echo " failed!" echo "$0: TARGET_MAPPER_DEVICE='${TARGET_MAPPER_DEVICE}' is not mounted. Please see above for possible error messages." exit 255 else echo " okay." fi echo "$0: Step 5 - Forced filesystem check (${TARGET_FILE_SYSTEM}) ..." ${FSCK_BIN} ${FSCK_OPTIONS} -t "${TARGET_FILE_SYSTEM}" "${TARGET_MAPPER_DEVICE}" || exit 255 echo "$0: Step 6 - Trying to mount ${TARGET_MOUNT_PATH} ..." mount -t "${TARGET_FILE_SYSTEM}" ${MOUNT_OPTIONS} "${TARGET_MAPPER_DEVICE}" "${TARGET_MOUNT_PATH}" || exit 255 echo "$0: Step 7 - Unmounting USB stick ..." umount "${USB_STICK_MOUNT_PATH}" echo "$0: Step 8 - Custom steps follow here ..." #/etc/init.d/boinc-client stop #${HOME}/ start swapoff -av echo "$0: All done."

Blake Patterson
8 months ago

This was once the boot drive in my Xeon Mac Pro. It was a treasure. Now it's basically useless.

Western Digital VelociRaptor - 10,000 RPM 3.5-inch SATA3 HD

#WD #VelociRaptor #harddisk #tech #technology

8 months ago

I'm contemplating whether to purchase a simple #NAS for home. Mostly for photo storage and backups.

I can get my hands on either #WD #MyCloud Home or WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra with quite a big discount. Does anyone have experience with those and could recommend (or advise against) any of those two?

I like how slim and cheap the Home is, but I don't like it having only one hard drive with no RAID possible. But the Ultra is twice the price 🙈


🟢 Artist: #WDwilddrawing / #WD - in City: #Rotterdam Netherlands 🇳🇱 2017 - Title: "Helixotherapy"- #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #3DArt

Streetartwall. A mural on a 3-story residential and commercial building with brush and spray paint in green and bronze implemented. The mural is on a free area flanked by two rows of windows. It is a side portrait of a Greek-looking statue consisting only of a swirling green ribbon. The back of the ribbon is bronze. The curves of the ribbon follow the curves of the niche in which the figure appears to be standing, and the windows on the sides of the figure are connected by this seemingly curved background, suggesting depth and space. The figure is designed in 3D.
The artist named his work "Helixotherapy' and was inspired by the famous Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher.
10 months ago

Black Friday spoils: a Western Digital 14 TB Red drive. Normally $300, brought down to $209 via #WD sale. In addition, PayPal was running a 12% cash back deal on Western Digital, and my credit card provided $32 in rewards plus another 3% back for buying through PayPal. Finally, something to fill the 8th bay on the #NAS. Winning.

#BlackFriday #Synology

🕶️Artist: #WDwilddrawing ( #WD ) - in City: #Nirmala #Nummela Finnland 🇫🇮 - #streetart #art #mastoart #mural #graffiti

Artist: #wd (wild drawing) - City: #Athens , Greece 🇬🇷 - #streetart #mastoart #art #mural

2,5 GBit, Intel oder ARM und wie viele Laufwerksschächte? TechStage zeigt, worauf man aktuell beim Kauf eines Netzwerkspeichers achten sollte.

Bei Netzwerkspeichern für zu Hause und das kleine Büro steigt die Auswahl: Zu NAS-Systemen mit herkömmlichem Gigabit-Ethernet-LAN gesellen sich schnellere 2,5-GbE-Leergehäuse. TechStage gibt Orientierung mit praktischen Kauftipps.
x86 oder ARM, schnelles LAN, flinke HDDs: Perfektes NAS finden
Boiling Steam
2 years ago

Unclear what happened here, but a good warning: don't store sensitive data on something that is connected to the Internet: #linux #wd #wdmybook #storage #dataloss

2 years ago

If you ever wondered why you should run a 3-2-1 backup strategy and why the 2 stands for 2 different mediums, well, WD reminded some people about that:

#WD #NAS #backup #infosec

The_Observer :antifa:
3 years ago

Gerade auf (sorry, das Angebot ist gerade echt gut! 😕) WD Red 6Tb HDDs in der CMR Variante gekauft. Was denkt ihr, kommt auch CMR an, oder die für mich - da sie für ZFS verwendet werden sollen - nicht Nutzbare SMR Variante. Hätte richtig lust, die nach Spanien zurückzuschicken.


niz 📷
5 years ago

il y a une promo sur amazon sur ce "nas" Western Digital :
Est ce que vous comprenez, comme moi, qu'il est équipé de deux disques WD red 8To ? et que le prix est infé à un seul disque WD red 8To chez ldlc : ?
#nas #hdd #wd #westerndigital #storage #promo

Die neue Version der PCIe-SSD WD Black soll bis zu 3,4 GByte/s beim Lesen und 2,8 GByte/s beim Schreiben erreichen – damit könnte sie Samsungs 960 Pro als Leistungsspitzenreiter ablösen.… #3DNAND #NVMe #PCIe #SSD #WD #WesternDigital