10 hours ago

"@Broadcom's acquisition of @VMware leads to massive layoffs, #CEO tells remote workers "get your butt" back in the office"

This ends poorly for retention. The best talent won't acceed; they will just find new jobs 🤷‍♂️

#WfH #RemoteWork #FutureOfWork

13 hours ago

"#ReturnToOffice declared dead"

'42% of companies reported losing more employees than expected after my-way-or-the-highway mandates'


@ThomasClaburn via @ElReg

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21 hours ago

It’s officially ‘work from the couch and enjoy the Christmas tree’ December.



A laptop edge on the right hand of the screen and a view of a living room with a Christmas tree full of lights. On the coffee table in the middle of the photo is a tea pot and a stack of books. In front of that a smaller side table with a big mug and a thermo flask.
Frank der Entspannende 🥾👟🇺🇦
1 day ago

Guten Morgen. Frisch ans Werk, die Woche wartet nicht!
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1 day ago

This morning I read a threads post from an individual in my field – who is somewhat a big deal – that remote or #WFH "is not real work" and my respect for them professionally hit the floor with an almighty thud.

Tim Richards
1 day ago

Interesting piece - pointing out that workers save money with WFH, but also that they're setting up work/life boundaries and companies don’t like that.
Getting back to the office comes at a cost, but who will pay?

#Work #WFH

Chris Rauh
3 days ago

Data on #wfh levels stabilizing this year at ~50%.

Helga Velroyen
3 days ago

Why I love working from home. #wfh #cat #cats

A mostly black cat lying on its back in my lap.
Oli Mould
4 days ago

Working from home is obviously something we should keep going and improve. The bourgeoisie trying to herd people back into the office is evidence of that.

But without an increase in 'Third Space' infrastructure in local environments, then we risk ramping up loneliness, and further crumbling of the social fabric.

The office, for all it's faults, did have a semblance of important community-building aspects which isn't replicated with working from home.

#WfH #Work #Capitalism

Antiwork News
5 days ago
Thought this could fit here: "The beach you've visited most" , by me, acrylics on canvas, 2023
(via u/dergeraet93)
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5 days ago

@Sabex We're all getting excited about snow. Who's got it? Who's getting it? It's like COVID all over again! I wonder if we'll be asked to #wfh?

Antiwork News
5 days ago
Getting “off boarded “ today in three hours. Advice: funny petty revenge ideas encouraged
(via u/AwayMusician3)
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Antiwork News
6 days ago
After getting fired from my social media manager job yesterday, my client asked if I can drop by to cover his wine night.
(via u/jvincentsong)
#LateStageCapitalism #WFH #postwork #antiwork

6 days ago

Shame to see Unity and Weta splitting up, but this is a nice upside from a bad situation "Unity will no longer mandate that employees work from offices three a days a week".

When looking to become a leaner more efficient company, WFH wins every time.

#unity #weta #gaming #vfx #wfh

Tormod Halvorsen
6 days ago

Leaving home for an in-person day at the office, first time in months. Realizing on the train I probably should have shaved.

Teams' "skin smoothing" slider won't save me today...

Oh well, at least I am wearing my big boy pants.

#wfh #officeLife

jj@::1$ :verified:
6 days ago

Bueno, pues hoy toca saltar a la terminal antes de lo habitual por luego nos piramos al monte a correr y recargar :battery_low: ya se complicará solo el día cuando se despierte el otro lado del Atlántico #WFH

Extraño trabajar desde casa todos los días y no tener que empacar a fuerza mi hermosa comida en un recipiente/tupper... deliciosos macarrones con queso y calabaza...

#WFH te extraño

Júbilo MX
1 week ago

I miss working from home every day, and not having to jam-pack my beautiful cooking in a container... yummy Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese... bring back the #WFH!

A pan with onions and butternut squash
a stove with two pans with food and one pot with pasta
Mac and cheese in a pan with breadcrumbs on top
said Mac and cheese in a to-go ceramic container
Man of Sand
1 week ago

I liked my cold virus when it was stuck in my head. After traveling to my chest, I'm a lot less functional. My pile of design deadlines don't seem to care tho 😩

#wfh #adulting #aging #virus

@harld daarom werk ik graag van huis...

1 week ago

Improve your #WFH game with the @CanonUSA
imageCLASS printers. Dump the ink and go with lasers! Pew, pew! via @Amazon

Thank you for the support!
#CyberMonday #CyberMonday2023

The Real Stephen :autism:
1 week ago

A week ago we picked up this perfect addition to our family. He is an ex-show dog and #Australian #Champion. Fortunatly for us he decided to grow one inch taller than the breed standard for shows. He now spends workdays beside me as I #wfh #whippets #HunterTheElegant

Image of Hunter sitting on my bed
1 week ago

I moved my entire network out of a cavity behind my fireplace and down into the crawl space on a permanent 12U rack. I have a UDM Pro on order to replace my decade old USG-4-Pro. The only thing lacking from the setup is battery backup, which I could do if I had a better inverter on my battery box. But enjoy the sexy networking goodness. #ubiquiti #homenetworking #wfh

2 weeks ago

Not my partner having to wake up at 6am and head to work while my work from home ass still hasn't gone to bed

#goals #wfh

2 weeks ago

Some work-at-home habits don't translate well to in-person work environments, sadly #WorkFromHome #WFH

Alex Nedelcu
2 weeks ago

How we see ourselves when working from home, versus reality


2 weeks ago

"Employees who violate @amazon #ReturnToOffice mandate will be blocked from promotions: ‘Your manager will be made aware’"

Or 'How to force your A-players to quit so you are left with sad B & C players"

#FutureOfWork #HyrbridWork #RemoteWork #WfH #WfWW

jj@::1$ :verified:
2 weeks ago

Me escapo al monte en un hueco para correr y despejar que ya se complicará el día,… otra vez y tocará incluso trasnochar delantede la terminal #WFH

Post Growth Institute
2 weeks ago

More added to the #postgrowth #jobs board! Check out #opportunities to advance a world beyond #capitalism. Submit hirings via the form at the top. We are interested in adding more positions in the #Global #South as well!

#hiring #share #opportunity #wfh

2 weeks ago

So confused. It wasn't all that long ago that #Conservative ministers were complaining that no-one should #WorkFromHome (probably because it reduced commercial property revenue in urban areas)

'People with mobility and mental health problems will be asked to work from home or lose benefits as part of what a UK government minister described today as doing “their duty”.'

#UK #politics #Conservatives #Tories #WFH #employment #benefits

2 weeks ago

The #UK #Government is so disconnected from real-life that they aren't even aware that #WFH doesn't necessarily mean you work AT home. Even if you can find a #job you're qualified for, many #workfromhome #jobs require going out to #clients or some type of #travel. Even #online jobs often require some time in the #office or similar. It really does feel like this #country is now doomed.

2 weeks ago

People with #mobility and #mentalhealth condiitions should be #working from home or lose #benefits under new #UK #policy. The #ToriesUnfitToGovern have no idea about #disability. They drop to a new low everyday. People who are able to #work would #wfh if suitable #jobs were available. Many of these jobs require #travel or some days in the #office, all day on a #phone & most require specific #qualifications & #experience. There really isn't a magic #job tree. #disabled

2 weeks ago

Sinister moves in the #uk. The way it's going here is a race to the bottom of #humanity. #Working from home #(WFH) #jobs are next to impossible to get. It's difficult to find good #WFH to apply for, especially without exisiting #skills & #experience. This is a new #nightmare for people with #disabilities. #disabled #benefits #DWP

2 weeks ago

One of the weird thing about #WFH, psychologically, is that spending all day inside my apartment staring at my computer and only leaving when it's dark means I'm either extremely depressed or I've been extremely productive

Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

Here's a new one - WFH is apparently hurting champagne sales. Hand me my 🎻
Why the world’s second-largest champagne maker hates remote work


2 weeks ago

"Employees who violate @amazon #ReturnToOffice mandate will be blocked from promotions: ‘Your manager will be made aware’"

Or 'How to force your A-players to quit so you are left with sad B & C players"

#FutureOfWork #HyrbridWork #RemoteWork #WfH #WfWW

💥BEST Warm-Up Combo
🐈‍⬛ Pose + 🐄 Pose + Calf🦵🏽Exercise

⭐️Simple and Effective
🎯Lower Back + Neck
🎯Spine Health
🎯Foot Care

✅Mobility + Flexibility
✅Breath Control / Relax

The BEST investment you can EVER make is in your own health💪🏾

#stretching #posture #yoga #fitness #WFH #Boston #health #selfcare #exercise

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
3 weeks ago

I got mine in Hangzhou many many years ago, having spent a good few weeks coveting the obvious warmth enjoyed by all the people I saw wearing these out on errands.

I wear them all winter & they're still going strong! Every year I resist the urge to buy another set.

There are so many styles, and they are SO CUTE (in a Stay Puft kind of way).

Most go for ~£30 inc. shipping - some examples 👇

Perhaps you could be this happy too 🥰

#Cosy #Winter #Autumn #Fall #Pyjamas #Home #WFH #COL

Model in pink cord insulated pyjamas which say ‘perfect’ on the pocket
Model in teal insulated pyjamas with a leaf pattern
Headless model in blue insulated pyjamas
3 weeks ago

Huhn. So, one of my clients is doing in-office lunch, and for the folks who are working from home, they’re doing delivery for them, that’s kinda cool!

#WFH #HybridWork #RemoteWork

Finder of Impossible Things
3 weeks ago

#Journal, Day 1336
Wednesday, 15 November 2023
#UkraineWar: Day 631
#HamasIsraelWar: Day 39
#MassShootings in the USA in 2023: 603 & holding

#wfh #declutter #homeoffice

CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

"In the ongoing, heated debate about the costs and benefits of #RemoteWork, a pivotal advantage often goes underappreciated. The ability to quickly transition a workforce to remote work when necessary provides firms with an important form of flexibility — akin to an insurance policy. And that sort of flexibility will only become more critical in a warming world, where #ExtremeWeather is (sadly) becoming more common."


1 month ago

Yesterday I visited the Google Cambridge office in Kendall, with its recently completed 16-floors building.

It's super nice and cool, but also doesn't seem like a particularly brilliant investment in today's world where remote work is already becoming the norm for tech workers.
#boston #cambridge #google #wfh

Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
1 month ago

@Mrfunkedude are… are we not supposed to be taking that many? 😬 #wfh

1 month ago

For #wfh people out there, do you have indoor shoes or slippers you wear? I think I should probably start wearing some shoes inside just for arch support

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
1 month ago

Oh, boy. We're heading back from the #UbuntuSummit, but you don't need a transatlantic flight to get a transition ritual before you check that work inbox, or after you close it for the day. Take a walk, make some tea - just take a break from the e-mail! It might sound weird coming from us, but trust us on it. 😉 💙

We'd love to hear your favorite transition rituals and virtual commutes - or what you do to make a commute to an office better! 🚶 🚋

#Productivity #WFH

12 past midnight 🔮
1 month ago

Today's #WFH workspace is a cosy animated wood cabin. Join me if you like.

Harold Jarche
1 month ago

So if people, who showed they could work remotely & profitably during pandemic lock-downs #WFH, are forced to return to the office #RTO, it's only to pay business landlords, keep retail spending up, and increase carbon emissions for commuting. Why is this even a debate? It's the #ClimateCrisis stupid

Trying to come up with a name for an index that measures the number of 9am meetings I attend in the shirt that I slept in.


Returning to the office isn't about productivity or building a culture. It's about employer power and maintaining the previous status quo - to the detriment of their own businesses.

Here are some thoughts about what they should be doing instead:

#labor #rto #wfh

12 past midnight 🔮
1 month ago

Any recs for the perfect ergonomic #wfh #homeoffice setup (mostly ux and product, but also writing. Mac OS, English keyboard layout). Also, I’m short 😭

I have a footrest but finding wrist alignment hard.

Do those rubber desk mats really make a difference to wrists?

1 month ago

WFH’ers -

What’s your favourite thing about WFH?


It effectively extends my working day by ~2.5h due to commute, but it does feel good to socialize a bit in person with the people I work with, and that's even with my social anxiety... 😅

And while I consider myself a strong proponent of #wfh I can't deny that certain activities are more efficient and/or practical to do in an office. It's just not enough of that type of work to fill several days for a lot of professions (like for software developers!)

Man of Sand
1 month ago

So I left the house for the first time this week to buy lunch. Crispy, bubbly, delicious wood fired pizza! Gotta save some for the wife and kid.

Worth it!
#adulting #workfromhome #wfh

Bubbly cheesy crispy pepperoni wood fire pizza
1 month ago

The CEO and co-founder of Blackstone, one of the largest corporate landlords for residential and office buildings in the world, goes out of his way to take a swipe at remote workers.
#wfh #remotework #Blackstone #Landlord #WALLSTREET

🤦🏻‍♂️ Ethan
1 month ago

🌴👨🏻‍💻 Perhaps you, or someone you know, is #OpenToWork ?

😬 Job market's ROUGH out there. Lotsa competition for fully remote roles. Layoffs exacerbated this.

Here are some #remote job resources that have been helpful for me in my #jobhunt .

Some of these resources are especially suited for #dev #webdev #jobs, though many have much wider scope.

Please let me know in the replies: what are your favorite remote work job search resources? 🙏

#fedihire #fedihired #wfh

Dall·E 3 Prompt for this image: "Stock photo of a man working on a laptop. He is laying in a hammock. There is a tropical drink on the table next to him.

Editor's note: Editor's note: he drinks to dull the pain of AI disfiguring his left pinky. 😉
1 month ago

So.. I may have done that thing again where I quit my job to go travel during the winter 😅 #travel #wfh #digitalnomad

12 past midnight 🔮
1 month ago

Today's #WFH #playlist #ASMR is by

A playlist & all the cafe sounds you can toggle on and off, or adjust the volumes off. Includes rainy day, sunny day sounds, and fireplace.

Plus! it's decorated for spooktober!


Yes, completely agree, its the #gender dimension that is both a clear reason that #WFH can be progressive (in terms of #workers work-life balance) and the reason that many male #managers want to stamp down on it

1 month ago

I won't even post a link to another self-obsessed commercial #RealEstate billionaire whining #remotework, #WfH, #HybridWork is less productive.

Just another narcissist exploiting workers to prop up a badly aging business model rather than adapting to the actual #FutureOfWork.

1 month ago

I like #WorkFromHome because it's more comfortable... for my dogs.


I'm kneeling on the ground and staring intently at my work computer while my dog sleeps peacefully in my chair behind me, which he has displaced me from.
Alan Langford
2 months ago

About 15 years ago, some of my social media friends were having a discussion about where to find the best croissant in Toronto. I laughed because in fact almost all the places they discussed buy from the same (inferior IMO) bakery and resell them. Being the only #WFH person in the group, I cheekily suggested that not only did Costco have better product, but you could get 18 for the price of 2 at a cafe. The response: crickets. Now the discussion is on how to fit 18 croissant in the freezer. 😆

Deirdre Assenza
2 months ago

It’s literally as if someone took the remnant sweat from every Wall Street hedge fund manager personal gym and crystalized it into a human.

Yes because it’s medium-wage family breadwinners wanting to spend more time with their kids who give off strong “decaying aristocracy” vibes and not the guy serially impregnating his own employees from atop a pile of cash.

#elonmusk #rto #wfh #tesla #news

A social media post from Fortune Magazine shows a phot of Elon Musk and reads: Elon Musk says work-from-home advocates give off “Marie Antoinette vibes” and are “detached from reality.”
2 months ago

First WFH day in the new apartment. Took a little digging through boxes early this morning to get the essential out and setup. But now I have a minimal #WFH setup to work with amongst the piles of unpacked boxes surrounding me.

Ross of Ottawa
2 months ago

For those of you who do the indie work thing - do you find #invoicing unpleasant and procrastinate?

I've been doing it off and on for two decades but still put it off too much.

You'd think the "give me money" part would be the most fun, and we'd jump at the chance to do it, but I'm always slow to get it done.

#indie #consulting #wfh

An FT report suggests that #workingfromhome & more #hybridworking has led to two key changes for firms supporting staff's desire to continue #WFH for some of the week.

1: they are making their #offices more flexible & welcoming, to encourage staff to use them for collaborative activities (not so well done #online);

2: they are migrating their offices to better connected more central locations to make travel in easier when it is needed.

The 2nd is the opposite direction that many expected!

Taffer :godot: 🇨🇦
2 months ago

I'm still updating my collection of remote companies, shout out if you know one that I don't have on my list!

#remote #wfh #jobs #careers

2 months ago

"Two-thirds of CEOs think staff will #ReturnToOffice five days a week."

LOL, I bet they think staff work for the love of it too. "We're a family here", they say, as they lay off 1000 of your 'cousins' in another division.

#FutureOfWork #WfH #RemoteWork

Indigo ♿ she/her
2 months ago

Feeling very frustrated and defeated. I need #remote #wfh jobs and I've already started seeing two upsetting patterns:

1. Companies only want to let people work from home as a reward for good performance at the office

2. Companies who don't subscribe to the first pattern seem to think that they don't have to pay anyone working from home.

My #disability has become worse with #mobility and #pain since the car accident. So I need a remote job but one that pays enough for my expenses.

The Conversation U.S.
2 months ago

Workers who are #WFH can’t rely on their employers to be on top of #cybersecurity.

They’ve become the first line of defense against the dangers of the internet (but the good news is, they’re stepping up).

A woman sits at dinner table in front of laptop with phone in hand while kids sit on counter and man stands near them in the kitchen behind her.
S t a c i e
2 months ago

I’m still alive.

I’ve been silently miserable.


I had a large mole removed from my left foot by my dermatologist on Tuesday.

When she told me last week to come back for a biopsy, I thought she’d take some of it. She took the whole thing + thought I’d need 4-5 stitches. I replaced the bandage yesterday + there are *7* stitches! I’m squeamish so did not enjoy seeing it. It’s on the inside just above the heel so every step hurts.

#Today #NotAPatientPatient #Ouch #WFH #FootWound #FrankenFoot

Mathew Attlee
2 months ago

It's pretty wild that Meta’s £149m payment represents “about seven years of rent against the 18 years outstanding on the lease”. I'd consider this a pretty clear indication that working from home is here to stay. #wfh #workingfromhome

2 months ago

"@Zoom & @Grindr #ReturnTo Office: Tech's surprising #RemoteWork U-turn"

Until they find out they are just downskilling their workforce.

Their best people will still work remotely, just not for them.

#FutureOfWork #WfH #HybridWork


For those that have been remote working within the past few years, what's our status on remote work? And what does your team/company do well to make it work?

Our company does high school "morning announcements" (officially called a briefing) every Friday.

A representative from each department give the top three news stories from their department and a news anchor like person facilitates. The announcement giver is often not the department head or vp, but can be

#work #remote #remotework #wfh

So what exactly is it that so many #managers seem to fear about the rise of #workingfromhome?

I have two answers for you:

1. #WFH increases #workers autonomy, as they're not under constant potential surveillance & work to their own arrangement(s); Managers feel threatened by this avoidance of direct control;

2. data on WFH seems to indicate workers are happier when hybrid working than when in the office full-time; whatever, they say, managers prefer fearful workers who're easier to manage

Asbjørn Ulsberg
3 months ago
Emissions from different work models.

Calculated as daily carbon footprint per capita, in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents.

Full-time remote: 18%
Four days remote: 29%
Three days remote: 32%
Two days remote: 38%
One day remote: 41%
Full-time in office: 42%

Note: The chart does not include non-commute-related travel on non-working days, including the weekend.

Source: Yanqiu Tao et al.
Allyson Chiu / The Washington Post
Extinction Rebellion Global
3 months ago

Working from home #WFH can be 54% lower in emissions than going to the office new research has found. Unsurprisingly, hybrid working-from home-some-days also produces significant savings.

A totally unrealistic photograph we found on the internet of a man sitting at a table typing on the laptop while interacting with a baby in a high chair next to him in a happy manner. 

He ain't getting no work done that day.