Minegame YTB
23 minutes ago

Small W.I.P of the Larry’s ref sheet
#furryart #wip

50 minutes ago
nuria 👾
51 minutes ago

Redrawing a doodle from last year, ☺️

(I know one of Tsukki's hands is the wrong way, I'll fix it when I ink/color... unless I forget, then I won't lmao)
#wip #haikyuu #sketch #bktsk

Full-body clean sketch of Bokuto and Tsukki from Haikyuu. They are sitting on the floor and Tsukki is hugging Bokuto from behind and softly kissing his jaw.
Matthew Loxton
56 minutes ago

Ok #dermatologists and other #clinicians, in my #wip #shortstory, my dude is doused in scalding coffee.

What skin lotion, clothing, or diet may exacerbate the injury?

Kae Luna🌌
2 hours ago

:QueerCat_Ace: First chapter for my #cyberpunk/#biopunk #WIP Ultra Drive is out on #WattPad. About a young #asexual woman named AlexiKa Raiden becoming a super-powered mutant and rebelling against the tyrannical Gaia Corporation and Veniculan government. First chapter takes place in her childhood.
Rating: 16+ for language, violence, blood and mild gore, suggestive content
CWs: fascism, pandemic mentions, illness, death, war
#writing #SciFi

Marek Bláha 🎯
4 hours ago

Irrwichtlinge sind ja im Grunde überall und dieses Exemplar tummelt sich gerne in der Nähe von Hafenbecken

#mbart #art #wip #sketch

Oakfire Studios
5 hours ago

So I was a little bored with this colored pencil drawing of a scarab and I knew I was planning to try a watercolor background even though it’s not watercolor paper. And things happened… I’m actually pleasantly surprised by how well this turned out. I knew the paper would buckle, especially given that I really soaked it with water, but it’s dried perfectly flat. The paper is 8×10 inch Strathmore 400

#wip #scarab #TraditionalArt #ColoredPencil #watercolor #MixedMedia

colored pencil drawing of a scarab
5 hours ago

The WIP of the comic I am doing, in this picture badger's text is blank ( it isn't now ) but this is gist of what is happening in part 1.

#WIP #comic #Furry #FurryArt

A. C. Rusinov
6 hours ago

I am really loving this mechanic, it's hidden, so this is supposed to be a spoiler LOL.

#UnrealEngine #WIP #GameDev

Spencer Magnusson
6 hours ago

I plan to do a short looping animation, but here's a final still. Lots of adjustments from the last #wip, but I think it's better for it, more readable too. Have a relaxing, reflective #Sunday #Sabbath #b3d #blender3d #blender

A ghost couple relaxing by a campfire, roasting marshmallows. The sun is low in the sky.
8 hours ago

Since so many of you liked my last Korok for my #zelda #breathofthewild #wip , here's yet another one!
Getting closer and closer to the finished piece!

Drawn in #krita on a #huion tablet.

#mastoart #fanart

Digital art piece of a Korok, a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch. It's a small light green tree-like creature which wears an orange leaf as a mask. It holds a dark green leaf above its head.
Linus Bohman
8 hours ago

Need to put the finishing touches on this thing, but it's almost done! Managed to build a very satisfying sliding mechanism in the middle. It reveals a folding grappling claw. Who doesn't love a grappling claw? #lego #spaceship #wip #afol - #bohmanbuilds -


ミオしゃ下描き その2!もうすぐ完成します!
#NSFW #WIP #下描き #下書き

Franck Nijhof
10 hours ago

New repair inspection for Spook 👻 inbound!

Spook is now able to find unknown entity references in your scenes!

#wip #soon #HomeAssistant

Linus Bohman
10 hours ago

Need to put the finishing touches on this thing, but it's almost done! Managed to build a very satisfying sliding mechanism in the middle. It reveals a folding grappling claw. Who doesn't love a grappling claw? #lego #spaceship #wip #afol - #bohmanbuilds -

11 hours ago

#wip #イラスト #オリジナルキャラクター

12 hours ago

Too much slime to be contained 😏💦 #wip #nsfw #velandria #oc

🌈 Velladonna 🌈
12 hours ago

There was quite a demand for slime!Velandria 😏💦 #wip #art #velandria #oc

13 hours ago

Paris to Geneva - Train 5: #knitting continues with the sleeve. #FallFinishAlong #WIP #GreatTrainGetaway #NoFlightPledge

15 hours ago

@consumableJoy Slightly nervous to dive in here #FallFinishAlong after reading all these answers. I love sewing, darning, sewing up, sewing in ends. I love mattress stitch so my seams disappear but I also enjoy visible mending. I like that feeling of everything being ‘done’ and there’s pleasure in trimming the last thread. When quilting I always hand finish my threads too - a backwards stitch on the machine leaves a little ’lump’ that the hand finish doesn’t. My #WIP falter much earlier!

18 hours ago

Teaser shot of a Goomba phone I think I'm almost done with (gotta play with the cord physics so it lies on the table) in a Mario-themed room I'm working on. #Blender3D #WIP #EeveeRender #SuperMarioBros #ProductDesign

Next to a bare bed with a green backboard, and atop a yellow wood set of drawers with mushroom knobs, sits a rotund Goomba with a number pad inset in his tummy. His head is the receiver of the phone, as one might infer from the cord connecting it to the base. The scene is lit by bright morning sunlight coming through an unseen window.

Well, I hear that it's autumn now.
Music: Summer All Over by Amos Lee (weep)
#WIP #WhatsonEasel #pastelartist

Vertically long pastel painting, work in progress. Blue sky reflected on the water, a lone rock in the river. Hills and mauve colored brushes in the background.
Street Biscuit
18 hours ago

A small glimpse into something I'm working on, without context or explanation, in celebration for a certain unspecified event. Cheers.


#lovinsis #WIP #KimonoLucy3DprintableHentaiFigurine #fanart

Might be making something for October :blobpeek:

#wip #horror

20 hours ago

Two sides of the same coin....

#WIP #MastoArt #mastoartist #art #digitalart #commission

Ben Higbie
21 hours ago

Here're some progress pics of a prismatic pet painting that was made for a home @ Pennsylvania a while ago. Msg me if u'd like any #paintings made based off of photos of your pet! #art #artists #petportraits #petportrait #portraitartist #portraitartists #dogs #dog #dogsofmastodon #petsosmastodon #petportrait #petportraits #artlover #artlovers #illustration #artsandcrafts #crafts #workinprogress #wip #handmade #paintings

Chris Price
21 hours ago

I've been exploring automated color schemes for my bird website this week—using the birds' cards as a preview since the site's palettes are defined there.

The center cards are the default color scheme with light modes to the left and dark modes to the right.

I'm not really happy with either iteration yet, but it's progress.


California Scrub Jay display card with the bird's common name, photo, Latin name, and quick jump links with counts for posts, photos, videos, and sounds.

Each card is duplicated 5 times in two rows with varying color schemes and contrast ratios. From left to right: Light with contrast (AAA), Light (AA), Default (AA), Dark (AA), Dark with Contrast (AAA).
21 hours ago

Almost done with this one… trying to decide if I want to add the yes/no wording from the pattern or just add more stars?

#crossstitch #wip #rainbow

Planchette in rainbow floss on a black background
Ara 🔭🐑
1 day ago

Physics is always the most satisfying part to rig ​:meowbongo:​
#Live2D #VTuber #WIP

VTuber live2d rig WIP, mostly featuring hair physics


#wip #一次創作 #3dcg

1 day ago

My current task in the "first Godot game" project is to make some placeholders for dialogue sprites.

I need to redesign the right guy's armour for the 1000th time but hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I'll finally end up with a design that is a keeper.

The original game didn't have any dialogue due to time restraints but I'm determined to have a bunch in this one! Because I love dialogue scenes. :3c


A rough sketch for characters in a video game dialogue scene. One is a young man with bat wings and a blindfold while the other has cat ears and full plate armour.
Kristin ( Admin)
1 day ago

Going with a delicate branching fractal for today's #inkyDays drawing.

Here's a work-in-progress shot.

#ink #drawing #art #MastoArt #GenerativeArt #wip

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern is a simple branching fractal inspired by thyme and florals.
Sarah Sammis
1 day ago

I had to redo the sprinkles on the top left cookie because I fell asleep while drawing. The sprinkles were in random places and barely more than scribbles. Ugh. #wip #digitalart #procreate #art #mastoart

Three pink loft house cookies on a Santa plate.
1 day ago

It’s still a work in progress #wip but I have moved it on a bit from earlier. Still trying to find the value level I think I’m close to it now. #painting #watercolour #bath #cotman #ranson

A watercolour in progress of Pulteney street bridge in Bath which is a three span bridge with shops on it you can see a church spire behind and the arches reflected in the water.
1 day ago

There's only one way for a little girl to get out of a room of horny men...

#WIP #loli

1 day ago

This is my second attempt painting the Grinch on the part that will “fall” a little bit each day and the umpteenth update to the 6 ft tall chimney Advent calendar itself. I’d really like this project to be finished at some freakin’ point

#WIP #Woodworking #Grinch #Crafts

Partially painted 9 in square with an image of the Grinch shimmying down chimney from the original animated special
Close up of a wooden Advent calendar designed to look like a chimney (the painted Grinch from the first image is meant to ‘fall’ down a little bit each day) with 4 clamps attached and a bottle of wood glue nearby
JK Woodward
1 day ago

I’m beginning a new full spread book cover; Vampires of 1863 by JM Celi. More about this series here: I’m dropping in the shadows #art #gouache on 18x24 #coldpresscottonpaper #horrorart #scifiart #wip #workinprogress

1 day ago

It's bloggin' time! Today we tackle the theme of beefcake, of course. This time it's some gladiator beefcake--gay you get any gayer? Well, let's find out...

#GayArt #WIP #MastoArt

okay, here's where i'm at~

this track has moved from VERY ROUGH, to SEMI ROUGH, to ROUGH. after this is the final mix... eventually. i'll leave the next post to the finished track. this is the last WIP post.

i hope it's going in the right direction.

some things i did -
varied the bass line
added another instrument
added more automation (a little)
ditched the B section (tentative)

#WIP #Music #MusicProduction

1 day ago

I’ve started - wip painting using Cotman student watercolours of this place in Bath. #wip #painting #bath #watercolours #cotman

A painting in progress of a bridge with houses on it with three arches and some reflections in the water at the front
1 day ago

A wip of a personnal project without a real goal other than " I want to try/learn to make this thing in 3d"
#b3d #wip #minidisc #hardsurface #blender #3d

A work in progress 3d model of a sony MD walkman MZ-R700PC minidisk player, rendered in eevee (Blender’s realtime render engine).
A work in progress 3d model of a sony MD walkman MZ-R700PC minidisk player, with random color per 3d object (Blender’s viewport).
1 day ago

And the follow-up gag between the guard and Frank the Robot kinda cracks me up too for some reason...

#comics #panel #WIP

Fourth panel following the three from the previous post.
The robot rips a helmet off the guard.
The guard yells "HEY!" while the robot not knowing social clues, responds with a polite "Hallo".
1 day ago

Blues #wip

2 days ago
Zsombor 🐗
2 days ago

it may have been a mistake to let raccoon drive the scooter today

#furryart #wip

a raccoon driving a scooter with a very intense look on his face while a boar riding pillion panics about something ahead
2 days ago

Doing a little redesign revamp of the #DnD party. Lineart #wip

Party from left to right:
Great Old One Warlock
Illusion Wizard
Assassin Rogue
Battlemaster Fighter
War domain Cleric

#MastoArt #oc

Lineart of a group shot of an OC DnD Party.
Left to right: Warlock, Wizard, Rogue, Fighter, Cleric.
Rollleaf Drumlinhat
2 days ago

So I did do some touch up on the armour, but the I was viciously attacked by red and white paints. They threaten everything I hold dear, and I relented, wishing to avoid unpleasantries.

#WIP Bertha Bestraufrung continues. Another two layers of highlights for the reds and whites. But they’re already making me much happier with the #Miniature.

#WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer #WarhammerFantasy #WHFB #Mordheim #PaintingWarhammer #PaintingMiniatures #Minis #MiniaturePainting #Wargames

Bertha Bestraufrung Mordheim Miniature from a lower angle to show some of the face and work going on on the white cloth inside her hood. The miniature is a warrior nun archetype. She is holding two hammers and is heavily armoured.
The back of the same miniature, there is a lot of cloths on show here. The back of the hood is in red with two layers of a red highlight built up. The armour plates show thin edge highlights with some additional chipping.
Rear image from a slightly changed angle. It shows more of the hood. You may be guessing, I’m quite happy with it.
Front view from eye level. Shows a bit of the addition work on some of the armours gold trim better from this angle.
Daniel Cherry
2 days ago

#wip #loli 🍔

2 days ago

More play and experimenting...this time, getting more careful with this transparency intentionally over other patterns. So far, so good.

#art #collage #GenerativeArt #ink #drawing #wip

Experimenting with placing the printed velum over other patterns in the collage.

I've been poking and prodding at #NomadSculpt to better understand how the software works, and also making sure I don't get frustrated and give up because I've pushed myself so hard I've ended up rebelling against my own willingness to work with the software. It's a slow process, but I'm getting better I understanding the idiosyncrasies of the software.

Normally, I would work on my fursona in this, but I end up putting too much pressure on myself because I want it just right. This at least gives me the mental freedom to play around with the software without getting frustrated because I don't live up to this vision in my head.

#3dart #WIP #mastoart #nomadsculpt #3D #furry #furryart

WIP of a anthropomorphic robot horse character in 3D
2 days ago

Genart bling

#generativeart #wip

Wei Huan Arts 🔞
2 days ago
Ziyou Chang laying on a desk, breasts pushed up into her arm.
She's throwing a sly peace sign with her other hand.
MaraVans :baraag:
2 days ago

Anyway, there's going to be time jump(s) probably in the first story just 1 time period otherwise I'll go bankrupt.

So, introducing our protag v2 and an alt version of the cover.

I'm writing this one to be way more sexual than Lyra was, for anyone worried there will be nude lolis, shota, incest, mind control, probably a ridiculous cumshot or 9.

#3d #loli #miserable #wip

3 days ago

Collaborating on a book?

Of course.
I started out as an illustrator - heroes: Bernie Wrightson, Will Eisner, Esteban Maroto, Dave Gibbons - and always wanted to create a graphic novel, but I was a better writer than an artist.
That would be the dream, to publish this #wip as a graphic novel rather than a booky book.

#WritingCommunity #illustration #artist

#PennedPossibilities 79 — MC POV: What is your sexual orientation? Are you comfortable with it?

I don't do sex. My sister was always raving about it, but I just don't understand why people would even want to do that.

#Writing #WiP

3 days ago

Starting to play with some ideas for this collage/poster, and having some fun with it.

Since there's covid in my home, still, I had to back out of the Noe Valley Art Festival this weekend. But, while I can't be there in person, I'm working on this piece to have on display in what would have been my booth.

#art #collage #MastoArt #GenerativeArt #wip

In-progress collage that I'm working on for an upcoming art festival.
Amanda Makepeace
3 days ago
Work in progress pencil drawing showing the head of an oriental cat.
3 days ago

An output from my Interlocking algorithm, plotted silver on black

#generativeart #wip #plotterart #plotter

4 days ago

You are a spirit beast living a simple and happy, if isolated, life on the late Spirit Wave Master’s estate. Today is another lovely, lonely day…

🍂 Read "The Autumn in My Heart Will Lead to Spring":
🎨 #WIP process images of the cover art:

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #YuYuHakusho #fanfiction #fanfic #fanart

Cover illustration that reads "The Autumn in My Heart Will Lead to Spring - a Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic by maiji". Digital painting with a soft and warm oil painting aesthetic. A large blue bird-like creature rests against a wooden porch, looking up and out at a scenery of trees turning green, orange, pink and gold. Small yellow-green and orange/gold leaves flutter down about the creature, some resting in its feathers and others on the porch.
4 days ago

Thank you, everyone! #Gratitude My way, the poet's way of saying thank you. A #WIP for your enjoyment, I hope. #Poetry #Poetrycommunity #Mutualaid

4 days ago

Finished my #InarticulateMedusa quilt top today! I've decided to name it ROCKIN' FEMINISM

(Honestly, I _almost_ finished it. I still need to satin stitch the sunglasses, but I got my fall vaccine duo today and I'm not going to push too hard)

Going to have to buy a king batt for this one, so I won't be quilting it right away, but 🤞 soon

#Quilt #Quilting #WIP

A Medusa-themed quilt top pinned to a design wall. Medusa's head and snake hair are improv pieced from various seafoam green fabrics on a grey background and she's wearing appliquéd black sunglasses. Below her head are improv pieced letters that read Petrify the Patriarchy. An inner border resembles a Greek temple, with two improv pieced Ionic Greek columns on the left and right, and additional Ionic capitals across the top and bottom; this temple border is pieced from scrappy dark and light grey fabrics. Towards the outside edge, a thin black border and wide seafoam green border finish off the design
Aitch - Þei/Þem
4 days ago


And the final 4 for now I think. I’m still making these, so I may update with a few more in a couple days :)

Oh, and a mini canvas I have also been playing with, because I have a collection of mini canvases that I want to make a series of mini arts with.

The last one here is actually unfinished, so I’ll work on it some more tonight!

#art #MixedMedia #sketchbook #WIP #MastoArt

Page 9. Mostly brown paper, with a vertical stripe of red paper with white dots. A rectangle of white gesso in the top left, a stripe of white gesso bottom right. Doodled on with black and red checkerboard patterns, and red, yellow and orange swirls.
Page 10. Brown paper with top and bottom left still the actual sketch book paper. White tissue rectangle layered over top left, a stripe of old camera prints washi tape, black and white checkerboard doodles and brown Nike messy border. Some green ink stamping.
Page 11. White tissue paper layered. Stamped with blue and black snowflake mandala randomly, grey marker checkerboard and brick wall style doodling and a strip of brown fabric texture paper.
Page 12. Grey marker tartan pattern onto the page, then layered over with a lot of different thicknesses of white gesso to create texture. On the left rests a mini canvas, 2” by 2” square, covered in torn bits from an old book, showing scraps of text, and smeared with brown ink.
lee :Fire_Trans:
4 days ago

just carving out little specks one after another (eraser for scale). I think I can say at this point that I am half done.

not just a #wip, actually #wipWednesday!

a closeup on a section of my rope bondage carving, showing a few segments of rope and knots. there's a pencil eraser poking into the picture; each knot is only slightly larger than the eraser.
Aitch - Þei/Þem
4 days ago


Here are another 4. The reason I like to play around with abstract mixed media, is that I can be REALLY anal and far too controlled in my art, so I use things like this to push myself out of my self imposed boundaries and comfort zone.

And yes, on that second one there, I did indeed just stand over the sketchbook and flick my acrylic paint pen at it lol

#art #MixedMedia #sketchbook #WIP #MastoArt

Page 5. Lower part is yellow and white gingham, upper is yellow and red floral toned down with a thin layer of white gesso. White acrylic pen to create a messy border and doodle dots and checkerboards. Bottom right is messily multiply stamped with green ink in a bare tree shape.
Page 6. Whole page covered in torn brown paper. Green ink smudged all over it, a white border added in messy white acrylic, doodled on as white checkerboard and dots. A lot of mess has been added by flicking the pen at it so it is all blobbed with white.
Page 7. Top left is blue and brown navy pattern, bottom right is plain brown paper. The centre of the page has been marked out in a thin layer of white gesso in a rectangle, with some white dotting around the edges.
Page 8. Whole sketchbook page just stamped over and over again with green and blue ink using the bare tree stamp, then a single stripe of math paper style washi tape and a green ink messy frame.
4 days ago

#FallFinishAlong Friends, I need your advice. I am working on these 2 grey & yellow embroidery hoops. (The grey thread looks less purple IRL). Do you think I should…

A) Finish each hoop monochromatically
B) Finish both hoops with a third color, possibly this light green?

#mastoArt #Embroidery #Sewing #WIP #WIPWednesday #FiberArt #FiberArts

2 mostly-finished embroidery hoops. 
1st hoop: A flower mandala in grey thread on yellow. 2 sections - a circle near the middle and some large leaves at the edges - have not been stitched yet.
2nd hoop: A sunflower mandala in yellow thread on grey. Sections of the mandala - a circle of knots & some half-done compound stiches near the middle  - have not been stitched yet.
Aitch - Þei/Þem
4 days ago


I’ve been dealing with a lot of brain fog and thus inability to be as visually creative as I want to be recently. So I grabbed one of my (many, many) empty sketchbooks and started mucking around with mixed media to just… get myself creating again. The intention is that these are all backgrounds, and I will eventually add drawings or paintings on top of them, in various media. A thread!

#art #MixedMedia #sketchbook #WIP #MastoArt

Page 01. Layers of papers in brown and red tones with some floral printing on them, with a torn book page, red floral washi tape and white acrylic pen to create a frame and smudges,. Black checkerboard details added in pen.
Page 2. Brown floral paper on the top section, blue toned and squared graphical paper on the lower section, a band of dark brown filigree across the upper middle. Brown ink used to create a messy frame and doodle in checker board squares and triangles.
Page 3. Brown and navy patterned wrapping paper, with a red floral washi tape band, a torn book page and a mess of white and blue acrylic, with a white acrylic messy border and dots.
Page 4. A yellow and red floral paper, with a thin layer of white gesso to tone it down, math paper style washi tape, brown ink and white acrylic pen messy border, and white dots and black checkerboard doodles.
Wei Huan Arts 🔞
4 days ago

Some Sketches of things to come!

#MastoArt #FediArt #NSFWArt #Hentai #Sketch #WIP

Chunhua Fu pressing her breasts down on a bed.
Daniela Guzman sitting up, relaxed, and completely naked.
Ziyou Chang posing seductively on a computer desk.
Daniela relaxing in a computer chair, room appearing to be her dorm.
Sylvie Pool Alvarez
4 days ago

Close up work of a ceramic miniature sea dancer sculpture in progress. I wanted you to see the fine ridges, but if you look closely, you can even see my fingerprints 😁.

#claybliss #lovewhatido #sylviealvarezart #wip #workinprogress #oceaninspired #nudibranch #seaslug #oceanlove #ceramics #sculpture #tactileart #biomorphic #intuitiveart #mastodonartists #MastoArt #closeup #claysoothesthesoul #claytherapy #miniature

Close up photo of miniature ceramic sculpture work in progress
Calico Jesse
5 days ago

Realized I could turn my 1k Imperial Guard army into a 2k army in just three tanks. Of course one of them is this bad boy.

Started my biggest painting project yet.

#WH40K #Warhammer40k #ImperialGuard #AstraMilitarum #Baneblade #Stormhammer #BugGunsNeverTire #HobbyProgress #WIP #1HourANight

Warhammer 40K Model

Stormhammer super heavy tank (Baneblade variant)

Orange turret, side sponsons, and front tread guards.

Black everything else.
Maggie McFee
5 days ago

Brain and brain! What is brain!?

A work-in-progress but mostly complete  3D model of a Star Trek TOS (the original series) tricorder.
Maggie McFee
5 days ago

I mean, it seems like a natural progression, right? #WIP

Wireframe of a 3D model that appears to be a Star Trek TOS tricorder.
Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
5 days ago

today i got decker working inside of Unreal so that i can show hypercard poems while you explore the world.
yay for having bitsy and hypercard in a big 3D game!
(the effect is beautiful because it really feels like you're experiencing the environment in different contexts)
#GameDev #IndieGameDev #GameArt #Poetry #Surreal #Horror #WIP #IndieDev

A short gameplay video showing you walking up the side of a cliff. There is some grass on the left side and a very steep cliff to the right. As you are walking the screen glitches and you see a hypercard interface pop up. You click through it as it illustrates the path up using black and white dithered images.
Sarah Sammis
5 days ago

Three to go. #wip #gauche #art #mastoart

15 colorful Day of the Dead styled chicken paintings.
Sazzle 💜🖤
6 days ago

#WordWeavers Sept 19. Side character POV: Have you ever been treated unfairly?

(This is Lark. He's only recently popped up in my WIP)

"You're joking aren't you? No, probably not. You haven't been out to the compound, so you have no idea what it's like. Okay, so imagine being the weakest in the pack, not even strong enough to shift. Then, think about how that might go down when the alpha is your father."


"Don't pull that face. It is what it is."

#WIP #AmWriting #WolfShifters

6 days ago

#wip teaser of my next #robotics project #maker

lee :Fire_Trans:
6 days ago

tiny lil test to check the rope texture


a black ink print of the very top of a torso, tied with rope in a serpentine pattern. below one strand of rope, the image abruptly turns unfinished and trails off
lee :Fire_Trans:
6 days ago

rope is both extremely fun and extremely hellish to carve


a section of a speedy-carve block on a cutproof mat. the design is someone's neck and shoulders, tied up in a serpentine rope harness. I've started carving the rope around the neck; it's a bunch of little tiny details.
Kristin ( Admin)
6 days ago

Happy Monday!

Playing with an abstract network pattern for today's #inkyDays drawing.

Here's a work-in-progress photo.

It's a new week, so I'm starting new posts for my supporters on Patreon and Ko-fi, for all the in-progress and finished drawings this week:

#ink #drawing #art #wip #MastoArt #GenerativeArt

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract drawing is difficult to describe, but is vaguely floral or an artsy network diagram
lee :Fire_Trans:
6 days ago

now the fun part: this ink needs a week to fully dry, and I need to print shipping labels and match them to individual shirts

#mastoArt #wip

many folded t shirts laid out in columns. they are varyingly white, pink, blue, and black, and each says either "boypussy" (pink lettering, Barbie font) or "girldick" (blue lettering, g.i.joe font)
MOULE :RainbowLogo:
1 week ago

Here’s the last #video I uploaded to my #YouTube channel showing even more #unreleased #MOULE #music that I couldn’t categorise! ⏪️

At Part 17, it’s the last of my “Unreleased MOULE Music” series until I get the time to show off even more of my #WIP #ElectronicMusic #EDM tracks. You can listen to over 100 of them in this playlist! ⏪️

Goodnight from 🇦🇺! 👋😴

vanlau :tialove:
1 week ago
sparkly eyes
Kristin ( Admin)
1 week ago

Playing with this squirmy growth pattern for today's #inkyDays drawing. The inner line has a blue fill, and the rest of the loops have a teal fill, to give a little more texture to the finished drawing.

Here's a work in progress photo.

#ink #drawing #art #MastoArt #GenerativeArt #wip

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern is difficult to describe, but it looks a bit like a fat worm or a broken hair scrunchi.
1 week ago

Today's #MicroPrompt: Delight.

Reply with:

+ A #story that contains the prompt word (derivations and tense changes ok), or
+ An excerpt from your current #WIP that contains the prompt word, or
+ A #poem!

The only rules: keep it to a single toot and be sure to check out the other replies!

Reply only to me, not the tagged group.

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1 week ago

I have temporarily lost all my hobby mojo.

Please send me a pic and description of your latest WIP - Work In Progress.

Any medium or form!

Seeing others people's projects is always uplifting.


Sarah Sammis
1 week ago

First cookie took two hours. #wip #art #mastoart

One pink loft house cookie with 8 more to draw.
Sarah Sammis
1 week ago

Plate is done. Now I start on the cookies. #wip #art #procreate #mastoart

Outline of 9 loft house cookies , with one partially drawn in, sitting on a realistic drawn Christmas plate.
1 week ago

I always say to myself ‘stop working so small’ but somehow it never goes that way 😂😱 I swear my smallest #pfeil always gets the most use.
#wip #process #linocut #linoprint #lino #art #artist #illustration #halloween #characterdesign #characterart #pumpkin #bunny #carving #details #smol #cute #goth #print #witchyhomedecor

Close up shot of a linocut block with a finger and the tool size as reference for how small the carving is.
Sarah Sammis
1 week ago

Here’s another digital piece I’m working on. I’m using a photo I took as reference. #art #wip #mastoart

Nine outlined loft house cookies on a Santa cookie plate. The plate has been partially drawn.
Kristin ( Admin)
1 week ago

Ugh, this has been a miserable week so far. I'm still testing negative, thankfully. We're still isolating from each other, and being careful. The pup does not understand. It's frustrating, especially since this wouldn't be happening at all if not for all the anti-mask and anti-vax nonsense.

Here's a work-in-progress photo of today's #inkyDays drawing.

#ink #drawing #art #MastoArt #wip #SciArt

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The abstract pattern has repeating covid virus particle motifs in three different colors.
1 week ago

Doodling with white pencil on black cardboard~. I need to buy new brushes before I can attempt to paint them: apparently most of my brushes are way beyond usable. :D

#drachenmagier #fantasy #doodle #draft #workInProgress #fantasyArt #WIP #creatures #angel #blackandwhiteArt #mastoArt

doodle of an angel sitting on the floor
doodle of two moths with glowing lamps and stars
doodle of two creatures, one a bit cat-like with multiple tails, the other winged.
2 weeks ago

Don’t mind me, just over here doing #nerd shit :blobfoxcomfy:

#d20 #crossstitch #wip #dnd

Outline of a d20 cross stitch

Playing with branching and stippling in today's drawing. Here's an in-progress photo.

It's Monday, so I'm starting a new post for this week's #inkyDays drawings.

#ink #drawing #art #MastoArt #GenerativeArt #wip

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page of my sketchbook. The Abstract pattern is branching like a tree with curvy branches.
2 weeks ago

OK, back to work...

#algoArt #generativeart #wip