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He Bought a Piece of the Chrysler Building. Now His Empire Is Falling Apart. #WSJ

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George Santos Says He Won't Resign Ahead of Expulsion Vote Thursday #WSJ

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#アップル#ゴールドマン・サックス との #クレジットカード 提携を解消し、消費者金融への拡大を目指すウォール街銀行の試みに終止符を打った。 」

#prattohome #WSJ

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There have been so many twists and turns in the #OpenAI melodrama! But here's one that I definitely didn't have on my Bing-o card: #Microsoft tacitly admitted that no one doing serious engineering wants to use their terrible software. According to "The Biggest Winner in the OpenAI Fiasco" from #wsj:

"Microsoft prepared to give those [OpenAI] engineers everything they needed to continue their work: a floor in LinkedIn’s offices, plentiful cloud-computing resources, #Apple laptops. The trillion-dollar company’s employees assured their potential colleagues that they wouldn’t even have to use Microsoft’s workplace-communications app #Teams."

Paranoid Factoid
4 days ago

Bill Grueskin on #TheWallStreetJournal criticizing #GenMarkMilley for having the temerity to challenge Trump after the Ex-president called him a traitor befitting execution.

The absurdity of it only makes sense by WSJ editors stripping context in order to support their bogus framing.

Grueskin is a journalist and professor of journalism.

#WSJ #journalism #mediacriticism #politics #Trump #USPol #news #newspapers #editorial #military #USA #USMilitary

Jack Maurus
5 days ago

(1-4) I am absolutely pulling my hair out over this.

The #WSJ @WSJ revised a headline in its digital version.

How a Philosophy Split Silicon Valley, by Robert McMillan and Deepa Seetharaman made the front page of the print (Dallas, Tx) version. It is a brilliant article - the kind the industry gives awards for.

The digital version? The word "philosophy" must have been considered too altruistic. The headline was changed.

Philosophy vs "Fervent belief system"

Starchy Compliment
1 week ago

The "Wall Street Journal" for Monday, November 25, 1963

President Johnson

New Chief Seen Keeping Kennedy Policies, But Not Operating Methods

He'll Push Civil Rights Plan, Stay Willing to Talk With Soviets, Use Cabinet More

Folksy, Practical Approach

#JFK60 #JFK #Kennedy #JohnFKennedy #Journalism #WSJ

1 week ago

Wow, WSJ this is pretty flipping gross... a long time multidog person I can tell you that the 'lifetime cost' of any doggo is almost completely at the mercy of individual quirks of fate*; and wtf with the assumption that ppl are gonna buy puppies???

*I mean, there are of course breed-specific risks, but wow out here you're way more likely to get a valley fever or snakebite or tick fever or ... or ... so many weird things

doggos aren't economically tidy. Also, adopt.

#news #dogs #wsj

screencap from the Wall Street Journal of an article headline "the best dogs for your wallet", below three graphics that look like trading cards:  one for a rat terrier, one for a french bulldog, and one for an australian cattle dog.  Each shows a calculated 'lifetime expense' and 'puppy price' among other stats.
Jack Maurus
1 week ago

#WSJ multiple choice news

A. Print version: Fed officials were unwilling to conclude they were done raising int. rates...minutes show

B. The 10-Point (Email summary) Federal Reserve officials might be comfortable holding interest rates steady for at least the rest of the year, according to the minutes of their most recent policy meeting.

C. None of the above

D. One of the above

#news #upisdown

1 week ago

Dear #Techmeme, #NYTimes, #Verge, #WSJ, and a million other blogs, youtube channels, and social media.

Is there anything else going on in the tech world other than the #OpenAI drama?

Clara Listensprechen
2 weeks ago

#Palestine #Israel #Hamas #AbrahamAccord #WSJ

This came across my newsfeed just now and I quote from the Wall Street Journal:

"Israel-Hamas War Puts Palestinians Back on Arab World's Agenda

Israel’s fierce response to Hamas’s cross-border assault has reinvigorated support for Palestinians in the Arab world and stirred popular anger—not just at Israel and the U.S., but also at Arab governments. #press "

^^ This presents an argument that Hamas already won the war. The main Hamas objective was to put the kibosh on the Abraham Accord, which caused Arab states to basically throw Palestine under the bus.

Anybody throwing Palestine under the bus is gonna need a bigger bus.

Frozen Canuck
2 weeks ago

Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern (@joannastern) does a great job explaining the current state of EV charging in America. Basically, not great. That's a big problem for EV adoption as many people are concerned about range anxiety and where and how to charge. There's a lot of work to do.

#WSJ #EVgo #ElectrifyAmerica #Tesla #ElectricVehicles #LosAngeles

2 weeks ago

I've seen portions of a couple episodes. #NCIS is soooo bad. Knowing the American people as I do, this headline comes as no surprise. Half those 3million folks don't know how bad it is, they think it's true to life, the other half don't care.

#WSJ #WallStreetJournal

Wall Street Journal headline saying, "NCIS Doesn't Win Emmys, but 300 Million People Watched It Last Year"
2 weeks ago

「ゼネラルモーターズのいくつかの工場で全米自動車労働組合の組合員の過半数が労働協約案に反対票を投じ、労働組合指導者と自動車メーカーの両者が歴史的だと主張する暫定契約が危うくなった。 」


#prattohome #WSJ

Cory Doctorow
2 weeks ago

Zywicki praised the DoJ and #FTC's new antitrust guidelines - which have been endlessly damned in the #WSJ and other conservative outlets - as a reasonable and necessary compromise:

Even #LinaKhan - the bogeywoman of the *WSJ* editorial page - got a warm reception at her fireside chat:


2 weeks ago

#英国 のリシ・ #スナック 首相は、世論調査で低迷する #保守党 を中道に引き戻すことを目的とした政府刷新の一環として、前任者の一人であるデービッド・ #キャメロン 氏を外務大臣に指名した。」

#prattohome #WSJ

El Brown
2 weeks ago

What a spectacularly shit take on EVs from the #WSJ. It's like saying the restaurant industry is a bust because Sbarro went bankrupt. It's almost like Big Oil itself wrote this garbage.

Paywall-jumping link, b/c nobody should pay for this.

3 weeks ago

「ノボ ノルディスクは、大ヒット肥満治療薬ウィーゴビーの生産能力を増強するために60億ドル以上を投資すると発表した。 」


#prattohome #WSJ

Stephen McMaster
3 weeks ago

Looking for a book to read? It's nearing that time of year again (I won't mention the C-word yet), so sharing a gift idea: "Bad Blood", a 2018 book detailing the story of health start-up #Theranos and founder Elizabeth #Holmes. An excellently horrifying business story and page-turner by John #Carreyrou from his time at the #WSJ.

Fascinating for me was the lack of due-diligence by investors, and how the race for the "next big thing" in technology often clouds one's judgement.


3 weeks ago




#prattohome #WSJ

Matt Maison
3 weeks ago

Signature Loan Sale Likely to Lower Commercial-Property Values
The Wall Street Journal - November 7, 2023

“Most of Signature’s loans are performing. Nevertheless, the FDIC and Newmark Group, the real-estate firm running the sale, are going to have to sell them at discounts partly because they were made when interest rates were a lot lower than today.”

#RealEstate #CRE #Multifamily #SignatureBank #WSJ @realestate

3 weeks ago

Over 300,000 #accountants & #auditors Quit in 2 Years, Leaving Businesses Struggling to Meet #CustomerDemands. Desperate to bridge the gap, #AccountingFirms are seeking certified professionals to audit the books of U.S. companies & handle the tax obligations.

#wsj #wallstreetjournal #outsourcedaccounting #taxfirms #accountants #PABS

Jack Maurus
1 month ago

As your employee, I ask for fair compensation. You refuse. Our positions on the matter cannot be resolved.

I decide to go out on strike to compel you to comply with reasoned requests.

Negotiations ensue and an agreement is reaached. I return to work. Production resumes and revenue increases. All is well.

Then the bill comes due. Your decision to resist calls for reasonable compensation cost the company $3.2B in lost revenue.

Should you be fired?

#stellantis #strike #autoworkers #WSJ

Dr. Steve Thompson
1 month ago

Note rightwing media total silence on this topic, keeping adherents in the dark, evident by the bias rating on the right showing they haven't touched this story at all at this time.

If you're a Murdoch Empire devotee who thinks you're getting GOP 'truth' you're not getting what Murdoch doesn't want you to get. That's the truth.

"Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman, in rare public rebuke of a Republican candidate, says Trump ‘belongs in jail’"

#WSJ #Fox #NYPost #GOP

Jack Maurus
1 month ago

Who is this guy, Walter Russell Mead, who shares his opinion today in the #WSJ "Anti-Semitism Poisons America"? Whose broad opinion is based on such nuggets of wisdom as those used to support his advocacy! This man truly knows the subject of which he writes. Each thought expressed is evidence of digilent thoroughness.
1 month ago

FAZ/dpa: Wert von X hat sich seit Musks Twitter-Übernahme mehr als halbiert

Die Zuteilung von Aktien an Mitarbeiter der Plattform X offenbart laut Medienberichten: Der Wert des Unternehmens ist seit der Übernahme durch Elon Musk von 44 Milliarden auf 19 Milliarden Dollar gesunken.
Laut US-Medien: Wert von Plattform X hat sich seit Twitter-Übernahme mehr als halbiert

Matt Maison
1 month ago

GDP Report Shows Economy Grew at 4.9% Rate in Third Quarter
The Wall Street Journal - October 26, 2023

“Economists estimated gross domestic product grew at a seasonally- and inflation-adjusted 4.7% annual rate in the third quarter—more than double the second quarter’s 2.1% pace.”

#Economy #GDP #WSJ

1 month ago

Another WSJ story directly from #IDF propaganda connecting #Hamas with Iran

#Israel is doing all it can to attach #Iran to the events of October 7th. And of course their American lobby press #WSJ is the one posting them with pleasure.

House Panther :verified:
1 month ago

@knittingknots2 Sick days are a benefit of your employment. Use them! Don't come in and make everyone else sick. Fuck the #WSJ and its simping for #capitalism.

House Panther :verified:
1 month ago

Fuck the #WSJ and fuck not taking the sick time that you're allowed! You should by all means use your sick time. It's not weakness, it's good #SelfCare

LA Legault ✌🏻
1 month ago

From #WSJ’s “under the desk news” -Tiktok:

The Israel Defense Forces says that
"based on intelligence information
- "it was a failed Palestinian Islamic
Jihad rocket caused the deadly
blast at the Gaza hospital."
No, it wasn't.
The Gaza Health Ministry said an
Israeli airstrike hit a Gaza City
hospital packed with wounded and
other Palestinians seeking shelter,
killing as many as 800.

Reporter friend on the scene
confirming, this was not an
accidental missle explosion.
Jack Maurus
1 month ago

#law Who else read UC/Berkeley Prof. Steven Davidoff Solomon's WSJ (10/16/23) editorial?

imo, very interesting. Complex moral challenge. Revoking employment is a ridiculous idea though. It merely prolongs the debate. Solomon isolated the hypothetical.

Resolved: States which sanction violence should be resisted.

If you can resolve that, there is no reason to exclude anyone from discussions or employment. Avoiding that debate is intellectual dishonesty, imho. #WSJ

John Carlsen
1 month ago


The #RiteAid bankruptcy had been coming for a long time.

In the late 1990s, it had offered a friend (in writing) a job at and relocation to its distribution facility in Lancaster, CA. After packing his home into a moving van, they backed out. He was then effectively homeless. (He should have sued.)

At the time, it had already been making front-page news in #WSJ about how the son of its founder took the reigns and expanded it too quickly.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

#ExxonMobil struck a nearly $60 billion agreement to buy #PioneerNaturalResources in the largest #oil-and-#gas deal in two decades, tying the #energy giant’s future to #FossilFuels and creating a #shale giant:

#Exxon #Pioneer #OilAndGas #fracking #Texas #WestTexas #PermianBasin #Permian #WallStreetJournal #WSJ #AppleNews

Kenneth Freeman :linux: :tor:
2 months ago

Delving into the #SukkotWar as is my wont now that I've had my coffee... #BBC, #TheGuardian, #WSJ, #NYT.

2 months ago

#フィンランド#エストニア は、北大西洋条約機構加盟国である両国を結ぶ天然ガス #パイプライン#通信ケーブル#損傷#妨害行為 による可能性が高いと述べた。 」

#prattohome #WSJ

realcaseyrollins ✝️
2 months ago

Well, #WSJ and #WashingtonTimes are good but they’re paywalled

2 months ago

The Wall Street Journal is claiming that Iran backed the Hamas attack according to Hamas official. No other (reputable) outlet has backed that claim, and both US and Israel say there’s no evidence. Iran has also denied responsibility.

While it may yet turn out the evidence comes out, but why is the WSJ pushing this story on such thin evidence? I honestly thought the WSJ took the news side seriously.
#press #wsj #iran #hamas

2 months ago

The United States could send a second group of aircraft carriers to the coast of Israel, The Wall Street Journal said, citing #Pentagon representatives.

Gaza has no air force, not tanks, no armored vehicles, no air defense and nothing but home made weapons.

Israel is the 6th strongest military in the world and US is now sending a second Aircraft carrier to support them?

This is the country that tells the world, they stand for the weak, against the aggressors in #Ukraine.

But in Israel, they side with the occupation power and the apartheid regime.

So does #France, #UK, #Germany and #Italy #WSJ

Pa. Image of USSGW unrelated to the story just for the reference of what they are sending.

#palestine #Israel #Occupation #Apartheid #Politics #Gaza #PeaceNow #StopTheWar

2 months ago

The Wall Street Journal claims that #Iran gave #Hamas the 'final go-ahead' for its attack on #Israel during a meeting last week in #Beirut

As expected, #WSJ, the unofficial #IDF news outlet is blaming Iran for the attacks of Hamas and Islamic Jihad yesterday.
#Media #Propaganda…

David States, MD PhD
2 months ago

@tiffanycli Also videos in subscribed media that force me to watch an ad before viewing the content. I've already paid, don't harass me. #WSJ

2 months ago

Rely on #WSJ to come w headlines like this one - Why New Technology Is So #Stressful at Work—and What to Do About It
#Anxiety over technological change is escalating, especially thanks to #AI. #Researchers and #therapists offer all sorts of ways to deal with it

in #EU #Meta potrebbe introdurre #Facebook e #Instagram a pagamento, con un costo mensile di € 13 (fonte #WSJ). In cambio non ci sarebbe pubblicità personalizzata

La questione è più complessa di quel che sembra.

La profilazione degli utenti è infatti vietata in #UE in assenza di consenso; la non profilazione è invece un diritto

Sostituire la non profilazione con un abbonamento significa pagare denaro per salvaguardare un diritto (!!)

#GDPR #privacy #digitalrights

Jack Maurus
2 months ago

The #WSJ article about the #Writers Strike leaves me to infer that writers will get more money but there will be fewer writers, and jobs, thereby preserving high incomes for the studio execs at the expense of writers and consumers. That places striking writers alongside execs in the same little club of people who are out to do what is best for them. Programming descreases. Number employed as writers decreases. Execs keep their money.

Not good.

2 months ago

'Unhinged' Trump’s 'lunacy' will be GOP’s downfall if they nominate him: WSJ editorial board

In a September 22 rant on his Truth Social platform, former President Donald Trump angrily railed against Gen. Mark Milley — chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — and implied that he deserves to be executed.

#trump #milley #WSJ

Jack Maurus
2 months ago

Let us all follow


As featued in the #WSJ today. They appear to be doing some good work and are drawing resistance #law

It's been reported this week that the #US has finally approved sending #ATACMS to #Ukraine. 🇺🇦🤝🇺🇲

To understand why they will give a huge advantage to the fight by the Ukrainian forces, and are significantly different from the Storm Shadow / SCALP missiles, watch this short explainer by #WSJ:

#ArmUkraineNow #UkraineWillWin #StopRussianAggression #ArrestPutin #StandWithUkraine

2 months ago

After years of denial, #Exxon finally acknowledged in 2006 that burning #fossilfuels causes #climatechange. But behind closed doors, Exxon took a very different strategy.

Documents reviewed by The #WSJ show that its executives strategised on how to downplay concerns about global warming and they tried to muddle scientific findings that might harm its oil and gas business.

Fossil fuel companies should be excluded from all current and future climate discussions.

2 months ago


Oh the irony!

Decrepit $billionaire Rupert #Murdoch, owner of internationally some of the most toxic & socially/ politically damaging press & broadcast media complaining about media “peddling political narratives rather than pursuing the truth”!

You couldn’t make it up!

#FoxNews #Scum #Times #Sky #WSJ #NYPost #Australian #HeraldSun #NewsOfTheWorld #PhoneHacking #PoliceCorruption #Trump #Dominion #Jan6 #Lies #Disinformation #Scandal

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 months ago

He's not stepping far away. Opting to be 'emeritus'...

"How media mogul Rupert Murdoch made his billions" #media #monopolies #FoxNews #WSJ #NYPost #HarperCollins

Dave Mark
2 months ago

WSJ's @joannastern presents 17 iOS 17 tips. Actually laughed out loud as I watched this. She funny. 😂🍿
#WSJ #Apple #iOS17

2 months ago

WSJ gift link to the article about the Justice Department's potential criminal charges against #ElonMusk for huge illegal perks #Tesla gave him that were never disclosed. Tesla's chief financial officer, who raised concerns internally, resigned last month, remember:

#WSJ #corruption #business #cars #ElectricVehicles #finance

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 months ago

Jason Willick is a disingenuous “conservative” idiot. #WSJ #JasonWillick

Jack Smith's 'halfhearted' concern for Trump's First Amendment rights 'laughable': columnist

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

Guess #SpecialK ain’t so special anymore. Next month #Kelloggs is spinning off its declining North American #cereal division into a separate company and rebranding itself as snack company #Kellanova:,-KELLANOVA-AND-WK-KELLOGG-CO

More from #WSJ:

2 months ago

@petergleick Mechanics of privately owned means of production. #capitalism #wsj

3 months ago

“There is no valid reason for my #recusal in this case,” Justice #Alito wrote. Any notion that his vote might be affected by his connection to the lawyer, he added, “fundamentally misunderstands the circumstances under which #SupremeCourt justices must work.”

The stmnt was his 1st #public response to criticism that he had #breached an #ethical line after sitting down for multiple interviews w/a #lawyer (guys c’mon!) in the case, David B. #Rivkin Jr., who writes for the op pages of The #WSJ.

3 months ago

Justice #Alito on Fri rejected demands from #Dem #lawmakers that he #recuse himself from a #tax #lawsuit after a #lawyer involved interviewed him for the (#Murdoch owned) #WSJ.

In an #unusual 4p stmnt attached to an otherwise routine list of orders concerning pending cases, Justice Alito dismissed calls for him to step aside as “unsound.”

#CourtReform #Corruption #JudicalEthics #law #legal #judiciary

Trumpster poll publishes fake news
. Yes WSJ poll fails to mention that Trump campaign has paid pollster over $500,000.
#woke #trump #wsj #poll

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
3 months ago

‼️🇺🇦Ukraine Summer Offensive Update for August 24: “All Western Media ArmChair Generals, Go Fu$k Yourself!” | 11 villages now liberated (more) #Ukraine #Press #Mastodon #USA #CNN #NYT #WSJ #WashingtonPost #TheTelegraph #SkyNews #BBC #News #Russia #RussiaUkraineWar #9yrInvasionofUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
3 months ago

[VIDEO] Why India’s Chandrayaan-3 Moon Landing Isn’t Just About Science by #WSJ

#WonderLink #SpaceEd #edtechSR #curiosity #Moon #MoonRace

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 months ago


J.D. Vance is a traitor, but you do you, #WSJ!

Jack Maurus
3 months ago

Second thing to know

No mention of #Trump, #Georgia on front page of print #WSJ for 8/15/23

Excuse me?

Christopher Mims
4 months ago

Germans are having a cultural crisis over the fact that their trains are now chronically late.

“This is an embarrassment, it is a cultural crisis for the German people,” said Andreas Knie, a professor of transport policy at the Berlin Social Science Center. “We love to brag about how we are the best, we are the most efficient, but the late Deutsche Bahn, and our failing football team, are proof that we aren’t making great things anymore.”

#Germany #transportation #WSJ

media/media login: A paywall bypassing login shared amongst journalists
#journalism #paywall #login #media #wsj #ip #+

4 months ago

"After #DeSantis released his #economic plan last wk, #WSJ called it “unstable.” The editorial praised some parts while criticizing less trade w/ China, less immigration & federal action to ease #StudentDebt.

WSJ's editorial page aligns w/ the #Republican Party frm #Reagan til #Trump favoring laissez-faire, small-govt, light regulation, low taxes & govt benefits, high levels trade & immigration." Think #MiltonFriedman

Problem is it doesn't work. #NYT #SupplySide / #Reaganomics suck

#Reaganomics don't work chart from 19809 til now showing stagnated income growth except for the 1%
Ukraine War Bulletins and News
4 months ago

⛔️🇺🇦President's Office flat out denies lies by the USA conservative newspaper Wall Street Journal, that Ukraine has softened its position on peace talks (more) #Ukraine #Mastodon #WSJ
#USA #Press #News #Russia #RussiaUkraineWar #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

Senator Brownshirt
4 months ago


Thanks for your lessons on the basics of criminal law. A lot of people can benefit.

A lot of people should already know the basics of a subject they opine on. Are they merely ignorant or being deceitful?

#WSJ #nytimes #washingtonpost #Strassel #J6 #Indictment

Ms. Kim #Strassel does a true disservice to her #wallstreetjournal readers with her mischaracterization of the recent indictment against Mr. #Trump brought forward by #JackSmith

I sent her an email ( and recommended that she read ‘Criminal Law 101’ from Teri Kanefield to be better informed about our justice system!

#Indictment #indictAllGOPTraitors #jan6 #WSJ @Teri_Kanefield

Teri’s Excellent Article: Criminal Law 101

#KimStrassel’s dumb rant

Cindy Weinstein
4 months ago

@flexghost. Does #Alito have the #WSJ on speed dial? and/or vice-versa?

Gernot Wagner
4 months ago

The heat, it's killing us.

Also: More sprawl! And: airport lounges!

The juxtaposition, it hurts.

#climate #heat #WSJ

WSJ headlines: "The World Bakes Under Extreme Heat, right above: "Homeowners don't want to sell, so home builders are booming" & "The Lounge Battle Royale Coming Soon to Your Airport"
Wesley Fryer (he/him)
5 months ago

Here’s How Twitter Could Become Irrelevant by #WSJ

Good analysis of Threads versus Twitter.

#SocialMedia #MediaLit #MediaLiteracy

Cory Doctorow
5 months ago

Take the *#WSJ*: since Khan took office, they have published *67 vicious editorials* attacking her. Khan is living rent-free in #RupertMurdoch's head. Not only that, she's got the presidential suite! You love to see it.

These attacks are worth reading, if only to see how flimsy and frivolous they are. One major subgenre is that Khan shouldn't be bringing any action against Amazon, because her groundbreaking scholarship about the company means she has a conflict of interest.


Dave Spector
5 months ago

No, we have too few rules in America. Know what we have way too many of? #WSJ editorial writers.

PJ Coffey
5 months ago

You'll be shocked, shocked I say...

Well maybe not.

#climate #climateChange #WSJ
@JacquelynGill - Settle in for a Sunday Junk Science take-down!

In this opinion piece, Milloy’s opinion gets an F in accuracy, but it's an absolute master-class in denialist propaganda. He employs the classic tactic of discrediting experts with what seem to be reasonable, obvious statements. They’re superficial and easy to discredit, but the point is to hijack the narrative.

CelloMom On Cars
5 months ago


The #WSJ opinion pages remain a den of denial.
They're owned by the Murdoch media empire, after all.

#ClimateDeniers are loud, but in fact

"Most Americans say they know we’re facing a monumental climate threat. They just need to be convinced that other people tend to feel exactly the same way and that they have the power to do something about it."

Nonya Bidniss
5 months ago

If you still read and/or pay for the #WSJ, consider the fact the its editorial board just wrote "303 Creative v. Elenis Is a Victory for Free Speech and Pluralism: The Supreme Court supports the right of a business to dissent from dominant cultural views."
The idea that anti-discrimination and equality for all is merely a "cultural view" rather than an ideal literally expressed in the very Constitution and laws, is offensive. The white patriarchal theocratic gaslighting is loathsome.

5 months ago

Behind the Scenes of Justice Alito’s Unprecedented Wall Street Journal Pre-buttal


The Journal editorial page accused ProPublica of misleading readers in a story that hadn’t yet been published.

#SupremeCourt #SCOTUS #Alito #SamuelAlito #WSJ

Jerome (He/Him)
5 months ago

Link to the #wsj article mentioned:

Self plug — If you're doing academic research or journalism and would like free access to this type of data, I'd love to help! Give me a shout.

Tony the Mechanic
5 months ago

I quit reading the #WSJ quite awhile ago due to some obvious partisan spin. Now I know it does absolutely no fact-checking on opinion pieces and is in bed with Alito.

Just giving a public official an open mic to prebut an article about his lavish conflicts of interest and then defending him is not journalism: it's advocacy.

WSJ editorial board defends Alito, calls ProPublica report 'non-scandal built on partisan spin'-

“YOUR PRIORITIES ARE FUCKED” under a drawing of a bird, from
Patty A. Gray
5 months ago


Today I cancelled my subscription to the #WSJ and started a monthly donation to #ProPublica for the same amount that I was paying monthly to WSJ. The ProPublica app now occupies the place on my tablet where the WSJ app once sat, for years. You can guess why I made this change.

Thank you for your excellent journalism, and I am excited to now be PAYING ATTENTION.

#Alito #SCOTUS

Cory Doctorow
5 months ago

The GOP fringe imposes incredible discipline on their leaders. Take all the nonsense about "woke capitalism": on the one hand, it's absurd to call union-busting, tax-dodging, worker-screwing companies "woke" (even if they sell Pride flags a couple of weeks a year).

But on the other hand? The GOP leadership have actually *declared war* on the biggest corporations in America, to the point that the *#WSJ* says that "Republicans and Big Business broke up":


6 months ago

Inside Wagner, Russia’s Secret War Company

The Wall Street Journal’s latest documentary “Shadow Men: Inside Russia’s Secret War Company” goes deep inside the lethal global expansion of the Russian private military company Wagner — tracing the group's evolution from a small, guns-for-hire operation into a sprawling network of businesses that has been active on four continents.

#WSJ #Documentary #Wagner #Russia

Cory Doctorow
6 months ago

The tacit social contract between the #WSJ and its readers is this: the editorial page is for ideology, and the news section is for reality. Money talks and bullshit walks - and reality's well-known anticapitalist bias means that hewing too closely to ideology will make you broke, and thus unable to push your ideology.


A Georgian eviction scene in which a bobby oversees three thugs who are using a battering ram to knock down a rural cottage wall. The image has been crudely colorized. A vulture looks on from the right, wearing a top-hat. The battering ram bears the WSJ logo.

Article fails to mention that Musk spends half the day posting nasty tweets on his social media site #Twitter! [=#troll]

“Elon #Musk Is All About the Nonstop Grind. And He Can’t Stop Talking About It” [=#narcissist]

“Elon Musk endures a lot. Just ask him” [=#martyr]

“In recent weeks, he has again expounded upon his long workdays and his infrequent vacations, all while mocking workers who prefer working from home as living in “la-la land” [=#asshole]

#WSJ #timhiggins

6 months ago

Is Apple Stealing Tech from Smaller Companies?

Smaller rivals say meeting with Apple ended with the tech giant releasing products that resemble their own. Some say Apple used the U.S. patent system to avoid having to pay for using their technology. Apple says it doesn’t steal technology and plays by the rules

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7 months ago

One Piece - The Cross Guild, with Buggy as the symbolic figurehead that the world sees, has taken out a popular Vice Admiral in the Navy. Which is a huge deal.

But, back on the new lead ship (that was designed with either Buggy or ICP in mind) was revealed and the two real brains removed Buggy's head to talk strategy. That's when Buggy actually went behind them and convinced the full crew to start searching for the One Piece.

Buggy is a fool & a tool, but he knows how to rally a crowd.

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Black and white manga screenshot from One Piece, Chapter 1082. Image of a beat up clown (Buggy) head with long hair and busted teeth screaming, "If he's gonna do it...then I wanna be the king of the pirates!!!"
7 months ago

Mashle: Magic and Muscles - We're about to see Mash face off vs Innocent Zero. We see Mash snap IZ's magic wand and punches IZ so hard that their neck snaps!

But they survive and enter a new form.

It's like a JRPG villain.

I can't wait to see how Mash handles this next, with his fists.

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Black and white manga screenshot from Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Chapter 154. Image of Mash (short black hair in a bowl cut with wizards robes over a button up shirt with a tie) dramatically snapping an elaborate magic wand while grunting "Hmph."
Cory Doctorow
7 months ago

But once the inflation hawks started going on national TV, holding flashlights under their chins and intoning "Inflaaaaaaaation," all that died.

A year later, even the *#WSJ* has to admit "Businesses are using a rare opportunity to boost their profit margins":


Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
8 months ago

russia charges #WSJ reporter Evan #Gershkovich with spying

russia has formally charged detained Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich with espionage, according to russian news agencies.

State-run tass news agency says the journalist denied the espionage charge.


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Thomas Wüst
8 months ago

Wg. unrechtmäßiger Verhaftung des #WSJ-Reporters #EvanGershkovic in #Russland hat das #WallStreetJournal alle Texte des inhaftierten Journalisten vor die Paywall gestellt,wie z.B. diesen über ökonomische Verfassung Russlands.👏🏻👍🏽#PressFreedom #FreeGershkovich

Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
8 months ago

All of Evan Gershkovich’s reporting is now free to read on The #WSJ

He was arrested in russia while on a reporting trip and accused of spying, making him the first #American #journalist detained in russia on espionage charges since the Cold War.

His last article was

russia’s Economy Is Starting to Come Undone

Investment is down, labor is scarce, budget is squeezed. Oligarch: ‘There will be no money next year’

Read them here 🔗

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Evan Gershkovich
Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
8 months ago

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) has detained Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich on espionage charges.

He was detained in the Ural Mountains city of Yekaterinburg while allegedly trying to obtain classified information.

The FSB alleged that Gershkovich “was collecting classified information about the activities of one of the enterprises of the Russian military industrial complex.”

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Cory Doctorow
8 months ago

#5yrsago The #WSJ on the decade since the crash: inequality, giant banks, regulatory failures, looming catastrophe

#5yrsago Young people hate #Facebook because it forces them to have a single identity

#5yrsago Chinese jaywalkers are identified and shamed by facial recognition, and now they’ll get warnings over text message

#5yrsago Teachers on four continents stage mass #strikes


9 months ago

@georgetakei I'm not saying the #WSJ is a ridiculous scumbag. But had it been less busy blaring out its anti-progessive agenda, it might have had a chance to run a real investigative story on the instability of #SVB's finances before the bank collapsed.


Diamonds-to-donuts — #TuckerCarlson with run with this lede; it gives him the opp to revive "Go Woke, Go Broke" and polish Daddy Rupert's #WSJ-owning knob simultaneously.

Ricky de Laveaga
10 months ago

@selfagency @dictvm "[…] has stabilized itself financially and recently attracted new deals. #Shohat didn’t specify how many customers #NSO Group currently has but said it was around a few dozen"
…imagine how horrible these dozens of "customers" are. #WSJ continues to be a mockery of journalistic integrity, especially around #Israel.

Can someone please find out who was responsible at WSJ for writing that headline with “Are There Too Many Asians?” People have to be held accountable for these stupid stunts.

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