Conlan Spangler
1 minute ago

I’ve got a work meeting at 11am PT tomorrow, perfectly timed to coincide with what’s sure to be the most exciting part of #Apple’s #WWDC keynote. This is why capitalism just doesn’t work.

6 minutes ago

Before I start my #wwdc mode, remember to check The Tyrant of Syracuse #fusion #jazz #rock #folklore

11 minutes ago

Do any of the current #iOS #Mastodon apps have a streaming timeline? I’d really like to have a streaming timeline running during #WWDC tomorrow.

Why is everyone hyping up #WWDC so much more than previous ones? Is there something special or different about this one? What is #Apple expected to announce?

Anyone else excited and weirdly nervous for tomorrow? #WWDC

Richy Garcia :verified:
33 minutes ago

Not me hyped for whatever #Apple will announce tomorrow morning. #WWDC #WWDC23 #iPhone #iPad #Mac #WatchOS #TVOS #AppleWatch #XROS #MacOS #WorldWideDeveloperConference

Mario Guzman 🏳️‍🌈
44 minutes ago

Happy 40th, #WWDC!!!

"The first ever WWDC was held in 1983, with the introduction of Apple Basic, but it was not until 2002 that Apple started using the conference as a major launchpad for new products. Beginning in 1987, WWDC was held in Santa Clara. After 15 years in nearby San Jose, the conference moved to San Francisco, where it eventually became Apple's primary media event of the year and regularly sold out. WWDC returned to San Jose 13 years later.” – Wikipedia

James Gobert
1 hour ago

Went to Infinite loop for #WWDC registration today. Apple employees have a LOT of energy 😆. Great first time experience tho. Hyped for tomorrow 🥽

1 hour ago

almost #wwdc. as we await the potential announcement of the reality pro headset, here’s a list of praises tim cook has made about AR.

My #WWDC23 wishlist:

1. Mac Pro, and it's good
2. watchOS 10 supports third-party faces
3. Finder has auto-sizing columns in Column View


Michael Steeber
1 hour ago

I miss the Layers conference and I hope it can return someday. There aren’t any venues near Apple Park other than developer center… but I feel like this is the type of event Apple could make accommodations to host. #WWDC

1 hour ago

Happy #Apple #WWDC day!

Jeremy :bat_boy:
2 hours ago

If #apple doesn’t fix this nonsense where Music can’t do the infinite playlist in #ios17, I’m canceling my #AppleMusic. Been happening for 2-3 years now. #wwdc #iphone #ios

Dan Kantor
2 hours ago

I always watch the #WWDC keynote but this year I’m much more excited for it given that:

1. The headset

2. I became a #SwiftUI developer last Fall (after 15 years of webdev)

3. The awesome community here on Mastodon

Tomorrow is going to be a fun one!

#Apple #mastodon #reality

Chris Wu :toucan:
2 hours ago

I am most excited to see the changes to SwiftUI tomorrow, but never would have anticipated a year ago I’d also be really curious about updates to weather data. ☔️

#SwiftUI #WWDC #WWDC23

allen is now mαx
2 hours ago

Who else is excited about the #wwdc keynote tomorrow?

Sam Grover
2 hours ago

Let’s get this started! #WWDC #WWDC2023

Pete Hare
2 hours ago

My first #WWDC in 8 years where I’m not working. It’s a strange feeling being on the other side of it, but this sabbatical has been 👌

Excited for all my colleagues involved tomorrow, and the years of hard work behind the scenes they put in!

2 hours ago

I've gotta say, #WWDC in winter is definitely a different vibe. ☃️

Charles Perry
3 hours ago

Apple and iOS friends: I won’t be with you at WWDC, but I hope you all enjoy getting together again after such a long hiatus. There will be a lot of tech stuff going on, but don’t lose sight of what’s really important: Meeting new people and renewing existing friendships. Have fun! #WWDC #WWDC2023 #iOSDev

You’re welcome “Tim”, but my suggestion we grab a drink together went unanswered.🤨

#Apple #WWDC #WWDC2023

A screenshot of an email sent from Tim Cook addressed to me which reads:

Re: Pride Month, WWDC

Thanks Victor!
Best, Tim

Sent from my iPhone
3 hours ago

Just realized I scheduled a meeting at 1pm tomorrow like a dummy. #wwdc

Async Kyle
3 hours ago

I’m so jealous of the gifts Apple are giving the developers at #WWDC23, especially that water bottle and T-shirt.


Jake Henry :St_Louis_City_SC:
3 hours ago

#WWDC tomorrow!

Happy #WWDC Eve to those who celebrate.

Mike D Money GIF by Beastie Boys
Async Kyle
3 hours ago

Which #WWDC23 bingo card are y’all using? I have this one but would like to find others.

Send them my way!

#WWDC #Bingo #WWDCBingo

WWDC23 Bingo card
Marcos Kirsch
4 hours ago

My WWDC 2023 prediction:
Apple’s new headset will use this wonderful rainbow 🫧 bubble effect for things popping into view. You heard it here first!

#WWDC #WWDC2023 #Apple

Marty Day
4 hours ago

Pretty excited to live post reactions to #WWDC tomorrow afternoon.

Okay, so I'm gonna weigh in on the #Apple #Goggles thing...

My thoughts are simple:
1: I hope they're right - in that they can do this.
2: Even if they are, I'm not gonna buy it. I can't see myself inside any kind of goggles since I tried the Oculus and got so sick.

So, I guess I'll have $3k more to put toward my next Mac, right? That's how accounting works, right? (trying to talk my husband into this - so I can get the Mac I want next).


Christina Warren
4 hours ago

16 hours until #WWDC!!

4 hours ago

What if #Apple uses whatever magic they use for Desk View on the headset and tracks your mouth to convey on your Memoji at #WWDC

ms. liz
4 hours ago

june 4, 2023

#aapl #wwdc

iOS Stocks app shows Apple (AAPL) shares currently at USD$181.11 in after hours trading, the day before WWDC23. the year graph shows 2023 prices as low as USD$125.02 this past january.
4 hours ago

Happy Dub Dub Keynote Day to those who celebrate #wwdc

slade watkins 🏳️‍🌈
4 hours ago

I am mentally unprepared for #WWDC but I am also really freaking excited!! I can’t wait to see what’s new this time round. And then rewatch the Keynote 50 billion times afterwards to see if I can catch new details I missed!

Jason Pester (GameDev)
4 hours ago

Will #Apple reveal the VR headset of the future or the next Apple III, Twiggy disk drive, iMac circular puck mouse, Newton*, iTunes Ping, Magic Mouse underside charging port, MacBook butterfly keyboard, MacBook TouchBar, etc? Only time will tell

#WWDC2023, Mon, Jun 5, 10am PST

*Be kind. I gave Apple this idea - check my personal Web site for details

#WWDC #xrOS #iOS #VRHeadset #AR #VR #MR #XR #Immersive #Immersion #Spatial #Hybrid #Remote #WorkFromHome #Gaming #GameDev

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2023

Watch tomorrow, Mon, Jun 5, at 10:00 a.m. PT. View online at or on the Apple TV app.
Nathan Sowder
4 hours ago

iOS 17 really needs to be a refinement update. Lot of great things were introduced in iOS 16 but iPadOS and iOS feel more segregated than it has in a long time and not for the best IMO. watchOS needs to be reworked to take better advantage of the Ultra in terms of UI and specialty features to make it stand out. tvOS… 🥸 do whatever with that. macOS really just needs refinements and polishing with UI/UX. Spotlight needs work like usual. rxOS or whatever for the headset needs to be usable. Apple has a habit of releasing 1.0s that are very bare bones and leave us with a year of “hopefully [x] will be in 2.0” or the obligatory “maybe we’ll see that next year…”. Stage manager…commit to it or drop it. Focus modes includes docked apps? Please? APIs: Networking, WeatherKit and Swift Charts….I want mooore. SwiftUI: can we finally drop UIKit and not have native SwiftUI methods instead of breaking in the UIKit for Hax. A native JSON parser would FANTASTIC IMO. #WWDC #WWDC23

Stop trying to make VR happen. It’s not going to happen. #wwdc

Pat Murray 🏳️‍🌈
4 hours ago

@gregheo right behind you! #wwdc

Jason Sandmeyer
4 hours ago

I've reached what I consider Tears of the Kingdom’s version of The Wind Waker's Triforce quest. It's not _that_ intolerable, but it really reduces my desire to keep playing. #WWDC week is probably a good time for a break anyway!

Brian Hough
4 hours ago

…and who can forget the podcasts, where I had some of the most fun of the week! Great shows and a great time meeting and chatting with this great community. #WWDC

@gruber @atpfm @connected

A photo of the Connected podcast live
A photo of The Talk Show live, with Gruber and Apple Execs on stage
A photo of the ATP Podcast live, featuring Siracusa, Marco, and Casey
Brian Hough
5 hours ago

Flashback to my first (and so far last) time attending #WWDC, WWDC19 (and #LayersConf!) Looking back, this being the final conference before COVID changed it - probably forever - was a special experience.

Hope everyone attending this week has a great time!

WWDC 19 signage adorning the San Jose train station
The outside of the WWDC’19 conference building, with WWDC decorations
A shot of the Apple Park ring as shot from the top of the visitor center, with trees in the foreground
A crowd of people milling about, chatting outdoors in between conference sessions

0.5 sleeps till #WWDC.

As much as I like living in Sydney, the timezone can be a pain.

5 hours ago

Hot #WWDC rumour: there will be absolutely no mention of any Australian marsupials at all during the Keynote (not sure about SOTU)

I am prepared to be wrong, though

With #WWDC around the corner, I've cleared my deck and wrote up my thoughts on Microsoft's Build conference. Interesting guidance for adding #LLMs to apps and the upcoming tools in Azure do look like promising building blocks.

Michael Steeber
5 hours ago

Did the green “1” at Infinite Loop get refinished, or am I imagining things? It has a more yellow hue in every photo I've seen this weekend. My own photos from a few years back and other recent (pre June) shots don't match. #WWDC

5 hours ago

Tomorrow is just another day.
That you'll never forget.

A screenshot from from November 15th 2010 on the eve of The Beatles launching on iTunes, with the message “Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget.”
Simon B. Støvring
5 hours ago

When tempted to install the macOS 14 beta, do consider installing it on a separate volume. Apple has an article that covers the details. #WWDC

5 hours ago

This #WWDC is gonna make it or break it for Apple, there is no in between. Whatever they have in store, it better impress.

My gut says it’ll be good but it wont be super clear at first, hopefully it is good.

As for the software section, I don’t expect much.
#WWDC23 #WWDC2023

5 hours ago

My expectations for WWDC 2023 this week. #wwdc #wwdc23 #Apple

Scott Kovatch
5 hours ago

⚠️ Surprise! There is a 10-20% chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow ⛈️ during the #WWDC keynote. Plan accordingly.

Simon B. Støvring
5 hours ago

If Apple announce the headset tomorrow, I’m guessing there’ll be a DTK that developers can apply for tomorrow and that units will start shipping during the week. That’s how it went when Apple announced the Apple Silicon DTK during WWDC in 2020. #WWDC

Quentin Zervaas
5 hours ago

Schwag. #wwdc

Dave Rahardja
6 hours ago

How’s the crowds at the Apple Park Visitor Center today? I’m thinking of grabbing a coffee there to enjoy the full experience of my first year in more than a decade of viewing #WWDC from the outside. Anyone from out of town going that way today?

Thinking of bringing my Lotus Evora with the INFN8LP license plate (soon to be replaced) if y’all want to take photos with it. You know, if you want to do the tourist thing.

#wwdc23 #apple #ApplePark

Orange Lotus Evora GT with INFN8LP license plate visible
Andrew Yates
7 hours ago

Starting my journey down to San Jose for various #WWDC events. I’ll be sporting various Alpenglow T-Shirts, come say hi and grab an Alpenglow Pin.

Alpenglow app pins and stickers
San Francisco Bay Bridge from the Ferry
Pat Murray 🏳️‍🌈
7 hours ago

Some photos from the #WWDC photo walk this morning
( @brunoph )

Emory L.
7 hours ago

#WWDC tomorrow is happening so you have time to get a subscription to Platformer so you can put out a blanket and basket in the discord park for the best commentary ever.

actually add that to the list of journalists to follow, @TexasObserver@caseynewton

Pat Murray 🏳️‍🌈
7 hours ago

as would be a shock to no one, I once again find myself at San Pedro’s square right now #wwdc

8 hours ago

Don’t tell anyone, but I just had a nap before dub dub. #WWDC

My dispensary has Apple Fritter live resin in stock.

Headset confirmed. 🍃🤭

#Apple #WWDC #WWDC2023

What bets are y’all placing on the name for #macOS 14?

My guess is macOS Sonoma.

#Apple #WWDC #WWDC2023

Is this the first time when there is going to be A LOT of #wwdc on fedi? 🤔


Last minute images leak of the rumored #Apple headset on the eve of #WWDC.

A photograph of the now defunct Google Cardboard.
Simon B. Støvring
9 hours ago

24 hours until we’ve seen the headset 🤞👀 #WWDC

The final keynote (Stevenote) delivered by Steve Jobs was #WWDC on June 6th, 2011. He introduced iCloud, OS X Lion, and iOS 5.

On August 24th he resigned as CEO of #Apple, and on October 5th he passed away.

9 hours ago

Dub dub keynote tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what’s new in iOS 17. Also looking forward to laughing at the RRP of Apple’s VR goggles. 😂

#wwdc #dubdub #wwdc23 #wwdc2023

Wishcasting for #WWDC:

There are apps on the headset designed by #Apple for specific business needs, and they call the suite AppleWorks. 🤭

1984 all over again.

Michael Lysons
10 hours ago

Mastodon feels really alive for #WWDC!

Ken Case
10 hours ago

I wasn't quite sure where I was going to charge this rental Polestar electric vehicle. But it turns out the visitor center at Apple Park has charging for customers.


Photo of the visitor center at Apple Park on a beautiful June morning.

Meta wishcasting for #WWDC:

Tim puts on the headset, and we are whisked away to the NYSE trading floor where we get to watch #Meta’s stock price plunge in real time…oh, and Tim has legs in VR. 🤭

Ralf Stockmann
10 hours ago

In der @freakshow rätseln wir darüber, was ein #Apple #xr Headset wohl an "Story" mitbringen könnte und kommen nicht so recht weiter. In den Kommentaren tauchten 3 Ideen auf, die mich zumindest überzeugen:
- als medizinisches Gerät ist es eine dynamische Brille, die jedwede Sehprobleme ausgleicht. Gleitsichtbrille adé
- als Arbeitswerkzeug ersetzt sie 3 Studio Displays. Alle Probleme mit Auflösung, Latenz, Eingabe sind gelöst.
- LLM on device
Mal sehen! #freakshow #WWDC

Meta wishcasting for #WWDC:

Tim decides to wear a shirt that isn’t a shade of blue. Yes, I know your eyes are blue Tim, but come on switch it up sexy.


10 hours ago

Ich bin sicher, Visa und Mastercard verspüren vor einer #wwdc auch so etwas wie Vorfreude… Und dieses Jahr ist deren Freude bestimmt etwas größer als sonst.

Meta wishcasting for #WWDC:

Tim Cook will take a brief moment (always a time constrained event) to call out Pride Month, and comment on the disgusting display of civil rights violations happening mostly, but not exclusively to #trans people. He made similar comments at a spring event related to Black Lives Matter.

Ken Case
10 hours ago

Hello, SJC!


Escalators leading to the exit at the San José International Airport.

Wishcasting for #WWDC:

Bring back the iPod Socks, but for iPhone, and expand the offering to include iPad Sweater.

Over/under on Tim Cook announcing, and deep system integrations for Mastodon at #WWDC?

ms. liz
12 hours ago

already preparing a hotfix release for tomorrow 😅

but first, #yoga.

#wwdc #wwdc23

Bas van der Ploeg
15 hours ago

While waiting for the start of #WWDC23 I 3D modeled and printed this Apple 1 Infinite Loop sign. 🥹

Really happy with how it turned out.

#BambuLab #WWDC #Apple

3D printed Apple 1 Infinite Loop sign on flat hand.
3D printed Apple 1 Infinite Loop sign.
3D printed Apple 1 Infinite Loop sign in pieces.
Devon Dundee
15 hours ago

In the midst of all the excitement around Apple’s announcements this week, let’s not forget what #WWDC is all about: the developers.

They’re the ones who turn our devices into magical tools that make our lives better, and they’re the ones who make all of these platforms we love into thriving ecosystems. We all benefit from their hard work and artistry.

Thank a developer this week.

Anders Borch
1 day ago

I gotta say, I don’t care about a VR headset at all. I just want that 15” MacBook Air that I have been waiting for since last year.


Change my mind meme: New MacBook Pros are fat and ugly

I believe Tim Cook will use Steve’s famous “One more thing” phrase to begin the introduction of the headset at #WWDC.

He did so for the #Apple Watch.

I also think this will be the last new product category that we will see with Tim as CEO of the company.

David Blue ※
1 day ago
Three iPhone-like devices shown horizontally listed, from largest to smallest: "iPhone, iPhone Nano, iPhone Shuffle."
Steve Streza
1 day ago

If you're in the Bay Area this week for #wwdc, and you don't mind Lyft/renting a car, and you want the best damn bowl of ramen you've ever had in your life, go here:

Living Blindfully Podcast
1 day ago

What is the CEO of #AccessiBe apologising for, why now, and does he mean it? #LivingBlindfully Plus members can now hear episode 232 featuring a robust discussion with the CEO of AccessiBe, Bookshare comments, concerns about ongoing #iOS #accessibility bugs and more. It’ll be public in 72 hours. To join Living Blindfully Plus, just visit Your subscription will also give you immediate access to our post-#WWDC coverage once it’s release.