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11 schwarze #US-Soldaten flüchteten 1944 in das ostbelgische Dorf #Wereth. Die SS ermordete sie brutal. Heute steht das einzige Denkmal für schwarze Soldaten des Zweiten Weltkriegs in #Europa in Wereth – weil eine Familie aus dem Ort den Anstoß gab. #WWII

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¿Hay algún #bot aquí que replique contenido de Twitter sobre la 2a guerra mundial? :blobcateyes:
#WWIIhistory #WWII

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#ComicsHistory #WWII #Slang

A selection of comics panels from All-American Comics, April 1942, in which characters from different stories all use "Keep 'em flying!" as an expression of encouragement. And a letter from the Hop Harrigan All-American Flying Club uses it about four times. Strips represent The Atom, Green Lantern, Hop Harrigan, Sargon the Sorcerer, and Doctor Mid-Nite.
Ukraine War Bulletins and News
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⚡️🇺🇸98-year-old veteran describes horrors of WWII at D-Day anniversary event (AP News VIDEO) #Ukraine #USA #Paton #WWII #NATO #Press #News #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

Blowing up dams is against the Geneva Conventions. I saw comments from the UK Foreign Minister to that effect. Ironic considering 1943 Operation Chastise (“The Dambusters”)
No doubt Ukrainian civilians will be killed by this dam attack. Wiki says the 1943 attack by the RAF killed 1600 civilians, including 1000 “enslaved labourers, mainly Soviet”. One wonders if that is true and if so, is part of this also “pay back”? War is Hell.

#RussiaUkraineWar #WWII #DamBusters

79 years ago, June 6, 1944: "Operation Overlord" #DDay Allied landings at Normandy. The amphibious assault secured a new western front against the well-entrenched enemy. Following the successful landings, the Allies won #WWII in Europe in 11 months. #DDay79 #history

US Army's image caption:
Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower speaks and gives the order of the Day, "Full victory - nothing else," with 101st Airborne Division paratroopers before they board airplanes and gliders to take part in a parachute assault. This was the first assault into Normandy as part of the Allied Invasion of Europe,"D-Day," June 6, 1944. Photo by Moore.
US Army's image caption:
Army Air Corps photographers documented "D-Day" beach traffic, as photographed from a Ninth Air Force bomber, June 6, 1944. Note vehicle lanes leading away from the landing areas, and landing craft left aground by the tide. Photo courtesy of Center of Military History.
US Army's image caption:
Gliders fly supplies to Soldiers fighting on Utah Beach during the Allied Invasion of Europe, "D-Day," June 6, 1944. Photo courtesy of Center of Military History.
US Army's image caption:
Soldiers in cargo vehicles move onto a beach in Normandy during the Allied Invasion of Europe, "D-Day," June 6, 1944. After fierce fighting, the Allies established a foothold in northern France. Photo courtesy of Center of Military History.
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ANTIFA stormed the beach at Normandy 79 years ago today.


Beth P
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A surprisingly funny, touching view of the #DDay campaign from a reporter in a landing craft awaiting deployment in one of the secondary waves of the Allied invasion. The battle itself is not described -- for these troops, it hasn't begun yet. But given how well we know the carnage that awaited them, this vibrant portrait is also a haunting one. #newyorker #otd #wwii #history #longread

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Seventy-nine years
Normandy's beaches breached
And the tide turned.

#Haiku #OneHaikuADay #WritersCollective #writingcommunity ##WWII #DDay #WarIsHell
June 6 2023

Black and white image from the inside of a landing craft on D-Day, June 6 1944 Normandy, France. Center left is the open door of the landing craft, in the water the soldiers are advancing toward the beach, perhaps hundreds of them in the water. The sky is heavy with clouds and glowering in mist and smoke from shelling and fighting.
Paul Chambers
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Commemorating D-Day on 79th anniversary of deadly WWII invasion

I had great-uncles, now gone, that were part of the invasion. They would share stories.

I think it is why I get so angry at the commercialization and joviality of Memorial Day weekend. It's more about the first summer party and discount sales now than remembrance. It was commercialized in the late 70's and 80's but nothing like it is now. It was more reverent then, at least here.

#DDay #WWII #WW2

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The same folks who run the "World War II in real time" channel have a "24 hours of D-Day" channel on this anniversary of Operation Neptune and Operation Overlord.

If you're not already watching history unfold, we're currently on hour 15 of 24.

#History #WWII #AntiFascism #DDay

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American Cemetery in Normandy

#Photography #War #wwii #dday #normandy

View of stylized burial stones in the American Cemetery in Normandy that mark the graves of US soldiers who died in D-Day battles in June 1944. In the background are trees and the English Channel.
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Omaha Beach, Normandy, France
#OmahaBeach #D-Day #dday #WWII

Green shrubberies in the foreground, a thin strip of beach, then blue-green ocean and clear blue sky, a very peaceful scene where the D-Day invasion took place on June 6, 1944.
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The Indy Neidell World War Two documentary has started its 24-hour documentary on D-day #wwII #documentary

Jim Wald
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live 11:30 a.m. Eastern from US National #archives

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's D-Day Prayer, Broadcast on June 6, 1944 - YouTube


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June 5 - Movie you would thank someone for making

Schindler's List (1993) #StevenSpielberg #History #WWII #NeverForget

Jackal Pack Gay
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Just finished Naomi Hirahara's superbly researched and compellingly written CLARK AND DIVISION, and if you are *at all* interested in the histories of LA and Chicago, WWII, the Issei and the Nisei, how corrupt forces made a lot of money when abortion before Roe (and will again, now, of course), the incarceration ("Internment") camps, and/or young women figuring out their way, oh, and/or mysteries, you MUST read this. #amreading #mystery #WWII @bookstodon

Today On Screen
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#OnThisDay, June 4, 1940, a flotilla of more than 800 vessels including Royal Navy destroyers, merchant marine boats, fishing boats, yachts and lifeboats were called into service from Britain to evacuate Allied soldiers from beaches in the north of France (depicted in Dunkirk, 2017)

#Film #Movies #Cinemastodon #Dunkirk #History #WWII #Histodons @histodons

A beach with long lines of soldiers waiting to be evacuated. There's smoke in the distance
Soldiers in the water being pulled onto a civilian boat
The Japan Times
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The education board of a city in Nagano Prefecture is at loggerheads with local citizens involved in a peace museum exhibit featuring a display on the Imperial Japanese Army's notorious Unit 731. #news #history #nagano #wwii #unit731

Antti Peltola
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The Rhodes Center Podcast: #Nazi #Billionaires, Capitalist #Ethics, and Other Notable Contradictions:

#Capitalism #Nazis #WWII #Germany #Deutschland

Chris Lamke
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I find it helpful to be reminded of those who sacrificed so much to help others. Having these examples makes the small sacrifices I make even easier and ensures I follow through on them.

#good #Portugal #wwii #fascism

They were aided by Portugal’s ‘Schindler.’ Now these WWII refugees are trying to help others. - The Washington Post

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"In a suburban Brisbane garage, young women decoded radio transmissions that changed the course of World War II. For the first time, their top-secret work on a panicked Japanese cable about a new type of weapon can be revealed." #WWII #WW2 #cryptography #encryption #decryption #CodeBreaking #Australia #history #ModernHistory #TypeX #military #signals

The Garage Girls and the secret war machine which uncovered Japanese secrets - ABC News

Picture of the intercepted message reporting the atomic bombing of Hiroshima to Japanese high command. The translated Hiroshima cable was declassified for the ABC document arty Breaking the Code: Cyber Secrets Revealed. (Supplied: Australian Signals Directorate)
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I'm sorry, Congressnan, but even though this kind of statistics is way more intelligent than the #GQP's, leave alone #MAGA's, it should not be reported to dishonest means.

Of course, these gains must be seen 👉relative👈 to the #US working-age population of the corresponding years, at a minimum.

Also, figures must be deflated somehow for female participation rates in the workforce, which was all but none-existent prior to #WWII in comparison to the present.

5 days ago

The #GarageGirls and their secret war machine

In a suburban #Brisbane garage, young #women #decoded radio transmissions that changed the course of World War II. For the first time, their top-secret work on a panicked #Japanese cable about a new type of weapon can be revealed. #history #wwii #cryptanalysis #australia #hiroshima

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Ideas? Input please!
Any ideas on approaches to make an interactive map where I can click on locations or icons next to locations and have pictures or an information box pop up?
The project I have... My Dad was in WWII, never talked about it like so many. After research into unit history we now have dates and unit locations. Letters we were given have dates but not locations.. Now have data to put on a map with location and dates. Idea in my head- create an interactive map of Europe with clickable icons for letters, unit location info, How can I do this easily? #WWII #interactivemap #TechHelpNeeded

Paul Chambers
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Drag has been in the #USMilitary for decades. Here are Doughboys (infantrymen) during #WW2 putting on a drag show.

Universal Newsreel showing WW2 soldiers of Fort Slocum in a “Girlie Show” – an all singing, dancing, and cross-dressing version of “Swing Fever”.
#Pride #LGBT #Drag #WWII

#LGBTQAI #lgbtqia
🔗 via @internetarchive

Universal Newsreel showing WW2 soldiers of Fort Slocum in a “Girlie Show” – an all singing, dancing, and cross-dressing version of “Swing Fever”.

"Fort Slocum, NY: Modern 'Doughboys' doff their usual khaki and don, of all things, wome's clothes to star in their own version of 'Swing Fever.' Singing and dancing a la Broadway. You'll howl!" men dress as women for stage show (some sound) (partial newsreel)
Megan Smolenyak
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This was a daunting case - sent to me as high priority last year - so I'm even more pleased than usual that this hero has been identified.

Welcome home, Pfc. Leonard Elkins Adams. Honored to have researched your family. #hero #WWII #genealogy #Geneadons #military

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Thom Hartmann gives a refresher.

Did An 80 Year Old WWII Warning Predict America’s Descent Into Fascism?

8 min video

#fascism #wwii #thomhartmann

スパックマン クリス
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In March, finally got "They Called Us Enemy" for classroom library. Lent it to a history teacher b/c students wanted to read - studying re:internment. Had to borrow it back shortly after they finished to lend to a teacher at another high school to use.

Not sure where it is now. I think I lent it back to the first teacher? Point is, I should have gotten 2+ copies.

BTW, we have <1% Asian / AAPI students in the schools. They weren't the ones needing it.

#WWII #USAHistory #K12


Jon Michaels
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This is my Grand-uncle Ken Lampton. He was killed during the Battle of the Bulge in #WWII. There are a few tidbits about him in “Company Commander” by Charles B. MacDonald.

“Private First Class Kenneth Lampton, of Detroit, Mich., weapons-platoon runner who was also eighteen and corresponded with college girls from Michigan.”

#MemorialDay #Genealogy

More on how the #Nazi's Treated #LGBTQIA people in #WWII

Before #Hitler seized power, all active #gay organizations in #Germany were declared #illegal. #KurtHiller, whom #MagnusHirschfeld had named as the head of his #ScientificHumanitarianCommittee, was sent to the #concentrationcamp in #Oranienburg, from which he was released nine months later for unknown reasons. Until 1933, Roehm's #brownshirts attacked #gaybars throughout the #country; many were closed down and the rest forced to operate #illegally. At a meeting of municipal administration #officials in #Hamburg on November 13, 1933, for instance, the #chiefofpolice was #ordered to pay particular attention to "#transvestites, and to send them to #ConcentrationCamps." In 1934, the #Gestapo sent a letter ordering every police station in the country to draw up a list of "everyone who is #homosexually #active in any way.” In response, the Berlin police managed to draw up a list of approximately 30,000 #homosexuals. In May 1935, the #SS #magazine Das Schwarze Korps demanded the #deathsentence for #gays.

Here's how the #Nazi's treated #LGBTQIA People in #WWII

The Nazis made no distinction between trans women, gay men and cross-dressers: all were made to wear the pink triangle and sent to camps like Dachau, Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen, while trans men, classed as lesbians, were marked by the same black "antisocial" triangle as communists and intellectuals. People with pink triangles were singled out for extreme brutality by both the Nazis and other inmates. They were segregated into "queer blocks" and given the deadliest work assignments. For those with pink or black triangles, death arrived not by extermination in gas chambers but by so-called indirect mass annihilation, a combination of "terror work," induced starvation and pitiless punishment. Their lives were ended by a few weeks of deliberately prolonged torture, justified by the Nazis' decision that they were not "real women" or "real men."32

- 32 Heinz Heger, The Men With The Pink Triangle (London: GMP, 1986). First published as Die Männer mit dem Rosa Winkle (Hamburg: Merlin-Verlag, 1972)
The Japan Times
3 weeks ago

U.S. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida used a guestbook message during an unprecedented visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to call for a nuclear weapons-free world. #news #japan #wwii #history #fumiokishida #hiroshima #nuclearweapons #joebiden #g7

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Mystery Spot

"My great-uncle was in a cell in the French Resistance during WWII ..." An intriguing question about a 50-year old mystery photo location from Miss T.Horn, and a fabulous answer 37 minutes later by essexjan.

#FrenchResistance #WWII #history #photos #photographs #location #mystery #France

image via Miss T.Horn: old black and white photo of a 1940s French village on a river or canal with a prominent bridge visible
1 month ago

Stacks of cargo from a WWII-era Nazi ship have started washing up along the Texas shoreline.

Read about it here:

#shipwreck #history #wwii #nazi #texas #beach #news

A large bale of rubber cargo sits in the sand on Mustang Island.
Michael Kazarnowicz
1 month ago


Thanks for this, it was a fantastic way to tell the story of the Treaty of Windsor!

This is a great example of the prisoner's dilemma/game theory in real life. Collaboration always wins in the long run, even if cheaters win in the short.

People interested in history and WWII, check out this delightful thread about how a treaty from the 14th century changed the course of WWII (and quite possibly the outcome)

#history #WWII

1 month ago

#AAPI #StopAsianHate #Japanese #WWII #Internment

KPIX just ran the documentary news segment below about photos taken of Japanese
Americans living in/near Marysville whose photos were taken (apparently for ID purposes) on or about Feb 1942 when Executive 9066 was signed which forced all Japanese American on the west coast to abandon their homes & businesses in order to be incarcerated in internment camps scattered in desolate areas around the west.

Photos of 80 of those people (who are named) are included in the article below and KPIX is hoping to find the families of these people who may still be living in the SFBA. Please reach out and forward this article to anyone who may know be able to help identify the people in the photos and/or their families.

This is the link to the article and the photos:

Freedom Press
1 month ago

The pact between devils: The myth of Stalin as the great anti-fascist
But what about before they had no choice but to defend themselves? Well, that picture is not one of a clear cut fight of good against evil, but
#GermanSovietTreatyOfNonaggression #MolotovRibbentropPact #NaziGermany #NaziSovietNonaggressionPact #Nazis #NonaggressionPact #SovietUnion #Stalin #USSR #WWII

Open Art Data
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This query in Wikidata returns a graph of art (and other things) owned by Art Looting Red Flag Names or members of the Nazi Party at any time.

One of the great things about Wikidata is the depth of contextual information it can provide.


(note: includes art they owned Before 1933 as well)

#art #digitalhumanities #provenance #Wikidata #dataviz #networks #WWII

This query in Wikidata returns a graph of art (and other things) owned by Art Looting Red Flag Names or members of the Nazi Party at any time.

The Master Mariner
1 month ago

Liberation Day in Norway is on May 8. Forever grateful for what you did.

#liberation #liberationday #wwii #war

Meeple Mountain
1 month ago

Andrew sits down on the therapist's couch for a conversation about Sniper Elite: The Board Game, from Rebellion Unplugged , in this Meeple Mountain review.

#BoardGames #SniperElite #WWII #HiddenMovement

Meeple Mountain  Elite: The Board Game review header
Mark Abraham
1 month ago

Month by Month Atlas of #WWII - still one of the best atlases ever produced. More than 300 #maps showing every major campaign and battle. Good early morning read. #geography #histodons

Atlas, opened to the October 1944 page.
Jai 🍜🥟
1 month ago

➡️ White Bird: A Wonder Story (Movie, August 2023)

You know how in recent years there has been a lot of "be kind"?

Being kind takes a lot of courage. It isn't easy. It's hard stuff. And with what is happening all around us, we each have to be courageous. ❤️


#WhiteBird #Movies #WWII #WW2 #HelenMirren #GillianAnderson #Courage

Jai 🍜🥟
1 month ago

➡️ White Bird: A Wonder Story (Movie, August 2023)

"... Here, Palacio makes her graphic novel debut with Grandmère's heartrending story: how she, a young Jewish girl, was hidden by a family in a Nazi-occupied French village during World War II; how the boy she and her classmates once shunned became her savior and best friend."


#WhiteBird #Movies #WWII #WW2 #HelenMirren #GillianAnderson

Jai 🍜🥟
1 month ago

➡️ White Bird: A Wonder Story (Movie, August 2023)

"In R. J. Palacio's bestselling collection of stories Auggie and Me, which expands on characters in Wonder, readers were introduced to Julian's grandmother, Grandmère. ..."


#WhiteBird #Movies #WWII #WW2 #HelenMirren #GillianAnderson

2 months ago

Vesta Stoudt came up w’ idea for duct tape #WWII packed ammunition boxes, realised way sealed difficult for soldiers to open quickly. Designed waterproof tearable cloth tape, bosses wouldn't change, 1943 wrote to Pres Roosevelt w problem & solution b #OTD 13 Apr 1891
#WomenInEngineering #WomensHistoryMonth#WomenInSTEM #STEM #engineering #WomenEngineers #WomenInHistory #ExtraordinaryWomen #HistSTM #WikiWomenInRed #Wikipedia #WomenInHistoryShouldntBeAMystery

Vesta Stoudt in black and white head shot. White middle aged woman with dark hair swept up and away from face
2 months ago

Foreign Correspondent, 1940 directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This has held up. A classic in the #WWII #propaganda genre. #alfredHitchcock’s 2nd film —#pastIsPrologue - unapologetically patriotic. It’s on @HBOmax #classicmovies #movieclips

Jim Wald
2 months ago

The efforts of the London #Polish government & military to assure the #Jewish soldiers that they were welcome proved unavailing.

In January 1944, 68 soldiers left their posts in Scotland & traveled to London demanding to join the British Army.
Anxious about bad publicity, UK & Polish authorities silently approved the transfers. The Poles established a commission of inquiry on #antisemitism, but its biased nature prompted another 134 soldiers to leave.

#Mazeldon #Pesach #WWII #Passover

2 months ago


...the onslaught on #CivilRights legislation kicked off by overturning #RoeVsWade in the summer of 2023, has become undeniably so, foremost in #RedStates.

While teaching true history is undeniable quintessential to avoid a renewed breaking apart of the #US, I am afraid that the nation is as far away from this idea as it was during #WWII before the grand-jury indictments of 24 #US Congressmen for #SeditiousConspiracy, among
other crimes.

The fact that this #fascist history is almost...

2 months ago


...two and a half decades leading up to the end of #WWII, in #Germany.
As #MathewCooke rightly argues, #Reconstruction, the #NewDeal, and the #CivilRights as well as the #BLM movements did not resolve these conflicts and injustices, which have indeed resulted in #SystemicRacism and a inequality of living standards and chances in life for these groups.

The vilification of #CRT and the structured assault on #US #schoolboards led by...

2 months ago

Susan Mary Auld 1st UK woman to graduate as #naval #architect @durhamuniversity Worked @ Swan Hunter shipyards 1930/40s designing warships & landing craft for #WWII Allied troops on D-Day in France in 1944, later on passenger ships. Blue plaque 🔵2022 d Mar 2002
#WomenInEngineering #INWED #WomensHistoryMonth#WomenInSTEM #STEM #engineering #WomenEngineers #WomenInHistory #ExtraordinaryWomen #WomenInCulture #STEAM #HistSTM #WikiWomenInRed #Wikipedia

Susan Auld in a dark hat cropped from a group shot
3 months ago

Elżbieta Zawacka code name Agent Zo #Polish #WWII #SOE agent freedom fighter, university professor, scouting instructor. Graduated in maths @ Poznan Uni 1930s. 2nd & last woman in history of Polish Army to hold rank of Brigadier General b. #OTD 19 Mar 1909
#WomenInEngineering #INWED #WomensHistoryMonth#WomenInSTEM #STEM #engineering #WomenEngineers #WomenInHistory #ExtraordinaryWomen #STEAM #HistSTM #WikiWomenInRed #Wikipedia #WomenInHistoryShouldntBeAMystery

Elżbieta Zawacka in black and white head and shoulders ID photo with three stamps on left and two on right. A young woman with hair centre parted and plaited in burns at ears. Looking direct at camera
3 months ago

Yesterday in Labor History March 16, 1945: British bombers destroyed ninety percent of Würzburg, Germany in only 20 minutes by, resulting in over 5,000 deaths.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #wwii #civilians #massacre #bombing #WarCrimes

Central Würzburg viewed from the east in autumn 1945. By USAAF -, Public Domain,
3 months ago

Betty Holberton US computer scientist. #WWII 1 of 6 original programmers of ENIAC 1st general-purpose electronic digital computer. Invented breakpoints in computer debugging. "Solved more problems in her sleep than other people did awake" b #OTD 7 Mar 1917
#WomenInEngineering #INWED #WomensHistoryMonth#WomenInSTEM #STEM #engineering #WomenEngineers #WomenInHistory #ExtraordinaryWomen #WomenInCulture #STEAM #HistSTM #WikiWomenInRed #Wikipedia #WomenInHistoryShouldntBeAMystery

Betty Holberton in dark dress standing looking photo left at a sheaf of papers. Bank of early computer equipment in background
Wren Birdie (she/her)
3 months ago

I’m curious about the opinion of the #histodons and their take on this article on Substack that speaks to the Nazi #fascist rise to power prior to #WWII and the strategy used.

In reading it, there seems to be an almost exact parallel to what’s happening w/ the conservative rhetoric that has been increasing toward #lgbt citizens.

But I’ll leave it to the experts. #Histodon, could you weigh in on this? Are there parallels? If so, how can we stop #fascism in the U.S.?

Jim Wald
3 months ago

Speaking of #Stalin era, Eliyana Adler wrote a very important book, 'Survival on the Margins: #Polish #Jewish #Refugees in the Wartime #SovietUnion

A characteristically smart review by Joanna Sliwa

"cutting-edge #Holocaust scholarship that confronts the superficial treatment that the mass flight & survival of Jews in the East has received to date & redirects our attention to the history of Polish Jews that has been neither well understood nor documented


Scientist Rebellion
3 months ago

The 70th anniv. of the German debt cancellation reminds us how debt relief fueled the country's post-war reconstruction. Nowadays, neo-colonial structures like the IMF & gvts unjustly hold on to the colonial debt of Global South countries. @DebtforClimate
RT @DebtforClimate
1/14 70th anniversary of #Germany's #DebtCancellation after #WWII! This laid the foundation for 🇩🇪’s economic "miracle". Here’s why a debt cancellation for …

Projection by Koala Kollektiv
3 months ago

Joan Curran #Welsh #physicist #engineer with "scientific equivalent of gardening green fingers". Studied @newnhamcollege #WWII invented Chaff radar countermeasure & worked on #ManhattanProject. Campaigner for disability rights #DisHist b. #OTD 26 Feb 1916

#WomenInEngineering #INWED #WomensHistoryMonth#WomenInSTEM #STEM #engineering #WomenEngineers #WomenInHistory #ExtraordinaryWomen #WomenInCulture #STEAM #HistSTM #WikiWomenInRed #Wikipedia #WomenInHistoryShouldntBeAMystery

Joan Curran in black and white head and shoulders photo taken at Strathclyde University in 1970s. Middle aged white woman wearing a glasses and white top with braid pattern down front centre. Short dark hair smiling at camera. Sat in front of a landscape painting
Jim Wald
4 months ago

While (in full appreciation of the irony of his) holding the McCloy Chair at Amherst College, Franklin Odo several times taught a course on World War II and #JapaneseAmerican citizens

In 2021, his students were given the responsibility for proposing a #photography to be purchased by the Mead Art Museum: they chose

"Manzanar Rows of Barracks with Firebreak" by Tōyō Miyatake (1944)



black-and-white photo: bleak row of barracks on the right, road in center with telephone poles at left, mountains in background
Jim Wald
4 months ago

Today is the anniversary of President Roosevelt's notorious and shameful Executive Order 9066, resulting in the incarceration of Japanese-American citizens

For that reason, we today mark it as Japanese American Day of Remembrance
#WWII #racism #CivilRights 1/n

Jim Wald
4 months ago

Among the prints, I was as always drawn to the Piranesis, but several photographs spoke powerfully of the destruction caused by modern human savagery rather than the ravages of time.

Russian Studies Prof. Michael Kunichika, speaking on Georgy Zelma's iconic "Firing from Inside the Red October Factory during the Siege of Stalingrad," did not fail to mention the misappropriation of #WWII analogies by Putin

Amherst College students curated 3 photos of devastation in Kkarkiv, Ukraine, today


Piranesi etching of a ruined Classical building, alongside the wall label with the Hannah Arendt quote about the nature of ruins (previous post)
Soldiers in winter gear--two crouching and firing, two in motion--inside a blasted factory: rubble on the floor, pockmarks from bullets and shell fragments on the wall
three color photographs from Kharkiv, beneath a quotation from Arundhati Roy:  "What lies ahead? Reimagining the world. Only that."
| Stanislav Ostrous Ukrainian, born 1972

Kharkiv - Requiem:Destruction of Cultural Sites, 2022

Ruined lives and ruined architecture are the subjects of these contemporary photographs of the on-going war in Ukraine. This selection shows both important civic buildings that signify Ukrainian culture, but also the horror of everyday homes destroyed. We see literal windows, but also a view into the war, what the once peaceful view would have looked like, literally fracturing their private homes, as well as their homeland. The human aspect—in the small things now wrecked— seems personal; these are views of real trauma. The  inclusion of smashed automobiles highlights how the war has ruined everyday life, leaving Ukrainians with literally no place to go and no way to leave. The tragedy of the destruction is also emphasized in the strong compositions, the framing devices, and the use of light and dark; the bombed-out windows and view from below give the effect of being trapped. Yet, in the light seen above and beyond the viewer can also glimpse, perhaps, a bit of hope. 

A second label identifies the students in Karen Koehler's class who chose the photos and wrote the text.
Jennifer de Guzman 🪲🦋🐝
4 months ago

My grandfathers left the Philippines before #WWII, though I think one of them, Mateo, lost a brother in the #Bataan Death March. Here is Mateo (blue dot) in 1927 when he was doing something with the U.S. military—“Member of the Master Gunner’s Office.” My grandfather was mysterious. He claimed that he was discharged from the army when he shot himself in the foot, but he had no injury. He claimed he wasn’t smart enough for an education, yet he wrote in beautiful script and taught in #Corregidor.

A sepia photo of men in military uniforms standing outdoors. There are five Filipino men and three white men.
Sepia photo. A young Filipino man in a white suit and dark tie stands in the center of the back row of four rows of Filipino children in school uniforms who hold books open.
That Idiot Monro
4 months ago

Book 8 of 2023 is The Last British Dambuster by George "Johnny" Johnson #NowReading #Books #Rading #Bookstodon #Memoir #WWII #RAF #Autobiography

I've filed a #FOIA request to find out why #virginia has deleted the term #fascism from the state educational standards for teaching #WWII #history.

Son of Sandor
4 months ago

The sale brings to a close one of the most colourful careers of any ship, one that began in the dark days of #WWII, when Swedish American Line ordered a passenger ship at AB Gotaverken in 1944. Built with an ice-strengthened bow for year-round transatlantic liner service, the ship, as Stockholm, sailed on its first voyage in February 1948, becoming the world’s first post-war passenger ship. It would have had an unremarkable career had it not slammed into the Andrea Doria.

A North American Aviation P-51D Mustang at the Reno Air Races, 2019.

#Aircraft #Racing #WWII #BlackAndWhite #Photography #LinuxPhotography #Darktable

Black and white photograph looking down the wing of a vintage WWII era warplane. The single-seat plane has a chrome finish, a painted nose section, and a large four blade propeller.
4 months ago

#Comics & #GraphicNovels KW 4, w/e 29.01.

Dein Verbrechen ★★
("Le Crime qui est le tien" | Zidrou/Philippe Berthet, Resel Rebiersch | 2016 | Schreiber & Leser #noir)

Die jüdische Brigade 1-3 ★★★★
("La Brigade juive" | Marvano | 2015-17 | #ZACK)

Wohlstand ★★★
(#TeMeL | 2013 | #Epsilon Verlag)

Marlene Dietrich: Die Graphic Novel ★★
(Flavia Scuderi/Alessandro Ferrari | 2022 | #Panini)

#Comic #GraphicNovel #Comicsgelesen #Thriller #Holocaust #JewishBrigade #WWII #Dystopia #Biography


[Zeichnung, roter Hintergrund] Frau im Negligé ist mit blutigen Stichwunden übersät. 
Sie trägt ein weißes Lamm auf dem Arm, welches ihre Halswunde leckt.

[Drawing, red background] A woman in a negligee is covered with bleeding stab wounds. 
She carries a white lamb on her arm, licking her neck wound.

[Zeichnung] Ein gepanzertes Kettenfahrzeug der jüdischen Brigaden durchquert mitsamt Soldaten und KZ-Überlebenden eine Wüstenlandschaft.
Die Sonne scheint und Wolken ziehen hinter einem Bergmassiv dahin.
Mit großen weißen Lettern steht "HITLER KAPUTT" am Heck des Vehikels.

[Drawing] An armoured tracked vehicle of the Jewish Brigades crosses a desert landscape with soldiers and concentration camp survivors.
The sun is shining and clouds are gathering behind a mountain range.
"HITLER KAPUTT" is written in large white letters on the back of the vehicle.

[Zeichnung] Bedrohlich dunkler Regenhimmel und Gewitterwolken in schwarz-grün.
Aus der Ich-Perspektive umfasst eine Person ihre geballte Faust mit einer schwarzen Tätowierung kurz vor dem Handgelenk.
Das Tattoo-Motiv ist ein Kreis mit drei nach rechts oben geneigten Pfeilen.

[Drawing] Ominous, dark, rainy sky and storm clouds in black and green.
From a first-person perspective, a person clenches his fist with a black tattoo just before the wrist.
The tattoo design is a circle with three arrows pointing upwards to the right.

[Zeichnung] Marlene Dietrich in ihrer berühmten Pose in "Der Blaue Engel".
Sie sitzt leicht zurückgelehnt in Strapsen und kurzem schwarzen Kleid auf einem Fass, ihr rechtes Bein mit den Händen angewinkelt.
Auf dem blonden Lockenkopf, ein weißer Zylinder.
Ihr Blick aufs Publikum gerichtet. 

[Drawing] Marlene Dietrich in her famous pose from "The Blue Angel".
Dressed in a short black dress and suspenders, she sits slightly reclined on a barrel, her right leg bent with her hands.
She wears a white top hat on her curly blonde head, looking at he audience.
4 months ago

This is the memorial to Czech and Slovak servicemen who trained for special operations (like commandos) in Arisaig, during WWII. The memorial is located in the centre of the village. The design at the top represents a parachute

#Highlands #Scotland #Arisaig #WWII

Tall, narrow stone memorial with the parachute design at the top. At the base are several poppy wreaths. In the background is the ever present sea in this coastal area.
Jim Wald
4 months ago

OMG. Dad! Not you, too?!

Found this among my father's papers.

Then breathed a sigh of relief to see it had been (legitimately!) declassified a while ago.

#classified #documents #Secret #WWII


Cover of thick, large-format binder of secret information in Nazi Germany compiled for the US military and occupation government:


the word "SECRET" has been crossed out
Sample page: The Nazi Party and Organizations