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This Wenlock Edge walk from Much Wenlock in #Shropshire takes you along about a 3 mile section of the Edge only, in order to provide a circular walk. Wenlock Edge overall is about 15 miles long. Good views. Details at

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Having a #park wih #critters near to where I #worked made #lunchbreaks #restorative, which became essential. Once full #lunchbreaks became a thing of the past (#micromanaging new #manager) the #job became more #stressful. #WorkFromHome put back #WorkLifeBalance. #Company wants a return to the #office. I don't. The changes to a strong #moneygrabbing focus leaves me cold.
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Grey squirrel eating a redskin-peanut. Snipped from a photo I took in a park in  England.

"But in the end its only a passing thing, this shadow; even darkness must pass."
--J.R.R. Tolkien, LotR

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middle aged man with grey beard and gandalf style hat and staff
Bob Mockford
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Hamble Shore on Tuesday afternoon. On my way to the country park. Some sunshine just as I left for home. #hamble #netley #walk #walking

Bob Mockford
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More mud and some big puddles as I crossed Hamble Common on Tuesday. #hamble #walk #walking

Bob Mockford
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Hamble-on-the Mud Tuesday lunchtime. Just a coffee for me. Not a particularly cold day, just a little breeze. #hamble #walk #walking

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Bicycling Monterey
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"Cycling is one of the most sustainable and healthy means of #transport that exists, yet cycling remains under-prioritized in the mobility mix in most places around the world and in the wider #climate agenda.


"The potential for #cycling (and #walking) to help address #ClimateChange is huge and within our grasp." —Jill Warren, chief executive of the European Cyclists’ Federation
#COP28 #COP28ActiveTransport
#transportation #ClimateCrisis #ClimateHope #BikeTooter #bicycling #Bikes

#DIY Foot Care 👣

⏰ Happy feet in less than one minute
✅ Do Anytime. Anywhere!

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Good morning from Waikiki! #morningWalk #sunrise #walking

Diamond head illuminated by the rising sun at the end of the beach and ocean in the early morning.
Nick Perks
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Wouldn't it be lovely if every time an institution gave out travel directions, it started with #walking / #cycling, public #transport, and then gave driving / parking details last. Two-thirds of households in the lowest 10% income in the UK don't have a car.

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I thought I had left for my morning walk early enough to avoid the rain and it certainly started beautiful.

Got soaked and cold in the end however.

#morning #walking #rainbow #date20231204

#date20231204 #morning #rainbow #walking

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#silentSunday #alaWaiCanal #waikiki #luckyWeLiveHawaii #walking From a Sunday in August (the 20th), taken along the Ala Wai canal.

The ala wai canal, with buildings on each side, beneath a bright blue sky with few clouds to be seen. The buildings are reflected in the canal.
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8km de marche cette après midi à Andernos les bains #bassindarcachon #andernos #walking #weekend #photo #freezing #froid

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Good news! It's the next park of me hiking down Norfolk along the Weavers' Way. This time a little* stroll from Aylsham down to Decoy Farm on the Broads. Enjoy!

#hking #walking #walkingwithllamapaws #video #youtube

*20 miles ;)

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It's pretty chill outside 🥶❄️

Have a nice first Advent!

#snow #cold #selfie #outside #maingron #hoodie #beard #walking #christmas #december #chill #me #travel #germany #leipzig #happy

Selfie of Maingron in the cold. He's wearing a thick jacket, a hoodie, and others.
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Reading Time: 4 minutes


On Cloudneo are shoes that you rent, rather than own. They are designed for running but you can also use them for walking. They are designed for dry, warm weather, rather than wet. They are designed to last from three months to six months depending on how quickly you wear them out. They are brilliantly white when new, but within two or three runs they lose their luminescence.

Circular – Use – Reuse

These shoes are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the shoes we wear. They are made from beans, rather than petroleum based products. Once you’re done with a pair you send it back to the manufacturer, so that they are grounded back down and turned into a new pair of shoes. In theory you never own them. In practice they are just extremely easy to recycle.

Comfort When Running

I have run with them in heavy rain, sunny weather, through grass, mud and a river that was running down a road. I was so used to the trail glove 7 that I had to get used to normal shoes, and the difference in the feel and centre of gravity. I found that with these shoes my ankles rolled on uneven terrain. I attribute this to being used to barefoot shoes, rather than a design flaw.

With some running shoes I notice that I feel knee strain if I run too hard, or after a certain distance. I find that with these shoes my knees feel okay. I have run five or more kilometres several times.

Slippery when Wet

The shoes are designed for warm, dry weather so when you’re running in Switzerland, over slippery surfaces you will slip and show that you were a snowboarder or skier multiple times. They’re sub-optimal for rainy and muddy conditions. When it’s raining water will make its way through to your socks within seconds or minutes. The one advantage with these shoes is that they’re made from such minimal material that if they get wet they dry by themselves overnight, ready for the next day. Shoes that dry quickly don’t need to be waterproof because they dry fast.

Walking Comfort

Although they are not marketed or purposed as walking shoes I have used them on a variety of walks. They felt good until I tightened the laces. I could feel a pressure point where I had accidentally flipped the lace around. When I identified that this was the problem they were more comfortable to wear, once again. When I run up and down the stairs in this building they’re quieter than other shoes.

Mud Removal

Although the shoes are mediocre to bad in mud they are very easy to brush clean once you get home after a run or walk. This is important to me. In Autumn, Winter and Spring shoes can get very muddy. The lack of tread that makes them bad in the wet makes them great for cleaning. A few brush strokes and they’re clean, ready for walking indoors.


These shoes are designed to last for about 600 kilometres, as are most shoes, so if you run or walk a lot you will replace them sooner than every six months. After 45 days of use, but without a clear idea of distance, although at least 75 kilometres the only signs of wear are a slight loss of tread on the front of the shoe, and a discoloration on the rest of the shoe. Running in muddy and flooded conditions has that effect on shoes. If you walk and run 240 kilometres per month you will replace them within three months.

If you replace your shoes after three months they have cost you 105 CHF. If you replace them after six months they have cost 210 CHF. The more you walk and run in them, the sooner they need to be replaced, and the more rational they are to own.


At the moment Cloudneo shoes are designed for running on asphalt, rather than mud or gravel. They’re good on dry surfaces but tend to slip on painted road surfaces and slick mud. If it’s raining your feet will get wet although despite running in 6°c temperatures my feet did not get cold.

Niche Use

I walk eight kilometres per day. This comes to 720 kilometres every three months. If I replace my shoes every three months then I go through four pairs of shoes per year. By using the Neocloud shoes for walking and running the shoes that I used for three months are recycled and reused for the same purpose.

And Finally

You have a month to see that the shoes fit. They prefer for you to test them for fit indoors, so that the shoes do not get dirty as this would result in them being recycled too early, rather than reused by someone without recycling. The minimum contract duration after the one month trial is six months which comes to 210 francs. If you use one pair per six months they cost that to own. If you replace them after three months this falls to 105 Francs.

It doesn’t bother me that shoes are not weatherproof but it does bother me that the sole doesn’t have grip on wet and muddy surfaces. Yesterday I slid several times walking out of the village. With other shoes I wouldn’t. They need to provide shoes that are good in wet and muddy conditions so that this becomes a year round solution, rather than in good road conditions.

These shoes are not worth 210 CHF, and at 105 CHF they’re still expensive compared to other options. I feel that this is a six month experiment, to experience high end running shoes but that when I can I will end the contract.

#circular #environmental #onRunning #recycle #running #shoes #walking

Cow Rush Hour
3 days ago

Not this year but a chilly daytime walk in the snow a few years back.

#silentsunday #Snow #Walking #Outdoors #Nature #Photography #NaturePhotography #Hiking #Sun #peace #peaceful

Milky sun over field of snow in Arretton on the Isle of Wight, not this year.
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Dear friends of Nun/non smokers,
Just been for a #Sunday #morning #walk in the #foxy drizzle. Only the occasional smoker, dog #walking it’s owner. The #leaves of #autumn for blowing wind off.

Just back in time for a crone coffee and #candle #offering to Her #Hollyness the #Chenrezig Christmas.

Oh and there was a police siren to #wake up those requiring early morning #puja.

Today I have plenty of #plans to #abandon. Letters not to write. #Chocolate to melt and … I think I may just go back to sleep with a #cat I don’t have and #chant #softly to the #ghosts of Scroogle the searching engine of Christmas gruel passed … :byebrows:

Martin Rundkvist
4 days ago

From the bus station at the landward end of the urban archipelago that is #Venice to the southeast end at St. Helen Empress, it's only 4.5 km as the seagull flies. But walking the streets, bridges and piazzas as I've been doing all afternoon, it is very very very much not possible to keep to a straight line. Oh my poor legs!

(The dotted blue route on the map is a notional shortest one that I certainly did not follow.)

#travel #walking

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@darklyadapted @helenclayton shoes, and pants / trousers...

I had given up on finding decent #walking shoes after Hanwag, which used to be my go-to, changed the design/fitting of their shoes. then I found the Lowa, very happy

Helen Clayton
4 days ago

Putting this out into the fediverse…

Can any #walking mastonauts (UK based) recommend women’s leather walking boots with a roomy toe box please? I’m looking for all leather to replace existing winter boots (knackered & actually not roomy enough on long walks). Tried everything in one local store. Most comfortable for toes were Meindl Bhutan (my spring/summer boots are also Meindl & like wearing slippers) but Bhutan too high in ankle for me. I have difficult feet! Thank you 🙏

4 days ago

I can't hold my dog out of the way if I can't hear you coming. #cycling #footpaths #courtesy #dogs #children #disability #walking

Passed Wonder
5 days ago

"I've got—" [gasps] "— SO MUCH TO TELL YOU!"
A very busy #FingerpostFriday view along the #ThamesPath (amongst other things!) by the start of the Thames & Medway Canal, near #Gravesend

HTs #EnglandCoastPath #footpaths #walking #photography

A 'fingerpost' footpath signpost has a large number of signs pointing in various directions, for the Thames Path/England Coast Path, Saxon Shore Way, 'Soldiers, Sailors and Skylarks' (with a picture of a bird), Rudridge, and two just marked Footpath. It's set amidst two trees and rising undergrowth around it, a fence with barbed wire near behind it.
Ian Robinson
5 days ago

I walked 237 km during November. Roughly the same distance as I walked in November 2022. Although as you’ll see from the chart the opening 10 days of last month front loaded the month a bit.

#Walking #HeartHealth

A chart showing how far I walked each day during November 2023. Total kilometres is 237.9.
Robin Applegarth
5 days ago

I’m loving the golden light of late autumn and just want to bathe in these warm rays.🍁🌞 🍂

#Fall #walking in #nature

Golden light streams across a grove of coastal trees and a dirt path.
5 days ago

“So with up to three or four people, walking allows these moments of shared solitude. For solitude too can be shared, like bread and daylight."

Picked up a book at the Tate Modern yesterday, called "A Philosophy of Walking" by Frédéric Gros, and this passage about walking alone or with others jumped out at me.
#walking #philosophy

Laura Ritchie 🌸
5 days ago

on an early morning walk... I came across some dawn (chilly!) sheep!

(more info in the pic description!)
#goodmorning #sheep #walking #smallstories

very picturesque countryside scene - with a brown grassy field dotted with fluffy white sheep. Bare trees on the horizon, and a few bare sticks in the very foreground (from the hedge fence). A few sheep are looking at me take their photo!. The sky is all blue, with pale colours at the horizon and the hint of a golden sunrise.

#TodaysWalk in #SquaxinPark: beautiful leaves, baby ferns growing up a mossy tree trunk, a branch like a giant wishbone.

#trees #autumn #OlympiaWA #walking #parks

Photo of a large branch shaped like a wishbone against a backdrop of autumn leaves on the ground
Photo of a Japanese maple with bright red leaves. Some carpet the ground, some still cling to branches that have mostly lost their leaves.
Photo of three large oval leaves pointed at the end. The one in the middle is mostly gold, the two on either side are half gold, half green.
Photo of a tree trunk covered in moss with baby ferns growing out of the moss of the length of the trunk.

"Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends."
-- Gandalf, FotR, J.R.R. Tolkien

#thedailyhat #walking #weightloss #fitness #fitnessjourney #tolkien #gandalf #wandering #wizard #middleearth #shire #hat #staff #westminster  #maryland

middle aged man with grey beard and gandalf style hat and staff
6 days ago

I may have just walked on our treadmill tonight after dinner so that I could get enough steps in to complete a "badge" for Garmin (I only needed 501 more).

(300K steps in November).

Yay gamification!

#Garmin #Fitness #Walking

John Carmichael
6 days ago

Earning the Warmth
Through the windowwe could see how far away it was to the gates of April.Let the fire nowput on its red hatand sing to us.— Mary Oliver, November

November comes to an end, and just like that, December is at our doorstep. The ambient light of incandescent and LED bulbs make total darkness an impossibility in most cities and suburbia now. The decoratio
#Seasons #GardenAndHome #Pets #Poetry #Walking #MaryOliver

Sami Määttä
6 days ago

Excerpt from the abstract: ”— Results suggest that each kilometer driven by car incurs an external cost of €0.11, while cycling and walking represent benefits of €0.18 and €0.37 per kilometer. Extrapolated to the total number of passenger kilometers driven, cycled or walked in the European Union, the cost of automobility is about €500 billion per year. Due to positive health effects, cycling is an external benefit worth €24 billion per year and walking €66 billion per year. —”

#cars #walking #cycling

El Perro Negro
1 week ago

Yesterdays walk. Acequia Mezquerina - Tello - Acequia Nueva - Bordaila - Lanjaron - BAR! 15km, 650m ascent, 6 very tranquilo hours!

#hiking #walking #landscape #landscapephotography #Spain

Hikers walk along a narrow trail with an irrigation channel flowing with water alongside. Lots of green shrub and trees to the left, rock walls to the right
Hikers walk along a narrow trail with an irrigation channel flowing with water alongside. Lots of green shrub and trees to the left, rock walls to the right
A long distance view to the Mediterranean coast. A V shaped valley with a prominent craggy outcrop on the right. Wispy clouds over the sea
2 hikers make their way down through a beautiful enclosed tree lined avenue
Kevin Dorse
1 week ago

Picard: “An Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study includes this chilling statistic: If you are struck by a vehicle turning right, the odds of death are 89 per cent higher if it’s a pickup, and 63 per cent higher if it’s an SUV. Deaths are just the tip of the iceberg. Many more pedestrians are injured in collisions. This often occurs because drivers are distracted, or rushing.” #walking #ottawalkers #autowa

I have a lot to do, so working after work. I really don't have time doing Mastodon, but still writing about a stream I visited yesterday. I guess I need to do these activities - walking/fishing/mastodon - so that I can work 🤔

#FlyFishing #Walking #Nature #Working #Mastodon

Langford Run - a tributary of Darby Creek, PA

Passing by a small tributary while tenkara fishing. I never fished this tributary🤔
Lots of gravels and rocks without much water. But I know there are some pools upstream that have small fish 😉
I also realized that I never checked the temperature of this tributary during summer. Considering that this confluence is a good fishing spot, the water may be colder than the main stream 🤔

#FlyFishing #Fishing #Tenkara #Hiking #Walking #Creek #Nature

This tributary, running through suburban area, is surrounded by riparian vegetation and trees (without much leaves now). It is probably about 15 feet wide and filled with a lot of gravels and rocks. There is not much water running considering its width, but it never dries up, feeding into Darby Creek you can see in front (with a good amount of water). It is a rainy day, and close to sunset, and it is getting dark.
Helen Clayton
1 week ago

I had a good legstretch today. Got the bus to Churston (near Brixham) then walked to beautiful Elberry Cove before heading back inland, following the Greenway Walk to Agatha Christie’s Greenway House. Ferry across to Dittisham (very nice ferryman quietly took boat past the seal hanging out on a pontoon) & then along the Dart Valley Trail to Dartmouth, & my bus home. About 11 miles in all. Back in front of a computer tomorrow so glad to make the most of the ☀️.

#Walking #Devon #GetOutside

Photo of a beach in a cove. It’s a winter morning and the bright but low sun is causing high contrast. The beach in the foreground is almost black in shadow. A ruined building at the far right is no more than a silhouette. This building was a Lord Churston’s bathhouse. Once it had three storeys with a lower floor that would flood when the tide came in so that the lord and his fancy guests could swim straight out into the water without mingling with the hoi polloi on the shingle beach. The water in the cove is clear, calm and blue, reflecting the sky above which is mostly cloudless. On the far side of the cove is a seaside resort with its many white buildings. A low bank of cloud hangs over the town, a rainbow arching down to the ground. Rain is approaching.
A view across parkland towards a river. The green, grassy parkland - mostly in shade with long shadows - sweeps down to a line of trees which catches the sun. The trees are mostly deciduous and bare of leaves but some are the rust of autumn and two tall pine trees stand together in the centre of the frame. A curve of the river lies beyond the trees, its surface shining silver-blue. Across the water are wooded banks which reach down to the water’s edge. The sky is cloudy, threatening rain, but with large patches of blue, which give the water its hue.
A view back along a wooded footpath that runs alongside a creek on the right of the frame. The path is littered with fallen leaves, a rusty-brown. The trees beside the path are mostly bare, just a few brown leaves hanging on. Several trunks are entwined with ivy, providing a bit of green, along with holly bushes. The woodland slopes down to the left of the path, its floor a tangle of green brambles and red-brown bracken. Through the branches the sky is blue with a few white fluffy clouds. The water of the creek reflects it back. A few yachts are just visible in the gaps between trees, as too are scattered buildings on the far bank.
A view down a narrow, stepped lane between tall houses. The steps are surfaced with rectangular, brick-sized, tiles in shades of brown and ochre, and with a criss-cross pattern. A handrail runs down the centre. The houses either side are in shades of blue, white and cream. Most of them have plant pots along their frontages. The lane turns to the right and out of frame. There is a wedge of blue sky above, with a few white fluffy clouds.
Andrew Briscoe
1 week ago

Kinzel Lake: Camping Day 3

Finished my trip by hiking up to Kinzel Lake via the Salmon River Trail. The Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness is an amazing place, can’t believe I haven’t hiked in this area before. Will definitely go back as there are other trails to explore. Very successful camping trip despite the freezing temps. So happy to be able to camp this late in fall.

#Camping #PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Landscape #LandscapePhotography

Section of the Salmon River Trail on the edge of a mountain. Hilly forests on the other side of the river canyon. The trail was a little sketchy and there was a bypass trail to avoid this section if desired. Blue sky.
Kinzel Lake. The edge of the lake in the foreground is covered in a bit of snow. Tall green trees on the far side of the lake. Gray sky.
The Kenzel Lake Trail descends back down to the Salmon River. Green shrubs and trees line the trail. A mountain is visible in the distance with the sun rising behind it. The sky changes from bright orange to light blue.
The Salmon River goes around a bend as it flows towards the Sandy River, eventually reaching the Pacific Ocean. Tall green and yellow trees are on the river banks. Several rocks are in the river.

Auto ads sell a mythical world of open roads and all the speed the vehicle can produce. But we don't allow cigarette ads any more because we know smoking causes cancer. We know speed causes death on impact. Is it (past) time to regulate auto ads? Kea Wilson in Streetsblog:
#CarCulture #RoadSafety #DriverNotCar #CrashNotAccident #transportation #VisionZero #TowardZeroDeaths #KeaWilson #StreetsBlog #BikeTooter #walking #SafetyOverSpeed

John O Loughlin
1 week ago

The Banshee has come to the #barrowblueway, situated just past Umeras bridge between Rathangan and Monasterevin she's there watching everyone passing by whether you're #cycling, #walking or #running. #kildare #banshee

A picture of a statue of the Banshee beside the barrow blueway between Rathangan and Monasterevin. The statue is built with natural materials and is quite striking to see
Andrew Briscoe
1 week ago

Salmon Butte: Camping Day 2

Hiked up the Salmon Butte Trail. Then, I explored an abandoned trail and a 4x4 road past the butte. The crisp air is amazing this time of year. I can’t believe I’m surviving (not bailing) the near and below freezing temps. Using a handmade quilt on top of my sleeping bag. Plenty warm. I highly recommend this trail. Awesome views at the top.

#Camping #PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Landscape #LandscapePhotography

A view of Mount Adams through tall green trees. The mountain is covered in snow. Light blue sky with streaks of light gray clouds. This mountain is high on my list to explore next summer.
Mount Jefferson peaking over the Central Cascades. Miles of green forest, as far as the eye can see. Majestic blue sky with white thin clouds.
Dozens of ice cicles hanging down below a soggy green moss covered rock formation. This rock was once blasted to make room for a narrow forest road.
A trail through a forest of tall thin trees. A dusting of snow is on the ground.
Alex Verbeek
2 weeks ago


“I visited this town precisely in the same month, one hundred years after he stayed here. The short, flat, and pleasant three-kilometer walk I had just taken from Roncesvalles is the only part of the Camino Hemingway has ever walked.”


#writing #history #literature #hiking #walking #climatechange #COP28 #spain #travel #photography #photo #video #substack

Andrew Briscoe
2 weeks ago

Devil’s Peak: Camping Day 1

Hiked up to Devil’s Peak via the Hunchback Trail. I made a mistake and didn’t read the comments. There were significant piles of giant downed trees to climb over and around. Mount Hood looked beautiful from the top. Made it a loop on the way back by going down Green Canyon Way and then exploring the Old Salmon River Trail. Had an amazing time.

#Camping #PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Landscape #LandscapePhotography

Mount Hood from Devil’s Peak. The volcano peak is covered in fresh snow and is shimmering from the sun. The tops of a few trees are in the foreground. Light blue sky.
A view of the vast Central Cascades Mountain Range. Miles and miles of forest hills and mountains of green trees. Light blue sky.
Devil’s Peak lookout tower. The old wooden tower rests on the summit of the peak. Tall green trees behind the tower. Blue sky.
A frosty trail travels along the east bank of the Salmon River. The calm river is on the left of the trail. The plants on the right side of the trail are covered in frost. The sun is shining down on the river from a blue sky.
2 weeks ago

First dawn frost wander on the Itchen for me.

#Winchester #nature #walking

Dawn vapour from the hidden surface of the water clouds the background of some crisp bramble leaves dressed in frost.
Andrew Briscoe
2 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving from the summit of Round Top in the Tillamook State Forest! Looking forward to spending the day with family and eating some turkey. If you know me, you know I’m excited to try all of the desserts. Out in the forest making room for all the food. After the festivities, I’m heading to the base of Mount Hood to go camping. Sunny but close to freezing all weekend.

#Hiking #Oregon #PNW #Walking #Outdoors #Photography #Sunrise #Mountains

Sunrise view of Mount Hood from the opposite side of Portland, Oregon. Dark gray clouds streak
across the horizon. The mountain rises out of clouds.  Bright orange sky.
2 weeks ago

I signed up as a “walker” for this turkey trot. But you know I might sneak and run just a lil’ (as a treat) doctor said I could as long as the knee doesn’t start hurting. Lets see how many of the walkers I can beat. 😈 #walking #running #recovery

(mad there’s no chip on the bib)

Bagpipes guys in their kilts in front of the church announcing the start of the race. It’s a pretty fall day in New England.
El Perro Negro
2 weeks ago

Autumnal colours whilst hiking the Barranco TinTín (yes, really!) outside Quentar yesterday in Granada Province. A beautiful valley rich in vegetation

#Spain #Autumn #colorful #landscape #landscapephotography #hiking #walking

A small group of hikers walks along a dirt track surrounded by the colours of autumn trees. Some mountains in the background
A copse of colourful yellow and brown autumnal trees is overlooked by a green mountain ridge
Derick Rethans
2 weeks ago

📰 New blog post: "The Ridgeway" — The story of my adventures along the 139km/87 mile ancient National Trail.

#Hiking #TheRidgeway #Walking #Photography

A wide open landscape, with hazy blue sky. Green grass with a path with two hikers on it.
2 weeks ago

"#Denver Crash Map Reveals the Deadly Toll of #Stroads"

It is unconscionable that governments continue to build deadly #infrastructure like this, literally killing people #cycling and #walking just to save entitled #carbrains a few seconds.


El Perro Negro
2 weeks ago

Today was a day of sun and shadow in the Cerro Huenes group of peaks in the Cumbres Verdes, south of Granada

#hiking #walking #spain #landscape #landscapephotography #mountains

Hikers walk along a sunlit path in the mountains. behind a tree filled background in shadow. Lots of green pine trees lit up by the sun
Andrew Briscoe
2 weeks ago

Silver Star Camping: Day 2

From Silver Star, I made a loop via the Starway Trail, various forest roads, Silver Star Trail, and Ed’s Trail. Probably my toughest hike yet. 6,576 elevation, 3,440 active calories, and 20 miles over 9:20 hours. After the hike, I decided to end the trip on a high and go home before a small snow storm rolled in. Very satisfied.

#Camping #Overlanding #PNW #WashingtonState #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #Mountains #Landscape #LandscapePhotography

A view of a snow covered Mount Hood from the Silver Star Mountain area. A forest of tall green trees in the foreground. The mountains in the distance have clouds between them. Hood looks so peaceful covered in snow. A streak of white clouds cover a light blue sky.
Ed’s Trail travels up a grassy hillside meadow to a ridge that leads to Silver Star Mountain. A few green trees on the side of the hill. Blue sky with small streaky clouds.
A head-on view of Sturgeon Rock from the summit of Silver Start Mountain. This rocky mountain peak looks like a sturgeon from the side and rises out of a forest of green trees. Yacolt Burn State Park and then the Vancouver, Washington metro area are in the distance.
The Starway Trail traverses a shale slope with Mountain Saint Helens in the distance with its crater in a cloud. A few tall dark green trees behind the hill.
Erin Whalen
3 weeks ago

Paris has revealed plans for pedestrianizing the city that include creating 100 hectares of new pedestrian space by 2030 and transforming car lanes to human-friendly pathways and rain gardens.

Love this part: "walking is free, it's emission-free, it's noise-free, it's good for your health and, as we see every time we pedestrianise, it's also good for local businesses."

People-friendly cities for the win! 🚶‍♀️ 🌳 🚴‍♂️

#paris #environment #urbanism #walking #ClimateChange

Andrew Briscoe
3 weeks ago

Silver Star Camping: Day 1

The area around Silver Star Mountain is incredible. I needed this trip so badly, both physically and mentally. I slept at the trailhead and got up bright and early to check out the Chinook Trail. I only learned about this trail a couple days ago. Apparently an effort to build a loop trail around Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR.

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A trail traverses mountain slopes and ridges to summit Silver Star Mountain. The mountain is the two bald peaks on the left. Tall green trees on the slope ahead. Blue sky with a few wispy clouds.
The volcano Mount Saint Helens in all her glory. A snowy mountain with a crater on top peaks out over the Central Cascades. Miles of green forest lead to the mountain. Light blue sky.
Little Baldy prominently stands in front of thick white clouds. The rocky slopes have a few patches of green trees.
A trail winds through a forest of tall trees with light gray bark.
Mark@RCR 🌀
3 weeks ago

Lael Forest Garden and forest walk.

Rare trees and shrubs in our northernmost arboretum.
“In the 19th century tree hunters travelled the world collecting rare seeds. On their return they would plant them in arboreta – special tree collections – like this one. At Lael, you’ll find exotic species from all over the world. You’ll also find some wonderful champion trees. This is a great spot to discover something new.” #walking #scotland

Mark@RCR 🌀
3 weeks ago

“Culbin Forest is a pine wood with #wildlife ponds which extends east from Nairn 9 miles along the coast to Findhorn.
The wood is an area of outstanding beauty and a haven for walkers and #nature lovers, as it offers waymarked trails throughout the forest where various species of indigenous flora and fauna and large numbers of visiting birds can easily be spotted.
This fascinating landscape of forest and shore is open all year round.” #walking #scotland

Chris Chapman
3 weeks ago

Racked up a few country lane miles today. #walking

An autumnal scene: open space, blue sky, a low sun, hedgerows, fields, and a muddy rural lane curving off out of sight.
El Perro Negro
3 weeks ago

Spain has such a wealth of mountain ranges. Last few days we came across an absolute gem! Here, on the complicated summit ridge of Maimón 1761m in the Sierra de Maria, Almeria

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A man in a white t-shirt stands in the bottom left. Behind him is a complicated face of rock walls and fissures leading to a summit with blue sky above.
Bicycling Monterey
3 weeks ago

Nov 29, 2023 at noon, via Zoom:
The first Advance Session in preparation for California Bicycle Coalition / #CalBike 2024 California Bicycle Summit. Advance Session is FREE; registration required:

Advance Session attendees will get a special discount for the 2024 Summit, which is scheduled for April 18-19, 2024 in #SanDiego, CA.

(Confused by image that displayed? Also at that link are Recorded Sessions from the 2022 California Bicycle Summit held in Oakland.)

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