October 1, 2023 - Day 274 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 294

Game: Where The Snow Settles

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Jul 23, 2021
Installation Date: Jun 26, 2022
Unplayed: 462d (1y3m5d)
Playtime: 35m

Where The Snow Settles is a third person narrative-driven walking simulator.

As young farmer, Aurelia, you and your hunter sister Esta set out of a journey to find out why your village has been trapped in a seemingly endless winter.

It's a somewhat gentle game.

Where The Snow Settles is:

3: OK

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@drevrpg The TTRPG version of this, but like 50% more comprehensible:
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A gif animation of a third person video game sequence. The player character is a black cat, outlined in white which moves somewhat naturally as it walks through a dark world. The far horizon glows slightly pink, and the ground is black, highlighted with faint, moving, neon ripples. The camera shifts focus several times and we see a glowing greenish cloud, a large humanoid space suit sunk into the ground ar and off angle, and something like a giant metal panel.

The camera shifts left and we see a huge, vague, muscular, glowing green humanoid figure walking toward the cat. The figure raises a foot to stomp the cat and the screen glitches.

July 6, 2023 - Day 187 - NewPlay Review
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Game: Drizzlepath: Deja Vu

Platform: Steam
Release Date: May 25, 2018
Library Date: Jun 2, 2022
Unplayed: 398d (1y1m3d)
Playtime: 32m

Drizzlepath: Deja Vu is a walking simulator. There are games that are referred to derisively as "Walking Simulators"; in this case, there's no derision at all.

Drizzlepath: Deja Vu is a pure walking sim.

This makes it somewhat difficult to review as a game; most walking sims have puzzles that need to be solved, or interactive elements to the gameplay.

Drizzlepath: Deja Vu has no gameplay elements at all. You can walk in any direction, or jog, if you prefer. That's all.

There's a lovely ambient soundtrack; occasionally, a honey-voiced English woman speaks some philosophical musings about our journey in life.

It's quite beautiful; the conceit of the story is about a journey to the top of a mountain, and thus you find yourself walking through natural environments filled with butterflies and animals, surrounded by mountains, trees & grass, with occasional ruined buildings; interspersed with oddly juxtaposed Unreal Engine assets that may or may not be part of the underlying story.

There's an option for autowalk, which meant that I could nurse my morning coffee in one hand and control the viewport with the mouse.

It can be strangely meditative; for the first 10-ish minutes of playtime, I was thinking of things to say in this review, but the further I got into the walk, the more I found myself actually focussing on what was happening around me in-game, my mind eventually drifting to deeper thoughts about the nature of gender.

It's unfortunate that I read the description before starting the game, as it begins with "A man embarks..."; within the game you're entirely disembodied, and voiceless. There are no NPCs that verbally interact with you, and the voiceover is by a woman; the male framing is unnecessary.

It lead to an initial sense of discomfort and disconnection; in spite of the disembodiment, I felt forced into the role of a man. My experience of most of my life has been that of a passenger in someone else's male body. His body is mine, but not mine; observing the world, but never quite part of it.

As I continued, and realised that there was nothing physical or gendered within the game, I relaxed into experiencing the game world, instead watching it as a disconnected observer. What started out as a walking sim became a meditation of my own experience of life as a trans woman.

I often struggle to write these reviews, having made a rod for my own back. I usually spend more time writing a review than I spent playing the game in question.

This one was a struggle to stop writing, and to edit down to less than's 3000 character limit.

All of this for a "walking sim" with no gameplay.

Drizzlepath: Deja Vu is an incredibly subjective:

4: Good

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May 3, 2023 - Day 123 - NewPlay Review
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Game: Helpless

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Mar 11, 2023
Library Date: Mar 27, 2023
Unplayed: 37d (1m6d)
Playtime: 32m

Helpless is a third-person walking sim/adventure. You play a child in a post-apocalyptic world. While traveling with your ill mother to an unknown destination, your RV breaks down, and it's up to you to find help.

Helpless is free on Steam, and according to the Steam page, was built by a team of 22 students as their bachelor's degree team project, so I'm not going to judge it too harshly.

Stylistically, I can't really think of anything to compare it to, but it feels very coherent, and well thought out. The sound design is well done (particularly as they don't appear to have had a dedicated sound designer), but the game does feel a little bit linear.

The apocalypse in "post-apocalypse" appears to have been environmental collapse; with desert encroaching on what little of civilisation is left; there are no enemies as such, only the sun.

As you explore for parts to get back on the road, you find yourself darting from shadow to shadow so as to not overheat and die of exposure.

It could have used some tweaks in the UI & gameplay, and it doesn't seem like a long game, but for what it is, and *free*, there's definitely an interesting experience to be had.

Helpless is:

3: OK

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7 months ago

Ok so, my bad: the previous release of Morning Never Comes had a nasty softlock glitch when speaking to NPCs. It's now fixed! Please redownload here at 😅 with my apologies!

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7 months ago

⚠️ ATTENTION! ⚠️ The Morning Never Comes early beta is now released, and free to play!

Explore four locations in various weather conditions, talk to 7 different NPCs, use & abuse goofy draggable physics, interactive computer screens, a basketball mini-game and more! Supports both Keyboard & Mouse and Gamepads.

Have fun and please do leave some feedback!

#adventuregame #godot3 #madewithgodot #indie #lowpoly3d #lowpoly #walkingsimulator #cyberpunk #indiegamer

An upward view of city buildings with flying cars and flickering lights, with added text reading "Morning Never Comes - Out Now!"
PC-Game Hunters 🖥️🖱️
8 months ago

#SeasonALetterToTheFuture - #PC - #Review unter

Durch die Welt reisen, Fotos und Tonaufnahmen machen und auf das Ende der Welt hoffen, klingt für euch nach Spaß? Dann ist Season genau euer Spiel, mehr erfahrt ihr im Test.

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#TitanStation - #PC - #Review unter

Titan Station ist eines dieser Spiele die einen einfach nur Umhauen, man merkt wie viel Mühe da ein einzelner Entwickler investiert hat. Die Story ist gut, das Hackerspiel lockert die kurze Spielzeit auf, mehr erfahrt ihr im Test.

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Titan Station - Außenansicht der Station
1 year ago

Someone's gotta clean up this ectoplasm

Streaming #TheBathhouse by #ChillasArt to
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Xe Quin Pasme!
3 years ago
Xe Quin Pasme!
3 years ago

.@SenyorTuitstar torna a la càrrega amb un altre excel·lent article. #TheTownOfLight és un realista #WalkingSimulator que ens posarà en la pell d'una dona ingressada en un psiquiàtric de la Itàlia de Mussolini.

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Virginia, un jeu de balade narrative (un walking simulator quoi) est en promo à 99 centimes sur GOG.

C'est une chouette expérience, courte (1h30 / 2h de mémoire), un peu décousue mais qui peut plaire à des amateurs de Twin Peaks et de Lynch. A ce prix là, ça passe carrément.

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