3 hours ago

This is the miniature I was talking about in my last post. It's not perfect at all, but it's certainly getting there.
#warhammer40k #spacemarines #miniaturepainting #workinprogress

A photo of a Primaris Space Marine miniature from Games Workshop. It is a work in progress photo, showing the miniature part way through painting. The majority of the power armour is painted a teal/turquoise colour, and the legs have been shaded to try and show an effect of depth on the armour.

The helmet, arms and shoulder pads are all painted a flat grey, as these sections have not been worked on as much yet. The weapon and base of the miniature are an off-white colour from the primer undercoat spray paint.
Da Mek sez...
5 hours ago

If yer gonna be out crushin' dem bad boyz, yer gonna need a new grease senser.

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

Da Mek sez...
11 hours ago

Yoo hav' any idea how komplikated a syfon matriks iz?!

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

Da Mek sez...
17 hours ago

Da fishon releaser iz broken an' if it had slipped it wudda gone straight froo yer engine block

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

20 hours ago

I had honestly forgotten how bad the Rhino kit was, I haven't built one in forever and I don't think they've improved it any in the intervening time. Regardless, this one's destiny is to be crushed by a Knight so I suppose it doesn't matter that the build quality is 'meh' at best.
#hobby #HobbyStreak #miniatures #Warhammer40k #40k #WarHamFam #WarhammerCommunity #warmongers

Rhino transport tank by Games Workshop crashed on a cork base waiting for a Knight Tyrant to step on it.

Best conver of the week 🏅

New Imperial Fist Dreadnought


W40K mini conver an imperial fist's head in a toilet as a dreadnought
Arjen Poutsma
1 day ago

Painting the legs of a Porphyrion Knight. It’s a chunky boy. #warhammer40k #miniaturepainting

Da Mek sez...
1 day ago

Da wreckin' liberata iz fine now. I threw a spanner in da werkz 'n it stopped spinnin'.

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

1 day ago

Das war dann Tag 2 der #SpielViel. Heute geht es dann in die letzte Runde. 😊

Gestern neben #AeonsEnd auch mal ein paar neue Spiele ausprobiert: #MysticVale und das #Brettspiel zu #Dorfromantik - da kannte ich schon das Videospiel.

Gab auch sonst wieder viel zu entdecken, da reicht dann leider immer die Zeit nicht aus, um alles mitzunehmen - auch #Tabletop (z. B. #Warhammer40k).

Die geleiteten Runden für den letzten Tag in der Übersicht:

Mitspieler gesucht!
Aeon's End
Among Cultists
Warhammer 40k
2 days ago
Hey, Everyone!
Today we're making a new series based off of Gamza's old series of videos surrounding the same concept!
He doesn't do em anymore so we will!

#warhammer40k #dune #duncanidaho #couldtheysurvive

Da Mek sez...
2 days ago

Summun'z made a right pig'z eer of dis 'eer knurled targitta.

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

2 days ago

Ever had a model sit in the box, on the sprue, because you 'accidentally' built four others due to the creative urge striking you? Yeah... that's the state my Knight Tyrant is in right now. Oh well, the War Dogs are primed.
#hobby #HobbyStreak #40k #miniatures #Warhammer40k #WarHamFam #WarhammerCommunity #warmongers

Isaías "McAllus"
2 days ago

He estado montando las miniaturas del Caos que tenía pendiente de la caja de Vashtorr.

A lo tonto tengo un ejército del caos apañado para empezar una Cruzada en décima.

#Miniaturas #Miniatures #Caos #Chaos #MarinesEspacialesDelCaos #MarinesDelCaos #Wargames #Vashtorr #Warhammer40000 #Warhammer40k #W40k

10 cultistas del caos, un ingenio demoníaco y 2 arrasadores imprimados en blanco para empezar a pintarlos
Da Mek sez...
2 days ago

Stone da flamin' krowz, mate, yer cone reluctor iz grizzlin'!

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

Da Mek sez...
2 days ago

When yoo wind up da gearbox you gotta kick da kantileva ram at da same time.

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

3 days ago

War Dogs on The Prowl

My desk is a mess from all the plastic shavings, but the next four War Dogs are all assembled! Hopefully the weather cooperates tomorrow and I can begin priming them.


#hobby #HobbyStreak #miniatures #40k #Warhammer40k #WarHamFam #WarhammerCommunity #ChaosKnights

Chaos War Dog miniatures by Games Workshop.  An Executioner and a Brigand assembled through kitbashing.
Chaos War Dogs miniatures by Games Workshop.  A Huntsman and an Executioner chassis assembled through kitbashing.
Calico Jesse
3 days ago

I have four potential hatches to fix up this used Basilisk I picked up cheap.

Any thoughts on which one looks best?

#WH40K #Warhammer40k #ImperialGuard #AstraMilitarum #BigGunsNeverTire #WIP #HobbyProgress

Option 1

Closed plastic flat round hatch with storm bolter attached
Option 2

Round closed hatch
Option 3

Flat hatch, four rectangular hinges
Option 4

Metal round flat hatch, opens in two halves.
Da Mek sez...
3 days ago

Nevah seen korroshun on da iyon link like dat before...

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

「 Swampy 」
3 days ago

My Night Lord claw grows! Gunna need a warband name at this rate!

#Warhammer #Warhammer40k #nightlords #nightlords40k

Da Mek sez...
3 days ago

What d'ya mean "bodged"?! Yer triple dingler 'az never looked better!

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

Da Mek sez...
3 days ago

Alright, alright, don't make such a fuss. It'z just yer splinj stikk, I can fix it...

#Warhammer40k #Gorkamorka #Orks

4 days ago

Tonight for date night we feel that it is autumn so we are going to get going with arts & crafts. My partner will spend time on these shop miniatures. I will on building and painting my Black Templars squad.

#warhammer40K #artsandcrafts #painting

4 days ago

Worked on washes for the terrain, here is a preview battle scene. #mini #art #40k #warhammer #miniatures #warhammer40k

Working on painting terrain used some cheap primer from wall mart that had a nice gray chalk effect. Then used a wash and dilliuted with water made terrain look old.

Commission for Dar'nara of their quarian OC as an adeptus mechanicus from warhammer 40k!

#warhammer40k #masseffect #scifi #quarian #art #commission #mastoart

「 Swampy 」
4 days ago

I really like this Kitbash of mine, tried to emulate the classic Night Lord hero with his weird gravity fed boltgun!

#warhammer #warhammercommunity #warhammer40k #nightlords #nightlords40k #chaosspacemarines #kitbash #spacemarines

4 days ago

... but also - what about My Little Pony, but in the style of Warhammer?

Have another Abaddon-pony. But this time: In the grim darkness of the far future of Equestria, there is only war!

#Warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer40k #MyLittlePony #Crossover #MLP #AbaddonTheDespoiler

Realistic but exaggerated sketch of a very angry horse in black and white on grey paper with white highlights. the horse has Abaddon's signature hairdo and added skulls and armour.
4 days ago

Yesterday I got asked for My Little Pony/Warhammer-crossover art.

Since I have no idea about MLP (I remember watching the first season, but it's a blur) and I am not a fan (no hater either, though. Just no thoughts about it), I declined.

But someone really wanted Abaddon-pony.

So here's him.

And the b/w-version to colour yourself. Go nuts!

#BlackLegion #WarhammerCommunity

A coloured drawing of Abadedon the Despoiler in the style of "My Little Pony - Friendship is magic". He is galopping to the left and has skulls and a Black Legion-cutymark.
Black and white outlines of the Abaddon-MLP.
5 days ago

Some more War Dogs join the hunting pack.

This time a pair of War Dog Executioners. The Chaos Rhino kit is a treasure trove of little conversion bits to make an Imperial kit suitably spiky.

#hobby #HobbyStreak #40k #Warhammer40k #WarHamFam #WarhammerCommunity #warmongers #miniatures #ChaosKnights #Chaos

A pair of War Dog Executioner models from Games Workshop made from kitbashing together the Chaos War Dog & Imperial Armiger kits.
「 Swampy 」
5 days ago

Working through my kitbashed Night Lords squad!

#Warhammer #Warhammer40k #ChaosSpaceMarines #nightlords40k #nightlords

Doctor Spork
5 days ago

It feels like progress is slow, but this guy is so much surface area just base coating him is taking forever.

#wipwednesday #Warhammer #Warhammer40k #orks #orktober #Sporktember #miniatures #WarhammerCommunity #3dprinting

A half painted ork gargant on a brown background. The gargant is painted green with yellow and red details
Ethan Fleischer
6 days ago

Imperial Guard Basilisk artillery vehicle. Built by my son Henry, painted by me. #warhammer40k

1 week ago

I added too much gold compared to what I was aiming for, but I am quite happy with how the bases came out. #wh40k #warhammer40k

1 week ago
Sophie A.
1 week ago

And this is the reason why I haven't posted any art in a fair few months...

The girls are going to war

#40k #warhammer40k #tyranids

Chris C
1 week ago

I'm attending #BSidesEdmonton this year! I'm looking forward to increasing my #cybersecurity knowledge from the talks, #CTF, and fellow attendees.

Specially I'm looking to learn the latest best practices for protecting my clients websites and their underlying servers.

I'd love to chat about #softwaredevelopment, #DevOps, #legacycode, #boardgames, #warhammer40k lore, among other things. I'm also happy to pair on some #CTF problems.

1 week ago

Something a little different today, decided to grab my solitaire, the troupe colors, and figure out the placement on the fly. Some reasonable wet blending going on here, but it's looking a bit sloppy everywhere for now!

#MiniaturePainting #MiniPainting #harlequins #harlequins40k #warhammer40k

A partially painted harlequin solitaire miniature
Geek Native
1 week ago

Games Workshop keep Warhammer FRP, Wrath & Glory, Soulbound and the Warhammer 40K Imperium Maledictum tabletop RPGs with Cubicle 7 in a renewed license deal.
#warhammer #warhammer40k #gamesworkshop

Doctor Spork
2 weeks ago

Well this is what you voted for, due to the size of this project I have decided to get started straight away. I cleaned up the prints, primed and test fit most of the parts.

I hope you all enjoy watching this journey as much as I enjoy taking it.

#wipwednesday #Warhammer #Warhammer40k #orks #orktober #Sporktember #miniatures #WarhammerCommunity

A primed and partially painted ork gargant at 28mm scale on a messy table
Calico Jesse
2 weeks ago

Realized I could turn my 1k Imperial Guard army into a 2k army in just three tanks. Of course one of them is this bad boy.

Started my biggest painting project yet.

#WH40K #Warhammer40k #ImperialGuard #AstraMilitarum #Baneblade #Stormhammer #BugGunsNeverTire #HobbyProgress #WIP #1HourANight

Warhammer 40K Model

Stormhammer super heavy tank (Baneblade variant)

Orange turret, side sponsons, and front tread guards.

Black everything else.
Andrew Howe
2 weeks ago

I painted my first miniature! 😀​ This could be the start of a rather expensive hobby… #Warhammer #Warhammer40k

A simply-painted Warhammer 40000 Space Marine miniature. The Space Marine is painted in dark purple and holds a silver and brass-coloured flamer gun.
2 weeks ago

Finally getting into #warhammer40k after being an enthusiast of the lore and video games for over a decade #warhammer if you have any painting tips and tricks please send me a message! #hobby #nerd #geek

CJ Shearwood :pmgpurple:
2 weeks ago

Back from the USA and working on a Carcharodon kill team for a Badab War event. All rescue models from the Box of Old Shit I couldn't bring myself to throw out, with the terminators converted to look more like the old FW named character. All the new studs are nail art hemispheres.

Probably about two thirds done, except for basing which I still need to think about (suggestions in a reply please!)

#warhammer40k #warhammer #WarhammerCommunity #killteam #BadabWar #miniatures #wargaming #paintingminiatures #miniaturepainting

A Carcharodon Space Marine kill team consisting of (left to right, first rank):

- Firstborn tactical marine in MKVII with a phobos bolter
- Firstborn tactical support marine in MKIV armour (with studded MKVI pads) with a plasma gun
- Firstborn sergeant in MKVIII armour with a heresy-era plasma pistol and a power fist, with a tabard and a gold chain strung with skulls
- Firstborn tactical marine in MKIV armour (with blank MKVI pads) with a phobos bolter
(second rank)
- Modified tartaros pattern terminator with an studded indomitus helmet and lightning claws, and a braided silver chain threaded with three skulls
- Firstborn devastator marine wearing MKVI armour carrying a plasma cannon
- Modified tartaros pattern terminator with an studded indomitus helmet and lightning claws, and a braided silver chain threaded with three skulls

All are painted in the light grey chapter scheme, with red eye lenses. The sergeant and the support marine have bare heads, with ashen pale skin. The bases are unpainted, and there are still details such as plasma coils missing. The sergeant has a facial tattoo.
A close up of the sergeant showing better the face and the tattoo, which consists of one thick curved line over the left eye and two thinner lines next to it.
Brett V. Forsgren
2 weeks ago

Just finished Minka Lesk. This was a fun one to paint, might pick up another just for the separate pose.

#warhammer #warhammer40k #WarhammerCommunity #AstraMilitarum

Warhammer 40,000 model I painted of the character Minka Lesk.
Calico Jesse
3 weeks ago

Put together this badass veteran sergeant who is no longer a legal choice for a Catachan Squad. Which is fine by me, I mostly run Infantry, but find it ironic.

She’ll make a fine Sergeant.

#WH40K #Warhammer40k #ImperialGuard #AstraMilitarum #Catachan #HobbyProgress

Warhammer 40K miniature 

Female veteran sergeant with boltgun over shoulder, chainsword on back, bolt pistol in holster, and bionic left leg.

Jungle plants at her feet.
Brett V. Forsgren
3 weeks ago

I finished painting today.

#Warhammer #AdeptaSororitas #Warhammer40k

Painted Adepta Sororitas Combat Patrol
3 weeks ago
Sketch of Saqqara and Arrian kissing. Arrian is holding Saqqara at the neck and Saqqara is clutching Arrian's other hand at his chest. Both are wearing armour.
3 weeks ago

Finished my first mini!


The Rose in Darkness is out today!!

Follow Sister Augusta on her first full-length adventure, now available from the #BlackLibrary!

More on my #Substack :)

#warhammer #warhammer40k #WarhammerCommunity

Hardcover, featuring three Sisters of Battle in scarlet armour and all firing weapons, backed by a stone statue.

September 5, 2023 - Day 248 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 269

Game: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Anniversary Edition

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Sep 6, 2011
Library Date: May 29, 2015
Unplayed: 3021d (8y3m7d)
Playtime: 23m

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Anniversary Edition was released in 2021 as a free update to Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, with all of the previously released DLCs and add-ons included.

The game is a third-person shooter-hack-and-slash combo.

A few minutes after starting the game I found myself thrown straight into combat as an Ultramarine Space Marine(?), with the game throwing multiple combinations of mouse button and key presses at me, as a barrage of Orks attacked me.

Such frantic combinations as "Press f then mouse button 5 then e". My dude, I have no idea which button on my mouse is mouse button 5. I can't even tell my left and right apart most of the time, let alone which of the other seven buttons on my mouse beyond 1 & 2 are which.

Even the G Hub software just calls them "Forward" and "Back". It took a torch and a minute of trying to find the right viewing angle and distance for my 49yo eyes to work out which button had "G5" stamped into the plastic ("Forward", for the record).

Trying to remember which of the buttons are which in the middle of a pitched battle was a lot, particularly when - on top of all this - the mouse view is bizarrely restricted, even with my mouse set to 3200 DPI.

I had to pick up my mouse, move it, and put it down again more than once just to do a 180 degree sweep. I don't think I've had to do that since mice were functionally male.

After surviving that mission, and slowly starting to mash the right buttons in the right order, I started to feel like the game was making sense.

I was slamming my way around the map, Orks getting splattered by my big gun, and my big knife making short work of any Orks who got too close.

Unfortunately, as with many other games that have a few years on the clock, there are games that have been released since that provide a similar gameplay experience with a better user interface and/or user experience.

In practice, if the Warhammer 40k branding were stripped away, the battle gameplay feels a lot like Outriders, but less refined; unfortunately for the game, I have no emotional bond to Warhammer or 40k, so there's not a lot to keep my interest.

If I'm in the mood for "big weapons make enemies go splorch", it's probably going to be Outriders or Gears of War before this.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Anniversary Edition is:

3: OK

#Warhammer40K #SpaceMarine #ThirdPerson #Shooter #HackAndSlash #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Best conver of the week 🏅

How to fire a plasmagun

#warhammer40k #warhammercommunity #MiniaturePainting

W40K mini conver space marine firing a plasmagun and protecting the face with one hand
It is I, Paul.
1 month ago

Dead space marine for a base I’m working on!

#WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer40k

An unpainted Warhammer 40,000 miniature, arranged to lie face down on the ground, dead.
Brody Berg
1 month ago

Thanatar Seige-Automata I did years ago #WarhamerCommunity #warhammer30k #WARHAMMER40K #MiniaturePainting

Towering armored robot in brilliant red displaying the crest of Mars
Rear view of the automata, showing mechanisms and huge ammo feed along with legs

Deff Dredd is coming along. I did some Vallejo crackle on it for the first time. Initially thought it wasn't working, now I'm worried it's working TOO well and the paint is just gonna come straight off in spots. Looks cool, but not good for my nerves. REALLY worried about the oil wash stripping step.

#Warhammer40k #WarhammerCommunity #40kOrk #DeffDread #MiniaturePainting

40k Ork Deff Dread in yellow with some red and a bit of brow. Chin paint is super cracky
1 month ago

I don't do fan art often, but it's usually Warhammer 40k when I do. I'm trying to push myself on lighting and contrast a bit. I'm not afraid to draw anything, but I really want my paintings to have more kick. #art #mastoart #warhammer #warhammer40k #fanart #scifiart #fantasyart

A Warhammer 40k Space Marine of the Dark Angels chapter.
It is I, Paul.
1 month ago

Work In Progress Wednesday! Two magnetised T'au units, complete. I feel like I'm speeding up 🙌

#WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer40k #PaintingWarhammer #PaintingMiniatures #TauEmpire #FarsightEnclaves #WIPWednesday

A set of Warhammer 40k miniature war-game models. All are mechanically "battlesuits" in shades of red, dark grey and yellow ochre. there's a range of magnetised weapons arrayed at the bottom of the image.
Sean @ TCRepo
1 month ago

updated V2 WH40k 10e Datasheet Template available!

Now EVERY element is editable/movable/deletable so you can customize to your hearts content and really make the final output clean!

#WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer40k #Warhammer #WH40k

1 month ago


Angron: <sighs>...
"Khârn, when I said 'Take their skulls. Build me a throne', how on accursed TERRA did you think _this_ is what I meant?"


Sean @ TCRepo
1 month ago


Time to roll your own WH40k 10th units with the TCRepo exclusive PPTX Datasheet Template!

I made this one so, if you find any issues/improvements, shoot me a message & I'll try to address it

#WarhammerCommunity #WH40k #Warhammer40k

Best conver of the month 🏅
The Macarronyds

#warhammer40k #warhammercommunity #MiniaturePainting

Pasta glued and painted as xeno minis
Dr. Matt Lee
1 month ago

This week’s miniature painting efforts #warhammer #warhammer40k #bloodbowl

Space dwarf bikes
Fantasy dwarf football team
High fantasy models engaged in battle
Space dwarf army ready for battle
Tracteur Blindé
2 months ago


Former #graphics driver engineer and AAA #gamedev. Now #indiegamedev

I occasionally post small game projects in #bevy or #godotengine and small tools and experiments in #rust, #python, and #typescript.

Interested in #opensource, particularly #testing, #tools, and #documentation to make things accessible and easy to use.

Below are screenshots of two recent #gamejam projects and some #warhammer40k #genestealercult Acolytes

A photograph of a squad of 5 painted Genestealer Acolytes for Warhammer 40k
A screenshot of a game. A pixel art blonde hero with 3 hearts is standing on a hilly voxel landscape. Nearby are blue skulls with 3 hearts and crystal shards. The player has no points and 59 seconds remain in the game.
A screenshot of a game. A yellow square in the middle of a grid. Several colored hexagons are placed on the grid. At the top is a color wheel split into 12ths with the pink slice highlighted and a yellow square on the yellow slice. The score "08" is at the center of the color wheel.
2 months ago

@The_Whore_of_Blahbylon Thought this was a Keeper of Secrets mini. #warhammer40k

2 months ago

World Eater's Jakhal I recently finished. Some bits from Epic Basing. Mostly practising glazing. #warhammercommunity #warhammer40k

3 months ago

I backed the MixRack modular paint storage and hobby workstation on #GameFound ...

It looks like a good system, but they have so many configurations I almost gave up.

It's worth a look if you don't mind the potential risk of pledging on crowdfunding platforms. It's hobby investment priced. 😉

It can work with IKEA Kallax and Billy shelves (that you may already own).

#MiniaturePainting #MiniPainting

Screen grab from the crowdfunding campaign for the mixrack paint shelf system.
3 months ago

Sadly did not have time to play Kill Team this week. Hopefully will be able to get few games during the summer holidays!

Currently playing with the Novitiates team, they have been fun but should try some of the other teams I haven't played yet....

#warhammercommunity #killteam #WH40k #warhammer40k #miniaturepainting

It is I, Paul.
3 months ago

Work in progress! FOR THE GREATER GOOD! #FarsightEnclaves #SpaceTrots #WarhammerCommunity #warhammer40k

Three Warhammer 40,000 miniatures at various stages of painting.
3 months ago

Just got off the phone with my brother who's an electrical engineer. Apparently, the next big engineering job is "prompt" programming, where a person writes queries or just "code" to get #AI (like #ChatGPT) to give them useful data, or do useful things. So my understanding is that now people are training as tech priests so as to appease the machine spirits. #warhammer40k #WH40k #Warhammer