M. H. Neifer
1 day ago

"Eine Umfrage von CNCF zeigt, dass immer mehr Entwickler WebAssembly für Projekte jenseits des Browsers einsetzen. Sie schätzen Flexibilität und Portierbarkeit." - #wasm #webassembly

blake shaw
3 days ago

Is #wasm never getting DOM access or am I missing something here

Sharon Machlis
3 days ago

It's official: You can now run R Shiny apps without a back-end Shiny server. @posit_glimpse announced 3 different ways this currently works:

#PositConf2023 #rstats #RShiny #InfoWorld #WASM @rstats

John-Mark Gurney
4 days ago

Looks like they also "hard code" class B addresses:

Pretty sure n0/n1 means network, and h0/h1 means host. They also don't define the byte layout of this (that I can find, addr_port is not defined in the documentation), so you can't just use inet_addr or inet_pton or a similar layout. So who knows how this works.


Daniel E. Weeks
4 days ago

@coatless webR is absolutely amazing and awesome.

Is there anyway to similarly easily embed an interactive Unix terminal within a Quarto book?
#rstats #WASM #UNIX #Quarto

see shy jo
5 days ago

anyway here's the result of my #haskell #wasm JS interface when it's *not* crashing firefox/wayland

see shy jo
5 days ago

wrote a #haskell #wasm program that ran in firefox and hung wayland hard (no mouse pointer movement)


see shy jo
5 days ago

#haskell #wasm in the browser

I've used ghc's very low-level wasm FFI (ints and memory arrays) to bootstrap up to being able to call javascript functions.

browser window displaying a "hello world" alert. Below it is a haskell program:

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}

import Wasmjsbridge

hello :: Int -> IO Int
hello n = do	
	alert <- get_js_function "alert"
	call_js_function_ByteString_Void alert "hello, world!"
	return (n*2)

foreign export ccall hello :: Int -> IO Int
Michal Vyskočil
5 days ago

WASI support in Go - The Go Programming Language

#go #golang #wasm #wasi

Markus Osterhoff
5 days ago

Now we're learning about h5wasm, especially viewing compressed #hdf5 data files with web assembly #wasm.

Davy :ferris:
5 days ago

Tried Leptos yesterday using and it was really straightforward. I like the fact that they are using signals instead of hooks (dioxus).

Looks like it might be pretty easy to get something like Tailwind/DaisyUI working.

My only concern is - as usual - you get one big Wasm bundle (not chunks since it's not there yet). Though parsing Wasm is faster than parsing JS

#rust #rustlang #wasm #dev

5 days ago

KorGE, the Kotlin multiplatform game engine is back 🙂

#gameEngine #kotlin #wasm

[Rufname hier]
6 days ago

Plan 9 enthusiasts: I have released a wasm interpreter for plan 9, allowing you to easily run non-native wasi CLI tools on p9. It can also "package" wasi programs to run like native apps, the same way you do for RC. It is totally not just a frontend for wazero.

Try it here! ->

#plan9 #plan9frombelllabs #golang #wasm #wasi #glenda #FOSS

blake shaw
6 days ago

The systems programming language that the co-creator of #WASM has been working on for over 20 years:

#Virgil is a programming language designed for building lightweight high-performance systems. Its design blends functional and object-oriented programming paradigms for expressiveness and performance. Virgil's compiler produces optimized, standalone native executables, WebAssembly modules, or JARs for the #JVM. For quick turnaround in testing and debugging, programs can also be run directly on a built-in interpreter. It is well-suited to writing small and fast programs with little or no dependencies, which makes it ideal for the lowest level of software systems. On native targets, it includes features that allow building systems that talk directly to #kernel, dynamically generate machine code, implement garbage collection, etc. It is currently being used for #vm and programming language research, in particular the development of a next-generation #WebAssembly virtual machine, Wizard.


GCC - GNU Toolchain
6 days ago

Is the #Linux world witnessing the preparations for another disruption event? A lot of exciting, innovative, new technology is looking for an outlet. #linuxkernel #opensource #opensourcesoftware #rust #rustlang #wasm #gcc #llvm #gnu

@sebsauvage agreed. #SQLite getting incredibly popular for all kinds of use cases. And including production DB at relatively high scale too.

What popped up in my head as an extension of this thought experiment, having taken an interest for #WebAssembly (server-side Component Model + #WASI) was SQLite + #Wasm ..

And then picture - in this case - OpenDocument as a WASI interface, backed by SQLite.

alexdp 🏴‍☠️
1 week ago

@prma #rustlang #community needs to build a util to embed #wasm apps. let's wait...

Julien Garderon
1 week ago

Une sorte de superset qui renvoie du code C (par défaut), du JS ou du #WASM (et un peu de C++ en cours de support), ou un binaire / une bibliothèque partagé. Là où Lua apporte au contraire la facilité de l'interprétation au code bas niveau, facilement "embarquable".

Le langage V se veut donc une sorte de grand traducteur et de ré-unificateur de concepts-clé, pour des langages plus "bas niveau" (ça, ça se discute).

#blazor has been out for five years. It's time to stop calling it "new".

#dotnet #aspnetcore #wasm #WebDev #csharp

🕹️ jbz
1 week ago

⚡ Crap: WASMtoy.
➥ Angelo Pesce

「 The main issue is that WASM is clearly made for compiler writers, not to be used directly. Register access is terrible, with explicit get/set that move from registers to the stack 」


Aram 🌈♾️
1 week ago

On November 20th, I'll be giving a talk at @rustlab about the #Zellij #wasm plugin system. I'll present lots of features that don't exist yet.

I'm going to develop these features and blog about them here. Each feature will get its own sub-thread.

The features:
1. UI components for plugins
2. Session resurrection
3. Load plugins from the web
4. Start plugins in-place
5. Headless plugins
6. Plugins as middleware
7. Pipe output to plugins
8. Read viewport from plugins
9. Plugin web access

1 week ago

Hey everyone, I just made something cool!

I wrote a fractal viewer in C++, compiled it to #Wasm using #Emscripten, and put it on my website (

I wrote an article on how I made it, and I would love for you to check it out and give me all the feedback you can!

Here's the article :

And here's the tool :

#article #fractal #mandelbrot #julia #webdev #cpp #art

1 week ago

@aohorodnyk I have a web framework for writing frontend on #golang using #wasm:

Some demos:

I even have a zero-js browser game written on it:

I use it for a lot of crazy stuff. For example, here is a playground for, a #python library for making svg images:

Anton Ohorodnyk
1 week ago

I've tried for the first time #wasm for #golang. It's so cool and works amazing!

Jamie Magee :unverified:
1 week ago

All the cool languages are doing wasi 😎

#wasi #wasm #webassembly #go #golang

Edoardo Vacchi
2 weeks ago

Hey cool the #wasmcon talks are already published! Watch me talk about #wazero here #wasm #webassembly 👇

Davy :ferris:
2 weeks ago

WEPL - The WebAssembly Component repl

#rust #rustlang #wasm #webassembly

Nicolas Fränkel
2 weeks ago

What languages are supported in #WebAssembly outside the browser?


Tshepang Mbambo
2 weeks ago

among things discussed

- #wasmcon
- idea of hardware #wasm components
- contrast between #wasm and tee (trusted computing environments)
- wasmtime and cranelift
- why wasmtime fast module instantiation helps with security
- current movements in mustang and friends (

Chrome sent an Intent to Ship for #WebAssembly Garbage Collection 🗑️, also known as #WasmGC, earlier today: This allows bringing garbage-collected languages like Java, Kotlin, or Dart to #Wasm, without having to bring their own garbage collection logic. I'm especially excited about the experience the Google Sheets team has documented:

Dan Gohman
2 weeks ago

A fun new library implementing a JSON serialization for #Wasm Component Model values:

Dan Gohman
2 weeks ago

The #Wasm CG just voted wasm-gc to Phase 4!

Tshepang Mbambo
2 weeks ago
🕹️ jbz
2 weeks ago

🤔 Developers have doubts about WebAssembly

"about 22% of participants in the report indicated pessimism about Wasm adoption for either the web or non-web environments. Further, 83% of the respondents reported challenges with Wasm including difficulties with debugging and troubleshooting, different performance between runtimes, lack of consistent developer experiences between runtimes, lack of learning materials, and compatibility issues with certain browsers"


Ray Yamamoto Hilton
2 weeks ago

The state of #wasm #CNCF 2023 report. Warm is going to be huge, especially for #embedded and #IoT systems

2 weeks ago

If you are at the container days in Hamburg today and curious about what could look like a Kubernetes security engine combined with WASM, don't miss my colleague Victor Cuadrado Juan talk at 14:45 in the k6s room

#wasm #kubernetes #security

2 weeks ago

#Development #Findings
The State of WebAssembly 2023 · Adoption, applications, challenges, opportunities, languages

#WebDev #Programming #Frontend #Backend #WebAssembly #WASM #WASI #JavaScript #Rust #Survey

2 weeks ago

Pure Wasm Life 2: Optimizing Webassembly and Canvas | #performance #wasm

The State of #WebAssembly (#Wasm) survey results got published: (PDF). The IMHO most interesting slide is slide 17, which names debugging and troubleshooting as one of the top challenges.

2 weeks ago

WIP. Updated a lot of the code. Added initial sound support (pc speaker) with test tune.

Now the intro can be run in DosBox in a browser!


It runs 2x fast as it should but still fascinating :)

#DemoScene #DOS #FreeDOS #CPP #Intro #DosBox #WASM

2 weeks ago

bug(#binaryen): `wasm-opt` can't produce debug symbol on imported function that return multi-value 🥲

However, it work on exported function that return multi-value

struct Tuple(usize, usize);

extern "C" {
    fn sad() -> Tuple;
$ knit all-wat -s basic debug=1

[core/wasm] rustc --edition 2021 --crate-type cdylib --target wasm32-unknown-unknown -C target-feature=+bulk-memory,+multivalue,+mutable-globals,+reference-types,+simd128,+relaxed-simd,+atomics,+sign-ext,+nontrapping-fptoint,+extended-const,+exception-handling,+tail-call -A warnings -C opt-level=3 -C panic=abort -C no-redzone -C overflow-checks=off -C strip=debuginfo -C debuginfo=1 --emit=obj,dep-info instance/ -o instance/number.o
[core/wasm] wasm-ld --no-entry --export-dynamic --allow-undefined --import-memory --initial-memory=65536 -z stack-size=0 --features=bulk-memory,multivalue,mutable-globals,reference-types,simd128,relaxed-simd,atomics,sign-ext,nontrapping-fptoint,extended-const,exception-handling,tail-call instance/offset.s.o instance/number.o -o instance/number.wasm
[core/wasm] wasm-opt -Oz --enable-bulk-memory --enable-multivalue --enable-mutable-globals --enable-reference-types --enable-simd --enable-relaxed-simd --enable-threads --enable-sign-ext --enable-nontrapping-float-to-int --enable-extended-const --enable-exception-handling --enable-tail-call -g instance/number.wasm -o instance/number.wasm
Fatal: DWARF + multivalue is not yet complete
removing 'instance/number.wasm' due to failure
Knitfile: 'instance/number.wasm': error during recipe: exit status 1
2 weeks ago

@awoodsnet Rust compiled to WASM, or an easier language also compiled to #WASM.

3 weeks ago

can anyone recommend good rust courses? i've tried pluralsight - it's... fine. i've also read the book and spun thru rustlings a few times. i'm specifically interested in async, tokio, and wasm stuff #Rust #Rustlang #WASM #Tokio

3 weeks ago

(i said 'finally' i lied i am sick leave me alone okay ugh)

actually-finally, he touched on the module system, the missing pieces there, what all has been missing … and how after working hard to add and reconcile all the missing pieces to the existing modularization, they basically ended up with #OCaml-style functors … and then realized that … and then just decided to add #functors to #Wasm. 😱

(i had to duck out, so, again, no screenshots. cool as fuck, though.)

3 weeks ago

so, talk moved on to big new things coming in #Wasm 3.0 — and this stuff was super-exciting, and over and over has amazing parallels to #OCaml???

first: garbage collection? in a low-level VM???

reasoning: “GC is kinda the worst-case situation, for working on top of an abstraction-layer like WebAssembly”

screenshot of a slide from a talk, titled "GC, stripped down to the bare basics", with these bullet points:

no complex types, only tuples and arrays (… describe memory layout, nothing more)

high-level language types must be lowered to these (… the same way a native compiler does)

also provide unboxed scalars (i31ref)
Chris Dickinson
3 weeks ago

Looking for a little light travel reading on the way to #wasmcon?

Consider "Understanding WASM, part 3: You Are Here"! It's a deep dive on system interfaces: what they are, their history, and what WASI might mean for them.

#wasm #wasi #wasmcon

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

From browser brat to backend boss: Will WASM win the web wars? by @sjvn

Sometime soon, #WASM will live up to its hype and change how we use our servers and cloud.

Vanja Ćosić
3 weeks ago

We have uploaded the first talk from this week's meetup of the Copenhagen Rust Community 🦀

Watch @mikkelhegn's introduction to serverless WebAssembly with Spin:

Thanks to everyone who showed up and to Fermyon for sponsoring the meetup!

#Rust, #RustLang, #WASM, #WebAssembly

3 weeks ago

If you like to hear about customising #Flatcar #Container #Linux using #systemd's cutting edge composable image technology and/or are interested in the latest #webassembly things, make sure to tune in on the #WasmCon talk

"Let's Build a Linux Just for #wasm !"

with @squillace and @ahrkrak

on Thursday September 7, at 2:15pm - 2:50pm PDT.

(link to stream here:

Dan Gohman
4 weeks ago

On the latest Bytecode Alliance community stream, a look at componentize-py, including a demo of #NumPy running in a #Wasm component!

4 weeks ago

Whatever was left of Tech Twitter is now full Linkedin Mode.

Everyone is a brand/influencer/visionary/futurist trying to sell Rust + WASM like it was another JS Framework of the week.

Crab people + Crypto mindset = 💩

#Rust #WASM

Karsten Schmidt
4 weeks ago

#HowToThing #010 — Creating a basic web app with declarative UI/DOM creation via Zig/WebAssembly and the super extensible and its add-on module, both hybrid TypeScript/Zig libraries. See alt text of images for details.


Source code:

Also see the related project template (and its readme and comments) this example is based on:

Also, several more advanced (and interesting) hybrid Zig/TypeScript examples and extensive docs can be found in the readme...

#ThingUmbrella #Ziglang #Zig #WebAssembly #WASM #TypeScript #JavaScript #WebDev #Tutorial

Fully commented Zig example source code (also see linked GitHub gist)...
Zig v0.11.0 build script to compile the example as WASM module. Launch via `zig build` (also see linked GitHub gist)...
Commented TypeScript source code to initialize the WASM module and the bridge APIs in the browser (also see linked GitHub gist)...
Screenshot of the minimal web UI created by the example. A headline says: "Hello Zig 👋", below a button with a counter...
Nigel Poulton
4 weeks ago

I'll be spreading the #Wasm love at with talks, workshops and a panel at #Dockercon in LA, October 4-5.

If you're developing with containers it'll be a great event to attend. Use discount code DOCKERLOVER300 for $300 off list price.

1 month ago

「 p2panda gives developers the tools to build local-first websites, mobile- and desktop applications which run in decentralised networks. Building applications on top of p2panda means that you can truly call data your own as the protocol encourages that it can be stored everywhere, even just on your local computer 」

#p2panda #p2p #LocalFirst #Decentralization #WASM #Rust

Ténno Seremél
1 month ago

Looks like @Tutanota web-based mail interface is going to require WebAssembly soon. Eh…

#lang_en #tutanota #web #wasm #email

Goal of the day: read all the documentation for Leptos and bootstrap a project with it. I have written my fair share of frontend over the years (too much if you ask me) so it shouldn’t be too difficult 🤓

#rust #rustlang #leptos #frontend #wasm

1 month ago

#DevLog : Rewriting the #PSX launch title #Wipeout game from the original abandoned/leaked source code to now be playable via Windows, Linux, or right in your browser via #WASM

Props, kudos and laurels all around.

#RetroComputing #RetroComputing #GameDev

1 month ago

We moved to 🏠 so let's do a #reintroduction! 👋

We are SpiderMonkey, @mozilla’s #opensource engine for #JavaScript and #WebAssembly.
SpiderMonkey is used in Firefox, Servo and various other projects.

This account is run by our engineers, and none of us know how social media works. We were told to use hashtags.
#firefox #opensource #compilers #wasm #foss #privacy #security #performance #community

Nice to meet you!

2 months ago

ICYMI, we shared some BIG news yesterday!

Fission received an $800,000 grant to continue its work on IPVM from the Arcological Association and the IPFS Network Capital Pool.

IPVM is bringing decentralized Wasm computation to content-addressed data, and we could not be more excited about its potential. #IPVM #Wasm #edgecomputing

Rupert 'fildon' McKay
2 months ago

Added an entry to "Rust Render" to my main website project list.

Rust Render is a little project to animate a Julia Set with its offset values rotating through the complex plane over time.

#rust #wasm #generativeart

2 months ago

BIG NEWS! 📣 We're pleased to announce that Fission has received an $800,000 USD grant to support further applied research of the InterPlanetary Virtual Machine (IPVM) protocols and the Homestar reference implementation from the Arcological Association and the IPFS Network Capital Pool.

We're also #hiring a full-time software engineer to work on the Homestar implementation.

Learn more here: #WebAssembly #Wasm #IPVM #decentralizedweb