Ian Jago @ Art
3 hours ago

#MapCrunch19 on SW 1/8 rough, limited palette and brushes.

Continuing to practice learning to paint standing up and not trying to do too much or use too much equipment or colours, hopefully in readiness for tackling some outdoor painting later in the summer.


#Watercolour #Watercolour #Landscape #Painting #Art

A three storey, White House surrounded by different types of trees and shrubs to the right of a road that curls from left to right, as it disappear, there is a row of white buildings going to the left. There are trees in the background under a pale blue, lightly clouded sky.
5 hours ago

I’m in my studio on the 3rd floor at The Wilson today working on a pointillism-style painting of rowing boats.

We’re open for Cheltenham Open Studios this weekend. I’ve had some great chats with visitors this morning about art, creativity and sight loss.

Do pop in and say hello.

#SightLoss #DisabilityArts #ArtStudio #OpenStudios #ArtistAtWork #WIP #WorkInProgressArt #PittvillePark #Cheltenham #ArtGallery #Gloucestershire #MastoArt #Watercolours #WatercolourPainting #WaterColour

Top left of image is a white plate being used as a watercolour palette. Top right is a photograph of two rowing boats moored up by the side of the lake. Bottom centre with a white cradled panel with the beginning of a painting. The boats are outlined in turquoise dots. Posts in the water are outlined in dark sepia, and there are green and brown dots to show where grass and trees will be painted.
8 hours ago

Drawing done. I simplified the scene (a bit!) it was crazily busy. Advance warning I might f*ck this one up becuase I haven’t done a watercolour in several months and the skill atrophies if you don’t practice. #wip #watercolour #street #painting

A pencil underdrawing of a street scene with old shops and a bike reflected in a window.
Ronnie Tucker
9 hours ago

The painter and decorator

Basswood, 4x1x1", watercolor and varnish.

#art #mastoart #woodwork #woodcarving #carving #watercolour #watercolor #painting #decoration

A wood carving of a painter and dictator with his hands in his pockets and a cigarette hanging from his mouth.
A wood carving of a painter and dictator with his hands in his pockets and a cigarette hanging from his mouth.
9 hours ago

Guten Morgen! Heute mal probiert, komplett im Stehen zu arbeiten.
#Watercolour #UrbanSketching #PleinAir #Arbroath #Schottland

kolorierte Zeichnung eines gelblichen, gothisch anmutenden Turmes mit einer roten Kugel ganz oben und einigen dazugehörigen Häusern. Text: „2306100930 Signal Tower Museum Arbroath Schottland“
Hand hält Skizzenbuch, darauf die Szene wie dahinter als kolorierte Zeichnung: gotisch anmutender Turm und Gebäude.
Hand hält Skizzenbuch, darauf links Aquarellkasten mit ausgeklappter Palette, Wasserbehälter, Papiertaschentuch, Pinsel und rechts die kolorierte Zeichnung, der Rand noch mit Maskierband abgeklebt.
Doug Rutherford
19 hours ago

#Watercolour on paper, 8x10 in. #Watercolour #YukonArt
Painting of the day.

Painting of trees backlit by the early morning sun.
21 hours ago

I've been trying to work on my fantasy character designs.

Here's a Tabaxi Druid I painted for a friend a while back. Sadly not a played character yet, perhaps in a one-shot some day?

Done with finerliner and watercolour. The rock colour is a reference to a local beach, lots of purple/red slate.

I was particularly happy with the cape lighting and the faux-metallic gold effect on the bangles.

#illustration #watercolor #watercolour #painting #CharacterDesign #DnD #TTRPG

A humanoid cat figure, called a tabaxi in the D&D world, standing with one leg on a rock while holding a staff. It is dressed in brown pants with a green shirt, and a lighter green cape draped over its shoulders. It has gold bangles on its arms, legs and tail.
22 hours ago

Lighthouse an der Hafeneinfahrt von Arbroath.
#Urbansketching #Watercolour #PleinAir #Arbroth #Schottland

Hand hält kolorierte Zeichnung der Szene dahinter: kleines hohes Gebäude mit Kamin am Meer.
23 hours ago

Those who like photos of progress on paintings - here we go again. Starting the drawing tonight but will continue tomorrow so that I don’t start the day with a blank piece of paper. #wip #painting #watercolour #art

A pencil drawing in progress of a street in a town
Dora Hathazi Mendes
23 hours ago

New handmade watercolor in my Portugal Paintings Collection, this time about a beautiful view on the Pico Island of the Azores.
My original paintings are available from my Karavella Atelier Etsy Shop.
#MastoArt #artist #watercolour
#azores #pico #açores #portugal #portuguese #portugalpaintings #art #artwork #watercolor

Azores Pico Island original handmade watercolor painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes. Art prints
Ian Jago @ Art
1 day ago

Live paint-along to a Tim Wilmot demo. Most people paint afterwards and it’s a real challenge to keep up. The great thing is you have to think, act and move on.

1/8 sheet SW rough, two brushes & limited palette - there’s no time for more complexity or choices.

#Watercolour #Watercolor #cityscape #Painting #Art

Marina scene with  many boats, most abstract, with buildings around.
Douglas Gorney
1 day ago

Prism Group Real Estate just ran this nice interview with me after I completed two commissions for them (the Grove St. Victorian and the mid-century modern in Palm Springs). Thanks so much, Sean Timberlake and dpaul brown!

#watercolor #watercolour #sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartist #sfba #commission #architecture #realestate #art #artist

1 day ago

Some dear friends are moving far away from me. I hate to see them go but I am happy for them and excited about their new home. As a housewarming gift I painted their new house for them. Safe travels! I love you! #WaterColor #Watercolour

A watercolor and ink pen painting of a brick house with a bright green door. There is a rainbow in the sky behind the house.
1 day ago

Hen blackbird that feeds at our table in the garden. #watercolours #watercolour #art #artblogger #painting #birds

1 day ago

Abstract pattern, based on bark
... the abstract equivalent of a sketch, done with watercolour pens.
#abstractart #abstract #watercolour #watercolor #texture #mastoart #artistsonmastodon

Colourful abstract painting of a bark-like texture, done in greens, blues, orange and purple.
2 days ago

Hawthorn in May this year was amazing, completely weighed down with blossom! #art #watercolour #birds #birdart #artist #birdartist

2 days ago

Ein schöner Sonnenuntergang, auch in meinem Skizzenbuch.
#Urbansketching #Watercolour #PleinAir #Largs #Schottland

Hand hält Skizzenbuch mit Sonnenuntergang am See in Orange und Violett.
Hand hält Skizzenbuch vor Sonnenuntergang am See mit einer Darstellung davon.
2 days ago

First ‘serious’ #watercolour #painting I’ve done (a few previous sketches and experiments). Based on a photo taken in #Ulverston while on holiday for past week and a bit.
“Pink House and Orange Wall”
Was aiming for more #abstraction, so, #SemiAbstract maybe.

#watercolor @WatercolourCurator #WatercolourPainting #WatercolorPainting

Looking towards a road junction, on the right are an orange wall, a green house and, on the corner, a pink house. Opposite are a row of yellow, red and green houses. More houses climb behind these and all the houses have multiply toned grey roofs and chimneys. In the far distance are green hills and a tall (but looking small here) white tower and a dark blue sky.
Doug Rutherford
2 days ago

Fox Lake.
#Watercolour on paper, 8x10 in. #Watercolour #YukonArt
Painting of the day.

Painting of dead calm on Fox Lake, Yukon, looking southeast, Little Peak and Joe Peak in the distance, a few poplars in the foreground.
2 days ago

Zwei Stunden, die Spaß gemacht haben!
#Watercolour #USK #Largs #Schottland

Auf einem Tisch liegen zwei Skizzenbücher und ein Aquarellblock mit Studien zu einem Bild von einem Turm an einem See.
Hand hält großes Skizzenbuch mit kolorierter Zeichnung vor der gleichen Szene: Turm an einem See.
Kleines Skizzenbuch mit kolorierter Szene: Turm an einem See.
Aquarell: Turm an einem See.
2 days ago

4 ATC cards on the theme "My life" - the June theme of the #kleinerKunstTausch I just painted without restraint, so it might have turned out a bit kitschy. But it's actually very idyllic here with me right now. Each card is 9 cm x 6.5 cm in size. #kleinekunstklasse #mastoart #fediart #watercolour #illustration #thursday

Four ATC cards, painted with coloured pencils and watercolour: 1. a bird's eye view of a garden hut with a red roof. Around it many green plants 2. A garden from a bird's eye view, on the right side of the picture a red house roof, in the background, a half-timbered house, roofs and a church spire. 3. A grey-haired woman in green dungarees is standing on a ladder and writing on the wall of a half-timbered house "Haus Stern, ca. 1690". 4. blossoms of a wild rose. A wasp-like insect is sitting in one blossom.
Dora Hathazi Mendes
2 days ago

A Gift From Sabrina 🐾
Siamese Cat Painting sold as a Greeting card to a buyer from Glen Cove, NY - USA Military. Thank you so much for supporting my art! 🎨 Dora
My Cards
#siamese #siamesecats #cat #cats #catart #catpaintings #art #watercolor #painting #MastoArt #catsofmastodon #catsofmasto #watercolour #artist.

Siamese Cat Painting handmade watercolor by Dora Hathazi Mendes.  Art prints available
Dora Hathazi Mendes
2 days ago
Madeira Mountains Portugal original watercolor painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes . Art prints
Ian Jago @ Art
2 days ago

I painted this as soon as the original had dried, but with several changes and making up a different foreground.

#Watercolour #Watercolor #Seascape #Landscape #Painting #Art

Seascape with hills in the background
4 days ago

It’s flowing easier now. I’m not fighting with the medium or racing against time.
#MastoArt #watercolor #watercolour

A misty watercolor with distant blue mountains reflected in a glass smooth lake. In the foreground red reeds rise from the lake bank.
Dora Hathazi Mendes
4 days ago

New handmade watercolor pet portrait about a black dog called Henry.
Thank you so much dear Amanda for your custom order, to ask me to paint about Henry as a gift for your friends! 🎨🐾Dora
#MastoArt #dogsofmasto #dogsofmastodon #watercolour
#dog #dogs #dogpaintings #dogart #dogpainting #blackdog #blackdogs #art #watercolor #paintings #handmade

Black Dog handmade watercolor pet portrait by Dora Hathazi Mendes.  Art prints available
4 days ago

Doppelte Größe, vierfache Dauer - ich muss beim kleinen Format bleiben, sonst komme ich zu nichts anderem mehr …
#USK #Watercolour #Ayr #Schottland #PleinAir

Kolorierte Zeichnung eines Straßenzugs aus bunten Häusern mit dunklen Wolken. Text im
Bild „6.6.2023 15:40 Ayr Schottland“.
Hand hält Skizzenbuch vor einen Straßenzug, das Bild zeigt ihn.
The Wee Owl Studio
4 days ago

Fresh green colour for a hot day here is Scotland.
I do like succulent and cactus plants. They are fun to draw too, they have lovely shapes.
Original watercolour painting - Echeveria via @Etsy
#plants #succulent #gardening #painting #watercolour #FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Original watercolour painting - Echeveria
A painting of a green rosette shaped succulent with pink tips to the leaves. 
Width: 21 centimetres
Height: 15 centimetres
Petra Kaminen Mosher
4 days ago

I couldn't resist putting the watercolour portrait of sphinx cat Seppo on a mug - it has just the right amount of cattitude for a mug of morning coffee (or tea). Available on my website store at

#CatArt #PrintOnDemand #mug #watercolour #artist #CatPainting

Product image of a glowering sphinx cat head, painted in watercolour, on a white glossy mug held in brown hands.
Product image of a glowering sphinx cat head, painted in watercolour, on a white glossy mug displayed on a pale hand.
James Fine Art
5 days ago

'Coffee in the Green Room' Watercolour by James McCormack, Artist

A watercolour showing a red and black Italian coffee maker, two transparent coffee cups, a jar of coffee and a jar of sugar in the background, all on a green cloth against a green wall.
An original composition by James McCormack, made by human hand.

#coffee #green #room #greenroom #red #coffecup #coffeemaker #watercolour #sugar

A watercolour showing a red and black Italian coffee maker, two transparent coffee cups, a jar of coffee and a jar of sugar in the background, all on a green cloth against a green wall.
Ian Jago @ Art
5 days ago

I have concluded:
- I do not always let my washes dry 100% (limited painting time)
- I paint very wet (doesn’t help the above)
- I much prefer to paint in one session, otherwise my head isn’t in the game
- I do not have finesse mixing my paints and often end up with too much paint mixed
- when I add shadows or darks, I go from too weak to too dark (see point above)

Self critique is great, not knowing what to do about it less so.

Suggestions welcome!

#Watercolour #Watercolor

Doug Rutherford
1 week ago

Ten Mile Creek.
#Watercolour on paper, 8x10 in. #Watercolour #YukonArt
Painting of the day.

Painting of Ten Mile Creek near Tagish, Yukon. The creek is in the foreground with brush and rock on the banks and trees in the background.
Kirstin ⁷
1 week ago

Finished my #watercolour calendar for May. Was a wonderful year for blossoms. I’m a bit sad when they go. On to June!
#CalendarLore #ArtMatters #May

All things May. Tiny watercolours paintings of a nightingale sitting on a branch of hawthorn. A maypole, a tiny bouquet of purple flowers tied with a red ribbon for Mother’s Day. Symbols for Taurus and Gemini. Fireworks in blue and yellow, and red and orange for Victoria Day(Canada), a lily of the valley. A full moon crowned in flowers. And coloured squares representing the weather for each day. Cooler colours, blues and greens and warm colours yellows, oranges and one red day!
Douglas Gorney
1 week ago

Grove St.

#watercolor #watercolour #sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartist #sfba #commission #victorian #architecture

A light blue, two-story classic gingerbread Victorian home with a red door stands against a blue sky between two light olive-green houses on Grove St. in San Francisco.

The Wee Owl Studio
1 week ago

🔴Sold - Thank you so much. It will be on it's way tomorrow.
#Mushroom #painting #watercolour

James Fine Art
1 week ago

Pear, Tomato, Avocado

watercolour, made by hand

Pear, Tomato, Avocado on a glass plate on a metal surface. Each fruit or vegetable is cut showing an inside cross section, revealing texture and seeds. The predominantly green avocado complements the red tomato and yellow brown pear. An original composition by James McCormack.

#pear #tomato #avocade #stillife #watercolour
#art #watercolour
#MastoArt #MastoDaoine #BuyIntoArt

Pear, Tomato, Avocado on a glass plate on a metal surface. Each fruit or vegetable is cut showing an inside cross section, revealing texture and seeds.
Ian Jago @ Art
1 week ago

My 3rd of 4 for #MapCrunch18 #MapCrunch. As with the first two, virtually no pencil, just a rough skyline and road line as a guide and painted as a fairly quick sketch, practicing painting standing up. 1/8 sheet SW rough.

I wanted to keep this loose and free. I’m not well-practiced at vehicles. I tried a van with a trailer and a row of indistinguishable vehicles - more indistinguishable than vehicles! 🤣 It was fun and more brush miles 😀

#Watercolour #Watercolor #Landscape #Painting #Art

A street with commercial buildings either side, a few cars and vans. The only pop of colour is a lone conifer tree towards the left.
Brad S🍁
2 weeks ago

I came back later to grab the photos i posted yesterday, but at lunchtime I sat down to #urbansketch and do some #watercolour of the scene..

watercolour urban sketch of a city square with public art orbs
churchill square in edmonton with public art orbs
churchill square in edmonton with public art orbs
Rebecca Bryn
2 weeks ago

I finished this painting of a very distant Bishop's Rock lighthouse this morning. Palette cynanine blue, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, indigo, pemanent rose, brown madder, burnet sienna, new gamboge. Foam is masked with masking fluid. Windsor and Newton watercolour paint on Arches not paper. #art #seascapes #watercolour

watercolour painting of wave with rocks and foam swirls in foreground and Ramsey Island and Bishop's Rock lighthouse in the distance.
3 weeks ago

Hi friends! <:

Just a quick reminder that I still have some #watercolour #artworks for sale - any help in downsizing this collection will be much appreciated, as I'm running out of space 🙈

They include #Hannibal, #Lucifer, #GoodOmens, #OFMD, #TGCF, #DoctorWho and some #originals too <:

The small ones (21.0 x 29.7 cm) are £60 + shipping costs

The big ones (30 x 40 cm) are £100 + shipping costs

You can see all the catalogue at this link:

James Fine Art
3 weeks ago

Watercolour Palette with a variety of colours and a brush seen from above . An original, human made composition in watercolour by James McCormack.

#watercolour #palette #painting #MastoArt #MastoDaoine #BuyIntoArt #FediGiftShop

Watercolour Palette with a variety of colours and a brush seen from above .
3 weeks ago

Proportionen sind leider missglückt. Mit den Farben bin ich für einen Regentag zufrieden.
#USK #UrbanSketching #Sketching #Watercolour #Donegal #Irland

Skizzenbuch mit kolorierter Zeichnung eines älteren Wohnmobils namens „Capri“, angedeutet ein kleiner Hund im Fenster, links Vegetation, unten Schatten. Bild im Text: 20.5.2023 19:30 Übernachtungsplatz in Donegal, oder Dun na ngal, schön im Hafen gelegen mit zahlreichen anderen Wohnmobilen und leider auch zahlreichen Parkern und sehr ergiebigem Regen … mal so, mal so.
Karen Kaspar
3 weeks ago

From the top of the mountain you have a wonderful view over the mountains. The blue colors relax the soul, you can leave all worries behind and find inner peace.

Morning mood in the mountains one - watercolor painting -

#MountainMonday #mountains
#MastoArt #art #AYearForArt #painting #FediGiftShop #BuyIntoArt #TraditionalArt #kunst #contemporaryArt #ArtBooster #watercolor #watercolour
#landscape #landscapePainting #dreamscape #misty #morning #nature #peaceful

Morning Mood in the Mountains One is a watercolor painting in landscape format painted by the artist Karen Kaspar. The viewer stands high up on a mountain and looks down on a mountain landscape in shades of blue and purple. The mountains disappear in the distance in the haze of the morning mist. The painting is inspired by my visits to the Bavarian Alps in Germany. I painted it in many layers of watercolour on special paper. This paper soaks up the paint and lets it flow. This leads to a partly blurred dreamy effect, which enhances the picture's effect. The painting has a relaxing and peaceful aura.
Anne Camozzi
3 weeks ago

I finished my latest pen and ink and watercolour
4” x 8.5” on archival matte board
“Dragonfly Dahlias and Strawberry Vine”
#art #mastoart #artist
#painting #artistsofmastod #artistsonmastodon #penandink #watercolour #watercolor
#dragonfly #dahlias #strawberry #artheals #artisimportant
Tap to see whole image 😊

A whimsical colourful drawing and painting of a large blue dragonfly surrounded by a wild strawberry vine and several large dahlia flowers.
Dora Hathazi Mendes
3 weeks ago

My Sunny Day In Lisbon handmade watercolor painting sold recently as a print to a buyer from Orchard Park, NY - US. Thank you so much for supporting my art! 🌺🌺🌺 Dora
#artist #watercolor #watercolour #MastoArt
#lisbon #lisboa #alfama #portugal #portuguese #portugalpaintings

Sunny Day in Lisbon Portugal Painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes.  Art prints available
Watercolour Curator
3 weeks ago

@Curator has a great post here:

From: @Curator

Adding hashtags is also important so that people will find your posts. Did you know you can follow hashtags? For example, some I follow include #Watercolour #Watercolor #aquarelle #acuarela #Aquarell #acquerello #aquarela #sketching #sketch #urbansketching #usk .

Watercolour Curator
3 weeks ago

Ever wonder why I/others liked your post but didn’t boost?
Many here won’t boost without Alt text. Adding it could improve your reach.
Image descriptions or Alt Text added to media in posts allow screen readers to describe the image, making it accessible for blind or partially sighted users.
Just describe the medium, subject & mood or colours - “Watercolour of a cottage in a field in warm colours with a cozy atmosphere".
Follow @PleaseCaption for a DM if you forget.
#Watercolor #Watercolour

Brad S🍁
3 weeks ago

Week 6 of my #watercolor #watercolour painting class and my weekly homework took a couple extra days but i’m generally happy with the results of this #landscape and #sunset scene…

watercolour painting of a sunset behind trees