Stiv Anderson
3 days ago

NEW VIDEO: Sennelier Watercolors, Made in France Professional Watercolors

#watercolor #watercolour #watercolourpainting #watercolorart

A photo showing a watercolor paint brush, a watercolor palette filled with watercolors, and some Sennelier Watercolor paints.
6 days ago

What are you looking at?

If you’d like to look this greylag goose in the eye, he is on display at The Wilson in Cheltenham in the Environments exhibition, until June 25.

My artworks on display are based on local open spaces that I can reach on foot. I have created watercolours, acrylics, mixed-media textiles and tactile works, alongside field recordings, photography and text.

#EmergingArtist #Pointillism #Watercolours #WatercolourPainting #Cheltenham #ArtExhibition #DisabilityArts #MastoArt

a small, portrait-orientation pointillism-style watercolour painting of a greylag goose staring out towards the viewer. It shows the head and neck of a swan. The goose is painted in dots of soft brownish grey, with an orange beak, turning pink towards the end. The goose is looking directly out towards the viewer, with its brown eyes slightly protruding from either side of its head. The top and left of the goose’s head are lighter to show the sunlight shining on it. There is a shadow running down the right of the goose’s neck, which is painted in rippling vertical lines of darker and lighter dots to show the feathers running down it. The background is bright light green in the lower half, with darker green dots depicting shadows across the grass, and trees above this, with a bright blue sky at the top.

following a bunch of folks so lemme do a quick and dirty #intro post ...

hi. i'm camille (
@fyrfli). born and grown jamaican. married into the us military because world of warcraft turns out to have been the best dating service we found. i constantly marvel at how chancy our meeting was and how we've managed to weather everything from my ongoing culture shock, his white rural us origins, and both of our growing awareness of the inequalities in this world.

we've got two huskies and an eskie as 'babies'. we're both game nerds.

i'm into
#tech, #writing, #books, #photography, #crafts like #WaterColourPainting and #BodyButterMaking

i know how to
#code with #html and a little #css, a tiny bit of #javascript and #python. and i've got too much schooling (#InterculturalCommunication and #ClinicalSocialWork) that will likely never amount to much of anything.

i am effectively disabled with
#GAD and #PTSD and currently struggling with severe #insomnia

with all that said ... i am an eternal student, hungry for information on everything.

gabriel 🍄🌿
2 weeks ago

Zwei Portraits die ich letzte Woche bei der Katzenbetreuung der beiden Süßen gemacht habe 😀

#CatPortrait #WatercolourPainting #WatercolourPortrait #Watercolor #MastoArt #BritishShorthair

JC Little
1 month ago

Painting very carefully now…
“Spectrum” 14 x 20” pure watercolour.

#watercolor #watercolourpainting #painting #freedom #art #artist #fineart #cloudpainting #rainbow #umbrellas #loveislove #respect #mastoart

Work in progress of my watercolor, painting, “spectrum”, in pure watercolor. There is no white paint used in this painting. The painting is of a row of floating umbrellas, each one painted in the colours of the rainbow spectrum,  up in the sky above the clouds. The backdrop is some big white, fluffy clouds. Above the clouds is deep dark night sky. The bottom half of the clouds is somewhat dark and foreboding as if storm coming. In the middle of the row of umbrellas, a child in a raincoat can be seen leaping from one umbrella to the next, as if on the monkey bars. This child is currently drawn in pencil as the painting is as yet unfinished. I also still have to paint in the handles of the umbrellas and the deepest, dark shadows.
1 month ago

Sharing how the earlier random blobs turned out once I took the ink to them! #Watercolour #watercolourpainting #WatercolourArt

Ink drawings over watercolour blobs. A drummer over a splatter of blue and red. A seaside on blue and yellow. A creepy mermaid on blue and purple. A tree on green and brown.
1 month ago

Doing a relaxing low pressure #watercolor warm up. Might use my ink pens to draw something over them. #painting #Watercolour #watercolourpainting

A photo of a page of watercolour painted colour splashes. Blue and red, blue and green, blue and purple, green and a little brown.
Petra Kaminen Mosher
2 months ago

Happy #Caturday! Sumu and Kurre as kittens back in 2015. I painted a few small watercolour series based on photos of them. Currently, they are not-so-patiently waiting for the snow to disappear.

(Unframed original watercolours available at

#catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #cats #WatercolourPainting #painting #ContemporaryPainting

Loosely painted watercolour of kitten head in profile, looking to the right, lozenge shapes in purple, ochre, and pink.
Loosely painted watercolour of marmalade kitten head, looking at viewer, lozenge shapes in pink, orange, yellow, and green.
2 months ago

I’m very happy to be in my studio at The Wilson today, being watched by a work in progress of a goose, while I work on another goose 😀

#GreylagGoose #Greylag #Goose #WatercolourPainting #NatureArt #BirdPainting #Derwent #DerwentInktense #DerwentInktenseBlocks #Pointillism #ExpressivePainting #WildlifePainting

A portrait-orientation watercolour painting of the head and neck of a greylag goose is propped up. The goose is looking straight out at the viewer. On the table in front of this is a landscape-orientation watercolour painting of a greylag goose with its wings open wide, standing in front of a pond.
Doug Rutherford
3 months ago

I know this won't mean anything to a lot of people but I actually repaired a delaminating watercolour block.
I also learned how to make a pad into a block...

3 months ago

Pittville Park and Pump Room
12” x 10”
Watercolour on Cradled Panel

I love this view of the Pump Room in the distance peeking out through the trees across the lake, and I had a lot of fun painting this pointillism style watercolour this week, complete with teeny tiny park benches where you can sit and enjoy the view.

#PittvillePark #PittvillePumpRoom #Cheltenham #Gloucestershire #Pointillism #ArtExhibition #Watercolour #LandscapePainting #NatureArt #WatercolourPainting #MastoArt

A pointillism-style landscape-orientation watercolour painting of Pittville Park. In the foreground there are dappled fallen autumn leaves on the ground, then a dark green rippled lake with reflections of tree and sky, and a fountain towards the right. On the far side of the lake are large trees, with the Pump room partly hidden behind a smaller, red tree. It is a grand sand-coloured building with pillars and a turquoise dome.
3 months ago

Yesterday’s painting: a British Longhorn cow looking down towards Cheltenham from up on top of Leckhampton Hill.

8” x 6” Watercolour on cradled panel.

#Pointillism #Watercolour #ExpressionistPainting #LonghornCattle #BritishLonghorn #LeckhamptonHill #Cheltenham #Gloucestershire #EmergingArtist #NatureArt #WatercolourPainting #LandscapePainting #MastoArt

A pointillism-style landscape-orientation watercolour painting. A deep brown and white horned cow is lying down on the left of the painting, looking to the right across distant hills.
Petra Kaminen Mosher
3 months ago

Happy #Caturday and, erm, tortoise day.

Burmese and Tortoise, watercolour on paper, 28 x 38 cm, 2014

#CatsOfMastodon #catstodon #cat #tortoise #BurmeseCat #WatercolourPainting #Watercolour #AnimalPainting #art

Loosely painted watercolour in layered lozenges of colour of a loafed Burmese cat with ears in airplane mode and a tortoise walking up to it from the cat's left.
The Chocolate Vulture
3 months ago

Another quick #watercolourpainting of my Loki #Cat . TBH he was more the inspiration as he sat directly on the paper as I #painted lol. #catsofmastadon

The Chocolate Vulture
3 months ago

Quick #watercolourpainting #painting #Art of the rear end of my Rocket #cat . Yes he a #chonky #Kitty #catsofmastadon

Delirya :twitch: 🔥🐝
3 months ago

Here's the starting pile of stream projects that we have for #CraftMonth. Not pictured: the usual crochet/knitting/cross stick, soap making kit and bathfizz kit.

Unsure of the plans for this afternoon. We may just pop all these onto a wheel, and do a spin to decide!

#NationalCraftMonth #CraftMonth #yarn #PunchNeedle #LatchHook #AcrylicPainting #Clay #WatercolourPainting #Rocketship #SoapMaking #BathbombMaking

Petra Kaminen Mosher
3 months ago

Happy #Caturday! #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCat #WatercolourPainting #CatPainting #Watercolor

Tiny #watercolours of orange tabby cats: Orange Curl (2) on the left, and Question Cat (3) on the right.

Loosely painted watercolour of an orange tabby curled in a ball, nose pointed into the air and with back feet sticking out straight, as seen from above.
Loosely painted watercolour of an orange tabby cat laying down with body curled to the left and head and front legs pointed straight down, as seen from above. Looks a little like a question mark.
Delirya :twitch: 🔥🐝
3 months ago

March is gonna be all about Crafting! As well as the usual yarny stuff, we'll be trying out a bunch of new arts and crafts projects on stream. If there's other things you'd like to see me try, let me know!

So far, we have the following things planned:

Petra Kaminen Mosher
4 months ago

Three #cat #watercolour #paintings on paper, unframed, (available at They're from 2014 - 2015, when I was busy on a cat watercolour series, aided by a local friend who has a large #feline household and excellent photography skills.

#catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #cats #WatercolourPainting #ContemporaryPainting

Close-up of smooshed and fluffy looking brown long-haired cat painted in watercolour, green eyes peering through the broad strokes of translucent blue and brown paint on a white background.
Abstracted watercolour of two tabby cats snuggled together in a round shape, the one one the left looking at the viewer.
Close-up of abstracted watercolour of light brown Burmese cat face staring out with yellow eyes and a confused look. Broad strokes of watercolour in blue, brown, and pink (for the ears).
4 months ago

After a few days, I had the chance to mostly finish these pieces from the Powwow Life Drawing event at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre ( will happen monthly on the first Monday of the month). I may add some marker accents, but will let them sit for a while. #watercolorart #WatercolourArt #watercolourpainting #jingledress

Watercolour pencil art of an indigenous dancer in a jingle dress. The fabric is yellow cotton with blue and green flowers. The silver tubular jingles are hanging from red and green satin ribbon forming deep v shapes on the sleeves and over panels. Two long otter strips hand from her braids, attached with beaded rectangles in red velvet.
Two smaller side paintings depict the skirt panels in motion and the dancer viewed from the back.
4 months ago

Tonight's practice. More work on softness and water. Loved doing this one. Snow. Trees. Mist.

#brushmiles #watercolour #watercolourpainting #aquarelle #aquarela

Apologies to #danielsmithwatercolors #baohongpaper #escodabrushes

Petra Kaminen Mosher
4 months ago

Seems appropriate, as the whole family is still sniffling and coughing, to post an oldie-but-goodie watercolour of abstracted bacteria I painted in 2012.

Gram Positive & Negative (1), watercolour on paper, 22.8 x 30.5 cm, 2012

#watercolour #watercolor #WatercolourPainting #painting #AbstractPainting #art #ContemporaryPainting #InspiredByNature #PathologyArt #SciArt

Bacteria shapes in primary colours layered in both thin watercolour washes and darker and more opaque lozenges over a white background.
5 months ago

I think my mallard painting is now finished, but I’ll leave him for a couple of days then take another look to be sure.

I did reward my muse with plenty of bird seed when I took his photo as the reference for this painting. Quack quack 🦆

#DisabilityArts #WatercolourPainting #Pointillism #PointillismPainting #Mallard #MallardDuck #Watercolour #WatercolourArt #EmergingArtist #ArtistInResidence #NaturePainting #WildlifePainting #BirdPainting #MastoArt

A small, portrait- orientation watercolour painting of a mallard. The artwork is painted on a loose style built of dots. The background is light green for the lower two-thirds and darker shades of green in the top third. The head, neck, chest, and a small bit of the back of the mallard are shown. The beak is yellow; the chest a deep reddish-brown, and the head shades of deep blue-green, with a black eye.
5 months ago

A pointillism-style watercolour painting of a mallard that I have been working on. I’m really enjoying working on this style, in both watercolour and acrylic. I enjoy the almost meditative, instinctive process. And I love the loose, dappled effect.

#WorkInProgress #MastoArts #DisabilityArts #WatercolourPainting #Pointillism #Mallard #Watercolour #EmergingArtist #ArtistInResidence #NaturePainting

A small, incomplete portrait- orientation watercolour painting of a mallard. The artwork is painted on a loose style built of dots. The background is light green for the lower two-thirds and darker shades of green in the top third. The head, neck, chest, and a small bit of the back of the mallard are shown. The beak is yellow; the chest a deep reddish-brown, and the head shades of deep blue-green, with a black eye. Well … from your list, I’ve got #tech #MentalHealth #anxiety #dogs #photography #writing #reading and #VideoGames. I’m also effectively #disabled (chronic and severe #GAD/#PTSD) and am trying to start #watercolourpainting. And oh yeah … I make my own #bodybutter.

5 months ago
Links die Roboter BB8 und daneben R2D2 aus Star Wars. Beide schauen seitlich direkt in die Linse der Kamera.

On the left, the robots BB8 and R2D2 from Star Wars. Both look sideways directly into the lens of the camera.
Anar en Mousses
5 months ago

Tl;dr : Here’s a door. May it take you where you need to be 💚

I didn’t draw or paint anything (except like doodle digitally but nothing serious) for … 2 years ? (Maybe more ? We were preparing for moving, and then we renovated the house, and then we moved, and we’re still not entirely moved in). I was going to wait for the workshop to be finished to paint again, but @Calvinarium (we’re housemates) let his brushes/paints out this week and seeing them tempted me.

This afternoon I picked up my brushes and watercolour and cheap (but thick) paper and set up to paint. I was expecting to draw random shapes and getting familiar with the medium again, but I didn’t expect … this.

I like it ??? I feel like I shouldn’t like it this much because it’s not perfect (because it wasn’t planned and so some things couldn’t be layered properly, and it’s not as crisp as it could be) but I really, really like it (and so I talk about it everywhere because half-mesure doesn’t exist).

I improved during the break, or rather, I matured ?
(And then I wonder why I have trouble keeping track of things. I’m ALREADY keeping track of thousands of things ._.)


(It might have been inspired by the Wayward Children series ? Not consciously but those books are always somewhere these days, and it seems pretty obvious)(but also, doors and passages and faerie are a soft spot for me anyway)

#Watercolourpainting #BeSure #faerie #GreenArt

A watercolour painting. 

A narrow path winds through bushes and mossy rocks. 
Two trees stand at the end, forming a door to a very dark forest. A blueish light comes from the depths beyond the trees.
5 months ago

Galactic Fireworks over Grassy Fields

A quick aquarelle painting I did last night, mostly just to get something on paper as it'd been too long since I touched my art supplies.
Quite satisfied with the end result! A lovely explosion of colours, especially in the sky.

#VanGogh and #Panduro #aquarelle #waterColours on A5-sized 230 gsm acid-free 100% paper.

#FiXatoPaints #FiXatoCreative #painting
#mastoArt #fediArt #artShare #creativeToot #creativeToots
#aquarel #akvarell #waterColour #waterColourPainting #waterColor #VanGoghPaint #A5

An explosion of colours in an otherwise dark and light blue sky, over grassy fields with mostly red, orange and yellow flowers.
A bit below the horizon there's also an area where the scenery seems to be pulled towards the horizon, almost as if space is being deformed. Maybe a space ship passing through subspace?
The sky is filled with a cacophony of colours; blues, purples, orange, yellow, red, pink, white, black, and even some greens.
The entire painting has a small creamy white border around it, and was painted in portrait orientation.
5 months ago
5 months ago

Day 20 of #ArtAdventCalendar. Here is my morning post -- five colly/calling birds. (if painted today, they would probably have scarves and toques to deal with the cold and snow...)

#watercolour #fivecollybirds #fivecallingbirds #watercolourpainting #birds #joyful #MastoArt #Fediart

6 months ago

Here is my Day 19 evening post for #ArtAdventCalendar

"Jólakötturinn (Yule Cat)". 2021. (be sure to have new warm clothes, like socks, for Christmas ... )

#watercolour #ink #inkdrawing #watercolourpainting #illustration #inkillustration #jólakötturinn #Fediart #MastoArt

11 months ago

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger in water colours

Tried my hand at a fairly #monochrome water colour #painting as a practice for #huevember, and as an example for an upcoming experiment: painting with tea.
Ended up using two different colours though, rather than one: #Panduro's #YellowOchre and #BurntUmber.
Three different brushes: a number 12 round brush from #SøstreneGrene, a number 2 flat brush from #GreneArt, and a number 2 round brush probably, though I'm not sure as it had no markings on it.
Painted on 230 grams acid-free A5 watercolour paper from Søstrene Grene.

Painted after the example of #SteveStone's original cover art:

#waterColour #waterColours #waterColorArt #waterColors #DarkTower #StephenKing #TheGunslinger #aquarel #akvarell #aquarelle
#FiXatoPaints #FiXatoCreative #DailyPhoto
#MastoArt #artwork #waterColourPainting

The shadowy figure of Roland, the gunslinger from Stephen King's Dark Tower series, looking down at a bird perched on the skeletal remains of some animal. In the background the dark silhouette of the Dark Tower can be seen.

The overal scene gives the impression of a yellow/brown desert landscape with limited visibility.

Surrounding the painting are a Panduro box of water colour paints, 3 brushes, dirty paint water, and a spray bottle with clean water.
11 months ago

Decided to clear my mind a bit by #painting by the light of the #midnightSun.
Went with my take on what I remembered from an Easy Misty Forest painting tutorial by TheFrugalCrafter Lindsay Weirich on YouTube.
It's not quite finished; I'd like to add another tree in the foreground, as well as some foliage around the top and edges, but the mosquitoes are starting to eat me up... and I'd like these layers to fully dry before adding the final ones.

Painted with a mix of #RoyalTalens' #VanGogh and #Panduro water colour paints on 180 grammes woodfree aquarelle A5 paper from #Dekorima / #Colart Sweden.

Paper buckles a bit too much from the water; I guess I should go with thicker paper, but it blends a lot better than on the cheap Nassau Fine Art aquarelle paper pad I'd been using lately.

#EasyMistyForest #TheFrugalCrafter #LindsayWeirich
#FiXatoCreative #FiXatoPaints #WaterColours #mastoArt #waterColorArt #aquarelle #akvarell #aquarel #waterColourPainting #describedMedia #FiXatoFoto #dailyPhoto

My painting setup outside. A round metal table with a black coating that's letting go in places because of underlying rust.
On top of it a number of brushes are spread about, along with a quite paint-stained cellulose cloth, a metal case with a variety of half-pan water colour paints, an A5 aquarelle paper pad with the painting of a misty forest path (see next image for details), and two dirty water cups (one for cool and one for warm colours), and a small measure cup with clean water, and a nearly empty bottle with lemonade. The painting and paint case are resting on two wooden floor tile samples as work area surface.
Surrounding it all is grass and other things such as a toy truck you might expect outside the home of a parent of a nearly 4-year old.
A sort of clearing or path in a forest. Various layers of trees fading into the background, with a radiant / glowing, misty?, clearing or portal in the centre of it all.
The trees in the front have a bit of a purple glow to their trunks and branches.
Bright and darker green grass patches are spiraling from the foreground into the background, around the centre. Various flowers are present in coloured splotches of various sizes.
The sky is a vibrant Prussian blue with white glowing patches and strokes of distant branches and clouds.
1 year ago

Just a quick #rainbow-ish #painting to try out the 3 new half-pans of #VanGogh #waterColours paints I bought today.

The lemon yellow is good, though I was already aware of that since I've gone through a half-pan of that already.
The cerulean blue phthalo is good too. Feels a bit deeper than the #Panduro I got, though maybe isn't as opaque? Which probably is a good thing actually. Might need to do a bit of comparison between the two.
The real winner here is the Permanent Red Deep though; this is a red that is far more like a red I was hoping for, rather than the Permanent Rose and Alizarin Crimson that was in my Panduro starter set.
Blends quite well with the Lemon Yellow too, though not as much with the Cerulean Blue; creates more of a brown than a purple. Not an issue though, as I do like the Dioxazine Violet I have in my base set.

Anyway, it was just a quick #doodle to test the colours, rather than a serious painting.

I think I will switch back to a different paper though; I don't quite like the quick absorption rate of this one. But I guess I can't expect much for its price range.

#FiXatoPaints #FiXatoCreative #waterColourDoodle #waterColorDoodle #waterColourPainting #colourfulArt #colourful

A rainbow on a dark blue/purple sky. Deep reds to faded orange to bright yellow to seagreen to turquoise to sap green to ultramarine to cerulean blue to purplish-brown.
1 year ago

While I at first wanted to try my hand at doing my impression of Don Rosa's cover for "Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck", imposter syndrome set in, so instead I decided to try my hand at redoing one of the first #paintings that got me back into painting, almost a year ago; my Rainbow maelstrøm painting on July 2nd of 2021.

There are certainly things I will do differently the next time I iterate on it, such as trying to better plan where the spirals meet to prevent muddying colours, but I don't want to feed my #imposterSyndrome.

So, instead I'll just say that I'm satisfied with how it turned out, and if it dries up as intended, I'll consider it an improvement over my original. :)

Materials used:

Nassau Fine Art / Art sensations "Aquarel Grain Fin Artists' Watercolour Paper", 300 GSM, 140LB, A4, 20 sheets pad.
Clas Ohlson water colour cakes

#FiXatoPaints #FiXatoCreative #RainbowMaelstrøm #RainbowWhirlpool #rainbow #colourful #colorfulArt #waterColours #waterColourPainting #waterColor #mastoArt #waterColorArt #aquarel #akvarell #ClasOhlson

A whirlpool or maelstrom of rainbow colours painted in water colours on an A4 sheet of aquarel paper, with the paint cakes used right next to it. 
Above the painting are two vessels of dirty water, a lid with 3 paint brushes (big, thick round; medium flat; thin flat) resting on it, a glass of water, and a "pappa" mug of tea, and another unused case of water colour paint cakes.
1 year ago

A Clouded Mind's Struggle for Balance

Did some more painting for a change tonight, finally trying out the A4-sized pad of aquarel paper I bought at Rusta last week. For its cheap price, it's remarkably decent actually.

#painting #aquarel #aquarelle #waterColourPainting #waterColours #Rusta #Panduro #NassauFineArt #ArtSensations #FiXatoPaints #FiXatoCreative #art #MastoArt #FediArt #abstract #clouds #akvarell

An aquarel watercolour painting on a small tabletop easel, with the Panduro "Watercolour Set Basic", a cup with dark-coloured used water in it, a tissue used to dry brushes (complete with paint stains), and a flat brush and a beaten down round brush, in front of it, all sitting on a newspaper on top of a wooden table.
The painting, "A Clouded Mind's Struggle For Balance", is an abstract work of various colours, splattered around with wooly cloud-like patterns.
Bottom left and top right have some bright yellow and orange hues, with the bottom left one surrounded by darker green tones, and the top right more dark orange and pink/red tones.
Separating both is a diagonal stroke of dark purple and blues, surrounded by violet and pink.
It's supposed to evoke a feeling of chaos and somberness, with a faint hope for a brighter balance.
2 years ago

Watching #watercolour videos on #YouTube to try to get inspiration to do some #waterColourPainting myself again.

2 years ago

The Jain's Death and Rebirth in Water Colours

After reading "The Jain's Death", a comic suggested earlier today by @RussSharek, I wanted to paint two scenes from it.
Page 26, depicting a tiger hidden among jungle foliage at night, and page 45-g, showing some kind of a geothermal energy explosion or eruption, stood out the most to me. They also both had a limited hue palette, and were quite contrasting, which suited me well as I have been wanting to try a couple of fairly #monochromatic paintings in preparation for #huevember, after seeing @dona's huevember creation.

So, I hope you will enjoy my #painting The Jain's Death and Rebirth in Water Colours.

Materials in unlisted follow-up post.

Relevant hashtags

#waterColours #waterColors #WaterColourPainting #waterColorStudy #FiXatoPaints #FiXatoCreative
#WindsorAndNewton #WindsorAndNewtonFoundation #PaintingSupplies #ArtSupplies #WaterColourPad #waterColour #waterColours #mastoArt #Panduro #SøstreneGrene #GreneArt #WaterColourSetBasic #A5 #art #tiger #fire #plasma #DailyPhoto

A water colour pad lying on a table, surrounded by decorative things.
The A5 pad contains two water colour paintings side by side, in contrasting colours.
On the left is a fiery energy eruption; a white-hot pillar of energy in the middle, with a golden, orange plasma ball in the middle, and orange-red flames shooting out towards the edges.
On the right is a cold blue and black night scene of a tiger stalking in a thick jungle. You can barely make out its head, striped upper body, and claws; its golden eyes however are piercing through through the night, locked onto you, and it's obvious this predator can clearly see you.

To the right of the art pad is a tin box with 12 half pans of water colour paints, various well-used mixing compartments, and a set of three brushes resting on top of it. Its lid is resting against a tea glass which contains golden brown tea.
Above the pad is a mirror which reflects the paintings and part of the water colour paint half pans.
To the left of the mirror is a glass of water with some mint and wild flowers resting in it.
2 years ago

Some progress shots of the #waterColourPainting I shared earlier.

The first one with just the hills and the sky probably more closely resembles @Siiw's original work, especially when it comes to the sky, though hers had a better and more prominent radial pattern to the skies, adding some more depth.
The second has the trees added, though only the first tree had foliage yet.

#WorkInProgress #painting #FiXatoPaints #FiXatoCreative

Blue hills under a yellow, blue, pink, orange sky.
Paint has not fully dried here yet.
Water colour painting of an autumn scenery; blue-purple hills with trees with autumn-coloured foliage in red, orange, yellow and a little bit of faded green, with prominent branches. Fallen leaves surround the base of the first tree, and the sky is full of light blue, pink and yellow hues.

The hills feel cold, but the first tree and the strong golden glow in the sky add a bit of warmth to the scene.

Difference with the finished painting is that this only has leaves on the first tree; the other trees are still bare. There might also be a tad less yellow in the foliage of the first one, and the brush strokes in the yellow sky are a bit harsher.
2 years ago

Golden autumn view on Trøndelag in water colours

Today's painting involves a view @Siiw painted several years ago somewhere in #Trøndelag, #Norway. Her water colour painting has been hanging on the wall her for several years, and as such is a familiar sight for me.

I started by painting a similar sky and mountain-side, but when it came to the trees I kind of wanted to put some foliage techniques I'd been watching, to use, so I decided to make it an earlier autumn setting instead, as her trees were mostly bare. Also added a bit more yellow to part of the sky (though perhaps a tad too much).

Certainly had fun drawing this water colour painting!

#FiXatoPaints #FiXatoCreative #painting #waterColours #waterColors #waterColourPainting #waterColorStudy #autumn #fall #dailyPhoto #paint #DescribedMedia #ImageDescriptions

A water colour pad lying on a black outdoors table, surrounded by lavender, great masterwort, red berries, and mint leaves.
The pad contains a painting of an autumn scenery; blue-purple hills with trees with autumn-coloured foliage in red, orange, yellow and a little bit of faded green, with prominent branches. Fallen leaves surround the base of the trees, and the sky is full of light blue, pink and yellow hues.

The hills feel cold, but the trees and the strong golden glow in the sky add a bit of warmth to the scene.

It has been signed with "FiX" and "21".