@izaya I mean I know how to do something similar with a @Raspberry_Pi or similar...

Maybe use some and maybe learning to use @nextcloud's #API's [incl. #CalDAV] to make a "smart alarm clock"...

Sadly I'm not a good #WebDev like @fuchsiii and I can't stand all the #GAFAM spy hardware, so my condo stays stupid...

2 hours ago

#Design #Development #Evolutions
2023 state of design systems and where we take them next · How far design systems have come and where they are heading

“Design systems continue to stick around and will likely stick around until there is a new buzzword for them.” — Ian Frost

#DesignSystem #UiDesign #DigitalDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #AI #WebComponents #Frontend #HTML #CSS #JavaScript

Ruby Weekly
3 hours ago

002: Rails 7.1 Preps For CPKs & Async Records Destruction [Podcast] 🎙️


#programming #rails #ruby #webdev

4 hours ago

I have to say that it is very cathartic to do a mini project like this.

No frameworks mambo-jambo, and no design or marketing specifications that often deteriorate UX

It is a nice sense of freedom

#WebDev #ux #dx

Michael van Laar
5 hours ago

Finally tinkering with frontend stuff again 🎉 – not just messing around with third-party WordPress themes, which has been the only “web dev” I’ve done in the last few years.

First task: create my own little starter package for @getkirby sites. Since my old and long abandoned “Website Template Starting Point” ( is totally outdated, I'm basically starting from scratch to get a nice, customized and mostly design-agnostic starter package that fits my personal needs.


Bryce Wray
6 hours ago
Keith J Grant
6 hours ago

vim mode on codepen works about 100x better than vim mode in VS Code 😒


Webdev Weekly
7 hours ago - the interactive way to master modern React (limited private beta begins this summer)


#javascript #programming #reactjs #webdev

8 hours ago
Roni Laukkarinen
9 hours ago

Mastodon Bird UI v1.3.4 released! :neon_skull:


* Accessibility: Fix focus for list toggle (thanks @MerriNet!)
* Accessibility: Fix focus ring on :focus-visible on column-links
* Add follow and unfollow hashtag icons (thanks for the idea @jaoler and @lari)

Source code:


#OpenSource #Mastodon #MastodonBirdUI #CSS #UI #WebDev #MastoAdmin

Screenshot of the mobile interface of Mastodon Bird UI, dark/light theme presented, home feed.

This shit I've been working on this week is just full of black fucking magic, holy fuck


#programming #webdev #cursed

Carsten Buus
11 hours ago

“Heading off confusion: When do headings fail WCAG?” @davidofyork 2020. TPGi. (Found via @WebAxe.)

#WCAG #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Accessibility

11 hours ago

More than once i had the need to have some sort of separator on the tabs row in the browser (not all browsers have tab grouping)

Looked it up and there was one extension that added a blank tab whenever you needed.

As i usually want to avoid extensions, i went ahead and made a simple and silly thing that actually works for me 😅

If you had the same need give it a go it might be helpful for you too

#OnlineTool #WebDev #Browser

Stefan Bohacek
11 hours ago

The Porkbun domain name registrar has an offer for a free .app or .dev domain for a year.

"Offer eligible for first-year standard registrations only on a .app or .dev domain. Limit one free domain per customer."

#webdev #WebDevelopment #DomainName #registrar #FreeDomain

conputer dipshit
12 hours ago

I, #react dev of like 7 years, just learned something that seems very important and very basic. the effect apparently runs after the dom is rendered, so inside the effect, the ref is always defined? or is this a race condition and should not be relied on? #webdev

js source code for a react component that renders a div with a ref and logs ref.current both inside and outside a useEffect call. source code:

function Comp() {
  const ref = useRef(null);

  console.log("a", ref.current);
  useEffect(() => {
    console.log("b", ref.current);
  }, []);

  return <div ref={ref}>Hi</div>;
13 hours ago

“PHP is the most used server-side programming language on the web. In fact, 79.2% of all websites rely on PHP to some degree” 😮 #PHP #webdev #stats

14 hours ago

Can someone recommend a #chromium browser that’s not Edge (hate the interface + the auto updater app) or Brave (crypto BS and Brendan Eich is not a human I want to support)?

I’m currently trying out Blisk which I like for it’s #webdev focus. BUT for some reason it won’t allow me to share my screen in Google Meet which is critical for my job.

I’d be willing to use Chrome assuming the Mac version doesn’t have a update process running even when Chrome is closed anymore.

Elle 💗
14 hours ago

Follow me for more #webdev tips and tricks.

Clever thinking man meme of guy pointing to his temple


Rolf van Root
14 hours ago

My blog post on creating landing pages with #ChatGPT got featured on the Superpath #ContentMarketing community.

Very happy about that!

You can check it out here:

#webdev #prototyping #productivity

Brian LeRoux 💚
15 hours ago

Returning to VanJS after many years away tonight. 🎉 #js #webdev

Webdev Weekly
15 hours ago

Introducing Nori-Store: A Lightweight State Management Library for Web Applications


#javascript #programming #webdev

>read documentation
>follow live examples to the letter
>frontend still doesn't work

sasuga, Kendo

#programming #webdev

17 hours ago

ArozOS v2 nightly build just got a new color palette for <🌑 Dark Theme > mode 🙌 #webdev #webdesktop #opensource #Golang

#PHP was a script embedded in HTML templates.

Serverside Components in #ReactJS are HTML templates embedded in script.

Your metaphor isn't clever; you could just as easily say that SSCs are basically Perl, or Express, or any other serverside HTML generator.

#webDev #JavaScript

Web Axe
18 hours ago

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Hackathon: April 24 thru May 18 #hackathon #webdev #javascript #reactJS #GAAD

Alvin Ashcraft 🐿️
19 hours ago

Dew Drop – March 29, 2023 (#3910)

Top links today:
- Understanding the .NET ecosystem: the intro of .NET Standard
- An intro to MS Graph SDK & how to create a to-do list using JavaScript
- 2 weeks left for the TechBash 2023 CFP
- How can I escape the disease-ridden hot tubs known as the TEMP & Download directories
- Telerik Blazor UI in native apps
- GitHub Actions extension for VS Code

#dotnet #ai #webdev #visualstudio #windowsdev #cloud #mobiledev #database #dewdrop

Ondrej Sevcik
19 hours ago

I never understood Design handoff.

So much time wasted on documenting every little detail when in reality it won’t get implemented 1:1.

Design handoff is a sign that your designer and devs work in silos.

#WebDev #design

New liked #link: "YAML Multiline Strings" - Find the right syntax for your YAML multiline strings.

Sal Ferrarello
20 hours ago

Adding draggable=“false” to an HTML element makes it not draggable.

This was new to me so I made some notes and examples at

#WebDev #HTML

junior dev: wow it's all state
senior dev: wow none of this needed to be state tho
#webdev #react

meWho Rob
22 hours ago

Been thinking about recreating this "DNA Codon Scanning" animation from #StarTrekPicard in a web browser since Season 3's premiere.
Initially I thought I had to use JavaScript to constantly modify the svg DOMs, which could result in a poor overall animation performance. I think I've figured a way of doing it mainly with CSS & Math! Here is a teaser/demo video. Will integrate it into my next TitanEPS update :-)
#webDev #StarTrek #LCARS #FUI

Jen :autism:
22 hours ago

We had the last official 'meet' of my dev cohort, "The 404's" today... and I was recogised in class with the "bold innovator" award! 🎉 #WomenWhoCode #LearnInPublic #WebDev

Smiling Hermione Granger
Roni Laukkarinen
22 hours ago

Mastodon Bird UI v1.3.3 released! :neon_skull:


* Hide navigation-panel scrollbars on Firefox on desktop
* Hide lists by default, show the list of lists on hover (thanks for the idea @laukanhenkka!)
* Order preferences menu before lists
* Add order to all desktop column-link items

Source code:


#OpenSource #Mastodon #MastodonBirdUI #CSS #UI #WebDev #MastoAdmin

New Mastodon Bird UI list behaviour on desktop, shows lists on hover only so they take less space vertically.
Jan :rust: :ferris:
23 hours ago

To find the right colors in your #WebDesign is a real hsl().

#Pun #Puns #WebDev #CSS #Color #Colors

Webdev Weekly
23 hours ago

monoenv: better handling of multiple applications dotenv files in monorepos


#javascript #programming #webdev

Python Weekly
23 hours ago
1 day ago

#Development #Evolutions
Push notifications are now supported cross-browser · Finally, you can deliver timely and valuable notifications to your web users · by @tomayac

#Browser #Chrome #Edge #Firefox #Safari #BrowserEngine #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #PWA #WebApp #PushNotifications

Keith J Grant
1 day ago

Okay, it seems #Safari on iOS does NOT support intersectionObserver with a negative root margin 😡 #webdev

Webdev Weekly
1 day ago

All these years, I've been writing 100 lines of CSS for a progress bar, while it is already natively available in all modern browsers



Andrew Woods
1 day ago

JS developers who focus on Single Page Apps are trying to rebrand standard web applications as “multi-page apps”. Don’t play along. Don’t use their words. Just call them web applications or web apps . SPAs are actually non-web apps if you think about it. They don’t actually leverage links, which are a key feature of the web.

#WebDev #PHP #Ruby #Python

Amber Hinds
1 day ago

We're still taking applications for our Senior Plugin Developer job. If you looked before, take another look - the job description has been updated to be clearer. You don't have to be an #a11y expert - just ready to build market-leading software.


Apply now if you're a #SoftwareEngineer, #SoftwareDeveloper, #developer, #webdeveloper, or #webdev who is interested in working on a meaningful product for a Certified B Corp in the #WordPress space. #devjobs

My #website is served on #HTTP3; you can't tell me NUTHIN'!!! #webDev #http #web

1 day ago

Why does @mozilla Firefox not have a input[type=search] specific UI? Where’s my little clear (x) ?I don’t want to go into about:config to enable it.

Is that going to be sorted at some point or have they decided against it?


Lainey Feingold
1 day ago

Very excited to join the board of the wonderful Teach Access. We need new generations of tech designers, developers, policy makers and more to understand the why, what, and how of accessibility. Teach Access plays a critical role! #a11y #webdev #HigherEd #HigherEduction #ux

conputer dipshit
1 day ago

lmao. #react 18 has killed me. I forgot about this and was going nuts looking for the cause of the mysterious double run of effects with no dependencies #javascript #webdev


Strict Mode enables the following checks in development:

    Your components will re-render an extra time to find bugs caused by impure rendering.
    Your components will re-run Effects an extra time to find bugs caused by missing Effect cleanup.
    Your components will be checked for usage of deprecated APIs.

All of these checks are development-only and do not impact the production build.
1 day ago

#Development #Techniques
Fighting inter-component HTML bloat · Ways to deal with an unwanted byproduct in design systems · by @elise

#DesignSystem #Webperformance #WebPerf #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #HTML #Markup #Accessibility #A11y

Josh Bruce
1 day ago

Automatic code syntax highlighting on the web.

What are folks using these days?

Last one I used was

Curious what else is out there.

#html #css #webdev

Florian Geierstanger
1 day ago

*Focus trapping* by inserting hidden elements at the beginning and at the end of the container. Whenever the focus reaches them, it get's moved.
<a href="#">Outside</a>
<div class="focus-trap">
<focus-trap tabindex="0"></focus-trap>
<a href="#">Inside</a>
<focus-trap tabindex="0"></focus-trap>
#a11y #webdev