Steven G. Harris
2 months ago

TIL you need to enable Safari’s Web Inspector explicitly for any WKWebView in iOS 16.4. Such fun sorting out the “No Inspectable Applications” item that shows up unexpectedly in Safari’s Develop menu.

#swift #webKit #swiftUI #webInspector

Timothy Hatcher
4 months ago

@cory We added support for #WebInspector #WebExtensions to #Safari last fall. Just need the frameworks to release their extensions now.

5 months ago

I finally got frustrated enough with this bug in the Web Inspector in Safari (and Safari Technology Preview) that I made a Feedback Assistant report about it.

Adding properties to a new/existing rule in the Elements details sidebar will often result in the property just disappearing (or being replaced with something random) as soon as you type the closing ;

Submitted as FB11886541

#WebInspector #Safari #SafariTechnologyPreview #WebKit #bug #macOS #webdev #css #Apple

A screen recording of the Details sidebar of the Elements tab in Safari Technology Preview 160's Web Inspector, showing an attempt at typing a new property in a rule three times in a row before it's correctly added