Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
1 week ago

#webstorm - run a test, 18 seconds for startup. Webstom reports the test took 65ms.

#angular Testbed is like the worst ever.

Jason Raimondi
3 weeks ago

Does anyone know how I can turn off the #intellij annotations that show up above functions in #rubymine #webstorm?

Khalid ⚡
1 month ago

Another nice feature of #JetBrainsRider (#WebStorm), is that it warns you when two #CSS classes are overriding the same exact properties.

Khalid ⚡
1 month ago

@brtkdotse #JetBrainsRider already has a Tailwind plugin with code completion. #WebStorm has had this for a while now. Feel free to use this on your other account. :)

Harry W.
1 month ago

I've swapped out #vscode for #idea #webstorm for the day. As a Java dev, it's nice to be in a UI that's a bit more familiar (and more feature complete).

But oof! On my 4k monitor it chugs along.

Bo Stahlbrandt
2 months ago

@zaherg guess you are using #phpstorm which is a great tool and covers a lot of ground. I also use #intellij a lot, often for web services, but also for other kind of java applications. I use #clion for stuff which is definitely not web, such as embedded targets. I would assume #webstorm and #pycharm can be interesting to work with, but I haven’t, as of yet.

Khalid ⚡
2 months ago

If you find yourself debugging #Node #JavaScript in #JetBrainsRider or #WebStorm, you can uncheck "Do not step into scripts" so that you can step into third-party libraries. This can be helpful if a package upgrade has gone side-ways.

JetBrains Rider Settings dialog with JavaScript debugging options.
Debugging JavaScript in JetBrains Rider while stepping into my code and library code.
Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
2 months ago

Best genre, 50001 things you can do in #Webstorm to crank out code faster, better, shinier

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
2 months ago

#Webstorm 2023.1 is out... time to see if it works!

I use :vim:
2 months ago

Recently, I have decided to use #ComicSans as my UI font for all my IDEs, while keeping my code font #Ubuntu Mono. I have great eyesight, but even so the default #webstorm #font was to lightweight and hard to read. This change has definitely helped my eye strain. :blobcatcheer: :garfield: #unironic

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

thoughts on the new #JetBrains #IDE #UI? I tried it for around ten seconds and then switched back to the current UI. 😂

It isn't bad, I just don't feel like I'm getting anything by using the new UI except some aesthetic improvements...which don't outweigh the significant learning curve to move to it.

Would love to hear from anyone, especially if you are using the new UI and love it!

#webstorm #phpstorm #idea #pycharm

Khalid ⚡
2 months ago

Learning more about #TypeScript and #JavaScript. You can change the "this" by using the `apply` keyword on a function call.

This mimics the behavior you might expect to see from a framework. This makes testing much easier on functions.

I'm using #WebStorm and @vitest btw. :)

Khalid ⚡
3 months ago

If you're using #JetBrains #WebStorm and #Prettier, be sure to go into your settings and enable prettier to run on reformat and on save. If not, @pauleveritt will find you, and he will tell you about it. #JavaScript #Web #development

JetBrains WebStorm Settings for Prettier
Khalid ⚡
3 months ago

I love the generative #art that #jetbrains is doing. Check out the latest #webstorm splash screen on the latest 2023.1 release candidate. #javascript #web #html

WebStorm 2023.1 splash screen.
Angel Munoz
3 months ago

Today is Friday and feels a good day to step out of my comfort zone and try #webstorm for one of my angular projects

Khalid ⚡
3 months ago

Hovering over an #npm dependency in #WebStorm produces a helpful little popup from the readme. Neat. #JavaScript #TypeScript

WebStorm pop up showing formated text
Pete Gonzalez
3 months ago
Khalid ⚡
4 months ago

A new #FirstFive with @pauleveritt discussing @vitest. It's a sneak peek at some of the style of work we're doing with @eleventy

#javascript #typescript #webstorm

James Wynn 🧐
4 months ago

My only complaint with the new #IntelliJ UI was how bulky it looked, but I just figured out how to scale it down. Add this to the JVM parameters and restart it:


#IDEA #jetbrains #programming #webstorm #pycharm

Khalid ⚡
4 months ago

Trying out @astro support in #JetBrains #WebStorm. This is really impressive. 🚀

Astro in JetBrains WebStorm
Khalid ⚡
4 months ago
I use :vim:
5 months ago

When using #babel to #transpile a #nodejs library, is there something you must configure for editor #IntelliSense to work when importing the library? The actual import map is working (I can use modules in my project) but class properties and methods don’t have any IntelliSense in #vscode and in #webstorm class properties are highlighted as “undefined“ (even though they work just fine).

#webdev #question #SoftwareDevlopment #development #bundler #webpack #javascript #typescript #vanillajs

6 months ago

I must say, trying out JetBrains Webstorm for the first time after years of using VSCode. Having a proper IDE and not having to wrestle with flaky extensions really goes a long way. The entire dev experience just feels like it flows a lot more.

I'm also curios how Fleet will turn out as it gets more polished over time.

#Jetbrains #Fleet #Webstorm #IDE #Code #Dev #Programming #Development #VSCode

6 months ago

I thought that #WebStorm in particular and #IntelliJ generally had finally caught up with #wsl / #wsl2 and it just worked.

Jumping between machines and pushing and pulling has disabused me of that notion.

I appreciate that they have a lot of work to do, and #vscode gets me out of trouble, but it's just not the same.

Anyone know some tricks to make it all sing, or do I just keep waiting?

6 months ago

@digichelle juggling three editors?! Whoa.
I am just a #linux (#pop!_os) guy that loves his #WebStorm . Hehe

Khalid ⚡
6 months ago

Web Types! This is a great initiative from #JetBrains #WebStorm team. If you have a web framework, you can document all the elements, attributes, and pseudo elements to enable a better IDE experience.

6 months ago

Sehr interessantes Video von #thenativeweb über IDE's. Mir geht es da ganz anders, ich bin zu #webstorm gewechselt, weil mir zu viele features in #vscode fehlen.

6 months ago

Is this thing made for tablet?
#Webstorm #codeeditor #apps #code

Neben neuen Projektvorlagen für Vite und Next.js hat die IDE Ergänzungen für Vue-Projekte sowie eine Vitest-Anbindung an Bord.
Entwicklungsumgebung WebStorm bringt Erweiterungen für Vite, Vue und Next.js
baumannzone :verified:
6 months ago

🆕 Nueva versión de #WebStorm IDE. Voy a probarlo otra vez a ver si me convence de nuevo.. llevo ya un tiempo con VS #Code y no hay forma de salir.

¿Tu también lo vas a probar? #javascript

Thinking in switching to VSCode from WebStorm, anybody here did the jump before and can give me some advise?

The move has been forced by this bug that is annoying me so much...

#angular #vscode #webstorm

David Grajal
6 months ago

Is there a way to tell prettier to sort HTML attributes on .vue files? We have one dev using #webstorm. Webstorm's formatter sorts HTML attributes and makes his PRs noisy. I could not find the way to tell prettier to take over the sorting to make sure everybody formats code the same way. #vue #prettier

Neben Neuerungen für die Frameworks baut das Release das Remote Development und die Docker-Anbindung aus. DataGrip ist ebenfalls in Version 2022.2 erschienen.
Entwicklungsumgebung WebStorm erweitert die Funktionen für Angular 14 und Vue 3
I use :vim:
11 months ago

How're you supposed to use a text editor installed via #Flatpak if it can't modify files on your system?

I installed #vscode and #webstorm through the #popos store and they only have read only access to my system. They also can't see my installed version of NPM unless I launch them from the command line with environmental variables. ie:

FLATPAK_ENABLE_SDK_EXT="*" flatpak run com.jetbrains.WebStorm

Seems like there should be an easier way to use Flatpaks... :itisamystery:

I use :vim:
1 year ago

Been using #webstorm for the past few days as opposed to #vscode and actually thinking I may switch. It’s slower to boot that’s for sure but the fact that I don’t need 20+ plugins just to have a usable experience is really nice. On and it can spell check commit messages :linus:

Only issue I have is it’s icon. It looks so ugly. :oh_no_blob: :oh_no_bubble: :oof:

Die JetBrains-IDE lässt sich mit den neuesten Java- und Kotlin-Sprachfeatures nutzen. Auch WebStorm und RubyMine haben Version 2022.1 erreicht.
Entwicklungsumgebung: IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 bringt Support für Java 18
IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 EAP präsentiert einen überarbeiteten Wizard für neue Projekte. Die EAPs für weitere IDEs wie WebStorm und GoLand sind ebenfalls gestartet.
Java: JetBrains zeigt Vorschau auf neue Features in IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1
Die Funktion zum Bearbeiten von Projekten auf entfernten Rechnern gilt auch für die 2021.3-Releases von WebStorm und RubyMine.
Entwicklungsumgebung: IntelliJ IDEA führt Remote Development ein
Die IDE bündelt und erweitert die beim Speichern durchgeführten Aktionen. Außerdem fügt sie Importanweisungen für CommonJS-Module automatisch ein.
Entwicklungsumgebung: WebStorm 2021.2 gibt sich beim Speichern aktionistisch
Die IDE sorgt in der aktuellen Version für eine bessere Lesbarkeit von JSdoc-Kommentaren und bietet Entwicklern eine HTML-Vorschau direkt in der IDE.
Entwicklungsumgebung: WebStorm 2021.1 nutzt Machine Learning für Code-Completion
Das aktuelle Release der Web-IDE arbeitet mit Tailwind CSS zusammen und bietet beim Debugging Einblick in die Felder von Variablen.
Entwicklungsumgebung: WebStorm 2020.3 bekommt Rückenwind für Stylesheets
Zu der integrierten Entwicklungsumgebung liegt ein neues Plug-in für DeepCode vor – die Code-Review-Plattform soll Schwachstellen mit AI automatisch aufspüren.
JetBrains präsentiert Version 1.1 des DeepCode-Plug-ins für IntelliJ IDEA
#DeepCode #IntelliJIDEA #PyCharm #WebStorm
6 years ago

TIL: Don't convert large video files and debug extensive Javascript web applications (in an editor running in Java) at the same time. On a laptop.

#myFirstBlackScreenThisYear #ubuntu

#ffmpeg + #firefox + #webstorm = 💀 apparently