Damien Scully
5 months ago

This is worth a watch, it had a everything I could ask for... Scenery, cows, prices I didn't understand and a Triumph Spitfire.
Fair to say a lot has changed on the roads of #Ireland since this was made.
Watch "1969: DRIVING HOLIDAY in County KERRY | Holiday 69 | Retro Transport | BBC Archive" on YouTube
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Damien Scully
6 months ago

The answer to the weekend #NameThatCar challenge for #WeirdCarMastodonwe was as a number of you correctly identified a 1970 Thunderbird landau.
I was impressed that one or folks got the model year and someone even found the uncropped photo! Well done if you got it, 4 doors are definitely not what the name Thunderbird conjures for me!
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Image of a blue 4-door Ford Thunderbird Landau.  The car has a registration plate bearing the year 1970, the image is a Ford publicity photo from the time.
The car is mid-blue with a darker blue vinyl roof. The rear doors are referred to as "suicide doors", that is, they are hinged to the C-Pillar. 
Image property of Ford Archive
Damien Scully
7 months ago

I am out and about today, so earlier than usual here is the answer to yesterdays #NameThatCar challenge for #WeirdCarMastodonwe.

As many of you deduced it was the small, practical reliable and perfectly formed Honda Jazz, also know as a Honda Fit in some markets. It is a great little car and I can see it becoming something of a classic.
Well done if you got it.
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Image shows the rear right hand corner of silver blue Honda Jazz, also known as a Honda Fit.