Raimondas Lapinskas
8 months ago
Over 17 million animals died in the Pantanal wildfires of 2020, but many lives were saved by the people who worked tirelessly to save this unique ecosystem.

Narrated by wildlife filmmaker Laura Pennafort.
Pantanal: Wildfires in a Wildlife Haven | Our Frozen Planet | BBC Earth
S. K. Riley
8 months ago

Research from Europe has shown large #solar farms can enhance the diversity and abundance of plants, grasses, #butterflies, #bees and #birds.

What’s more, vegetation between solar panel rows can also provide travel corridors, nesting sites and shelter for #wildlife. Management strategies are key to maximizing these benefits of solar farms.

#Biodiversity #WildlifeCorridors #Nesting #Frogs #Habitat #Shelter #Agriculture #LandUse #WildlifeHaven #SolarFarms

Farm management strategies can maximise the benefits of solar farms for wildlife. Image credit: Eric Nordberg

A tiny native frog sits on an outstretched human hand. In the background, a solar farm array is set in a green field, with low clouds and blue sky behind it.