38 minutes ago

Fundacja Mozilla poinformowała o wydaniu nowej wersji przeglądarki internetowej Firefox 114 #mozilla #firefox #linux #osx #windows #bsd #android

2 hours ago

Microsoft has released a special Defender update for Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows Server. This update is meant to bring improved security and performance to Windows install images. #Microsoft #Defender #Windows

3 hours ago

Neuer #Rekord bei #Ransomware. #LockBit3 listet 23 #ausgeknipst​e #AD​s in 24 Stunden. Nicht lange und ich kann behaupten, stündlich wird ein #Windows #AD ausgeknipst.

Nicola Ferrini
3 hours ago

#Microsoft #Intune consente di proteggere e gestire in maniera completa i dispositivi, le app e i dati utilizzati in azienda. In questa sessione verrà mostrato quanto sia semplice amministrare dispositivi #Windows, #Linux, #macOS, #iOS, #Android e #ChromeOS tramite Microsoft Intune e permettere di lavorare in maniera sicura ed efficace da qualsiasi dispositivo aziendale e non. #msintune

4 hours ago

I’m honestly surprised I didn’t catch on to this sooner.. 🤣 #sonoma #macOS #macOSSonoma #windows #windowsxp

Google search: where was bliss wallpaper taken. Result: Sonoma Valley
Side by side comparison of the Windows XP Bliss wallpaper and the newly announced macOS Sonoma marketing background. The XP wallpaper is a photorealistic image of a vivid green hill set against a bright blue sky. The macOS Sonoma image is a stylised computer generated image of green ‘waves’ resembling hills against blue ‘waves’ resembling the sky in a somewhat similar layout & framing to the Bliss wallpaper
stark@ubuntu:~$ █
4 hours ago


I don't know why, I just don't like #Mint. I think it is because I actually want something more flashy and different from #Windows. That's why I love #KDE and #Gnom3. It is just something fresh and different.

Why are you against #Manjaro?

6 hours ago

My partner needs a series of PDF files combined. While she was searching for some test files, I wrote a quick Shortcut on my phone and then combined and saved them when she sent them to me.

This is only necessary because Windows has no system wide scripting or automation framework. I complain about my Mac and iOS but this task was mindlessly easy. Windows is really a pile of shit.

#Windows #iOS #Shortcuts #MacOS

Cindʎ Xiao :breathe:
7 hours ago

Finally, here's what's actually inside that custom panic handler function seh_unwind::implementation::raise_exception: setting up an EXCEPTION_RECORD structure using the information provided by Rust's panic implementation up to here, then calling RtlRaiseExceptionwith that EXCEPTION_RECORDpassed in.

#rust #rustlang #windows #microsoft #reversing #reverseengineering

A screenshot of the decompilation of the function `seh_unwind::implementation::raise_exception`, with the following code contents:

int64_t seh_unwind::implementation::raise_exception::hc52a1220c03bdc19(int32_t exception_code, char* exception_message, int64_t exception_NumberParameters) __noreturn

    int32_t var_ac = exception_code;
    int32_t status_code_ = win_defs::ntstatus::NTSTATUSError::status::h71e417d20a1a2c45(&var_ac);
    struct EXCEPTION_RECORD exception_record;
    __builtin_memset(&exception_record.ExceptionInformation, 0, 0x78);
    exception_record.ExceptionCode = status_code_;
    exception_record.ExceptionFlags = 0;
    exception_record.ExceptionRecord = 0;
    exception_record.ExceptionAddress = 0;
    *(uint32_t*)((char*)exception_record.ExceptionAddress)[4] = 0;
    exception_record.NumberParameters = exception_NumberParameters;
    int64_t* exception_info_ptr;
    int64_t exception_info_len;
    exception_info_ptr = core::slice::index::impl$4::index_mut<usize>(exception_NumberParameters, &exception_record.ExceptionInformation);
    core::slice::<impl [T]>::copy_from_slice::h17325824e865690e(exception_info_ptr, exception_info_len, exception_message, exception_NumberParameters, &str_"seh_unwind\src\");
    trap(6);  // ud2 instruction (invalid opcode panic)
Cindʎ Xiao :breathe:
7 hours ago

The rust_begin_unwind function - more specifically, the rust_begin_unwind symbol - is a bit special. It is actually a symbol that the panic implementation in Rust's core library (specifically, the panic_impl function) expects to be resolved at link time, for any binary which doesn't just unconditionally abort upon panic:

For binaries which are using Rust's standard library, rust_begin_unwind normally just links against an implementation in the standard library (begin_panic_handler, in library/std/src/

However, the Windows kernel code here is not using Rust's standard library - it has to be this way, because Rust's standard library assumes that it's running in an environment where an operating system is present underneath it to give it nice abstractions, which is clearly not the case here as the code is implementing part of the Windows operating system...

Rust programs which do not use the standard library are built with the attribute #[no_std], which means that they link against Rust's core library only, rather than both the core library and std library. The core library only provides a very limited set of APIs, does not do heap allocations, and makes no assumptions that your code is running on top of an operating system.

In this case, because the implementation of rust_begin_unwind doesn't have an implementation that the Rust core library can link against, the programmer must either provide one, or change the panic strategy to abort on panic instead (i.e. set panic = "abort" in Cargo.toml).

Luckily, other code in the kernel provides some facilities for handling and recording exceptions, via RtlRaiseException, so the code here can provide an implementation which calls that (via the wrapper function seh_unwind::implementation::raise_exception, which AFAIK is not part of any public crate)

The Rust Embedonomicon book, which is about writing Rust for embedded systems and similar restricted environments, has a chapter called "The smallest #![no_std] program" which explains this in a bit more detail, including the requirement for a panic handler implementation:

#rust #rustlang #windows #microsoft #reversing #reverseengineering

Cindʎ Xiao :breathe:
8 hours ago

The Rust code in the new win32kbase_rs.sys in the Windows Kernel can also panic. What happens when it does?

There are several places where a panic is invoked in the code - they include bounds check failures (core::panicking::panic_bounds_check), indexing into a slice outside of the length of that slice (core::slice::index::slice_start_index_len_fail_rt), and assertion failures (core::panicking::assert_failed). These all eventually take a common code path through the following series of function calls:

-> rust_begin_unwind
--> seh_unwind::implementation::raise_exception::hc52a1220c03bdc19

This calls into a custom panic handler, seh_unwind::implementation::raise_exception, which calls RtlRaiseException, imported from the main ntoskrnl binary!

#rust #rustlang #windows #microsoft #reversing #reverseengineering

8 hours ago

Why does #Minecraft run better on a 2011 #iMac than it does on my #Windows PC?!

Roy Greenhilt
10 hours ago

Blah blah #Blizzard is a horrible company blah blah...

Fuck it. I'm installing #Diablo IV.

Or would, if I could get the download and the drivers updated.

Is there anyone in the world who thinks #Windows is a stable, mature platform? Their #UX and Driver chaos makes Linux look like tiddlywinks.

Dave Mackey
12 hours ago

#question of the day: Is there a simple way to forward a graphical application from a #Linux (#Debian) system to a #Windows system? I'm particularly looking to utilize an instance of #Obsidian in Windows that is installed on a Linux workstation.

#RemoteAccess #RemoteApplication

Devin Prater :blind:
16 hours ago

So I could see myself using MacOS. But my goodness, I can't tell y'all just how versatile Windows and its screen readers are. Like with just NVDA, I can access Win32 and web apps, and CLI apps, both on Windows and Linux through WSL. Using Windows Subsystem for Android and WSA's screen reader, which is a forked version of TalkBack set to speak using OneCore TTS, I can access Android apps. When TalkBack decides to work in WSL, I can access Linux apps. So like, that covers desktop, web, mobile, CLI, and Linux desktop. Oh and Emacs, can't forget Emacspeak which is another environment on its own! Oh and all this is on a single computer powered by an AMD chip. No custom Microsoft chip required, since it works on Intel chips too.

On the other hand, Mac requires VoiceOver for desktop, and web if VO decides to play nice, TDSR for the terminal, cause VO isn't quite there with Terminal access especially in programs like Vim or even ping since VO interupts itself all the time. And iPad apps work with VO, on an M1 or later Mac. No Intel support for that one. Now, I know that MacOS accessibility is, for lack of a better word, tightened to work with stuff like auto-correct and spell checking system wide, and the rotor in apps that support it is very nice. But the screen reader is gonna need a lot more love for me to find that I no longer need a PC.

#accessibility #Mac #Windows #Android #iOS #blind

16 hours ago

Not sure why #tumblr is embracing the new millennium but hello there #Windows 98.

A screenshot of the bottom left of Tumblr currently showing a sticker that says “Reminder. Turn your computer off before midnight on 12/31/99” and a taskbar in the style of Windows 98 with a start button, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Show Desktop, and Channels links.
16 hours ago

BloatyNosy - a opensource tool to customize, improve and debloat Windows 11. It also makes it more secure and private.

I used it myself and can highly recommend it.

#privacy #security #bloatynosy #opensource #foss #windows #windows11

17 hours ago

👉 Canary Channel
✈️ 10.0.25381.1200
💻 Windows vNext (Version 24H2)
#Windows #WindowsInsiders

Tech news from Canada
18 hours ago

Make Use Of: How to Use the Troubleshooters in the Get Help App of Windows 11 #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #Windows

20 hours ago

I'm guessing that if things finally get rolling, the only other major stopgap will be #Microsoft and whatever built-in tools #Windows has to (pre)view images?


Tech news from Canada
20 hours ago

Make Use Of: How to Fix the “Semaphore Timeout Period Has Expired” Error 0x80070079 in Windows 11/10 #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #WindowsErrors #Windows10 #Windows11 #Windows

Yay!!!!! It works! Forwarding works! It is amazing! I am done with this feature…

#WorkTopics #Flutter #Cicero #Ginlo #Ginlo_II #iOS #Android #macOS #Windows #Linux (hopefully)

GIF showing one of the Golden Girls Dancing
Bartosz :ywp_to:
1 day ago

#Windows nie przestaje mnie zaskakiwać. Wczoraj w trakcie pracy zniknęła mi ikona kosza i do tej pory jej nie ma – zostało tylko puste miejsce na biurku 😃

1 day ago

A Step-by-step Guide To Install Fedora Workstation Alongside Windows #Dualboot #Fedora #Windows #Windows10 #Fedora38 #Windows11 #Linux

Lucius :archlinux: :flag_be:
1 day ago

Par, sur du #windows, j'ai un ps1 qui fait :
net start w32time
w32tm /config /update / /syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes
w32tm /resync /rediscover
w32tm /query /source
w32tm /query /peers
sleep 5

ca réduit le ping chez crochiotte
et dés win11 :
netsh dns add global dot=yes
netsh dns add encryption server=ip.dns dothost=
ipconfig /flushdns
netsh dns show global
netsh dns show encryption

Et oui, je suis un terroriste sur Windaube !

František Vaculík
1 day ago

Už několik let se marně snažím vysvětlit Komerční bance #kb , že když si uživatel s #windows přepne vzhled na "Tmavý", tak jsou díky jejich stupidnímu scriptu v #html části emailu, zprávy nečitelné. Opakované pokusy dospěly k tomu, že je to prý můj problém, že nepoužívám prostředí windows "Světlé", protože v nich se emaily zobrazují pěkně a proto nic měnit nehodlají. No co myslíte, na jaké číslo jsem dnes kliknul? 😎

Imdat 1 (1P): “Hey Imdat, shall we get ‘Forward Message’ done today?”
Imdat 2 (2P): “Yeah, let’s do this. Let’s get this MF of a feature done today!”
Imdat 3 (3p??): “But what then? Are you people done then?”
2P/3P: “Who is this?”

#WorkTopics #Flutter #Cicero #Ginlo #Ginlo_II #iOS #macOS #Android #Windows #Linux (hopefully)

Jack 👾
1 day ago

@Em0nM4stodon doesn't the NSA already have a root cert in #Windows? that alone is enough.

the9thdude :verified:
1 day ago

man, using #Windows is such a drastic change from #Fedora and #Gnome I had to completely disable all of the animations and fancy GUI effects in Windows to make it feel responsive again, but whenever I hit that Super/Windows key for multi-tasking, it feels like hitting a brick wall.

Vince Aggrippino 🇺🇸🇲🇾
1 day ago

Detect WSL in a shell script:

iswsl=$(uname -r | grep -i microsoft)

This allows me to use the same `.zshrc` (or `.bashrc`) on a WSL instance on #Windows and an actual #Linux computer.

The `i` (case insensitive) argument might not be necessary, but I found some old threads that suggest it may sometimes be capitalized.

Note that Bash doesn't exactly have boolean values. So, it needs the empty string to result in a false conditional expression.

Po 20 minutach walki, w koncu udalo mi sie skonfigutowac #Passkey dla kont #Microsoft.u... niegdys #Windows, niedawno #Edge, teraz widze, ze #MicrosoftAuthenticator ida ta sama sciezka - ta firma nigdy sie nie nauczy 😆 #software #CyberBezpieczenstwo

Guilherme Dea
2 days ago

Somebody said Apple is releasing Windows Vista and I'm not going to lie, I would love to have Vista again without the hardware problems and software bugs. It was peak mid-00's glass and gradient design, a genuine piece of art. #wwdc23 #windows #apple #microsoft #vista

@maikelthedev I mean I know why #developers love to release #apps for #Apple devices:

- #documentation is excellent
- #native #UI looks good
- Apple device owners are most able and willing to pay for software and least likely to pirate it.
- The very few #devices [less than two dozen are supported at any time] make it a breeze to diagnose, troubleshoor, fix and #support stuff.
- it's easy and cheaper just start making an app for #macOS than #Windows. 📚
2 days ago

#Windows Subsystem for #Android on #Windows11 now supports file sharing, letting you use Windows folders with Android apps.

Ryan Peters
2 days ago

I'm sure something exists, but I need a #windows tool that allows me to 1) target (and index) a folder and 2) allow for text searching for content in that folder.

I can't stand the built-in Windows search tools. GREP is fine, but slow. Ideally, I want to have a tool that manages its own index and allow for keyword searches. Thanks!

#search #index #windows #utilities #grep

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 days ago

This would be great if there were more browsers that did PWA.

Looking at you, Firefox!

Amazon Luna will drop Windows and Mac apps as it 'doubles down' on web app

#Amazon #Luna #Windows #Mac #Apps #Web #GamingNews

The Amazon Luna logo surrounded by smaller Luna logos.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

@cstross @pdcawley To be fair, #Apple isn’t unique in this. #Microsoft #WindowsVista introduced a widget sidebar and #Windows 7 let you move widgets to the desktop. It was killed in #Windows8 in favor of Live Tiles on the Start menu.

@cadenza @Kameronhurley

*nodds in agreement*
"#TechIlliterates" ruin everything, espechally once every asshole could just buy in and disregard absolute basics.

This - among the absurdist overcomplexity and enshittification of things is why we see more and more frequently more and more extreme #CyberChaos in the form of #Malware, #Govware, #Hacking and other attacks...

#Ransomware wasn't a thing in the Pre-#Windows era, not because #Ransom didn't exist, but because it took actual skills!

Ciechom :fuck_verify:
2 days ago

Hey I'm Ciechom, I have #ADHD and I love #cats. I'm 30 years old from Poland. I sometimes post pictures of my 2 cats #CatDad - #AlaskaTheCat and #DrakaTheCat. I like to play #videogames on #PC in my free time. Currently I'm using #windows because of compatibility with #games but I would love to someday switch to #linux. My favourite #pasta is #carbonara, I also love #pizza and #sushi. Currently I'm playing #DiabloIV as a #necromancer. I'm on a #SelfHosted #instance of #mastodon.


I think I am done for today.

What works:
- Select a message to forward
- Select the chat to forward to
- Allow only a single group or 1:1 chat, no broadcast lists
- Ask the user whether they are sure if they really want to forward the message
- Send out the message:
- Plain Text (+ markdown)
- Location
- V-Card (contact)

- Send image, video, audio file, audio recording, any other attachment
- Show in the chat bubble that it is a forwarded message

Also done today:
- Select existing broadcast list for incoming share on iOS/Android
- Refactor some code to remove duplicates
- Cleanup some other code.

I think this is really good for the first day after being away for ten days. Especially because I also did a lot of code-/merge-request reviews today for my second client (Typescript). So, yeah, it was a good day and I am tired (and yes, I really liked how I looked this morning 😁)

#WorkTopics #Flutter #Ginlo #Cicero #Ginlo_II #iOS #Android #macOS #Windows #Trans #TransJoy #TransPride #Pride

... oh, am I curious about what #Apple's gonna announce this evening? You bet! But not on the hardware side, rather on the software side: let's see what is new in iOS, macOS, and so on.

Blake Leyh
2 days ago
Looking through an arched window an hour after sunrise the sky blue sky has a few subtle wisps of white clouds. Pointed roofs of Harlem brownstones are across the street, and a taller apartment building can be seen in the distance. The green tops of two trees are entering the frame on the bottom and right.

After some time off (#Trainabout / #EnbyOnTrain, my father’s death, processing good and bad memories), I am back baby!

Back to the Future… no, back to work!

Today I’ll try implementing the now agreed-upon “Forward Message” feature for #Ginlo / #Cicero / #Ginlo_II.

The problem with “Forward Message” is similar to the “Quote Toot” here on Fedi: you don’t want to offer a feature that could be misused to harass or fire-up people. You just want to have a feature that people can use to communicate with each other respectfully.

Yes, I know, I am only the creator of a tool and I am not responsible for how the tool is used. But, hey, if I *can* create the tool in a way that misusing it to harm someone is really difficult, then I should. At least, that’s *my* way of thinking.

#Flutter #iOS #Android #macOS #Windows #Linux (hopefully)

2 days ago

Update on this:

#Fedora is installed. Ripped #Windows out of my system and I have no regrets. Everything just works, no annoyances or hiccups so far. I should have done this years ago

Yann Büchau :python:
3 days ago

It's really a pity how the default #Terminal experience SUCKS on any system, especially #Windows and #MacOS, but #Linux as well. Really hard for onboarding newbies as well.

🙄 Of course I want the history to be shared across opened Terminal windows
🙄 Of course I want syntax highlighting
🙄 Of course the prompt should be colorful and show location, user, host, exit code, git, etc.
🙄 Of course I want $HOME/.local/bin in my $PATH

Basically what #starship and #fish do. It's not the 90s anymore.

@lime360 @alexibexi It basically aims at the same market, but I'd still think that for me as a #Windows-free #Linux user, I'll be better served with something from the likes of #BlackmagicDesign like their #AtemMiniPro which can stream shit directly at a lower price...

Blake Leyh
3 days ago
Looking through an arched window half an hour after sunrise the sky fades diagonally from lightest peach to cornflour blue. Pointed roofs of Harlem brownstones are silhouetted across the street, and a taller apartment building can be seen in the distance. Green leaves are entering the frame on the bottom and right, as spring growth reaches its peak.
3 days ago

It could probably be useful for me to learn Chocolatey, the package manager for #Windows

What are its reasons ?

Its use cases ?

Its usage patterns ?

Not like a collection of tech features a la GNU manual, that's established as a counterproductive practice


Paul Chambers
3 days ago

'30 year old code killed! Microsoft rewrites Windows kernel with 180,000 lines of Rust'

The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview release is the first to include the programming language Rust.

#rust #Windows #Microsoft

@asahi95 #Windows is a #Govware noone should use even if they ain't under #GDPR & #BDSG which makes it basically illegal!

I can't go further in #Windows 11, too much annoyances

I'll be reinstalling
#Fedora once the day is done

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
1 week ago

We all have preconceived notions about #privacy on our desktop operating systems. But how much data does #Windows, #macOS, and even #Linux really collect?

Let’s look at all the things they know about you, what they do with the data, and how you can disable most, or all of that:

1 week ago

@ryanhoulihan Apple is a corporation trying to make money. Any companies that size will have some pros and many cons. If you are in position to choose, everyone should go with the HW & SW you enjoy and are comfortable with. I use #MacOS, #IOS and #Linux for those reasons. I have very little knowledge of #Windows or #Android these days and now not much interest in either platform.

Apple’s privacy stance is better than much of the competition. I am relieved to have almost entirely de-googled my life. In some cases swapping for an Apple service or othertimes for an #opensource equivalent.

Being a fanboy of a financial services company and boosting their credit card would seem a step to far though.

Topher 🌱🐧💚
1 week ago

User hostility awards. Most user-hostile takes the prize.

Who wins?


(you know who I really *want* to vote for but unfortunately Apple still gets my nomination by a tiny hair)

#ux #ui #apple #macos #ios #iphone #google #chrome #gnome #microsoft #windows

Jae 🐧 ☕
1 week ago

I've sung my praises about #Linux and dissed #Windows and #Microsoft lots already, but... this goes without saying:

DO NOT SHIT ON PEOPLE FOR THEIR OS CHOICE. Yes, you can talk about your interests and explain why you think it's better.

If you shit on someone, though, for being "lesser" for using an OS, you need to grow up.

Let people be while being yourself. It can be done!

1 week ago

**If anyone likes I can finish it a little and export a build for #Windows

Unfortunately the map is quite resource intensive so a reasonable graphics card is required

Just let me know 👌🏻

Sol R. 🌤️
1 week ago

Ah heu bah ... ok alors, arrêtons d'arrêter 🙄

#Tech #Windows

Fenêtre d'erreur critique sous Windows : "Processus d'arrét : Le processus d'arrét a cessé d'arréter Pressez OK pour arréter"
2 weeks ago

A reality that not everyone knows...

#linux #sysadmin #unix #windows #fire

Jason Evangelho
2 weeks ago

For anyone who still hasn't found a compelling enough reason to switch to #Linux, allow me to present the future of #Windows:

2 weeks ago
Church facade with multiple ornate windows. Reflections of other buildings appear in the windows. A clear blue sky is overhead.
c't Magazin
2 weeks ago

heise+ | Spracherkennung und Transkription mit KI: Sprache in Text umwandeln mit Whisper

Die Open-Source-Spracherkennung Whisper transkribiert Sprache aus Audiodateien mit sehr guter Erkennungsquote und versteht sich sogar auf Zeichensetzung.

#KünstlicheIntelligenz #LinuxundOpenSource #macOS #Python #Spracherkennung #Windows #news

KI Stable Diffusion  Bearbeitung: c't

Question for developers releasing on Windows.

Is there an affordable way to sign installers for Windows for an open source project?

The code signing certificates I've seen all cost significantly more than the rate of donations to my project, but the friction unsigned installers cause is significant for the users.

#OpenSource #Code #Windows

2 weeks ago

Hi, first post on Mastodon. I'm a self taught software developer using #guix, #stumpwm, #emacs, and currently experimenting with #nyxt.

I'm fond of #foss, and do some drive-by contributions to various projects as I encounter issues.

By day, I'm working as a consultant mostly using #windows, #dotnet and #csharp, but I use #fsharp whenever I get the chance.

Looking forward to meeting likeminded people on Fosstodon!

Jason Pester (GameDev)
2 weeks ago

💡 A Build 2023 attendee posted this interesting US copyright link in a session's chat today...

Copyright Registration Guidance: Works Containing Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence

👆 The link above is better to use than the auto-generated link below 👇

#Microsoft #Build #Build2023 #MicrosoftBuild #Cloud #Mesh #ChatGPT #GPT #OpenAI #Edge #Bing #GitHub #Azure #AI #ML #AR #VR #MR #XR #Windows #Accessibility #Inclusion #TrainingData #Copyright #Infringement

Matteo Pagani
2 weeks ago

There’s a new version of the Fluent design system in town! Say hello to Fluent 2, which powers up most of the new Microsoft 365 and Windows experiences you’re seeing at Build #MSBuild #Microsoft365 #Windows

Babs E. Blue
2 weeks ago


"Happiness is the biggest windown a house can ever have."
-Mehmet Murat Ildan

Photography by me
Cascais, Portugal

#photography #wednesday #windows #house #happiness #tiles #portugal

c't Magazin
2 weeks ago

heise+ | Windows ausschalten: Tipps, Tricks und Troubleshooting

Windows beenden können alle. Doch wie Sie das machen, hat erstaunlich viele Auswirkungen. Mit unseren Tipps sparen Sie Zeit, Mausklicks und Nerven.

#BIOS #PC #Windows #news

, KI Midjourney  Bearbeitung: c‘t
c't Magazin
2 weeks ago

heise+ | Windows herunterfahren: Was genau passiert, wenn Sie Windows ausschalten

Wissen Sie, dass für Windows Herunterfahren und "Herunterfahren" zweierlei ist? Es gibt viele unterschiedliche Optionen zum Ausschalten. Wir dröseln das mal auf

#BIOS #PC #Windows #news

, KI Midjourney  Bearbeitung: c‘t
2 weeks ago

There's not much I wish #MacOS could learn from #Windows, but one thing is definitely the ability to quickly identify and press keyboard keys to take actions on simple modals.

Jason Pester (GameDev)
2 weeks ago
Microsoft Build 2023 "Build apps with state-of-the-art computer vision" session page screenshot.

It might be of interest to some in #GameDev... depending on how the tech can be applied
IT News
2 weeks ago

28 Years Later, Windows Finally Supports RAR Files - An anonymous reader shares a report: Then, at some point, someone at Microsoft mus... - #windows

Brian McGonagill
2 weeks ago

Backing up your Docker Configurations and Volume Data. #OpenSource, #SelfHosted, and running on #Linux, #Windows, or #MacOS.

Jason Pester (GameDev)
2 weeks ago

Regarding my Microsoft Build 2023 posts, I just drank the Cool-Aid® 🥤 😗

The Digital Access Pass is Free


#Microsoft #Build #Build2023 #MicrosoftBuild #Cloud #Mesh #ChatGPT #GPT #OpenAI #Edge #Bing #GitHub #Azure #AI #ML #AR #VR #MR #XR #Windows

Microsoft Build 2023 Digital Access Pass is Free - it is one of the registration options you can select
One of two Microsoft Build 2023 confirmation images
Jason Pester (GameDev)
2 weeks ago

💡 As @Ryan pointed out, "The Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge" will take place at this year's Microsoft Build conference

If you complete one of the skill area challenges during Build 2023, you can obtain a free #MicrosoftCertification Exam (not a certificate, but an exam to get a certificate if you test well)*


*A.k.a. - potential résumé bling ✌ 😁

#Microsoft #Build #Build2023 #MicrosoftBuild #Azure #Cloud #Mesh #GPT #ChatGPT #Windows #Edge #Bing #GitHub

Jason Pester (GameDev)
2 weeks ago

🚩 Microsoft Build 2023 starts tomorrow, Tue, May 23*


Like Google I/O, the keynotes can often be found on YouTube, so it isn't necessary to register unless you want to participate in the daily tech sessions

*The conference mainly focuses on #Azure, and #AI is set to be a key topic this year. #AR / #VR is dead in the water at MS, and #Windows is a secondary thought

#Microsoft #Build #Build2023 #MicrosoftBuild #Cloud #Mesh #ChatGPT #GPT #OpenAI #Edge #Bing #GitHub

Justine Smithies
2 weeks ago

@chrisshaw You can bypass this in #Windows11 by registering the following user and type any password. Trust me I do it all the time setting up #Windows laptops onboard fishing vessels for work.

Chris Shaw
2 weeks ago

wait, what? I have to create a microsoft account to use the new dell I just bought for my mum?

What kind of fuckery is this? Yes I googled the work arounds but they don't seem to work.

I haven't used windows for years. I literally had no idea it had come to this.

#windows #linux