Frederik Elwert
4 months ago

Need advice: What tool would you use to transfer files (and ideally application settings) to a new computer on Windows? (Under Linux, I'd simply rsync /home, but I don't know if Windows offers something similar or if WSL is the best bet.) #FileSync #FileTransfer #WindowsUsers #MastoHelp

Zachary Wild
4 months ago

Are there any #Android users put there who also use Windows and the My Phone (Microsoft) app? Curious how useful you find it.

I use Edge on my laptop and have been thinking of linking my phone to my laptop using My Phone. Have no idea why I'm do leery of trying it out.

#microsoft #myphone #WindowsUsers

@gamingonlinux saw this graphic awhile back! #linuxjoke about #WindowsUsers

Shaunak Basu
6 months ago

If you can't read the manual/ instructions to install your IDE or required packages, may be DevOps/ Software development isn't your thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 year ago

Haha. Of course Microsoft will put ads in #WindowsExplorerโ€ฆ

Thanks for sharing yet another way #WindowsUsers are being #commodified.

Here's a non-cloudFlare link to the story:

#deleteCAGEFAM #closeWindowsOpenDistros

Dark theming was cool, and a thing, before Win 10 came out and "revolutionised" the world with profound user customisation capabilities. #Sarcasm #WindowsUsers #FreedomNoFreedom