Killer art by Brogio for a dream video game adaptation movie- Wolfenstein! And scored by Trent Reznor? Wow. Somebody REALLY needs to make this. Get PSYCHED! 🔥

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A mockup for a hypothetical movie poster based on Wolfenstein. Art by Brogie.
2 weeks ago

:blobwizard: Achtung! How Wolfenstein 3D Shocked the World, 30 Years Later

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Mr Creosote
2 weeks ago

Already in the days of the home computers, smaller software houses were that extra something. The resourceful name #Pandora obviously promises a big surprise when opening their products. This became a reality after playing #IntoTheEaglesNest. In a way, the much more famous #Wolfenstein3D is only its logical sequel.


Armed soldier approaching a dark fortress

Happy Wolfenstein 3D Day!

31 years ago today, on May 5th 1992, the legendary Wolfenstein 3D was released for DOS. I remember my friend had it on his PC (probably the next year, 1993, when I was 13), and my family had a Mac Performa that I eventually put it on too!

Not surprisingly, lots of people still play Wolf 3D today and are dedicated to making amazing custom maps and levels for it. There's just very few things as satisfying as killing digital Nazis. I still play the DOS version sometimes myself, and I recently put the 360 version on my Series X (one of the only good console versions- the SNES one is terrible!)

And sure, you could buy the original for just a dollar or two on Steam, but you can download it for FREE (or play it for free in your browser via DOSBox) at one of my all-time favorite sites on the web, DOS Gaming dot com, here:

It's even been archived here at archive dot org!

Hope you celebrated Wolfenstein 3D Day in style today.

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The title screen for Wolfenstein 3D for DOS, released May 5th, 1992. It shows the Wolf 3D logo on top and BJ Blazkowicz hiding in a hallway with a gun, waiting for a Nazi to approach.
Tim 🎮
1 month ago
An old floppy disk with a printed sticker that reads "Wolfenstein 3-D (Game Software)". It was bundled with a QuickShot branded gamepad and is copyright 1992 Apogee Software.
Tom Servo
1 month ago

@Gwendolyn That reminds me I should play #SpearofDestiny as I did a full playthrough of #Wolfenstein3d already maybe one of these days

Boris Bezdar
2 months ago

Shareware versions of both Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were pre-installed on my first PC machine back in 1995. When friends came over, we played Doom «Nightmare hotseat»—we sucked, rarely beating E1M1, but it was pure fun. Personally, though, when remaining one-on-one with my best pal Volkov Commander (also pre-installed by patriotic Russian hardware sellers), I better preferred to navigate to the C:\GAMES\WOLF3D\ directory.

Retrospectively, there are three reasons why I preferred Wolfenstein 3D over Doom.

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Arnaud Mangasaryan
2 months ago

🔴Le stream du dimanche va bientôt démarrer. Aujourd'hui, je vais découvrir Hard West 2, le mode ECWolf (Wolfenstein 3D) et on continuera la découverte de No Man's Sky (Fractal)

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2 months ago

I love how most of the lines are completely random, like why would the Schutzstaffel shout Schutzstaffel before Schutzstaffelling? (h f) #Wolfenstein3D

Tom Servo
2 months ago

@craiggrannell #Wolfenstein3d one of the greats I did a playthrough of it for my #Twitch channel however all 9 parts of it starting with the first one are here :
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F# Online
3 months ago

Check out James Randall's Wolfenstein 3D port written in F#! He's brought a new level of elegance to this classic first-person shooter. #fsharp #Wolfenstein3D

Didier Malenfant :amiga:
3 months ago

My @fabinou collection is now complete! Can’t wait to dig into those next vacation… 🤗

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Two books from Fabien Sanglard. One about the Doom engine and one about the Wolfenstein 3D engine.
4 months ago

"You don't want to miss this! #Wolfenstein3d in CGA on an 8088!"

Warum? Weil man’s kann. Wolfenstein 3D endlich auch für CGA-Grafik! Nur echt mit den 4 Farben!

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4 months ago

James Howard game developer and tech enthusiast tweets:

A fun side project I worked on over the Christmas break - adapting the Wolfenstein 3D renderer to work in CGA! Here it is running in all of its 4 colour glory.

Shout out to Fabien Sanglard for his excellent 'Game Engine Black Book' that details the inner workings of the Wolfenstein 3D code. It proved extremely useful when modifying the renderer!

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Video of Wolfenstein 3D, a DOS first person shooter game, playing in CGA.
5 months ago

What did I read to end up here?
I..., I had, ... I had no idea...

Smurfenstein 3-D.


Title screen. Smurfenstein 3-D. Like Wolfenstein, but a smurf instead of a nazi.
Ego shooter POV of the game. Smurfs, mushrooms.
More smurfs, this time they fire back.
Walls, a smurph, and some werewolf like creature.
5 months ago

Watching a friend playing Super 3d Noah's Ark, and suddenly: hide the pain Noah

#RetroGaming #wolfenstein3d

A screenshot from the game Super 3d Noah's Ark. Two painting of Noah next to a wooden door. They are identical. On both Noah is smiling but his eyes aren't, and it looks like he's in great pain, or in the middle of passing a large cactus.
5 months ago

Han actualizado los Game Engines Black #Book de #Doom y #wolfenstein3D

Y son gratis

Quién tuviera tiempo para dedicar el mayor esfuerzo mental de desarrollo en estas cositas, eh?

Preston Maness ☭
6 months ago

@welshpixie Kinda reminds me of Wolfenstein 3D's typography a little bit.


6 months ago

Learn to code a #Raycasting engine similar to the one from #Wolfenstein3D with our course.

18 hours of nerd retro #gamedev fun!

Course page:


Wolfenstein 3D
6 months ago

This course covers how to create a complete #Raycasting engine from scratch.

We'll use a raycasting algorithm similar to the one used in the #Wolfenstein3D source code.

Enroll now:

The first implementation will be written using #JavaScript and then we'll move on to #C.

The course covers player movement, 2D map grid view, 3D wall projection, textured walls, sprites, and other optimization techniques.

See you inside! 🧉😉

Raycasting Wolfenstein 3D
6 months ago

I suspect #IndianaJones went with #DialofDestiny because #SpearofDestiny is somehow still under copyright/trademark/etc.

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Centipede (arcade, with trackball!)
Wolfenstein 3D
Diablo I
Diablo II
Gun Nac
Black Widow (arcade!)
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6 months ago

Today, for the first time ever, I have beat episode 1 of #Wolfenstein3D by completing all levels, not dying and not using cheats

#EscapefromCastleWolfenstein #Wolfenstein #BJBlazkowicz

Now on to episode 2 at some point

*I really wish there was an #Android port like #Doom 🤓

Johnny Cache
6 months ago

Five #videogames to introduce yourself? This will be fun!

1. #Deathloop (probably my all-time favorite)
2. #EscapeAcademy (I'm a huge fan of #EscapeRooms)
3. #Civ3 / #Civ4 / #Civ5 (I have probably poured more hours into the #Civilization series than any other aside from...)
4. #NHL22 and the previous #EASports #hockey games (so many seasons in franchise mode!)
5. #Wolfenstein3D specifically for the #AtariJaguar. This was the smoothest and best-looking version of this game.

1 year ago

5 may 1992 was start sales of "Wolfenstein 3D" game.

30 лет игре, юбилей. Внешний вид этой гамы определил дизайн всех трёхмерных бегалок на десятилетия вперёд. Все последующие 3Д выглядели как-то так же. Оружие внизу, лента характеристик и цифр, и даже лицо персонажа разной степени побитости.

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I remember when I was a kid and the first time I could play Wolfenstein 3D! What a simple game! You don't even have to aim. Of course it's simple when you play on the easiest difficulty, and your avatar is always smiling at you, hahah!

Here is what it looks like when you know actually what you are doing:

Civvie is not just funny, but knows his stuff.

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IT News
1 year ago

Wolfenstein 3D secrets revealed by John Romero in lengthy post-mortem chat - Enlarge / John Romero speaks at GDC 2022. (credit: Sam Machkovech)

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