Aimee Cozza Illustration
4 hours ago

Happy Pride y'all. This one allowed me to use the sparkly watercolor and my gold ink.

#Art #Pride #WomensArt

A thin but otherwise muscular dancer physique man wearing a bisexual flag colored veil, held on by a gold crown.
Miranda Burgess
16 hours ago

Hung the 1815 Sarah Bradford sampler alongside the late C19 oil (signed “Salvar,” with marks of the removal of an academy card) that has called to me from the forest depths since I found it in a Victoria BC junk shop when I was 24. I’m still working on the details, but Sarah Bradford’s relative, probably a niece, arrived in BC c 1900 with husband and daughter. Sarah (born Eastbourne, Sussex) must have seen the Brighton Pavilion; I see its influence on this church image. #Romanticism #womensart

two dark oak frames, both square, both about 15”, hang on an ivory plaster wall. On the left, hung higher, is a heavy dark frame with a brass interior border enclosing an impressionist oil painting in dark greens. It depicts a forest pool—ingeniously suggested by a fold in the canvas and its gesso surface—surrounded by leafy trees, fallen and standing. Diaphanous irises grow from the pool. The light source is to the left and closer to the top of the painting, allowing light to slant across the pool. On the right, hung lower, a frame lighter in form and colour, enclosing a crossstitched sampler on unbleached linen in faded teal, terra cotta, ivory and green, signed Sarah Bradford 1815 Age 10 years, depicting a large vaguely orientalist church at centre, two Georgian manor houses in the foreground, the whole surmounted by angels and butterflies. To the right of the landscape is a built-in stereo speaker of similar length, grey. Below the landscape is a white doorbell box, a beige light switch panel, and a small touch screen burglar alarm control.

Artists often think that people want to see them fail, but the opposite is true:

Souvent les artistes supposent que les gens qui les entourent veulent les voir échouer, mais c'est tout le contraire:

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close up portrait of a white man wearing a suit and leaning in toward the viewer with a smile
JZ Murdock
1 week ago

I spent literally 2 mins in Limerick on the road between Galway down to Cork via bus. I thought I'd have time in Limerick, by train, but that didn't work out (no train). I was crushed.

#WOMENSART u/womensart1
Limerick (early 20thc) by Scottish artist Grace Henry (1868-1953) who was based in Ireland for a period #WomensArt

"Rumbles on the Hill (Study)"
pastel on Canson Touch paper - 10x7 in

Quick study to keep the clouds loose. The skies have been wild lately, and I can't get enough.
#MastoArt #fediart #womensart #pastelartist #clouds

vertical landscape painting of approaching thunderstorm. Wild clouds and creepy lights on the foreground hills.
2 weeks ago

@RIDDLES 'The Gossip Column' by contemporary artist Sarah Morgan #WomensArt

@womensart1 (Twitter)

Korean-born artist Soo Sunny Park, known for her large-scale glass and light installations #WomensArt

^@womensart1: 'Shadows' by contemporary Ukrainian painter Olga Kvasha #WomensArt

Painting of a tree with its shadows on a building

Stormy Sky (study)
Pastel on UART paper, 9x12 in

Reused an old painting to do a quick study. The paper needs to be horizontally longer. 9x12 isn't a good ratio for a landscape format IMHO.

Also I suck at painting clouds but I keep going back to it...

#MastoArt #womensart

Horizontal landscape painting; pastel study of stormy clouds rising from a mountain range.

pastel on UART paper - 12x9 in

Based on a small plein air sketch I did last week in Minden, NV. Green is a difficult color, but then so is yellow. Also, dandelions are pretty if they are not in your yard, no?
#MastoArt #fediart #womensart #pastelartist

vertically long landscape painting of a green meadow with yellow dandelions and white seedpuffs leading up to the far trees. Mountains in the background, and faint snow.

#WOMENSART (@womensart1): "'Self-Organization' by Courtney Brown, bronze octopus and Underwood typewriter #WomensArt" | nitter
@womensart1 n'a pas de compte sur Mastodon. Quelle tristesse !

This is an old piece from 2020, titled “Forgotten.” I had it pinned on the wall in my studio because I didn’t want to file it away. Put it back on easel, lightened it and added highlights, and now it’s framed. Will take it to next month’s show.
#MastoArt #pastelartist #fediart #womensart

Vertically long pastel painting of dark red/orange wildflowers leading up to a tree-lined old fence. Dominantly dark red and green.

Pale yellow letters
humbly straggling across
the once brilliant red
of a broken shop-face
and a blur of children
at their games, passing…

—“To Joan Eardley” by Edwin Morgan
The artist Joan Eardley (1921–1963) was born #OTD, 18 May. Edwin Morgan owned her painting “Sweet Shop, Rotten Row, 1960–1961”, and donated it on his death to the Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow.
#Scottish #literature #poetry #EdwinMorgan #Glasgow #art #womensart

"To Joan Eardley"
by Edwin Morgan

Pale yellow letters
humbly straggling across
the once brilliant red
of a broken shop-face
and a blur of children
at their games, passing,
gazing as they pass
at the blur of sweets
in the dingy, cosy
Rottenrow window –
an Eardley on my wall.
Such rags and streaks
that master us! –
that fix what the pick
and bulldozer have crumbled
to a dingier dust,
the living blur
fiercely guarding
energy that has vanished,
cries filling still
the unechoing close!
I wandered by the rubble
and the houses left standing
kept a chill, dying life
in their islands of stone.
No window opened
as the coal cart rolled
and the coalman’s call
fell coldly to the ground.
But the shrill children
jump on my wall.
A painting by Joan Eardley. Oil paint is applied thickly, in blotches of colour. A mustard-yellow sign bearing the letters CONFECTIO sits above a blurred shop front, showing a green window on the left and a red door on the right. Three almost abstract figures of children – two girls and a boy, probably – are dashing past the shop from left to right in a swirl of pinks, browns, and blues. The leftmost child has long black hair streaming out behind her head, adding to the sense of swift movement.
3 weeks ago

@RIDDLES US photographer Alice Austen (1866-1952), much of her photography of lesbian lives in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was suppressed #WomensArt

[EN] A post about blaming yourself for being too nice when too many cis men sexualize kindness:

[FR] Un article sur le fait de se reprocher d'être trop gentil parce que trop d'hommes cis sexualisent la gentillesse:

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self-portrait, the artist seen in three-quarter view, brow furrowed, white person with short-ish hair painted in greens and pinks on smaller pieces of canvas that have been sewn together (the seems are visible)
Susan from NeuStudio
3 weeks ago

Amazing paintings of deep-sea creatures made from their descriptions
#ocean #art #womensart

[EN] Do you need self-confidence to be a professional artist? Not having it hasn't stopped me:

[FR] Faut-il avoir confiance en soi pour être artiste professionnel? Ne pas en avoir ne m'a pas arrêté:

#MastoArt #FediArt #illustration #artist #artiste #CreativeToots #traditionalart #painting #peinture #WomensArt #lgbtq #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #butterfly

monarch butterfly with its wings spread out, seen from above, painted on a field of abstract shapes
1 month ago

@RIDDLES Portrait of Serena Williams (2015) by photographer Annie Leibovitz #WomensArt

1 month ago

@RIDDLES 'Bee Bowl' 1997 by Alexandra Raphael, artist who specialises in enamel bowls and jewllery #WomensArt

Lia Ferreira
1 month ago

À venda por DM, no site (, no Instagram (liaferreira) ou Facebook (Lia Ferreira)
Abraço e muito obrigada pelo vosso interesse 🥰
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[EN] In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, this is the making of an image of cat marching band in which only the leader is into making music:

[FR] En l'honneur du mois de la sensibilisation à la santé mentale, voici la réalisation d'une image d'une fanfare composée de chats, mais seul le chef fait son boulot:

#MastoArt #FediArt #illustration #CreativeToots #painting #peinture #WomensArt #lgbtq #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #mentalhealth

Art about a brain not working. It's a marching band made up of cats, but only the leader is into it.

#workers are (as we know) individuals... here's Operários (factory workers),1933 by Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral, making that point in a joint portrait (which echoes the collective #portrait tradition of C17th).

h/t #WomensArt at the other place

Painting: the top left hand third (triangular across the top corner) shows chimneys & buildings of an anonymous factory; the rest of the picture is a series of 50 portraits of workers from factory of mixed ethnicity (male & female)
Sarah Jackson
1 month ago

Managed to catch the exhibition of abstract expressionism by women at the Whitechapel Gallery the day before it closes 🎉 Such a treat to see the works in person! So much depth and texture, photos don't do them justice.

Four favourites, clockwise from top left: Distillation by Gillian Ayres (1957), The Illusion of Solidity by Janet Sobel (c1948), Untitled by Wook-kyung Choi (1960s), Mass Writing by Judit Reigl (1961)

#AbstractExpressionism #Art #WomensArt #AbstractArt

Mostly blue abstract painting with broad brushstrokes
Abstract painting composed of numerous multicolored squiggles
Abstract painting showing slices of muted colour slashed into black paint in arcs
Abstract painting in bright red, green, and yellow with green and white stripes in one corner

#WOMENSART (@womensart1): "Lucy Culliton, contemporary Australian artist, known for her paintings of landscapes and still lifes #WomensArt" | nitter

Des coquelicots sur une table, dans 7. bouteilles en verre de tailles et de formes différentes. Deux des bouteilles contiennent un petit bouquet de 3 ou 4 fleurs. Le fond de l'image est beige, la table un peu plus jaune que le mur.
1 month ago

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, A Room of Memory, 2009, installation of 1000 windows frames collected from demolition sites after the 1989 fall of the Berlin wall #WomensArt #ArtByWomen

Window frames
1 month ago

Added highlights and framed it.
#womensart #FlowerReport

Framed pastel painting of a flowering garden and a path. Frame is simple black with white mat.

[EN] Queerying Nature is a new doc which intertwines the words of biologists along with those of artists like me to explode the idea of a sexual or gender norm:

[FR] Queerying Nature est un nouveau documentaire qui mêle les mots de biologistes à ceux d'artistes comme moi pour faire exploser l'idée d'une norme sexuelle ou de genre:

#mastoart #fediart #illustration #womensart #sciart #biology #lgbtq #ayearforart #artmatters

Left: poster for the documentary Queerying Nature showing two overlapping silhouettes, one of a ram in pink and one of a human in dark blue. Right: still from the film showing two white people sitting at a table outside of a café, with a rainbow flag flying out front.

While its not new to make the case that #female #artists are often ignored or subject to a different tenor of criticism than their male counterparts... its definitely an argument that is worth repeating, if only because so little really seems to have changed!

The #artworld remains a bastion of male privilege, whatever its marginal claims to 'wokedom'

#arthistory #Feminism #WomensArt

1 month ago

⚠️ Nude version [CW no exposed genitals, boobs visible, suggestive/flirt]

First time drawing a nude/suggestive art. I've been wanting to do it for years, specially with Zara. Finally done. Now that I took the first step, maybe I can do more in the future.
Would you be interested ?

#NudeArt #OriginalCharacter #WomensArt #Nudity

digital fullbody colored sketch of my OC Zara. She's sitting, leaning back on her left hand, legs crossed and right arm lifted with a v sign close to her head. She has tanned skin and straight medium length hair tied in a pony tail. Her nails are painted the same blue as her hair. Her pubic hair is blue as well. Her eyes are light blue and there's a tiny white heart in each pupil. She has multiple scars on her skin, most really light, and two more proeminant on her right knee and belly. the background is plain grey and there a speech bubble saying "hey ♥" in dark blue.
1 month ago

A pretty interesting piece for a commission client. Doing the foreshortening together with the hard-black values was neat. o/

#alroeart #artistsonmastodon #art #womensart #CommissionsOpen #commission #OriginalCharacter

A woman holding a sword towards the camera lens. She is wearing some metal-plated armor with a tunic.

"Poppy Season"
pastel on UART paper - 12x17 in

I was asked to paint "something Italian." I've never been to Italy, so I'd have loved it if they'd take me to Italy for this!
This is from my Sonoma photos... hoping that it's "Italy-ish" enough!
#MastoArt #fediart #womensart #pastelartist

pastel landscape painting of grassy hills with a house, surrounded by cypress trees. Red poppies are blooming all over the hills.
Yishay Garbasz
1 month ago

Concerning Berlin: Art Education in the NS - Continuities, Contexts, Gaps
i am speaking on the 27th (this Thursday) as part of this event series that deals with art education in and after the Nazi regime #NeverAgain
#WomensArt #mastoart

Calling it done...
"Forget Everything"
pastel on UART Dark paper - 18x12 in

Last summer we had a short camping trip in Donner Lake. I love floating on the lake on a kayak.

#pastelartist #MastoArt #fediart #womensart #clouds

Vertically long pastel landscape painting, from a POV of a person on a kayak on the lake, looking at the water, far mountains and the clouds in very blue skies.

Well, it's a #caturday !
This is a pastel painting I did a few years ago. I still like it.

#mastoart #womensart #pastelartist

Pastel painting of a cat, titled "Mischievous." Big determined eyes, thinking about some catting around to do.

Finished it!
"7 PM"
pastel on Pastelmat - 12x9.5 in

Along the trail I see from our windows, 7 PM on April 11th. The clouds are amazing, every time. 

#MastoArt #fediart #pastelartist #womensart #WhatsonEasel

Vertically long pastel painting of a sky and clouds. Clouds are lit with warm hues of sunset. In front of them, there are four cypress trees, also lit in warm colors.

[EN] In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, here's a little snapshot of what it's like to be Eeyore:

[FR] En l'honneur du mois de la sensibilisation aux agressions sexuelles, voici un petit aperçu de ce que c'est que d'être Bourriquet:

#MastoArt #FediArt #illustration #CreativeToots #drawing #cartoon #WomensArt #lgbtq #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #SAAM2023 #SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth #SmashThePatriarchy

Progress Pride flag Eeyore holding a hammer, and, instead of saying "it never hurts to keep looking for sunshine," he says "it never hurts to keep smashing the patriarchy."

"Silent Sunday"
pastel on homemade surface - 8x8 in

Second image is underpainting with clear gesso tinted with water mixable oil and alcohol.
#MastoArt #fediart #SilentSunday #womensart

A square pastel painting of plant seed pods in a small sunny spot. Painting is predominantly dark blue/purple.  Plants are mossy green, orange and yellow.
Underpainting with blue-tinted gesso, and the first several strokes of dark violet pastel.

Sometimes boys feed babies.

Among mammals, the female tends to be more involved in childcare since the young gestate inside the her body where the male cannot access them. That said, not all male mammals fail to parent actively. Male Dayak fruit bats can produce milk to feed their young from their nipples.

More in my book, Crime Against Nature:

#mastoart #fediart #acrylicpainting #painting #traditionalart #womensart #sciart #biology #lgbtq #ayearforart #artmatters

Dayak fruit bat dad with a baby under his wing, nursing

"West Marin Trail"
Water mixable oil and pastel on mixed media bamboo paper - 9x9 in

Found a photo of the North Beach trail in West Marin, and I felt so terribly nostalgic. I had to paint it. I miss Marin, especially the weather and the greens in the winter...
#MastoArt #fediart #womensart #landscapepainting

Very textured mixed media painting of a trail thats leading away into the woods. The path and the bushes by the path are lit with warm sunlight.

"Live and Rust"
pastel on homemade surface - 6x8 in

Trying my hands (and mind) on abstract. Not easy.
#MastoArt #fediart #womensart

Very textured surface with lots of colors; dark blues/purples, then vivid rose, orange, yellow and light gold, making unrecognizable pattern.
3 months ago

My #Amazon account has been deleted. Here are some of my books " 8 covers:
"Vida de Amor e Cólera " 💗🌷🌷🌷
I hope I see you on the other side.
#literature #umbanda #womensart #poetry #Brazil #pombagira

First Light
Pastel on Gessobord, 10 x 8 in

First time trying Ampersand Gessobord. First off, it doesn't have enough texture for pastel (and they don't claim to do). So I mixed water mixable oil and gesso for the underpainting. The texture, the "feel" is very different from paper. Definitely an interesting experiment!
#MastoArt #fediart #womensart #iwd2023

Very blue skyscape painting, done in pastel. Dark blue clouds starting to reflect the lights and colors from the sliver of sunrise at the bottom, beyond a line of distant trees.
Gretchen Anderson
3 months ago

The Alhambra, Grenada, Spain. Visited there 30 years ago. Would love to return. #virtualvacation #watercolor #iwd #womensart #art #mastoart

Watercolor of a Spanish landscape at sunset
Peggy Collins
3 months ago

Today is International Women's Day. Celebrate the women in your life and treat them like the queens they are! "A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else." (author unknown)

Artwork is available here -

#internationalwomensday #women #woman #blackwomen #womensday #womensart #art #artist #TheArtDistrict #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #BuyIntoArt #mastodonart #fedigiftshop #mastoart #fediart #peggycollins #peggycollinsgallery

Artwork of a beautiful Black woman dressed in chic clothing with an abstract colorful background of circles and other shapes, by artist Peggy Collins.

Pastel on Hahnemühle mixed media paper, 9.5 x 12.5 in

Used acrylic ink/gesso for the underpainting. Acrylic ink isn't dark enough and doesn't create a good base, especially on white papers. Need to explore better options.
#MastoArt #womensart

pastel landscape painting of a northern California coast. A tree standing on a grassy cliff with the hinted ocean afar. Blues/purples are the dominant colors, some yellows to suggest the last ray of the day.

How do you categorize this painting? Abstract, floral or?

"Thunder and Dust"
pastel on UART paper - 12x9 in

#MastoArt #fediart #womensart

vertically long pastel painting. Abstracted bluish flowers, maybe thistles or alliums, are in a close-up view. Background is fuzzy dusty pink and dark blue/purple.
3 months ago

Gabriele Münter #Frühstück mit Vögeln #WomensArt

Kristin Henry
3 months ago

Sometimes, the bug is in the data and not the code. And sometimes, these bugs result in some fun visuals. Well, at least I amuse myself with these. Ha!

This one is from my still-in-developement #StickersAndStamps project

#DataArt #DataViz #maps #USPS #penpal #indiegame #indie #CreativeCoding #WomensArt

Map with teal and orange lines streaked across the image. This is the result of a bug in my data and code, but I thought it looked cool. So I took a screenshot of it.