@DazzlingDamo: Have you ever heard about Friend Wood's #Tryane II, a three-wheeled #Dyane (i.e. more or less a #2CV) with an aerodynamic boat-shaped body made out of wood? The frontscreen is the rear window of a #Citroën DS.

There's even the story that Tryane II was so efficient and fast that he had an accident due to too much speed. He then replaced the engine with an older, less powerful one.

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Damien Scully
6 months ago

There was some excitement around #WeirdCarMastodon last week about a #2CV with a wooden body.
Here from my weekend out is a car, that is no longer a 2CV, but is largely made of #wood! Its 2CV origins can be seen in the lights and fenders. All the mechanical parts are from a 602 CV that succumbed to chassis rot. Everything else was made by the owner! It is an incredible piece of work!
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A 3-wheeled open topped car. The bodywork is made from wood finished with a high gloss yacht varnish. It has black fender with lights which taken from a Citroën 2CV.