Diana Thompson :wordpress:
3 hours ago

Pushed the latest updates to my accessible WordPress full site editing starter theme, Attain. Feeling brave enough to say I'm open to input. #WordPress #WordPressThemes #Accessibility #a11y

Eric Mann
5 hours ago

During lunch this morning I wondered, would there be any interest from the #WordPress community in a gRPC interface? Like ... in replacing XMLRPC with #gRPC?

There are things you shouldn't do over REST (i.e. the existing JSON API) that are better suited for an RPC system. Would anyone actually leverage such an interface if exposed?

David Bisset
7 hours ago

Let’s do this.

#WordPress #VisionPro #WWDC23

Man wearing a Vision Pro from Apple in his living room looking at a VR screen of the WordPress 5-minute install page.
Amber Weinberg
7 hours ago

Another one of our sites went live! I'm super super proud of this one, as it goes to a good cause.

#wordpress #js #html #development #webdeveloper #php #acf

Examples of desktop, tablet & mobile designs for
Bonnie (she/her)
9 hours ago

Anyone going to #WPCampus in July? I'll be doing a lightning talk on July 13th at 9am: "Building a large-scale, decentralized academic social network with WordPress and ActivityPub." Come join me and get a peek at what's to come on the Commons!

#WordPress #ActivityPub #Mastodon #Academia #fediverse

Georg aus Bakum
9 hours ago

Mich stört massiv an #WordPress, dass man die Statistiken und WordPress Blogs nicht mehr mit dem Browser besuchen kann, hat man einmal die WordPress oder die Jetpack App installiert hat. Hat man die WordPress App installiert, öffnet sich die App beim Browseraufruf mit dem Hinweis, man solle die Jetpack App installieren. Man muss die WP App erst deinstallieren, um die Statistiken mit dem Browser einsehen zu können.

Screenshot vom Dashboard des WordPress Apps im Browser.

I sorted out my list (I manually looked for prospects as it's better for website projects) and exactly 75% are using #wordpress

Great. I just hope they respond to me

But I'll create a PDF brochure for my brand first so I can answer their questions before they even ask or go to my website

David Bisset
9 hours ago

I feel like the new Journal app and it's API could be useful for #wordpress


Antonio Cambronero :wordpress:
10 hours ago

Mastodon: Guía técnica de Blogpocket (parte I)

Esta guía, que hemos hecho en Blogpocket, te brinda conocimientos técnicos básicos para navegar sin problemas en Mastodon, ya seas principiante o usuario de WordPress que quiere integrar su blog con el Fediverso. Únete a la comunidad Mastodon y expande tus horizontes en línea con esta guía técnica de iniciación.

#mastodon #wordpress #fediverso

10 hours ago

After taking some personal time to bolster my skills, I am currently looking for a new fulltime #webdev job opportunity.

I specialize in #WordPress & #PHP as well as #CSS & #JavaScript and I always have an eye towards #accessibility.

I'm incurably curious and love learning new skills.

My website has my history and tons of other info:

Primarily looking for fully remote-- or hybrid in the Boston area.

Boosts for reach are appreciated. #FediHired

10 hours ago

Top hack attempts this month come from Singapore, which is a first.
Can't recommend the WordFence plugin enough if you have a WordPress site to block the fuckers.

wpbot :wordpress:
12 hours ago

WordCamp Sylhet Recap: Team WPDeveloper Was A Proud Sponsor #WordPress #wpdev

David Bisset
13 hours ago

WPHTML Converter

Convert #WordPress block HTML to its JavaScript object or PHP array forms.


14 hours ago

It's Hallway Chats day! On a MONDAY! Check out this great conversation with Maestro Stevens where we talk about speaking at #WECU for the first time (amongst other things) #WordPress #Podcast

Reuben Walker
15 hours ago

What’s new in Gutenberg 15.9? via Make WordPress Core. #WordPress $Gutenberg

article title graphic
Sal Ferrarello
15 hours ago

If you're going to #WordCamp Montclair on Saturday June 24, 2023, join us for an Unofficial WordCamp Breakfast at Park West Diner & Cafe at 1400 US-46, Little Falls, NJ 07424 at 7am. #WordPress #WCMontclair

Breakfast food.

How do you keep your blog alive?

Or is it already dead, and you don't realise?

A Big Blogging Milestone Is Coming. What I’m Doing To Get To It. Click on the link to read my post.

#blogging #bloggingtips #blogginghelp #WordPress #milestone #help #socialmedia #writingcommunity #writing #writingtips

An image with a blue background with the words 'A big blogging milestone is Coming. What I'm doing to get to it,' written in white text.

#LandVanOns zoekt een vrijwilliger met kennis van #wordpress

Heb je in de periode 3 juli tot en met 17 juli 6 uur beschikbaar en heb je kennis van WordPress? Dan komen we graag met je in contact.
De website van Land van Ons gaat over naar een nieuw template waarmee we veel meer ontwerpvrijheid en functionaliteit krijgen. Voor de liefhebber: Elementor.
#elementor #wordpressthema #theme #vrijwilliger

19 hours ago

Are you curious how to get the #attachment ID in #WordPress from a thumbnail URL? I wrote a little bit of code to achieve that.

19 hours ago

Neugierig, wie man die ID eines Anhangs in #WordPress anhand der Vorschaubild-URL bekommt? Ich habe ein bisschen Code geschrieben, um das zu schaffen.

Sébastien Serre :wordpress:
19 hours ago

WooorrrdddCammmmppp Week ! 🎉 :wordpress:
Don't forget to come and say hello on Polylang sponsor booth.
#WCEU2023 #wceu #WordPress

Paolo Redaelli
20 hours ago

I want to move an existing small network #WordPress installation, currently on a physical machine.
What do you suggest?
Ps: resharing welcomed

Blogpocket Bot :wordpress:
20 hours ago

Mastodon: Guía técnica de Blogpocket (parte I)

Esta guía te brinda conocimientos técnicos básicos para navegar sin problemas en Mastodon, ya seas principiante o usuario de WordPress que quiere integrar su blog con el Fediverso. Únete a la comunidad Mastodon y expande tus horizontes en línea con esta guía técnica de iniciación.

#Blogging #Mastodon #WordPress

20 hours ago

WordPress with MySQL on OCI always Free
I already wrote on how to deploy WordPress on OCI using MySQL HeatWave, the MySQL Database Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

Using MySQL Database Service for WordPress

Deploying WordPress on OCI with MySQL Database Service: the easy way !

Deploy WordPress on OCI using MDS – updated version

Deploy WordP
#80 #Cloud #MySQL #MySQL80 #OCI #Stacks #Terraform #wordpress

22 hours ago

LPPC32 – Un livre et de la photo
Episode en décalage temporel. Enregistrement début février 2023 et sortie début juin de la même année… On n'a pas les mêmes températures mais bon ;-)

Je te fais un très très très rapide retour sur Blackwater que je suis en train de terminer au moment de l'enregistrement.

Ensuite, je pass
#LibrPourPodConduite #blackwater #choix #littrature #lychee #photo #podcast #rflexion #wordpress

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
1 day ago

It's so much fun watching all of the failed attempts to subvert a non-existent #wordpress installation on my server. I am literally laughing at the wasted time.

Darnell Clayton :verified:
1 day ago

@santim The hardest part about writing (or rather typing) is getting started. The second hardest part is finishing.

The beauty of #WriteFreely is that I do not have to worry about categories, tags, social networking stats, etcetera. I can just type out a post.

If I want something more polished & presentable, I will use #WordPress.

I finally fixed something that had been broken on my website (Wordpress) for months. I briefly broke something else in the process, but managed to fix that too. Fingers crossed it's all working now!
#blogging #wordpress #frustration

Courtney Robertson
1 day ago

🛫 Wheels up for Athens & #WordPress WordCamp Europe #WCEU

Selfie of Courtney in a teal face mask with matching airline pillow and green tinted window.
Emily :autism:
1 day ago

If there's one character who always returns to my dreams once in a while, it's Grievous

I've been waiting over twenty years to meet Matthew Wood.

#blogger #wordpress #starwars

Aurooba Ahmed
1 day ago

Build one popup and trigger it from multiple buttons? NO PROBLEM. Give that popup a custom ID from the #WordPress editor sidebar, and you're in business.

First, give your popup a custom ID from the block sidebar.
Then in your second popup button block, toggle the setting to connect it to a different ID, and add the custom ID of your other popup in the new field!
Aurooba Ahmed
1 day ago

This weekend, I built a button block for the #WordPress block editor that can trigger a(n accessible) popup, and you can build your popup right there in the block editor..inside a(n accessible) popup. :) Who wants to see code? 🧵

A screenshot of the Popup Button block in the WordPress block editor. You can see that the text of the button is "This is my popup button", and there's a standard WordPress block toolbar there, with a new pencil icon included.
Screenshot showing the cursor hovering on the pencil icon in the block toolbar.
Clicking on the pencil icon of the block toolbar opens a modal where you can add any blocks you want!
James (
1 day ago

Well that was certainly a mission...

Updated the site theme to the latest version only to find that for many of the sections have been moved around and renamed 😭

Gone through and added a ton of manual edits to remap and improve the layout, should be fine again, with a few improvements too.

If you notice any styling issues with let me know.

#wordpress #theme #styling #css

Antonio Cambronero :wordpress:
1 day ago

Nick Schäferhoff published for Torque Magazine: Gutenberg vs Classic Editor: 29 Reasons to Switch (Or Stay Put). The block editor has revolutionized the way people create content on the platform. But just in case you want to stick with the classic editor (actually, I don't see a reason to), this article gives you a good review.

#WordPress @wordpress @wordpress

Ross Wintle
1 day ago

"a central dashboard to monitor various WordPress components, processes and data, including server hardware, software and resource usage" - nice plugin for #WordPress dev's

wpbot :wordpress:
2 days ago

SchedulePress Hits NEW Milestone: Powering Up Content Marketing Strategies For 20K+ Happy Users #WordPress #wpdev


Have you tried using the #WordPress app, if it's a simple post (using core/native blocks)?

Les plugins WordPress… des trous de sécurité à gogo, exploités en masse pour déposer des kits de phishing.

Vous négligez/oubliez votre WordPress?
Il y a de bonnes chances qu’il se transforme en plateforme de hameçonnage.

et si ça se produit: bonjour les listes de blocages et bye-bye la confiance des visiteurs…

La dernière CVE-2023-28782:

#GravityForms #WordPress Plugin Found Vulnerable to PHP Object Injection

koen Huybrechts
2 days ago

Waiting at the airport, heading to WordCamp EU in Athens 🤩

Who will I see there ?
Send me a message, so we can meetup and get a coffee ☕️

#WordCamp #WordPress #WCEU2023 #Athens

Trillian ✅✝️ 🇬🇧👍
2 days ago

Phew, I just managed to do my #Wordpress blog posting but BOY have they made it difficult!!
Number one, it can no longer be done in Chrome because it just freezes and crashes.
Two, if I do it in Edge, it's near impossible to understand all the options
Three, I tried for an hour just to undo a simple piece of formatting and there's no way to do it, so I had to type it all in again.
It used to be simple and easy - but now... NO

Why is the featured image not showing up??? I can't find the solution ugh #wordpress

Daniel Bretschneider
2 days ago

If you're responsible for one or many websites, it's sometimes recommended to do some security testing. A perfect tool especially for #wordpress sites is #wpscan. It's a free, for non-commercial use, #security/#vulnerability scanner written in #ruby.

Antonio Cambronero :wordpress:
2 days ago
Portada del primer número de una serie de cuatro ebooks sobre #Mastodon.
2 days ago

Does anyone know if the #ActivityPub #WordPress Plugin works with Custom Post Types?

My plan is to use my posts for normal blog articles on my page, they should not be posted to the fediverse. For Mastodon I want to creat a Custom Post Type called “Toot”. Also thinking about a second CPT called “Pixels” to post images from WordPress to #pixelfed.

Not sure if this works, I guess I am gonna try this soon. Thanks for your work @pfefferle 🥳

Darnell Clayton :verified:
2 days ago

@tchambers As far as why defederated #Mastodon variants may embrace the #Fediverse, it will be because of two predictable events:

👉🏾 #Instagram’s InstaPost (P92) entering the Fediverse
👉🏾 #WordPress making #ActivityPub either a core feature or heavily promoting the ActivityPub plugin.

Both would massively expand the Fediverse & allow the sites to embrace the Fediverse as a whole again.

2 days ago

Are you going to #WCEU this week? Want a cool desktop wallpaper to celebrate? We have one for you! #WordPress

Antonio Cambronero :wordpress:
2 days ago

What’s new in #Gutenberg 15.9?

Release lead Carlos Bravo posted What's new in Gutenberg 15.9? (may 31). This release included 171 PRs from 56 contributors, eight of them new.


After 7 years, I finally updated my other #WordPress plugin to the latest technologies. It's interesting how now programming in WordPress involves using React + PHP to create REST APIs. You can find the plugin at

wpbot :wordpress:
3 days ago

Block themes are the future, bibliography block, a dynamic block with AI and more –Weekend Edition 256 #WordPress #wpdev

Darnell Clayton :verified:
3 days ago

Ooofff! I am a little late to the game on this, but I just realized that my #WordPress blog is #ActivityPub enabled (including mentions within the post)—several months ago! 😂

I was using #WriteFreely so much I forgot that WordPress was an option.

Belated props to @jeremy for reminding me of this!


👉🏾 ActivityPub plugin:

Also thanks to @pfefferle for all of the hard work.

I guess that makes 3 Fediverse blogging platforms available now.

(webdev Tory) :emacs:
3 days ago

Twice in two days I've had problems (solutions?) with #css. Once was a #WordPress site we thought was failing to display search results, and we found an errant over-matching `display: hidden` in the style. The other was while implementing a goog autocomplete and I mistook "not loading the data" with "forgot to make usable styles."

WPwatercooler Network
3 days ago

EP28 – Turn On, Plug In, Drop Out – Dev Branch

This week on WPwatercooler’s Dev Branch the crew will be discussing #WordPress #Plugin development and the process involved in doing so. Coding, testing, submitting, approval, and ultimately being used on WordPress websites.

Jason Cosper recently worked on two #WordPressplugins we’ll follow up with the progress he’s done on those.


🕚11am Pacific
🕑2pm Eastern
🕕6pm (1800) UTC

Fellow #webdev folks, can I get a hand #LookingForWork? #FediHire #FediHired #GetFediHired

Looking for a front-end web development position. The more focus on accessible, well-formed HTML and CSS, the better.

Part-time or full-time, either works. Part-time must have flexible schedule.

Must be either remote or in the SLC, Utah area.

My background: #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, static websites, #jQuery, #Bootstrap, Mustache/Handlebars, and also LAMP stack, #JAMstack, #WordPress, #PHP, and SQL.

Joe Brockmeier
4 days ago

Had a chance to write up a little reflection on the 20th anniversary of WordPress, and its impact on open source + MySQL adoption.

WordPress has, IMO, done a lot towards advocating open source and helping it become mainstream. A lot of peeps who'd never have touched Linux or run or otherwise known about open source were introduced to open source early on thanks to WordPress.

#WordPress #MySQL #opensource

New Blog Post:-

I'm off to WordCamp Europe next week! Here is who I'm looking to meet.

Who am I seeing there?

#wceu #wceurope #wordcamp #wordpress

4 days ago

I may live in the world of #Drupal now, but back in the day, I did a lot with #WordPress! I created themes that were used by lots of other sites, actively participated in the wordpress IRC channel, and wrote lots of hacky PHP to create custom functions.

I was there when Mike and Matt forked b2 and I eagerly followed WordPress's progress until 2009 when I started developing in Drupal.

Even though I haven't touched WordPress in years, happy 20th!

David Bisset
4 days ago
wpbot :wordpress:
4 days ago

Tim Ferris Podcast: Seth Godin hints at Automattic’s top-secret AI plugin #WordPress #wpmisc

Secrets of Success
4 days ago

Have you ever installed a WordPress blog?

It's just bish bash bosh, and it's done, and it works!

That's what IT solutions should be like.

Yes, you can wrangle WordPress to do fancy things, but the basic product straight out of the box, is delightfully simple and efficient.

Hartman’s fifth agile principle: “Do the simplest thing that works - then stop.”


#agile #WordPress #SecretsOfSuccess #tech #ProblemSolving

David Bisset
4 days ago

“Biscotti” from @boogah is a #WordPress plugin that modifies the expiration of the logged in user cookie to three months, six months, or one year.