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I've been playing around with the Jetpack app (Android version on my Samsung S21) to write, edit and post to WordPress and I'm REALLY loving it. It's *so* intuitive-- cool things like when you do a hard return, it makes a new block, and the blocks have arrows to move them up and down, etc. It's wild. It's also really easy to format things, and I'm finding the UI excellent and easy to figure out without much thought at all, which is a total surprise. Should've been using this earlier!

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wpbot :wordpress:
5 hours ago

JavaScript in the Shallow End: Browser-Based React Native With Expo Snack #WordPress #wpdev

Michal Bryxí 🌱
6 hours ago

There are only three interactions one can have with hobby #WordPress:
1) Fixing broken website after some seemingly minor update
2) Trying to find a way around paying for a trivial functionality on a plugin
3) Removing malware

"Cthulhu-lu Lemon"
6 hours ago

So, this is the 2nd #WordPress plugin that I have prompted into existence with #ChatGPT 4.0

You put your #openAI API into a settings page, then create chat instances like post types, set your parameters, save and you have a GPT chat session in WordPress.

GPT writing software for #CMS and itself successfully. Much amaze.

"GPT-4-WP-Admin" A WordPress plugin that accepts your openAI API key and will create a post type in the dashboard to house a GPT chat session as per your API parameters.
7 hours ago

This week's HeroPress Tip Of The Week answers the question "What is the difference between categories and tags?" The answer is Nothing. Check out the video if you don't believe me. #WordPress

Emily :autism:
7 hours ago

Ready for another? I sure am! I managed to finish this in one sitting if you don't count getting up to stretch every now and then.

My favourite track is Dogs, but you knew that already!

#Motorhead #Lemmy #albumreview #wordpress #blogger

Wordpress would be much more ergonomic to develop for if layout styles were baked into Gutenberg instead of needing to be baked into the theme. I would love to start theming with a blank CSS file. #wordpress

WP Code Guru
8 hours ago

Elementor is one of the most popular #WordPress page builders out there today, and there's some amazing addons available for it too! We took a look at some of the best 🧑‍💻

#wordpress_plugins #Website #webdesign #webdev #webdevelopment #elementor

Noted: posting from #WordPress via the freshly added #Jetpack social share feature for Mastodon also leads to #Thumbfail... *sigh*

(I was actually hoping that Jetpack would post the "Featured Image" directly to Mastodon, like it always did on Twitter, where I did NOT want that to happen, of course...😜)

Decoupled Days 2023 ABQ
9 hours ago

Excited for Decoupled Days this year in Albuquerque on the dates of August 16th and 17th! Tickets and rooms are going fast, so make sure to grab your place today at the only non-profit and community-led headless content and commerce conference.

• Buy tickets:
• Book a room in our room block:

#HeadlessCMS #MACHAlliance #ComposableCommerce #Commerce #HeadlessCommerce #Drupal #WordPress #Jamstack #CMS


I'm all for the #sustainability focused software, but don't you think that will need to involve overhaul of the #WordPress core code?

Is that even achieveable with the current state of things - the majority of contributors being unpaid?

I think we need to think about the sustainability of the WordPress community alongside the software itself. 📚
10 hours ago

#WordPress is incorporating #ChatGPT-like #technology through an #AI-powered tool that can write entire blog posts for you

11 hours ago

#WCEU Contributor Day is a wrap! It was a blast and we finally, after all these years, have an official #sustainability team on
Check it out, join the Slack Channel, and let's make #WordPress and the web overall more sustainable! 🪴

Terence Eden
12 hours ago

I'm getting trackback spam from nonsense domains which don't exist.

Any other #WordPress users seeing this?

Random URL in a trackback.
Random URL in a trackback.
Random URL in a trackback.
Reuben Walker
12 hours ago

The WordPress Polyglots Team: Who They Are and What They Do via Torque Mag. #WordPress

WordPress translation mascot
12 hours ago

This week's Hallway Chats guest is Amy Kamala from Los Angeles, and just HAPPENS to be the same person who did yesterday's @heropress essay! BONUS! #WordPress #Podcast

Direkt in WordPress: Neues KI-Tool schreibt die Blogbeiträge in eurem CMS

Der neue KI-Assistent des umfangreichen WordPress-Plugins Jetpack verfrachtet die Text-KI direkt in WordPress. Blogbeiträge sollen sich auf Knopfdruck generieren und veröffentlichen lassen.

Eine Garantie für guten Content ist das natürlich nicht...
#Wordpress #Jetpack #Chatbot #ChatGPT #KI #Blog

Logo des Jetpack AI Assistant
@UnconventionalEmma may be a bit long for tooting, but having a #wordpress site you are only a few clicks from #federate you blog itself with #fediverse :…
chikorita157 🐰
13 hours ago

Setting up Autoshare for Mastodon is easy.

1. Go to the dashboard. Click Tools and then Marketing.
2. Click Connections
3. Under Mastodon, click the arrow and enter your Mastodon username. Click Connect account. Once you authorize your account, it should start autoposting.

While it doesn’t have customizability compared to the [Mastodon Autopost]( plugin if you are using a self-hosted WordPress or using a plan that supports plugins, it makes getting your posts on Mastodon a whole lot easier.

There is no excuse not to leave the birdsite and create an account here.Just do it. Also, if you know any Anime Bloggers that haven't joined Mastodon yet, we are happy to take them in at [Sakurajima](

#WordPress #mastodon #animeblogging

heise online
15 hours ago

Wordpress veröffentlicht Jetpack AI: Blogbeiträge fast wie von selbst

Schreiben leicht gemacht: Mit Jetpack AI verfasst das Wordpress-Plugin ganze Blogbeiträge, schreibt Überschriften und übersetzt Inhalte in zig Sprachen.

#ChatGPT #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Wordpress #news

🦁 📷 Kazuky Akayashi :pawified:
15 hours ago

Mais WTF ​:blobfoxtableflip:​
Et j'ai fait toutes les feuilles CSS y a rien


metkcom 🏹
16 hours ago

@raaphorst @woordenaar ik vind pielen helemaal niet erg en op zoek gaan naar iets wat ik nog niet weet maar zelfs een menu toevoegen lukt mij niet... (kan ook aan mij liggen.) #wordpress

koen Huybrechts
17 hours ago

Today it's all about making the WordPress project better. In many ways!

At most WordCamps, the community comes together to work in different teams on certain aspects of WordPress. And most of these teams has nothing to do with code.

A while ago, I wrote about it:

#WordPress #WordCamp #WCEU2023 #contributing

Happy Season 9 GIF by The Office
metkcom 🏹
17 hours ago

@woordenaar het was allemaal zo simpel te bewerken maar nu is het een ellende. qua thema's heb je (met de oude versie) geen keus meer. die blokthema's zijn te ingewikkeld, vind ik,. #wordpress

Contributing to the Polyglots team today. Increasing the amount of #WordPress, plugin, theme and app strings that are translated in Dutch.

Others are working on different languages. See all supported languages here:


Jonas Zander
17 hours ago

Ich habe gerade das erste mal ein Joomla Installation aufgesetzt. Ich werde irre. Das Backend erklärt sich für einen Anfänger genauso wenig wie das #WordPress Backend. Ich glaube sogar, Dass Joomla noch verwirrender ist. Aber ich habe natürlich keinen "objektiven" Eindruck, weil ich WordPress zu gut kenne.
Was macht man nicht alles für einen Quatsch.
Allen einen schönen Tag.

Alan Fuller
18 hours ago

There is a lot of noise about #WordPress writing blog posts by AI through JetPack, but it isn't rocket science, a good few months ago I wrote a demo plugin in about 30 minutes that auto generated #WooCommerce descriptions just from product title.

koen Huybrechts
19 hours ago

Let’s make WordPress a little bit better today on this Contributor Day.

#WCEU2023 #WordCamp #WordPress #Contributorday


Join from Facebook a Youtube-Channel. Get new Videos directly in your Facebook-Account, comment, Like and share it from Facebook.

Join a Facebook-Account from Twitter.

Join a youtube-channrl from reddit.

Join a wordpress-blog from twitter or facebook (and comment there)

That is what you get with the fediverse and it's services #friendca #peertube #wordpress #writefreely #mastodon #akkoma #pleroma #calkey
and a plethiora mor services.

I wrote this comment from my friendica, which is a fedi-service similar to facebooks style with threads, calendar, groups...

@piratepost #technews »#Automattic, the company behind #WordPresscom and the main contributor to the open source #WordPress project, launched an #AIassistant for the popular #contentmanagementsystem

wpbot :wordpress:
22 hours ago

ទិដ្ឋភាពទូទៅនៃផ្ទាំងព័ត៌មាន #WordPress #wpdev

Michael Rowe
1 day ago

Okay #wordpress I spend a lot of time crafting my notes in Notes, and the pasting the entire blog post into Wordpress's newish editor. Why are you losing my graphics.. I have 30 blog posts that I am going to have recreate the graphics for!

Jeremy Felt
1 day ago

Network Template Parts adds a block that renders a template part in the context of the current site or the main site on a multisite network. It's wild because it works and I'm only a little sorry 😂 #WordPress

Shawn Hooper (he/him)
1 day ago

Watching people post as they make their way to Athens. The FOMO for #WCEU has begun.


Doctor Popular
1 day ago

On today's Torque Social Hour I'll be chatting with @Jeffro, a Marketing Generalist at StellarWP, about recent #WordPress news, including a ton of recent AI/WP announcements that have happened this week.
Watch the stream live from 3-4pm Pacific and ask questions in the chat

chikorita157 🐰
1 day ago

Big news! Jetpack for #WordPress now supports Mastodon autoposting. Now you can autoshare your new blog posts to Mastodon.

I will be mentioning this in a future blog post nudging people in the Aniblogosphere to join Mastodon, especially our Mastodon instance at as we are fully compliant with the Mastodon Covenant (we are listed on and in the process of getting our server added at joinmastodon). Since Jetpack features are the same on, users should be able to set up Mastodon autoposting.

If you are on Mastodon Social, perhaps give our instance a try and perhaps migrate here. You will be able to discover more Anime bloggers and fans than over there. We are seeing an uptick of activities including interactions as well.

Note: Mastodon Autosharing will not work with Calckey yet via Mastodon API compatibility. Use Mastofeed instead.

#WordPress #jetpack #animeblogging #mastodon

Contributors & Developers

“Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth” has been translated into 44 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth” into your language.


Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


12.2 – 2023-06-06


New AI Assistant block: harness AI power directly from your editor.
Donations, Paid Content and Payment Buttons blocks are now available with all Jetpack plans. A commission is charged for free plans.
Social: automatically share your new posts to Mastodon.
Diana Thompson :wordpress:
1 day ago

WordPress hive mind: Is there a JSON method to enlarge the mobile (hamburger) menu button in full site editing themes? (Already have the CSS solution.) #WordPress #Accessibility #a11y

Diana Thompson :wordpress:
1 day ago

If you are using a full site editing WordPress theme and miss the Customizer, this plugin adds it back to the Appearance menu for you. #WordPress #WordPressThemes #WordPressPlugins

Web Axe
1 day ago
Shawn Powers
1 day ago

Any of my #wordpress knowledgeable friends - how might I fix my WP install which thinks we're 7 years in the future? wp_cron doesn't fire events either...

Jos Klever Web Support
1 day ago

@elly There's always a lot to learn, so it depends in what your goal is, but might be a good start.
More video can be found on various topics on

1 day ago

Not thrilled by this - I can see AI use for touch-ups in certain situations, but I do not want a built-in assistant for writing entire posts. I know folks could do this before using outside tools, but now it's feels sanctioned and encouraged by #WordPress
#Blogging #AI

2 days ago

Step 2: Look for Amy at #WCEU and tell her she did a great job! #WordPress

2 days ago

Step 1: Read this week's HeroPress essay! "Because of WordPress" by Amy Kamala from Los Angeles CA. #WordPress #WCEU

Point Communs
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Pourquoi faisons nous une campagne de dons ?

Pour proposer :
:nextcloud: #nextcloud (nuage)
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🚀 #rocketchat (discussions)
WP #wordpress (sites)
✌️ #yeswiki
🌻 #mediawiki
🔐 #keycloak (Single Sign On)
:mastodon: #mastodon (micro-blogging)
:mobilizon: #mobilizon (événements)
:peertube: #peertube (vidéos)

à près de 3000 utilisateurices

notamment grâce au @ChatonsOrg @IndieHosters !

Pour contribuer :

Liste des services hébergés par IndieHosters avec leurs années de mise en service et leur nombre d'utilisateurices
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Elly Loel ✨🌱
2 days ago

Does anyone have any good WordPress learning material (preferably video)?

I feel like everything I've found is either very out dated or made by someone who is clearly more of a marketer than a developer (and thus wants to sell me something). 😂

I'm to young so I missed the "every project is WordPress" train and never got to learn by doing. (god, why did I have to end up on the "every project is React" train 🥲)

#WebDev #WordPress

Courtney Robertson
2 days ago

This week in Make #WordPress news from #WCEU
🛂 Early Speaker and Volunteer Selection and Improved Visa Support
📆 Discussion: Next Generation Event Tooling
> WP-CLI v2.8.1 Release Notes & WP-CLI v2.8.0 Release Notes
🗒️ Using block inspector sidebar groups

Rich Holmes
2 days ago

Good news, everyone! has jumped onto the AI bandwagon with a plugin they promise will create "content" for you — entire posts — at the click of a button!

In other words, anything posted on from now on has to be considered hallucinatory garbage until proven otherwise.

I'm looking to migrate my several blogs. Maybe self hosted — I have a domain I can use. Was actually considering it anyway but this development makes it all but certain.

#WordPress #ai

Tim Chambers
2 days ago

“How AI is changing #Wordpress…” with Automatic CEO Matt Muellenweg….

Over in #WordPress news, we shipped in Jetpack our Social Sharing feature for Mastodon.

This will allow site owners to link to their Mastodon profile and automatically (or schedule) shares of their blog posts to their fediverse followers.

Automattic is both doing this and working on ActivityPub support for WordPress as two side of the coin. Whether or want your site to natively be on the fediverse or share to other profiles, we want you to do both.

Rich Holmes
2 days ago

Imagine me finding a new blogging platform.


Introducing Jetpack Al Assistant in

Your rocketship to more powerful content creation.

Automattic © June 6, 2023 

Imagine being able to quickly generate all types of content— headlines, entire posts, even translations—with the click of a button. Imagine significantly reducing your effort and time ‘spent staring at a blank screen.
David Bisset
2 days ago

On the road for #WCEU? Feel free to visit or better yet suck the #RSS (into an app preferably) for #WordPress news (actual news - lite on drama, sales, dancing videos).

My daughter and I appreciate the support and increasing visiting numbers. 👍🏻

David Bisset
2 days ago

Johannes is a UX Kit for WordPress…

..."the first opensource wireframe kit that will help you for your next #WordPress design project”.

screenshot of homepage