Jim Bright
22 minutes ago

This week’s column…results from BECOME Education survey of 7000 school students shows that young people are prematurely focused on only 10 occupations which differ consistent with gender stereotypes. #career #education #psychology #oecd #work #gender

Yahia Lababidi
1 hour ago

It is possible for a #work to have its own will and purpose, perhaps a far more ambitious one than the #author's - and it is good this should be so.

— Thomas Mann

#writing #WritingCommunity #literature #quotes #mystery

2 hours ago

I could just about handle a nap right now, but already slept enough at work.

#life #work #travel #commute #bahn

3 hours ago

TGIF this week has been long as hell

#TGIF #Friday #work

Wu Yuansheng
3 hours ago

2023/6/9 Media Digest Evening #linkedin
Nature’s Display

A Birthday Salute to Dr. Clyde N Wilson – On His 82nd Birthday

The Expendables 4

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter

The First Aerial Bombardment

Scientists Discover Microbes That Could Revolutionize Plastic Recycling

All those naked Greeks…

When There Were Three Popes at Once: An Animated Video Drawn in the Style of Medieval Illum

Sé 🌸
5 hours ago

Blah blah blah
Drive home

#work #poem

9 hours ago

Out at work, where it is busier than I had expected. Still, a few hours under open skies, sandwiches, fruit, a copy of the Times Literary Supplement, and the day is done.

#life #work

Wu Yuansheng
10 hours ago

203/6/9 Media Digest Afternoon #linkedin
Patents, Theft of Intellectual Property (IP), Product Piracy and US-China Relations

What is the biggest problem in communication?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP

11 hours ago

Massive profits at the end of the year are not a sign that a company is successful. They are a sign that someone is being ripped off.

#life #work #business #capitalism

Wu Yuansheng
15 hours ago

2023/6/9 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
Disinformation and the Intercept

Happy World Ocean Day

Michael Levin: The electrical blueprints that orchestrate lifeThe Fake News about Fake News

Trevor Noah Unpacks The Racist Response to The Little Mermaid

They Call Me Bruce

The Secret Sound of Stax

Air Pollution Redux

Ich in kurzer Hose und T-Shirt, die Warnweste ist eigentlich schon zu viel und dann gibt’s hier welche die in lange Hose und PULLOVER! unterwegs sind. Was stimmt mit denen nicht? Am besten ist noch der der kurze Hose mit Pullover kombiniert. #TeamNightshift #Work

Amy Sedaris Judging You GIF

If you could do *any* skilled trade - what would that be?

If you work in the trades - rad! - what do you do and why?

Just musing… I think I’d do finish carpentry + drywall… I like the details :)

(I’m not looking for work btw — just my brain doing it’s miscellaneous thoughts thing again)

#work #job #employment

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
17 hours ago

When I see a rich, snooty-looking woman at the grocery store, I like to pretend I need something and ask "excuse me, do you work here?" just to help keep things real. 🤭 😇

#Funny #Friday #Humor #FridayHumor #Rich #Snooty #GroceryStore #Work


Just A Dad Who Loves His Kids
18 hours ago

Actual thing I just wrote to my bosses/coworkers:

"How about this, set up an #IRC server, give accounts to [the marketing people] and our customers, and tell them it's an instant communication technology, available only to them, and that no one else has it! (Because that's technically true)"

Still waiting for a response.

#OldInternet #Work #IT

Tyler McGee
19 hours ago

We had a new coworker join the office today.

His credentials check out and he’s already making friends!

#Dog #DogsOfMastodon #Cute #Work #Travel #BushelPowered #Video #AltText

A very large and fluffy dog laying on the ground surrounded by people petting him and comparing their arms to his very long legs.
19 hours ago
Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ― #WilliamJames
Tech news from Canada
20 hours ago

Make Use Of: 8 Tips to Handle Multiple Projects Effectively as a Freelancer #Tech #MakeUseOf #TechNews #IT via @morganeogerbc #Employment/CareerTips #Work&Career #Freelance #Careers

Hebrew by Inbal
20 hours ago

Break time! What looks good? #work #lunch #dessert #cake #hebrewbyinbal #breaktime

Maria Karlsen
21 hours ago
Moderators are actual people, not bots. Having to go through what no one would want to see, on a daily basis, is really not good for anyone. Work conditions and health issues for these people should be addressed more. Even more so if we take into account that also AI training involves the same kind of human effort, and that is an industy that is on the rise.

Timnit Gebru (she/her) wrote the following post Thu, 08 Jun 2023 16:57:18 +0200 "The court heard testimony of the traumatic nature of the moderators’ work on a day-to-day basis. “I remember my first experience witnessing manslaughter on a live video … I unconsciously stood up and screamed. For a minute, I almost forgot where I was and who I was. Everything went blank,” read one of the written testimonies."

#socialmedia #health #justice #humanrights #work
21 hours ago

Today, working from home and no big projects and I realize how different my job is from my wife's. Her job is to impact the future by educating teenagers.
My job is mostly about deleting emails I don't need to read. #tech #work

23 hours ago

It’s happening!!! #lgbtq #pride #work

Prism & Pen
1 day ago

I’m non-binary. The likelihood of them finding security personnel who shares my particular gender while checking my crotch for weapons is not high.
#LGBTQ #Travel #Sexuality #Work

1 day ago

Added a good half an hour to my overtime, to cover an early finish tomorrow. And, tomorrow is also an out of office day. Right before the weekend.

#life #work

1 day ago

Excellent day outside the office. No idea what my co-workers did, and no real desire to find out, just taking the day as an unexpected present.

#life #work

1 day ago

Good #morning MastoFriends!

Today is a busy one - lots of #work plus I need to pack for the trip this weekend and run errands 🙀

What’s everyone up to this fine #Thursday? Baby Sir would like everyone to know that he also has a busy day planned - someone has to guard the blanket!

#cat #catsofmastodon

A black cat guarding a blanket on the back of the couch
Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 day ago

#AI #Surveillance #Privacy #DataProtection #Work #WageSlavery: "AI is making its way into workplace tools and apps, and software makers claim technology can help improve skills, well-being and social connections at work. Employers are facing new challenges with more distributed workforces, a growing amount of business data, and a plethora of tools and programs to manage it all.

About 47 percent of workers who use digital technology for their jobs say they often struggle to find the information and data they need, according to a recent survey by market research firm Gartner. But some experts warn there could be backlash from workers who may feel Big Brother is tracking their activities.

Darrell West, a senior fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution, said technology is changing the dynamics of the workplace, and that may create discomfort for some workers."

Martin Holland
1 day ago

The Next Crisis Will Start With Empty #Office Buildings

Commercial real estate is losing value fast.

#pandemic, kids are back in school, retirees are back on cruise ships, and physical stores are doing better than expected. But offices are struggling perhaps more than most casual observers realize, and the consequences for landlords, banks, municipal governments, and even individual portfolios will be far-reaching. In some cases, they will be catastrophic. But this crisis, like all crises, also represents an opportunity to reconsider many of our assumptions about #work and cities."

#WFH #WorkFormHome #HomeOffice #RealEstate

Wu Yuansheng
1 day ago

2023/6/8 Media Digest Evening #linkedin
Why the World Still Needs Trade

The subtle morality of kissing the as*es of rich as*holes

A Kubrick Scholar Discovers an Eerie Detail in The Shining That’s Gone Unnoticed for More Than 40 Years

The Absurd Logistics of Concert Tours: The Behind-the-Scenes Preparation You Don’t Get to See

The price discrimination culture that is Finland

George Laskowsky
1 day ago

At #work we are looking for a #unitydev specialized in quick #prototyping.

This job is remote in #germany at the New Games department of Travian Games.

If you are interested send me a msg, or boost for greater reach. Appreciated!

Edit 1: the company supports relocation. This is a senior position, and industry experience is a must.

Mads Kristensen
1 day ago

Office day today getting a lot of different things out of the way.

I am still a work-in-progress of finding the most efficient way to organize myself.

Current tool mix is Things 3 for task management, Notion for notes and collaboration, Tiimo for small chores and reminders and of course the good ol' Office suite.

What about you?

#work #tooling #waysofworking #selforganization

Wu Yuansheng
1 day ago

2023/6/8 Media Digest Afternoon #linkedin
My excellent Conversation with Peter Singer


Wu Yuansheng
1 day ago

Pete Rowbottom, Wigan, UK

Taking a small hiatus from the recent Iceland trip, this is North Wales back in December.

A truly killer morning on Llyn Padarn weatherwise, and still the best place to shoot on the lake here, I'd been here the day before but the conditions weren't as good with rippled water and a very average boring sky, a repeat trip was rewarded with these conditions, this is the scond of
#Photography #Work

1 day ago

How out of touch is Philip Lowe, RBA governor, “If people can cut back spending, or in some cases find additional hours of work, that would put them back into a positive cash flow position”

I’m working with carers for whom working two jobs with long hours has become a way of life, that’s servitude

The Guardian

#Carers #RBA #Economy #TheGuardian #Work #Servitude

Ben Waber
2 days ago

Next was a fantastic panel covering the most recent US #supremecourt labor-related decision with Seth Harris (who's extremely fiery here), Anne Lofaso, and Charlotte Garden at The Burnes Center for Social Change. This was a great in-depth look at the case and the implications for #unions in the US, highly recommend (3/10) #labor #work

2 days ago

The trick is keeping smart employees is making it smart for them to stay.

It's that simple. Give good benefits, good raises, and give more time off, and they won't leave.

If you fail to do these things, they all leave after a few years.

#employment #work #office #antiwork

Wu Yuansheng
2 days ago

2023/6/8 Media Digest Morning #linkedin
Torie Bosch: How code has changed the world

Warhorse One

Susie Searches

Insidious: The Red Door

我们 designer 被裁(which 理由是需要一个更 senior 的但是丫也没招到也没 replacement 啊)快三个月了,最近组里做的项目的 design 都是 eng, EM, PM 几个臭皮匠手动 PS 的。有的问题反反复复讨论好多遍了 UX 全靠蒙 + 浪费时间做出来 code 然后试试看然后再手动画 + PS……我现在顶着这个破烂臭皮匠 design 又在讨论之前说过的问题= =


然后开这个 channel 的隔壁组 EM 把这条消息给 pin 了 :doggolul:
我才发现隔壁组 EM 是个女生!不知道为啥一直以为是男的。我们 gaming squad 好棒哦(只要不让我当 TL 大家其乐融融啥都行


顾里 PM 平时 @ 都找不着人,我一在她们开的 #DiabloIV channel 里发 for 老师那张图( )她就秒回了= =我怀疑她开了那个 channel 的 notification 但我没有证据
没想到这个 thread 下面还能有 #work


#Farriers are part #veterinarian part #blacksmith. The full restoration includes removing the old #horseshoe, #cleaning out embedded soil, carving off excess material, customizing the metal’s shape and contours, and attaching the shoe with nails, all while understanding the physical needs of that particular #horse.

#video #horseshoes #farrier #horses #jobs #work

2 days ago

I've been kind of feeling burnt out from work lately. I have a vacation on the East Coast coming up in a few weeks though. I'll be visiting family.

#work #burntout #vacation



2 days ago

We live in a middle-size town near Amsterdam. On a 30 min. walk we have 11 supermarkets from different companies. Two belong to above described. We are +65.

One supermarket around the corner was first in the country with SelfScan.

SelfScan is great!
It makes ( many of) us walk that extra mile to that human-scanning cash-desk To add our 50 cents for saving jobs perhaps.

#SelfScan #retail #work #jobs

IT News
2 days ago

Seven Company BBQ Ideas for Work in 2023 - Company BBQs are a great way to bring your staff together to enjoy themselves outs... - #workplaceenvironment #workplacecreativity #workplaceculture #lifestyle #workplace #culture #event #work

Jordan (Damn Good Tech) 4hire
2 days ago

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear." Matthew 6:25.

How are you practicing this in #business?

#leadership #work

晴天霹雳:明早上 9:45 有一个面试 :8111: 就是说不但得起还得 be present(what did I sign myself up for)


3 days ago

Me at 3pm every day.

A white cat with gray around her ears is lying down on a deck railing. Her mouth is open very wide in a yawn and her eyes are closed.

LMAO 公司 allhands 结尾音乐是 Sam Smith 的 Unholy 这也太妖娆了吧 :doggolul:

Sunnywines 🌞🍷🇪🇺
3 days ago

Die sonnigen Tage und der Regen lassen unsere Reben schnell in die Höhe wachsen. Auch den Blumen in unseren Weingärten gefällts 😍.

#Weingartenarbeit #weingarten #gols #burgenland #neusiedlersee #neusiedlerseedac #weinausoesterreich #winesfromaustria #organicwinery #vinyard #work #winelover #winestagram #sonnenmulde #summerfeeling

Gerade nach oben wachsende Weinrebe mit Blättern und Traubenansätzen im Drahtrahmen
Weinstock von unten gegen den Himmel fotografiert, im Vordergrund Gänseblümchen
Ansätze von Trauben. Vor der Blüte nennt man sie "Gescheine"
Blühende Gänseblümchen

我司 android build 已经很好跑了 but still……它哼哧哼哧跑了 10 分钟了还没出来,这都不用本地 build native code 就是 build 一下 JS 而已,我要对它失去耐心了。写码 10 秒钟等 build 一小时。安卓辣鸡!(果黑暴言


今天久违地有一些 #幻肢PMS ,就是那种下腹坠胀 lower back 感觉有负担的感觉,然后我仔细思考了一下觉得锅在上班上(

那种别人一说“可以 apply 不止一个职位”就用人家的 referral appy 18 个同一公司的 position 的“朋友”到底脑子里装的是啥啊 :aru_0060: 跟不熟的人讲话要 assume 对方没有 common sense 就很累啊都工作了这么多年了脑子咋长的……
(仔细看了一眼还申的是各种不同 level 的……脑子咋长的啊!!!!!!ALL CAPS)



虽然我已经从入门到放弃了但是我们 org 又来了一个女性 TL :ablobdj: 还是个华裔女生

4 days ago

Why I can’t get any #work done - #cat on desk edition 😂🙄😻

Siamese cat sitting on the desk being kissed by a girl with blue hair
Flipboard Culture Desk
5 days ago

Can feeling “like you’re floating out of your body” improve job performance? Midcareer professionals are going on ketamine retreats to improve vibes in the office. Bloomberg has more on the increasing popularity of the dissociative anesthetic hallucinogen.
#Ketamine #Work #Career

Antti Peltola
6 days ago

Real estate moguls need their money. Our duty is to serve the system even if that system is exploitative.

The system has centrally planned that we travel to work from an overpriced housing and that we buy that sandwich on lunch time in the #City.

I call this #Gosplan 2.0.

#Capitalism #Neoliberalism #RealEstate #Property #Exploitation #Work

Jurre || DrWhax :verified:
6 days ago

@torproject Is looking for an Android Developer to join their team!

#jobs #work #android

6 days ago

There has been a very significant increase in the number of people cycling to work in Ireland. In fact, the numbers have recovered to the levels from 1986. There has also been an 88% increase in primary school children cycling to school from 2016. And despite a lot of people working from home, bus use has also increased.

#GoodNews #Cycling #PublicTransport #Buses #Work #School #Environment #Health

Chris Hallbeck
1 week ago

Promoted. #comic #funny #work

Person 1: Did you hear Adi got promoted? 
Person 2: Yeah. I'm happy for her but I'm kinda sad. She was the only one left in this department I had anything in common with. Now i'll have no one to talk to. 

Person 1: You talk to me every day. 
Person 2: Your desk is next to the vending machine. Talking to you is just the toll i have to pay for snacks.
Jungle George 🌳🌴🌲
1 week ago

Do you... ​:bunhdthink:​
#remotework #work #employment

Gwenaël Piaser
1 week ago

It's time to stop working.
#cat #work #computer

1 week ago

Oh no.

I asked IT to install a huge amount of stuff kind of urgently (because I found out today about some work that needed doing for central government... with a deadline of three months ago).

They got onto it very quickly, bless them. And have been working hard.

Aaaaand..... I've just figured I only actually need about a third of what I've asked them for.

I feel so guilty now.

#work #today

MPI for Empirical Aesthetics
1 week ago

What a great example of successful #interdisciplinary #work between #musicians and #scientists: Yesterday, #jazz musician and Associate Professor of #Music #Education at #GeorgiaStateUniversity Martin Norgaard visited our Institute. Together with @MPI_ae’s Klaus Frieler he gave fascinating insights into #patterns and #improvisations in jazz music. Thank you!

from left: Klaus Frieler, Örjan de Manzano, Martin Norgaard, Fredrik Ullén
Kat ♾️
1 week ago

When you contract for work projects it’s usually boom or bust. I’m in a boom phase, which is great. It’s also a treadmill that I’ll run my ass off on until I’m thrown into the wall.

#entrepreneur #work

Mike Kelly
1 week ago

I need a job!

My PhD is drawing to a close.

I'm looking for post-doc research opportunities or web/software development roles, ideally a combination, as in digital humanities research.

My previous research experience is in heritage and higher education for the arts.
My PhD was about knowledge frameworks and the affordances of digital tools and representations in research, in relation to research reuse, transparency and inclusivity.

I would love to be able to contribute more to innovative work on research and knowledge representations.

I am open to new possibilities! In particular I am interested in the possibility of becoming involved in sustainability and biodiversity-related research.

I am a full-stack web developer, and have a good deal of front-end design experience. I am open to all opportunities, particularly remote working!

I am not great at this self-promotion thing...
I will be putting a portfolio site online soon, but am happy to share a CV with anyone who is interested in the meantime.

Thanks for any boosts!


AndThisIsMrsPeacock 🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

Alright, so, this was kind of a weird day so let's do our practicing gratitude thing and cobble together THREE GOOD THINGS™️!

🍝 The Domestic Partner made me a #casserole to eat while he's off #fishing.

🏚️ He also has given me a home repair challenge list to work on. I'm'a take that as a positive, that he trusts me to fix a leaking faucet that has high potential to cause smayhem.

💻 Three more days of #work until I go on #vacation until I feel like coming back. My boss is pretty cool.

Sleep well fediverse friends! Tomorrow is another chance to give yourself a good today.

#ThreeGoodThings @3goodthings #Domestic #Burnout #SummerVacation

Erik Sagen
1 week ago

I've noticed that individuals who lack intellectual humility tend to be the ones I've had the most conflicts with in a work environment.

To this I add that recognizing and fostering intellectual humility is crucial not only for driving the progress of work but also for ensuring the well-being of everyone involved.

#Work #MentalHealth #IntellectualHumility #CollaborativeCulture

I’m on-call for the Bank Holiday and someone decides to phone me as something is broken.

The audacity of these people. 😅

#IT #Work

Jennifer Moore
2 weeks ago

A lot of wealthy people have money tied up in office buildings. So don't be surprised when you hear that "covid is over" or "remote work isn't as good". Empty offices are a threat to their future riches.

"In their paper, the authors argue that remote work has led to significant drops in lease revenue, occupancy, lease renewal rates, and market rents in the office sector within commercial real estate."

#CovidIsntOver #work #WFH

Are you a #LGBTQIA And/Or #BIPOC and have a website, store or music page you want to share a #link for people to click on?
Would you have space to do the same for others?

Drop your site below, a small banner/icon and description.
If you want I can also add #PRIDE icons and Country/Nation Flags/Icons.

I will have a dedicated page for links of this kind. All I ask is you link my website
in return.

Once I have a few links I will post the dedicated page.
I want to have links to all of your wonderful sites and projects.

Will also be interested in talking cross #promotion and more!

#web #support #queer #trans #music #writing #art #blog #opinion #work

Aisling Walsh
2 weeks ago

My obsession with The Dude, is a complicated, a lotta ins, a lotta outs and a lotta what-have-yous!

I wrote about surviving the square world as an #ActuallyAutistic person, work and adulting woes, comfort viewing and Echolalia in The Big Lebowski!


#autism #actuallyautistic #ADHD #neurodivergent #neurokin #neuropride #autcasts #diagnosis #autismdiagnosis #outcasts #movies #films #thedude #coenbrothers #jeffbridges #adulting #work #echolalia

Chris Hallbeck
2 weeks ago

Revenge peanuts. #comics #work #revenge #funny

Person 1: Hey, please get me some revenge peanuts while you're at the store.
Person 2: Is this about your nemesis at work again?

Person 1: Yes, he has a jar on his desk that he keeps nuts in. Every time it's empty he switches to a new type. He likes to announce it "It's time for almonds!" "We got cashews going on!" "It's walnuts people!" He switched to peanuts about six weeks ago and I’ve been slightly refilling his jar each morning before he arrives. 

Person 2: I never imagined a magic peanut jar could be used for evil.
2 weeks ago

Remote async work really shines a light on all your communication weaknesses.

Every time I think I've expressed myself with maximum clarity, immediately all the possible misunderstandings and ambiguities jump out.

Iterating on every Slack message - a new neurosis unlocked 😅

#remote #work #communication

3 weeks ago

"Those problems sound like they come from something deeply wrong in the organization related to work expectations, work distribution, and valuing "busyness" over output. Sure, you can slap an AI bandage on it, but your organization will still be highly inefficient underneath."
#AI #Work #WorkBetter #Productivity #tech

Ben Waber
3 weeks ago

Next was a great talk by Heejung Chung on why flexible working leads to more work and how we can change that reality at #LSE. This is a concise review of solid evidence of why flexible working isn't necessarily a panacea for poor working conditions (7/11) #HR #management #work

Chris Hallbeck
3 weeks ago
A freelancer talks to their new employer.
Pratik Patel
3 weeks ago

Oh look at this. No wonder banks and other institutions want people to work from their offices rather than from #remote locations.

Bankers are better behaved when they work from home and engage in an astonishing amount of financial misconduct when they work from the office, report finds.

#Work #FutureOfWork

Upol Ehsan
3 weeks ago

Weekend reflections: equity in the workplace

Scheduling calls with international teams is a challenge. Making the solution unjust only adds to the problem. But how can scheduling be unjust?

Here's a real-life example: the team is distributed in US, Germany, and Bangladesh. Almost all calls prioritize US and Germany time zones.

See the problem here?

A 🧵 👇

#futureofwork #collaboration #work #teamwork #strategy #academia #mastodon


3 weeks ago

We have been told for generations that lowering taxes on the rich helps the economy, and that "increased entitlements" are a burden the taxpayer cannot afford.

These are lies. The truth, borne out by history is this:

Programs that help the poor, the working poor and those unable to work, actually benefit the overall economy and are not a net tax burden on the taxpayers. 1/2

#work #education #healthcare #help #investment #food #economy #tax #taxes #housing

3 weeks ago

Good #morning friends 💕:blobfoxcofecute: 💕

Yesterday was a hard day on the #work front… I’d been away just long enough to forget about #OfficePolitics but they’re still here, right where I left them :revblobfoxupsidedown:

This week, I’m glad it’s #Friday. How are y’all today??

matsuko (they/she)
3 weeks ago

Sick of job postings for "part-time" roles that are actually 30+ hours/week.

#work #jobs #insurance #benefits #employers

robyn 🌱
3 weeks ago

I am also at, where I've been posting for a while, but I found that I shared so much #gardening content that I figured a dedicated instance might be the way to go 😄

I post more #tech, #work, and #urbanism content on that other account if you are interested in that.

Greg Stoll 🌈
4 weeks ago

a parable about asking for help at work #Essay, #Work <- TL;DR - ask for help when you need it!

Ben Waber
1 month ago

Next was an interesting talk by @professorBodker on participatory design for empowering workers in designing #work and #management software at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (3/10)

ts thank you ☕
1 month ago

Hey all, I’d appreciate your positive vibes, prayers, anything along this line as I look at my relationship with school/work. What did they teach me? How did this play out during my initial foray into adulthood? If there are unhealthy patterns then I want to ID them and make a helpful change. Here’s to being brave!
#career #education #labor #school #work

I think we should work four 10 hour days per week and then have every Friday off.

#business #work

The place I #work is so bad, if they use a #technology I consider it a redflag.