For Mark Dollar, strike action against UK National Highways is not about the last 12 months, but the last 12 years.
‘Enough is enough’: A UK union rep fighting from the picket line
9 hours ago

"‘A watershed’: Meta ordered to offer mental health care to moderators in Kenya

Trauma experienced by staff at Nairobi Facebook hub recognised in legal ruling that may have global implications"

#Meta #Facebook #TrustAndSafety #Moderation #Wellness #Wellbeing #MentalHealth #Health #FrontLine #Trauma #PTSD #Kenya #WorkersRights #Employment #Law

22 hours ago

Had an excellent gym just now. Thanks to having had a remote worday today.

There is chatter in the workplace on pulling back on remote work now. I for one won't work if that happens, full stop.

Been poor long enough to know how to survive without a lot of money. There are a lot of things worth more than that.

We have this one life, time is our most valuable possession. Let's stop selling it away so cheap.

#RemoteWork #ClassConsciousness #Worker #WorkersRights #FightBack #labor

The Progressive
2 days ago

A new book and an old film on the Memorial Day Massacre tell the story of Robert M. La Follette Jr.’s role.
#workersrights #pbs #strikes #MemorialDay2023

4 days ago

A significant number of #StackOverflow volunteer moderators and power users are currently on strike from conducting moderator activities, related to recent company decisions/behavior:

As a former employee who was affected by last months layoffs at Stack, I will refrain from offering my own thoughts and opinions. Recent changes to policy were made after I was laid off, and I have no knowledge of the company's non-public actions.

However, I'm an incredibly strong believer in #CollectiveBargaining , #WorkersRights , and the power of #OrganizedLabor. I will not be crossing their virtual picket line as a show of support to their right to organize.

M.E. Purfield- Author? 🤔 🤷
5 days ago

“It Only Takes 30 Seconds - Click the "Take Action" Button & Tell the KS Legislature: "DO NOT Give New Tax Credits to Entities that Pay People with Disabilities Less than Minimum Wage!" “

#disabled #kansas #disability #workersrights

RS, Author, Novelist
5 days ago

@joehumphrey Thank you for further context. And further philosophical food for thought.

"A lot of oversharing of overtly sexual stuff with his employees..."

Isn't it funny how being paid allows us to tolerate what we otherwise would not? Work for many people is a different space, a different experience, than any they'd otherwise choose—and it transforms them into somebody they might not otherwise like.

Additionally, let's observe that words are very powerful. As writers and authors and speechwriters, we are well aware of that. Readers, or the audience for the spoken word... not so much.

#writing #writer #writers #writingcommunity #writersofmastodon #philosophy #work #workers #workersrights #work #spokenword

UC Berkeley School of Law
1 week ago

"The Supreme Court dealt a serious blow on Thursday to a core protection of workers, the right to strike."

– Berkeley Law Professor Catherine Fisk and Dean Erwin Chemerinsky on Glacier Northwest, Inc. vs. International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local Union No. 174, via Los Angeles Times Opinion.

#LawFedi #LawSchool #LawProfs #workersrights #LaborLaw #SCOTUS

JuneSim63 💚
1 week ago

Amazon workers in Coventry, England, are on the brink of historic union recognition. Their groundbreaking organising campaign shows that it is possible to fight back against injustice – even in the most hostile of environments.

Taj Ali writes in #Tribune on why the battle to unionise #Amazon matters.

#Unionisation #TradeUnions #UKPolitics #WorkersRights

Kitchen Priestess (she/her)
1 week ago

My grandfather was with the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers Union, which no longer exists due to union busting in the 80s. I remember when they organized strikes against the robber barons of E Ky at the cracking plant in Catlettsburg (at the time owned by Semet Solvay, then Allied Chemical, then Armco. A cracking tower is a place where chemicals are distilled out of fossil fuels using huge boilers that break the molecules, which sort themselves out by weight in the stack & are collected). When he finally retired, my grandfather said he expected the unqualified, inexperienced people being hired would blow up the boilers in six months.

They blew it up in three.

He died of cancer a short time later, never seeing my youngest son.

I tried to google the event to see if there were online records. I saw that another similar explosion at a plant January of this year.

Nothing has changed in 40 years, because the unions are weakened, or eliminated.

#WorkersRights #Labor

Rav Kook lived at around the same time, and was the first Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Mandatory Palestine. He, too, said workers of the world, unite! In his way:

    Within the workers' organization, which is formed for the purpose of guarding and protecting the work conditions, there is an aspect of righteousness and uprightness and tikkun olam (repairing the world). The workers' organization may sue both the employer and the worker who causes this [problem], for unorganized labor brings damage and loss of money to workers. For the unorganized worker works under worse conditions, both in regard to wages and in regard to working hours, etc. And this is likely to make working conditions worse in general. 

Of course, Jews were right on the forefront of the labor movement of early 20th c. America.
Kitchen Priestess (she/her)
1 week ago

Workers are both permitted and encouraged to form unions and to organize against employers who do not provide adequate living wages.

#WorkersRights #Labor #Union #LivingWages

Ben Zion Chai Uziel was born in Jerusalem in 1880 and became the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of first British Mandatory Palestine in 1939, and of Israel from 1948 until his death in 1953. In one place, he wrote:

    In order to protect themselves the law gave [the worker] the legal right to organize, and to create regulations for their fellows for the fair and equitable division of labor amongst them and the attaining of dignified treatment and appropriate payment for their work….in order that the individual worker not be left on his own, to the point that they hires themselves out for a low wage in order to satisfy his hunger and that of his family with a bit of bread and water and with a dark and dingy home.
Kitchen Priestess (she/her)
1 week ago

Even the appearance of exploitation or a situation in which there is a high probability of injury or exploitation is not permitted.

#WorkersRights #Labor

And this idea about employers’ obligations transcending the letter of the law was heard through the centuries:

Rabbi Saul Berman wrote:

    There is an apocryphal tale told about Rabbi Israel Salanter, the [19th. C. Lithuanian] founder of Judaism’s Mussar [ethics] movement. Every year before [Passover], Rabbi Salanter would inspect matzah bakeries to check their kashrut/kosher status. One confident owner couldn’t wait to show off how efficient his matzah production had become. When Rabbi Salanter finished the inspection, though, he declared that the bakery was in violation of the halakhic/Jewish legal prohibition against blood in food. “Your sense of efficiency, together with the unacceptable demands placed upon your workers, shows that their blood is mixed into the food produced in this bakery,” he said. Even though the blood was purely metaphoric, Rabbi Salanter would not certify the kashrut of the matzah.
Kitchen Priestess (she/her)
1 week ago

Refusing to pay cash for labor or overtime is also a violation of Torah, as well as holding workers responsible for the cheap materials and poor facilities you provide.

#WorkersRights #Labor

The sources go after this principle, in different ways, again and again.

For example: You can’t make workers take their work out in trade if they haven’t agreed to it.

    If one hires a worker to work with straw and hay, and then the worker says, “Give me my wages” and the employer says, “take what you have done (namely, the straw and hay) as your wages,” we do not listen [to the employer] (Mishnah Bava Metzia 10:5)

And The Midrash (Sifra, Leviticus 86; Midrash Hagadol, Leviticus 25:39) explains that the verse:

    Do not rule over [a servant] with rigor; but fear your God. (Leviticus 25:43)

means that one is not permitted to make a servant engage in degrading work, perform work that has no purpose (i.e., "busy" work), or carry out a task without a defined limit (e.g., "hoe until I return" when it’s unclear when the person’s coming back.)

And indeed, when one of the wealthier rabbis—a wine trader—tried to be petty and collect for damages incurred on the job—his colleagues ensured that his workers were not only not held liable, but that they were paid for their labor nonetheless.

UCP Has Made Alberta’s Labour Laws the Worst in the Country, Experts Say
Alberta labour laws now even “worse than what we had under the PCs”

* United Conservative Party of Alberta:

#persagen #rightWingPolitics #neoliberalism #workersRights #Alberta #laborLaw

2 weeks ago

The National Labor Relations Board restored the rights of union representatives to use heated language, including occasional profanity, during arguments with management. #unions #labor #workersrights

Matt Alley - BlueCollarWriter
2 weeks ago

BlueCollarWriter Labor News Update 5/26/2023
- #WritersGuildStrike Updates
- Hedge Fund Takeover of Local News Fails Thanks to @cwaunion Efforts
- Are Revenue Generating NCAA Student-Athletes Employees? California NLRB Office Says YES
- More

#1u #UnionYes #Unions #UnionStrong #WritersStrike #WageTheft #WorkersRights

"Stop #Austerity 2.0"

"Austerity is set to return and hurt workers across #Europe. Stand with us to stop Austerity 2.0."

via @etuc #ETUC #WorkersRights!

Matt Alley - BlueCollarWriter
2 weeks ago

BlueCollarWriter Labor News Update 5/25/2023

-Southern Workers Are Building a Movement to be Reckoned With
-AFSCME's Saunders: Help EMS Workers Help Our Communities by Ensuring Safe Staffing
-More including This Day in Labor History

#1u #WritersStrike #Unions #UnionStrong #WorkersRights #UnionYes

Matt Alley - BlueCollarWriter
2 weeks ago

BlueCollarWriter Labor News Update 5/24/2023
Labor News Update:

- #WritersStrike news
-Federal judge finds West Virginia Governor Justice coal companies liable for nearly six years of unpaid UMWA union retiree benefit plan premiums
-Companies Are Taking a Harder Line on Union Organizers, Workers Say

#1u #Unions #WGA #UnionStrong #UnionProud #economy #NLRB #WorkersRights

Workers' Group EESC
2 weeks ago

RT @Jude_KD: Opening of @etuc_ces #ETUC50 15th Congress in Berlin - I'll be there in person from tomorrow morning but have to watch opening via streaming... #JustTransition #BetterPay #WorkersRights #Democracy

Follow the speeches and debates


3 weeks ago

There is a strike on public transport going on today. I support workers' rights, unions and strikes completely, and I can usually plan around it. I hadn't realised this one was today though. Fortunately I saw it a few hours before my appointment, so I managed to get here in time.

I wish workers could get rights without bothering chronically ill people. As if people in power care about us. As long as car-driving managers can get to work, there is no emergency, duh. Maybe public transport workers could use their busses to block the parking lot of the golf clubs or something.

#strike #WorkersRights #unions

U.S. Politics in Real Time
3 weeks ago

Sanders Unveils Bill Guaranteeing Up to 7 Days of Paid Sick Leave for US Workers — The U.S. is the only wealthy country in the world without universal paid sick leave.

#Truthout #PaidSickLeave #EmployeeBenefits #USLaborLaw #BernieSanders #WorkersRights #Politics #News
3 weeks ago

Well, if we can't eat the rich, let's maybe at least automate them?

"These lazy, greedy employees spend much of their day sitting on their asses, making yes-or-no decisions, yet they reward themselves with grotesque pay packages. In fact, the average CEO of a major company costs the equivalent of almost 400 workers."

#ai #MachineLearning #automation #ChatGPT #labor #WorkersRights #AutomateTheRich

Solidarity to the pilots! Strike action is the *only* way workers have to level the playing field with employers. I hope the threat of a strike on May Long Weekend is enough for the company to come around. If not, then here’s hoping the Feds stay the heck out of it. #workers #unionism #workersRights #solidarity #AirTravel #CanPoli

3 weeks ago

Anyone with half a brain knew this was always going to happen after #brexit.
I'm just surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

#WorkersRights #EU #WorkingTimesDirective #ToriesOut #GTTO #Tories

More than a year after launching an effort to unionize, dancers at a topless dive bar in Los Angeles are close to becoming the only unionized group of strippers in the U.S.
#news #npr #unions #workersrights

4 weeks ago

Do you live in #Ontario ? Sick of lousy pay and working conditions? The Ontario Federation of Labour has this handy new page to put you in touch with a union organizer.

#labour #workersrights #union #onpoli #Solidarity

1 month ago

@stux If a business makes $40 bn a year that has 7000 employees, an equal division would be $5.71 mn per employee per year. Obviously, there’s overhead & expenses to be added into that equation but when you consider many huge corporations in #usa pay no tax, pay less than $20 an hour to most employees, no benefits & huge CEO bonuses …… #capitalism #inequity #socialism #workersrights

1 month ago

"More than 150 workers whose labor underpins the AI systems of Facebook, TikTok and ChatGPT gathered in Nairobi on Monday and pledged to establish the first African Content Moderators Union, in a move that could have significant consequences for the businesses of some of the world’s biggest tech companies."

#labour #labor #workersrights #solidarity #Africa #Kenya #techpolitics #unions #BigTech #outsourcing

Writers' union will strike on Tuesday after six weeks of negotiations with studios and streamers failed.
Hollywood writers announce major strike over workers’ rights
Eva Chanda
1 month ago

We were told computers & robots would liberate us from dreary, time-consuming, repetitive tasks, so we could devote ourselves to art, literature, music, science, innovation, and other creative pursuits... Happy #MayDay... #WorkersRights

Another 35,000 employees at Canada Revenue Agency remain on strike, demanding better pay and telework flexibility.
Canada reaches deal with 120,000 striking federal workers
1 month ago

May Day is International Worker's Day!

The San Francisco General Strike of 1934, along with the Toledo Auto-Lite Strike of 1934 led by the American Workers Party and the Minneapolis Teamsters Strike of 1934 led by the Communist League of America, were catalysts for the rise of industrial unionism in the 1930s

#MayDay #InternationalWorkersDay #Unions #WorkersRights #Solidarity

Confrontation between a policeman wielding a night    stick and a striker during the San Francisco General Strike, 1934
Tucker Teague
1 month ago

I've been reading "Rebel Rank and File:
Labor Militancy and Revolt from Below During the Long 1970s" (Edited by Aaron Brenner, Robert Brenner and Cal Winslow)

Excellent book. I believe there's a lot here to teach us (the good and the bad) and inspire us today.

You can find it here:

#union #unions #strike #LaborMovement #history #socialism #capitalism #revolution #rebellion #WorkersRights #VersoBooks

An image of the book Rebel Rank and File:
Labor Militancy and Revolt from Below During the Long 1970s
Edited by Aaron Brenner, Robert Brenner and Cal Winslow
Protesting teachers took to the streets across the country all last week demanding better rights and payment of arrears.
Guinea’s contract teachers take to streets, threaten more strikes
Millions of workers and activists mark the day with rallies, protests to demand better working conditions and salaries.
Photos: May Day rallies across the world
1 month ago

So-called "freedom convoy" types harassed striking #PSAC members at the #Sudbury Taxation office.

This is the true fascist face of the convoy movement.

#workersrights #labor #labour #generalstrike #cdnpoli
1 month ago

"Journalists have been busy marveling at the spectacle of AI, but they need to be wary of a corporate shift towards media automation."

#journalism #news #ai #capitalism #WorkersRights

Last week, BuzzFeed nuked its entire newsroom, laying off an already significantly reduced team that had never been quite the same since the company forced out droves of investigative and politics reporters last March. And while you certainly couldn’t call this the first major newsroom layoff in history, it did feel unique for one particular reason.

In an email that company CEO Jonah Peretti sent to his soon-to-be-jobless staff, he mentioned that BuzzFeed would now focus on “increasing speed and effectiveness” while also pivoting to “bring AI enhancements to every aspect of our sales process.” Whatever Peretti thinks that means, it sure sounds like the company has decided that automated content generation is cheaper and more profitable than hiring actual journalists to report the news.
1 month ago

Interesting to see that both right-wing and neo-liberal media, Conservative & Liberal politicians along with Conservative & Liberal twitter trolls hate the working class.

#PSAC #Solidarity #workersrights #generalstrike #labour #labor

The Progressive
1 month ago

In 2013, more than 1,130 garment workers were killed when the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Bangladesh. Has enough changed to keep it from happening again?
#Labor #Capitalism #Imperialism #WorkersRights #Unions

Half a million people used warm banks this winter, while energy companies sit on £7bn of OUR money
UK Government is funding an anti LGBTQ organisation in uganda
Amazon workers in Coventry carrying signs saying "I am not a robot"
Families of Brtish nationals in Sudan not allowed to board planes.
Today's headlines from the Guardian. 🤬🤬🤬
I fucking hate this country.
#CostOfLivingCrisis #Sudan #WorkersRights #UKPolitics #Pride #JoinAUnion #SupportTheStrikes #FuckTheFuckingTories

Lita Xú Líng Kelley
2 months ago

Only one week away. May Day 2023.

Boston May Day 2023 will be on May 1st , with a rally at 5pm at the Parkman Bandstand on Boston Common, followed by a march throughout the city.

Over 40+ speakers of cosponsoring organizations for May Day 2023 include;

Boston May Day Coalition

Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts

Cambridge City Growers

New Democracy Coalition

United American Indians of New England

Jewish Voice for Peace

Black Lives Matter Rhode Island

Workers World Party - Boston

Refuse Fascism

North American Indian Center of Boston

Community Church of Boston

Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front of Massachusetts

Encuentro 5


African People’s Socialist Party

Anarchist Black Cross - Boston

Community Advocates for Justice and Equality

COS New England

DSA Socialist Feminism Working Group

Little Liberty

Progressive Labor Party

Revolutionary Blackout Network

Natick Black Lives Matter

Boston Independent Socialist Group

Red Strike Project

International Marxist Tendency

Communities Responding to Extreme Weather

Inspiring Today’s Youth.

Extinction Rebellion Boston

Palestinian Youth Movement

Boston South Asian Coalition

Julian Assange Defense - Boston

Boston Teachers Union

St. Vincents' Nurses Union

Justice is Global

Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health

Battle First Aid Responder Services

Activate Media

Burhan Rebels / Trans rights /LGBTQIAS2+

Boston Education Justice Alliance

Starbucks Workers United Massachusetts

Bishop of the Diocese Of Saint Francis of Assisi

July 26 Coalition - Boston Cuba Solidarity

Massachusetts Peace Action

Mass Action Against Police Brutality

Massachusetts Nurses Union of Brigham & Women's Hospital

In addition to the above endorsing organizations, additional speakers include the families of victims of police brutality & murder in Massachusetts

Eric Mack ( Anthony Harden's family)

Dimex (Larry Ruiz Hernandez's family)

Carla Sheffeild (Burrell Ramsey White's mother)

Dyani Tisdol (sister of William Tisdol)

Tina Degree (Moses Harris's family)

Jenelle Ambroise (Christopher Diven’s mother).

There will also be music: 4:30pm-5pm

Joe Messina - will perform revolutionary punk rock

Kristin Turgeon - will perform revolutionary folk

Food will be available courtesy Boston Food Activists

more info @

#Boston #BostonMA #Massachusetts #mayday #mayday2023 #classwar #unionize #union #workers #workersrights #freepalestine #policebrutality #blacklivesmatter #internationalworkersday #immigrantrights #transrights #abortionrights #antiwar #bostonprotest #protest #rally #march #generalstrike #strike #solidarity #unitedfront #indigenousrights #ClimateEmergency #xrboston #ExtinctionRebellion #nurses #starbucks #racialjustice #SocialJustice #marxism #marxist #socialism #socialist #anarchist #anarchism

Rally & march against all forms of exploitation & oppression. 

Parkman Bandstand, Boston Common. 5PM
2 months ago

Drivers in California have joined the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, in one of the first driver-specific unionization efforts in the company.
#amazon #Amazonlaborunion #Teamsters #deliverydrivers #Amazondeliverydrivers #ups #Heat #Union #workersrights

Rua M. Williams
2 months ago

Gonna be in Hamburg in like 36 hours. Maybe. If the strikes are done by Saturday. If not, I'll enjoy Copenhagen for a long as it takes to support workers rights #CHI2023 #workersrights

Terra Field
2 months ago
Louise Auerhahn
2 months ago

Baristas with @SBWorkersUnited have been pushing @Starbucks to stop union-busting. I’m sticking with the workers!

#StickItToStarbucks #unions #WorkersRights #organizing

Graphic with a coffee cup and the words: Starbucks, this is your sign to respect your workers and stop union-busting.
2 months ago

I have written an email to CEO Ethan Diamond in support of @bandcampunited and their efforts. Let's stand together for better outcomes for artists and workers.

#bandcamp #bandcampunited #union #workersrights

Screenshot of an email I sent to Ethan Diamond, CEO of Bandcamp in support of their workers' right to unionize.
Gabriel Arana
2 months ago

Don’t know where this is from but love it. Morning everyone! #workersrights #labor @TexasObserver

Graphic with text “the hand that will rule the world—one big union.”
Gabriel Arana
2 months ago

Was proud to be part of effort to successfully unionize @HuffPost with the Writers Guild of America East, and then to work at union outfits The American Prospect and TheNation. A union is the best form of HR because they don’t work for your employer but for the workers. #labor #workersrights

A raised fist for workers’ rights
Stefan Bohacek
2 months ago

This is a really good bot, and a very good law.


And kudos to @jochie‬ for making it #OpenSource!

#bots #CreativeBots #labor #LaborLaws #WorkersRights

Screenshot of a post from the bot:

NOTICE DATE: 2023-03-22

County/Parish: San Francisco County
Received Date: 2023-03-22
Effective  Date: 2023-03-31
Company: Glassdoor, Inc.
Layoff/Closure: Layoff Permanent
No. Of Employees: 130
Address: 300 Mission St, 16th Floor  San Francisco CA 94105
Stefan Bohacek
2 months ago

Browse important historical events in the continued struggle to build a better world for all workers on this interactive map from @workingclasshistory

#labor #workers #WorkingClass #WorkersRights #history #events #map

A screenshot from showing a world map overlaid with dots representing various events in history. Sidebar on the left shows a map legend and the sidebar on the right shows the site's description.
Stefan Bohacek
3 months ago

"The problem is that, in our world, artists have to make a living through their art by selling it, and so they have to think about its market value. We’re introducing a technology that can utterly wreck people’s livelihoods, and in a free-market economic system, if your skills decline in value, you’re screwed."

#capitalism #labor #WorkersRights #AI #MachineLearning

@maxkennerly Companies that do that should be blasted all over social media and run out of business! #workersrights

Axel Leroy
3 months ago

WTF, #strapi —a #startup founded in #France— no longer wants to recruit in its own country because they do not want to abide to basic #WorkersRights requirements the French government enforces on companies with more than 50 employees! 😠🤦‍♂️
(link in French)

Why is France closed as a hiring country?

If we reach 50 employees in France, we have to:

- Set up an enterprise committee responsible for hygiene, security, and work conditions.

- Agreement on participation in the company's results.

- Profit share bonus.

- Monthly declaration of personal movement for the administration.

- Union delegate (optional).

- Annual negotiation (work duration, etc.) if union delegate.

Also, taxes in France are the highest of all countries in which we are present.

That would cost a lot of money and time (= money), which is something we can't afford.

We will hire again in the future.
3 months ago

Workers at TCGPlayer, the trading card marketplace bought by eBay in 2022, voted to unionize on Friday.
#Ebay #tcg #tradingcards #Union #workersrights #CWA #unionization #election

A nurse reflects on what it means to be overworked and underpaid in a profession that provides life-saving care.
Why I’m striking: A nurse on the picket lines in the UK
The Progressive
3 months ago

The $115 billion company has refused to negotiate with a single unionized store; now, its CEO is being held accountable by Congress.
#labor #workersrights #capitalism #starbucks

Martin Owens
3 months ago

My new favourite #workersrights anthem: give it a listen!

"I've come to right wrongs for all the times you've wronged rights"

#strike #ukpol #politics #workers #labour

3 months ago

I've kind of won the privilege lottery (except for #adhd), but I'm trying my best to be sensible about it. I care deeply about #feminism, #transrights and #antiracism, yet I still struggle to act on my beliefs.

I want the world to be a juster, kinder place. I want to live in a #solarpunk future and turn our car-centric concrete hellscapes into #walkable neighbourhoods. I want our economy to be #sustainable and focused on #workersrights. In order to get there, capitalism needs to be abolished.

unofficial Hugo Book Club blog
3 months ago

Updated our ever-evolving list of labour unions in science fiction and fantasy.

The latest update includes two excellent recent short stories about workers revolutions by @megelison and by @atrailofleaves

The list of labour unions in SFF is at our blog:

Google docs version:

#Solidarity #WorkersRights #Workers #LabourUnions #UnionStrong #LaborUnions #SolidarityNow

Cover of Lightspeed 136 - Featuring Meg Elison's story "The Revolution Will Not Be Served With Fries"
The cover of Interzone 294 with "Last Act of the Revolution" by Louise Huges
Stefan Bohacek
3 months ago

End of the 5-day workweek? Some states consider legislation making 4-day workweeks more common

#WorkersRights #labor #4DayWorkweek

3 months ago

"states with abortion bans... have not expanded Medicaid; have higher murder and poverty rates and lower minimum wages; dominate the lists of worst schools in the country; and claim a disproportionate number of counties with the lowest life expectancy.

...“the states enacting abortion bans are the same ones that are economically disempowering workers through other channels.”

#GOP #Abortion #Economy #WorkersRights #USPolitics

Text from article:
Access to abortion, as well as the cultural milieu associated with that position, is certainly one of many factors people consider when determining where to live, work or start a business. It is also noteworthy that states with abortion bans tend have a cluster of other negative attributes. For example, such states generally have not expanded Medicaid; have higher murder and poverty rates and lower minimum wages; dominate the lists of worst schools in the country; and claim a disproportionate number of counties with the lowest life expectancy. As a report by Asha Banerjee of the Economic Policy Institute confirms, “the states enacting abortion bans are the same ones that are economically disempowering workers through other channels.”
3 months ago

Nearly half of the U.S. companies currently using OpenAI's ChatGPT say the chatbot has already replaced workers, despite warnings it shouldn’t be relied on for ‘anything important’.

#ChatGPT #tech #news #WorkersRights

The Progressive
3 months ago

Southern Black workers have a long record of forming unions to press their demands for justice—we once again need to build power at work as we have in the past.
#blackhistory #labor #workersrights