#WorldAidsDay 🇪🇺
9 months ago

🟢 The aim of the event was to provide the practical and fact-based information and help break down the stigma of people living with HIV/AIDS.

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9 months ago

➡️1 December was the #WorldAIDSDay and our #YEA Mila Mladenova, a medical student from #NorthMacedonia, joined an initiative at the @EuHouseSkopje.


9 months ago

Argh, I should have posted this #dailyphoto one on December 1st, but it completely slipped my mind.

There's this awesome nonprofit here in Minneapolis called The Aliveness Project that does support work for people living with HIV/AIDS. Every year on #worldAIDSday, they host the Red Undie Run fundraiser: a mile run in nothing but a pair of red undies across the Stone Arch Bridge downtown. I covered their inaugural year back in 2019. It remains one of my favorite photos ever.


A large group of people in red underwear run through a blizzard
Nevis Island
10 months ago

As the #Federation joined the rest of the world to recognize December 01 as #WorldAIDSDay, the Ministry of Health on #Nevis had commended the strides made in the fight against #HIV / #AIDS in the Federation.

10 months ago
10 months ago

Hi #MedMastodon
I’m migrating here but keeping a presence in twitterverse still. Celebrating #WorldAIDSDay (I was at UCSF in late 80s. We’ve come a long way) #MedEd #PublicHealth #PublicHealth. Follow me! Help me find you!

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On #WorldAIDSDay , learn more about the findings of the @eavi2020 project, managed by #HaDEA
RT @HorizonEU: On #WorldAIDSDay2022 discover a very important study:

Latest research from #EUfunded @eavi2020 indicates that early innate immune markers could be used to predict vaccine neutralising antibody responses!


10 months ago

RT @EU_Health: #WorldAidsDay: COVID-19 has set back health systems and delivery of healthcare everywhere.

We need boost prevention, testing and treatment to reach the #UN SDGs target 3.3 to end the AIDS epidemics.



EU drugs agency
10 months ago

Despite falling HIV transmission rates, more than 1 in 10 new AIDS cases in the EU are still attributed to injecting drug use. What are the measures for preventing and controlling infectious diseases among people who inject drugs?



Alan Kotok
10 months ago

The data show falling numbers of young men and women in sub-Saharan #Africa with new #HIV infections since 2010, but the percentage of infected #women and #girls also rising over that time. #Science #Health #UnitedNations #UNAIDS #WorldAIDSDay #PublicHealth #Infographic

HIV infections by age and sex in sub-Saharan Africa since 2010

I noted this anniversary privately yesterday. It was also #WorldAidsDay, so I posted a little about that.

This morning I got an alert that "Flatbush Gardener" was mentioned somewhere. It turned out that my last #photo I took of my father - just me holding his hand - was used to illustrate an article/interview on predatory commercial hospice companies.

#Photography #Hospice #PalliativeCare

10 months ago

Missed my chance to post this on #WorldAIDSDay yesterday, but I'd like to emphasize that #RealWorldSanFrancisco is one of the most important pieces of television ever.

This year I have spent more time than usual reading the obituaries of gay men lost to the AIDS epidemic in the USA during the 80s and 90s.

When I read an obituary, I take a moment and say the name of the deceased out loud to myself.

In this way I honor their memory and I hold their loved ones, even for a moment, in my heart, thoughts, and physical space.
#aids #WorldAIDSDay #worldaidsday22 #lgbtq #hiv #gay #queer

Kevin Ault
10 months ago

In case you missed it, yesterday was #WorldAIDSDay, and this was from 12-1-1987. I was a medical student then. :verified:
10 months ago

Hello we are #newhere if you are interested in great #adventures and #excursion tips, feel free to follow us. 😊
Here we were at the #Ameisstein with view to the #Almsee. ⛰️🥾
For more information, check out our blog at ✅
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Michea Bonilla
10 months ago

I grew up during the AIDS epidemic, I watched how people were villainized just for the fact that they were LGBT+, and those who were HIV+ were kicked from communities that claimed to be "welcoming."
It's been over 2 decades since I lost an amazing and wonderful family friend to AIDS, and I still look back and smile at how he helped shape my path in the world today, he is why I went into advocacy and education, why I still fight to this day. #WorldAIDSDay #WorldAIDSDay2022

Finito il #1dicembre non dobbiamo in alcun modo dimenticare che educazione, formazione, informazione e prevenzione sono fondamentali nella lotta contro HIV, AIDS e infezioni/malattie sessualmente trasmissibili. Serve un impegno quotidiano, serve rompere i tabù a partire dalle scuole. Sì perché in Italia il sesso è tabù e nelle scuole non si può fare educazione alla sessualità, libera e consapevole. Silenzio è morte. E con i dati in crescita tra i giovanissimi, non è accettabile. #WorldAIDSDay   

10 months ago



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Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste
10 months ago

RT Fred Bladou de l'association rappelle que le Sida est toujours là, toujours tabou et que les discriminations autant que les inégalités sociales sont des facteurs majeurs de contamination.
#VIH #AIDES #WorldAidsday

10 months ago

I have a friend that is HIV+. We were friends before she was diagnosed. We will be friends long after both of us are gone.

This disease is still largely ignored and treated like some backwater cousin. It's sad.


Stakeholders SGV
10 months ago

World AIDS Day is December 01, its 2022 theme, “Putting Ourselves to the Test: Achieving Equity to End HIV”. This observance developed by the World Health Organization of the United Nations. Its aim is to bring awareness of the steady decrease in AIDS diagnoses throughout the years, as well as the need for long-term critical response actions, preparedness, & HIV/AIDS prevention. We support people living with HIV/AIDS, & lives lost to AIDS.

Kristin Woodward
10 months ago

@MatthewHodson happy for you!! And such a great reminder for younger folks who don’t know/remember how devastating an #AIDS diagnosis used to be. Yay #science ! Wishing you a long and healthy future. ❤️ #WorldAIDSDay

I'm old enough that #WorldAIDSDay is always a hard one.

10 months ago

This one is for Miller on #WorldAIDSday

Omar Moore
10 months ago

October 2022: @eltonofficial in Santa Clara, California. On #WorldAIDSDay  I shout out the @ejaf for all the excellent work they are doing to fight HIV/AIDS across the world, particularly on the African continent. I’m so glad to donate to EJAF, which has been around 30+ years.

10 months ago

The first good friend I had in SF died from AIDS. I miss him. #WorldAIDSDay

This is amazing. I published my World AIDS Day article on Medium, which is, in part, the story of my connection to Tod Morger, a man I knew in 1986.

Someone he went to school with happened to think of him earlier - googled Tod's name, and my story of Tod popped up! I only published it less than 18 hours ago. Goosebumps! That's a heck of an example of synchronicity!

#WorldAIDSDay #WorldAIDSDay2022 #synchronicity #spirituality

Here is the link, again.

What a great way to cap off #WorldAIDSDay  with @Growlr live discussion with some amazing panelists talking about sexual health, HIV, U=U, PrEP, and everything in between!

Jorge (he/him)
10 months ago

It's #WorldAIDSDay

This is your reminder that HIV+ people are not "dirty". Don't use "clean" in your dating profiles.

HIV+ people who are taking medication cannot pass the virus to others. This is known as U=U (Undetectable = Untransmissable)

PrEP is covered by insurance in the US thanks to the Affordable Care Act. This includes clinic visits and lab tests.

Regional/Local orgs can provide PrEP and PEP for those uninsured.

We must talk about HIV openly. We need to take down the stigma.

Standing in front of bookshelves, flexing my right arm. Wearing a red shirt that says "On Thursdays we wear red" with a red AIDS ribbon below the message.
EU International Partnerships
10 months ago

It's #WorldAIDSDay. Time to get back on track & end AIDS as a public health threat.

EU supports work by @GlobalFund 💯.

In 2021, 23.3 MILLION people received lifesaving HIV medicine.

We are stepping up to build a healthier and fairer world.

#GlobalGateway #TeamEurope


It’s #WorldAIDSDay and also the 19th anniversary of my #hiv diagnosis. It’s good I’m alive and healthy. Thankfully, the medicines work so well now. Still, I can’t help feeling melancholy. Dealing with the trauma has cost me a lot

Cathode Ray Tube
10 months ago

I’ve been thinking about my friend Matthew. He died, age 31, from AIDS related illness. A beautiful, creative man who showed me the way. I was 25 but he seemed to me the ‘elder’, though he was three years younger. He opened a door into #LGBTQ culture and history I was unaware of. He taught me how to be the real me. I learned how to survive. Alas, his was a different fate. I wish he was here now, with me having turned 60. Getting old is a lonely business. #WorldAIDSDay

Remembering Hugh, Troy, and Kevin on this #WorldAIDSDay

Bellis Coldwine
10 months ago

ARTIST: SILENCE = DEATH Project- Avram Finkelstein, Brian Howard, Oliver Johnston, Charles Kreloff, Chris Li- 1987.
#WorldAidsDay #ActUp #SilenceEqualsDeath

Silence = Death poster- link triangle on large black background. Text in white bold type.

Its #WorldAIDSDay . Reminder that

📖 we dont have a list of Canadian HIV care providers to coordinate care btwn jurisdictions
💊 Access to prevention and treatment options still dependent on the province/territory
📈 Celebrating 90:90:90 hides the 10:10:10 often most vulnerable.

10 months ago

Thinking of my friends who are affected this #WorldAIDSDay. 😢

Thinking of my friends who are affected this #WorldAIDSDay. 😢
Ten Cent Takes
10 months ago

Today is #WorldAIDSDay
Back in 1994, when the AIDS epidemic had yet to peak, The Incredible Hulk 420 told a complicated story about HIV, AIDS, and how they can affect anyone. It doesn't have any happy endings, but it's still worth reading today.

European Commission
10 months ago

We need to tackle HIV on all fronts and together.

A new report shows that from at least 2018 to 2021 more people became infected with HIV in the European Region than were diagnosed.

Check here where to get tested ❤️➡️!yR93Tw



10 months ago

On #WorldAidsDay this is for all the beautiful boys we lost.

10 months ago

Well I tried to make a #WorldAIDSDay posting, but apparently it's still too raw, 40 years later. But for everyone affected: I remember, and if you want to talk, I will try to be here for you.

10 months ago


“Being gay is a natural normal beautiful variation on being human. Period. End of subject. Therefore, any argument which says differently is an immoral supremacist one. Call it out as such ... Be outraged, offended, angry and intolerant of any discussion or any one who describes you as unequal, undeserving or unnatural for being just as you are.” - Larry Kramer

#worldAIDSday #LarryKramer #ActUp #HIV #Gay #equalrights

10 months ago

for those we lost, for the elders we never had, for those living with stigma and prejudice, for those without health insurance, for those who can't access #prep and #pep for those of genders and sexualities assumed to be high risk, and those overlooked
and to those who refuse to believe U=U because they prefer to hate
#worldaidsday #U=U #worldaidsday2022

a red ribbon and the words world aids day December 1st on a black background
Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
10 months ago

20 years ago, our teams opened the first treatment centre offering free care to people living with #HIV in Kinshasa in #DRC.

Today, the facilities we support are still full of patients, many in an advanced stage of the disease.


Marjorie H Morgan
10 months ago

"Art is for everyone, and is often used as a means of equalising emotional experiences.

Sharing high and low times in art form is a tool utilised by people throughout the world in all ages of our existence.

Visual art has the ability to connect with the emotional core of humanity because it is an accessible form of storytelling."

Read more here:

#Newsletter #Art #LGBTQI #WorldAIDSDay #MarjoriesMusings

Claes de Vreese ☑️
10 months ago

Folks, it’s #WorldAidsDay22 #worldaidsday. AIDS is far from gone in many places. Consider making a donation if you can.

I just donated via There are many other options. Do it today, if possible. #donate

James Aldridge - Artist
10 months ago

‘HIV/AIDS and the Earth Crisis’

Reposting on #WorldAIDSDay

#QueerRiver blog post

Alex M Bright
10 months ago


This is a hard one for me. On one hand, I want the stigma to end and I want to honour those who have died and who have had to live with HIV and AIDS.

On the other hand, my moron of a “father” contracted HIV at 70 by sleeping with sex workers w/out using condoms. In Africa. And probably very young “women.” So, the extremely vulnerable. Yes, he’s still married to my mom, whom he expects to take care of him now, but he can’t get back here because of Covid restrictions. Oh darn.

10 months ago

En el Día Mundial del VIH/SIDA, un recordatorio de que:


#DíaMundialdelSIDA #WorldAIDSDay

Matt Shipman
10 months ago

I'm sharing this because we need to share our stories on #WorldAIDSDay. We need to remember those we lost. We need to remember the cruel indifference of the government at that time. We need to remember the ostracism that so many faced when they were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

World AIDS Day was launched in 1988 to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, to encourage people to support those living with the condition and to remember those who have died.

Some 35 million people are now living with HIV, but experts hope that continuing research will eventually lead to a vaccine and even a cure.



Dan Harper
10 months ago

This year for #WorldAIDSDay I'm thinking of Isaac Asimov, who died of AIDS in 1992. He got AIDS from a blood transfusion, and back in 1992 his family felt compelled to keep the actual cause of his death a secret, because of the stigma then associated with AIDS. This is a helpful reminder that trying to apply a specific moral code when dealing with a virus is silly. Viruses do not have morals, and will always exploit multiple modes of transmission when possible.

BluePeony :bow_blue:
10 months ago

On World AIDS Day, Biden administration releases new global strategy to end HIV/AIDS by 2030

10 months ago

Today - #WorldAIDSDay - Ben HsuBorger from #MEAction is at the White House to ask Congress to #FundPandemicPlans

You can join in virtually by doing one or more of these actions:

* Email Biden and other Congress members

* Watch and share the Livestream of the protest, scheduled for noon Eastern Time

* Spread the message online - social media toolkit provided

For more details see

#LongCovid #MEcfs #PwME #PwLC #POTS #Dysautonomia #CovidIsNotOver #PandemicsAreChronic

It's World AIDS Day.

Are you on PrEP? Do you even know about PrEP? You should probably be on PrEP!

#worldaidsday #hiv #aids #prep #preexposureprophylaxis #prevention #queer #trans #gay #bi #polyam #silenceisdeath

Bill (PlinyTheOlder)
10 months ago

For #WorldAIDSDay :hivaidsribbon: I’d like to point to the GLBT Historical Society project of digitizing every obituary that appeared in the pages of the Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco’s longest running LGBTQ newspaper. Browsing the 1980s and 1990s is absolutely devastating.

10 months ago

Today is world AIDS Day: a day to remember the partners, lovers, friends, and comrades we have lost.

While we've made great strides, testing and prevention (via PrEP) remain stigmatized and unavailable to many. Healthcare workers remain woefully uneducated, and treatment far too expensive throughout much of the world. Marginalized communities are continue to suffer from ignorance and apathy towards HIV. We can eradicate this disease. We only require the will to do it.


It’s #WorldAIDSDay today. Let’s remember those who this disease has claimed & support the work being done to help those currently living with AIDS as well as preventing its transmission.
Remember, too, that AIDS affects people from all walks of life and loving styles, & disproportionately, BIPOC communities, straight & queer.


Get yourself tested.
Wear condoms.
Talk with your kids/friends/communityabout preventing AIDS and other STIs.

And end the stigma around AIDS/HIV.

/boost plz

Chris Breen
10 months ago

Today seems an appropriate time to reintroduce my memories of the early days of AIDS in San Francisco.

Clayton Hollingsworth 🥉
10 months ago

You can protect yourself and your sexual partners against HIV with #PrEP!

(It does NOT protect against other STIs/STDs)

Can’t afford #HIVPrEP and live in the US?
Check this out:

Need a free or low-cost prescription for PrEP or HIV/STI testing? Look here:

If you can afford it here are some easy online options that don’t require an office visit:


10 months ago

Zum heutigen #WorldAIDSDay haben wir fünf hilfreiche Tipps, wie wir für HIV-positive Menschen ein sicheres Netz bauen und sie unterstützen können.
#WorldAIDSDay2022 #WithRefugees

Sex Ed for Bi Guys
10 months ago

Do you know who was the first person we know of that died of AIDS in the U.S., and when they died? It was Robert Rayford, a Black boy who was 15 when he was hospitalized, and 16 when he died. He lived near St. Louis, Missouri. He died in 1969. It wasn't until 1987 it was discovered he died of complications related to AIDS, after his tissue samples tested positive to #HIV antibodies. Rest in power, Robert. #WorldAIDSDay

T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
10 months ago

This one especially goes out to my teacher Raven Moonshadow. I'm grateful I could be with you at the end.


T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
10 months ago

"One of the processes of your life is to constantly break down that inferiority, to constantly reaffirm that I Am Somebody."

— Alvin Ailey
Dancer, choreographer, and director #AlvinAiley died of complications from AIDS on December 1st, 1989.

On #WorldAIDSDay I honor the legacy of every artist, dancer, writer, musician, parent, bricklayer, sex worker, office drone, nurse, and activist whose lives were stolen by this disease.

We remember you.

Digital collage: Photo of a young Alvin Ailey, a Black man in white pants, naked from the waist up. He is on one knee, the other leg crossed in front, arms and head upraised as if calling on someone in prayer. Patterns of pink and orange paint surround him. quote text overlaid: "One of the processes of your life is to constantly break down that inferiority, to constantly reaffirm that I Am Somebody."
Action Canada
10 months ago

December 1 is both World AIDS Day and the beginning of Indigenous AIDS
Awareness Week. As a country, we cannot respond to HIV without addressing
the underlying social determinants that place Indigenous people at greater
risk of infection. #WorldAIDSDay #IAAW

Graphic illustration of a red AIDS ribbon encircling the earth. "World AIDS Day, December 1" is written at the top. The CATIE logo sits on the bottom right.
10 months ago

On #WorldAIDSDay, I am truly appreciative of both disruptive protest groups like #ActUp and broad socially accepted groups like the red ribbon campaign. Without both, activism fails. For every MLK, you need a Malcolm X.
I also learned about the phrase #uequalsu so you get to as well in case you just knew about the concept before.

10 months ago

A couple notes: we will have a reporter in the field covering #WorldAidsDay in #Boston today.

And landing today is the next story in our big series about Boston's spiraling housing crisis. This one's about tenants finding a way to fight back against massive rent increases (one we found was a rent increase of $2700!).

You can find all that at If you've got q's about a story or a topic or what we're doing today, let me know. I'll be back after I get #coffee. #news

damien :donor:
10 months ago

Today is World AIDS day. About 20 years ago I volunteered at a now defunct weekend camp for families who had members who were HIV positive. We did it twice a year.

Many of these families were from of programs at Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Maryland Medical Center, and Children’s Hospital, which meant that they were largely from Baltimore and Washington DC and predominantly BIPOC. There were a lot of beautiful children at this camp. HIV status was not disclosed to the volunteers as a matter of privacy, but sometimes the children and the adults told us their status. We were trusted.

One of my roles was to lead a bamboo pole fishing expedition with the children. This involved me baiting hooks with worms and helping them pull bluegills out of a pond. And also taking the fish off the hooks. The first year I did it at the spring camp a young girl named M. was in my group. She LOVED fishing and we had a great time. She stuck with me the entire weekend. That fall, when she got off the bus she ran to me and gave me a hug and asked, “are you gonna take me fishin” — I knew that I’d made a difference in her life.

I was also the camp photographer and we did family portraits. This was in the days of film, so I’d take all the portraits and run into town to get them developed on Saturday afternoon and then we would frame them and give them to the families on Sunday morning. For many of these families, this was the only family portrait they had. One weekend, a family missed the portrait time. I took their portrait on Sunday and mailed their photo to them the following week.

I watched these families struggling but also enjoying themselves at this camp. I saw their children grow up over the years. After the camp had to close down, M’s mother died. I sent flowers to the funeral. I didn’t go because it was not appropriate, for anonymity reasons.

I learned through these experiences that I didn’t need to fear people who have HIV/AIDS. Many of the children were HIV positive as a result of in utero transmission from their mothers. I learned that HIV impacts a lot of people and through no fault of their own. I learned that with treatment many people with the virus live long and healthy lives.

I think of M often. She would be in her mid twenties now. I don’t know if she’s even still alive. I hope she is. I do know that twice a year for several years in her young life I made a difference.


Today is #WorldAIDSDay, and I’d encourage designers to reflect on the way AIDS has shaped our work—both through the cultural impact of HIV/AIDS protest and public health designs, and through the talents and voices it prematurely removed or kept from the field.

Vagina Museum
10 months ago

The theme of this year's #WorldAIDSDay is "Equalise". The world has the tools to eradicate this disease. In order to do this, access to care and protection needs to be equally distributed.

Vagina Museum
10 months ago

Today is the 34th #WorldAIDSDay. Since 1988, 1st December has been designated to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. A lot has changed in the years since it was first marked, but there is still some way to go. Here is a brief history of the situation in 1988, compared to today.

10 months ago

#WorldAidsDay #WAD #WeltAidsTag #WAT

Is #AIDS a death sentence? Not necessarily. I know several people who were hospitalised with an almost completely destroyed immune system. That was often the point at which they first found out that they were infected with #HIV.

There are many reasons why people ignore the warning signs. The fear of #stigma and #discrimination is one of them. Often it is also the incompetence of doctors who simply do not think of HIV as a possible cause.


le roncier
10 months ago

La saint sida est l'occasion de rappeler —ou de vous apprendre, vu le niveau des connaissances à ce sujet— qu'une personne séropo sous traitement efficace ne transmet pas le #VIH. Du tout. Nada. Niente. Zéro. Oui, c'est énorme et non, je ne comprends pas non plus pourquoi ça n'est pas plus connu.


Matt Shipman
10 months ago

My uncle died of AIDS in the early 80s. That first wave of deaths, when it was “gay cancer,” and the Reagan administration ignored it.

It is difficult to comprehend how far we have come since then, from advances in HIV/AIDS treatment to gay rights. I wish my uncle could have seen it. And I hope we don’t let politicians drag us backward.

Love you, UncleJimmy. Miss you.

Vagina Museum
10 months ago


On October 11th 1987, the AIDS Memorial Quilt was first displayed. The Quilt is a community project to memorialise those lost to the epidemic. When it was first displayed, the Quilt had 1,920 panels dedicated to 1,920 lives lost.

Image courtesy of Names Project Foundation

Photo of a gigantic colourful patchwork quilt displayed in the park in Washington DC. The Capitol is visible in the background.
Matthew Hodson
10 months ago

People living with HIV still encounter fear and ignorance, often based on out of date information. Most people remain unaware that effective HIV treatment also means that there is no risk of sexual transmission.
For #WorldAIDSDay I spoke to Metro about the persistence of HIV stigma.
#WorldAIDSDay2022 #HIV #AIDS #UequalsU #HIVchanged #FightHIVStigma

It’s #WorldAIDSDay and people are still struggling all over the world to get life saving treatment.

Know your status. It’s time to put an end to AIDS. 🏳️‍🌈♥️

Christopher Phin
10 months ago

Love and hugs to all affected by HIV and AIDS this #WorldAidsDay.

A red ribbon enamel pin on the lapel of my coat.
10 months ago

#WorldAidsDay #WAD #WeltAidsTag #WAT

Do you know about U=U? #UEqualsU

It stands for „undetectable equals untransmittable“.

People living with HIV who are on a successful treatment have an undetectable viral load. This means that the number of viruses still remaining in the blood is so low that even the most modern tests are not able to detect them.


Grant Denkinson
10 months ago

On #WorldAIDSDay I remember those who I knew who died, mourn those I never got to meet and think warmly of my friends who live and live well with HIV now.

Matthew Hodson
10 months ago

I was diagnosed with #HIV in 1998, when I was 30.
At the time, I did not expect to live to 50.
I’m 55 now.
HIV treatment works and it means I can’t pass it on - we call this #UequalsU.
HIV changed. Tell everyone.
#WorldAIDSDay #WorldAIDSDay2022 #AIDShistory #CantPassItOn #FightStigma

The Conversation U.S.
10 months ago

And at @TheConversationAfrica, articles from experts on HIV prevention for #WorldAidsDay, violence against women in #SouthAfrica, how white butterflies are affected by #ClimateChange, and much more

I'de never pay attention more than this, but UNAIDS and every country is just doing some rando things without any coordination for #worldaidsday 🤷🏻‍♂️

Then we'll get some "oh nooooo we didn't achieved ending HIV/AIDS by 2030 ... after failing doing it by 2025 ... after ..."