EPP Group
4 months ago

Agriculture and nature protection must work hand in hand!

🐝 We were glad to welcome Boštjan Noč, President of Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association, to celebrate #WorldBeeDay.

He praised no evidence of bee die-offs from farming in his country in the past 12 years.

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EPP Group
4 months ago

Agriculture and nature protection must work hand in hand!

🐝 We were glad to welcome Boštjan Noč, President of Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association, to celebrate #WorldBeeDay.

He praised no evidence of bee die-offs from farming in his country in the past 12 years.

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EPP Group
4 months ago

Agriculture and nature protection must work hand in hand!

🐝 We were glad to welcome Boštjan Noč, President of Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association, to celebrate #WorldBeeDay.

He praised no evidence of bee die-offs from farming in his country in the past 12 years.

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EPP Group
4 months ago

Agriculture and nature protection must work hand in hand!

🐝 We were glad to welcome Boštjan Noč, President of Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association, to celebrate #WorldBeeDay.

He praised no evidence of bee die-offs from farming in his country in the past 12 years.

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EPP Group
4 months ago

🐝 "Bees Know No Borders" is the motto of our MEPs’ exhibition to celebrate #WorldBeeDay!

Agriculture & nature protection must work hand in hand.

Our Slovenian 🇸🇮 beekeeper guest praised no evidence of bee die-offs from farming in his country in the past 12 years.


4 months ago

A nice poem Mr. ilston. 😉​
We just had #WorldBeeDay 20 May!
That would make and excellent poem to accompany the day. .

the breeze
the trees
the honey bees
All volunteers
4 months ago

@savebees i guess its always #WorldBeeDay somewhere

Sherifa Zuhur
4 months ago

@m_alsallaly on Twitter:
يحبنا ونحبه
‏بهذه الكلمات عبر نحال يمني عن علاقته مع ⁧‫#النحل‬⁩ وهو يصور مقطع سيلفي لنفسه والنحل يتراكم فوق كتفه ورأسه في مشهد جميل ومؤثر 🥰🇾🇪

‏⁧‫#شاهد ‬⁩
#WorldBeeDay @yemen

Jen C Mars
4 months ago

Most likely this bee belongs to a human-kept hive, not an uncommon hobby here in the city. She was hard at work gathering nectar early this morning, and while I usually focus on native insects she was very enjoyable to watch.

#WorldBeeDay #bees #insects #MacroPhotography

A vertical photo of a Western honeybee emerging backwards from a lavendar bell-shaped flower. She is golden-brown and covered in soft fuzz, with balls of pollen attached to her back legs.
Ross of Ottawa
4 months ago

Totally lucky serendipity that we put our bee hotel out on #WorldBeeDay.

Not sure who declares such things, but they clearly checked our plans before making it so. Nice.

William Casey
4 months ago

The bee and the bindweed. Photo taken several years ago on the banks of the River Ilen near #Skibbereen #WestCork

#WorldBeeDay #IrishWildFlowers

Image of a bee hovering over a lilac flower

It's #WorldBeeDay! 🐝

#DYK? Planting a native pollinator garden is one of the easiest ways to help protect pollinators like bees, which are incredibly important to our ecosystem. 🌱

Re-learn about protecting pollinators:
∙ 𝙼𝚊𝚢 𝟸𝟶, 𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟹 𝟸:𝟹𝟶𝙿𝙼 ∙

#zoo #animals #TheTorontoZoo

Azure Generated Description:
a bee on a flower (71.32% confidence)
Azure Generated Tags:
bee (98.58% confidence)
pollen (98.02% confidence)
invertebrate (96.90% confidence)
membrane-winged insect (96.27% confidence)
pollinator (96.10% confidence)
macro photography (95.82% confidence)
plant (94.11% confidence)
honeybee (93.50% confidence)
aster (91.38% confidence)
arthropod (91.30% confidence)
petal (89.89% confidence)
bumblebee (88.61% confidence)
pest (86.50% confidence)
halictidae (86.16% confidence)
hoverfly (85.10% confidence)
bee pollen (84.81% confidence)
flower (84.45% confidence)
yellow (84.29% confidence)
purple (73.45% confidence)
outdoor (73.11% confidence)
animal (57.50% confidence)
insect (53.76% confidence)
Ray Cunningham
4 months ago

Every year, Dublin Cycling Campaign organise a tour of local community gardens. This year I joined in, starting at the Stillgarden distillery garden in Inchicore.
This is a small patch of ground at the entrance to an industrial estate. It was a dump, down a steep slope to the Camac. Now it is full of pollinator-friendly plants, with people from the community regularly coming to help garden.

Bees buzzing through the flowers in the garden
Chris Laprun
4 months ago

Yesterday was #WorldBeeDay. So today helped a smol friend in need of warmth and nutrition: this little fella was holding on tight to a borage flower in our garden without moving so we decided to see if giving it warm honey water and a hand to rest and warm up on would help it with its day and it did!

A close-up photography of a bumblebee sucking on honey water on my hand.
Art History Animalia
4 months ago

#WorldBeeDay: #Bees, Plate 70 #lithograph from an 1820 edition of _A History of the Earth and Animated Nature_ by Oliver Goldsmith (1728/30-1774).
ID key printed on bottom:
Honey Bee 1 Worker 2 Male 3 Queen / 4,5 Common Humble Bee / Lapidary Bee 6 Male 7 Female / 8 Moss or Carder Bee / 9 Donovan's Humble Bee / 10 Harris Humble Bee / False Humble Bees 11 Apathus Vestalis 12 Apathus Repestris

#naturalhistoryart #sciart

Digitally enhanced scan via RawPixel of an original 1820 color book plate. ID key printed on bottom.
Lojie :blobcatcoffee:
4 months ago

Super 👍
Meine Wildbienen waren auch fleißig, die Röhrchen hier sehen genauso aus. Die Lage am Südbalkon wird sehr geschätzt! 😄

Daher hatte ich dieses Frühjahr noch 2 weitere Häuser mit Bambusröhren aufgehängt, bin unter die Groß-Vermieter gegangen ... Huii! 95 % Belegegung mittlerweile! :underheart:

#weltbienentag #worldbeeday

Art History Animalia
4 months ago

For when #WorldBeeDay falls on #Caturday: the sequel!
Nishida Tadashige (Japanese, b. 1942)
"Fly Away B" & "Fly Away W" woodblock prints, 2000
#JapaneseArt #ukiyoe #woodblockprint

"Fly Away (B)" Black cat watches a bee flying away. Gold background.
"Fly Away (W)" White cat watches a bee flying away. Gold background.
LIFE Programme
4 months ago

RT @StepsforLIFE2: En nuestro proyecto cuidamos a los polinizadores y, entre ellos, están las abejas 🐝

Existen más de 20.000 especies de abejas 🐝 en el mundo 🌍

#DíaMundialDeLasAbejas #WorldBeeDay


LIFE Programme
4 months ago

RT @IPBES: Bees & other pollinators help maintain our #biodiversity. 🐝🐝

However, they are under threat ⬇️

40% of invertebrate pollinators, particularly bees & butterflies and about 17% of vertebrate pollinators, such as bats, face extinction globally. 🦇🦋

#WorldBeeDay #BeeEngaged


Level 98
4 months ago

Bee kind. #WorldBeeDay

Last one for #WorldBeeDay. It is shocking how many photos of dandelion flowers I have taken. Some of the photos contain other critters, like this bee.

A bee on a dandelion.
Suzanne Karr Schmidt
4 months ago

I BEE-lieve I Can Fly...

Clasp on
manuscript (Bonaparte 2920) #WorldBeeDay

Metal clasp in the shape of a bee on a book held diagonally across the photo plane.
4 months ago

Another nod to World Bee Day...

#WorldBeeDay #bee #BeeBalm #photography

Close up of the back of a fuzzy yellow and black bee with dark wings with its face buried in a pink bee balm blossom.
4 months ago

I heard that today is #WorldBeeDay so here are some pics I took a few years ago in the backyard
#Macro #Photography

4 months ago

Honoring World Bee Day...

#WorldBeeDay #photography

Bee on a pink flower cluster doing it's bee thing. Background is blurred/bokeh of other nearby plants.
4 months ago

Almost missed honoring World Bee Day...

#WorldBeeDay #SaveTheBees #photography

Close up of a fuzzy yellow bee with dark diamond shape on it's back between its dark veined wings  and a black bottom/butt snuggled face down into the center of a yellow marigold bloom.
4 months ago

World Bee Day? This is Bombus hyperboreus. She’s a brood parasite. B. hyperboreus seeks out the hives of B sylvicola or B polaris in the spring. She’ll kill the queen and let the dead queens first generation raise its young. #WorldBeeDay #bee #bumblebee #nunavut

A small bumblebee perched on an Oxytrope blossom. The bee is mostly yellow, it has a black band, then a yellow band and then the end of the abdomen is black. The flower is yellow.
4 months ago

It’s world bee day? Okay. Here’s Bombus sylvicola on Prickly Saxifrage. It also sports a couple hive mites near the base of its left wing. #WorldBeeDay #Nunavut #bee #bumblebee

A bumblebee perched on some small flowers. It is yellow with a black spot between its wing. The end of its abdomen is orange. The flowers are white with pale orange spots.
Sara 🦝
4 months ago
Bjorn Idle
4 months ago

World Bee Day? What an awesome celebration. There are some amazing pics on here today!

Here's a tiny contribution from our garden

#WorldBeeDay #Bee #Bees #MacroPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography

A honeybee seen side-on, resting on top of the large domed centre of a helenium flower. The background is all blurry
Art History Animalia
4 months ago

Serendipitous find for #WorldBeeDay from today’s shopping excursion to Midtown Scholar: original “Archer Fish” plate from Our Living World v.3, 1885 (an illustration which was lifted from the “Schützenfisch” plate in Brehms Thierleben v.8, 1876-9), w/ the #fish shooting at a #bee!
#naturalhistoryart #sciart

ARCHER FISH labeled plate, black and white lithograph
zoomed in detail showing the archer fish spraying its water shot at a bee on a leaf above it
Brehm’s original color lithograph the illustration is copied from
4 months ago

Apparently it's world bee day, so here is a photo of a bumble bee I took in Cologne in 2013 in the Rheinpark. I love how fluffy this bee's butt is.

#WorldBeeDay #Bee #Flower #Photography #FlowerPhotography #Florespondence #Cologne #BloomScrolling

Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
4 months ago

In honor of #WorldBeeDay

April 2023, Fez, Morocco. At the souk, the bees were attracted to the honey-soaked pastries.

Triangular fried pastries are glistening with honey and covered with many live bees (6 bees in this field of view). The bees look like they are eating the honey.
cryo2go :unverified:
4 months ago

Shot this yesterday, did not know #worldbeeday was a thing, so here's a big ole bumble butt

a big ole bee covered in pollen rooting around in a bright ass rhododendron flower
The Bee Guy
4 months ago

So that’s a wrap.
Thanks folks.
Great to see you all here for #WorldBeeDay2023.
Please follow the signs to the nearest exit.
And remember as @thebeeguy always says

#Bees are for life, not just for #honey

Hey wait…that’s me.
That’s what I say.
I’m The Bee Guy…can I even @ myself?🙄😂🐝🙏🏼

Goodnight good people.


Starts with a rear view of a bumblebee up close foraging on a yellow dandelion flower. Flies to another dandelion in the background.
4 months ago

Happy World Bee Day!

Caught this bee at Filoli Gardens in Woodside, CA.

#bees #worldbeeday

Bee on a pincushion-looking flower
4 months ago

A bee in flight in focus! Albeit flying away. :)

#worldBeeDay #bee #insectPhotography

A bee flying away from the camera towards a pink wild rose.  Bee is in focus, the background is soft focus.  The bee's little pollen pouches on the side are bulging.
Catherine Babault
4 months ago

I see a lot of beautiful photos of bees for #WorldBeeDay 🐝​ Here's one of a bumblebee on a pink mountain-heather (Phyllodoce empetriformis) taken in the alpine meadows on Vancouver Island a few years ago.

#VancouverIslandWildlife #pollinators #nature #NaturePhotography #flowers #spring

Bumblebee on a bright pink flower that is part of a cluster on one stem. The background is green and blurry.
Art History Animalia
4 months ago

A bee-utiful dress for #WorldBeeDay 🐝
transformation dress w/bee motif by J. Doucet, Paris, c.1900-5
chiffon, chain stitch appliqué work w/gold thread & motifs embroidered w/drop stitches in chenille & silk thread, embellished w/rhinestones, Brussels-style needlepoint lace frills, taffeta lining
Musée des Arts Décoratifs

dress front view
dress back view
dress zoomed in view of neckline with bees

This one is definitely NOT a bee. It's a fly. I'm just posting it here to troll the entomologists on #WorldBeeDay.

A fly with yellow and black colors that make it look kind of like a bee.
Bryan Wright
4 months ago

Another carpenter bee. Posted before, but I like this picture so I'm re-posting it for #worldbeeday .

#bees #hymenoptera #insects #nature #photography

Closeup of a bee. The bee is climbing up a daffodil flower toward us, giving us a good look at his face, which had two enormous bean-shaped compound eyes. Each eye is glossy and olive-colored, with mottling of dark like a coarse-grained moire pattern. Between the eyes he has a   bright yellow rectangle. Below this are his saw-toothed mouthparts, and above are his L-shaped antennae. He looks like a pleasant bee.
Bryan Wright
4 months ago

Bees, obviously, for #worldbeeday !

Reay Jespersen
4 months ago

Hey #worldbeeday people:
I’m in Ontario, Canada. My step-mom in B.C. said we should look at getting some mason bees (a thing, evidently) to hopefully help out our flagging blueberry bush.

But the only local place we could find that normally gets in boxes of bees (a thing, evidently) says that a bee expert he knows says recent studies have suggested that mason bees, a west coast native, may threaten Ontario bees.

Any idea if that’s the case? Or where to get an Ontario equivalent to mason bees?

Parmvir Bahia
4 months ago

For #WorldBeeDay I share with you a snap of this two-tone orchid bee I spotted on my garage a few years ago.

An orchid bee as seen against a light grey wall. Seen directly from the back, it's a shimmering green color. From the side, the color is more turquoise.
neville park
4 months ago

Okay, for #WorldBeeDay, for real, my happiest bee discovery this year was seeing and learning about cellophane bees, _Colletes_.


#insects #bees #Hymenoptera #Anthophila #Colletes #NativeBees

A sunny patch of sandy ground with sparse grass. In the middle is a tiny hole with a bee poking its head out, adorably.
Close-up view of the cellophane bee peeking out of the hole.
Bryan Wright
4 months ago
A bee's face, dotted with dew. The eyes are huge, dark, satiny-textured bean shapes. Above the mouthparts the face is lemon yellow. The forehead is black. From it, two antennae emerge an curve off over the eyes like detached eyebrows. The mouthparts are pincers, almost meeting below the face.
neville park
4 months ago

Happy #WorldBeeDay!


The cover of a book called "Bees of the World", illustrated with a photo of…a fly. (The authors had nothing to do with it.)
4 months ago

For #WorldBeeDay here's a #sketch I did of a #bee in #ink and #ColoredPencil last summer. #MastoArt #Art

A sketch in ink and colored pencil of a bee on some flowers. The bee is in profile and predominantly black and golden brown and the flower blooms are pink and purple.
John Carlson
4 months ago

Happy #WorldBeeDay from this fluffy Eastern #CarpenterBee (Xylocopa virginica)

A large bee rests on a flower. The bee is black with a yellow velvety fluff on the thorax. The shiny veined wings fold over the back of the insect
Edde Beket
4 months ago

Every day should be #WorldBeeDay

Pollen-covered bee
The Bee Guy
4 months ago

#WorldBeeDay Challenge.

I challenge you to watch this brief clip of a #miningbee grooming whilst perched on the tip of my finger and not find yourself smiling and feeling good.

This is what we are losing.

Want to do something about it?
I do.

#bees #beesanctuaryireland #beesanctuary #nature

A small ginger haired mining bee grooming perched on the tip of a human finger. Flies gently away at the end of the clip.

Well, if it's #WorldBeeDay ... :)

Vertical photo, might need a click/tap!

This is a Western Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) on a Bee Sage (Salvia apiana). Kinda nice how that worked out — except that this bee is an introduced species here in California.

The sage is native, and more commonly known as White Sage, which is funny, considering how colorful it is when observed up close. More photos:

#MacroPhotography #CANativePlants #Bees

Close-up photo of a Western Honey Bee, digging into a flower bud of a White or Bee Sage.
Ivan Milovanov
4 months ago

A #photo I took many moons ago; that of a #bee, with my beloved in the background. Since it's #WorldBeeDay, I remembered it exists & maybe You find joy in it as I do in that particular #memory.

#flower #bees #hortusbotanicus #Leiden #photography

A macro photograph of a bee on a flower (dahlia tenuicaulis).

The Flower has white petals with strains of pink, becoming yellow towards the middle. The pistil is golden orange, and the bee, of brownish golden and black colours, is mostly busy around that central part.

The background is blurred, with a woman on the left and a building on the right.
Jen C Mars
4 months ago

I hear today is #WorldBeeDay!

This is an Agile Long-horned Bee (Melissodes agilis), one of my favorite visitors to our city garden with their lovely green eyes, fluffy bodies and pink antennae.

ETA: They also have beautiful pink veins on their wings, which you can see a little of in the photo. Quite striking!

#bees #insects #MacroPhotography

Landscape photo of a bee perched on the anthers of a black-eyed susan. The bee is very fluffy, with pale champagne fuzz covering its entire body, the legs and abdomen heavily dusted with rich yellow pollen. The bee has striking mottled green eyes and long, pink antennae and stands atop a pile of dark brown anthers surrounded by yellow petals against a background of a forest of flowers, out of focus.

It's #WorldBeeDay! I love bees, especially bumble bees. I worked for a beekeeper for one full year, so I got to do every seasonal activity of beekeeping. Each time I witnessed bees emerging from the hive, I cheered them on: "Go bees, go!"
Yes, I am a nerd for nature.

Stop using pesticides and rip out that environmental abomination you call a lawn. This photo of a Vosnesensky Bumble bee is from my lawn-free yard.

#SaveTheBees #bees #bumblebee #macro #Ecology #insect

Close-up view of a yellow-faced bumble bee sitting on a flower and facing the viewer. The shallow depth of field has the eyes and head hairs in focus while the wings and legs fall out of focus. The flower is white with pale yellow, and the background is green.
Michael Russell
4 months ago

A Bumblebee on some Lavender flowers in the backyard. For #WorldBeeDay.

#Nature #NaturePhotography #Photo #Photography #Bees

Closeup of a Bumblebee hanging upside down on some lavender flowers.

Pretty sure I was just trying to get some flower photos when this bee showed up. #WorldBeeDay #WorldBeeDay2023 #flowers #photography

A bee foraging on purple flowers.
4 months ago

The Bee Guy shares some home truths about saving the bees

"If you really want to help native wild bees:

Don’t keep hives, keep flowers. Wildflowers. This will mean you will ultimately keep native wild bees.

... Don’t spray poisons on your patch and forget neat and tidy – it’s so last century."

#WorldBeeDay #Bees #Nature #Bumblebees #SolitaryBees

4 months ago
a metallic green sweat bee on a spiky pink and orange flower.
a large fluffy bee on a spiky pink and orange flower. in the background on a flower petal is a fly of some sort
a large fluffy yellow bee with its tongue out clinging upside down to a milkweed flower
a large fluffy bee stares straight ahead while its tongue is in a milkweed flower

I really like the background on this one. #WorldBeeDay #WorldBeeDay2023

A bee on a white flower with a green background.


If you are seeking a poem about bees, take a look at these by Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson, Norman Rowland Gale and Kahlil Gibran.

The Wonderful World Of Bees

A bee on a yellow flower.
Chris Price
4 months ago

🐝 Happy bee day!

#WorldBeeDay #bees

A fuzzy honey bee sitting on a patch of concrete. They have pollen scattered across their back.
Ticia Verveer
4 months ago

A delicate Minoan gold ornament, in the form of a bee, to mark #WorldBeeDay This c. 3,600 year old bee is finely decorated with filigree-work and granulation.

length: 1.9 centimetres, weight: 17 grains.

World Bee Day | 20 May

More Hunt's bumblebees checking out some mint. Hunt's are pretty common here, so probably my most photographed bee species. #WorldBeeDay #WorldBeeDay2023

A bumblebee in flight about to land on a purple flower.
A bumblebee collecting nectar from a purple mint flower.

This one is not a particularly good photo, and my confidence that it's a bee and not a wasp is kind of low. But ignoring all that - IT IS MAGNIFICENT! #WorldBeeDay #WorldBeeDay2023

A green bee (or maybe a wasp) on a white flower.
4 months ago

There's more to bees than honey. A Leafcutter Bee and the leaves she cut to line her nest with the round pieces.
#Weltbienentag #WorldBeeDay #pollinators #InsectSaturday #bees #MacroPhotography

Closeup of a black bee chewing on a leaf.
Maple leaves that have rounded holes around the edges, chewed by the bees.

I think this one is a Hunt's bumblebee on a purple coneflower. #WorldBeeDay #WorldBeeDay2023 #flowers

Hunt's bumblebee on a purple coneflower.

It's World Bee Day, which seems like as good an opportunity as any to post some bee* photos I've taken over the years. #WorldBeeDay #WorldBeeDay2023

*I'm a terrible taxonomist, so I make no guarantees that a wasp or two won't sneak into this thread...

A close up photo of a small leaf cutter bee (I think) sitting on my fingertip looking directly at the camera.
4 months ago

A little something for #WorldBeeDay

Flight of the Mumble Bees

You're welcome

#silly #animation #drawing #bees

Three cartoon bees flapping their wings and flying across a parchment backdrop.

Each of them is mumbling text - "mmphh!!!" and similar.

Vagina Museum
4 months ago

Happy #WorldBeeDay! Enjoy this thread about how baby bees are made, and listen out for exploding bee peen today...

Art History Animalia
4 months ago

Happy #WorldBeeDay! 🐝
#DYK only 8 of the world’s ~20,000 species of #bees are #honeybees (the Apis genus)?

Victoria Fuller (American, b. 1953)
Spelling Bee, 2014
craft fur, epoxy clay, acrylic, resin, mylar, chloroplast
from the Project: Nature exhbition at the Susquehanna Art Musuem

sculpture of a honeybee on a letter B made out of honeycomb cells
The Bee Guy
4 months ago


“Because all #bees are equal and equally in trouble, aren’t they?”

Aren’t they?

The UN tells us it’s #WorldBeeDay today. But they ought to tell us the truth about saving bees as well.

Thanks to @LauraByrneStory and @TheJournal for having me!

#bees #nature #bumblebees #solitarybees #savingbees

Newspaper article with a photo of a bumblebee on Phacelia above the headline
‘The Bee Guy shares some home truths about saving the bees.’
Sharad Mohan
4 months ago

Today is #WorldBeeDay & so an interesting piece of information.

#DoYouKnow that 'Brahmari' is the #Hindu Goddess of #Bees

In #Yoga, she is represented by 'Pranayama', a type of breathing exercise through nose making a sound like a #Bee buzzing!

Like in this c1740 AD #Pahari #IndianMiniaturePainting from #Chamba now at Bhuri Singh #Museum #HimachalPradesh #India

#IndianMythology #Art #MastoArt #IndianHertitage #IndianHistory #Paintings #Religion #Hinduism #BeeDay #IndianCulture #Paintings

4 months ago

Auch wenn es belegt ist, ist es noch kein Beleg das es nützlich ist.
Es kann ja nicht ohne weiteres kontrolliert werden wie viele #Bienen wirklich überleben.

Oft werden diese Hinweise ignoriert oder mit Unverständnis entgegnet.

Verständlich, denn es wurde Geld und viel Arbeit hineingesteckt.


The Bee Guy
4 months ago

#WorldBeeDay tomorrow but let’s kick this gig off a little early.
Delighted to bee
(oh no I didn’t!🙄)
currently featured in magazine following a lovely chat with @JoCaird
Thanks Jo.🙏🏼🐝

Photo of a solitary leaf cutter bee standing on a timber sleeper with a section of leaf under her which she has cut off features above the headline of a magazine article.