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These are examples of handheld computer tablets which would be widely available throughout the Fenian Galaxy.
Images of tablets made using Picfinder AI.
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🚨 #OnlineEvent Thurs Jun 1, 4pm PDT


w authors #NKJemisin, @nalohopkinson, #AdrienneMareeBrown, & moderated by poet #BrandonWint

"will explore the ways #WorldBuilding & #imagination apply broader social notions of #justice & the ways their writing brings attention to the realities of #Black life in the present & the possibilities into the future"

Registration is free, but donations go to the #AntiRacism Coalition #Vancouver

#SciFi #MassyArts

S. John Ross
5 hours ago

I take a lot of inspiration from old glossaries of dialect ... not just for the terms, but for the connections and concerns they imply.

But sometimes, an entry gives me nothing much in either sense, and I still just love staring at it and saying it aloud 😅

Is that a ladybug? It's a lady-bird! In fact it's God A'Mighty's Lady-Cow.

Also, note to self: some town someday needs a Gob Gate.

#TTRPG #WorldBuilding

A snippet from an old glossary, defining "God A'Mighty's Lady-Cow" as a name for a well-known insect more commonly called a lady-bird (what we now call a ladybug).
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Chaska the Magic Dog
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Are you looking for a group? Do you want to be playing more games online? Are you looking for more groups to talk nerd stuff with? Are you a worldbuilding and in search for a group to help with #Worldbuilding? Do you like #history armor, and weapons? Do you have a #discord? If you have answered yes, join our Discord:

All level of experience welcome!

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John Freeman
9 hours ago

Hi everyone, as I'm closing in on the finish of the 4th booklet in this series, I thought I'd post a quick reminder about them:

The Hard SF Worldbuilding Cookbooks:

Inspire prompts, pick locations, & write the story. Have the science for them, as needed.
Inspiration, then #worldbuilding.‌

1# Moons of Gas Giants:

2# Supernova:

3# Rogue planets:


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vanlau :tialove:
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Helianthus Bunnie Knight sketch 🥲

(sword and shield are finished so i had to use them for a quick Lian sketch 🥰)

#mastoart #digitalart #oc #kemonomimi #fantasy #comic #worldbuilding #twitch

Lian in full white armor with a white golden greatsword and shield.

I am not the only one writing American Football What-Ifs. This what-if asks the question, "What if the AFL.never existed?"

It assumes the WFL and the USFL existed.


SteveMobCannon / Paul
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Phtanum B - Lactismids! An enormous deuvertebrate group with over 4000 species. Characterized by large size, high limb count and inhabiting megafaunal niches on most portions of the planet. Some like Polycnemis ayhani are terrestrial apex predators!

#scifi #sciencefiction #worldbuilding #speculativefiction #specevo #artist #art #fediart #mastoart #speculativeevolution #phtanum #creaturedesign

Five Lactismids can be seen. Three polycnemids at the top and two greatrumblers at the bottom. From left to right:

Top: Giant Lactismid, Lightknight Lactismid, Scarlet King

Bottom: Swirlspot Greatrumbler, Erenian Greatrumbler
SteveMobCannon / Paul
13 hours ago

Phtanum B - Lactismids! An enormous deuvertebrate group with over 4000 species. Characterized by large size, high limb count and inhabiting megafaunal niches on most portions of the planet. Some like Polycnemis ayhani are terrestrial apex predators!

#scifi #sciencefiction #worldbuilding #speculativefiction #specevo #artist #art #fediart #mastoart #speculativeevolution #phtanum #creaturedesign

Seth Rutledge
1 day ago

Return to Alflynd: Post-Anomaly "Structure"

In the aftermath of the "infection", in some cases, there were no physical differences, but elsewhere, seemingly at random, objects, and even the ground itself, would be warped and changed.

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

The ground and trees have been transformed in a a fractal, domed shaped structure in the middle of the forest, as if energy shot out of the ground in bands and then hardened into physical form.
Another view of the transformed landscape.
Ivan Milovanov
2 days ago


😆 What I love most about #worldbuilding is when its concepts get played around with, like this.

Finally posted another blog post that I wrote a while ago but never posted, "The Bones of the City".

I haven't written much about cities, despite having pretty much exclusively lived in them. Here's a first attempt at writing about them.

#ttrpg #rpg #worldbuilding

Null 🐌
2 days ago

Ok consider: big cuddly pet millipedes. [Its a cute drawing of a millipede]

Art page with extra stuff:

[ #FediArt #MastoArt #FurryArt #WorldBuilding #millipede ]

An illustration of an anthro feline character, Stranger, holding a drink in one hand as their pet jumbo millipede crawls over their arms. Stranger is exhausted and groggy, presumably in the process of waking up. The millipede is reaching out to the drink Stranger’s holding.

Sunday, May 28, 3 pm EDT.
Join us for the panel on 'evil' races, presented by Of Gods and Gamemasters.
A wonderful diverse and accomplished panel of academics, creatives, and performers. Expect nuance and some dissent.
#ttrpg #worldbuilding #fantasy #scifi #dnd #dnd5e
starring @legalkimchi,
@midnightinq on Twitter,
@nuffofabby ,
and @UmbralKnightX
and hosted by myself.
It'll be up next week on

S. John Ross
2 days ago

My DA "Favorites" page is a browse through (mostly) photographs of trees and mountains and old buildings and things. I find it calming on harsh days.

I take a lot of fantasy inspiration from photography (and that's "fantasy" broadly defined, so there are occasional NSFW images):

#TTRPG #WorldBuilding

A photo by "ov3" of Annecy, France. A stream runs through an older part of town.
SteveMobCannon / Paul
2 days ago

Phtanum B - Deocardid Sketches!

These six phtanumbian critters are some of the biggest on the planet. These are, to be honest, some of my favorite critters from the project. A detailed description follows!

Sketches of six deuvertebrates of the aneucnemida superclass. These six organisms are deocardids, or windwhales - an aneucnemid clade that includes some of the largest deuvertebrates of the planet by sheer scale. Deocardids are aerial filter-feeders that scoop up swarms of smaller aerial organisms with foldable, fan-like extensions of their underside. These animals are highly pneumatized, to a degree where the extend of their lungs and air chambers exceeds that of their actual tissue by a huge margin - making these organisms deceivingly light for their size. This does bring its drawbacks however: deocardids need to avoid storms or mountaneous regions to avoid being brought out of control by strong winds or rapidly changing weather. In times of need, these organisms jam their extendable pseudofeet into the ground akin to a stake and reel themselves in to protect themselves during a storm. Smaller deocardids use this method to „kitewalk“ too.

Like nearly all aneucnemid flyers, deocardids use airhearts-pumps to propel themselves within the skies. While those of the smaller ramjet dragons may sound like screaming diesel engines, the ones of deocardids are slow and rumbling, and loud enough to rupture someone‘s eardrum when up close. This sound is also what gave them the clade the name deocardids - a name that translates to god-heart. The airhearts of windwhales sound like eerie heartbeats when heard from a distance.

With deocardids making so much noise, they are bound to attract some opportunistic predators eventually. Bright colors in the form of aposematism are supposed to disencourage predators from attacking, but that does not always work. Larger deocardids like the red windwhale have multiple lines of defenses: The first to engage with the predator are hordes of symbiotic smaller flyers, the congregation, that follow the windwhale around akin to a living aircraft carrier to feed on its dead skin or parasites. Once this line of defense falls, the giant organism resorts to pore-turrets that eject both intoxicating blinding black mist as well as high-pressurized fecal pellets to snipe the attackers out of the sky.

#scifi #sciencefiction #aliens #worldbuilding #creature #fediart #mastoart #phtanum #speculativefiction #specevo #speculativeevolution

In side view, six deocardids can be seen. The uppermost and biggest one being a red windwhale, the largest motile animal on Phtanum B in terms of sheer scale. Colorful patterns adorn every species, functioning as aposematism and disencouraging predators from attempting to hunt them by stating „I am not worth eating, I might kill you!“. Poison dart frogs use the same strategy with their own bright colors.
2 days ago

Même avec les futures ombres des bâtiments et des arbres & les nuances de couleurs, je pense que je vais devoir rajouter un ombrage/éclaire global pour faire ressortir la topographie et les colllines.
#jdr #rpg #carte #map #city #wip #worldbuilding

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26. Public opinion does kinda play a role, mostly in how people respond to a magician showing up in town as per my wizard MC. A wizard is always an incongruous element in any setting. People range from cautiously intrigued to very nervous about magic and magicians. They're the kind of people who keep to themselves anyway.

Public opinion also literally has an affect on things due to the setting's metaphysics!

#writingcommunity #fantasy #fantasyfiction #worldbuilding

Adamas Nemesis
3 days ago

Embracing the Gothic angle of my "Orphans of Opry Tower" story is breathing new life into the concept as I continue my brainstorming for it.

Read more at my #blog:

This post's featured image is Ivan Aivazovsky's "Wave" (there's sailing, swashbuckling, and storms in this tale...).

#worldbuilding #alternatehistory #scifi #sciencefiction #adventure #Gothic #Nashville #MusicCity #story #writer #writing

Sarena Ulibarri
3 days ago

I'm on Mary Robinette Kowal's "My Favorite Bit" today, with a guest blog talking about the way worldbuilding and character can mirror each other.

#solarpunk #ScienceFiction #SciFiBooks #worldbuilding #ClimateFiction

Seth Rutledge
3 days ago

Return to Alflynd: Fractal Energy Stream

The anomaly's "infection" of Alflynd spread out in tendrils of energy, sometimes above the surface, sometimes underground, following a logic that, at the time, was impossible to follow or predict accurately.

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Cyan and magenta interwoven tendrils of energy, moving through, over and under a forest.
Cyan and magenta interwoven tendrils of energy, moving through, over and under a forest.
Cyan and magenta interwoven tendrils of energy, moving through, over and under a forest.
Julien Pirou / Empyreal
3 days ago

L'Écho Éthérique reviendra début juin avec son numéro 28, qui s'intéressera à quelques-uns des sports pratiqués sur Empyréa. Une idée proposée par Pipoto-kun sur notre serveur Discord !

La couverture est (encore une fois) de Khius 🙂

#LoreAndLegacy #JDR #TTRPG #ScienceFantasy #JeuDeRôle #PWYW #PrixLibre #Worldbuilding

Couverture du numéro 28 de l'Écho Éthérique, un supplément périodique pour le jeu de rôle Lore & Legacy. On peut y voir une sorte de véhicule anti-gravité de couleur orange volant à très grande vitesse de la gauche vers la droite à travers un paysage désertique.
SteveMobCannon / Paul
4 days ago

Another piece I finished relatively recently.. Light ’Em Up, Johnny! A flock of mirrorback ramjet dragons (Autostochus miradorsum) hunts a red windwhale (Deocardis majestica) and its congregation. These 14-meter long aerial superpredators are the undisputed lords in the heavens of Phtanum B.

#scifi #sciencefiction #aliens #worldbuilding #creature #fediart #phtanum #speculativefiction #speculativeevolution #specevo

A flock of mirrorbacks burns the back of a red windwhale, the latter of which has a wingspan of over 200 meters. In this fierce hunt in the air, valves of pores eject pellets, blinding mist, and burnfluid. The windwhale‘s congregation, which follows it around akin to a living aircraft carrier, attempts to dispose of the attackers. The windwhale‘s own pores are depleted of pellets and mist, meaning they are the last chance for the titanic animal‘s survival. Should this windwhale crash down, its carcass will sustain the dragons, and all other creatures that will join them, for weeks until it erodes away.
SteveMobCannon / Paul
4 days ago

Hello! I am Paul, an aspiring sci-fi artist who likes to draw red landscapes and weird creatures. Working on a worldbuilding project that documents organisms on an hypothetical alien planet: Phtanum B! Human history lore included!

#scifi #sciencefiction #worldbuilding #speculativefiction #specevo #artist #art #fediart #mastoart #speculativeevolution #phtanum #creaturedesign

An introduction slide to the Phtanum B project: On the temperate greenlandian plains of the year 2485, an earthen vessel floats silently high in the sky.
Sketches of various deuvertebrate families. Thisphylum is one of the most successful ones in Phtanum B´s recent prehistory.
Phtanum B - Into The Coming Storm

A beartraphugger frantically investigates its surroundings. Its spiral-muscled legs carrying it far and fast like contracting springs, it seeks for shelter. This individual may have seen and battled the one or other threatening foe during its unusually long six-year lifetime, but there is no resisting against the behemoth that is about to unveil itself from the horizon.

Just on the cliff below it, a group of parasocial deuvertebrates, pill doofs, not bigger than a hand, also seek shelter from the looming threat. A hollowed-out deuvertebrate polyp should do the trick while also serving as a potential food source while these little critters wait out the chaos. The denser air does make bad weather a more dangerous undertaking for everyone involved.

The wind picks up, and leaves begin to fall from the crimson trees. Though the beartraphugger’s plastic-haired mane is standing yet tall amidst the wind, its fate is uncertain. A dark cloud approaches, beginning to cover the horizon. Searching for anything food-related is no use now. For when the storm approaches, the world begins to hide.
A height chart of various phtanumbian characters, these ones of the first humanity. From left to right: Azad Lorenson, Harair Thyrm, Inthral Navarask, Milania De-Yunie, Yanbin Ayarama, Altvair Alaramlathar Aphodais, Thantal Ibnesium ursur, Ohrdrahn Nikurfar and Atron Numen Thaight.
Miriam Robern
4 days ago

I'm surprised it took this long to get to Loratha, the homeland of the elves (and all the people the elves kicked out and/or subjugated over the centuries). It's a magical, vibrant, cut-throat place full of wonder, wizardry, and systemic violence. Just the kind of place it's fun to have adventures in.

Check it out at

#ttrpg #GazetteerOfTheSpeakingLands #worldbuilding

Seth Rutledge
4 days ago

Return to Alflynd: Shield Spell

Alflynd wasn't Qwabe Station, and the Emperor's insistence that the Academy be founded bore fruit. No mage was powerful enough to stop the anomaly, but some could resist the active front until it passed around them and became inert.

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Medium shot - Night. An Alflynd mage focuses on creating a shield spell that will protect him until the active element of the anomaly passes him by.
Wide shot - Night. Pull back to reveal the mage is in the middle of the forest, and the anomaly is boiling up and around his shield in a mass of blue, fractal shaped energy.
Seth Rutledge
5 days ago

Return to Alflynd: Consumed Tower

Within minutes, the entire tower was engulfed in nanites from the anomaly and "eaten." Glowing pulses of energy began sweeping across the valley. I've been told that from space, the fractal shape of the impact was immediately obvious, but down on the surface, we were too busy trying to outrun it to notice.

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Wide Establishing Shot - Night. The tower is now only an outline of energy in fractal patterns, glowing teal and purple with currents of nanites.
Wide shot - Night. The Apostate barely escaping the energy surges that have taken over the tower.
Satchel 🎲💼
6 days ago

I will not be getting back into #worldbuilding! But if I were, it'd be with Köppen-Geiger classification of bioregions. Now I'm thinking of running a "To Be Taught, If Fortunate" #TTRPG adaptation.

Köppen–Geiger climate classification map
A map of the bioregions of Canada and the US.
Aki Sasaki (he/him)
6 days ago

I’ve been thinking about what’s not quite working in my first draft, and how I might fix those issues over the next drafts. This quickly grew too long for a Mastodon thread, so I wrote a blog post.

#AmWriting #AmWritingFantasy #AmOutlining #WorldBuilding

Seth Rutledge
6 days ago

Return to Alflynd: The Anomaly Arrives on Alflynd

And then it was too late - The Anomaly had arrived on Alflynd, and homed in on the tower.

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Wide shot, up-angle - The anomaly coming downward towards the tower, at night.
Wide shot - The anomaly reaches the tower, penetrating the top level and then "infecting" it in the same was as the station before.
Emma Cox
6 days ago

Thank you for yesterday's encouragement. Today's writing was a lot more fluid. Had fun world building the fey realm.

#writing #AmWriting #WorldBuilding #WritingCommunity

6 days ago

Heute neu auf Papier eingetroffen: Kobold Press "Cities & Towns" #5e - aus dem Crowdfunding wenn auch verspätet so doch sehr schön #Campaignbuilder #worldbuilding #dnd5e @KoboldPress

Bookcover: Kobold Press "Cities & Towns" #5e #Campaignbuilder
That Frisian Girl-ish
1 week ago

I really need a good way of generating realistic, lifelike #maps for a fantasy setting. I'd rather not use a program (licensing issues, that I rather don't even want to consider at all), I suck at just drawing them (looking very artificial), but I have no problems tracing features from a photo in Inkscape.
#writing #worldbuilding

Adamas Nemesis
1 week ago

Now brainstorming: at the turn of the 23rd century, a dance with debutantes turns into a dance with death.

Read more at my #blog:

This post's featured image is William-Adolphe Bouguereau's "Nymphs and Satyr".

#worldbuilding #love #romance #scifi #sciencefiction #writing #writer #author #story #mystery

Hovercraft as personal vehicles was unfeasible. Electric car engines would be easy to make, but President Ford faced the daunting problems of the massive batteries that would be required and building a network of charging stations.

No good alternative was found. A now famous political cartoon shows Ford eagerly throwing money at a man selling a car fueled by water alone.

Long distance hovercraft required diesel generators for longer trips, thus the cost increased.


The B&O Railroad received help from the Commerce Department to purchase the hovercraft and engines, but had to pay the cost to convert the lines. By 1976, they also made it to Omaha and made a similar direct run in just under 4 hours. after adding stops, that expanded to 7 hours.

To save the company Ford Motors developed a hovercraft and engine for commercial routes in 1975, saving the company.

The oil embargo of 1973 heightened the work on electric cars.


Purchasing engines and hovercraft from GM, Union Pacific made the modest investment needed to convert the route from San Francisco to Omaha.

The new engines and modification changed the profile of the track with a six foot ridge placed between the rails. The speed gain, however, was incredible. In 1974, the first test of a direct run between San Francisco and Omaha completed in 4 hours. After adding stops, the trip took 8 hours, though most passenger only went as far as Denver.


Many states that were not on the route objected to the plan pointing out that New York already had two hoverrail routes. It was agreed that Omaha would be the central hub for any future hoverrails. Rail companies could develop their lines as they saw fit.

Congress did not pass the Hoverrail Investment Act citing its cost and conflict with Eisenhower's Interstate road system plans, still under construction for at least another 20 years.

Union Pacific began their plans.


General Motors, freed from a similar clause, also began work on all-electric engines. Since the project was originally federally funded, GE was limited in its ability to generate patents to prevent competition.

Using the High Speed Ground Transportation act as cause, Secretary Stans proposed a route from New York to San Francisco. Union Pacific and two other rail lines would be subsidized to modify tracks for a newer, faster type of hovercraft.

I-80 was completed to Nebraska


In 1969 Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans became concerned after a near-explosion on the Boston-New York line in January of that year. He exposed the contractual restriction created by Mobile Oil against all electric engines manufactured by GE and other companies.

A bill eliminating this clause easily passed through Congress. With safer electrical engines, hoverrails became much cheaper to operate. GE began making them at a fraction of the cost of solid-liquid fuel engines.


Despite the hurdles, the hybrid solid-liquid engine was successful. It was quickly implemented in the newly dubbed Cityliner route that ran from DC to Baltimore. Two years later, the Metroliner connected New York to New Carrollton, MD with an average speed of 120 mph. The 1h 45 m trip became wildly popular.

Penn Central ran the line for a few years before Boston and Maine took over the route. The B&M created the second route from Boston the New York in 1970.


Parsons was brilliant, but wildly erratic. He believed that he could supplement the rocket fuel with smaller compartments of solid fuel. (Solid fuel was about 1/3 cost of rocket fuel.)

GE achieved some success with smaller hovercraft designs without the hybrid soild-liquid engine. A test route from DC to Baltimore offered little to increase speed, but the ride was remarkable pleasant.

GE's contract with Mobile Oil, prevented development of an all-electric engine used in Japan.


In later Congressional oversight hearings, the public would learn of Project Rakshasa and the extraordinary efforts to get Parsons to work on the project while using public funding to maintain his commune.

Blame circled around DC, but landed on CEO Fred J. Borch due to a memo from an engineer uncovered in one hearing:

"If Borch thinks that strapping a rocket to glorified vacuum cleaner will make a faster train," the memo read, "then he is an irredeemable fool".


The SRN-4 in the UK uses rocket fuel. Not only was it expensive, but it placed GE in direct competition with NASA and the Apollo project.

Secretary Connor hatched a plan that would later become Borch's Folly despite its ultimate success. Connor worked with the FBI to find Jack Parsons, a former researcher of solid propellant at Caltech.

After surviving an explosion in 1957, Parsons began a cult in N. California and disappeared from public life.


In 1966, the success of the SRN-4 and the high demand, encouraged secretary Connor to test the idea for a route between New York and Washington DC.

General Electric contracted Vickers and spun up the Hover division in its R&D facilities, delaying the release of the GE U28B (an electric-diesel engine) to July of that year.

Construction began in New Carrollton, MD where engine design quickly became a major hurdle.


Across the pond, Cockrell's hovercraft were used as passenger ferries between Glasgow and Rothesay. When the High Speed Ground Transportation Act passed in 1965, Secretary Conner, who had been appointed in January, looked closely at plans for the SRN-4, a hovercraft to cross the English Channel.

Criticized internally for downplaying the Shinkansen in Japan, Connor believed the hovercraft would create new manufacturing while minimizing railway upgrading costs.


A detour from the House of Benjamins football team for a different bit of alt-history worldbuilding. I present the history of the Hoverrail, the high speed rail system in this alt United States.

In 1965, the department of Commerce was authorized by law to explore high speed rail options. This was in an attempt to save the railroads, but also to build the Great Society.

The original idea was bullet trains as in Japan. But consumer demand in the UK presented another option.


Seth Rutledge
1 week ago

Return to Alflynd: Encountering a Paladin

Of all the things we expected to find when we came out of the elevator, one of the last would have to be a Paladin of Alflynd.

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Wide shot - An armoured figure stands on an open patio high up the tower, at sunset, while Angela looks on.
Close up of the Paladin's helmet.
Seth Rutledge
1 week ago

Return to Alflynd: Emily in the Undertower

Of course, in contrast to Angela, Emily was completely at home in the Undertower.

"Just let me find a console, and I'll stay down here to 'facilitate' your movement upstairs."

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Medium shot, from a low angle, looking at Emily in a dirty, "industrial" room in the Undertower.
Close shot of Emily's head in profile in the Undertower.
Calico Jesse
2 weeks ago

That moment when you realize you used the same name twice on your sector map.

Back to the name mines for me.

#TTRPG #Traveller #TravellerRpg #SectorMap #Foreven #ClassicTraveller #Traveller5 #WorldBuilding #GMPrep

The Real-life Sci-Fi theme explores the settings of science fiction stories. Uses up-to-date science to explore different planets and moons, places rich for sci-fi storytelling.

#WorldBuilding #scifi

2 weeks ago

A new Web Enhancement post for Issue 23 of my #DnD zine, #d12Monthly, is up.

This one shows you how to use alignments in #DungeonsAndDragons to give life & character to your cities.

#TTRPG #WorldBuilding

El Dado Inquieto
2 weeks ago

OK, let's think a little about #solarpunk , #SolarEnergy , #FrankShuman and #AlternateHistory for a moment, which can also let us to some #WorldBuilding .

What if Frank Shuman's work in #Egypt in 1913 led us to a more sustainable world, with less contamination and a more rational use of our natural resources?

Perhaps our world would be better today...

We have proved the commercial profit of sun power in the tropics and have more particularly proved that after our stores of oil and coal are exhausted the human race can receive unlimited power from the rays of the sun.

— Frank Shuman, New York Times, July 2, 1916

What do you think about this? Should we consider this a #LostOpportunity ?

Could you think about how our world would be today?

More information in the following links:,_Volume_3.pdf&page=643

The Electrical Experimenter, Volume 3 — May 1915 – April 1916

Published by: Experimenter Pub. Co.,

Editor: Hugo Gernsback

Shuman sunengine on the March 1916 cover
Portrait of Frank Shuman (1907)
2 weeks ago

Hello! Is there any #fanfiction / #fantasy #writers here?

I'm wondering if anyone knows any resources for
#worldbuilding a story dealing with #magic? I'm creating a fanfiction loosely based off of Little Witch Academia, which has a magic system that's very open towards introducing different spells and creatures and whatnot.

I haven't written a proper multi-chapter fanfiction before, so I would like to do my best and research a core part of it.

2 weeks ago

For #writers who don’t already know about it, @quartzen is hosting a fantastic reading challenge called Worldbuilder’s Book Club 2023. #Worldbuilding is definitely an area where I need to grow, so I’ve challenged myself to read *two* books for each prompt! Check it out here:

2 weeks ago

Any tips on naming things in your fictional worlds? I am struggling with this when writing anything that is not set on Earth. I just feel like anything I come up with sounds ridiculous.

Currently needing to name an energy source with magical properties and a rebellion in a WIP and just, ugh!

#writingadvice #writingcommunity #worldbuilding #amwriting #AmWritingSFF #writingfantasy #writingfiction #writingdilemma #writersofmastodon

Seth Rutledge
3 weeks ago

Return to Alflynd: Alflynd Homestead

In the 50 years since the Empire had moved the seat of power to Alflynd, there had been a huge increase in the standard of living and use of technology. Not only was their far more wealth on the planet, but the "Humans Only" laws had been relaxed, and in some cases repealed entirely. Only the very poor still lived in "medieval" villages without power or running water.

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Establishing shot - A "typical" modern Alflynd homestead, set in a clearing of the forest, at dusk.
Close up shot of the porch area of the homestead, which doubles as the workshop.
3 weeks ago

What are good #Prequels ? 👀

In #EpicFantasy I like a #standalone story & a chewy #intro to the #worldbuilding which ultimately shows how something big went to 💩.😂

So, I wrote "Sons to Keep"! 😎

But not every genre does it like that. 🤠

Some Incredible Cookies! 🍪
50 #Free Prequels!

#SFF #SciFi #Spaceship #DarkFantasy #UrbanFantasy #WildWest #AlternateHistory #Gods #Trickster #DnD #Myth #Legend #Mystery #Witch #postapocalyptic
@sffbookclub @sffbipoc @bookstodon

An alien city at sunset beneath a looming mountain. Text says "All Prequels. All New Worlds. Dive in."
Mark Kielty 🇮🇪
3 weeks ago

So I've finally finished the #Spellslinger series ending with Sebastien De Castell's #CrownBreaker.

It's one of those series I'm really sad to finish but really happy to have read (or listened to). It's definitely a #series. I will revisit. Loved the #characters, the #magical systems and #worldbuilding. Must #read for #fantasy #readers.

Also, Joe Jameson did an excellent job narrating these books.

#YALit #YA #YAFantasy #MastoDaoine #books #reading #audiobooks #IrishMastodon #BookRecs #magic

The cover of the last book of the Spellslinger series, Crown breaker, displayed in the audio book player app. Under the cover it states Track 80 of 80, 0 min 0 sec left I track, indicating the end of the series.
Reinder Dijkhuis Does Art
3 weeks ago

The interesting question is "At what point does the concept of a coffee shop stop making sense?" Like, I want the characters to be sitting down with a coffee or the equivalent of one. It's a hot world, so they sit outside. Is there a waiter? The presence of a waiter would suggest capitalist labor relations similar to our world - or would it? Perhaps people just rock up and wait on people when they feel like it. Does that apply to brewing the coffee as well, then?

Tech Pizza Mondays
3 weeks ago

Don't worry, no matter what Monday holds - at least you'll have pizza!
Join us for Tech Pizza Mondays!

6pm Monday evenings every week at Victory Cafe on Bloor

Eat pizza, talk about ideas, collaborate on making the world a better place, show off and critique projects, get silly, get serious, have fun, drink beer, follow your heart...

See you there :)

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D. Moonfire
3 weeks ago

I started working out how Gepaul postal codes worked in Fedran along with administrative districts (states, divisions, and cities). Mostly in contrast and rejection of their formation from a civil war with Tarsan and a rejection of Kormar's monarchy.

I really need a map.

( #Fedan #WorldBuilding )

3 weeks ago

New Site Post: Originality is overrated, but at least make some effort!

Just me shouting something about my dissatisfaction with the discourse about #fantasy #worldbuilding in #ttrpg in more than 500 characters.

Seth Rutledge
3 weeks ago

Return to Alflynd: Station Escape
The hangar bays were some of the first areas infected - The true irony was that if the thief had of taken their own ship and left the Apostate, we'd have been screwed. When we found where she'd hidden her vessel, we found a wayof our own to escape.

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Wide shot - A small ship, hidden inside an old intake duct - Gantry walkways cross the frame, and Emily is waiting by the ladder into the cockpit.
Wide shot - The ship taking off, seconds before the area became infected by the anomaly.
1 month ago

Hi, all! Very new to Mastodon and a little overwhelmed. I'm kas, and my main interests are #programming, #writing, #worldbuilding, #scifi, and #horror. Also #vampires and #succubi. You can see more info about me in my bio.

Favorite books: Diaspora by Greg Egan, The Martian by Andy Weir

Favorite games: Metroid Prime, Doom, Hideous Destructor

Favorite movies: The Empty Man, The Dark Tapes

Currently working on a recommendation engine for Booru posts. Learning about SQL and collaborative filtering in the process.

I'm also trying to find time to worldbuild my Gyremar setting and finish up my story outlines.

Mainly, though, just getting through each day and managing my chronic illness.


Seth Rutledge
1 month ago

Return to Alflynd: Temple Entrance
During their survey, the miners found what looked like the ruins of a temple, high in the mountains. They were legally obligated to report things like this to the Empire, but, for a small "gift", the surveyor promised me a week's head start before he informed the government. Two hours later, I was en route.

#MastoArt #FediArt #ConceptArt #WorldBuilding #SciFi #Blender3d

Wide shot - A stone temple built into the side of a cliff, high in the snowy mountains. Halfway up the structure is a giant purple gem inset into the wall.
Closer shot of the entrance to the temple. There are two arches as doorways, then a level with thin vertical slits for light, then the tier with the large gem.
Peter Amthor
2 months ago

Something I learned today. Cuneiform is written using a single cuboid tool. The more you know, the better you can do #worldbuilding. #history

Fractal Kitty
2 months ago

Variation 1 (4 of 6) The rest will get shared in a folder later.

Variation 2 is in the works...

Please respond here if you have desired land features. (canyons, ice, volcanos, etc.)

I hope these can be used in classrooms to do group maps.

I plan to have the reversed tile as an archipelago that can be rotated/ reversed any way.

#monotile #mtbos #maps #worldbuilding

variation 1 of a map coloring sheet with mountains, basalt columns, lakes and other features. Variations have similar elements, but different rotations.
variation 1 of a map coloring sheet with mountains, basalt columns, lakes and other features. Variations have similar elements, but different rotations.
variation 1 of a map coloring sheet with mountains, basalt columns, lakes and other features. Variations have similar elements, but different rotations.
variation 1 of a map coloring sheet with mountains, basalt columns, lakes and other features. Variations have similar elements, but different rotations.
Ian Bicking
2 months ago

Blog post, "World Building with GPT part 2: bigger, better, more declarative"

Lots about #worldbuilding, character image generation with #Midjourney, plot development, and #GPT generally.

Also check out the more full-sized city I built with the tools:

Cass Morris
2 months ago

So here goes!

Episode 99: Connect the Dots

In which I get really excited about nude rhetoric, squeal at my cohosts to show some damn vulnerability, and try to spell "zhuzh" to mutual satisfaction. (Zhuzz? Zhujsh? Jhugsh? No one knows).

#podcast #writing #fantasy #worldbuilding

Juno Jove
2 months ago

There is only so much that you can do on off-label neurostims before brain and body finally give up and simply shut down.


In the years following 2620, the people of Ganymede gave everything they could to save as many Lunar refugees and displaced Himalians from the great LS Famine as they could.

By 2660, with a population approaching 180 million, Ganymede will have grown into a society with near utopian collaboration, collectivism, and social cohesion.

*LS = Life Support

Two anthro hybrid fox engineers, utterly exhausted and passed out from working tirelessly to expand life support systems on Ganymede. They are surrounded by cluttered technical equipment operating either at capacity, or still in disrepair.

Illustration, Midjourney v5
Emma Cox
2 months ago

Today's #blog is my musings on my (sometimes) lonely life as a writer, and searching for my tribe (ie you lot).

#amwriting #writingcommunity #writing #fantasy #worldbuilding #writers #writerslife

El Dado Inquieto
2 months ago



Thinking about some kind of #scifi #WorldBuilding you can see a godlike alien intelligence tinkering with supernovae as part of an experiment.

CD Covington 🏳️‍🌈
3 months ago

I'm going to be at the excellent online #sff #convention Flights of Foundry in the #linguistics track! I'll also be running a workshop on linguistic #worldbuilding so please sign up in the lottery for that.

OH and you can also hear the beginning of my asexual lesbian romance set in a Waffle House in space!

Details and my schedule here:

This is awesome.
This scifi writer has created a sundial for a hypothetical planet in a binary star system. Top notch worldbuilding.
#sundial #scifi #WorldBuilding #BinaryStar

3 months ago

In regards to my writing of late, I'll post some links to it if folks would like to read.

My Music:

It's been awhile since I've written music mostly due to how ill I've been. But I do have a minor in music composition. The three projects I did for my degree are a bit unusual. The first two are based on physics (lemme tell you, I spent reams of paper on calculations before I started the actual writing music portion), and the last college project I based on a book I had to read for a different class. The rest is random stuff I'm improvised or covers:

My original fiction and nonfiction:

> There is some short fiction of mine that is coming out this year with Microcosm Publishing. I don't have a link yet, but I'll share that when I do. This is an Elivera short story.

> I have some published fiction and nonfiction in the Legendfire Compliations. I agreed to have my submissions to their contests published in the compliations. (I mean why not? I was one of the mods that suggested we do these projects in the first place. lol.)

2021: (Fiction entry by me takes place on Elivera)
2022: (Nonfiction is true stories by me)

> My horror short fiction in the Wildwood Anthology by 13th Press is sadly out of print due to the press going under a few years ago. I may shop around to resell it eventually. (This one took place on Elivera)

> All of worldbuilding information concerning Elivera (this includes some myths, poetry, maps, and other fun details):

> My blog that contains many an essay as well as some of my poetry:

Fan fiction stories:

I've been having fun writing some Korrasami fanfiction mostly for practice and because when I feel really ill, writing fanfiction is a lot easier on the brain (it's all preestablished, so I can just enjoy the art of writing).

> Korrasami Adventures starts in Book 4 and details Korra and Asami's relationship and the many adventures they have together (and sometimes with the rest of Team Avatar):

> Shared Moments details moments between Asami and various Team Avatar members during Books 1 through 4 (ending with the Spirit World Vacation). This series is to fill in gaps that the show glosses over in order to stay focused on plot. One of the fics in this series is a drama set between Books 1 and 2 that details how Asami starts to heal from her father almost killing her and how she starts rebuilding the company.


#Writing #Music #Fanfiction #AO3 #LegendOfKorra #OriginalFiction #ScienceFiction #SF #Worldbuilding #MusicComposition #writer

3 months ago

#introduction for new server. I moved my anarchist account and I hope this will be the last time. :)

I'm Aidan -- nickname Bird, hence my screenname here: TheBird.

I am a #nonbinary, #queer, #disabled #ScienceFiction #writer. I have #LongCovid, and it sucks. I am still working on diagnoses for other possible chronic illnesses.

I have a second account at, where I focus on needs of that community there.

Interests: #Anarchism #CommunityCare #MutualAid #Justice #DisabilityJustice, #Antiracism, #LGBTQIA #Accessibility

#CityDesign #WalkableCity #AccessibleCity

#gaming, #GameDesign, #writing #poetry #cartography, #physics, #astronomy, #worldbuilding, #music, #cats, and #art. I draw #maps.

My Elivera world, of which most of my writings are set, is located here:

My Elivera world is a solarpunk world, where I explore various #AntiCapitalist ways of existing. Capitalism has never existed on Elivera and will never exist. A lot of the "nations" of Elivera are run by horizontal democracy and are experiments with collectives (some anarchist in bent and others experiments with communist approach to society).

I keep a database of saved #Covid studies and articles. I update it 2x a month. It's on #notion. I set it up with tags. Link:

#CovidIsNotOver #MaskUp #AirFilter #MasksAreAnAccessNeed

I have a SUPER FLUFFY cat named Sgt. Quark Amaya McFluffers. He's my little buddy.

And that's about it. I'm not new to Mastodon by the way. I'm just posting this so I can pin it for others to see.

Writing this book & edu curriculum for exploring #Aiforbusiness #GenAI has been a journey!

In the last three weeks I have:
Given 6 workshops
Filmed 3 interviews
Said yes to 3-4 speaking engagements
Given comment to many reporters on #AI & #ethics of dev

Thanks for helping make #Promptcraft, the first book in the #Realitycraft new book series a top release for technical and especially non-technical but curious creatives experimenting with #generative tools for #storytelling & #worldbuilding

Jess Mahler
3 months ago

Not up for writing fiction yet, but have an essay:

Fantasy World Building: These Ancient Governments Are Bullshit

ve got a beef with a common urban fantasy trope. (Okay, I've got beefs with a lot of Urban Fantasy tropes.) But there's one that destroys my suspension of disbelief every time. Every fucking time. One thing I've never seen anyone talk about or call out.

Ancient governments.

#fantasy #WorldBuilding #tropes

3 months ago

Sci fi or general fiction thoughts

I think there should be way more trains and trams and busses and bikes in scifi rather than automated cars and other dumb ideas like that. Sure the self driving car seems super scifi and really neat because it is an impossible thing to actually achieve in a city but I feel if you were to go for a more realistic and hopefull setting shouldnt a sci fi cities have a more streamlined infrastructure? One that serves the cities needs? So instead of big trucks and millions of flying cars wouldnt there be more metros(maybe an entire metro system for cargo stuff), busses, trams and bikes? Why not have your party of sci fi heros get on their cool fancy space ebikes and bike to their destination? I get that it might seem silly at first but I feel that comes from us living in a car centrict anti human world but for urban transport it would make a lot of sense. At least for me it would

#writing #worldbuilding #ttrpg #scifi #cycling #bike #infrastructure #urbanplanning

3 months ago

Hmm! #worldbuilding and/or #design challenge: what elemental energies or forces do you think is best associated with the color orange? I've already got Red for Fire, and Earth/Stone (sorry, Bionicle) is Brown... But I need a rainbow.

The less conventional, the better. I'm currently thinking of some kind of "kinetic force" energy? Help me think outside the boxes, here!

Hey! I'm Zenith! My pronouns are She/Her and Zhi/Zhr.

I am a trans non-binary #gamedev working on zhr own #worldbuilding project, a paracosm that I have been working on since I was just a kid. It is something that gives me life and purpose, and one day I hope to make a game and finish a game that tells an important story in that world.

Otherwise, know I am a deeply emotional and intense person, and I share a lot of complex thoughts about things. If you want to have long posts about everything and anything under the sun, and to hear about my projects and passions, please give me a follow!

A digital painting of a forest, with magical orbs flying up and away from the treetops. A golden moon floats in the distance. It is sunset.
4 months ago

New Site Post: Migratory Stasis

Something I feel fantasy writers very often seem to completely underestimate is how temporary the connection between peoples and countries were in many periods of history.

#fantasy #worldbuilding