Rechte der Natur
8 months ago

#Weltwassertag 2023 im #Kino in #München

Pfarrer Rainer Maria Schiessler mit seinem Statement im Rahmen der Veranstaltung "Wasser in Not - Wassernot" im Cadillac & Veranda Kino München am 22.03.2023.

#RightsofNature #Wasser #RechtederNatur
#WorldWaterDay2023 #water

Rechte der Natur
9 months ago

#Weltwassertag 2023 im #Kino in #München

Alberto Acosta aus #Ecuador mit seinem Statement im Rahmen der Veranstaltung "Wasser in Not - Wassernot" im Cadillac & Veranda Kino München am 22.03.2023.

#RightsofNature #Wasser #RechtederNatur #WorldWaterDay2023 #water

Eric ‘van’ Suesz
9 months ago

When I woke up yesterday morning, I knew I needed to write something about #worldwaterday2023, but I didn't have a compelling idea.

And then I found the just-launched Water Gap website by the National Geographic Society and Utrecht University. It's using 40+ years of data and you can even look up where you live on beautifully rendered maps.

That inspired me to riff about how we really can't give up on the planet, even if we sometimes feel like it's a losing battle.

Laurie Winkless
9 months ago

Delighted to see that the flooding article I wrote for Herrenknecht's magazine in 2022 has been given a beautiful makeover. It's been made available online to mark #WorldWaterDay #WorldWaterDay2023

Destination Yellowstone
9 months ago

Happy World Water Day!

We are fortunate to have incredible lakes and rivers here in the West Yellowstone, Montana area. When you visit, please explore our waterways, but we ask that you protect them while you enjoy them.

📷: Hebgen Lake photographed by hannahmottphoto on Instagram

#WorldWaterDay #WorldWaterDay2023 #HeartOfYellowstone

San Francisco Baykeeper
9 months ago

We're so lucky to live next to one of the world's greatest natural treasures: #SanFranciscoBay 🌊

Help us commemorate #WorldWaterDay by exploring the many ways you can take action for this precious place we call home: #sfbay #bayarea #worldwaterday2023

The Baykeeper boat on the Bay at sunset
Nicola Piscopo
9 months ago

Immaginate non avere accesso a #Internet; terribile, vero?
Eppure, in molte realtà (stime accurate parlano di più della metà della popolazione terrestre) l'accesso all'acqua è caratterizzato proprio da quell'intermittenza che a noi dà fastidio anche soltanto quando si manifesta per la connessione alla Rete.

Non sprecate acqua! E, soprattutto, speriamo non ne sprechino più, con l'incuria e la cattiva programmazione, le Istituzioni!
#WorldWaterDay #WorldWaterDay2023

Energy Monitor
9 months ago

Israeli desert farms show how we can adapt to a changing climate, but future adaptation will be limited without stronger energy transition, writes Nick Ferris: #WorldWaterDay2023

Christians For Future Berlin
9 months ago

"Nichts auf der Welt ist so weich und nachgiebig wie Wasser. Und doch bezwingt es das Harte und Starke." (Laotse) #Humanity #KidsFirst #WorldWaterDay2023

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Alison Creekside
9 months ago

@MarkRuffalo Brilliant book by Haida-manga artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas about a hummingbird carrying drops of water in her beak to put out a raging forest fire.
At first the other animals are dubious about the tiny bird's enormous task and when they question her, she answers "I'm doing what I can"
There's both an adult and children's version.

Cover of Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas’ book "Flight of the Hummingbird" showing his Haida-manga illustration of a hummingbird carrying water in her beak to put out a raging forest fire.

RT @EUDelegationUA: 🇪🇺The EU provides support to 🇺🇦 to restore water supply in war-affected and de-occupied territories. Because access to water and sanitation is a fundamental human right. Deliberate 🇷🇺 strikes on 🇺🇦 civilian infrastructure amount to a war crime. #WorldWaterDay2023


9 months ago

#WorldWaterDay recognizes that safe access to clean water & sanitation is a human right.

Every country faces water issues, so every one needs to take #WaterAction.

(Nothing I tried to draw was conveying this, so here's a gnome's house in the rain.)
#mastoArt #WaterIsLife #WorldWaterDay2023

Digital drawing of a cluster of mushrooms, the largest of which has been turned into a snug little home. A cheery glow streams out the window into the rainy evening.
Hank Zona
9 months ago

Galileo said, "Wine is sunlight, held together by water."

Today is UN World Water Day, since 1993, aimed at raising awareness of the risks to this necessary resource too many of us take for granted. 2 billion people, though, or 1 in 4 on this planet, do not have access to enough safe drinking water.

#Wine is, of course, an agricultural product and dependent on water. It also happens to be approximately 85% water...far higher a percentage than sunlight.

#worldwaterday #worldwaterday2023

NWS Miami (bot)
9 months ago

RT @UWCIMSS: In honor of #WorldWaterDay here's a loop of the last 3-weeks of our "Blue Marble" water planet via data from 5 geostationary satellites (#GOESEast, #GOESWest, 2 #Meteosat & #Himawari) plus polar orbiting views of the poles. HT @UWSSEC: #WorldWaterDay2023

Julie Edgley
9 months ago

In celebration of #worldwaterday2023, here is a pied-billed grebe adult with two juveniles (Podilymbus podiceps). The pied-billed grebe has the widest distribution of any grebe in the Americas. December 2022. Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Henderson, Nevada, USA

#waterbirdsofinstagram #worldwaterday #birds #birdphotography #birding #NaturePhotography #wildlifephotography #wildlife #nature

Close-up of a small brown waterbird with two juveniles swimming together on a pond. The water is a reflection of the blue sky above. The juvenile birds are still fluffy with brown/grey bodies. Their heads have dark brown/grey and white markings on side and some orange across the upper back of the head. They have an orange eye ring and dull orange-red bill. The adult is mostly brown with a yellowish eye ring and a mostly buff coloured bill.
Freshworld Express
9 months ago

Today take small steps to preserve water for the future generation. World Water Day! 💧
#FreshWorldExpress #WorldWaterDay #WorldWaterDay2023 #WaterDay #SaveWater

Gramya Ayurveda
9 months ago

Every drop of water counts, conserve it. Happy World Water Day! 💧

#GramyaAyurveda #WorldWaterDay #WorldWaterDay2023 #WaterDay #SaveWater

Let’s raise a glass of water to the unsung hero of our survival.

Click on the link below to our website and discover tips to conserve this important resource resource.

#worldwaterday2023 #bethechange #TranformingMobility #MobilityRedefined

Ceylon Bake House
9 months ago

Every drop of water counts, conserve it. Happy World Water Day! 💧

#CeylonBakeHouse #WorldWaterDay #WorldWaterDay2023 #WaterDay #SaveWater