Matthew Fells
5 months ago

Dawn at White Lake, Kawartha Lakes

Fuji 50-230mm
67.1mm f/11 1/100 ISO 500

#Fujifilm #XT20 #50230m #darktable #dawn #lakeview #BlueHour #photography #KawarthLakes

A small makeshift buoy floating on a calm lake under a blue and pink pre-dawn sky.
9 months ago

Two photos from the skyline of New #Taipei taken from Dadaocheng Wharf back in November within one minute.

One photo has been taken using the automatic settings on my @FujiFilm #XT20: SS 1/30, f4, ISO1600
The other has been taken using the manual mode. SS 1/30, f4.5, ISO800.
I know which I like more...
#photo #travel

Matthew Fells
11 months ago
Pixie cup lichen growing on the side of a log
A clump of green ladder lichen
A patch of orange-cored shadow lichen on the side of a tree
Some kind of rim lichen on the side of a tree
Carrot safari
1 year ago

I took a picture. #fujifilm #xt20 #nature #sooc

Matthew Fells
2 years ago
A sad meal of a tray of bright orange processed macaroni and cheese with an apple on a long table with disinfectant wipes in the background.
Matthew Fells
2 years ago
Matthew Fells
2 years ago

Still life with book and camera

Nikon D750 + Nikon 85mm f/1.8 AF-D
ISO 10,000
Edited following along with Aurelien Pierre's basic photo processing in Darktable for beginners video


#NikonD750 #Nikon85mm #darktable #fossphotography #photography #philosophy #willdurant #thestoryofphilosophy #Fujifilm #xt20

A still life of a 1960s era mass market paperback copy of Will Durant's The Story of Philosophy behind a 7artisans 18mm f/6.3 UFO lens next to a Fujifilm X-T20 with a Nikon Series E 50mm lens mounted, all against a dark, out of focus background.
3 years ago

Posted this view from the rooftop pool of #TheHuan in #Taichung, #Taiwan on Google Maps. They also have a gym and a sauna up there.

Got notified today that it's racked up almost 100'000 views on Google Maps. The most viewed photo that I've posted there apparently.

Shot with my Fuji Film #XT20 in late October 2019. Missing Taiwan, by the way.
#luxury #nofilter #travel

3 years ago

Glad to report that Sigma's external EF-610 DG ST flash that I bought a couple of years ago works smoothly with my #XT20 mirrorless cam from #FujiFilm. Perfect tool for (press) conferences in larger rooms where the internal flash of the camera does not reach far enough to lighten up speakers. #photography

4 years ago

Lost the thumb pad of my #FujiFilm #XT20 camera a while ago. Asked for replacement in various photo shops in Taiwan, but nobody had the right part at hand. Wrote an e-mail to the Swiss distributor and had a new thumb pad sent by mail at no charge within a day. Great #service from Fuji #Switzerland! #photography

Torrone 🥔 🍄
4 years ago

#Fujifilm #XT20 + 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0 XF R LM OIS à 650€

Je craque ou pas ?
Les masto-photographes, pourquoi il faut pas que je l'achète ?