2 hours ago

Idag kände jag att yogan, som jag började köra varje vardagsmorgon för två veckor sedan, har börjat göra nytta. Utan att jag först tänkte på det klarade jag av att göra vissa vardagsrörelser mycket lättare. #yoga

Alex Ayers
7 hours ago

Wearing a form fitting #yoga outfit in my kitchen to find today's #marshmallow from a Advent Calendar imported from #Australia.

Fredi Lüthin
11 hours ago

@MehrLin Das wiederum kann ich gut verstehen. Übermorgen übe ich mich wieder im langsamen Ein- und Ausatmen :-) #Yoga

Tiagão Roots
22 hours ago

A vida é para quem topa qualquer parada. Não para quem para em qualquer topada.🙏🏼✨👽🔥


Crafty Jo
23 hours ago

Hi #Yogis, I've been trying to google this, and am getting no help.
Are Warrior 1 and 2 considered twists? I've been told I should not twist, but I'm not sure if these count.
And if they are twists, how can I compensate so I don't?


1 day ago

I broke my back just watching this. #Yoga

Der Waldorfpapa
1 day ago

@sucram_777 Ist ein "herabschauender Hund" ein Hund, wenn ihn ein Wolf macht?

(okay - ist jetzt ein bisschen off-topic)


2 days ago

Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

(no idea what that website is so this is not an endorsement).

#Photography #Photo #Fotographie #BlackAndWhitePhotography #Bnw #StreetPhotography #BlackAndWhite #Florida #Monochrome #Yoga

Black and white photo of an elderly man doing yoga on top of a wall at the beach.
2 days ago

A medical researcher explains why yoga and mindfulness should be integrated into every medical school curriculum—for the sake of both doctors and patients.

#Yoga #Mindfulness #MentalHealth

DER SPIEGEL | inoffiziell
2 days ago
Zwei Drittel aller Deutschen leiden unter Stress. Daran ändert sich seit Jahrzehnten: nichts. Dabei gibt es längst gute Wege, zu einem entspannteren Leben zu finden.#Leben #EinfachYoga #Yoga #Wellness
Stressmanagement: So gelingt es, Erholung in den Alltag zu integrieren
AmiW Streetart ❄️
2 days ago

🧘🏼‍♂️ Artist: #QWERT / #QwertArt in City: #London #Shoreditch UK 🇬🇧 2023 - Title: 💚 untitled - (📷 by Shoreditch Streetart Tours) - #Art #Streetart #Graffiti #Pasteup #Green #Yoga #Meditation #UrbanArt #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐🥐

Streetartwall. A funny paste-up of a cartoon character with googly eyes is stuck to the bottom of a green-painted street wall. He has two big eyes, long earlobes, a pointed nose and a small mouth. He is wearing a beaded cap and a white Indian sari. The little yoga man is sitting cross-legged on the floor. His long, thin arms are stretched out at his sides and his two fingers are pressed together in meditation. A white adhesive poster with various types of hand-rolled hash cigarettes and descriptions are pasted over the photo. Artist unknown.
ǟɦɨʍֆǟ ɮʝօʀռ
2 days ago

The quality of our character is influenced by the quality of our thoughts. Over time, asana, pranayama, and meditation, along with other activities, help us experience a place beyond thought. This place is where we reconnect to our true nature and our divine soul. #yoga #meditation #mindfulness #spirituality

DAY 339
The samskaras are built up by continued action of the thought-waves, and they, in their turn, create new thought-waves, the process works both ways. Expose the mind to constant thoughts of anger and resentment, and you will find that these anger-waves build-up anger-samskaras, which will predispose you to find occasions for anger throughout your daily life. A man with well developed anger-samskaras is said to have "a bad temper." The sum total of our samskaras is, in fact, our character at any given moment.
Yoga Sutras
2 days ago

50 minutes of #yoga stretching & holy shit that felt good. (Another 2-a-day.)

Move your body. Show up for yourself consistently & changes will come. Doctors, tests, pills won't heal you from #POTS. You need to move. Start slow. Go on YouTube, search for POTS workout. Pick one & do 5 minutes. Come on here & tell me what a shithead I am because now you hurt head to toe. 🤣 I did too. For the rest of the week do another 5 every day. Then next week do 7 minutes. Show up.


3 days ago
autumn 🌞 sunshine plz
3 days ago

today is a good day. been hoping for this feature for a very long time!

#downDog #yoga

down dog app “what’s new” with the newest version saying “you can now like or exclude specific poses!”
Unsere Autorin ist Schauspielerin und Yogalehrerin. Diesmal geht es um postnatales Yoga. Warum kann es nach der Schwangerschaft so hilfreich sein? Ab wann darf man beginnen – und vor allem wie? Unsere Expertin klärt auf und stellt Übungen vor.#Fitnesstraining #Schwangerschaft #Yoga-Kolumne #Yoga
Nach der Schwangerschaft: Mit diesen Tipps und Übungen erobern Sie Ihren Körper zurück
Charlie ❤️ Hotgirl
3 days ago

📢 -20% sur les nouveaux abos : MARDIABO20
➡️ Valable jusqu'à ce soir minuit
#sexy #yoga #erotic #nsfw

3 days ago

Vielleicht ist die fast schmerzhafte Schönheit dieser Töne auch nur eine alternative Art des Kiffens gegen den Weltschmerz.

Der Weltschmerz, die „tiefe Traurigkeit über die Unzulänglichkeit der Welt“ (Gebr. Grimm), wird allerdings nicht besser, wenn man überlegt, dass das, was wir Welt nennen, ein Resultat menschlichen Handelns ist und dass wir auch anders handeln könnten.

Aber immer gibt es irgendwo jemanden, der Krieg führt, den Planeten verseucht, einen Hasskommentar schreibt, seine Frau verprügelt, seine Mitarbeiter erniedrigt, oder politische Entscheidungen gegen Menschlichkeit und Zukunft trifft.

Wir wissen es besser, aber der Todestrieb ist stärker.

#nielsotunes #hang #meditation #calming #music #musik #relax #entspannung #relaxation #yoga #meditation

Steve Henderson Fine Art
3 days ago

Serene, elegant --

She moves with strong, easy grace,

Confident and sure.

Our bodies were made to move as much as our minds were made to think, and when we do both regularly, we step lightly yet firmly on our path.

Smooth Moves art print --

#dance #dancer #woman #femme #haiku #poem #writing #art #artwork #stevehenderson #mastoart #fediart #yoga #athletic #health #beauty #buyintoart #ayearforart #painting #watercolor #nude #sexy #smooth #confident #serenity

Art print of an original watercolor painting depicting an athletic woman from the back.
3 days ago

#yoga König #django 😂🤣😂
Wahnsinn wie gelenkig er schlafen kann
Probiere ich nachher auch mal aus
Ich berichte morgen, wenn ich noch kann 😉

Leonberger schläft auf Boden
4 days ago

A good stretch in Dagobah. Yoda doing yoga. #grickledoodle #yoda #yoga #starwars #drawing #art #cartoon #funny

4 days ago

Dear Friends of the Unhappy,

I have just uploaded a five minute podcast, on dealing with #overwhelming #sadness. If someone is #depressed about #misfortune, that is #understandable. Hopefully they will overcome and pass into a happier situation …

The speaker discusses the topic of #melancholy, depression, and #sadness and whether meditation can help. They mention that while meditation can be #beneficial, it may not be enough on its own. #Chanting and #physical #activities like #yoga and #exercise are suggested as #alternative #techniques to address sadness and unhappiness. The speaker emphasizes the importance of #finding what #works best for each #individual and #suggests starting with #preliminary #exercises before diving into #meditation.

5 days ago

Hey everyone. Live Seated Yoga starting in 20 minutes. Here's the link:

I'd be very happy if some of you joined! 🩵

#yoga #mentalhealth #workout #video #live #livestream #fitness #wellbeing

5 days ago

#PullUpProgram Week 5 day 4

Warm up: 3 rounds
- 1 min thoracic foam rolling
- 20 banded pull apart
- 10 dead bug overhead let down

Pull baby, pull! 10 rounds
- 3 box finishing pull ups
- rest as needed

Hold baby, hold! 4 rounds
- 8-10 sec top of pull up hold (use toes on box if needed)
- rest as needed

This after teaching a frigging cold yoga class at the Crossfit gym this morning.

#PullUp #Fitness #FitnessGoals #GymLife #Yoga #CrossFit #YogaForCrossfit

Starting my day doing nude yoga with my friend Héctor is a great way to start with energy, but at the same time with calm and a clear mind.

Follow me on Patreon to see the full video.

#yoga #nude #NudeYoga #nakedyoga #nudistfriends #meditation #nudism #naturism #nudefreedom #nudefriends

5 days ago

Have you heard of the downward dog? This is the frontward cat #yoga #caturday

Brown tabby cat napping with all four paws, head and tail pointing towards the camera
Deirdre Saoirse Moen
5 days ago

Rick’s been off on a hike for hours, and I managed an entire 4 mins 31 seconds of a 10-minute chill #yoga segment on Apple Fitness before tapping out. (Pain, plus pretty sure my body was in the complete wrong position and wanted to check.) Virabhadrasana II sometimes throws me and I wind up with elements of I and III.

ǟɦɨʍֆǟ ɮʝօʀռ
6 days ago

A #meditation and #yoga practice can help us exist outside of fear. As we practice becoming more familiar with stillness, we are able to free ourselves of fear with greater ease and frequency. Fear eventually becomes a reminder that it is time to start paying attention to the present moment and reconnect to stillness. #wisdom #spirituality #mindfulness

6 days ago

Today I rowed 528 strokes with #DarkHorseRowing, 25 minutes of #yoga stretching.

Attempted standing weight training. It didn't go well. Dizzy. Nauseous.

Feeling #Potsie. It's a hard thing to describe because there's no outward illness. I had a hard time getting out of bed, didn't feel really awake until hours later, my head was swimmy, just... off all morning. But I'm doing so much better now. I'm not going to beat myself up too much over the weights. I'll keep trying! #KickingTheShitOutOfPOTS

1 week ago

Day 1 of 24 Days of Yoga:

5 Min Morning Yoga Workout

#Yoga #adventcalendar #christmascountdown #dailypractice #video #workout

A video of myself performing a Yoga flow. The title is Day 1 / 24 Days of Yoga / 5 Min Morning Yoga Workout.

The poses I assume are the following, in that order:

Cat Cow x5
Table top + crunch x5
Rotation x3
Side leg lift + Crunch x5
Child's pose & repeat other side
Lightning Duck
1 week ago

Well, I got my ass up and did a 15 minute Warrior Pose Yoga routine to work on balance and stability (for Taekwon-Do) and it's pretty tough on my legs and joints...and then continued to learn some Tai-Chi (24 form...I'm up to step 4) I find Tai-Chi more difficult to remember the way all the body parts flow than a Taekwon-Do tul

#Yoga #TaiChiChuan #TaiChi #太極拳

Kit Irving
1 week ago


#Yoga #HotYoga #Winter #Cold #Exercise #Silly #Meme

Pie chart meme, at the top: Reasons I go to Hot Yoga." The pie chart is mostly orange with a tiny piece that is blue. Next to the chart is the key showing blue means "Exercise/yoga" and orange means: Being Warm
Ben Higbie
1 week ago

Here are four Buddhist-themed works that were made by friends of mine that're available. All different styles and color schemes and sizes, really calm + peaceful stuff, great to give as a gift to someone you love who is into yoga and meditation+ eastern spirituality and all that good stuff! Msg me if you see one you like and want more info on~ #art #arts #painting #paintings #artist #artists #artistsonmastodon #buddha #buddhist #buddhism #yoga #meditation #painting #paintings #decor #artforsale

a painting of the Buddha, from his collarbones up, half his face is blue and the other half orange, the left side of the painting is shadowy, with green leaves coming from the dark
a painting of the Buddha's face with a large lotus flower in placed in the bottom right , the flower is white and light gold, the Buddha's face gold, his eyes closed, seen from his right side, the background is black
a painting of the Buddha's face, done in an abstract style, it is dark with lots of yellow, red, and dark tones in it, his eyes are closed in meditation
a painting of the full body of the Buddha, meditating, he is wearing orange robes, his hands clasped together, his eyes closed, the background is tones of white, light blue, and red rust color in a corona around his body up to his ears
Phillip Wilkerson
1 week ago

For Bandcamp Friday 12/1/2023, here's a new slow-motion, long-form classic ambient drift for decelerating your holiday season:

Any $ you can toss into my virtual tip jar at Bandcamp is much appreciated!

And the entire PW discography is still just $10.


#ambient #space #meditation #yoga #sleep #nidra #relax #drift #drone #music #Fediversemusic

BTW ~ "Eastbourne & Weymouth" is now available at digital stores and streaming sites:

pixelgraphix 🐿️
1 week ago

… und so sieht der Dezember 2024 im #Postkartenkalender für das nächste Jahr aus: Lauter #Eichhörnchen und #Yoga. Infos hier:

Kalendarium für Dezember 2024, darunter die schwarze Zeichnung eines Eichhörnchens und zweier Haselnüsse beim Yoga.
Phillip Wilkerson
1 week ago
1 week ago

The #Aaptiv #workout app is really working for me. I think the sauce is suggesting guided work each day, but letting me pick. Some days I’m up for a #run, core workout, and stretch. Other days, all I can manage is a 5 minute #yoga flow. All those “count” tho, and building a daily habit is good. I also love that it’s voice workouts. There’s treadmill, strength, stretching, yoga, or #pilates, with lots of new options for variety. I’m beginning my third month of near-daily workouts.

1 week ago

Good morning 🙂

Sky is not convinced she's ready for Friday. She clearly needs to do a few downward dogs with me tomorrow.

#yoga #dogsofmastodon #dogs #goodmorning #alttextponderings #alttext

Sky is a 7 year old staffy collie cross dog with a dark chocolate brindle coat.  In this picture she is snuggled up under a blue blanket with her head resting on her outstretched paws.
I often wonder what she is thinking about when I take photos of her...
Ben Higbie
1 week ago

Here is a #workinprogress #painting that my friend Apple is doing, I took this pic of it when I was visiting her gallery yesterday. If anyone out there is interested in bringing this cool modern-style piece into their place, let me know! Nice large size! It'll bring lots of calming and relaxed energy into any interior. A really spectacular gift idea too! #art #arts #buddha #buddhist #buddhism #yoga #artwork #painting #paintings #artistsonmastodon #handmade #spiritual #spirituality #peace #artnet

a painting of the Buddha, the face of him only, his face is golden, it is done in a modern minimalist style, a lotus flower, white and light gold, opening up in front of him, the background black
1 week ago

Dear person who always wanted to actively promote your mental and physical health,

Tomorrow, we will have a #live Chair #Yoga/#Pilates session.

In December, there will be a live class each Sunday.

Plus, I'm preparing an advent of Yoga with 24 tiny exercises or poses such that you can practice just a little bit every day.

Hope you enjoy it!

Find all the details here:

Moby MicroDick
1 week ago

"Le #yoga, c’est de droite ?"
J'ajouterai : donc classiste, raciste & colonialiste, validiste...

Une création de Delphine Saltel.

(Et merci @evapopopo de me stimuler à poursuivre ces réflexions. Le New Age & #fakemed se trimbalant de plus en plus décomplexés dans nos communautés militantes LGBTI. Puis perso lassitude d'un côté "positivité toxique" dans une partie - personnes privilégiées, comme toujours - de la communauté handie.)

Ben Higbie
1 week ago

Here's an assortment of four really nice nature works, made by artist friends of mine that live in nearby towns. Anyone who sees something they like is encouraged to contact me asap! They make really nice gifts to give for the holidays! #artforsale #artmarket #artfinder #nature #naturelover #naturelovers #artists #artistsonmastodon #artwork #artnet #handmade #elephants #environment #gifts #xmas #christmas #holidays #wildlife #yoga #meditation #interiors #interiordecor #interiordecorating

a black and white painting of an elephant walking towards the viewer
a painting of a turtle diving down in the water, sunlight coming through the surface of the water above
a green, white, yellow, and blue mandala design on black background
a painting of a tiger, it is tall horizontally, its stripes are black and the space between them is filled in with vibrant, splattered bright neon colors
1 week ago

So much of kundalini yoga is about raising energy and better done in the morning. This kriya is a wonderful night time routine that is very calming.

#yoga #kundaliniyoga

1 week ago


Llevo poco por estar red, de momento parece interesante.

Me gusta todo lo que tiene que ver con la informática y tecnología.

En deportes me gusta practicar #mtb, #surf, #yoga.

Amante del buen vino y del café.

A veces escribo, aunque hace tiempo que no lo hago con la misma intensidad que hace unos años.

Toda persona es bienvenida si trata con respeto.


1 week ago

Got nauseous (not unusual) near the end of pilates so I ate, then did #yoga. I feel great now but I still hate down dog. It feels like someone is shocking my fingers and hands as I try like hell to plant my hands & spread fingers wide & strong enough to hold the pose correctly. Is it my mat? Is it my body? What can I do to stop the sensations? I can't skip the pose- every full yoga class I've attempted has it but it's also preventing me from advancing in my practice.


1 week ago

Hopping on the mat. Plan is 30 minutes of #pilates, 30 #yoga stretches, 10 mins for balance exercises.

I noticed yesterday that I did a lot- more than an hour workout, food bank, 6k+ steps, emptied dishwasher (was my least favorite chore... Dishes are heavy & it's a lot of bending & stretching, now- no big deal), vac & mopped entire 1st floor, 5 loads of laundry- all without needing to rest or nap. 6 months ago a day like this would have needed 2 days recovery.


2 weeks ago

Yesterday- rest day since my brain was a nest of angry bees. Today is not as bad so I did 30 minutes of #yoga stretches with some poses (down dog still *kills* my wrists, palms & fingers... Ouch, so tight) & 30 minutes of #pilates with Move with Nicole. I should row. The sun is on that side of the house & will be in my face if I attempt it now. Not what my brain needs. I should go for a walk. It's a cold but sunny day. I could use fresh air & sunlight.


2 weeks ago

‘Everything you’ve been told is a lie!’ Inside the wellness-to-fascism pipeline

One minute you’re doing the downward dog, the next you’re listening to conspiracy theories about Covid or the new world order. How did the desire to look after yourself become so toxic?

#Wellness #Fascism #Yoga #Health #FarRight

2 weeks ago

Done. 555 #rowing strokes in 27 minutes with #DarkHorseRowing, 35 minutes of #yoga stretching with #YourYogaJourney & 10 minutes balance. Feeling shaky but also strong & bendy.

(The Your Journey Yoga's instructor is Cheryl. I haven't really praised her enough. She's mellow, encouraging & so restorative. I know there's more popular channels, but she's wonderful.)


Adriana N
2 weeks ago

Budokon®Yoga Primary Series - Section 3 #bodokon #yoga

2 weeks ago

Sexuelle Übergriffe beim Yoga: Wenn der Guru zum Täter wird

In der vermeintlich friedlichen Yoga-Szene sind sexuelle Übergriffe offenbar keine Seltenheit. Recherchen des SWR-Investigativformats Vollbild zeigen, wie Yoga-Lehrer ihre Machtposition missbrauchen. Von Tasnim Rödder.


#Yoga #SexuelleÜbergriffe #VOLLBILD

3 weeks ago

Yesterday I did 30 minutes of #Pilates and cleaned my messy freaking house, which always used to knock me on my ass (literally, I would need to go to bed after.) Today I did 500 #rowing strokes in 27 minutes (new class with #DarkHorseRowing- interval training 💪), 30 minutes of Pilates and 30 minutes of gentle #yoga stretching. Dude. 90 minutes is a solid #workout. I'm proud of myself. Kicking my week off right. Up next- ramen with the family. Sundays are too short.


Bylines Scotland
3 weeks ago

🆕 Yoga can help: An interview with Nicky Porter

Entrepreneur, pilot, traveller, mother and yoga teacher, Nicky Porter, shares her experience teaching #yoga in a changing world

Susie Porter

3 weeks ago

627 #rowing strokes in 32 minutes with #DarkHorseRowing and 31 minutes of #yoga stretches with Cheryl at Your Journey Yoga. Beautiful workout. I'm shaky but I think I'll be ok once I eat. I never not eat before working out. Not making it a habit after today.

I uploaded the workout to my #fitbit 77 zone minutes so far today. With #SquareDancing later I bet I can top 100.


Ester Legaz
1 month ago

🌿 Le Closlieu: retiro de yoga, autoexploración y expresión creadora 🌿

Me hace muchísima ilusión anunciar este retiro de la mano de mi amiga y compañera Mònica C. Vidal.

¡Os dejo la info en las publicaciones!

#retiro #art #yoga #kundalini

Portada del retiro: Closlieu: Retiro de yoga, autoexploración y expresión. Primer fin de semana de primavera: del 22 al 24 de marzo de 2024. Ester Legaz y Mònica C. Vidal.
Las propuestas: -Ritual de bienvenida y creación artesanal. -Prácticas diarias de yin yoga y vinyasa. -Espacio diario de meditación- Sesiones de VEA (activación de la kundalini). -Paseos por la naturaleza. -Círculo nocturno de narración oral. -Asesoramientos individualizados. Talleres de autoexploración y expresión: -Escritura intuitiva. -Semiología de la expresión (pintura). -Movimiento libre y desbloqueo corporal. -Improvisación, voz y expresión. -Autoexploración a través del retrato y el autorretrato. *todas las propuestas son voluntarias, en caso de que no quieras participar de alguna habrá alternativas de descanso, reflexión y asesoramiento individual.
-¿Dónde? En el Aceitunero (Ávila)
Cuadrícula de 2x6. En la primera línea el texto: Casa rural y entorno natural y a la derecha la fotografía de una habitación con una cama de matrimonio. En la segunda línea la imagen de una tortilla con más comida de fondo difuminada y a la derecha el texto: incluye todas las comidas con productos frescos de calidad (vegetariano). En la tercera el texto: Espacio diáfano de yoga, piscina, patio, zona de descanso y 7 habitaciones dobles.
1 month ago

Got a quick #row in: 346 strokes in 19 mins. I also learned a tabata means, which is, Heidi can't breathe. 🤣 #DarkHorseRowing will be the death of me.

Now that it's fall/winter our wood stove is cranking in the living room (aka my #yoga & #pilates studio) so I may have to reevaluate my set up. With #POTS it's very easy to get overheated quickly & without warning, which can lead to sudden onset of other symptoms. But there's no other TV I can work out in front of.


1 month ago

I smoked a cigarette so soon after I finished doing #yoga today that I wouldn't be shocked if I just lit up in the middle of it if I could smoke in my apartment. Small steps I guess.

thomas (they/them) 🌺
1 month ago

Yoga instructor read this at last nights class, it's titled "Autobiography in Five Short Chapters" it's by Portia Nelson 1977. 🧵👇

#yoga #yogi #poetry #change #habbits #selfDiscovery #selfReflection #meditation #PortiaNelson

1 month ago

I made myself do 30 minutes of #yoga today, so I think I can reward myself by eating an entire double bacon frozen pizza for dinner.

Joanne Stocker-Kelly
1 month ago

I bruised my ribs coughing so this hurts like hell, but the ahimsa is still there because #yoga eases my poor brain

Me, in a navy blue tshirt and brown joggers, in a strong Astavakrasana (Eight-Angle Pose) on my yoga mat
pixelgraphix 🐿️
1 month ago

Zur Abwechslung heute mal das Kalenderblatt für den November 2024 aus meinem aktuellen Kalender. Den gibt es hier

#kalender #yoga #Eichhörnchen #squirrel #ersterTagdesMonats

Foto eines aufgestellten Postkartenkalenders. Eine schwarze Zeichnung auf weißem Grund zeigt ein Eichhörnchen und zwei Haselnüsse beim Yoga in der Baum-Pose.
1 month ago

I'm going to do some stoned #yoga mat exercises. It will help with the migraine & maybe lower my high down a couple notches. Lol. I needed to see how bitter the cannabutter was, since it came out darker than I wanted & well, I ran my finger on the back of the rubber spatula and popped it in my mouth. It's bitter (fuck.) but it's also potent (hell yeah!). Glad I'm not driving anywhere anytime soon. Like, tomorrow. :)

This book tells you everything you might need to know in 1975, from legal matters to #squatting, from sourcing / using #drugs to #health care, #travel to part-time work, how to wire a house & where to find good free #yoga classes. There’s guides to #hitching & finding #communes & #crashpads , places to print cheaply & #DIY tips, free #education & help with #childcare & it’s all written in such optimistic tones; the freaks & hippies of 1975 really thought they were winning. Heartbreaking, really

Crows Labyrinth
1 month ago

Here is a playlist with lots of meditative pieces, featuring soundscapes, ocean sounds, singing bowls, flutes, and lots of other meditative sounds.

It could be your soundtrack for your next meditation or yoga session, or just for relaxation. 🧘

Many of these tracks are made by indie artists, so you're supporting them too when you listen to them. 😊

#ambient #playlist #meditation #yoga

Daryl White
1 month ago

This year I've been working on me.

I started doing yoga with Man Flow Yoga in March then added in a strength and nutrition plan in May from the Fit Father Project. I've lost 30 pounds. I still have another 30 to go, but happy with what I've accomplished so far.

Pictures include me in a tank and without a shirt. So be advised of that before clicking through. I'm not there yet! 🤣

#fitness #health #yoga #StrengthTraining #WorkoutPhotos #transformation #InProgress

A collage of six pictures from the day's strength workout showing me (a white man) in the process of doing a dumbbell swing, squat, plank rows, and knee pushups. Biggest picture in the top left of the collage is just me 💪 my new-found right bicep muscle.
Before and after pictures showing the changes I've made over six months of working out. Left picture is a selfie of me without a shirt at my heaviest. Pretty round belly. Right picture is me in October with a much flatter stomach and more toned arms. Still more work to do.
Tucker Teague
1 month ago

I just did some #yoga this morning and I'm glad I did. I've been carrying some tension in my neck and shoulders and this time I did an upper-body routine and, as I sit here typing this, my neck and shoulders feel so different, so less tight. And, believe me, yoga is not at all easy for me. But even a little done poorly goes a long way. I highly encourage folks to give it a try if they haven't already. 🧎 🧘

Hey! I'm Alice Werefox!

I'm a 29 year old transfemme in Minneapolis, MN that loves
#gayming, #poetry, #programming, #yoga, #music, and many other things I'm sure you'll hear about should you choose to follow me on this wild journey we call "life". Lately, that's consisted of a lot of Super #Metroid randomizer playthroughs and occasionally a poem or two. I'm currently unemployed, and at the moment I've been pretty focused on settling into a new living space among other major life changes. I'm hoping to get back into streaming, since I used to do quite a bit of that!

Thanks for reading and/or boosting this, I hope you have a wonderful day.

2 months ago

Candy is nearly 15 years old, which apparently makes her about 75 in human years. And she can still do yoga in her sleep 😂

#cats #catsofmastodon #yoga

Black and white cat lying on a cushion with her back leg looped over the back of her neck
Isaías "McAllus"
2 months ago

No pude resistirme a pedir en su web los Caballeros en cuanto los vi en el stand de Kirolab3D durante las Freak Wars.

Les tocará turno de pintura muy pronto 😊 (justo después de 2 de Punkapocalyptic y 2 de Star Wars Shatterpoint)

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Los 5 caballeros de Bronce impresos en resina junto a sus Pandora box
Estuche con el símbolo de Atenea y las Pandora Box de las armaduras de los caballeros de Bronce
2 months ago

Day 1 of 40days of morning hatha followed by the kundalini power pack (Sat kriya and Kirtan kriya). Hips are already feeling better.
#yoga #kundalini #40DayKriya

2 months ago

Good morning,lovely people! I have let my morning routine fall by the wayside so I am trying to bring back morning yoga and meditation. It took the dogs less time to settle down. Let's see if that holds. The rest of the day will be doctor appointment, grocery store, dog walkies and more work on the wizard robe
Tonight's movie is Untitled Horror Movie
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A blue yoga mat is laid out on a stone patio.

My yoga instructor read this poem at the end of class while we were in shavasana and gave everyone an existential crisis

#poetry #yoga #lol

What's it like to be a human the bird asked I myself don't know it's being held prisoner by your skin while reaching infinity being a captive of your scrap of time while touching eternity being hopelessly uncertain and helplessly hopeful being a needle of frost and a handful of heat breathing in the air and choking wordlessly it's being on fire with a nest made of ashes eating bread while filling up on hunger it's dying without love it's loving through death That's funny said the bird and flew effortlessly up into the air ~ Anna Kamienska, from "Funny"
2 months ago

I'm going to say something I've never written about before. If you're a woman even slightly considering the possibility of giving birth, I strongly advise to train your core muscles and your pelvic floor.

I haven't been very active before having kids and some time after the birth of my second son [4,240 kg, a big newborn!] I experienced incontinence. It took me 3 rounds of rehab over 3 years to see improvement.

Ladies, please go for #yoga, #barre or #animalflow [2/2]

#fitness #fitodon

Nate Gaylinn
2 months ago

Time for a new #introduction

I'm a #ComputerScience #PhD candidate at the #University of #Vermont (#UVM). There, I'm doing #AI and #ALife #research with Josh Bongard and many others. Themes include #evolution, #evolvability, innate #intelligence, #cells, #bodies, and #endosymbiosis.

I believe #science should be open and accessible, so I write about my ideas on a #Wordpress #blog, review relevant #books on #Goodreads, and publish my source code on #Github (links in my profile).

I'm passionate about #diversity, #socialjustice, #sustainability, #ethics, #philosophy, and all things #tech. In my personal life, I love #food, #cooking, #reading, #yoga, #hiking, #art, and #StarTrek.

I worked for many years on #Google #Search as a #software #engineer, #techlead, and #manager. I used to be proud of that, but lately I have concerns.

My favorite #programming language is #Python, but I know many more, and lately have been quite enjoying #CUDA #GPU programming in #cplusplus.

3 months ago

I went to a 7am yoga class this morning, and it was … um … really good. And believe me, no one is more surprised about that than I am. I feel great. Ok, the Vietnamese coffee treat and chill out on the roof garden were nice, too. But yeah. Yoga. Who knew? #yoga

Sophia ⛅️
3 months ago


Hi everyone, I’m Sophia!

I’m a digital #creative , #technology and #music enthusiast, #writer and #coder. I recently finished my Bachelor’s degree and have started my post-grad work journey!

In my free time I enjoy listening to a variety of #music, attending local #concerts , #reading YA fiction and memoirs, #traveling , learning a new #computer skill, watching #strangerthings , doing #yoga , #hiking or playing the #guitar.

I hope to make a few worthwhile connections here :)

Ben Higbie
3 months ago

Here's a hand-painted work on canvas, made by my friend Sirapong, who is also my neighbor. This painting can be displayed bith vertically and horizontally. It is nice and large and very finely made, yet very affordable too. Message me if youre interested in this magnificent and relaxing work~ #art #arts #artists #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon #painting #paintings #artmarket #artforsale #artfinder #artlover #artlovers #yoga #nature #naturelover #naturelovers #koifish #koi #handmade

Be Now Here
3 months ago

This will be a brief #Introduction for now; more to come soon.

We are three musicians who enjoy the benefits of meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques.

The music that’s being played on such occasions is often quite generic, arbitrary, and sugary. That’s why Be Now Here exist.

We go into more detail on our website

Looking forward to meeting you!

#Music #MusicForMeditation #MusicForYoga #MusicForRelaxation #Meditation #Yoga #Relaxation #Mindfulness

Quinn Blueheart 🔞✍️
3 months ago

I recently read that almost everyone has a naked #neighbor. You know, the fit one that walks around their house #nude with the window blinds open.

So, I was wondering why don’t I seem to have a naked neighbor? I just finished my nude #yoga in my living room this morning with the bright sun warming my skin, and this is what I’m pondering as I relax with my pot of freshly brewed #tea (#Darjeeling) before getting dressed for the busy day ahead. I feel #cheated.
#friday #DeepThoughts

Yoga mat and blocks with pot of tea. A ebook is laying next to the pot with the title “Dice Dare at the Con.” See my profile info on where to get my books and stories.
Dom Tyer
3 months ago
Sharon Cummings Art (Official)
3 months ago

what will you do with
the balance of all your days?
Less time than you think!

*lost a friend today to an accident. My age and leaves behind 2 children in high school and college. Makes you think...


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colorful yin and yang abstract art in greens, aqua, tan, orange and other earth tones by artist Sharon Cummings.  Haiku in post.

We’re working on a couples retreat in the Rockies that we think will appeal to some Edmonton & Calgary folks. Couples who want more than mediocre. If you’re curious (& want to be on the wait list for “super earlybird” pricing)…

#coupleswork #sacredsexuality #marriage #tantra #yoga #happiness #love #retreats #canada #edmonton #yeg #calgary #ycc

4 months ago

My introduction here. I admire the human body and what we can do with it. I never stop being amazed by how people make their poses. Yoga is a way to stay fit and healthy, also shows what our bodies can do. #beYOUtiful

What I post is mostly from myself, being my vulnerable self.

The context warnings are just plain wrong, they should warn for sensibility🥰

At this very moment I need some encouragement to push through
#nakedyoga #nudeyoga #naaktyoga #yoga
Let’s motivate 🧘‍♂️🙏

Leanne J
4 months ago

#3goodthings @3goodthings And it’s only 1pm!
1) Just finished #yoga and core workouts #AppleFitnessPlus, helping to stretch my back. Really feeling the weighted squats I did yesterday 😉 Spinal injection procedure is due this week and I won’t be allowed to do much exercise for a little while.
2) Going to see the #Metallica gig broadcast in UK cinemas tonight (and Monday night!) 🤘
3) Having time to chill out and breathe, with 2 sleepy cats resting in the window nearby.

4 months ago

Well @socalgecko threw down the challenge to upgrade #ThighsDay, so I did my first #yoga practice in months to pull out my only party trick

Hope y’all are having a wonderful day x

A naked man doing stag headstand in front of a blue wall