Darrel Plant
1 month ago

It's my first #HUEYDAN here on Mastodon!

Following on the heels of #Zappadan — a long-standing celebration of Frank Zappa between the dates of his death and birth — I created Hueydan back in 2012 to celebrate Louisiana Senator Huey Pierce Long and his works and achievements.

#HUEYDAN August 30–September 10

Huey Long was born August 30, 1893 and died of an assassin’s bullet on September 10, 1935. 

“Where are the schools that you have waited for your children to have, that have never come? Where are the roads and highways that you send your money to build, that are no nearer now than ever before? ‘Where are the institutions to care for the sick and disabled? Your tears in this country have lasted for generations. Give me the chance to dry the eyes of those who still weep here.” 
—Huey Long, 1928
Matti Sunell
9 months ago

Talvipäivänseisaus ja zappadanin päätöspäivä. Zappa täyttäisi tänään 82. Valoa kohti. #Zappa #zappadan

Adrian Cockcroft
9 months ago

#zappadan toast for the day - Duckfoot Brewery St Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast stout (gluten reduced). Has maple syrup, coffee, and 12.8% alcohol so will treat with respect…

#Zappadan Day 8

(this is one of my fave Zappa albums)

10 months ago

Of Jim “Motorhead” Sherwood, one of Frank Zappa’s oldest friends, Zappa said, “He’s one of those guys you say, ‘I know this guy who’s really weird and I want to show him to you.” #IWishMotorheadWouldComeBack #Zappadan

Pamela Merritt
10 months ago

Today is a special day, because the first time I hear retail Christmas music it works as intended. It's the ninth of December. I prefer to shop online for many reasons, some even carbon saving.

Then I get to choose my own holiday music. Perhaps it's time to end this tyranny of #retail ears, which excludes so many wonders from multiple celebrations. For myself, I like to start early, with #Zappadan. Specifically, the album Hot Rats.

I'm not suggesting all grocery shoppers browse the aisles to "My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Momma." That's a job for #Santa, and now he's looped in.

I'm saying why subject anyone to a throwback version of a very specific type of holiday celebration which hasn't aged well? I should know.

It was mine. Not anymore.

brett g porter
10 months ago

December 4-21 is when we remember Frank Zappa by celebrating #Zappadan. We begin my first Zappadan on Mastodon in the traditional way: Watermelon in Easter Hay, from "Joe's Garage".

Michael Colletti
10 months ago

In celebration of #zappadan and the late, great Ted Orr (guitar).
Peaches en Regalia with Shred, Thump and Flow.

I just learned about Zappadan. December just got way better.

Adrian Cockcroft
10 months ago

#zappadan preparations complete - ready to toast Bummernacht

Good morning, #HephalumpWorld! Tea is steeping.

Why are 🍊🤡 and his 🇷🇺-financed insurrectionist cohorts not yet in custody? Who's the 3rd world shithole now?

#ArrestDonaldTrump GOP=#DomesticTerrorists

Fuck you, 🚀 boy.

Today is day 1 of #Zappadan.

Today's agenda: Freak Out!

#Zappadan has begun.

10 months ago

Tristan is ready for #Zappadan tomorrow.

I've taken his "look down from my cat tree smile" with a holiday tree background and added a stylish Zappa moustache and soul patch.

Rendered in a red and green woodblock style

#ManyFacesOfPickle #CatsOfMastodon #music #CatsOfImagination #Caturday

Pamela Merritt
10 months ago

Lou Costello is here with a seasonal reminder that December 4 is the start of Zappadan.

Hot Rats at the top of this holiday Playlist.

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #CatsOfTwitter #CatLife #LouTheCreamfilledCat #Zappadan

Gray tabby cat against a mountain background with a Frank Zappa moustache and soul patch
Pamela Merritt
10 months ago

Mark those calendars. December 4 is the start of #Zappadan #FrankFansOfMastodon #Zappa #music

Zappadan: A Desperately Necessary Winter Festival

Only 18 more days until #Zappadan! (Dec 4 - Dec 21)

🎶 Billy was a mountain. 🎵


Lego Frank Zappa.