Mokoomba – Njoka (live)

With their first album “Rising Tide”, released in 2012, Mokoomba became a touring sensation, playing in many so-called WorldMusic Festivals.

Since its release in 2012, the album has garnered rave reviews: “Their new CD, Rising Tide is a splendid document. The music is strong, modern, rooted in Africa […]

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Mokoomba - Rising Tide
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kravietz 🦇
3 days ago

#Nigeria to grow new potato varieties that are genetically engineered to be resistant to diseases:[^1]

Preliminary results from the three locations, namely Kuru and Bokkos in Plateau State and Kusuku in Taraba State, show that the biotech potatoes had a uniform yield advantage of over 300% when compared to the best-performing variety in the country when no fungicide was applied.

This means higher yield with less synthetic pesticides and fungicides, and thus less pollution to soil and water.

Organisations such as #Greenpeace have been for decades lobbying #Africa governments to ban genetically engineered plants based on fake research from scientists they sponsored, which ended in numerous scandals and retractions.[^2][^3] In 2001-2002 as #Zambia and #Zimbabwe were suffering from famines, Greenpeace activists convinced their governments to reject corn supplied by US as humanitarian help on the grounds that it was “poisoned by GMO”.[^4]

It took nearly two decades for most African governments to finally kick out the “environmental” scammers. Now Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and other African countries gradually switched to pest and drought resistant crops for the benefit of their people and environment.[^5]




[^4]: Stewart Brand, “Whole Earth Discipline”, 2010


Djembe Orchestras Of Colorado
3 days ago

"Be Patient With Your Drum. The Night Is Long" Zimbabwean proverb that means one should be patient and persistent in pursuing their goals, even if it takes a long time. In Zimbabwean culture, "the drum is a symbol of the heartbeat, the rhythm of life, and the connection to ancestors. The night: a metaphor for challenges & difficulties you may face along the way. It encourages one to keep drumming, keep living, and keep hoping, until the dawn of a new day."

It's about the virtues of patience; waiting for someone or something you love or desire -perhaps simply to play your drum better, or to achieve a promotion or some other lofty goal. The proverb is about how, when waiting for a desire to materialize and be achieved, time can seem longer than it is but how it's worth it to wait because even though the symbolic NIGHT IS LONG, it WILL END and the thing you waited for might be illuminated in the light of day.

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Hindustan Times
4 days ago

Namibia and Zimbabwe secured crucial victories against Kenya and Rwanda respectively on Monday in the ICC Men's T20 World Cup Africa Region Qualifier.
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Artists at Risk (AR)
4 days ago

From Jun-Nov 2023, Makesure Choga from #Zimbabwe had a very productive residency at PEN #Zambia, a chapter of PEN International. Repeatedly persecuted for his socially-engaged practice, Choga was once arrested and detained for almost seven months for a song educating youth to resist political manipulation.

During the residency, Choga finished 4 out of 6 songs for his next album, which can be heard on YouTube:

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5 days ago

Sounds like #China has fully embraced #CorporateColonialism! Welcome to the club?

#Africa: #LithiumMining in Africa Reveals Dark Side of #GreenEnergy

By Kate Hairsine
Deutsche Welle (Bonn)
16 November 2023

“The new rush for lithium in Africa risks fueling #corruption and harming local communities and the #environment, investigations have shown.

“At a Chinese-run lithium mine in #Namibia, local workers have complained for months about squalid living conditions and #unsafe work practices.

“An August fact-finding mission by the Mineworkers Union of Namibia into the Uis mine -- which is operated by Chinese mining company #XinfengInvestments -- found the the local miners living in tiny and hot corrugated zinc shacks without proper ventilation.

“The union also faulted a lack of privacy in the sanitation blocks where toilets and showers are lined up without partitions between them.

“In contrast, the Chinese workers at the mine have comfortable air-conditioned rooms and decent bathrooms.

“The union also criticized Xinfeng for failing to provide protective clothing and ensure safety measures for local workers.

“This is not the only controversy surrounding Xinfeng Investments. A new investigation into lithium mining in Africa by UK-based nonprofit #GlobalWitness outlines accusations against the firm ranging from acquiring the #Uis industrial mine through #bribery to developing it using permits intended for artisanal miners.

“Developing the mine with small-scale licenses meant the company paid 'a staggering low amount for access' to the lithium deposit and allowed it to skirt some #EnvironmentalRegulations, the investigation says.

Concerning trend of #corruption

“As well as in Namibia, the report also documents human rights abuses, corruption, displacement and unsafe working practices in lithium mines the Democratic Republic of the #Congo and #Zimbabwe.

“Going back decades, the mining sector in Africa has often involved corruption and communities not really getting a share of the profits,' said Global Witness senior investigator Colin Robertson, one of the report's authors. 'What we found in the lithium sector is that this trend is set to continue. ... This is very concerning.'

Race for lithium

“Called the 'white gold' of the renewable energy revolution, lithium is a key component of the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power everything from cell phones to electric cars (#EVs). Such #batteries are also vital for storing energy produced by clean energy like solar or wind if the world is to make the break from #FossilFuels.

“Globally, the lithium supply is currently dominated by #Australia, #Chile and China, who together produced 90% of the light metal in 2022. But with about 5% of the world's lithium ore reserves, Africa still holds enormous potential, most of which is untapped. Currently only Zimbabwe and Namibia have exported lithium ore, while projects in nations such as #Congo, #Mali, #Ghana, #Nigeria, #Rwanda and #Ethiopia are under exploration or development.

“With demand for the critical mineral expected to boom -- it could grow 40-fold by 2040, according to International Energy Agency projections -- major economies and international companies are racing to secure access to lithium on the continent.

“And many African nations are embracing the lithium rush.

Mineral of the future

“'Lithium is the mineral of the present and the future,' Zimbabwe's president #Emmerson Mnangagwa said recently.

“Zimbabwe, which has Africa's largest lithium reserves and is ranked sixth globally for lithium exports, earned $209 million (€193) from the mineral in the first nine months of 2023. That's nearly treble last year's earnings.

“The southern African country, along with Namibia and Tanzania, has banned the export of raw, or unprocessed lithium, as it seeks to get added value from the lightweight metal.

“Zimbabwe's ban is far from watertight. Global Witness' research discovered that large amounts of lithium ore are still being trucked out of the country.

“In addition, Zimbabwe Defence Industries, a military-linked company subject to US and EU sanctions, has been granted a special exemption to export lithium ore to China. The director of the Harare-based Centre for Natural Resource Governance, Farai Maguwu, is appalled by this.

“'Even though they don't own a single lithium mine,' he told DW, 'they were given an export permit.'

Lithium is a curse

“Maguwu is pessimistic when asked if lithium mining brings any benefit to Zimbabwe.

“’Not at all,' he answered. 'If anything, this abundance of lithium deposits in the current system of governance is actually a curse to the country.'

“If anything, it will bring the country down because there are no systems in place to ensure that the country can generate revenue for the benefits, first and foremost, of the host communities which must pay the cost of mine, loss of land, loss of #biodiversity and the social intrusion into their space.'

“He gives the example of the #SandawanaMine where a lithium rush saw thousands of locals digging out lithium. In early 2023 though, the mine was reportedly taken over by companies with links to Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party and military.

“'Even where the local people are able to mine and sell legally, the government sent troops armed to the teeth to stop people from accessing the lithium,' Maguwu said.

“There is 'no silver bullet' to the problem of corruption in Africa's mining sector, he said, but he would like to see more Western mining companies invest in extracting Africa's lithium, as they are often bound by stricter environmental, social and governance standards and practices.

Fear of Chinese monopoly

“China has a virtual monopoly on lithium extraction in Africa. More than four-fifths, or 83%, of Africa's forecast lithium supply this decade will come from projects at least partly owned by Chinese firms, estimates Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, a consultancy.

“Three Chinese mining giants have acquired lithium mines and projects worth $678 million in Zimbabwe in the past year.

“'Domination [of lithium mining] by one country may led to undesirable results such as under-valuation of mineral resources, #TaxAvoidance and #HumanRights abuses in the sector,' according to a recent report by the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association.

“The Global Witness researcher Robertson calls on the European Union and the United States to ensure increased transparency of lithium mining and more oversight by local activists in order to improve governance and combat corruption.

“'It can't just be about [the EU and US] trying to increase their own supply of minerals,' he said.

“As for Farai Maguwu, he stresses that the proceeds from extractive projects must be plowed back into the community in terms of public goods, such as roads, health clinics and schools.

“’We consider our unmined assets as our natural capital and the local people, even children, should enjoy the benefits of the extraction of their natural capital.’”

Denise Gutzmer
6 days ago
6 days ago

#Corruption and Rights Abuses Are Flourishing in #LithiumMining Across #Africa, a New Report Finds

The global #CleanEnergy transition could be a game changer for Africa, but exploitation of miners continues as many foreign mining companies ignore local opposition.

By Katie Surma
November 15, 2023

"Some Zimbabweans have found formal employment at the country’s seven industrial-scale lithium mines, but thousands of others have flocked to informal mining sites where they use basic tools like picks and shovels to dig up chunks of lithium ore, which they then sell to traders who truck the ore across the border to South Africa for export and processing abroad.

"While Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the lithium industry will buoy the nation’s flailing economy, watchdog groups and local communities say Zimbabweans have heard similar promises made about diamonds, gold and other resources, only to see the benefits accrue to wealthy elites while locals’ labor and #ecosystems are exploited.

"Zimbabwe made over $200 million in revenue from lithium in the first nine months of 2023. But economists have estimated that Zimbabwe lost roughly $12 billion from 1980 to 2012 through illegal trade and capital flight involving multinational businesses in the resource extraction industry. The nation’s national debt as of September 2022 was $14 billion.

"A new report from the nonprofit #GlobalWitness validates civil society groups’ concerns about exploitative labor practices and environmental destruction associated with lithium mining. The report, released Tuesday, identifies multiple alleged incidents of #corruption, unsafe working conditions, forced evictions, child labor and harmful environmental practices tied to lithium mining in #Zimbabwe, #Namibia and the #DemocraticRepublicOfCongo.

"'History is on course to repeat itself,' said Colin Robertson, a senior investigator at Global Witness and one of the report’s authors.

"Family members of Vito, the man shot adjacent to the mine, told Inside Climate News that they are not aware of any formal investigation into the killing and that they lack the resources needed to pursue legal action against the mine’s foreign owner. No criminal charges have been filed. Earlier this year, the mine was forced to temporarily suspend operations related to alleged labor law violations and has faced allegations from civil society groups relating to its environmental record and treatment of local communities."

Read more:

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The Japan Times
1 week ago

Zimbabwe and Ecuador offer lessons as well as warnings for Argentina, the latest country to toy with the idea of ditching its local currency in favor of the U.S. dollar. #business #economy #us #dollar #zimbabwe #ecuador #argentina

Should we start using #ClimateColonialism ?

A little-known UAE company, Blue Carbon, has secured land that is 20% of Zimbabwe for controversial carbon offset projects. Blue Carbon is not even a year old, but its chief is a wealthy Emirati royal...

The Dubai-based Blue Carbon has secured forested land larger than Uganda (or UK) across five African nations to run "projects".

#CarbonCredit #ClimateCrisis #Africa #Zimbabwe #Uganda #CarbonOffset

GIGA Institute
1 week ago

2nd issue of Africa Spectrum 2023 analyses agrarian labour exchanges in #Zimbabwe, the mixed effects of #GenderQuotas in #Burundi, and community awareness and #restitution in #Tanzania, among others. #OpenAccess:

Visual of Africa Spectrum, part of the GIGA Journal Family

🇿🇼 21 novembre 2017 démission de Robert Mugabe. La fin d'une ère au #Zimbabwé 🪶

#histoire #Anniversaire #politique #Mugabe #article ⏱️5'45

To address the cholera scourge, the government announced that it had approved a US$12 million budget for the national response to the cholera outbreak.
 #Zimbabwe #Cholera #Outbreak #MichaelVere
Zimbabwe: Cholera, Authorities Call for Hygiene Practices
RP Bowo
2 weeks ago

This is the International Students Culture Day event, held at our university library. Foreign students set up booths to introduce their culture. These photos show students from #Pakistan, #Tanzania, #Zimbabwe, and various Arab countries. It was really fun to see them get to know each other and interact.

#t2pub @t2pub #pebble #culture #international #students

Zimbabwe has declared a state of emergency in its capital Harare to tackle a cholera outbreak. Health authorities are struggling to contain the spread of th...#AlJazeeraEnglish #Harare #Zimbabwe #ZimbabweCholeraOutbreak
Authorities concerned over spread of disease in Zimbabwe

🇿🇼 #Zimbabwe La capitale du Zimbabwe en état d’urgence après la résurgence du choléra  📰

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World Quiz
2 weeks ago

How high is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe?

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Yle Uutiset
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Zimbabwen norsujen joukkokuoleman syyksi osoittautui raju verenmyrkytys

Kolme vuotta sitten eteläisessä Afrikassa kuoli parissa kuukaudessa lähes kaksisataa norsua. Botswanassa syypää oli syanobakteeri, Zimbabwessa syy on ollut tähän saakka arvoitus.

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Reisefreak ☑
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Werbung: Ebook Erlebnis #Afrika - #Reisen durch #Namibia, #Südafrika, #Zimbabwe (#Simbabwe) und #Malawi (Erlebnis südliches Afrika: Reisen in der Republik Südafrika, in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana und Swaziland 7)

Human rights groups say Zimbabwean authorities are 'weaponising the law to target opposition figures' like Sikhala.#Features #Africa #Zimbabwe
‘Prosecution by persecution’: The Zimbabwean politician imprisoned 65 times
Backpack and Snorkel
3 weeks ago

The town of Victoria Falls in #Zimbabwe has the world's largest #waterfalls with the world's largest sheet of falling water. But there is much more to see and do.
Here are the 3 best things to do in Victoria Falls:
#Travel #BUCKETLIST #TravelBlog

3 weeks ago

Here's a curiosity from the past.
John Oakley-Smith only produced one album. It was entitled 'Matinees on Saturdays' (1976) - and it was full of great songs.
He was a sensitive observer of life's ups and downs and wrote caricature songs of people going about their everyday lives. I loved that. In style and lyric he was the Nick Drake of the southern hemisphere.
This song 'Fatties of the World Unite' shows how he could be both observant and sensitive decades before society learned to embrace diversity.
Sadly John, a music teacher in his later life, was murdered by home intruders at his house in #Zimbabwe in 2021.
RIP John O-S you gave us a lasting gift 🙏
Footnote: Two of my own personal friends also met that unfortunate fate. Too many #guns 😢
#Africa #music

Dani Danis
1 month ago

Elephants that dropped dead in Zimbabwe were victims of an obscure bacteria combined with extreme heat. Scientists fear more elephants – and other species – could suffer the same fate

#Elephants #MassExtinction #Zimbabwe #Botswana #TheGuardian

The Conversation Africa
1 month ago

Over the past three decades, researchers have explored various aspects of the impact of the HIV pandemic. One focus area has been children who have lost their parents to AIDS. Less attention has been given to children who are raised by parents living with HIV. This group has become much bigger as more people have access to antiretroviral therapy and are therefore expected to raise their children.


Scientific Frontline
1 month ago

Investigating this mortality in the #wildlife areas in north-west #Zimbabwe proved challenging. Identifying and then reaching the #carcasses in time to obtain useful samples is one problem we often face in this type of work
#Elephant #Veterinary #Virology #Zoology #sflorg

Man Of Rust
1 month ago

OK then. 24 hours after leaving home...

The government has announced measures to contain the disease's spread that has infected 5,000 people since February.#Health #WorldHealthOrganization #Africa #Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe struggles to contain spread of cholera outbreak
Rachel Strohm
1 month ago

The latest edition of #AfricaUpdate is out! We’ve got black market petrol in #Cameroon, #Zimbabwe’s decision to use 20% of its land for dubious carbon credits, the world’s first #malaria vaccine, excellent new music from #Senegal’s Baaba Maal, and more.

The abandonment of the rescue mission by the Zimbabwe government has angered grieving relatives of the missing miners.#Features #Mining #Africa #Zimbabwe
Grief in Zimbabwe over missing miners as government halts rescue mission
Primo Natura
2 months ago

"Since 2011, the UK has spent at least £12.63bn on 490 climate-related projects in developing countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe."

#UK #UnitedKingdom #Afghanistan #Zimbabwe #Climate #ClimateChange

2 months ago

⚡️ Zimbabwe bans large gatherings due to growing threat of cholera outbreak. Over 100 suspected deaths and nearly 5,000 possible cases reported. Lack of running water and raw sewage in some areas contribute to the spread. Authorities aim to prevent a repeat of the 2008 epidemic. Cholera cases primarily concentrated in western suburbs of Harare. Mayor visits patients in infectious diseases hospital. #PublicHealth #CholeraOutbreak #Zimbabwe

2 months ago

Zimbabwe turns gold-backed digital token into payment method - The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe first introduced its new project, in... - #reservebankofzimbabwe #zimbabwe #gold

John Colagioia
2 months ago

‘Gukurahundi’ genocide survivors struggle for closure in Zimbabwe

The government, under then Prime Minister Mugabe, deployed a specialized army unit known as the Fifth Brigade to the western parts of the country — strongholds of the opposition PF-ZAPU.

#Zimbabwe #Genocide

A paper face laid over half a picture of skulls and a sketchy map
2 months ago

The second episode of VICE Studios' Netflix series "Encounters" casts a new light on a legendary UFO sighting.
#Encounters #Netflix #UFO #ALIENS #zimbabwe

Backpack and Snorkel
2 months ago

The town of Victoria Falls in #Zimbabwe has the world's largest #waterfalls with the world's largest sheet of falling water. But there is much more to see and do.
Here are the 3 best things to do in Victoria Falls:
#Travel #BUCKETLIST #TravelBlog

2 months ago

Woman in Struggle by Irene Ropa Rinopfuka Mahamba

#Zimbabweanliterature, #colonialism, #anticolonialism, #Zimbabwe, #rhodesia, #patriarchy, #misogyny, #Zimbabweannationalism, #SecondChimurenga

First printing; published by ZIMFEP (Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with Production).

2 months ago

A comparison of fuel prices across Africa shows that #Kenya only trails the Central African Republic, #Malawi, #Zimbabwe, #Sierra #Leone, and seven other countries in terms of the most expensive fuel.

#Kenya’s fuel prices 12th highest in #Africa - The East African

2 months ago

Liberation Movements in Southern Africa by Nathan Shamuyarira

#nationalliberationmovements, #anticolonialism, #southernAfrica, #Africanpolitics, #southafrica, #Azania, #Angola, #Namibia, #Zimbabwe, #rhodesia, #Botswana, #Mozambique, #politicalconflict, #neocolonialism, #politicalscience

8th annual hans wolff memorial lecture, delivered 14 april 1977; speaker's name misspelled on title page (corrected in upload metadata); Shamuyarira turned out to be a neocolonial tool himself.

After the loss of her husband, a hawker finds an informal support system in a country where many people distrust banks.#Features #BusinessandEconomy #Inflation #PovertyandDevelopment #Whatsyourmoneyworth? #Women #Africa #Zimbabwe
$5 and $10 a week: A savings club helps women in Zimbabwe make ends meet
Pauline von Hellermann
3 months ago

3/n , DRC, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The one from #Zimbabwe is a #ClimateActivist and once got arrested for taking part in a protest outside a cement factory; instead of prison he was sent to China for 6 months to learn about “real climate action”, #GreenHydrogen etc, which was quite interesting I thought.

He and all others gave great papers about botanical knowledge in so many different societies in Africa, I learned so much. We became a great team of ambassadors for #indigenousKnowledge!

Glyn Moody
3 months ago

#Zimbabwe’s president accused of nepotism after appointing son and nephew - probably just a coincidence...

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

On #Caturday the boss lady pointing at a line she liked in the script of our latest #TheGlobalJigsaw - on the #Ukraine #BlackSea #GrainDeal - why did talks between #Putin and #Erdogan fail? What does it have to do with railway gauges or drone pieces in #Romania ? What happens to the #Kremlin 's pledge of free #grain to #Burkina Faso, #Zimbabwe #Mali #Somalia the Central #African Republic and #Eritrea ? Find out here: #podcast #CatsOfMastodon

Calico cat, with a paw on a laptop screen while licking her back, under a desk lamp, cables visible in the background
Emmerson Mnangagwa has been sworn in as president of Zimbabwe for a second after being declared the winner of last month's disputed election.Tens of thousand...
Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa sworn in for second term
Re-elected leader pleads for unity and promises to revive ailing economy following last month's disputed polls.
Zimbabwe’s Emmerson Mnangagwa sworn in as president for second term
Zimbabwe's all-time leading wicket-taker died on Sunday morning after a battle with cancer.
Heath Streak, former Zimbabwe cricket captain, dies aged 49
Poor elections and declining standards of living are forcing everyday Africans to question the benefits of democracy.
Season of putsch: Why have coups become popular in Africa?
3 months ago

The ruling ZANU-PF government is against decriminalization.

Zimbabwe's LGBTQIA+ rights groups made a historic plea for their participation in the political process on the eve of the country's national elections.

The manifesto identifies the most pressing problems experienced by the LGBTQIA+ community in Zimbabwe and proposes solutions.

Read More:

#interpride #pride #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqiaplus #queer #humanrights #ChosenFamily #Zimbabwe #Africa #African

Senior members of the military have appeared on television, saying they are now in control of the oil-rich, central African country.They've ordered all insti...
Gabon coup attempt: Military officers say they have taken power
Senior members of the military have appeared on television, saying they are now in control of the country.They've also announced the cancellation of election...
Gabon crisis: Military officers say they have taken power
3 months ago

Election in #Zimbabwe was free and fair according to Common wealth observers.
The Herald - Breaking news.

The governing ZANU PF party in Zimbabwe is denying allegations of widespread vote rigging in the general election last week.The electoral commission declared...
Zimbabwe election dispute: ZANU PF deny widespread vote-rigging
Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

#BBCNews - Emmerson #Mnangagwa : 'The Crocodile' wins second term as #Zimbabwe president

3 months ago

Spontan verlängert: in #Zimbabwe wird seit gestern und auch heute noch gewählt. Was auf dem Spiel steht und ob ein Machtwechsel realistisch ist, weiß #Weltreporterin Leonie March @riffreporter #FürSieVorOrt

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

#Zimbabwe election: Delays mar vote with large turnout
There might be an extra voting day at polling stations that opened late

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

#BBCNews - #Zimbabwe #election : Voters head to the polls with inflation on their minds

3 months ago

⚠️ Confirmed: Metrics indicate that internet service has been degraded in #Zimbabwe on the eve of elections; the incident impacts online platforms on Netone, Econet, TelOne and Liquid, potentially affecting citizens' ability to stay informed


Phillip de Wet
3 months ago

We're into what the TV people would call rolling live coverage of #Zimbabwe, with the #elections tomorrow.

Very much a southern African thing at the moment, not even seeing much interest in the UK, which is traditionally glued to its politics. Gotta wonder if that is because Mugabe is no longer around.

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

#BBCNews - #Zimbabwe election: Chicken and chips put a taste for democracy to the test

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

#BBCNews - Emmerson #Mnangagwa - #Zimbabwe ’s ‘crocodile’ who wants another bite

Steve Herman
4 months ago

#Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa tells a rally of supporters that those who vote for his ruling ZANU-PF party will go to heaven.

Kriszta Satori
4 months ago

A really good listen: #Women writing #Zimbabwe
Tawanda Mudzonga explores why Zimbabwe has produced so many talented and renowned women #writers

Jungle George 🌴🌳🌲🍃
4 months ago

Zimbabwe’s Friendship Benches might be coming to a city near you! These benches provide free mental health care and are a safe space for people to talk about their problems. The project provides sustainable community-based psychological interventions that are evidence-based, accessible and scalable.

They have been successful in #Zimbabwe and have now expanded to other countries. Next up - London in 2024.

#FriendshipBenches #MentalHealth #AfricanSolutions 🌞🌈🌻

A photo of 3 people sitting on a bench and 7 people standing behind the bench. They're wearing colourful clothing and smiling at the camera
Steve Herman
4 months ago

#Zimbabwe police detain VOA journalist Columbus Mavhunga for allegedly flying an unlicensed drone.

AmiW Streetart 🍂
5 months ago

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #NickBrandt 🇬🇧
in Loc.: #Zimbabwe 2020 - Title: "Thomas and Emma" /Series: "The Day May Break" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Photography #Fotografie #Monochrome
➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. Black and white photograph of a man with a bird of prey. In a barren desert landscape, a man sits on a high, rickety wooden bench. He can be seen from the side and is wearing an old black suit. The black man with short hair holds a scrawny, long wooden stick in his left hand and looks ahead. Desert sand swirls through the air. In the foreground, a giant bird of prey sits on the back of the bench with its head slightly bowed. Everything about this photo raises questions. The bench in the sandstorm, the quiet sitting of the two, the threatening looking bird, the stick of the man ..., in short a great photo with a special atmosphere.
5 months ago

Masvingo, #Zimbabwe great wall

Zimbabwe wall in Masvingo

Solar-powered tricycles are enabling mobility for rural communities in Zimbabwe.

The e-tricycles, also named "Hambas" in the local language, are custom-built and includes solar-charged battery packs.

#mobility #technology #TechForGood #solar #Africa #development #Zimbabwe

Anne Jefferson
11 months ago

The world’s largest #reservoir is at 1% of its capacity, leading to 19 hours per day of blackouts in #Zimbabwe and #Zambia which depend on its #hydroelectricity. This will have big economic effects. (And surely a #water supply crisis too!) #ClimateChange has made the rainy season less reliable and 3-4x droughts more frequent in this region.

Michael Gallagher
11 months ago

Many #scholarships available at the University of #Edinburgh for PG online and on-campus programmes via the #Mastercard Foundation for nationals of Sub-Saharan African countries. Apply by 27 January. Spread the word if you can. #Uganda #Tanzania #Kenya #Nigeria #Ghana #SouthAfrica #Namibia #Zambia #Zimbabwe #Botswana #Ethiopia