Bonnie (she/her)
11 hours ago

👀 Plant Fungus Infected a Human in First Reported Case of Its Kind -

I've watched too many zombie movies.

#fungus #infection #zombies

1 day ago
Why so many zombie movies over the last few years? I think John Vervaeke is correct that they represent meaninglessness, which says something about how we've been feeling lately.
#civilization, #JohnVervaeke, #LastofUs, #Meaning, #Mythology, #NightoftheLivingDead, #Philosophy, #Western Civilization, #zombies

50+ Music
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4 days ago

Taucht ein in die ultimative Herausforderung gegen Untote in der offenen Spielwelt von Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III: Operation Deadbolt.
#Xbox #InsideXboxDE #CallofDutyModernWarfareIII #MW3 #Repost #Zombies

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4 days ago
Antonio Páez
4 days ago


In the end, ours was an ill-fated love, and all I can say now is this: I hope she survived the zombie apocalypse.

#TootTales #MicroFiction #zombies #love #apocalypse

5 days ago

Dying Light 2 Fall & Winter 2023 Content Sneak Peek

Techland reveals a sneak peek for Dying Light 2 Stay Human upcoming wave of free content updates. Over the next couple of months.

#Gamenews #GLG #Gaming #DyingLight2 #Zombies

Martin Tilo Schmitz
5 days ago

I just realized that #LLMs are polite #zombies that came to eat our brains to acquire our skills!
#LLM "#AI" aka #SALAMI

Excerpt of the linked pdf titled "The Night Watch" by James Mickens.
He writes about, without using the word, wokeness required when being born in the south and knowing that true progress is a fantasy and needing to be prepared for the end times.
Highlighted is the line "and the polite zombies who say "sir" and "ma'am" but then try eating your brain to acquire your skills."
Horror Lex®
5 days ago

Khorapin Phuaphansawat links the rise of international zombie films like SEOUL STATION (2016) & CARGO (2017) to a "crisis of contemporary global capitalism." Read the new essay in the Journal of Contemporary Asia. #horror #horrorfilms #horrormovies #zombies

On the left, a screen shot of Phuaphansawat article, "Zombie Apocalypse and the Crisis of Global Capitalism: Class, Precarious Work, and Environment." On the right, a still from the animated film SEOUL STATION, showing a male Asian zombie in a subway station, wearing bloodstained business clothes and opening his mouth as if to bite someone.
Jimbotron, Atomic Pwrd Robot
6 days ago

𝖍𝖔𝖔𝖕𝖙𝖔𝖇𝖊𝖗 𝖝
𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝖋𝖔𝖚𝖗:

(2005, dir. George A. Romero)

Went in not really knowing what to expect out of this one, but was pleasantly surprised. I was especially worried that given the release date, there'd be a lot of way-past-expiration War on Terror/Iraq War allegorizing going on here, but instead I feel like Romero was a little ahead of the curve.

#hooptober #horror #romero #zombies

Movie poster for George A. Romero's Land of the Dead (2005)
Comic Crusaders
1 week ago

New Zombie Film Offers More Than Just Scares and Thrills in "HERD"
In Theaters + on Digital/VOD October 13th

Special Screening + Panel at New York Comic Con October 12th

Using film as his medium, Director Steven Pierce made it his mission to explore what can happen when small, insular communities come into conflict with larger society. In his multilayered film HERD, a...
#herd #zombies #horror

✠ Lord Cenobitz ✠
1 week ago

RT: Trying to piece it all together and we’re running out of time. Something is missing…

📱 +12029183022

Activision: U.S. Residents can text READY to +1 202-918-3022. By texting +1 202-918-3022 from your phone or via WhatsApp, you consent to receive recurring automated marketing messages from or on behalf of Activision at the phone number used to sign up. You also agree to the Activision’s Terms, available at, including individual arbitration provision, and acknowledge its Privacy Policy, available at Participation not required for any purchase or to play COD. Reply STOP to opt-out. Msg & Data rates may apply.

#COD #zombies #hyped #callOfDuty

Agas Ramirez 🌙✨
1 week ago

So... I haven't been online much because I got a new gaming laptop and have just been playing Back4Blood. 😸

#Games #Videogames #Zombies

1 week ago

The sometimes-attentive foxy-looking one has been scrabbling at the baseboards all afternoon. #Rats? #Wolves? #zombies


Small foxy-loooking dog looks at camera while a deerhead chihuahua thing flails in the foreground
The foxy-looking dog loses interest while the previously flailing chi mix licks his chops
Fantasy for the Ages
2 weeks ago

Coming at you today with more Zombie Apocalypse content, this time my Top 10 most awesome characters from the genre. You may discover more books to try, just to meet these characters! #SFF #zombies #ZombieApocalypse

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

You’d think the photographer was zooming in on my #cosplay as an #UmbrellaCorporation scientist standing out among gun-toting S.T.A.R.S. police and Umbrella paramilitary.

Wrong: The spotlight is on that little vial of mutagenic T-virus. Keep an eye on it, lest everyone you see in the picture become infected #zombies.

#DragonCon #DragonCon2023 #ResidentEvil #ResidentEvilCosplay #Biohazard #BiohazardCosplay #UmbrellaCorporationCosplay #CosplayPhotoShoot

Resident Evil/Biohazard cosplay group at Dragon Con 2023. Photo credit: Nocedo Photo Media Group
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Halloween Every Dave Higgins
3 weeks ago

Retrouver by Jordan Elizabeth

“Elizabeth evokes the danger and factionalism of zombie stories without the visceral horror, creating a fantasy tale that has something for both action fans and those who like social dilemmas.”

More thoughts:

#fantasy #zombies #romance

Karsten Johansson
3 weeks ago

This title sounds like clickbait. But yikes, I've seen articles and videos about cordyceps, and you do not want this.

Nothing in the world freaks me out more than the existence of cordyceps-driven ants and mantises, because everything you have heard about zombies, is absolutely true.

#cordyceps #youtube #bugs #zombies

3 weeks ago

This #ThrowbackThursday is #Inktober themed!
I did a drawing of #MiyamotoUsagi mashed up with another character every day & got hooked on #DigitalArt when I started taking pictures of the ink drawings & coloring them in using #InfinitePainter.

The mashup of Snoopy/Usagi with Woodstock/Gen was the first time I did that, & is still one of my favorite drawings.

#mastoArt #Ink #FanArt #Mashup #UsagiYojimbo #TBT #Peanuts #Snoopy #Zombies #Comics #BugsBunny #LooneyTunes #BobsBurgers #LouiseBelcher

Left panel: Ink drawing of a Snoopy/Miyamoto Usagi mashup lying on Snoopy's dog house. On his chest an angry Woodstock/Murakami Gennosuke mashup stands with swords drawn.
Right panel: Same picture, with color.
Left panel: Ink drawing of a Louise Belcher/Miyamoto Usagi mashup standing with her arms raised victoriously. Behind her stands a Kuchi Kopi/Murakami Gennosuke & a melted Kuchi Kopi/Murakami Gennosuke.
Right panel: Same picture, with color & background added the Burger of the Day is 'The Monster Smash" which costs $6.66.
Left panel: Ink drawing of Miyamoto Usagi looking sick. His clothing is torn & blood poisoning is radiating from a wound on his ear that looks like someone bit a chunk out of it. Title reads "UZAGI YOJIMBO".
Right panel: Same picture, with color & background added. Blood spatters a sliding door standing slightly ajar to reveal evil eyes shining in the darkness.
Left panel: Ink drawing of a Bugs Bunny/Miyamoto Usagi mashup.
Right panel: Same picture, with color & background added: the concentric red circles of the Loony Tunes logo.
Bonnie (she/her)
3 weeks ago

Uh... this is how you get zombies.

Former Google Exec Warns AI Could Create a Deadly Plague
"We are working with dangerous things." -

#artificialintelligence #AI #pathogens #science #zombies

We Robbed a Casino and Caused the Zombie Apocalypse #creepypasta #nosleep #zombies
Author/narrator Jordan Grupe

Stars Are Right
3 weeks ago

The Reanimator Returns is live on DriveThruRPG!!
…a 1930s Pulp Call of Cthulhu scenario about Weird Science, Madness and Horror!

You can also listen to episode 1 on our Patreon TODAY!

#CallofCthulhu #Pulp #Reanimator #MiskatonicRepository #ActualPlayPodcast #ttrpg #zombies #horror #lovecraft #CoC

3 weeks ago

Heute gehts ab 21 Uhr weiter in unserem #Linux-Koop-Spiel mit @maczarr in #7DaysToDie. Schaut doch mal vorbei! #livestream #twitchDE #linuxgaming #survivalgames #zombies

Joanne Fisher
3 weeks ago
Fantasy for the Ages
3 weeks ago

Now beginning a zombie apocalypse series I featured on my first Lesser Known Books episode, The Infected (Joseph Zuko). 8 books based out here in my neck of the woods (Portland, OR). Author lives 20 min. from me. Off to a great start. #TheInfected #Zombies #ZombieApocalypse #SFF

Christina Lea
4 weeks ago

Dudes on TV are seriously blaming zombies on aliens.

I never thought I'd live to see a world where people steal ideas from Ed Wood.

#zombies #aliens #EdWood #Plan9FromOuterSpace

1 month ago

Vivant sa vérité
De l’étude du théâtre, du chant et de la danse depuis l’âge de six ans à des rôles importants dans des comédies et dans la franchise Zombies de Disney, Meg Donnelly brille à bien des égards. Jack Yan l’interviewe #MegDonnelly #actrice #Disney #Zombies #mode #moda #fashion

Meg Donnelly, photographed by Lucas Passmore, make-up by Beth Follert, styled by Karlee Parrish, hair styled by Ashley Lynn Hall.
1 month ago

Living her truth
From studying acting, singing and dancing since age six to Disney’s #Zombies franchise and now The Winchesters, Meg Donnelly shines in so many ways. Jack Yan interviews her #MegDonnelly #actress #actor #celebrity #TheWinchesters #interview #PhotoShoot #mode #moda #fashion

Meg Donnelly, photographed by Lucas Passmore, make-up by Beth Follert, styled by Karlee Parrish, hair styled by Ashley Lynn Hall.
We Are Brisbane / admin
2 months ago

Wouldn't be a #Brisbane #music day without a #Velociraptor song!

Band member @phocks can fill us in on the history of the #band then and now. I believe currently the lineup has 6 guitars 🎸 ..whoah.

Anyway this should put to rest whether Brisbane can do #zombies as good as any other state ...#Meanjinmusic

Velociraptor- The Walk on By

🥥 Begs the question, Jerry: Are there Boltzmann #Zombies? 🥥

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

For example:
1. Would there have been a hot #war without the threat of MAD?
2. Would we still have similar computing technology?
3. How would we have met our #energy needs?
4. How would it have affected our #entertainment? Would it be less violent? Would #dystopian #literature be less popular (would anyone thing #zombies were going to take over the world)?

Goddess of dark Ashes
3 months ago

What do you like more?

#poll #zombies #aliens

3 months ago

Zombiemittwoch! @maczarr und ich starten heute ab 21 Uhr ein neues Spiel in #7DaysToDie Alpha 21 Stable. Schaut doch mal rein! #zombies #livestream #twitchDE #linuxgaming

Love bikes? Steampunk? Zombies? That and lots more in this great zine bundle from Microcosm Publishing. If I didn't already own these thanks to buying them one at a time as they came out I'd be all over this deal. #BikeTooter #BikeToot #cycling #zombies #SFF #Steampunk #books #zines #bicycle #BikeBooks

Jon Hancock
3 months ago

This could be fun… "Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead"

#Horror #Comedy #TV #Zombies #Brains

Today On Screen
3 months ago

Today, July 3, 1984, a medical supply warehouse foreman accidentally ruptures a drum of 2-4-5 Trioxin, a gas which can reanimate the dead (The Return of the Living Dead, 1985)

#Movies #Film #Cinemastodon #Letterboxd #TheReturnOfTheLivingDead #Zombies #Horror

An exterior shot of the Uneeda Medical Supply, labeled July 3, 1984
Seven teen punks crammed into a convertible car
A window into a metal container, showing a desiccated zombie corpse
Lucile Peyre
3 months ago

Bonjour tout le monde. Je suis autrice de #sff et #epouvante , si vous cherchez de la
#lecture, que vous aimez #zombies, #dinosaures ou #espace mes romans, nouvelles et contes sont dispo gratuitement (version numérique, audio ou vidéo) sur

How To Love Comics
3 months ago

Find out how to read the entire Marvel Zombies saga with this handy reading order. 🧟


📂 File Under: #MarvelZombies #Marvel #MarvelComics #Comics #ComicBooks #Zombies

4 months ago

Wieder da! Zum Einstieg spielen @maczarr und ich bei #ctzockt heute mit beim Prestream der Alpha 21 für #7DaysToDie mit. Natürlich unter Linux. Schaut doch mal rein! #linuxgaming #zombies #7dtd #TwitchTV #survivalgames

4 months ago

Mind-Control —

When the parasite Toxoplasma Gondii infects a mouse it makes the mouse less fearful & more exploratory

This makes it more likely that the mouse will end up eaten by a cat and in the cat's belly, where the parasite can sexually reproduce

The mouse's behaviour is an adaptation — not for the mouse but for the parasite

#extendedPhenotype #mindControl #parasites #zombies
#toxoplasmaGondii #toxoplasmosis
#biology #evolution #evolutionaryPsychology #evoPsych

June 4, 2023 - Day 155 - NewPlay Bonus Review
Total NewPlays: 172

Game: Dead Rising 2

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Sep 30, 2010
Library Date: Nov 4, 2017
Unplayed: 2038d (5y7m)
Playtime: 74m

After yesterday's Dead Rising review, @Averagegoob responded to me suggesting that Dead Rising 2 was better than Dead Rising.

He wasn't wrong.

It definitely improves on some of the weaknesses of Dead Rising. The new protagonist, Chuck Greene, feels like he moves faster than Frank West in Dead Rising.

The stakes feel higher here. Frank has a daughter he needs to keep safe, as well as [spoilers] that give him (and thus the player) an impetus to keep fighting.

Combat feels cleaner, and a little more fun as well. A nice addition is the ability to create combination weapons, which make things a little more gory, with a side of black humour.

On the downside, you still have to find a toilet to save the game, which is a little annoying, but overall, it's a step up from Dead Rising.

Dead Rising 2 is:

3: OK

#DeadRising2 #ThirdPerson #Zombies #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

June 3, 2023 - Day 154 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 170

Game: Dead Rising

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Aug 8, 2006
Library Date: Jan 20, 2023
Unplayed: 134d (4m14d)
Playtime: 49m

Dead Rising is the first in the series of Dead Rising third person action-adventure zombie games.

I bought it, after starting this project, because of one of the rules I set for myself that I wouldn't play a sequel to a game unless I'd played the predecessors.

Since I already owned Dead Rising 4 from a bundle (still unplayed), I decided I had to start at the beginning with Dead Rising, & bought it on special.

This rule was a mistake, as was buying this game. Changed the rule to add "if I own them".

It's not a bad game, per se. It's just that it was released almost 17 years ago, and is competing with zombie games like Dead Island and Dying Light.

It's got quite a lot of character in the main protagonist, Frank West, a photo journalist trapped in a mall full of zombies. However, his loping run feels frustratingly slow, and the zombies seem to be either ignoring you, or swarming you with little warning.

I got quite frustrated, but was slowly making progress, and then I died. Games in 2006 weren't really big on autosaving, something you don't miss until it's not there.

After more than 40 mins playtime, I found myself at the start of the game again, and quit.

Dead Rising has fallen to:

2: Meh

#DeadRising #ThirdPerson #Zombies #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Very British Signage - The Underground
#London #Humour #Wasps #Ghosts #Zombies

Sign on the wall of a London Underground station.
Emergency Stairs
Only use in case of fire, ghosts, wasps, biblical floods, zombie attacks or Piers Morgan.

My son is over and we're playing a bunch of games. My current favorite (and also one of his) is the INCREDIBLE roguelike Death Road to Canada. And like it sounds, you're fighting pixelated digital zombies in the apocalypse, trying to make your way to the safety of Canada. This game is SO fun and replayable (but beatable, we've beaten it three times since he's been here) and I suspect it would make an EXCELLENT party game. Up to four players can jump in and out. Every game is random and you don't win every time, but it's so wild and really hilarious too. I won this game in a giveaway and was pretty psyched but had no idea it was such a great game. Just a blast. You can even make your own characters too (and you'll meet some familiar ones), as you grab buffs, upgrades, and all KINDS of weapons. There's some really cool decision making involved along the way, along with skill you learn and luck you hope to have. Onward to Canada!

#DeathRoadToCanada #IndieGames #SwitchGames #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #zombies #ZombieGames #roguelike #roguelikes #roguelite #roguelites #horror #HorrorGames #Canada

Death Road to Canada zombie outbreak in town at dusk
Death Road to Canada - one of the roadside camps where you can trade items and get new recruits for your party
Death Road to Canada - frying some zombies with a flamethrower
The Death Road to Canada title splash screen! Get this game and try it!

I'm going to watch "All of Us Are Dead"
(during daylight hours, low volume)

😬😱🫢 so violent... aaaagh. first 5 minutes.

- because Kim Byeong-cheol (Sisyphus: The Myth, Mr. Sunshine) is in it
- I thought Train to Busan was done really really well! 😆

#KDrama #Zombies

Today On Screen
5 months ago

Today, April 30, 1967, flesh-eating ghouls begin attacking the living (Night of the Living Dead, 1968, dir. George A. Romero)

#Film #Movies #Cinemastodon #Zombies #Horror #HorrorMovies @horror #NightOfTheLivingDead #GeorgeRomero

A blonde white woman looking out of a car window. She's saying, “They ought to make the day the time changes the first day of summer. Then two good things would happen all at once. “
A white couple sit in a car. The man is saying, “Are you kidding? I certainly don't want to blow Sunday on this scene."

Apr 17, 2023 - Day 107 - NewPlay Bonus Review
Total NewPlays: 116

Game: Dead Island Definitive Edition

Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Library Date: Dec 4, 2018
Unplayed: 1595d (4y4m13d)
Playtime: 20m

Dead Island is another first-person zombie killing game, but this time it's set on a resort island.

It's a pretty run-of-the-mill "kill zombies, collect stuff, make stuff, kill more zombies" gameplay loop. Being set on a tropical island seems (so far) to give it a slightly different feel to other zombie games.

But it also felt kind-of familiar, not just like other zombie killing games, but like I'd played it before.

When I logged out, and looked up who'd made it, that feeling made sense; Dead Island is made by Techland, the same studio who make the Dying Light franchise.

Techland know how to make zombie games, but with the familiarity of the gameplay loop, if I was in the mood for killing zombies, I'd probably choose Dying Light 2 over this, as a more recent game with gameplay improvements.

Dead Island Definitive Edition is:

3: OK

#DeadIsland #FirstPerson #Zombies #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Interesting story about the history of zombies in Haiti, as it related to French colonization and slavery.


NPR Throughline (podcast):

Rund Abdelfatah (producer):

#Zombies #Haiti #French #Colonization #Slavery #History #Throughline

Various illustrations and comics weaving through a headshot of Rund talking through her narrative in the video
6 months ago

Dying Light Enhanced Edition is free this week on Epic Games! Make sure you go grab your copy
#gaming #game #horror #survival #zombies #action #epicgames #fps

#Zombiemovie recommendations needed:
Are there any films like Zombieland but including more of the theme park zombie massacre? That part was so good!
I don't know many zombie movies at all, so please recommend everything you know, no matter how popular or obvious it is. :)
#Letterboxd #zombies

Prof Kemi FG
7 months ago

Great podcast on a book, "Decolonizing Zombies," that looks at narratives of zombie hordes and their connection to colonialism:

#Blackademia #AcademicMastodon #zombies

Lyle Solla-Yates
7 months ago I am proud to share that the new stable of the most beloved open source game that I work on is finally out with much better UI, AI, and more strange and scary stuff happening. Try it, it’s free. #opensource #games #cataclysm #zombies #roguelike #survival #free

Autistic Book Club
7 months ago

@daswarkeinhuhn @actuallyautistic The freedom... no people, just a backpack, nature...

And if you do see people you are ALLOWED and expected to avoid them at all costs!!!

I guess it's like one of those aspirational holiday programs for me!

#Autopia #ActuallyAutistic

This show #TheLastOfUs is quite amazing. It’s using the collapse of society and #zombies as a vehicle for showing the depths that all kinds of #love can take. It’s amazing, it’s moving, and at times it’s devastatingly gut wrenching.

Okay, so after watching #TheLastOfUS on #HBO, I wondered if #SciFi #zombies (basically a virus, bacteria, etcetera, cause craziness & not a living dead scenario) could occur in humans.

According to
#science, the answer is yes. At the 10:15 mark of this video mentions a parasitic protozoan that replaces mammels fear of #cats with a love for cats (or at least their scent.

I guess this explains why
#Caterday is so popular online (regardless of the social platform used).

Although it usually infects mice
🐁, this parasite can affect humans as well, as it wants us to be eaten by cats (even big cats like lions). From #ScienceFiction to science fact. Crazy if you ask me!

Texas Observer Lives!
8 months ago

“You can get lost in the spin very easily. I think being from #Austin and having those experiences really helped.”

Gabriel Luna takes us from his beginnings in Central #Texas theater to his current supporting role on the Last of Us, with help from correspondent Gregory Wakeman:

#TV #culture #theater #zombies #Hollywood #LastOfUs

Susannah The Tired
8 months ago

My Special Interest is in Survival Media!

There's a reason this genre is my sweet spot. It feels like my entire life has been one long struggle to survive, in multitudes of ways. I can relate & connect to the struggles of these characters in a way I just can't in other genres!

I really leaned into it last year, during a period of crisis, & watched & reviewed over 400 #movies & #TV shows on Twitter on the tag #KittenWatches! 🎉

🦈 #Introduction #MovieReview #Horror #SurvivalMedia #Zombies 🧟‍♀️

A gif. Daryl on The Walking Dead talks to Carol, in what looks like a cave, saying "We fight for our future." (I think it might be from the scene where they find the horde in the caves!)

Jan 13, 2023 - Day 13 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 19

Game: Dead Pixels

Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Dec 8, 2012
Library Date: Dec 6, 2013
Unplayed: 3325 days (9y1m7d)
Playtime: 23m

This is quite possibly one of the oldest unplayed games in my Steam library. At some stage in early 2019 I opened it, but never played it.

Given the kind of game, I'm not surprised that past me took one look and went "no, thank you".

It's most of the things I dislike in a game. It's a retro/8-bit sideways-scrolling-zombie-shooter.

I'm not really a fan of sideways scrollers. Zombie games are a bit take-it-or-leave-it.

8-bit "retro" games, though? As I've said before, I was there the first time around, and I have few warm memories.

Shoot zombies, collect coins, buy upgrades, rinse & repeat. I got somewhere into the third level and just got sick of it.

For me, Dead Pixels was:

2: Meh.

#DeadPixels #SidewaysScroller #Zombies #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365

Day Dreems (they/them)
9 months ago

I’ve been saying this for too many years, but I keep hoping. Just maybe — this will be our year.

#NewYear #Zombies

Andrew Smith
9 months ago

I made a game for my wife Louise as a Christmas present. Releasing it to the world today for free, should you fancy a silly farming/zombie cross-over game.

Boosts very much appreciated. See the development log release post on the above page if you'd like to know more. Also, a big thank you to @kenney for the graphics.

#Games #LinuxGaming #Farming #Zombies

A screenshot of the game Undead Farmstead

Self-promo time:


Guess who's writing another book for Marvel? That's right - it's ME!

Zelma, zombies, bullets, bloodstones, wisecracks & witches...and, oh yeah, Deadpool. 👀 This one is going to be WILD!

Releases August 2023!

#Marvel #comics #books #horror #zombies #Deadpool #witches #magic #mayhem

Does your list of #ChristmasMovies include Anna and The Apocalyse? @retrozombi if not, it should!! It's a musical with Scottish teenagers, a cruel teacher, loving parents, and #Zombies!! At Christmastime!! 🎤 💃 🕺 👨‍🏫 🧟 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️