Arthur Rigaud
3 hours ago

So today more than 1300 specialists signed a letter to pause the IA.
Paradoxically this site uses AI to 'fix' #accessibility.

And we all know in the #a11y community that these tools are bad.

We are even more than 700 specialists who petionned against this. (

So Ironic! #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #pauseAI

5 hours ago

Hello everyone! On the 1st begins Games for Blind Gamers 2 game jam on I've posted a ton about it this month, because I want you all to sign up and give it a shot! It's a jam all about trying to make games that the blind gaming community can enjoy. It's something that means a lot to me, and I hope all of you sign up! Take this as an opprotunity to give it a shot, you'll find it's easier than you think once you get some practice with it! #GameDev #A11y

Stefan Bohacek
8 hours ago

Here's a chance to use #MachineLearning for something useful. Kaggle is running a competition to develop an automatic solution that will extract data represented by four types of charts commonly found in STEM textbooks to help students with a learning, physical, or visual disability.

And you can win a portion of the $50,000 total in awards.

#data #DataScience #DataVisualization #accessibility #a11y #kaggle #competition #hackathon #learning #stem

Web Axe
10 hours ago

Just announced — #a11yTO Conf will be October 19-20! Call for speakers open until April 30. #a11y #toronto #events

11 hours ago

Hey #accessibility heroes, what's the best practice on Mastodon for making video previews accessible? Thanks!


Rachel Kress
12 hours ago

Stephen Hill, expert from experience, on being involved in health research and why people should be involved in #Research.

Sadly, the questions are asked only visually but Stephen's thoughts still tell enough.

#Engagement #Accessibility #A11y #UserResearch #PublicInvolvement

12 hours ago

#Accessibility #DataViz folks: Any tips for screen reader support and keyboard navigation in Chart.js? I have some ideas, but I know that my ideas don't necessarily match how AT users expect an interface to behave.

We have two or three simple graphs on this site and using D3 or another larger chart library feels like unnecessary bloat for this use case.


Martin Underhill
14 hours ago

The difference between Increased Contrast Mode and Windows High Contrast Mode (Forced Colours Mode) ✍️ #accessibility #a11y

#Numen is an open #GPL licensed project by @geb that allows system-wide computing by #VoiceControl without using mouse or keyboard. A great #a11y tool, looks like.

Matt Obee
17 hours ago

NearForm is co-sponsoring the Atomic Accessibility Design Challenge, part of the FINOS hackathon for this year's Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Sadly I don't have time to participate. If you have overlapping interests in #Fintech and #accessibility, consider getting involved! Teams of 1-4 working over 2.5 weeks with support from mentors. #GAAD #A11y

matiu bidule
18 hours ago


Une petite blague de Valentin pour rappeler que les Captcha c'est *vraiment* de la merde

1 day ago

With Games for blind gamers 2 coming up, why not check out all the entries from last year? then, sign up for this upcoming one! #A11Y #GameDev

Amber Hinds
1 day ago

We're still taking applications for our Senior Plugin Developer job. If you looked before, take another look - the job description has been updated to be clearer. You don't have to be an #a11y expert - just ready to build market-leading software.


Apply now if you're a #SoftwareEngineer, #SoftwareDeveloper, #developer, #webdeveloper, or #webdev who is interested in working on a meaningful product for a Certified B Corp in the #WordPress space. #devjobs

Lainey Feingold
1 day ago

Very excited to join the board of the wonderful Teach Access. We need new generations of tech designers, developers, policy makers and more to understand the why, what, and how of accessibility. Teach Access plays a critical role! #a11y #webdev #HigherEd #HigherEduction #ux

Adrian Roselli
1 day ago

I forked this:

And made it (more) accessible:

• Hides emoji from SR,
• Is disclosure widget,
• Hides sub-items from accTree,
• Uses JS for state,
• Fixes `.sr-only`,
• etc. (code has notes).

#a11y #accessibility

The button as navigated and operated using JAWS and Chrome.
Roni Laukkarinen
1 day ago

You can't do this on mobile #Twitter. #A11y #Accessibility #Zoom #Mobile

Zooming to avatar on Mastodon mobile PWA.
1 day ago

Google Chrome’s new zoom on mobile blows things up by up to 300 percent.
We’re excited for improved accessibility on mobile devices running Chrome on Android!

1 day ago

#Development #Techniques
Fighting inter-component HTML bloat · Ways to deal with an unwanted byproduct in design systems · by @elise

#DesignSystem #Webperformance #WebPerf #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #HTML #Markup #Accessibility #A11y

Roma Komarov
1 day ago

What if… When something is focused via `:focus-visible` in #CSS, pressing `esc` would by default remove the `:focus-visible`, but would keep the `:focus` on the element?

I'm thinking about how it could be possible to use `:focus-visible` for something like tooltips, but currently there is no way to dismiss them other than using JS or tabbing away from the context.

(if anyone who's good with #accessibility / #a11y could tell if this is a good or a bad idea — I would be happy)

1 day ago

Say I was making a star rating form component - would it be more accessible/semantic to code it as 5 radio buttons, or a range slider, or something else? #a11y

Florian Geierstanger
1 day ago

*Focus trapping* by inserting hidden elements at the beginning and at the end of the container. Whenever the focus reaches them, it get's moved.
<a href="#">Outside</a>
<div class="focus-trap">
<focus-trap tabindex="0"></focus-trap>
<a href="#">Inside</a>
<focus-trap tabindex="0"></focus-trap>
#a11y #webdev

1 day ago

What's a visually stunning and very accessible commercial website that you use as an example in conversations with designers or product people?

Something that you point to whenever the design team prefers the stylish option over the accessible one. And after seeing that website, they change their mind with "oh well, if brand X does the accessible thing, then I guess we can do it too”.

I'm particularly interested in outline rings.


McFunkypants the #gamedev
1 day ago

best thing the entire games industry has invented so far. #gamedev #a11y #accessibility

designed to be hackable - perfect for cool new inventions - a game developer's delight - a maker's friend - so many ideas inside

back view showing many ports
the xbox adaptive controller.
three quarters view showing usb port and headphone input on side
people feeling happy playing games
Web Axe
2 days ago

Methods to "Prevent Focused Elements From Being Obscured by Sticky Headers" (Updated) #a11y #webdev

Klemens Strasser
2 days ago

The website for Study with Subwords is now live! It comes with a special section that highlights its accessibility features!

You can PreOrder the app on the AppStore, ahead of its April 5th release!

#a11y #iosdev #indiedev

2 days ago

On one hand, I'm new to the digital accessibility space and should probably use tact and professionalism when dealing with related companies and institutions.

On the other hand, I spend a lot of time around salty disabled folks, so when people in positions of authority within the field dehumanize disabled people and spread misinformation, I really want to scream about it.

#Accessibility #a11y #disability

Web Axe
2 days ago

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is Thursday, May 18. Hosting a related event? Please submit here: #GAAD #a11y #events

Dan Keck
2 days ago

Thanks to Rose Peruski
and Nikki Volpenhein from Kroger, a USA supermarket chain, for discussing training at #CSUNATC2023.

They described setting up 15 minute "Snack Talks" to deliver focused training to designers at Kroger. These fun sessions complement more formal training courses, and can be a benefit for folks who learn in different ways.

One session they had everyone write #AltText for the same image, then compare to see what each person found important.


2 days ago

Chad has spoken repeatedly & authoritatively about #a11y issues at #FrontEndSheff - they really care about these issues. They have made me a better developer. Good luck finding something, Chad!

Question on #Accessibility #a11y

In which cases are the use of #emoji a horror for blind or otherwise vision impaired people using #screenreader software?

For instance this toot has more than a hundred goose emoji. I imagine most screenreaders to say "150 goose emoji" or something like that.

It becomes more annoying most likely if people use a long range of different emoji. I see that too in people's profile name.

What is best-practice / proper netiquete? #AskFedi

Philippa Willitts 🏳️‍🌈 :BA:
2 days ago

Depressingly relatable tale of multiple late fees that many freelancers will relate to, by Wudan Yan

(NB there is very low contrast between background and text, you may need to ctrl+A to read it if your sight is impaired at all #a11y )