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I buy a "really almost new" computer every decade or so. This decade's toy is the 15" MacBook Air (refurb). From futzing with various RPi systems I knew I'd want to get an ARM based system and get back into assembly language. Intel architecture blows. Seriously. I'm biased, I know, but after learning in the rational world of the 360 and the 6809, Intel just offends.

I'm big on self study and already have a book on ARM assembly, but I did some searching and found a few courses but nothing that seemed with the cost. I was at one of the "era/demy" type sites and saw this gem in their catalog of assembly language courses. I'm going to assume that the instructor didn't pick the graphic. Of all the pictures to put next to a X86 assembly language "masters" course, a Mac Classic case is not what I would have picked. :)

#programming #assembly #arm #aarch64 #humor #oneOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOther

a clipping of a catalog entry from   one of the big online mooc purveyors. the course is "x86 Assembly Language Programming Masters Course" with a graphic picturing a prop quality Apple Mac Classic (circa 1984), which most definitely didn't use a x86.
Marcin Juszkiewicz
6 days ago

ArmCpuInfo v1.1.1 released

Now with field names!

#arm #aarch64

Released an update to #fWallet and the Dart #PkPass library : Now supporting PkPass WebServices e.g. for subscription updates, moreover you can now share/export PkPass files.

Bonus : There's (more or less) working CI for #aarch64 available, so you can easily try it on your Linux mobile phone !


@mobian #fWallet #aarch64 CI builds built on Debian sid are now available for testing :

You can either download a deb package or an archive containing the binaries.

You would not abuse a Samsung Galaxy Book as GitLab runner, would you ? #sc8180x #w767 #aarch64

Dans une :vbk: série GT6-70C vers Turmberg 🚊. #aarch64 (@ STR 1 ➜ Durlach Turmberg, Karlsruhe) #NowTräwelling
2 weeks ago

A story of Docker, QEMU, and memfd_create()

Last year I stumbled across a problem with the execution of a Docker container in a CI environment. The interesting case was that this is a container for a foreign architecture, which is supported by the –platform option and there are even official images on Docker Hub for this.

Initially, the problem presented itself like this:

$ docker run -it […]

#aarch64 #arm64 #debugging #docker #foss #kernel #linux #openSource #patch #procfs #qemu

PSA: I have just confirmed that #Puppet Server can run on #FreeBSD #aarch64 thanks to #Hetzner support to the #VoxPupuli organization.

The port will be updated in the next few days to allow building packages for this architecture, and aarch64 packages will be available soon for your favorite Operating System.

Chapter 33. Crosscompiling NetBSD with

I just cross compiled a #NetBSD #aarch64 kernel on my amd64 running #Fedora. is *nice*.

3 weeks ago

@probono I'd really love to see #arm64 (#aarch64) builds of #helloSysten. Unfortunately, I was already a little bit disappointed when I haven’t had any chance to play with helloSystem anymore.My last time playing with it was in March 2022, later I switched completely to ARM based systems. Therefore, I really like to see helloSystem running on ARM64!

This being said, it is not meant in any way maliciously and I am really very grateful for your efforts!

Scalable Analyses
3 weeks ago

NVIDIA released the CPU-only NVIDIA Performance Libraries (NVPL). The math libraries are optimized for the Armv9 Neoverse V2 microarchitecture but also support Armv8 CPUs without SVE support.

#nvidia #nvpl #arm #aarch64 #neoverse #sve #hpc

Marcin Juszkiewicz
3 weeks ago

RISC-V community wonders which way to with emulation. I hope that they follow AArch64 steps:

- virt for virtualization in cloud etc
- sbsa-ref for reference platform

'tech-brs' ML requires RISC-V member access to subscribe.

#riscv #aarch64 #sbsa #brs

Vladimir Savić
3 weeks ago

An empirical comparison of the RISC-V and #AArch64 instruction sets [PDF]

#RISCV #ARM64 #hardware #assembly

Calling all developers who have an interest in Hare and @fedora / @centos!

I've been prepping the language for inclusion into Fedora, but I would like some feedback on if things are truly working.

If you have any cycles to spare, I would really appreciate any testing of the packages. TIA!

> dnf copr enable mroche/hare
> dnf install hare

- x86_64
- aarch64

- Fedora 38
- Fedora 39
- EPEL 9

#hare #harelang #fedora #centos #epel #x86_64 #aarch64 #programming #opensource

4 weeks ago

#chatgpt does a passable job converting #AArch64 instructions into #AArch32 equivalents. Don't rely on it to get the programming sequence of the MMU right though.

1 month ago

- Fedora 39
- FreeBSD 14 RC4
- FreeBSD 15 Current 20231103

#fedora #linux #freebsd #vagrant #boxes #images #arm64 #arm #aarch64

1 month ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz
1 month ago

I have added column showing SBSA Reference Platform (sbsa-ref) status to page.

It has all (S)BSA requirements listed with ACS test numbers added.

#aarch64 #systemready #sbsa #qemu

1 month ago

@mfjurbala So basically, the goal is to have a running GhostBSD VM on #ARM64 based Macs (#AppleSilicon #aarch64). What kind of artifact does the project currently provide? When talking about RPi's it's probably just a plain img instead of an iso installer? Would be interesting to get in running.

Btw, afaik the RPi3 uses 32bit legacy armhf arch in default instead of arm64 (aarch64) and needs to have an adjusted config to run in 64bit mode? Something like 0x200 in arm-control or similar if I remember correctly. Maybe this is outdated; long time ago that I sued RPis. Maybe this is the issue...

Edit: Just found sth. like this:

Nick W
2 months ago

Wow, I like using #FreeBSD once in a while as a VM but it is a little tricky to set up on a M1 as a virtual machine.

ums_load=“YES” on #aarch64. Very important. Mouse control.

Don’t use the specifiers for 1080p in /boot/loader.conf within the VM if you have a modern hdmi monitor. There is some internal crypto flag or check that pops up that doesn’t like BSD’s version of 1080p. Do hdmi monitors use video crypto? I think that’s why it gets stuck in VMware Fusion.

Marcin Juszkiewicz
2 months ago

Last week was BSD on SBSA Reference Platform week.

I did FreeBSD and found one bug in QEMU, and it looks like one backport from FreeBSD 14 to 13.x will be needed.

NetBSD 9 may get backport from 10 to make it boot at all.

OpenBSD 7.3 went smooth. Once I updated firmware.

#qemu #openbsd #netbsd #freebsd #aarch64 #virtualization #sbsa

Grâce à @sebsauvage j'ai avec #RClone *enfin* un client pour #pCloud qui fonctionne à la perfection sous #Linux #ARM #aarch64 et ça, ça change carrément la vie de mon #PinebookPro, et la mienne 😁😁😁👌❤️

Synchro bidirectionnelle, montage de VFS sur le cloud, tout y est 😁

(Comment est-ce que je ne savais pas que ce truc existait ?)

3 months ago

I'm digging around in the guts of some legacy code as I get it working on AWS Graviton instances, so I keep finding "fun" aarch64 issues:

#arm64 #aarch64 #FunTimes

Jakub Jirutka
3 months ago

I’ve just released a new version of alpine-make-vm-image, a script for building custom #AlpineLinux images for virtual machines, with exciting new features:

- Support for #UEFI (directly using the EFI stub, no legacy bootloader like Grub!)
- Support for #aarch64 (you can build an aarch64 image on an aarch64 system, or even on x86_64!)

Armbian Linux
3 months ago

We’re excited to announce new release of Armbian, v23.08, codename Colobus. Check what's new #release #upgrade #features #fixes #aarch64 #armhf #amd64 #riscv64 #embedded #linux #armbian #debian #ubuntu #yocto #buildroot #infosec

#StarFive #VisionFive2 Quad-Core #RISCV Performance #Benchmarks
The #VisionFive 2 was a fun #SBC to play around with for the ~$100 price tag but don't expect much out of its performance at this time. Any similarly-priced #AArch64 #singleboardcomputer is almost surely to perform much better than the VisionFive 2 until the RISC-V software ecosystem as a whole matures, more #opensource developers gaining access to RISC-V for testing and software optimizations, etc.

4 months ago

Trying to upgrade our #github actions cross compiling runners for #arm #aarch64. Anyone have a quick setup they like for C++? Tried an emulated approach but it takes about 10x longer.

Felix Palmen 📯
4 months ago

Added these symlinks.

#glibc needs some "convincing" to install *everything* to /usr, but it works.

It solves the issue on #aarch64 and #i386 (which both install the program interpreter to /lib by default).

It does NOT solve the issue on #amd64, where the program interpreter is installed to /lib64, but *something* during #GCC build insists on finding it in /usr/lib instead. 🤯

Trying a hack with a hardlink now (after learning that glibc's ldconfig just deletes symlinks to the program interpreter).

Felix Palmen 📯
4 months ago

Finally, my #Linux-native #GNU toolchain for #FreeBSD's #Linuxulator works for C and C++ on #aarch64, #amd64 and #i386 🥳

I guess that's a good time to actually announce the ongoing project!

Marcin Juszkiewicz
4 months ago

I invented new explanation of what SBC is:

The problem is SBC vendors who go with "Shitty Bargain Crap" explanation of acronym instead of "Small Board Computer" one.

#arm #aarch64 #sbc #sucks

#docker cross architecture question. Say there is a docker image, build with #x86 Linux base image. Would that image run on an #aarch64 machine? Or architecture emulation is a Mac thing only?
boost appreciated

Felix Palmen 📯
4 months ago

Awesome, this works 🥳

So, the #aarch64 VM running #FreeBSD I got for free from #Oracle now has yet another purpose besides testing #port builds: Build #armv7 packages! Might need them when I finally turn my #BananaPI into a thin client 😎

Felix Palmen 📯
4 months ago

So, the GENERIC #kernel config for #FreeBSD on #aarch64 contains COMPAT_FREEBSD32.

Does that mean some #armv7 jail will just work there? Gonna give it a try, would be great for building armv7 packages 🤔

4 months ago

These #ARM #rk3328 based SBCs are going to drive me insane. I'm currently booting the #debian installer for #aarch64 over pxe because they're making use of eMMC modules instead of SD cards and the installer has to run through twice with me re-flashing u-boot twice in order to get a running system. These logs should be interesting once I get around to looking at them.

5 months ago

#OpenSSH already set up with my SSH key so I don’t have to painstakingly connect my RPi to a display. But there’s a catch: images for foreign architectures can only be built by a system which understands that architecture.

This leaves three ways to build a custom #AArch64 image with your own configuration. In ascending order of complexity:

Use a remote builder, such as an actual #RaspberryPi with #Nix on it or ask access to the community aarch64 builder.
Just build it on the Raspberry Pi (i.e. without a remote build). Be sure to use a fair amount of swap if you do that, as the image creation process is memory hungry.
Emulate AArch64 and comfortably build the image on my PC, which is x86_64.

Linux ☑️
5 months ago

Alternative video editors | FLOWBLADE 🎞️

Flowblade is a work in progress multitrack non-linear video editor for Linux released under GPL3 license.

* Full track compositing
* Smooth keyframe interpolations
* GPU rendering
* UX papercuts
* Drag 'n drop clips / timeline
* etc.

Flowblade's starting to be an impressive libre choice for video editing needs!



#video #editor #Flowblade #GPL #nonlinear #multitrack #Linux #aarch64 #libre #free

#aarch64 #arm folks, any of yall have some decent guides on getting #Fedora Silverblue going on a #RaspberryPi 4?

The official Fedora docs are either a) iffy, b) assume you're using Workstation, or c) badly designed and hard to understand

I'm considering just using Workstation with how annoying this is. Everything ARM-related is so fragmented and hard to set up....


charlie :linux: :mastodon:
5 months ago

Finally I get it done!

You may wish to know how to enable #ffmpeg #codecs support for #Vivaldi / other #Chromium browsers on #aarch64 #Linux systems:

Drew Fustini
5 months ago

#FOSSY organized by @conservancy begins next week in Portland, Oregon, and there is an "AArch64/ARM64 Servers and Open Source - The Who, What, Why, and How" track on Thursday, July 13th #Portland #PDX #FOSSY2023 #Oregon #OpenSource #aarch64 #arm64 #Linux

FOSSY banner image

In fact my issues with it fall in three categories.

The relevant one is things still missing in
#asahi itself:
- built-in
#audio being disabled due to the overdrive protection stuff still missing (which is kinda meh for me anyway, I almost always use headphones)
- no
#thunderbolt support, which is the only serious problem as far as I'm concerned, cause I like my keyboard and big monitor setup at home and really wish I could use it with asahi
#suspending the laptop doesn't seem to work properly, since it keeps draining a bunch of power in that state, even though it's still less than if not suspended

There are a bunch of tiny annoyances that come from
#sway and #wayland
- some tools I use on
#i3/#X11 just don't have adequate analogies. It's mostly simple stuff like fbxkb, but it still bugs me.
#xwayland does lead to some things not working quite as expected, e.g. 1password's global shortcut actually doesn't work, so I need to go and click on it in the system tray to open it. I assume the underlying cause of this is also why the firefox 1password extension acts as a standalone thing, as if I don't have 1password installed separately.
- speaking of the system tray, it seems to be a serious hit and miss w.r.t. what will and what won't work
- the
#clipboard is different. I have developed a lot of habbits around using clipboard and selection on X11 and the fact that that doesn't reliably map onto anything in wayland kinda bugs me, but I realize this is mostly a very me problem.

And then there's the fact that a bunch of stuff seems to not be distributed as an
#aarch64 package. Especialluly packages on #AUR will almost always be marked as #x86_64 exclusive, even though downloading and building from source pretty much always works. I'm guessing that will be slowly getting better over time, especially if more non-apple aarch64 laptops start going more mainstream.