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@abortionrights “Every abortion is a necessary one” is such a powerful message. I’ll definitely be spreading it. #Abortion #AbortionRights #ReproductiveRights

Yusuf Toropov
2 days ago

Put #Abortion on the Ballot in #Florida!

If you’re a Florida voter, even if you live abroad, you can sign this petition to put #abortionrights on the 2024 ballot. Go to and print, sign, and mail it back ASAP.



It’s quite simple, frothing fundamentalist loon Kate Forbes: if you don’t agree with abortion, DON’T HAVE ONE.

Keep your zealous, ignorant, bigoted religious dogma out of other women’s wombs.

#AbortionRIghts #BufferZones

#Florida #AbortionRights Activists Hope to Use Momentum From #Ohio Ballot Victory

4 days ago

The TLDR here is that in Missouri, republicans are going to try and use divisive language hoping they can sway Missouri voters to vote in favor or abortion right restrictions. Ultimately in a push to enshrine it into the state constitution being the ultimate goal. I would not be surprised if they try to use confusing language to push this agenda once it hits the ballot.

Something for folks to be aware of and the spread the word about.

#Missouri #abortionrights

Paranoid Factoid
5 days ago


The heads of the #US #Army, #Navy and #AirForce jointly wrote an Op-Ed in *The Washington Post,* calling on Senator #Tuberville to stop his hold on military promotions that has been ongoing for months as part of a #military #abortion policy protest. According to them, Tuberville's hold has negatively impacted military readiness.

#USpol #abortionrights #politics #USA

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6 days ago

#LGBTQ related #Wikipedia article created 9 hours ago

Matcha Phorn-in
Matcha Phorn-in (born 1979/1980)

#Abortionrights #Indigenous #Lesbian

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#Thanksgiving time ... and I am DAMN #GRATEFUL #JoeBiden is #POTUS.



INSTANT bullshit countermeasures


#abortion #abortionrights #righttochoose

Tha BAHble! 

The Bible says quite otherwise! * Psalms 137:9 - “Blessed he who seizes your [Israel's enemies] babies and splatters them against the rocks!” e 2 Samuel 12:13-18 - (God kills David’s infant son as punishment for killing Uriah the Hittite to marry his wife, Bathsheba) ¢ Joshua 6:21 - (God orders the Israelites to slaughter every man, woman, child, and animal in Jericho) * Exodus 11-12 - (God kills the firstborn son of every family in Egypt) * Genesis 6-7 - (God kills everything on the planet except Noah and his family) “WELL, THE BIBLE IS CERTAINLY AGAINST KILLING A FETUS!” Wrong again. Numbers 5:11-31 - (Instructions for how to perform an abortion... in the TEMPLE... by a PRIEST! [specifically, if a husband thinks his wife cheated on him and the baby isn't his]) ¢ Hosea 9:14 - (Prayer for God to make women in enemy countries suffer miscarriages) If you're against abortion or baby-killing, say YOU are against it. \ Don’t BS about the Bible being against it...
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1 week ago

Trump bragging that he paved the way for ending Roe v. Wade.

#WomensRights #AbortionRights #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

Paranoid Factoid
2 weeks ago

Acyn at the hellsite catches this from the Thanksgiving Family Forum, in De Moins, WA.

Here, Bob Vander Plaat, a social conservative, speaks to a group of #Republican candidates. Referring to #Ohio #abortion ballot which enshrined #abortionrights by constitutional amendment and passed by landslide:

"What happened in Ohio is a travesty ... I think we also have to be reigning in the Governor Newsoms in California and others that are making their state an abortion destination." #politics #health

2 weeks ago

To Make a Documentary About Abortion, They Had to Fight the Right’s War on Information

The experience was not unlike the obstacles abortion providers face.

In 2019, when Tracy Droz Tragos started filming Plan C, her new documentary about a network of activists and medical providers helping Americans access abortion pills—which are approved by the FDA but restricted in some states—she knew some people might see it as a touchy subject.

#abortionrights #womensrights

abortion rights movie
Paranoid Factoid
2 weeks ago

After voters in Ohio passed a Constitutional Amendment legalizing abortion by landslide, senate President Matt Huffman shows his respect for constitutional governance and the voters of his state by proposing a 15 week abortion ban.

Because nothing says, "Don't Tread on Me", quite like violating the plain text of your state constitution against the wishes of the electorate.

#abortion #abortionrights #Ohio #unconstituional #politics #GOP #Republicans

2 weeks ago


My take: #Republicans like minority rule, and hate #AbortionRights, so naturally they're going to love this.

Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

A secret weapon in the fight for U.S. abortion rights? Fed-up Republican women.

USA Today explains the role that female GOP voters played in the recent Ohio vote:

#Abortion #AbortionRights #Women #USPolitics #Politics #Ohio

2 weeks ago

"How the next Republican president could stop most abortions without Congress."

Anyone who says that they're going to vote third-party in 2024, or not going to vote at all, is saying out loud that they don't care about this. We should respond accordingly.

#USPol #abortion #AbortionRights

James Benjamin
2 weeks ago

A reminder that abortion is on the ballot in 2024. A GOP President could take action to end most abortions in the US.

#uspol #abortionrights #abortion

Perry Lindstrom
2 weeks ago

't been on in a while and just noticed that my last toot was about the importance of the #Virginia #election. What a great outcome for #abortionrights and the #environment. Already we need to start thinking about the crucial #election2024 which will be pivotal for #climatechange and addressing the #climatecrisis. It will also be an important fight against #fascism in #America.

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
2 weeks ago

Should today's "Republicans" be anyhow interested in recovering a remainder of lost legitimacy based on the values & norms of the Republican Party co-founded by Abraham Lincoln, they better cut all compromising ties to a lifelong career criminal & fraudster running for White House while being charged with another 91 counts before courts in the U.S.!
#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #GOPEndorsesCriminals #GOP #DeprivationOfRights #AbortionRights #WomensRights #HumanRights #VoterSuppression #Gerrymandering #Disenfranchisement #VotingRights

U.S. Politics in Real Time
2 weeks ago

Ohio Republicans move to exclude judges from interpreting enshrined abortion rights — After stinging defeat in a statewide vote, GOP lawmakers seek to move jurisdiction to legislature for constitutional amendment

#OhioRepublicans #AbortionRights #JudicialExclusion #LegislatureJurisdiction #ConstitutionalAmendment #StatewideVote #Politics #News

3 weeks ago

@GottaLaff Don't just #VOTE; follow through. Stay in touch with elected officials - whether you like them or not. We need people in office to do the work. Pass #electionreform #termlimits #abortionrights #gunlegislation

Adrian Riskin 🇵🇸🍉
3 weeks ago

Ohioans approved a constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights and Republicans in the state legislature released a statement calling it "ambiguous" and vowing to find ways to stop it from taking effect. One particularly unhinged legislator called it "dangerously vague and unconstrained".

This made me interested in the actual text of the amendment, which unsurprisingly turns out to be unambiguous and very, very precise. It's an incredibly well-written piece of legislation and I thought I'd share it here.


Article I, Section 22. The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety

A. Every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions, including but not limited to decisions on: contraception; fertility treatment; continuing one’s own pregnancy; miscarriage care; and abortion.

B. The State shall not, directly or indirectly, burden, penalize, prohibit, interfere with, or discriminate against either: An individual's voluntary exercise of this right or; A person or entity that assists an individual exercising this right, unless the State demonstrates that it is using the least restrictive means to advance the individual's health in accordance with widely accepted and evidence-based standards of care.

However, abortion may be prohibited after fetal viability. But in no case may such an abortion be prohibited if in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient’s treating physician it is necessary to protect the pregnant patient’s life or health.

C. As used in this Section: “Fetal viability” means “the point in a pregnancy when, in the professional judgment of the pregnant patient's treating physician, the fetus has a significant likelihood of survival outside the uterus with reasonable measures. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.”

“State” includes any governmental entity and any political subdivision.

D. This Section is self-executing.

#Ohio #AbortionRights #Abortion #RoeVWade

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 weeks ago

And back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, I was one of the people who was hopeful that the #internet could be different. Perhaps I too optimistically generalized my own internet use to the world. When I was a teen, I used my family's painfully slow dial-up to learn about things that no one else in my conservative Christian community would talk about, like #AbortionRights and #LGBTQRights. I used the internet to expand my perspectives, and I thought everyone else would too!

Unfortunately, I was wrong, but for a while, that felt possible. There was a sort of #feminist resurgence in the late 2000s and early 2010s that online spaces like #Jezebel were part of, and they made #feminism cool. They were full of women writing in a style that pulled no punches and that could be as explicit and sarcastic as writers who were men often were. In retrospect, it was often shallow, but to me leaving conservative Christianity, it felt liberatory!

3 weeks ago

@RollingStone it would be good to look at all the ways the GOP undermines democracy, call it the GOP assault on democracy. In #oregon the gop minority walked out for over 6 weeks effectively killing our short legislative session. Then a voter approved measure that disallows running again because of excessive absenteeism is challenged. I’m sure this is the modus operandi in many states. #orpol #democracy #ohio #reproductiverights #healthcare #abortionrights

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Fuck these people who don't believe in democracy. Get the fuck out of America! #OhioGOP #NoRepublicansEverAgain #GOP #Ohio #AbortionRights

Ohio Republicans Say It’s Their ‘God Given Right’ to Restrict Abortion Access

Days after voters elected 2 codify #AbortionRights into #Ohio's constitution, #Republicans not accepting results

In unhinged statement by House #Republican Cmte, #GOP members rant that..results r tainted by so-called "foreign interference." Not clear what they are referring to.
Press release further argues the election results don't invalidate 6-week ban previously passed by Ohio Legislature & that "no amendment can overturn the #God-given rights w/ which we were born."

Queer Satanic
3 weeks ago

In the most recent episode of HBO's #LastWeekTonight with #JohnOliver", he made a mention of a particular publicity stunt by a certain satanic for-profit business-cum-church.

In so doing, he demonstrated perfectly the way #TheSatanicTemple's grift works, and the limitations of "Last Week Tonight" as an actual news program rather than what it is: a popularizer and disseminator of the work done by others.

If the show had done a proper investigation, they would have immediately found huge red flags involving the Temple's clinic that call into question its legitimacy entirely. Since they did not, we'll show you what so many have missed despite being out in the open.

First, we're going to show how at its most basic and fundamental level, the The #SatanicTemple's clinic is vulnerable to any legal challenge or government investigation due to its use of false information in its corporate registration as TST owners #DougMisicko and #CevinSoling continue to inappropriately use pseudonyms on legal documents.

Next, we're going to look at the way the clinic fits into #TST's pattern of claiming it can help people in states with abortion restrictions and bans despite never being able to deliver on that promise, a false claim the Temple literally advertises and profits off of.

Finally, we're going to talk about how the Temple's use of a corporation that has tax-exempt church approval and unwillingness to be financially transparent makes it impossible to keep track of exactly how much money is involved, especially since every role of corporate governance is filled by the same two men, Soling and Misicko, and their pseudonyms.

#SamuelAlito #SamuelAlitosMomsSatanicAbortionClinic #Abortion #AbortionRights #NewMexico

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3 weeks ago

@georgetakei "If the majority does not control, the minority must ‑‑ would that be right? Would that be just or generous? Assuredly not!"

— Abraham Lincoln, Speech at Steubenville, Ohio, February 14, 1861 —
#RuleOfLaw #SaveLives #DefendTheConstitution #MajorityRule #WomensRights #HumanRights #WomensSelfDetermination #AbortionRights #GOP #Insurrection #Rebellion

Bob Jamieson
3 weeks ago

Good Law Project

The UK branch of the rightwing “hate group” Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which supported controversial anti-abortion protests in the UK and has funded travel for a Tory MP, increased its spending in 2022 to £770,000.

Spending in the UK has surged, from £390,000 in 2020 to £770,000 in 2022.

Help fund the work of the Good Law Project:

#WomensRights #AbortionRights #WomensBodies #women #GoodLawProject

3 weeks ago

The Supreme Court dismantled Roe. States are restoring it one by one.

When the right to abortion is on the ballot, it wins. It wins in red states that voted for President Donald Trump. It wins in counties President Joe Biden lost by more than 20 points. It wins when popular Republican officials campaign for it and when they ignore it. And it wins even when the outcome has no immediate effect on abortion access.


women cheering for abortion rights being restored in Ohio
3 weeks ago

Alexandra Petri: Having rights still bewilderingly popular

"Tuesday’s election results suggest that the Republican legislative strategy of “taking people’s rights away for no clear reason” was not an overwhelming success at the ballot box. Potential Childbearing Vessels on Legs contumaciously insist on continuing to see themselves as fully realized people deserving of the protection of the law, and, unfortunately, they can still vote, and some of them even have friends who vote with them."

#abortionrights #democracy #giftarticle

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 weeks ago

Of course, the #covid denialism has cracks. Sadly, more people are becoming disabled by #LongCovid. More people are dying. #Healthcare workers are burned out.

And beyond #covid19, attacks on #BodilyAutonomy continue. The US lost our one national #AbortionRights protection, paltry as it was, in #RoeVWade. Racist police violence continues. #Eugenics and #genocide continue. #ClimateChange continues.

People are fighting back. #Unions are fighting back and seeing major wins! #ReproductiveRights won in the #USElections last night! Protests across the US calling for a #Ceasefire in Gaza are only gaining momentum and putting pressure on politicians. There is still hope for a better world!

But we need ways to unify these issues and foster greater #solidarity. We need ways to articulate a compelling vision for a better world. We need to not leave behind those who continue to take #covid precautions. I think #BodilyAutonomy is the way forward for that unity and a way to articulate that vision.

#USpol #USpolitics

Rat Can't Read (she/her)
3 weeks ago

I think #BodilyAutonomy needs to be a key organizing principle for the #left. It ties together so many issues that seem unrelated: #AbortionRights, #ZeroCovid, #WorkersRights, and #EnvironmentalJustice.

My body should be mine to control, whether that's refusing an unwanted pregnancy, #covid19 infection, working conditions that harm my mental and physical health, or a planet polluted with toxins becoming unliveable due to extreme heat.

There are more issues beyond these that don't impact me directly because of my cis and white privilege, such as #TransRights and #RacialJustice, but I recognize that my fight for bodily autonomy is bound up with these fights. Through the lens of bodily autonomy, there's a lot of opportunities for building #solidarity. Everyone should have bodily autonomy as a #HumanRight.

#USpol #Organizing #Leftwing #Activism #SocialismOrBarbarism #AnotherWorldIsPossible #Socialism #DemocraticSocialism #CovidIsNotOver #pandemic #covid #ClimateChange #Ecocide #EconomicJustice

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3 weeks ago

U.S. abortion rights backers extend post-Dobbs winning streak with decisive election victory in Ohio.

Politico reports: "The results show the continuing resonance of the issue more than a year after Roe v. Wade was overturned."

#ElectionDay #Elections2023 #Abortion #AbortionRights #USPolitics #Politics #News

Kathy E. Gill 🇺🇦
3 weeks ago

I’ve been napping (migraine) and just looked at Apple News (with some trepidation).

I got a good reminder that political journalists thrive on doom-and-polls.

#Ohio voters ink #AbortionRights into their constitution

#Kentucky voters re-elect #Democratic governor Beshear.

Screenshot of Apple News headlines 

Ohio votes in favor of amending the state constitution to enshrine abortion rights 

Beshear’s win shows Democrats can still win in red states
Tony the Mechanic
3 weeks ago

From NBC news:

Ohio has followed many other states; voters are not enamored of Republican politicians policing their uteruses.

Dems need to run hard on freedom to choose in 2024 at every level in every race, despite the fact that a good couple of media pundits keep claiming the power and importance of this issue is winding down or limited. It isn’t. #AbortionRights

Just Now / 9:01 PM EST Ohio Issue 1: Right to Abortion Ohio voters have added the right to access abortion care to the state's constitution, NBC News projects - another major political victory for abortion-rights advocates in the nearly 17 months since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. See the latest results here. BALLOT MEASURE RESULT OHIO ISSUE 1: Right to Abortion YES

#BREAKING: Ohio votes to establish right to abortion in state's constitution.

#BreakingNews #News #Ohio #Abortion #AbortionRights

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
3 weeks ago

@realTuckFrumper Mike Johnson no longer has his Confederacy (has been defeated), but is still on his own crusade against the Fourteenth (Reconstruction) Amendment, which Louisiana & the other ex-Confederate states had to ratify to regain representation in Congress.
SCOTUS's 1965 decision in Griswold v. Connecticut (use of contraceptives) was based on the Fourteenth Amendment.

P.S.: Leonard Leo's protégé Johnson is either intellectually unable or unwilling to tell contraception from abortion.
#RuleOfLaw #AccountabilityMatters #JusticeMatters #DefendTheConstitution #ReconstructionAmendments #14thAmendment #AbortionRights #ContraceptionRights #Contraception #Freedom #DueProcessClause #EqualProtectionClause #DefendDemocracy #DefendTheUnion #BanTheGOP #Insurrection #Overthrow #CleanSCOTUS #JudicialInsurrection #InvestigateLeonardLeo #InvestigateOpusDei #DarkMoney #Bribery #MoneyLaundering

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 weeks ago

Mike DeWine is a radical liar. Ohio: you know what you MUST do--vote YES on ISSUE ONE! #Ohio #AbortionRights #Vote #HumanRights #VoteBlue

DeWine calls Ohio abortion ballot measure a 'radical proposal'

Democracy Matters :verified:
3 weeks ago

Folks, 2023 elections are days away. Join with me in helping to get out the Democratic vote! It's easy, it's fun, and it makes a real difference.

It's life or death. #VoteBlue #GOTV #DemocracyOnTheBallot #AbortionRights #HumanRights

Erotic Mythology (hire me) 💖
1 month ago

@evacide There are two period-tracking apps that won't upload your data and keep it on your phone only:



#UKpol #abortion #abortionrights #menstruation

Flipboard News Desk
1 month ago

Abortion referendum offers Ohio Democrats a playbook for 2024.

@politico reports: "The fight over abortion in Ohio will test whether vulnerable Democrats can turn public support for abortion rights into campaign victories — even if the elections are a year apart."

#Abortion #AbortionRights #Ohio #USPolitics #Politics

Democracy Matters :verified:
1 month ago
The Democrats & @TheDemocrats In Virginia, MAGA Republicans want to: 
-- Ban abortion and criminalize doctors 
--Weaken public education
--Make Virginians feel less safe and less secure 
On Election Day, let’s vote them out. http://IWILLVOTE.COM/VA
Democracy Matters :verified:
1 month ago

Reproductive freedom is on the ballot in KY.
#Kentucky #Elections #AbortionRights #VoteBlueIfYouWantToLive

Democracy Matters :verified:
1 month ago

In just 9 days, Virginia is going to determine the course of our nation's future. #Virginia #Vote #AbortionRights #VoteBlue


Virginia is 2 state Senate seats away from new abortion restrictions.
Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 month ago

@TexasObserver The intention of Abbott & his interstate co-insurrectionists seems to be pretty clear: Full on attack against the Reconstruction Amendments.

Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1, Clause 2:

"No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States..."

This also applies to the right of free movement.

#RuleOfLaw #DefendTheConstitution #ReconstructionAmendments #14thAmendment #PrivilegesOrImmunitiesClause #FreedomOfMovement #Travel #AbortionRights #HumanRights #InvestigateAbbott #Insurrection #ProsecuteALLRebels #EnemiesOfTheConstitution #SupportersOfConfederacy #NeoConfederates

Stefan Bohacek
1 month ago

"The response by abortion providers and activists to the end of Roe v. Wade, it seems, has resulted in more access to abortion in states where it’s still legal — not just for women traveling from states with bans but also for women living there."

Be sure to support your local abortion fund!

#news #USNews #abortion #AbortionRights #RoeVWade

A chart showing change in legal abortions in the year after the Dobbs decision:

- In states with a six-week gestational limit: -1,600
- In states that banned abortions: -7,900
In states bordering states with bans: +8,000
- In other states where abortion is legal: +1,700
Total change: +200 (+0.2%)

Source: WeCount

Note: The legal status of abortion in some states was not the same during the entire period. States are categorized based on the legal status of abortion for most of the year. Figures are rounded.
Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 month ago

@RollingStone Notorious "Republican Attorneys General Association", which notorious Paxton is a member of, appears to also be the "GOP's" morality police, as despotically aggressive as its Iranian counterpart.

#RuleOfLaw #AbortionRights #WomensRights #HumanRights #CivilRights #Privacy #SelfDetermination #14thAmendment #ReconstructionAmendments #DobbsTrash #RAGA #Paxton #Insurrection #Rebellion #Overthrow #Confedereds #ProsecuteALLRebels #DisqualifyALLRebels

Here we go, folks. Anyone who is physically capable of getting pregnant will now have to pee on a stick to travel between Texas and New Mexico.

#Abortion #AbortionRights

Texas county abortion ordinance impacting New Mexico
Texas county abortion ordinance impacting New Mexico
Texas county abortion ordinance impacting New Mexico
Texas county abortion ordinance impacting New Mexico
2 months ago

In the year since #RoeVWade was overturned, the #Republican Party has tested out constantly changing talking points & messages on #abortion in an attempt to make its anti-abortion policies sound less #extreme. #Conservatives are even considering moving away from the term “#ProLife,” fearing that voters have newly negative associations w/the label.


AmiW Streetart 🍂
2 months ago

💬 Artist: #RadicalPlayground - in City: #NewYork #Manhattan Liberty Street, USA 🇺🇸 2023 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #PasteUp #Mastoart #Graffiti #Artwork #Abortionrights #Satire #Abtreibung #Abortionban

Streetartwall. A satirical pasteup of a man reading a newspaper and a kneeling woman was pasted on a brown street wall. The young man is sitting in an armchair behind a newspaper with the headline: "ABORTION BANNED IN 13 STATES". He looks over the newspaper, has his legs stretched out and placed on a woman kneeling in front of him in a pantsuit. Self-explanatory.
Raymond Scott Pert
2 months ago

US mother sentenced to two years in prison for giving daughter abortion pills | #Nebraska

> Jessica Burgess, a Nebraska mother accused of helping her teenage daughter use pills to end her pregnancy, was sentenced on Friday to two years in prison. #abortion #abortionrights #womensrights #christofascists #farright

According to prosecutors, after the pair bought pills to end the pregnancy, Celeste Burgess gave birth to a stillborn fetus. At the time, Nebraska law banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Photograph: Charlie Riedel/AP
Raymond Scott Pert
2 months ago

#California sues anti-abortion organizations for unproven treatment to reverse medication abortions

> “Those who are struggling with the complex decision to get an abortion deserve support and trustworthy guidance — not lies and misinformation,” Bonta said. #abortion #abortionrights #womensrights

California Attorney General Rob Bonta fields questions during a press conference Monday, Aug. 28, 2023, in Los Angeles. Bonta has sued an anti-abortion group and a chain of anti-abortion counseling centers, saying the organizations misled women when they offered them unproven treatments to reverse medication abortions. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File) (ASSOCIATED PRESS)
2 months ago

In Poland, Testing Women for #Abortion Drugs Is a Reality. It Could Happen Here

Now there are reports that laboratory tests to detect abortion drugs have not only been created in Poland but are, in rare cases, also being used there to investigate the outcomes of pregnancies

Justyna Wydrzynska, a co-founder of the Abortion Dream Team, a Polish #abortionrights group, was sentenced to eight months of community service for providing abortion pills to a woman


Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 months ago

""I think one of the most frightening statements, which was at one of the hospitals, the person was trying to be reassuring and she said,

'Oh, well, you know, in the case of a medical emergency, we would try to use the woman's body as an incubator to just try to keep the pregnancy going as long as possible,'" Heisler says."

😡"use the woman's body as an incubator... as long as possible"😡

#WomensRights #WomensHealth #Abortion #AbortionRights #Healthcare #USA

👀 Thread:

Text from article:
"Simulated patient" survey

In the study, the Center for Reproductive Rights, Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice and Physicians for Human Rights surveyed 34 hospitals around the state. Researchers found that most hospitals could not provide any information about their policies or procedures or explain what support would be provided to doctors who determine that an abortion is necessary to save a patient's life.

To conduct the research, several young women called 34 hospitals in the state with a script, saying they were pregnant for the first time, trying to decide which Oklahoma hospital to go to for care, and wanting to understand the hospital's policies and processes for providing abortions if pregnancy complications arose. "It's called the 'secret shopper' methodology – we called it a 'simulated patient' methodology," says Dr. Michele Heisler, professor at the University of Michigan and medical director of Physicians for Human Rights, who is one of the study's authors.

"What we hadn't anticipated is what we found – the confusion, the contradictory statements, the misinformation," Heisler says. "Three of the 34 hospitals said they'd just never provide abortions," for example, even though there are exceptions written into the laws. Four hospitals said doctors needed to go through an approval process to be able to provide a medically necessary abortion, and 14 hospitals provided unclear answers about whether there was such an approval process.