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Janice Selbie
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Many who experienced parental abuse feel #apathy towards the abusive parent when the abuser becomes infirm. IT’S NORMAL to feel #ambivalence , #anger & even #relief in such situations. GET HELP for yourself to unpack the abuse & move towards healing. #secular #therapy #psychology #abuse #CSA #grief #ptsd
Man Struggles With Feeling Numb As His Abusive Mother Enters Hospice Care | YourTango

#Deconstructing #Worship

This is how worship fosters an incredibly #unhealthy #mindset - a #slave-like #mentality. It normalizes #abuse and #subjugation. And it wasn't until years after leaving the #church that I really began to see just how #toxic it was.
#sundayschool #atheism #atheist #christianity #christian #praise #cult #god #jesus

Atheism Actually
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Love, this is not.
-- Deconstructing Worship -- (from Holy Koolaid)
#worship #God #Christianity #love #abuse

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Whaaat? This must have been so traumatic for the women involved. But honestly, it’s not too far off the laws in some USA states right now. #abuse #misogny

Alexander Hay
16 hours ago

The #British sense of #Humour is just bullying, punching down and sadism. It exists in its purest form within #English #Football fans and their sociopathic behaviour.

"Arrests made after football fans mock child who died from #Cancer...

"...Two people were pictured holding up a phone appearing to show #BradleyLowery’s face as they laughed following [#SheffieldWednesday’s] 3-0 Championship defeat to #Sunderland..."

#UK #News #Abuse

If you think abou it .?

The way #GoogleSafeSearch works ..

It is way to easy to #abuse it and make it #flag #nonproblematic websites.

Quit your job. Hold a grudge. Set their homepage onto the index.


No point arguing against it.
#Google #automates their "" #checks "".
So you will have to #appeal manually each time.

A loosing #Battle

What a #great #system :ablobcatpop:


Steve Thompson
1 day ago

“You Can’t Fix Him”

"Cassidy Hutchinson has written the first real page-turner among the Trump administration memoirs—using a very surprising model."

#GOP #Trump #abuse #Hutchinson

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Outwardly, her life had the markings of privilege. She spent her youth in the tree-lined neighborhood of Presidio Terrace & took horseback riding lessons. But she suffered #abuse from her mother, an alcoholic who had sustained brain damage from a childhood bout of encephalitis. She pulled her daughters’ hair, repeatedly attempted suicide & once tried to drown one of the younger girls in the bathtub, #Feinstein said.

2 days ago

The cmte’s 6,700-pg “#torture report,” an executive summary of which was publicly released in 2014, alleged that #CIA #interrogation techniques — incl’g #waterboarding, #SleepDeprivation, physical #abuse, #confinement in a coffin-size box & #threats against suspects’ #families — had been far more #brutal, more #widespread & less effective than the agency previously claimed.


“This manifestation of loud, rampant #misogyny and #abuse, spilling over into #intolerant #homophobia and #transphobia, will continue to roll on in our #schools until we, as a #society, can get a handle on #extinguishing the #fires that #socialmedia #fuels, and #characters like #AndrewTate start.”

3 days ago

@truth Just FTFY there: a woman yes, more specifically abuse victim Amber Heard and no tie, (probably the least obvious one of the lot there ngl).

Also #unfunny #metoo #abuse

Bo Morgan
3 days ago

@Ari @Are0h @welshpixie @kabrams

Really appreciate your kind and calm explanations of these mental disorders to the public. I hadn't heard of DARVO until you mentioned it here. Thanks for sharing this.

DARVO reminds me of a type of emotional abusive relationship involving control called "Gaslighting" that has been popular in the press recently. Miriam-Webster actually named "Gaslighting" the word of the year in 2022.

Here is a book on the topic of Gaslighting that I have found somewhat enlightening:

From what I understand, it is a combination of a number of psycho-social personality disorders, especially narcissistic, antisocial, and often includes an inability for empathy.

One aspect common in gaslighting as well as other forms of abusive relationships is the fact that the victim often learns to abuse the abuser, so that the abuse over time tends to go in both directions. Most abusive relationships, like all, are bidirectional. It tends to escalate from verbal, to physical, to finally homicidal or suicidal.

Again, I really appreciate your approach to engaging in a conversation. There are people listening to you and learning from you.

#abuse #darvo #gaslighting #relationships #psychology #therapy

Alaska Native News
4 days ago

Former Saint Paul Chief of Police Convicted for Sexual Abuse of a Minor in the Second Degree
[the_ad id="30587"]

Nicholas J. Hunnicutt. Image-Mugshot photo

(Anchorage, AK) – Nicholas J. Hunnicutt, a former Chief of Police for the village of Saint Paul on Saint Paul Island, was convicted by a jury...
#st.paul #alaska #sexual #crime #hunnicutt #abuse #minor #arrest

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
4 days ago

Father Rejects Plea for Locking His Adopted Son in a "Box" for Behavioral Issues

In January 2022, police in Jupiter Florida were called to the home of Tracy and Timothy Ferriter, about a missing runaway child. Detectives discovered an 8 x 8 room, described as a box, equipped with a padlock and doorknob, both of which locked from the outside. Inside they found a camera, a mattress and a bucket with a light switch on the outside wall of the room.

The two parents had confined there adopted eight-year-old son inside this box for hours at a time, over the period of five years.. The child, who is now 13 years old (14 according to some reports), was adopted from Vietnam and had been diagnosed with "Reactive Attachment Disorder" (RAD). After returning from school, the boy was kept in the structure built in the garage, where they brought meals of leftovers to him and provided only a bucket for him to use the bathroom.

Today, the father Timothy Ferriter rejected a plea deal offered by prosecutors offering him two years in jail and five years of felony probation. His role of the dice may see him facing up to 35 years behind bars. His wife Tracy, is being tried separately with jury selection in that case set to begin on Friday. Defense attorneys argued that the longest period of confinement was 10 hours which to me, doesn't lessen the severity of the parents actions. Other reports cited the period of isolation in the box to be as long as 18 hours.

Treatment of people with invisible disabilities and mental health challenges have been victimized in this way throughout history. Isolation and abuse of this nature is certainly no way to treat behavioral issues, and anyone who knows anything about mental health knows, this type of treatment, will only make things worse. Below I've linked my piece on "Ridge Home for Mental Defectives" which provides a glimpse at an extreme example of this atrocious form of what some seem to think is appropriate "mental health treatment".

Father Reject Plea Deal:

YouTube Recap¶ of the Ferriter History (4 min 24 sec):

Other Reports about the Case:

#MentalHealth #abuse #disabilities #InvisibleDisabilityRights #evil #DarkHistory #accommodation #understanding #ChildAbuse #HashtagsNobodyWillEverSearch
@disability @disabilityjustice

Image is a thumbnail from the video like above showing the home of Tracy and Tim Ferriter with a contractor's truck parked out in the driveway. In the bottom center of the image is the top portion of the heads of the two parents taken from their mugshots with bars superimposed over their faces. Photographs of the 8 x 8 box appears on the left side of the image.

#Shameful, #cruel and #dangerous
#SuellaBraverman's ‘absurd and outrageous’ #plans to overhaul #internationalrefugeeconventions #condemned

#WomenforRefugeeWomen called Ms Braverman’s comments “absurd and outrageous.” they continued “The majority of women, including #LGBTQ+ #women, we support are #survivors of #persecution including #gender-based #abuse, #sexualviolence, #rape, and other #torture.”

5 days ago

I Support Nursing Home Safe Staffing!
From Better Care Now: Complete Post through this link…

Right now in the United States, nursing home residents are not getting the quality, dignified care they deserve. Nursing homes are understaffed, and workers are being underpaid and burning out. Those workers are leaving th
#Abuse #AT #DisabilityResistence #HealthAndDisability #HealthPolicy #PainManagement #Recovery

5 days ago

Neuroarchitecture Comes to Hospitals in Recognition of Its Effects on Patients
By Dr. Patricia Farrell: Complete Post through this link…

ngd-In the late 50s or early 60s, a psychiatrist took a lot of mescaline and then moved into a state institution for mental illness. He said that the worst thing a
#Abuse #DisabilityResistence #HealthPolicy #Intersection #Recovery

5 days ago

Like most people I complain when I get a #JuryDuty summons, but cases like this remind me why I should in fact be happy to be on a jury. There are so many people who need our help—especially in this case, a victim of #stalking who was murdered by her abusive ex-partner. So yeah I may gripe about it when I get my next letter, but victims like Amie deserved so much more and the least we can do now is make sure her killer never sees freedom again.

#violence #abuse #law

6 days ago

Improving mental health by training the suppression of unwanted thoughts
By ZULKAYDA MAMAT AND MICHAEL C. ANDERSON: Complete Post through this link…


Anxiety, posttraumatic stress, and depression markedly increased worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. People with these conditions experience distressi
#Abuse #AT #DisasterAndDisability #Intersection #Recovery

Drew Naylor
6 days ago

Wounds from words/verbal #abuse can scab over but they will never heal.


Antonella T.
6 days ago


Instead of succumbing to the Machiavellian worldview—which unfortunately leads us to select Machiavellian leaders—we must promote a different model of power, one rooted in social intelligence, responsibility, and cooperation.

When it comes to power, social intelligence—reconciling conflicts, negotiating, smoothing over group tensions—prevails over social Darwinism.

#power #empathy #humility #leadership #leaders #rolemodels #narcissism #darktriad #manipulation #socialdarwinism #abuse

John Colagioia
1 week ago

'Sound of Freedom' subject resigns, accused of multiple unwanted sexual advances

According to multiple sources, Ballard’s M.O. included trying to “coerce those women into sharing a bed or showering together, claiming that it was necessary to fool traffickers.”

#SoundOfFreedom #Abuse #OUR #Trafficking

Publicity for Sound of Freedom
Jennifer Moore 😷
1 week ago

How a top doctor drugged & molested a more junior doctor, & how he nearly got away with it:

“My [physician] friend insisted I be taken somewhere for testing ... If my friend hadn’t done that and taken me to a lab, if we waited until Monday for the urine test, the drugs would have left my system … I could not have done it without the support I had, which a lot of people don’t have.”

Respect to the two friends.

#medicine #abuse #ProfJohnKearsley

"I do not use “#microaggression” anymore. [...] A persistent daily low hum of #racist #abuse is not minor. I use the term “abuse” because aggression is not as exacting a term. Abuse accurately describes the action and its effects on people: distress, anger, worry, depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and suicide.

What other people call racial #microaggressions I call racist abuse. And I call the zero-tolerance policies preventing and punishing these abusers what they are: #antiracist. Only racists shy away from the R-word — #racism is steeped in denial."

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

1 week ago

#News At Kate 2023: Brand Awareness

Kate Smurthwaite on the Russell Brand documentary.

#news #RusselBrand #misogyny #comedy #industry #abuse

1 week ago

At the start of #WWII, Industrialists in Germany sided with Hitler believing he had power to win ultimate authority. They backed him simply to retain their own money and power.

We see the same history repeating itself in the #US as #Capitalist companies like #Apple, #Amazon and #Microsoft cozy up to #Fascist #American #Oligarchs like #Musk and his fellow uber rich tech bros.

By remaining on #Twitter, companies like #Mac are supporting the idea that the fascism and open hate currently fomenting on #twitter is simply public discourse.

This puts companies like #Apple in a powerful position where their continued engagement shows acceptance and normalization of this #fascist #hate in the guise of #freespeech.

I used to purchase Apple products regularly, but plan to steer clear in future. I even recently avoided buying new earbuds from Apple, happy to say #Sennheiser got my money this round.

I refuse to contribute any more to these #greedy, #morallycorrupt #capitalists. Capitalism has shown it will openly accept and normalize #Eugenics, #Hate, #Discrimination, #Abuse and #Disinformation; all in pursuit of a fatter wallet, no questions asked.

If/when we ultimately descend into a war with these open carry fascists, know that they have been long funded by good ole’ multi billion dollar American capitalist companies like #Apple.

Apple is the new #IBM.

#CorporationsOnTwitter #FundingHateGroups #NormalizingHate #X

Sex Ed for Bi Guys :heart_bi:
1 week ago

@Nclt You can't really talk about #biphobia without mentioning the horrifying rates of intimate partner #violence that bi+ and #bisexual #women, #nonbinary people, and even #men have to deal with. It's higher than for #straight people, and it's higher than for #lesbian and #gay folks. This article talks about possible causes for that, including biphobia. #abuse #relationships

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
2 weeks ago

#Republican Running on “Protecting” #Kids From #LGBTQ People Charged with #Child #Cruelty

#Republican #JohnRaymond is running for a seat in #Louisiana’s state legislature on a platform of protecting children from LGBTQ people. However, there’s an issue with his campaign message. #Raymond has been charged with four counts of #childcruelty following multiple allegations of physical #abuse during his tenure as the headmaster of a #christian academy.
#religion #christianity

Pratik Patel
2 weeks ago

The Gruesome Story of How Neuralink’s Monkeys Actually Died

Elon Musk says no primates died as a result of Neuralink’s implants. A WIRED investigation now reveals the grisly specifics of their deaths as US authorities have been asked to investigate Musk’s claims.

#AnimalAbuse #abuse #vegan #veganism

Sada Reed
2 weeks ago

I highly encourage #journalists, #SportsJournalists and #InvestigativeJournalists to share their work at the upcoming Play the Game conference February 4-7 in #Trondheim, #Norway. Interested journalists should submit a description of their proposed presentation by October 15. I hope to see you there. #Autocracy #democracy #crime #integrity #sport #sustainable #climate
#environment #watchdog #Abuse #sportsorganizations #athletes #diversity #power #scandal #antidoping

zenlan :coffefied:
2 weeks ago

This is Hulu's "Popular Movies" list. Nothing as popular as seeing women abducted, tortured, murdered in "thrillers". #movies #television #drama #violence #misogyny #abuse #women #Hulu #streaming #film #cinema #entertainment

Screenshots from Hulu "Popular Movies" list. Each one is thriller/horror/drama about women abducted, tortured, murdered.
Freedom Press
2 weeks ago

The grifterverse and Russell Brand
Why did so many hard-right celebs rush to support a supposedly left-leaning conspiracy-monger while the left itself has not?
#abuse #Dispatches #media #RussellBrand

A photograph of Russell Brand with a microphone talking to a crowd from stage
Eric MacKnight
2 weeks ago
Kriszta Satori
2 weeks ago

#BBCNews - Honour-based #abuse : Government rejects calls for legal definition

Kriszta Satori
3 weeks ago

#BBCNews - Annie Macmanus says #music industry has 'tidal wave' of sexual #abuse cases

Jennifer Moore 😷
3 weeks ago

Stonker of a story. Doctor assaulting patients, hundreds of them, for years, while tons of people knew or had been told that he was dodgy.

"Columbia University — where Robert Hadden spent his entire medical career — has never fully accounted for its role in allowing a predator to operate unchecked for decades."

Reporting from ProPublica.

#RobertHadden #ColumbiaUniversity #medicine #abuse

3 weeks ago

Domestic violence victims are being made homeless or forced to live with their abusers. In some cases, survivors have been sexually or physically assaulted after councils failed to house them

#UKPol #UKPolitics #DomesticAbuse #Abuse

Kriszta Satori
3 weeks ago

#BBCNews - #Switzerland : Hundreds of sex #abuse cases 'tip of the iceberg', say researchers

3 weeks ago

Stop Non-Consensual Intimate Image Abuse.

(via @arysuh)

#revengeporn #abuse #nonconsensual

Janice Selbie
3 weeks ago

-Hijacked by religion
-Weaponized by abusers to enforce compliance
-Victim blaming "Why can't you just forgive?"
Instead, ACCEPT REALITY by asking:
What happened? Who did it? Is it a pattern?
Then use that knowledge to make appropriate choices - including whether to give the guilty party continued access to your life. #forgiveness #abuse #ReligiousTrauma #wisdom #reality #criticalthinking #exchristian #psychology #counselor

3 weeks ago

@devxvda As a kid I had my eyes opened to it. I absolutely believe you💔 In 6th grade I heard a woman screaming “Stop hitting me” I don’t know what I thought I was going to do when I raced up the porch to the strangers house but just as I was about to knock on the door, movement inside visible from the edge of the closed curtains, caught my eye. This tiny woman was beating the hell out of her husband and each time she hit him…”she” screamed. I hammered on the door and ran. #Abuse

Janice Selbie
3 weeks ago

#religioustrauma is like chewing gum: Sticky, messy, & hard to remove. It is pervasive, impacting:
-mental health, and more.
Every religion has the potential to cause #religioustraumasyndrome. #psychology #cults #coercivecontrol #abuse #exchristian #atheist

3 weeks ago

#Consumer advocates said the 2½ year delay hampered the FCC’s ability to carry out critical tasks aimed at protecting Americans from potential #abuse by the #TelecomGiants, including reinstating the Obama-era #NetNeutrality #regulations, which bar #internet service providers from blocking or throttling #content.

Steve Thompson
1 month ago

"Former state senator accused of spending COVID-19 relief loan on luxury cars" #GOP #covid #abuse #wealth @morgfair

"A former state senator was accused Thursday of lying in order to get a COVID-19 relief loan for his casino and using the money to buy luxury cars for himself and his wife, a Republican leader in the New Hampshire House."

Mormon mother Ruby Franke of Utah (husband once taught at Brigham Young University) became quite a guru on strict parenting with a YouTube channel that over 2 million people followed. Now she's been arrested, and her shockingly abusive behavior to her children has been discovered — using duct tape to confine at least one child, starving that child so that he needed hospital care for emaciation.

People lapped up her advice.

~ Reny Tumin

#parenting #abuse #religion

Mike Reader
1 month ago

Fascists don't care if their victims are young and innocent.

A Russian-speaking man attacked a group of children for speaking Ukrainian in Einbeck, Lower Saxony, Germany, police report.

The prosecutor's office alleges the man threw a 10-year-old boy over the railing into a canal. The boy's head hit iron beams during the fall. Then the attacker threw a glass bottle at him. #Ukraine #Russia #thug #violence #crime #criminal #abuse #Ruzzia #Putin #humanrights

I need a NOT THEM TO BE!

@hackbyte @briankrebs yeah, but to go back to the point: #Spam is a big issue and 99,9% of all Spam that isn't bring #DROP'd by #Spamhaus blocklists are from #GMail, #YahooMail, #Hotmail / / #Office365 / #AzureHostedExchange and domains hosted by registrars like #GoDaddy, because #Google, #Yahoo, #Microsoft and the Registrars refuse to even process #Abuse #reports at all.

1 month ago

Apparently this man's father was also subject to a restraining order by an ex. It seems this might be a pattern in the family. So while we can definitely talk about how society does nothing to prevent the creation of people like this (a worthwhile conversation), I'd rather focus right now on how we do very little to help the victims of #abuse. We must do better. Because her story is not as uncommon as some would like to think.

1 month ago

Oh he fell into a "crushing depression" and "completely loses control of his emotions?" This was not a heat of the moment #murder. It was a pattern of #abuse over years by an obsessed man who planned to kill her bc he couldn't have her and she didn't want him in her life. I loathe when people use #Mentalillness as an excuse for abhorrent actions. He’s clearly not right in the head, but being sad didn’t make him this way.

Queer Satanic
1 month ago

But the more immediate problem is that it encourages members and lay supporters to prove their sincerity and commitment to #TheSatanicTemple by being on the lookout for “fake members,” who need only be identified by whether they have criticism about TST itself and are willing to speak up on it.

And what happens when that “negative commentary” is firsthand experience with #abuse, #exploitation, #harassment, or other harm within The Satanic Temple?

It's not like any organization is immune to it.

Abuser playing victim. So predictable.

“They’re trying to murder me.”

“And I keep thinking: what have I done?”

“if someone tried to do something that awful I can defend myself until the very end” *smirking*

#Gross #Abuse #Assault #LuisRubiales #Spain #FIFA #JenniHermoso

Full video:

Screenshot of video in Guardian article linked. Luis Rubiales (bald white man, no facial hair, in a dark suit and white open collar white collared shirt) hand on chest, saying “They’re trying to murder me.”
Screenshot of video in Guardian article linked. Luis Rubiales (bald white man, no facial hair, in a dark suit and white open collar white collared shirt) hand open towards audience, saying “And I keep thinking: what have I done?”
Screenshot of video in Guardian article linked. Luis Rubiales (bald white man, no facial hair, in a dark suit and white open collar white collared shirt, smirking) hand on chest, saying: “if someone tried to do something that awful I can defend myself until the very end.”

Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

Major update to our earlier investigation: Austin Theater Teacher Sued by Ex-Students Dies

(CW: Descriptions of Sexual #Abuse)

#education #Austin #Texas #schools #CriminalJustice #law #theater #news

Anyone who has followed the abuse horror show in the Catholic church for any period of time — abuse plus colossal cover-up — knows this predictable plotline now:

Push a diocese to disclose ALL the names of priests credibly accused of abuse and to open ALL its secret cover-up files, and it will declare bankruptcy.

This happens over and over, with dioceses claiming they lack the resources to deal with abuse claims (almost never true). Now San Francisco…

#Catholic #abuse

2 months ago

Director of Mental Health Center Replaced as New Report Says #Abuse at the Facility Hasn’t Stopped

A new report by an advocacy agency details how abuse and neglect at Choate Mental Health and Developmental Center have continued despite calls for and promises of reform.

Now, the #Illinois Department of Human Services has reversed its decision to keep Choate’s top leadership in place.

#MentalHealth #Patients #Doctors #Hospitals #News

Jonathan Matthews
2 months ago

I’m thinking of starting a small, niche, #SaaS. Its particular use case is ripe for (financial) #abuse, and I’m not going to build and run it unless I can *really* design ~95% of abuse out. One of the mechanisms I want to use is a hard block on accepting potentially stolen credit cards.

Q: Can I, as an #online #retailer, take #CreditCard #payments as /irrecoverably/ as if someone handed me cold hard cash? In other words, pushing “is this REALLY Alex making this purchase?” onto the CC system?

Texas Observer Lives!
2 months ago

Investigations and prosecutions of homicides involving alleged domestic violence are uneven across #Texas. In our magazine, Correspondent Rob D'Amico's investigated one death, and a family's search for justice:

(CW: Domestic violence and #murder)
#CriminalJustice #news #law #abuse #women

Kristian Harstad
2 months ago

People are getting paid for #publishing #AI-written #books, in an #author's name, when in fact the author did not, and knew nothing about this happening.

Then, when the author tries to do something about it to stop this obvious #abuse, they are told no.

An author explaining her understandable anguish over this issue
Texas Observer Lives!
2 months ago

Sophi Sullivan's 7-year-old son blamed his father, Danny, for her brutal murder. But friends and relatives say they're still seeking justice.

Sadly, Sophi's case is all too common in the state of #Texas, as revealed by Rob D'Amico's investigation, from the July/August issue of our magazine:

(🎨 Illustrated by Walter Stanley, CW: Descriptions of #abuse & #murder)
#DomesticViolence #CriminalJustice #politics #news #USpol #HumanRights #WomensRights

An illustration of a silhouetted boy pointing toward the viewer, as another person holds up a hand in warning, and a third rests their hand on the boy's shoulder.
2 months ago

I don’t understand the #qualia #arbitrage making #abuse a less important issue than… being able to search ~other people’s~ content, or your own being “discovered” (without minimum effort to #tag #keywords).

The more I dive through the historical discussions on #fediverse the more I find the same “I’m not worried about the abuse issue but what about #ui…”-like takes, and… it is hard to #grok.

“No means no, yes means yes. Everything else is just a guess.” is a #consent nursery rhyme I learned.

Just watched _Gaslight_, the 1944 movie. *Holy shit*, the Charles Boyer character is a sick, twisted, evil abuser. The things he does to his wife to not just drive her insane, but also tear down her spirit, ego, and will entirely, are just disgusting. That movie should come with a CW for abuse tactics. It is some full-on yikes. #movies #gaslight #abuse

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

“Please don't be the person who explains to me the technical reasons for why #Mastodon currently works the way it does. That's not the point. Certain technical decisions were made, and these #usability and #abuse problems are the result. Those technical decisions should be revisited.”

‘Mastodon’s Mastodon’ts’ by @jwz:

2 months ago

A #Utah Therapist Built a Reputation for Helping Gay Latter-day Saints.
These Men Say He Sexually Abused Them.

Several #patients complained to the #church or the state licensing board about inappropriate touching during #therapy sessions.

It was years before the #therapist gave up his license.

#LDS #SexualAssault #Doctors #Abuse #LGBTQ #News

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

#BBCNews - Child sexual #abuse probe 'obstructed' by London #asylum hotel staff

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

#BBCNews - Child #abuse #survivor who saw grandfather jailed speaks out - as recorded cases hit new high

Texas Observer Lives!
2 months ago

Our featured story this week:
Former students of am allegedly abusive #Austin public school theater teacher speak out after filing a lawsuit under Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. Diane “Betsy” Cornwell was so beloved school administrators wanted to name a building for her, but some of her former pupils say the truth is far darker...
(CW: Sexual #abuse of minors)

#news #education #schools #Texas #MentalHealth #TXedu #HumanRights

Mx. Kit O'Connell
2 months ago

This is a hard to read story, and a CW definitely applies for sexual abuse of minors. However, Michelle Pitcher did a wonderful job of giving a platform to these students to voice their suffering, which is one of the most important roles we have as journalists:
'Barrage of #Abuse': Ex-AISD Students Speak Out Against Theater Teacher via @TexasObserver
#news #education #schools #Texas #Austin #theater

Ouch. The Washington Post has this piece: “Twitter rival #Mastodon rife with child-#abuse material, study finds”. The author does not understand the implications of a decentralized network at all (“mastodon did not respond”) but imho that’s on us, not on them: we have not done the work to communicate it.

The #fediverse needs a #PR team that can react quickly on press like this.

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

BBC News - #McDonald's #abuse claims as 100 workers speak out
'A toxic culture of sexual assault, harassment, racism and bullying has been alleged by more than 100 current UK staff'

3 months ago

still in des plaines, IL, at my folks' house. got a couple more weeks to go. it's the final stretch.

things had been pretty peaceful lately and seemed to be getting slowly and steadily more peaceful. but there was a major rupture today with full-on yelling and me sitting on the stairs like a forlorn child, once again listening to parents fighting in the kitchen (the kitchen is a big flash point for my parents, as is driving around looking for parking. both of these are common sights of familial rupture.)

i am ok. i am strong & i came into this with over a month of mental/emotional & even spiritual preparation (the spiritual part was like "cheezus, if you're out there somewhere on that great cheeseball in the sky we call the moon, give me the strength to not kill these people during the 8 weeks i have to live with them.").

so while the fight sucked in the moment & my heart is still racing, my metaphorical ship is still on course. or rather, returning to course. the course is a lazy one because these family ruptures affect me very seriously (primarily at the emotional level) so i don't have much brain energy left afterwards to focus on anything. i guess it's a kind of shellshock.

anyway, i have some art i can do without thinking too hard, so i'm just going to focus on that.

i'm also going on a major work slowdown in terms of things i do for my dad. at least until my parents can sit down and resolve the problem like f'ing adults.

my dad won't even try to sit down and talk about what happened. he says "there's no point! this is how it is! why does it affect you?" and my favorite: "tomorrow no one will remember!" i was like "that's where you're wrong my friend. maybe *you* forget, but mom & i don't."

anyway, i am definitely learning lessons! here are some of them:

* outdoors time & alone time really does help recharge my batteries
* you can be in an environment where you're well-fed, well-rested, not have to go to work, be comfortable, and that same environment can ALSO be hurting you emotionally, mentally, & even spiritually (if spirituality is an aspect of life that's important to you).
* thank you cheezus for allowing recreational cannabis purchases to be legal in the state of illinois so that people like me can go get their supply & not lose their minds.
* lev the cat (my mom's cat) is also helping me get through this, just like my childhood cat, murka, helped me get through my childhood. pets can be extremely important in situations like this. <3

#family #CPTSD #trauma #recovery #abuse