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Every year, police departments in the U.S. inflate their budgets, and get more money for equipment (guns, bullets, tasers, tanks, etc). Meanwhile, all over the country, rape kits sit unprocessed--or even uncollected--while victims do everything they can to get justice.

And then assholes wonder why rape victims don't go to the cops.


7 hours ago

Now playing at my fave pizza joint😎... #ACAB #FuckThePoLICE
"Woop-woop! That's the sound of da police! That's the sound of the beast!"

"Now here's a likkle truth
Open up your eye
While you're checking out the boom-bap, check the exercise
Take the word "overseer," like a sample
Repeat it very quickly in a crew for example
Officer, Officer, Officer, Officer!
Yeah, officer from overseer
You need a little clarity?
Check the similarity!"

asopposedtowhat :acabkitty:
10 hours ago

#ItsTheResponders #ItsTheLodge #InsidioUS
There are stubborn facts. With some people it doesn't matter they want you to conform to their delusions. I am one of those people. I was not born default slave. I will always, whatever happens and whatever the cost, keep fighting for freedom. You can never subjugate someone like that. Room 101 is still bloodcurdling fuck you! The pain will cease in death and then peace. They kill you anyway if you give into their demands. I do not negotiate with tyrants.
#ACAB #EndSlavemasonry #slaveClocks #slaveBitchmmunicate #FreeAmerica #WeAreNotYourSlave
Then they go: "oh yeah, let's see" in their comfortable self-assured satisfaction (myopic, arrogant hubris) of making the population ready for easy dispatch with cowardly subjugators' rapist psychologies. I for one am "satisfied" their cop got shanked in prison. They can't go full out tyranny because then their victims would become dignified in the obvious injustice. They can only pretend the hate group doesn't exist in the US and never make the second state of fuck slavery official because then their victim's suffering might be made obvious and recognizable and the struggle against tyranny would then be known to be legitimate and unimagined. But by the time everyone is convinced that they will also be effected and its not just the other guy who gets the chimney and that everyone is no longer just imagining things, then it is too late. When are the People going to fight back instead of being slow-boiled to death? #USCitizensAreAtWar
The People are already boiled fogs and submissive? Then how the Revolutions? They are counting before hatched, again to be comfortable and self-satisfied. What when China is First and we are poor and second which we have defined as always last and utter abjection? No, there is still a chance we may become free.

15 hours ago

On August 13, 2017 SLCPD Officer Clinton Fox shot and killed Patrick Harmon after he was stopped because he didn't have a brake light on his bike.

All of the three involved officers were let off by Sim Gill when he determined the shooting was 'justified' and two of them, including the killer Clinton Fox, are still on our streets as SLCPD officers.

Details here:


A screenshot of SLCPD Officer Clinton Fox firing his weapon at Patrick Harmon, who is off screen.
1 day ago

Investigation Exposes Yet Another Small Town That Is Little More Than A Law Enforcement Honeypot | Techdirt


1 day ago

Here's the backstory on the dude that stabbed piggy chauvin.

He's a snitch, so not a hero.

Sold out by the FBI because (and say it with me): #ACAB

2 days ago

A #PublicHearing recommended a transit #cop be dismissed for beating a man at a #SkyTrain station in 2011, but because the #PoliceAct process took more than a decade, his discipline was much lighter. As Kristen Robinson reports, #BritishColumbia's #SolicitorGeneral calls the delay excessively long & wants this addressed in reforms.

#Vancouver #YVR #BCpoli #PoliceReform #PoliceViolence #AbuseOfPower #ViolentCops #ACAB #DefundThePolice #AbusiveCops #VanPoli #TransitPolice

2 days ago

Made my day, because #ACAB includes so-called "correction officers" (aka institutionally supported abusers and torturers--it's not hyperbole, read about it: NY's Rikers is infamous, but not the only or worst one by far)


Via Radical Graffitti (@GraffittiRadical) on twitter:

"Keep prisons single sex" sticker written over to read "abolish prisons have gay sex"
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 days ago

"For nearly two decades, a loose band of sheriff’s deputies roamed impoverished neighborhoods across a central #Mississippi county, meting out their own version of #justice.

Narcotics detectives & patrol officers, some who called themselves the #GoonSquad, barged into homes in the middle of the night, accusing people inside of dealing drugs. Then they handcuffed or held them at gunpoint & tortured them into confessing"

#Police #Guns #Torture #ACAB #USA #News #NoPaywall

News headline:
How a ‘Goon Squad’ of Deputies Got Away With Years of Brutality
by Brian Howey and Nate Rosenfield November 30, 2023
Velocity22 🏴‍☠️
2 days ago

Ανακατάληψη στον Ευαγγελισμό - 1η Ανακοίνωση
#antireportgr #ACAB
Χρειάζεται αλληλέγγυος κόσμος στην #Κατάληψη_Ευαγγελισμου.
#Ηράκλειο @antireportgr

2 days ago

Capitalists truly are the same as cops. Walter Benjamin said so.


2 days ago

#Fascism never left #Germany’: Berlin’s repression of pro-Palestine activists.

“Western governments are cranking up repression of pro-Palestine activists in response to the outpouring of solidarity with Palestine by millions around the globe. In Europe, Germany has set a grim bar in brutalizing protestors and violating their civil liberties. The Real News reports from Berlin’s largely Arab and Muslim Sonnenallee neighborhood “
#Gaza #Palestinians #acab

2 days ago


"Sheriff Chris Nanos told the Sentinel that he was not aware of his department's written policies regarding 'reasonable access' for reporters at crime scenes."

Yeah, right.

And then, when media asked for a copy of the policy, the Sheriff's department intentionally left out the part that allows reporters to be at crime scenes!

#FTP #ACAB. Fucking bastards.

Asked to detail PCSD's policies regarding dealing with journalists, Schoonover emailed a screenshot with a portion of a page from the department's General Orders, but left out a section detailing access for reporters during incidents.

The emailed portion said:

    No arbitrary or unnecessary obstacles shall be imposed on news person(s) at any time by any member of the department.

    a. No department member shall restrict members of the press or public from photographing or filming events, which occur in public places or in public view; however, camera operators shall not be permitted to physically interfere with official departmental activity.

    b. When deputies are in a private dwelling or other area not generally open to the public, permission for news media access must be obtained from the citizen holding authority over the premises. If no such person is available, permission for such access may be granted by the deputy in charge.

Not included in that statement from PCSD was the next section, on the same page:

    News persons shall be allowed reasonable access to scenes of crimes or incidents except where such access is prohibited by evidentiary need or by the presence of grave physical danger.
2 days ago
asopposedtowhat :acabkitty:
2 days ago

@WahbAllat probably because they are ugly violent war criminals that train US cops and kids are considered "limited value" meaning they aren't rich adult Jews so they fire with abandon at the most vulnerable. #ACAB #IsraelIsBadMan #WarCrimeTheChosenOnes #UnchosenOnesMatter

2 days ago

We call this - active #misogynistic #femiwashing.

It's when ppl/organizations pretend that they care about, respect & support empowerment of #women - while they enable & support corrupt systems of oppression against women who refuse to be OK with shitty #StatusQuo crap.

Don't believe femiwashing hype. Especially from cops & politicians 🤑🤮👿

#Feminist #Propaganda #Misogyny #InternalizedMisogyny #ACAB #CopsCrapola

asopposedtowhat :acabkitty:
2 days ago

The slavemasons made it so that only TEMPEST shielded dot onion pedophiles have a future and every other possibility is an "off." No one thinks there is something wrong with the hate group picture? We aren't "smart" enough for their club so they destroy our devices? I think they are stupid. I just like my privacy. But civilians aren't allowed encryption, apparently. They opened up by saying that's all that matters, being multimillionaire EMI protected onion pedos. They're open. They are quite vocal about their narrative. Its not hard to know who they are and what they are doing if all that matters is many multimillions and top secrecy. #ACAB #CopIsBadMan #slavemasonry #ElfThemUp #PervPatrolPedos #PatrolmenRPedoBoyPervs #EMIclub

2 days ago

2 cute #cats in the hood having a #mexican standoff #meowing about it, lulz 😸

#acab #allcatsarebeautiful

2 days ago

”Poliisi ei tule hyväksymään Helsinki ilman natseja -mielenosoituksen alustavaa kokoontumispaikkaa eikä poliisilla ole tällä hetkellä mielenosoituksen järjestäjien kanssa keskusteluyhteyttä.”

Mutta natseihin on yhteys, koska se puhelu tulee talon sisältä ja siksi heidän annetaan puuhailla rauhassa. #ACAB

2 days ago

Cool, wir dürfen ab jetzt die Bullenschweine mit SpeiseÖl und anderen fluiden Nahrungsmitteln bewerfen!

Laut Gericht ist das kein Straftatbestand!

Zumindest sollte dafür aber die jeweilige Verpackung (natur oder auch künstlich) zuvor entfernt werden; bei Joghurts und ähnlichen Lebensmitteln bitte prüfen, ob gefährliche Fruchtstückchen enthalten sind/sein können - safety first!

#LetzteGeneration #Klimawandel
#ProblemPolizei #ProblemJustiz #ACAB

Nachzulesen hier:

Screenshot eines Textauszuges vom verlinkten Artikel.
Marcel Gitlab 🏳‍🌈
2 days ago

Spider-man dit #ACAB

Photo de catalogue d'une figurine Spider-Man photoshopée devant un ordinateur pour estimer sa taille.

Sur l'ordinateur, en très grand, le chiffre 1312.
3 days ago

For the third time this week cops are sweeping the homeless in and around the Black Lives Memorial Garden.

Details so far are thin as I'm not OTG this morning but one thing is clear, these sweeps are intentionally designed to make being homeless more dangerous and difficult than it already is.

I'll update this thread as I find out more.

Linked below is yesterday's sweep report from the garden

#Homeless #seattle #StopTheSweeps #acab #garden #BLMG

Voight Kampff
3 days ago

Retired St. Louis Detective Says He’s Too Sick to Testify at Murder Trials — ProPublica

asopposedtowhat :acabkitty:
3 days ago

Not perfectly photogenic, kinda getting serious, but do you know why they won't let a six foot tall athletic guy that looks like this and is polite and courteous have any woman time anywhere in the US for years? I welcome the constructive tips if there are any. #slavemasons #hategroupBlock #ACAB #SpinNihilism #playersOfBothSides #genocideByDenial
I endless wait. They jack with slaves and suckle at the teat like little boys of automatic sex slavery.

asopposedtowhat :acabkitty:
3 days ago

Bitch police enlist pipelined criminals to attack people they have taken arms and self-defenses from to act as their proxies and assault victims right on camera. You can tell because the police proxy spins the same hate group narrative as the slavemasons. #ACAB #CopIsBadMan #LumpenSolidarity #DumbCopProx #slavemasonry #AFAM #littleBitchMoves

3 days ago

NYPD Accused of Fabricating Domestic Violence Survivor’s Murder Confession


Dabid 🇵🇸
3 days ago

Piketeen lehen argazkiak iristen hasi dira, eta horiekin batera gizartea lotsarazten duten polizien lehen argazkiak. #ACAB #GrebaFeministaOrokorra

(Blue Lives Matter

(Jatorrizko argazkia

Ertzain bat Tubacexeko piketeen aurrean: "Blue live matters" egitasmoa faxistaren eskumuturrekoa jantzita daramala.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 days ago

ACAB all day, every day!

Settlement Handed To 11-Year-Old Autistic Student Who Was Locked in A Cop Car For Hours, Hit With $25,000 Bail

#Autism #ACAB #Police #SRO

3 days ago

@Daojoan a few scary run-ins with cops and/or turning to them for help if you're a victim might do the trick.


4 days ago

Unlike Monday, only a few garden defenders were otg this morning, resulting in significant personal property loss among the homeless.

Gardeners report receiving no notice of this sweep. Authorities prevented them from saving clothes and checking bags for phones or other important documents. Authorities even tried to throw away people's keys.

What good will and negotiation was demonstrated on Monday has disappeared.

#Seattle #Homeless #ACAB

'They just had no remorse': Lawsuit accuses #cops of #illegally entering home and #shooting dog
#police #4thamendment #ACAB

4 days ago

#US: Officer acquitted in Elijah McClain death gets job back and $200,000 in back pay…

“Nathan Woodyard was the one who said “I have a right to stop you cuz you’re being suspicious" + held him down as he became unconscious.””

The Guardian

4 days ago

The cop who murdered #ElijahMcClain got his job back, with over 200,000 in back pay.

The murder was documented, but juries have been trained to privilege cops over everyone and everything else; cops are at the top of the food chain, and we are all so much chum.

You can't reform a system that privileges cops right to kill people.

#AbolishThePolice #ACAB #DefundThePolice

CW: graphic description of Elijah McClain's murder.

On 24 August 2019, McClain was walking home from buying iced tea at a convenience store and listening to music on headphones when a driver passing by called police, reporting that McClain “looks sketchy” and “might be a good person or a bad person”. McClain was wearing a ski mask, which he used to keep warm due to being anemic.

Although the 911 caller made clear that he did not see any weapons and that he was not in danger, nor was anyone else, police quickly responded with extreme force.

Woodyard was the first to confront McClain, body-camera footage showed, immediately grabbing him and shouting: “I have a right to stop you because you’re being suspicious.” Two other police officers, Randy Roedema and Jason Rosenblatt, soon arrived and with Woodyard surrounded him. McClain responded: “I’m an introvert. Please respect the boundaries that I’m speaking … I’m going home.”
Lee Fife
5 days ago

They're cops -- it's what they do. Attack people and then lie about it.

#Colorado #ACAB
Each year, police departments are required to report to Colorado’s Peace Officer Standards and Training board whether their officers have had any “disqualifying incidents”, including a finding of excessive force. Pueblo Police Department did not report any such incidents for any of its officers in 2022.

“The Pueblo Police Department lied just plain and simple,” Mehr said.

5 days ago


Is it a text from a loved one perhaps?


The Stabbing of Derek Chauvin: What We Know

#resist #acab #graffiti #photo

(note: i have no idea if this was intentional, but the writing at the bottom , which i think must be 'ACAB' in Italian Sign Language, has been mirrored for some reason. so here it reads 'BACA'..)

september 2023

brown stencil  on a white/grey wall .   it says  "RESISTI"  ('resist!'  in italian) .   under this ,  four hands are saying  'ACAB' in  Italian Sign Language ((some clarification about it in the caption)) .    ACAB is an acronym that means  All Cops Are Bastards

All Cats Are Beautiful
(New vintage & anarchist poster for those who aren’t very fond of the constabulary)

Prints, goodies, etc.
Free DL :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_nc_eu: :cc_sa: :

#FediArt #MastoArt #DigitalArt #Cats #Acab

Vintage poster in shades of blue and yellow. The poster depicts a black cat in a white cap and red scarf, riding a penny farthing (a bicycle from the second half of the 19th century with a very large wheel in front). The cat looks mischievous as it distributes progressive and revolutionary leaflets while running away from a policeman who looks stupid and gets a leaflet thrown in his face. A text at the top of the poster reads "All cats are beautiful" and another at the bottom reads "If I don't have the right, I'll take the left. Death to the prison, the police and the bourgeoisie".

All Cats Are Beautiful
(Nouvelle affiche vintage & anarchiste pour les gens pas très fan de la maréchaussée. Dispo à l’achat ou en téléchargement gratuit)

Affiches, accessoires, etc.
Free DL :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_nc_eu: :cc_sa:

#FediArt #MastoArt #DigitalArt #Chat #Acab

affiche vintage dans les tons bleus et jaunes. L’affiche représente un chat noir avec un bonnet blanc et une écharpe rouge, monté sur un grand-bi (vélo de la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle avec une très grande roue devant). Le chat a un air malicieux tandis qu’il distribue des tracts progressistes et révolutionnaires tout en fuyant un policier qui a l’air idiot et qui se prend un tract dans le visage. Un texte indique en haut de l’affiche indique « All cats are beautiful » et un autre en bas indique « Si je n’ai pas le droit je prends le gauche. Que crèvent la taule, les cognes et l’ordre bourgeois »
John G R Wilson
6 days ago

New Orleans police struggle to find recruits after losing almost 300 officers in 3 years Nobody wants to be on a losing team. Why on Earth would anybody want to serve on this out-witted and out-gunned force? #ACAB

Ya know, it would be nice if every time a cop had any contact with a suspected criminal (after they are detained or before any qwuestions are asked) everyone got a freee lawyer on the spot. Something has to be done to keep these cops in check and stop them from constantly threatening with the color of law and getting away with it.


6 days ago
1 week ago

If you think #ACAB now, wait'll the #KillerRobot police drones come out. Time to work on our portable EMP device skills [jammers won't work on autonomous drones] -- link in thread...

I don't believe this bill passed, but that's not to say a similar bill won't go through in the future...

#Connecticut may approve the use of lethally armed drones for police departments

The original bill wasn't supposed to allow this.

Chris Tognotti
Posted on Apr 2, 2017, Updated on May 24, 2021

"Lawmakers in the state of Connecticut have approved a bill through the judiciary committee which would allow police departments to use lethally-armed drones, capable of firing bullets from mid-air. It’s hugely controversial, and it could pave the way for Connecticut to become the first state to make use of live-ammunition armed police drones. The bill still awaits votes in the state’s House and Senate, where it will be met with further scrutiny.

The use of drones by police departments is already allowed in Connecticut, but equipping them with lethal weapons would be setting a striking new precedent. Weaponized drones are currently in use by police departments in North Dakota, but not with lethal armaments—the #NorthDakota law only allows for 'less than lethal' arms like rubber bullets, stun grenades, and tasers (although such things can sometimes cause fatal or grievous injuries).

"The Connecticut bill is actually designed to prohibit the use of guns attached to drones, but it was amended in committee to exempt police departments, thus tacitly enabling their use by law enforcement. In other words, a bill that was initially intended to prevent drones from being equipped with guns may now function as a backdoor for the police to do just that.

"Conversely, as CBS News reports, representatives of both the NAACP and ACLU have voiced dire concern about the potential abuses of armed drones. Scot X. Esdaile of the NAACP’s Connecticut chapter cited 'huge concerns that they would use this new technology to abuse our communities,' while the executive director of the Connecticut ACLU, David McGuire, said, 'We would be setting a dangerous precedent. It is really concerning and outrageous that that’s being considered in our state legislature. Lethal force raises this to a level of real heightened concern.'"

Full article:

#ArmedDrones #Terminator #Skynet #HumanRights #Protestors

It's time to... Publish a new poster about how we don't like the police. Meanwhile let's repost this classic!

Il est temps de... Publier une nouvelle affiche sur comment on apprécie peu la police. En attendant, revoici ce classique !


#KritaArt #DigitalArt #FediArt #MastoArt #Acab

Affiche vintage avec un raton laveur qui fait tomber un policier en vélo. Un texte indique "it's time to stop the police"

Vintage poster showing a raccoon knocking down a policeman on a penny farthing bicycle. The text reads "it's time to stop the police".

Ma ptite sœur m'a offert ce tote bag
Traduction :"tu vois ? C'est ce bout de bois qui permet d'abolir les idéologies"
#mafalda #acab

Un tote bag blanc avec peint au pochoir un dessin de Mafalda à côté d'un policier
Elle dit "¿Ven ?
Este es el palito de abollar ideologías"
Taylor Gonzalez
1 week ago

As it snows in my area for the first time of the season, friendly reminder that it takes longer than normal to slow down. Doubly so if you drive a large SUV, Truck, or anything large and heavy.

Not so friendly shout-out to the #PavementPrincess cops that caused the first collision of the day. A cop driving an F250 failed to stop at a stop light, T-Boning a car who had the right-of-way.

I get around just fine in 4in of snow in my tiny old Kia Forte.

#ACAB #FuckCars #FuckAllCars

Just Darby
1 week ago

@gwensnyder well, the FBI are cops. #ACAB

1 week ago

As of today, November 22, cops have killed 1030 people in the U.S.

That's over three people every day, dying at the hands of cops.

Most of those people were unarmed.

Most of the murderous cops will face no consequences at all. (scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the articles in the second image)

#ACAB #DefundThePolice

screenshot main Mapping Police Violence page, showing the map with the read dots for all the deaths from police guns, with the text "Police have killed 1,030 people in 2023" at the top.
screenshot from down the page at the map police violence site, showing a section with links to news pieces and research papers that use the data collected by the site, including headlines such as "one in twenty U.S. homicides are committed by police--and the numbers aren't falling" and more.
2 weeks ago

Trigger warning: unprovoked assault.

You can't reform this: the video at the top of the piece shows a man filming a cop, while another cop comes from the side and pushes the man so hard his feet leave the ground and he falls flat. It's a miracle he didn't crack the back of his skull on the pavement.

The cop, who has a history of violence and assault, then writes in the official report that the victim "lost his footing".

#ACAB #Minneapolis

i think it should be a bigger story that #NYC’s #publicLibraries are now being forced to close on Sundays due to budget cuts while the #NYPD spends 95% of the #Library system’s total budget to get new encrypted radios that prevent people from knowing when the #cops kill people

> The NYPD is spending $390 million on a new, encrypted radio system

#acab #DefundThePolice #blackLivesMatter #fuck12 #eatTheCops

2 weeks ago

Local paper The Tennessee Lookout has been following the story of a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney who is suing #JohnsonCityMO, the top cop and individual other cops therein, over willfully and actively obstructing her investigation of a serial rapist.

You can't reform this.




Torsten Knabe
2 weeks ago

Ok in documenting all of the times I cops just sitting there doing nothing on H St NE, I need a hashtag so I can collate them all together. Any tips? #HomesNotCops #YesAllCops #acab #acabdc seem to already exist? I'm leaning towards #acabdc but if anyone has a great idea I'm open to it.

Should Be Writing
2 weeks ago

#ACAB: Gun nut officers in Rio Rancho #NewMexico refuse to help elderly woman in imminent danger, leading to her death

From: @ai6yr

Joshua Holland
2 weeks ago

NM cops were called to the home of an 82-yo disabled woman who told them her caretaker had guns and threatened to kill her.

This happened:

"You're a firearms guy?" an officer asked.

"Oh, yeah," Cardana said.

"Nice," the officer said.

"They're loaded. They're ready to go," Cardana said.

The officer said, "I like folks that have guns."

As the officers begin to say their goodbyes, she begs them to stay at the home.

Cops left, and 4 hrs later...

#guns #acab

John-Mark Gurney
2 weeks ago

Remember, if there were any good cops, the good cops would be speaking out about this violation of power, but crickets whenever this happens. Also, cops aren't even in the 10 most dangerous jobs in America.


John-Mark Gurney
2 weeks ago

Cops will arrest you just to show you that they have power over you, not because you actually violated any laws or put anyone in danger.


Bay Bridge commuters allege wrongful arrests amid protest

Two people who claimed to be near the protest but not involved with it said they were wrongfully arrested. Lauren Tompson, a professor of physics at Stanford, emphasized that she complied with police orders to return to her car every time they instructed her to do so.

Meanwhile, Masoud Barukzai, who said he was en route to the San Francisco airport for work, attributed his arrest to his appearance rather than wrongdoing. He asserted that he had merely stepped out of his car to observe the unfolding events because “we were all doing that” and got caught up in the police activity.

Barukzai said he didn’t know anything about the planned protest. “As a citizen, this is absolutely disgusting, to be stripped of my rights,” he said. Tompkins added that she was apprehended after she criticized police for arresting someone who displayed the Palestinian flag on the trunk of their car. “It shouldn’t be illegal in America to possess a flag,” she said.
John-Mark Gurney
2 weeks ago

A friends SO just got arrested on the bay bridge because they defended an arab looking person who was pull from their car and arrested even though the cops had not observed them do anything illegal.

This is why #ACAB. The cop that did the arrest w/o grounds won't have any repercussions and the charges will likely be dropped. Cops just arrest people because they feel like it and punish people for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

#Facebook now thinks I'm a cop. Worse, it thinks I'm a cop with a military-gear fetish


A Facebook advert for some fucking Cop Supply Store
Delia Christina
3 weeks ago

Not the Guardian asking folks to tell them if they're going to a pro-Palestine march.

Y'all, *do not* fill out online forms telling newspapers (cough, cops) what your political plans are.


#ACAB #StreetSafety #DontBeAMug

DaN McKee
3 weeks ago

We all know policing doesn’t work, all cops are bastards, and that prisons don’t protect us…but every time there is a massive protest here in the UK a further inherent failing of the police is always exposed, often with little comment: those fuckers can’t count! The norm of police massively undercounting the turnout of protesters (and those low, inaccurate, numbers then being reported) needs to be challenged. Either the cops learn to count, or they shut the fuck up about numbers and leave it to people who can.
#police #protest #abolition #acab #numbers #gaza #london #media

3 weeks ago

Police and the courts have colluded to let the sons of an Alaskan mayor get away with murder; both the mayor and his sons have been accused of beating and choking women, with the three sons racking up 31 documented assaults on six women.

But everyone mobilized and raised $ for a missing dog.

CW: graphic violence against women, systemic indifference to their suffering

#ACAB #InjusticeSystem #MissingAndMurderedIndigenousWomen #Alaska

3 weeks ago

Politicians and cops from coast to coast and border to border insist that we need to hire more cops--and pay them more--to "control" crime; meanwhile, people who report crimes are either treated like criminals or simply not believed.

Day laborers tried to report that Sam Haskell hired them to dump bags full of body parts, and two police stations fobbed them off.

#MeiHaskellMurder #DomesticViolence #ACAB

Joshua Holland
3 weeks ago

A guy apparently killed and chopped up his family and then hired some day laborers to get rid of the bagged body parts. The guys figured out what was in the bags and went to the cops but they didn’t give a single shit.

Anyway, this is why we need more cops checking their phones to make us safe. #acab

“The men said they drove immediately to the police, but were turned away from two law enforcement stations when they tried to report what they saw. First, from the California Highway Patrol station on De Soto, where the men said they were directed to the Los Angeles Police Department. Then from the LAPD Topanga Station, they were told to leave and call 911 from the courtyard.”
not ch1c
3 weeks ago
Joshua Holland
3 weeks ago

Future of the Democratic Party right here.

“F.B.I. Seizes Eric Adams’s Phones as Campaign Investigation Intensifies” #acab

This is not the first time Mr. Adams or people in his orbit have attracted law enforcement scrutiny. In September, Eric Ulrich, Mr. Adams’s former buildings commissioner and senior adviser, was indicted by the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, on 16 felony charges, including counts of bribetaking and conspiracy.

In July, Mr. Bragg indicted six people, including a retired police inspector who once worked and socialized with Mr. Adams, on charges of conspiring to funnel illegal donations to the mayor’s 2021 campaign.

BREAKING NEWS: Portland Police do their fucking job for a change!

News at 11!

They pulled over 20 cars and made 8 arrests. Imagine if they just did that all the time instead of staking out church parking lots and harassing homeless people

There are cars driving all over Portland with no tags. What are they doing lulling them into a false sense of security!?

#ppb #portlandPolice #portlandPoliceBureau #fuck12 #acab #pigs #cops #police #fuckThePolice #ftp #portland #pdx