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Allow ourselves to reintroduce ourselves -- we are UC Santa Cruz a one of a kind university located where the redwood forest meets the ocean. Follow us for:

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Giant redwood trees tower over a path with smaller trees leading to a green, grassy meadow with students laying and standing. The sunlight peaks through the trees.
UC Santa Cruz
1 week ago

Where is your squid coming from? Most likely unregulated waters, according to a new international study lead-authored by UCSC's Katherine Seto.

The study explores how squid fishing expanding into unregulated spaces is presenting challenges for sustainability, resource equity, and questionable human rights and labor practices.

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A close up photo of numerous white squid on a fishing vessel.
UC Santa Cruz
1 month ago

Researchers at UC Santa Cruz working to develop novel RNA-based medicines are teaming up with a new group of collaborators—players of the online game Eterna.

The game’s new “OpenASO: RNA Rescue” challenge will tap into the collective intelligence of Eterna’s 250,000 registered users to help design an RNA drug for the treatment of hemophilia A.

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UC Santa Cruz
1 month ago

Oh no biggie. We're just over here, part of a team of international astronomers, who have directly measured the mass of a single, isolated star using gravitational lensing for the first time. Gravitational microlensing was first predicted by Einstein in his general theory of relativity 100 years ago!

Congrats to UC Santa Cruz postdoctoral scholar Peter McGill, the lead author of this study.

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Cathleen Crudden
2 months ago

I’m just a girl, sitting in a freezing car in front of a school, waiting for her kid at a school dance. #momlife #academadon #winter #canada

UC Santa Cruz
2 months ago

Fewer krill, fewer humpback whales? Maybe.

A new study led by scientists at UC Santa Cruz shows reduced krill supplies lead to fewer pregnancies in humpback whales—a finding that could have major implications for industrial krill fishing.

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A large humpback whale emerges from the ocean with its fins up
2 months ago

A good read about the H index, from the inventor himself. Even though it reads like personal grunt about his theory on superconductivity being sidelined and hence low H index, there's general truth about most his statements & observations about the current state of academic research and publishing. A very sharp and concise statement about refereeing :
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Aviel Roshwald
2 months ago

Enjoying this moment in the semester (day before first class meetings) when it’s zero problems and all possibilities. #histodons @histodons #academadon

UC Santa Cruz
2 months ago

“This study is redefining what constitutes the outer limits of our galaxy."

Yuting Feng - a doctoral student at UC Santa Cruz - leads a new study discovering some of the most distant stars in the Milky Way’s halo a million light years away! These new observations allowed researchers to trace the outer limits of the Milky Way’s halo.

Dare we say it's out of this world! ⭐ :_stars: (Sorry.)

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This illustration shows the Milky Way galaxy's inner and outer halos. A halo is a spherical cloud of stars surrounding a galaxy.
UC Santa Cruz
2 months ago

With the amount of water we've seen the city of Santa Cruz is starting to feel like a sponge. California could see 22 trillion gallons of rain in the coming days...but what does that mean for our state's drought?

@WashingtonPost sits down with UC Santa Cruz professor of hydrogeology Andrew Fisher and David Feldman, the director of the University of California Irvine’s water institute, to discuss.

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Aviel Roshwald
2 months ago

Authorities are investigating who is behind the rumors about spring semester starting next week. #academadon #academics #histodons @histodons

Benefits and drawbacks of collective, digital social annotation of readings vs. individual annotation on paper? It's for a class on reading #comics I sort of want them to be able to draw in response if they're interested.
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